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Martin Parra

POLS 155
April 14, 2018

Immigration: The Latino Community

Latinos have been and continue to be one of the largest immigrant groups migrating into
the United States. Mexicans, amongst the Latino groups, is highly targeted and discovered when
crossing the border, but besides that they are also prosecuted for possession of drugs. That is the
stereotypical idea that Americans assume when they see a Latino. Unfortunately, the media has a
done plenty to damage the image of the Latino by all the negativity of involvement by the media.
Immigration has been a real issue that dates back the previous century. Since the civil rights
movement, the government felt the fear of equality and although they fought to keep it at a
minimum law were passed. Although law now creates people as equals and the US as the land of
the free, it is just a lie that the government says to give people false hope. The government
formed the agency of ICE to pull people apart from the crowds and ship them of deport them
from the country. The government simply say that they are operating under their given rights but
we all know that there is a double meaning to it.
President trump has made a conflicting campaign against the Latinos by labeling all as a
threat to society by being: rapist, drug dealers and gangsters. All three are unjustified accusations
that label all Latinos. For example, a Latinos could describe an Americans as corrupt, heartless,
killers that hide under their public ideas of public safety. several countries overseas have had to
deal with the tyranny and destruction that America has bestowed upon them. For example, we
have Syria. A country that had countless times endured bombings and military destruction. Yet
the government recently implemented travel bans to supposedly create raise public safety even
though they have simply relabeled discrimination and hidden it as a government issued safety.
Immigrants are a positive aspect of America as they not only contribute to the economy
moving forward but also expand the capacities within the states they reside. The government
ultimately label them as equally and that’s the problems that my generation is trying to change.
Every person is important, and they deserve to be treated as equal and not discriminated by their
place of origin or ethnic background. Realizing this will bring the government to a better place
where persecution and discrimination will be a thing of the past.

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