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International Professional Engineers (India)

Certification by IEI

International Professional Engineers Certification

By virtue of being a full member of the International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) since 2009, The Institution of
Engineers (India) represents India and have been empowered to establish and maintain the India section of the International
Professional Engineers (IntPE) Register. The International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) (previously known
as the Engineers Mobility Forum (EMF)), is a multi-national agreement between engineering organisations in the member
jurisdictions which creates the framework for the establishment of an international standard of competence for professional

The International Professional Engineers (India) registered with IEI, may receive credit when seeking registration or licensure
in the jurisdiction of another member, i.e this will facilitate an engineer in mobility across member jurisdictions.

IEI, has a robust and stringent procedure complying with the requirement of IPEA for registration as International Professional

The details are available in the link:

The list of other member jurisdiction of the IPEA agreement is available in the link:

Certification in Engineering Disciplines

The engineering disciplines in which Certification of International Professional Engineer are undertaken at present are as
follows: -

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering


Environmental Engineering

Marine Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering

Textile Engineering

Qualification for Certification as International Professional Engineer

Basic Requirements for certification as International Professional Engineer

• Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent recognised by Statutory Authority or Government of India;

• Experience of 7 years in engineering practice. Out of 7 years of experience 2 years in a responsible position of
significant engineering activity;

• Membership of recognised professional engineering institution / association;

• Maintained continued professional development since graduation at requisite level; i.e 250 credit hours in 5 years
starting from the year of graduation.

Assessment Procedure for International Professional Engineer

Assessment shall have following parts:

• Assessment of experience of at least 7 years in Engineering Practice.

• Evaluation of Continuing Professional Development by National Committee.

• Assessment of the Self Appraisal Report in prescribed format.

• Passing a structured two-level Online Assessment Examination (Qualifying Marks 60%)

• Assessment of competency by National Committee.

• Review the recommendation of NC by BFC for approval.

Validity & Renewal of International Professional Engineer Certification

The Certificate for IntPE (India) is valid for 5 years. During the certification period the International Professional Engineers is
expected to engaged in engineering profession and achieve satisfactory level of Continuing Professional Development (CPD),
which also needs to be documented.

Renewal of certification for further period of 60 months may be effected 6 months prior to & not later than 6 months after the
date of expiry of the previous certification depending in satisfactory achievement of the specified criteria.

For Fresh Application:

Total :
` 23,600 (including GST for applicants from India & Nepal)

(US $ 826 including GST for Applicants from any other Countries)

For Renewal Application:

Total :
` 21,240 (including GST for applicants from India & Nepal)

(US $ 708 including GST for Applicants from any other Countries)

Application, complete in all respects, is to be sent to the BFC SECRETARIAT, Deputy Director General, The Institution of
Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata-700 020 along with requisite fee in form of Demand Draft drawn on any scheduled
bank in favour of “The Institution of Engineers (India)” payable at Kolkata.

For more information please visit our website:


Contact : Assistant Director

Phone: 033 40106232/275

Mob: 8961080218