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CSISD 5th Grade ELA Curricular Calendar

Unit Unit of Study Publications TEKS Weeks

1 Readers and Writers Build Reader’s and Writer’s Notebooks 1A, 2B, Fig. 19 A,B,C,D,E 3
Good Habits
2 Diving into Fiction Realistic Fiction 6A, 6B, 8A, 11A, 6
11C-D, 3A, 3C, 5, 5A, 6C, 10A,
11B, 12A-B, 14C
3 Literary Nonfiction Genre Study: Personal Narrative 7A, Fig19D, Fig19E, 10A, 11B, 4
12A-B, 13B, 2B, Fig19F
Autobiography & Biography 6A, 6B 11A,

4 Poetry Poetry Anthology 3A-C, 4A, 5, 5.6, 10A, 11B, 4

12A-B, 6A-B, 8A, This unit will
carry over into the
11A, second semester
11C-E to allow for time
for publication.
5 Informational Genre Study Expository 7A, 11B, 12A-B, 5
13A-B, 14C, 11A, 11C-E, 14A,
14B, 14D
6 Traditional Literature and Playwrite: Experimentation with 6A-B, 8A, Fig. 19 D, F, 11A, C, E, 3
3A, 3B, 4A, 5, 5A, 10A, 11B, 12B
Drama Dialogue
7 Readers Read Well in Testing Response to Text All tested TEKS 2
8 Readers and Writers Research Research 2E, 11A, 11D, 11E Fig 19D, Fig 4
19E, F, 11B, 13B 23A-B,
in Content areas 24A-E, 25A-B,

9 Don’t Let Humor and Irony Pass Student Choice 2D, 5, 6B, 8A 4
You By
Embedded throughout specific units fluency, independent reading, vocabulary, metacognition, writing
process, conventions, spelling, research

Embedded in specific units nonfiction embedded throughout fiction using paired text
media literacy embedded in nonfiction