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Jacob Peterson

Ms. Anne Torgersen

English 12 - Period 8

February 8th, 2018



● No area of technology is hotter than AI.

● Venture-capital investment in AI in the first nine months of 2017 totalled $7.6bn.

● Machines today are usually trained on huge datasets, from which they can

recognise useful patterns such as fraudulent financial transactions.

● A competing vision of AI stresses simulations, in which machines teach

themselves using synthetic data or in virtual environments.

● Early versions of a program developed to play Go, an Asian board game, by

DeepMind, a unit of Alphabet, were trained using data from actual games; the

latest was simply given the rules and started playing Go against itself. Within

three days it had surpassed its predecessor, which had itself beaten the best

player humanity could muster.

● The battle in AI is fiercest among the tech giants.

● Europe's impending data-protection rules, for example, require firms to get

explicit consent for how they use data and to make it easier for customers to

transfer their information to other providers.

● The magic ingredient that will determine the outcome: the importance,

accessibility and openness of data.

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The article of AI, or artificial intelligence, is a exponentially growing area of technology.

It is a growing and competitive industry worth billions of dollars. Many large technology

companies such as: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft as well as

companies in China like Alibaba and Baidu are putting AI at the center of the their

volatile business strategies. The are starting to acquire development and research firms

in the area of AI because they see the improvements it can make to their business

models. Although some people say that AI can hurt competition because these large

companies are consuming the market, it all depends on 3 open questions: will AI

depend on mass amounts of data, how much of AI will be controlled, and how open will

the knowledge of this technological marvel be shared. The article sums everything up

by addressing the large competition in the field and reiterates the main questions that

are vital to the vitality, research, and development of AI.

Contextual Connection

I agree with all the opinions made within the article. It mentions the market for AI and

how it is ever-expanding and very competitive. Statistics were made about the industry

and it’s large worth. I agree with the questions the article author makes about how AI

depends on the importance, accessibility, and openness of data. I wish the write had

included more about the possible dangers of AI and how it can possibly hurt business

and the general economy as well as the human race.

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