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Zannatul Ferdous

Chesterfield, VA ∎ E-mail: ∎ Cell: 703-268-8672 ∎

To obtain the position of School Counselor in order to help children create positive relationships with the people in
their environment, assist in attaining key social and emotional skills, and advocate for an inclusive education for
children so they may have positive experiences in school and post-school outcomes.

Virginia Commonwealth University
● M.Ed. in Counselor Education • Concentration: School Counseling • CACREP Accredited • 3.90 GPA
○ OSEP Grant Scholar (Full Tuition Scholarship): Specialized training as a related service provider to
students in special education, with an emphasis on transition
○ Graduation: May 2018
● B.S. in Psychology • Minor in Sociology • Cumulative: 3.02 GPA • December 2015
● School Counseling Intern – Internship – 600+ hours (January 2018 – May 2018)
o Manchester High School – Chesterfield County Public Schools – Chesterfield, VA
▪ Provided individual counseling across a range of topics including: anxiety, depression, anger
management, college/career readiness, transitional issues, and skills regarding self-advocacy
and self-determination
▪ Facilitated and creating group counseling for students in the following areas: anger
management, anxiety reduction/stress management, and dating and relationships
o 80% of students demonstrated GPA increase in Anxiety Reduction Group 1
o 60% of students demonstrated GPA increase in Anxiety Reduction Group 2
o 16% decrease in office referrals after girls Anger Management Group
o 20% decrease in office referrals after boys Anger Management Group
▪ Created and implemented classroom lessons on the following areas: college and career
readiness, academic and career planning, IEP student involvement plans
▪ Utilized Chesterfield Mental Health Prevention Services in facilitating the first Mental Health
Awareness Day at Manchester High School
o Collaborated with Assistant Principal and Student Wellness Committee in creating a
Wellness Week, dedicating each day of the week to different areas of wellness
▪ Supported AP Coordinator in conducting AP Test Pre-Registration process
● School Counseling Intern – Practicum – 250+ hours (August 2017 – December 2017)
o Evergreen Elementary School – Chesterfield County Public Schools – Chesterfield, VA
▪ Provided individual counseling across a range of topics including: anxiety, body image, anger
management, emotions, stress management
▪ Designed and facilitated group counseling for 3rd grade students with IEPs/504 Plans with a
focus on self-advocacy, autonomy in the classroom, coping skills and peer/group interactions
o 60% of students demonstrated a letter grade increase after completion of group.
o 40% of students demonstrated an increase in exhibiting strategies to handle conflict,
frustration, and increase in positive peer/group interactions as observed by teachers.
▪ Provided classroom guidance lessons grades K-5 on topics including: anger management,
friendship skills, conflict resolution, bullying, career exploration, and growth mindset
● ESL Tutor – Title III Grant (January 2018 – Present)
o Evergreen Elementary School – Chesterfield County Public Schools
▪ Provides supplemental 1:1 support to children who are limited English proficient, English
Learners (ELs), and immigrant children to develop high levels of academic attainment in
English, and core areas of reading, language arts, and mathematics to meet the same
challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards
● Weekday Instructor – Grades K-2 (August 2017 – January 2018)
o MathScience Innovation Center – Richmond Public Schools – Greater Richmond Area
▪ Taught rigorous biology, ecology, and environmental science lessons to elementary aged
students in the 16 areas of the Metro Richmond region
▪ Worked collaboratively with teachers in schools to support students through independent
work in small and whole group lessons
● Special Education Instructional Assistant (August 2016 – June 2017) (July 2017 – August 2017)
o Falling Creek Middle School, Manchester High School – Chesterfield County Public Schools
▪ Collaboratively taught in general education, structure/calm down room, and self-contained
classrooms working with children with disabilities to implement behavior management plans,
and develop social and vocational skills for the purpose of improving student outcomes
▪ Created lesson plans closely related to goals regarding life skills, reading, and math from the
student’s IEP and Extended Year Service Plans (MI, MO, Autism).
● Mental Health Skill Building Worker (February 2016 – September 2016)
o H.Y.P.E. Counseling Services – Richmond, VA
▪ Provided and promoted social skill building, self-sufficiency, and self-management to adults
diagnosed with mental health illness
▪ Completed daily progress notes and monthly service reports; created individualized service
plans to promote independence and self-advocacy skills in the areas of vocation, medical
health, social relationships, education, finances, and other goals unique to the client
● Applied Behavior Analysis Coach, (QMHP – C) (November 2015 – April 2016)
o Youth & Family Services of Virginia – Richmond, VA
▪ Provided in-home services for children with the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder using
discrete trial learning, errorless learning and other Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques
▪ Gathered and graphed quantifiable data needed for the analysis of treatment efficacy based on
the child’s individual service plan
● Winterpock Elementary School • Girls Night In Volunteer • February 2018
● Helping facilitate groups based on friendship, self-confidence, and communication skills for 5th grade
girls and their parents
● Chi Sigma Iota – VCU Branch • Out of the Darkness Walk Volunteer • April 2017
● Community outreach for suicide education and prevention and head of registration booth
● St. Catherine’s & St. Christopher’s Schools • Parent-Child Dialogue Night Facilitator – 7th Grade • April 2017
● Facilitated a group conversation between children and parents through a list of provided questions
pertaining to the topic of the dangers of underage alcohol consumption
● Adult CPR/AED and Child CPR and First Aid Certified
● March 2018
● Secretary of CESNA (Counselor Education Student Networking Association)
● Elected March 2017 • Member since Summer 2016
● Member of CSI (Chi Sigma Iota: XΣΙ: International Counseling and Academic Professional Honor Society)
● Inducted April 2017
● Member of ASCA (American School Counselor Association)
● Since August 2017
● Disability Education & Transition Conference - February 2018
● Conference for Exceptional Children - November 2017
● Grant Scholar for “A Collaborative Model of Preparing School Counseling Students as Related Service
Providers to Students with Disabilities” Full Tuition Scholarship (May 2016 – Present)
● Goal: preparing school counselors-in-training to integrate evidence-based interventions from both
counseling and special education disciplines to serve as related service providers for students with
● Recipient of the A. Gaynelle Whitlock Scholarship for Counselor Education (February 2017)