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Te en, 0 = sc heen cain ‘et "Yer ou want go ee” Silty tcl my doin a tise eat oma te soe Kae, ayo {stn ME) Th the fatal pct then ely 198 eno cnt patio poe comm tg noche, oe ‘Sis eed pg hy em etal St ge," cee was leming ASL in ng pha tndcape Two pod wt hate at on ‘Sar Stoop nd expect at pn che te fr oe ‘Spying cess te of ewig tn, Ash ea chet ‘i tit aries! te VOU Seg tia, Be) 0 pe ts po ott we of ‘ert hr meters YOU st sn fan expen ik scaly ‘es stn, Ale met sl 1979), thee egal gang hae cen ed ea fin of rat fr lar hha intense wing exer alr, ban) wae ep ‘STUDY 2: GESTURAL PRODUCTION IN HEARING ‘Sten. teeng the fat hts wl se sed She ccna prot de of sab (eg ne Boo Bern, Shr Hci, rst we sy th len ‘cede ey ng apr oa nt te lang bowen ges so pat nei ton tp nee penn Fain nt ct conto mae ner 175: lat 17, Get & Si, 176, Lak, 17D), Accaring 1 + sso iow, ie and mgm wo exange of tive compen (a, 1962, Wome & Rian, 1963) Hater COTO, Bac a (97) an a, Cao Vokes (1975) fe peed ‘tt neg vy en Tey ety ‘hse carrito gue amen hut oe ce ‘set om in gue, Morn Bt C983) et 2 ae Inge ton amg esos much th ely ep sates ae ts ti he mal oer a ci ese aig as eh ec mah a Fate wh tee Intron, Bae. 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A cote ey nite i et aco Sa noha epee Porras nt) evergreens ook {Mow ining, cx) Along cra ete fe ind Bok i Fong et El nt ny ie a “GI ssfiesthfitt manes ute tale ems igh te ng iid aietion se h chl's aston mgs) ees (hat tt hear um an lo ler parc eect aan, {eee td en a, be ‘ices plat of eine “ Tare 9), hab oh ver ira names a er seam et as ai al a a eed tet xe ie hes re re sf tw cmon Resale ip le ed ect Sheet ince ot cm op eos ps ‘ed cing referent ogg wa knoe. feet ne ah ‘Sestverncbrsreyay, my ae aes ‘chen te par apr no nemio ey Som nis tn eg ites arte n ema aee ee The cut wich chee consne fur oh he Ee ad he ni ie spy me Sette i ons nc and their ase of verbal names. meanest ess fat of Acguision Fr seve feo dea cen might be expe to aqui anggs re ‘Sal Se rg inet hilo ee ‘tn of gore as lid, beating on rgb (1 teeing Ign) saming? (2) De otros he quis mae?) eae ee ye io wa ef me (Gl eat chi dete oatngeicc pte en saa ve he ina tamue de Sips Quatene(LSQ)? and one scgarng ASL Mon pe is nn enc na eh am rtrd a ein ie rap Sopa a ‘guy nd 12 motel sees (und 120 1 ‘nt Mot ft cle's mine gates wee pnd il ge nl pees woe fc eel 10% of kes, ‘tcectgl re bt hain addi len ad 6 Whe ‘Conc geting wih ot hand i ts Me fe cee’ tert ebjectwr edn pay Cat pve opie es 1 di of ey pts ee ny nieve They apr oe pra pertulom e, ps w h Hm hte put eo, pes echoing. pe tdtbe pelone osederd iae)a wid (ecg (Ces Brae 5) cay sha et pin ty xe {Mines ns nd tr” Aba he ing To ned lr sj twas nt edo ane" eject rcs of ‘te oe in, ed wth i men mete ‘ona dnc song th pe ak pee ose (9 Noa’ Gest sion pd ome of ites a ‘Sivy"Tse mul genus cle cg, pe ane ne ‘Sat, tig ign ting i es ‘heya ect srr mg cot rs ey we any a oC “bn fe spe oesed areas nts aes hn into con sey. ean cs MSY at ‘i ins ae ne fer etcbee e ig’ ahem 4nd The ro ach taney pa te bl eta rc ay of eves tn cusps, acing an grain nd (2 op Sit wn eo he pete ‘town nig hy ual key tytn vie of ering hy age 0 1 i Ot ‘aon he ering cs ral poof gv ie tig rp tne, sen pine ste an he pbs hd ges, 5 suncunce” Wie reEURCUSTS CHO 207 Ato aches rodion of wots oa tng habs ‘eid presi the Hert eg ener, 1967, ee tt at ‘ovement ests pnd ely me ean fe oof “nt andes gu ar, a ‘tt iy i ma a oH ‘i ein ud and ogy ane rl pes 1) Gesars with Obie: Are They Names? By 13 ete ein gee ng wy res eyo mnie moa tet ‘ah parca sje (tig ancty ep ing Pons egos hr Hd dh ave ae vie ‘Ser at ening" eal ng) hel and coe ooo ‘ecome of woh np fe pal cote ete an id et oi eed tj sr ‘Biel nth End: cane eye sing em, Tye in ae oe ig ea ‘uly proached er, Sl cael cpl ge, et ne ‘Nene es a (19D) ae a he i satya otc eget” (om empty nd) geste shld cnc mas be suet rion soe To ome 8 fs. 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De hi Sens dcr ges gash ei Si, yet men ap eo (cee. pra, pane eso STUDY 3: GESTURAL COMPREHENSION ‘oe el of hil snap ving wih eae the aie 8 “Uae me rmENCUBEOMD 211 emer bee she pouch se iw pc at ele ‘eo eg veaban sol te reel by serine west ‘nln orn ro ah pen he a lly hc sald compe ests hat sytem cet wef mm on ‘Ser pig rp) lay! sy ses ais pe gn gg “hs cress were abies gh c enh a (ea sess sd one proup af ASL ngnc™ (1) Gener Rerembling Sign tcode {Chee amie "hn es on a ey ie es ‘Bey, ate the ASL sign fr BANANA ce ay ter ASL inh ©) rcartmc epi at ena a et ply ty wi echo 24 tt ten Tey wore en es fo thr Sich The sures soap of ne (tal oi ini nen ag ge “Sie the seme neta ee oe frm ai ote SEIS ccaetd te cy compe iy ni comenon! ets gps 13) a ety a Ths wa eee for et the) Spent aed ha red ves th Inna chen bowen 72h snd 8 mh pe ‘ee ny Fh ay oe ote wt Selmer wr Ske i ey ead 3 ‘oe, wtas aig ie form non on i a. 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Callecity, tug ii pings ges cl ay ie om (et 2-1 ee ele cons an) ie ft a ne a ofS as oc se ey ns the nat ie {Sect gaes ose sean esc ie (bon 9 nat) ae gh ‘Sal nyt tet sel te se ie (oa 2 ot). ‘ia esate nate ‘icy of er Ged atte, Ue of many gure ei EY mtg avn as gh ang he shi i fray and giving ations sem to be wed by con wh comooncate, Wy don he wo gee sen Guay sued 3-22 woh? ‘Sut 8D wenden whee chido oxy gaa an ay inn rn vc it gh ea ‘if mee na, a pin fies ay ‘he enn om heaton ig nel oe We 38 eer in yc espc ‘Cab eg npg pa fer et ae py wie we ‘teh anpage tnd who ue OF Nn png yd cy ac when te he es aa a ‘iS icity son pf ri wie ge Tbe mi tbe an ete tert en ia i ns ang ich ae eg wa Sir es nh cic ms a ‘nin coves pee chs of ees ei cg ‘oy ctl any fis cng minin e sa pase hh, 1982) To nen oie hd wh ‘iin aly smn be expe by tee Wha hn cera he ‘aon nx prods by song eat ge ema oe ee Soman (he sy so ha ae ee gee ome cane Fay ston etn py tng a Sceptre yah ‘te nso gms (ie ays), ad herp te word snd ‘het eed cmt tent fr maple ees Mint erly ‘tle vesbly rir acme kein tC eg inn UP cca cen ily on Faby Sage gh & Rab (198), wre hey noted a at ‘pelo ce anes afer eh fen ng et emma mle hy oman nec nr salen yeh (Gage 279) Score ir ee sey pote each ape (Mak ‘oc fre Hn es” oy xem of he Hin ef a ees): Bone aed phe i ethene ‘owt lorie scope of ei tonne isn tae ie a 5 Aion ape So rs xy oan ee ening, tah cin ih en ig fi en's knowlege mies song dncorimunies betwee lings a nets Mowe tee Boman, tn, 8 ping tuo a of el ere ening ch ue tht aver he ayetsacon pce ett por het fn lg gsi aos, guns nga wed cope selma cnt tigate hme xe ‘ang, ose, he stony been am nd ein, 2d ‘Seng fers) rt menly come ot of tenon mera Same te cong ct ac so idlangge cops ere swe aia agit Pap bec th id a cee ee cain Ais nga ne ‘Sty ee i a mee ce a Seat do hl acs oa Pee pe mao ine ee, Paka 9, Be, Wake tight my Sl i ee stn er he tern 16a pa oof tp oa lo 89 cn) we ‘do mo of Roar, Wil y hd pc o ene ‘ein pet ig igh tr eared teen ‘aio uk Mi Sede fr hi npn sd ish rm on eter ‘Sueno acai da fs he Sposa ao Fema Con ‘cach nan, Pace Dodane, for asing wi he ear ‘Sige Th io Sa wee stn ny DD ar Dims = pnt (@NSHLSLTS to. 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