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ROMANIA NESECRET MINISTERUL APARARII NATIONALE Exemplar unic STATUL MAJOR GENERAL Academia Tehnic’ Militara Concursul de admitere, sesiunea iulie 2010 Facultatea de Mecatronic si Sisteme Integrate de Armament CHESTIONAR DE CONCURS Varianta: B Proba: ,,Limba Engleza” 1. Reading comprehension Read the text below and, for items I to 15, choose the one correct answer from among the four given choices. www. is one of the most visited websites in Britain. Nearly ten million people log on to the site every day to find out what old friends are doing now. Julie and Steve Pankhurst are the husband and wife team behind Friends Reunited. ‘They met when they were both software engineers in the same company. Julie had the original idea for the site in July 1999 when she was pregnant with their first child. She gave up her job and set up the website as a hobby. Friends Reunited now has millions of registered members. The company has spent nothing on advertising ~ they don’t need the publicity because everybody is talking about it. Word of mouth is their best advertisement. “Whilst the British are generally quite reserved”, says Steve, “everyone wants to know what old classmates are doing” ‘The couple and their business partner have taken on twelve staff who work from home. Most of them are mothers who Julie met in hospital when she had her baby. Julie’s sister works for the company, and a neighbor answers the emails. The site has had many success stories — one man has been reunited with his mother afer 53 years. Another was recently reunited with his cat after ten years. (His friend from university had looked after it.) Many childhood sweethearts have been and are now back together, some engaged to be married. The oldest member is a 99 year old woman who is looking for old school friends. 1 What does this passage discuss? A, friends reunited B. Julie and Steve Pankhurst C. D. The British people 2. According to the passage, www. is A. a new website in Britain B. an unknown website in Britain C. a website for young people D. one of the most popular websites in Britain 3. According to the passage, this website is visited daily by A. ten thousand people I ing B. ten million people C. ten billion people D. more than ten million people 4 The company was founded A. in the autumn of 1999 B. in the summer of 1999 C. in the winter of 1999 D. in the spring of 1999 5. Julie set up the website ‘A. as she needed a new workplace B. as a hobby C. as a need D. asa leisure time activity * 6 Now the website ~ A. has millions of registered members B. has hundreds of registered members. C. has thousands of registered members D. has billions of registered members 7 According to the passage, the company A. spent nothing on publicity B. spent a lot to recruit members C. spent a lot on publicity D. spent a lot of time to find members 8 The company was set up on the basic idea that ‘A. everybody wants to log on B. everybody wants to make friends C. everybody wants to chat D. everybody wants to know what old friends are doing 9 The company staff is A. twelve people B, two people C. twenty people D. twenty two people 10 According to the passage, all the staff A, start work at 7 a.m. B. end work at 7 p.m. C. do not work at weekends D. work from home 11 According to the passage, the website A. has known hard times B, has known a lot of people C. has known many success stories D. has known happy times 12. According to the passage, a man was reunited with his mother A. after 10 years B, after 53 years C. after 50 years D. after 25 years 2ain6 13. The oldest member of this website is ‘A. an 89 year old woman B. 290 year old woman C. a 100 year old woman D. a 99 year old woman 14 The old woman A. is looking for her boyfriend B. is looking for her college friends C. is looking for her old school friends D. is looking for her neighbors 15 Where do you most probably find such a passage? A. ina dictionary B. ina short story C. ina computer magazine D. ina novel Il. Grammar and vocabulary Items 16 to 20 are incomplete sentences. Choose among the four variants given under each sentence the one word or phrase that completes the sentence correctly | a is often used in cooking. A. Parsley is an inexpensive herb, B. Parsley, an inexpensive herb, C. Inexpensive parsley, herb, D. An herb is inexpensive parsley, 17. Perspiration increases vigorous exercise or hot weather. ‘A. during B. at the time C. for D. when 18 The batteries in cordless handheld vacuum cleaners A. recharging B. recharged C. can be recharged D. was recharged Societies must adapt to changes political or economic factors. A. to which are brought B. for bringing on C. can be brought by D. which may be brought by 20 Arlington National Cemetery was built___and_ other war heroes during the American Civil War. A. according to honor B. in order to honor soldiers C. for honor of soldiers D. to soldiers that were honored Each of the sentences from 21 to 25 contains one error, Identify the error from the four underlined words or phrases. 21 The first ten amendments to the US Constitution they are referred to as the A B c D Bing hundreds of times. Bill of Rights. 22. Over the past several decades, there have been a steady and recurrent cycle in aeeeree economic se for the first world countries. 23 A A written in iambic pentameter must to have both a ae stress pattern ae proper number of sullables a line. c 24 Quality, price, and located are often considered to be the primary concerns in A B Cc buying a house. D 25. Itis only a matter of time before the population of the globe will doubles. A B Cc D From 26 to 30 you have four variants derived from the word written in capitals at the end of each line. Choose one variant that best fits in the gap. Only one variant is correct. 26 You will have to read the ___notes, too. EXPLAIN A. EXPLAINNATORY B. EXPLAINATIVE C. EXPLAINFUL D. EXPLANATORY 27 When I asked for his permission, | was___ REFUSE A. REFUSED B. REFUSAL C. REFUSES D. REFUSING 28 She will be punished for her ; DISOBEY A. DISOBEY ANCE B. DISOBEDIENCE C. DISOBEYMENT D. DISOBEYAL 29 The sailor the ropes when he saw that the wind was blowing more and more strongly. TIGHT A. TIGHTED B. TIGHTING C. TIGHTENED D. TIGHTS 30 My uncle left the army and became a again. CIVIL A. CIVILIAN B. CIVILER C. CIVILIZED D. CIVILOR In items 31 to 35 each sentence has a word or phrase underlined. Choose among the Sour variants the one word or phrase that is the best substitute for the underlined word or phrase. 31 In most public buildings, ramps are installed for handicapped people. ‘A. wide doorways sain B. safe handrails C. low telephones D. sloped walkways 32 In coastal areas where there is an abundance of fish, the fishing industry prospers. ‘A. a wide variety B. a unique type C. a common diet D. more than sufficient quantity 33. Vincent van Gogh is renowned for his post-impressionist painting. A. regarded B. applauded C. famous D. accomplished 34 A credit card allows the user to receive credit at the time of a purchase. A. obtain B. arbitrate C. reject D. donate 35 Jane Goodall has written a new, comprehensive book on her study of the chimpanzees in Africa. A. complete B. factual C. festive D. illustrated IL. Writing This is a reply letter from a real estate agency. Choose among the variants offered below each sentence, the one that best fits the context, completing thus the whole letter. A. Dear B. Dear Mr./Mrs.,, C. Sir/Lady, D. Dear Mr., 37 Thank you _ informing us of your desire to rent a furnished apartment. A. at your letter from 2 May B. to your letter in 2 May C. on your letter towards 2 May D. for your letter of 2 May We are happy to be able to offer near the station. A. an apartment at the three floor of a building B. an apartment to the third storey of a building C. an apartment from the third storey building D. an apartment on the third floor of a building 39. The apartment is in excellent condition and a living room, a dining room and two bedrooms. A. consist of B. contain 3 Sin6 C. includes D. presuppose 40 It has all modern conveniences, in the kitchen. A, itis a dishwasher B. there is even a dishwasher C, there are some dishwasher D, this is even a dishwasher 41 Itis payable on the first of each month, __ :\ A. there aren’t some delays accepted B. no delays are accepted C. they are accepted none delays D. any delays aren’t accepted 42 , we strongly request that the tenant should give one month’s notice of vacation by registered letter. A. Be sides B. Finally C. Beyond that D. At the ending 43 If you find these conditions acceptable to view the apartment by appointment. A. it would have been possible B. it should have possible C. it had the possibility D. it will be possible 44 I look forward A. beyond you B. at hear of you C. towards you D. to hearing from you 45 ‘A. Sincerely, Bob Fish Real estate agent B. Love, Bob Fish Real estate agent C. Extremely sincerely, Bob Fish Real estate agent D. With extreme consideration, Bob Fish Real estate agent Toate subiectele sunt obligatori Punctajul acordat: ete 0,2 puncte pentra fiecare rispuns corect (0,2 puncte x 45 intrcbari ~ 9 puncte). ‘Nota probei de concurs se calculeaza inmultind numarul de subiecte rezolvate corect cu 0.2 puncte, la care se adauga un punet din ofici. imp de lueru efectiv~90 minute 64in6 iL APARARI! NATIONALE ATUL MAJOR GENERA Academia Tend Militara te de Armat GRILA DE EVALUARE Limba englezi Tlie 2010