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KOPRA – Test Section for

Control Rod Drive Mechansims

Factory acceptance tests for all

types of AREVA CRDMs used
in PWR

Test Facility Design

The KOPRA CRDM Test Section is designed for
qualification tests of control rod drive mechanisms
(CRDM) under operation conditions. It consists
mainly of three test sections, a closed loop with
circulation pump, heating and cooling system and a
The CRDMs are mounted on flanges on top of the
test sections and inside, the drive rods are connect-
ed to dummies simulating the RCC-A weights.
For testing, the CRDMs will be heated up to opera-
tion temperature by the flow circuit.
Stepping operation for the overall travel length and
also drops from the uppermost position are pos-
At the end of the drop the dummy weight will be
slowed down by a hydraulic damper.
The CRDM test sections could be adapted to all
CRDM types used in PWR.

Test Set-up for two AREVA CRDM types Set-up for CRDM Factory Acceptance Test
Test Section for Control Rod Drive Mechansims

Testing of CRDM • Hold the mobile set at any selected position

After manufacturing and assembling every CRDM along the travel length.
will have to be qualified under operational condi- • Release the mobile set (for reactor trip).
tions. The first functional test phase under opera- Beside the qualification of the complete CRDM spe-
tional conditions generates a magnetite layer on cial investigations for new designs, e.g.: rod position
the sliding surfaces of the latch unit components indicator, system could be performed.
ensuring their sliding properties. This is the basic
requirement for the absolute serviceability of the For the operation of the CRDMs different
latch unit of the CRDM. generations of control systems used in PWRs
are available (e.g. contactor control, ELSTABE,
The qualification test ensure the three operational RodPilot® 10 and 40).
functions of the CRDM:
• Insert and withdraw the mobile set (drive rod
with coupled RCC-A dummy weight) in single
steps to the needed reactor operating position.

Components of the CRDM RodPilot® 10 Cabinet

Your benefits at a glance

• CRDM test section is designed for FAT under operational conditions

• Adaptation of all CRDM types used in PWR
• Different CRDM control systems are available
• Accredited test and inspection body, accepted by ILAC and open to external

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