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English 3


The Things You Carry

CCSS 4 3 2 1
W4 Student was able to: “Produce clear Student’s style wasn’t Student’s style, Student’s writing did
and coherent writing in which the exactly appropriate to development or not answer the prompt
development, organization, task (didn’t address the organization were not and was not clear or
and style are appropriate to task, prompt), but the writing appropriate to task, but coherent.
purpose, and audience.” was organized and clear. was- at least- coherent.
W3 Student was able to: “Write Student’s writing was Student’s writing was Student’s writing was
narratives to develop real or structured but the underdeveloped and not developed,
imagined experiences or events sequence was a little somewhat difficult to sequenced or
using effective technique, well- confusing and writing follow from point to structured.
chosen details, and well-structured was underdeveloped. point.
event sequences.”

L2 Student was able to: “Demonstrate Student made one or Student made a few Student did not
command of the conventions of two grammar or spelling grammar or spelling demonstrate command
standard English capitalization, mistakes, but it did not mistakes. of spelling or grammar.
punctuation, and spelling when impede understanding
L3 Student was able to: “Apply Student utilized two Student attempted to There is no evidence
knowledge of language to rhetorical devices from utilize one rhetorical that the student made
understand how language Tim O’Brien’s The Things device found in Tim deliberate stylistic
functions in different contexts, to They Carried in their O’Brien’s The Things choices in his or her
make effective choices for meaning own writing. They Carried. writing.
or style” (Rhetorical devices from
RL4 Student was able to: “Determine Student was able to Student was able to Student did not locate
the meaning of words and phrases locate figurative locate rhetorical devices rhetorical devices
as they are used in the text, language in the text but but was not able to within the text.
including figurative and the interpreted meaning explain the author’s
connotative meanings; analyze the achieved did not match intent in their use.
impact of specific word choices on the quote given.
meaning and tone, including words
with multiple meanings or
language that is particularly fresh,
engaging, or beautiful.” (As found
in T.T.T.C. by Tim O’Brien)

Final Score____________

*Rubric created from Common Core State Standards W4, W3, L2, L3, RL4