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Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) First name(s) Surname(s) Caterev Cristina
Address(es) House number, street name, postcode, city, country (remove if not
relevant, see instructions)
Telephone(s) 00(373)6863002 Mobile: 00(373)68544405
Nationality MDA
Date of birth 23.01.1983
Gender F
Desired employment /
Occupational field
Work experience 13
Occupation or position held 2002-2003 - librarian;
2005 - 2007 - head office;
2007-2012 - director of library;
2014- head of Audio-Video Section
Main activities and Activities in public relation; research in bibliographic fields.
Name and address of employer Municipal Library "B. P. Haşdeu"
Str. Stefan cel Mare., Chisinau, 2000;
Tel. 022(373)225006; email:; web:
Current job National Library of Moldova
Tel. 022(373) 24 04 93
Function 2012 - librarian;
2013 - deputy director;
2014- director of library;
2014 - head of Audio-Video Section
Education and training
Dates 2008-2010
Title of qualification awarded 2010 - Master Degree in Comunication Science
2004 - Licentiate in Phylology, Field - Phylology
Principal subjects/occupational 2010 - Info-Documentary-Institution Management
skills covered 2004 - Romanian Language and Literature and English Language
Name and type of organisation Moldova State University
providing education and Speciality – Journalism and Science of Infgormation
training “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University
Speciality - Language and Literature
Personal skills and
Mother tongue(s) Specify mother tongue - Romanian language
Other language(s) English; French
Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
European level (*) Listening Reading Spoken Spoken
interaction production
Language English High High High High High
Language Good Good Well Well Well
(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Social skills and competences - Team spirit;
- Ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained through
work experience;
- Good communication skills gained through my experience as
director of the library;
- Organizing social activities with different themes;
Organisational skills and - Leadership responsible for a team of ninety people;
- Sense of organization (experience in moderating cultural projects,
policies library);
- Good experience of project management training obtained
through local, national, seminars, professional context).
Technical skills and Good knowledge of process control equipment maintenance (I was
competences responsible for implementing fire control objects in the library
where I worked obtained by self and volunteer).
Computer skills and - Good command of Microsoft Office ™ tools (Word ™, Excel ™
competences and PowerPoint ™);
- Basic knowledge of graphic design applications (Adobe
Illustrator ™ PhotoShop ™, Photo editor, picasa web design);
- Adobe Acrobat X Pro;
- ABBY Fine Reader - drafting scanned;
- Windows Movie Maker;
- Nero Start Smart - enrollment digital support materials were
acquired through training, professional background, seminars,
volunteer activities during leisure, etc.
Artistic skills and competences - Handmade - crochet;
- Writing various poems.
Other skills and competences - Bibliographic research;
- Organizing various training activities for librarians;
- Translation and editing from English Language;
- Photographing and filming various events were acquired through
training, professional background, seminars, volunteer activities.

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Publicaţii online


BiblioUnivers: revistă electronică [revistă în parteneriat Chişinău-Focşani] / Filiala

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Publicaţii ştiinţifice
Elena Postolachi-Iarovoi : Protectoarea etnografiei naţionale : Bibliogr. / Acad. de Ştiinţe a
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Lista lucrărilor ştiinţifice publicate şi a titlurilor de protecţie obţinute de comunitatea

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Lista lucrărilor ştiinţifice publicate şi a titlurilor de protecţie obţinute de comunitatea ştiinţifică

din Republica Moldova in anul 2012 : bibliografie. Alcăt. E. Corotenco; ed. ingr. de A. Hanganu; coord.
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Administrator al blogurilor informaţionale
Blogul Biblioteca mea, filiala „Ştefan cel Mare” -
Lecturile Verii, filiala „Ştefan cel Mare” -
Ora poveştilor, filiala „Ştefan cel Mare” -
Temele de acasa @ Biblioteca „Ştefan cel Mare” -
Webliografie, filiala „Ştefan cel Mare” -


Serviciul E-Informatie, Biblioteca Ştiinţifică Centrală „Andrei Lupan” a AŞM -
Web Science Links, Biblioteca Ştiinţifică Centrală „Andrei Lupan” a AŞM -
Certificate for participation

2013 - Certificate for participation :

1. Workshop: Free Author Workshop in Publishing: Get Read. Publish with Springer
2. International conference: Library Science - Pillar For Building in Knowledge Society
3. Workshop: "Open Access: Redefining Impact"
4. International conference Romanian language - the language of European integration
5. On-line seminar: Scientific Resources Thomson Reuters: On-line information resources Web
of Knowledge/ Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports, EndNoteBasic and
2012 - Certificate for participation :
1. International conference "Marketing of library services for children: strategies and
modern techniques"
2011 - Certificate for participation :
2. Conference "Library today: 10 Challenges and Opportunities"
3. International conference "The family as a user and beneficiary of the library"
4. Conference "Information Literacy: involvement of public libraries and school libraries"
5. Conference "Library beyond the library: Innovation and reading for all"
6. Conference ABRM anniversary - 20 years," library more than the library: Integration,
Innovation and Information for all"
7. Professional workshop "Continuous training: Implications of ABRM. Impact Library "
2010 - Certificate for participation :
1. Scientific Symposium "Bibliologic Year 2009 - the year to promote the image of the public
library in the community"
2. Municipal Methodical Seminar "Aspects of educational partnership: openness to skills
training and education to early school age students by developing the interest and love of
3. Annual Conference Library Association "Open Access to Information and Knowledge:
supporting sustainable progress"
4. Master-class "Communication Issues on Brand Building Forms And Methods Of Written
5. European Day on Promoting the Skills of Information and Documentation
6. International Symposium on "Libraries in the Area of Culture and Modern Information of
the children"
7. Competition "The Best Bibliographic Lesson"
2009 - Certificate for participation :
1. Annual Conference "City Library" BP Hasdeu" - informational support for community:
resources, services, innovative programs: Practical Approaches"
2. Workshop "Programs and Activities to Promote the Library and Reading for Children"
3. Workshop "Information Literacy in School Libraries"
2008 - Certificate for participation :
1. Workshop "Management of the Volunteering Activities"
2. Sociological Study "Time and Reading Space in Moldova"
3. Workshop "Access to the Information for People With Disabilities"