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Technical Data Sheet

Version 09/05

SikaFloor® Marine PK-90

Constrained visco-elastic damping system

Technical Product Data

Properties Component A: Component B:
PU-Red KG-303
Chemical base Polyurethane Cement
Colour Red Grey
Density Approx. 1,3 g/cm³ Approx. 1,8 g/cm³
(applied) (applied)
Working time 15 minutes 30 minutes
Application temperature +5ºC - +20 ºC
Recommended Thickness 1 mm approx. 9 mm if 6 mm steel
12 mm if 8 mm steel
Consumption (theoretical) 3,8 m²/mm approx. 48 m²/mm per set
per set
Consumption ( practical) 3,3 m²/mm approx. 45 m²/mm per set
per set
Curing time at +20ºC and 65% r.h. but depending on 6 – 8 hours 8-10 hours,
thickness of applied layer, temperature and ventilation in
working area
Shelf life Min. one year in Min. 6 months in
unopened packaging unopened packaging
if stored dry at if stored dry
temperature not
below 0ºC and not
exceeding 40ºC

Product Description Product Benefits Areas of Application

Sikafloor® Marine PK-90 is a - Good vibration damping In all internal areas as under layer
multilayer system with extremely - Levelling and sound reducing for vinyl, rubber, carpets, tiles etc.
good sound and vibration reducing properties. It can also be used in connection
properties, consisting of - Can easily be used in slipway with SikaFloor Marine Litosilo
A) SikaFloor® Marine PU-Red; a systems.
two component solvent-free, Certificates/Approvals
fire retarding polyurethane − Wheel-Mark
damping compound. − United States Coast Guard
B) SikaFloor® Marine KG-303, a − Major authorities and
cement based constraining classification societies.
This product is manufactured in
accordance with ISO 9001 and
ISO 14001 quality assurance
1/ 2
Cure mechanism Application B) SikaFloor® Marine KG-303
A) SikaFloor Marine PU red Is most easily performed with a Powder may not be exposed to
cures in approx. 6-8 hours at Linotol trowel (steel board) moisture.
+20ºC Binder may not be exposed to
B) SikaFloor® Marine KG-303 Removal and cleaning of tools freezing temperatures, heat and
cures in approx. 8 -10 hours at SikaFloor® Marine KG-303: can be direct sunlight.
20ºC and 65% relative removed with water before the The applied compound may not be
humidity. compound has cured. Once cured, exposed to freezing temperatures,
the material can only be removed draft and direct heat or sunlight.
Method of Application mechanically. Hands and exposed
Surface preparation skin should be washed with water. For further technical information
The surface has to be clean, free Use a suitable skin protection please contact our technical
from dust, grease, oil and other cream department.
substances, which may impair the
adhesion. For additional technical information Notice:
It is recommended, that aluminium please contact our technical ”Any information or suggestions for use
surfaces are grinded in order to department. concerning Sika’s products, which we
either in writing or orally have given
improve the adhesion between the
Further information buyers or end-users of the product,
product and aluminium. have been given in good faith based on
Copies of the following publications
are available on request: our own experiences and based of
Mixing process approved praxis and the technological
A) SikaFloor® Marine PU-Red - Material Safety Data Sheet
and scientific knowledge on the time of
One set consists of: - Technical Data Sheet
giving such suggestions and
ƒ PU-Red Base: information, which are given without
ƒ 1 bucket of 4,2 kg: Packaging information any type of guarantees, and which do
ƒ Hardener: 1 can of 0,7 kg not lead to any further responsibility
The components are mixed in a SikaFloor® Marine PU-red from Sika Danmark A/S, besides what
large bucket (the bucket containing Bucket Base 4,2 kg is stated in the sales agreement in
SikaFloor Marine PU-Red base) Can Hardener 0,7 kg question. The buyer or end-user should

themselves investigate or otherwise

using a power drill with the
® make sure that our products are
appropriate blender accessories. SikaFloor Marine KG-303 suitable for the use in question and
The base and the hardener Bag Powder 40 kg further make sure that the products are
quantities are measured – one kept and used correct and in
bucket of base must be used with Drum Binder 120 kg
agreement with the published rules and
one can of hardener. Bag Quartz 40 kg considering the actual conditions in
The prepared compound must be order to avoid damages or less
used within approx. 15 min. at Important satisfactory results. Any order is
+20ºC. ® accepted and any deliverance is
A) SikaFloor Marine PU-Red: effected according to the general terms
Application The unmixed parts and the applied
Use a 2 mm toothed paste of sales and delivery from Sika
compound must not be exposed to Danmark A/S, which are considered
spreader, to end up with a layer moisture and freezing tem- known and accepted, and which could
thickness of 1 mm. SikaFloor peratures. be handed out when asked for. Our
Marine PU-Red. If the base becomes too stiff at low catalogues are not up-dated
temperatures, the material may be automatically. The present product data
B) SikaFloor® Marine KG-303 conditioned to a higher tem- sheet is only for use in Denmark.
One set consists of: perature before mixing. Values stated in the present product
ƒ KG-303 powder: The prepared PU-Red compound data sheet should be seen as
One bag of 40 kg must not be exposed to moisture recommended, unless stated
ƒ KG-303 binder: 10 kg otherwise.”
and a temperature, which is below
ƒ Quartz (2-3 mm): +5ºC before the curing process is
One bag of 40 kg completed.
One bag of powder and one bag of
quartz are mixed with 10 kg of
Binder until a suitable
homogeneous mixture is obtained.
Mix the compound in an agitator
mixer (with fixed vessel) or with a
power drill with appropriate blender
accessories. The mixing time
should not exceed 5 minutes.
The prepared SikaFloor® Marine
KG-303 must be used within
approx. 30 min. at 20ºC.

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