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Ken Mills Annual Challenge Cup Competition 14 May 2018 For all Members.

Film Title *Placing

Run Aspect Media st nd rd
& Producer Brief Film Details 1 ,2 ,3
Time Ratio Type
*Associated code letter NB. Use film letter code (A, B etc.)

Facts about the Emirates Air Line cable car across the
A Crossing the River Thames Norman Lewis 03:05 16:9 USB
River Thames

B Project or Experiment Jeff Jessop Trials with varying colours for CSO 02:00 16:9 USB

C Desert City Richard Lawrence A look around Las Vegas 07: 00 16:9 USB 2

D Boka Kotorska Richard Lawrence Exploring Montenegro's Bay of Kotor 09:14 16:9 USB 1

E HMS Belfast Jeff Jessop A visit to HMS Belfast on the Thames 05:50 16:9 USB

The Flora and Fauna of Pinner through Winter and

F Winter turns the Spring Richard Lawrence 04:53 16:9 USB 3

G Bubbles Jeff Jessop A child enjoys blowing soap bubbles 01:00 16:9 USB

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