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School: Şcoala Gimnazială Nr.

1 Batăr

Teacher: Albert Dorina

Date: 7th April 2017
Form: Vth

Level: Beginners

Workbook: Pathway to English

Unit of learning: Choose your friend

Topic: Man’s best friend

Skills involved: Speaking, listening, writing, reading.
Time of lesson: 50 minutes
Materials: cards, worksheets, workbook, computer.

Class description: The Students are between 10-11 years old. They are in the 3 rd year of
English, so they are a little bit familiar with the English grammar and vocabulary. They have
shown enthusiasm and they seem keen to learn new things. But unfortunately some of them
have poor knowledge pronunciation, instead they try to express themselves as good as they
Anticipated problems and solutions: Some Students may not know what the term pet
refers to at the begining. Ss may find difficult to express opinions, but here T works as a
facilitator, and helps them to express as pertinent opinions as possible. Some of them may not
simply like animals of any kind.
Lesson aims: At the end of the lesson Ss will be able to:
- to talk about pets
- use words on sentences of their own.
- express opinions related to having a pet.
- recognize the quality of a pet.
Subsiduary aims: - to get Ss involved in the topic of the lesson
- to practice speaking
- to acquire new language regarding pets.
1.Jim Scrivener- Learning Tecahing, second edition, Macmillan, Oxford, 2005.
2.Carol Read- 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom,Macmillan,Oxford, 2007.
3.David Seymour&Maria Popova-700 Classroom activities,Macmillan, Oxford, 2005.

Activity 1. Warm –up

Aims: to make Ss feel comfortable in the classroom
Procedure: T enters the classroom and after greeting Ss, she tells them that they are going

to play a game called “This morning, I....”and then T puts on the blackboard what time

she got up, ate breakfast, and how she got to school. Then Ss are asked to put down what time
they got up, ate breakfast and how they got to school. Then some of them share to the class
what they have written.
Interaction: T- SS
Timing: 5 minutes

Activity 2: Checking Homework

Aims: to correct possible errors which may have appeared in thier homework.
Procedure: „Now that we know some thigs about each other, will you kindly tell me what
was your homework for today?” Ss answer the T’s questions and say that their homework was
ex. 5 on page 75.”Ok let’s see how have you completed that grid. Ss together with the T start a
conversation on favourite subject, sports, hobby but also ideal pets.
Interaction: T- whole class
Timing: 7 minutes.

Activity 3: Code decoding- speaking activity

Aims:- to get Ss involved into the new topic.
-to introduce new vocabulary related to pets
-to practise speaking.
Procedure: T gives Ss a handout(annex1) and tells them that for this new activity they have
to decode a message which they written there under the form of numbers instead of letters. SS

also have a legend there which will help them decode the message. The message is „ A

friend in need is a friend indeed”. Then T tries to start a discussion and she asks

Ss what crosses their minds when their hear that, „ do you know who is consider man’s best
friend?”. Then T puts down the title of their new lesson.
Interaction: T- whole class
Timing: 10 minutes.

Activity 4. Presentation
Aims:- to acquire new vocabulary regarding pets
-to recognize different animals as pets
Procedure: T shows Ss a power point presentation(annex2) with: a white mouse, a hamster,
a tortoise, a canary, a dog, a parrot. T asks Ss to try to identify and name the animals as she
shows them. T puts down on the blackboard the name of the animals which Ss were not able
to identify. Then T asks Ss to think if they were to choose an animal from those presented
which one would that be, and why?And which one o they consider can be most helpful, or
devoted, or inteligent. Most of the Ss will choose the dog.
Intercation: T-Ss
Timing: 7 minutes

Activity 5. Reading
Aims: to read a text and to extract specific information
Procedure: „Because before, when we talked about pets, you all said that the dog is the
most devoted, and helpful I want you to open your books on page 76 and read silently the
text”. T explains Ss that the text is an extract from a very popular novel entitled „White Fang”
written by Jack London, and T finds out that three Ss have read the story. After reading the
text Ss are asked to choose those passages which show that the dog White Fang was so
devoted to his friend Scott. Ss tell T the words they didn’t understand and T discuss the words
with them and puts on the blackboard the meaning of those words.
Interaction: T-Ss
Timing: 10 minutes

Activity 6. Post – reading

Aims: to be able to reorder the sentences from a story they read
Procedure: T tells Ss that for this activity they are going to work in pairs. T continues to
explain that tahey are going to receive some handouts( annex3) with some sentences from the
story they have read, but the sentences are mingled. They have to decide on the correct order
of the sentences and put the corect order on the grid below. A the end T discusses the correct
order with the Ss.
Interaction: pair work
Timing: 10 minutes.

Activity 7. Giving the homework

Aims: to reinforce learning done in the classroom
Procedure: T congratulates Ss for their activity today, indeed the lesson was a pleasant one,
but the Ss were very active and T thanks them for that. T tells Ss that theisr homework for the
next time will be ex.5a on page 77. T explains Ss what and how they have to do it. T writes an
example on the blackboard.
Interaction: T- whole class
Timing: 3 minutes
Annex1 Code decoding


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

I.Decode the following message:

1 6 18 9 5 14 4 9 14 14 5 5 4 9 19 6 18 9 5 14 4 9 14 4 5 5 4
Annex 3

I.Unscramble the following sentences according to the story you have read:

a.A minute later Scott walked in.

b.One day Scott began to pack and soon left.
c.Scott was a good man and White Fang began to like him.
d. When he saw the Scott sat on the floor and stroked the dog’s head.
e.White Fang fell sick for the first time in his life.
f.The dog was happy because his friend came back.
1 2 3 4 5 6