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EXECUTIVE EDUCATION ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL 93 Union Boulevard | Allentown, PA 18109 GUO-BAL-TOM | fay 610-841-7887 wot se 1 Dear Parent/Guardian, This letter is to inform you of the Spring Keystone testing for 9” and 10" grade. During the week of May 14th, both grades will take the Literacy and Algebra I Keystone test. The Algebra | test will be given ‘on Monday the 14”, and Tuesday the 15". Wednesday the 17" will be a regular day with 1:15 lismissal. The Literacy test will resume on Thursday the 17" and Friday the 18". For those four days, your student may leave after the testing is complete at 11:30 am if you can pick them up, or if you give them permission to walk home. if you cannot come get them, and they are out of district, lunch will be provided and dismissal will take place at the regular time. Those 10" graders that already passed the Algebra I/Literacy test, are exempt from school on the day that testis given with an excused absence The main office will have a lst of those students, By signing this form and returning it with your child You are giving consent for them to walk home, or notifying us that they will be picked up. Please note that all students given permission to walk home, a call will be made to verify. Ths is for the week of May 15" ONLY. Monday May 2ist and Tuesday the 22nd are Biology testing days for the 10 graders only. Only 10" Grade will be allowed to dismiss at 11:30 on these days. If you have any questions, please call the school and ask to speak to Mr. Bell Sincerely, Team 5 Homeroom Student Name: Parent/Guardian Name: Contact Number: My student will: Be picked up at 11:30 Has my permission to walk home Will remain in school for a full day Parent/Guardian Signature: