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NAME: Danielle Gray DATE: 3/26/18 TIME: 9:15-2:55 (40 min classes)
SCHOOL: Munger Hill Elementary School LESSON#: 1 FACILITIES: Gym CLASS SIZE: 18-24
students GRADE: 3-5 UNIT/THEME: Jump Rope GENERIC LEVEL: Pre- Control- Control
EQUIPMENT: 24 jump ropes, 24 DO NOW sheets, 24 pencils, laptop for music, radio
● FOCUS OF LESSON: Learning different moves using a jump rope
Level Outcomes; Task #s where content is taught; Task # where objective is assessed:
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
● (P) Jump the jump rope consecutively with the correct jump rope body posture and form
by keeping my head, shoulders, and eyes up with my thumbs facing the ceiling
throughout the lesson.
● (C) Recall the skill cues for the double under (turn rope very quickly so it moves under
your feet 2x for each jump, pick your feet up high to give you time for 2 turns) one time
when asked by teacher during closure.
● (A) Work together with their groups by giving other members of their group specific
feedback to help them complete the move successfully throughout the lesson. (teacher
checklist will assess this)

Check each objective: Is it specific? Is it achievable? Is it developmentally appropriate?

TEACHER PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES - During the lesson the teacher will:

- I will comment on the student’s performance by giving positive specific or corrective

- I will concentrate on giving detailed and clear skill cues for each jump rope move
- I will give teacher demos for each skill taught
- I will make sure to group students before the lesson is taught so students are with a
group they work well with
- I will review my start/stop signals during my introduction
- I will set up my equipment before students come into the gym

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS - What are the safety concerns? What is unique about the
students in this class?
- Check IEP’s and 504 plans to include accommodations
- Make sure students know to always be aware of the surroundings and give yourself
room when you are jumping your rope
- Make sure students know to not whip anyone with the rope purposefully
Shirley, Holt/Hale +Tina Hall. (2016). Lesson Planning for Elementary Physical Education:
Meeting the national standards & grade-level outcomes, Reston VA: SHAPE America-Society of
Health and Physical Educators.

Michelle Tarbox PE teacher Westfield Public Schools



9:15-9:17 Students will come in to
and sit in front of the xxxx
whiteboard, take xxxx
attendance and chat xxxx
with students.

Informing: Today we
are going to be starting
jump rope! I am going to
9:17-9:22 challenge you by
introducing you to learn
some cool tricks with
our jump ropes.

Transition: I will have Do now worked very

jump ropes and the DO well for this lesson
NOW spread out on the
floor while students are
9:22-9:23 entering the gym. I will
instruct students to find
their own jump rope by
birthday month. (Ex. If
your birthday is in
January please go find
Lines= Jump ropes spread out
your own rope in the with DO NOW spread out too

Warm up: Students will

warm up by jumping
rope on their own time
for the length of one
9:23-9:28 song. They can take
breaks when needed
and get familiar with
their jump rope by
noticing the length and
the grip, and if they
need to exchange for a
new one they are more