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Dell launches Inspiron series

Lenovo unveils V-Series Laptops for the SMBs

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2 May 2018 May 2018 3
4 May 2018

Your customers deserve the

best quality, reliability and
value in a compact package.
Introducing the new
affordable range of printers
with a low cost per page and
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1800 180 1225
S E T T H E PA G E F R E E May 2018 5

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6 May 2018
NetApp opens its DVEC Center NEC announces FIWARE Lab Node in India





Walmart signs agreement

to invest in Flipkart Group
W almart has signed definitive
agreements to become the
largest shareholder in Flipkart Group
(“Flipkart”). The investment will help
accelerate Flipkart's customer-focused
mission to transform commerce in India
through technology and underscores
Walmart’s commitment to sustained job
creation and investment in India.
“This investment is of immense
importance for India and will help fuel
our ambition to deepen our connection
with buyers and sellers and to create the
next wave of retail in India,” said Binny
Bansal, Flipkart’s Co-Founder & Group
Chief Executive Officer.

HPE launches HPE

SimpliVity 380 with
Microsoft Hyper-V
H ewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
has announced HPE SimpliVity
380 with Microsoft Hyper-V and new
SimpliVity integration partner solutions as
a Citrix WorkSpace Appliance Partner. The
new offerings expand customer hypervisor
options and simplify and enhance the
ability to provide high-performance
virtual applications and desktops, making
it faster and easier to deliver secure digital
workspaces in today’s hybrid cloud world.

HPE SimpliVity 380 with Microsoft

Hyper-V provides businesses with an easier
IT infrastructure solution, simplifying the
data center by converging servers, storage
and storage networking into one simple to
manage, software-defined platform. May 2018 7


Is social media a disruptive innovation??

…GDPR to replace the existing Data Protection Law
I t’s a question of how to define digital transformation and the technology developed by the global leaders
for improvising better customer experience through social strategy? Is it about identifying opportunity to
engage with customers in a compelling way? Europe’s new law into privacy is expected to change the world of
Social media is truly a disruptive innovation which has created a new market and platform for itself. It
understands the customers and the user experience and takes all types of data of the users. Across the globe,
approximately 6,000 tweets are sent to the worldwide social sphere every second. Across 900 million users, those
140-character memos add up to roughly 200 billion tweets every year. When we post anything on the Internet,
even those who are not on your circle lists (i.e. Friends lists in Facebook, followers on Twitter, etc.) can still listen
to your conversations via wall posts and general tweets, and can respond to other tweets, etc.
Secondly, the social medias apart from knowing about us, they can also access to the personal data. On May 25, the GDPR
(General Data Protection Regulation) is being enforced which will help to shift the power towards consumers, a big thanks
to the European privacy law that restricts how personal data is collected and handled to protect and empower citizens in
the digital era. The law ensures that users know, understand, and consent to the data collected about them. The GDPR will
officially replace 1995’s Data Protection Directive as the new global standard on data privacy for all government agencies
and companies that conduct business with EU citizens will be subject to strict new data protection rules – and failure to
comply can result in hefty fines.
In June 2017, Google announced that it would stop mining emails in Gmail to personalize ads. In. With this Google’s
new privacy dashboard makes it easier to see what Google knows about you. In January, Facebook announced its own
privacy dashboard, which is yet to launch. Though the law applies only in Europe, but the companies now have to make changes globally, because it is
simpler than creating different systems. Now, every country including India, has to come out with data privacy policy soon.
Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) raised this concern along with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, (MeitY) and National
Payment Corporation (NPCI). MeitY, according to sources is opposing to sharing of payments information under any circumstances. The ministry also
had raised the issue with the apex banking body (RBI). WhatsApp Payments appears to be in trouble as it has caught the attention of regulators over
the issue of data sharing with parent entity Facebook and ICICI Bank. The report also adds that NPCI seems to be okay with the terms and conditions
laid by WhatsApp for sharing data.
Going forward, companies must be clear on, why they are collecting the data and moreover, consumers will gain the right to access data that
companies store about them.
Lastly, it is time now for the privacy experts to plan to use GDPR as a weapon to enforce changes in corporate data-handling practices.

8 May 2018 May 2018 9

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10 May 2018

Curved UltraWide™

Widest spectrum of LG IT Products
Superior range of high-performance,
feature-packed monitors, projectors and
computers for designers, photographers,
gamers and other professionals who need
more room for bigger ideas.
UST Laser Projector

IPS/LED Monitor

UST LED Projector

UltraWide™ Monitor

Workstation Monitor

HD LED Projector

4K UHD Monitor LG gram Nano Projector May 2018 11


US-China Trade War: What

Warren Buffett Forecasts
I reflect over what I should write in this column for some time. Many
themes have occurred to me-digital frauds, new technology platforms
that Google and Facebook are working on despite the ground swell of
criticisms they have to absorb these days from several quarters including
from governments, users and regulatory bodies. What prevented me from
writing about it, I tried to introspect. It invariably would have a semblance
of what I would have written earlier in this column. Not that I did not
write on the same subject earlier in the column. That was only when a new
development had taken on the same subject or because of lapse of time;
the subject got transformed into a new one.
Yet, I have decided to dwell on trade war in this column that is
occupying the media space in India and abroad. You may ask me what
IT has to do with tradewars. My response is that a major reason for this
trade war is on account of the IT. I will explain. But before that, let me
briefly touch upon the nuances of the present trade war. It was a unilateral
decision of the US. If there is trade dispute between two countries or
between a group of countries with another set of countries, it should
be referred to World Trade Organization (WTO) created exclusively for
ensuring orderly global trade. Its functioning is based on certain principles
and procedures. There is a separate wing in WTO for dispute settlement
among member countries.
But the present trade dispute is qualitatively different. The US assertion
is that it is not a trade dispute but something to do with its national security.
Its argument is that with its liberal trade policies followedby various
regimes earlier, including that of BarakObama’s, US trade and economic
interests got compromised. The result is that many countries have built
huge trade surpluses against the US. That included China, EU, Australia,
Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea and India. For deciding the countries
which derived undue favor from the US, three parameters were evolved.
One, countries having over US$ 20 billion trade surplus with US, two,
countries having favorable current account balance and three, countries
which are having more than 2% of its GDP invested in the US treasury
bills.Even if a country attracts any two provisions of the said criteria, it
would attract retaliatory action. Of late, India has taken some definite strides for reducing the trade
I have mentioned that ICT is an integral part of the trade war. It deficit with the US. Import of crude and natural gas is one among them,
needs some explanation. Of late, China is emerging as a major technology which in all likelihood is going to increase in the coming years. Also, India
developer thanks to the breakthrough innovations it has made in all fields is increasingly importing armaments from the US, reducing its dependence
of technology, be it relating to semi-conductors, artificial intelligence, on Russia. The US aerospace companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin
robotics, sensors, aerospace and the list goes on. It is several notches have projected that India would be a major market for their products-
above most of the developed countries and is inching close to the US. aircrafts and aerospace equipment. That would be good news for the US.
Millions of smart phones are made in China and exported world-wide How ICT has facilitated the trade war? I have few reasons and I do not
including developed world. know whether they stand scrutiny by trade experts and political watchers.
A lot of negotiations were held between the two countries to Some decades ago, trade statistics to come to the public domain, it would
smoothen the differences. Signs of compromise and reproach are coming take months together and sometimes years. One can access only estimates
from both sides. The Chinese expressed satisfaction over the progress of and not the real figures. Those days have gone. With the advent of digital
the negotiations. They felt that there were meeting grounds, where both platform and its wide usage in all walks of life, dataaccess is on a real time
countries can build trust and confidence to eschew aggressive postures. basis. Now, one can collate data on a real time basis, whichever part of
But in private, they tell the media that the US demand for cutting down the world he or she is. The response and retaliation by the affected parties
the trade surplus by US$200 billion as high pitched, too ambitious and can be quick and swift. Secondly, as the pace of globalization picked up,
untenable in the given situation. business decisions have becomemore independent of the thinking of the
Now, let us focus on India and how the ongoing trade war would affect government. Earlier, during the cold war days, businesses could not take a
her. India is attracting retaliatory actions from the US and is also making stand independent from that of the government.
noises both in the WTO and other forums. But its voice is modulated, Thirdly, technology is a leveler. More and more countries are entering
calibrated and if I may use the word, muted. There are reasons for that. this fray, which was a pre-requisite of rich and privileged. China is on a fast
Foremost, India is not in the same league of China as far as the trade track to catch up with the developed world and has very easily overtaken
surplus is concerned. The trade surplus of China with the US is more many western countries.
than the international trade of India. Secondly, the two commodities, on Without much ado, let me conclude with what veteran industrialist
which the US has imposed the import duty –steel and aluminum –willnot Warren Buffett has said on 6th May 2018 at the Berkshire Hathaway’s 39th
affect India that much. India’s exports of these two goods are only US$ annual meet held at Omaha, described as the Woodstock of Capitalism,
2 billion. India’s exports of steel and aluminum are mostly to Malaysia on US-China trade war. He said that the United States and China are going
and Indonesia. That way, India-US bilateral trade pales into insignificance to be the two super powers of the world for a long time.In the 1970’s, US
comparing to that of China –US trade. exports and imports both contributed to about 5% of the GDP.

12 May 2018 May 2018 13

AWS enabling its Partners Always

The cloud service provider, Amazon Web services (AWS) has recently organized its AWS India Summit 2018 where VARINDIA
has interacted with two of the premium partners who has started their journey with its cloud platform and back then it was the only
choice for them to host theiw application. Varoon Rajani, CEO, BlazeClan and Siva, Founder & CEO, PowerupCloud Technologies
speak about their experiences with AWS.

Varoon Rajani Siva

CEO, BlazeClan Founder & CEO, PowerupCloud Technologies
Kindly share your journey with AWS. Kindly share your journey with AWS.
We started off as a customer of Amazon Web Services (AWS) around I have been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2012
2010-11 where we were building a product which was an online learning in India. I was setting cloud business for two other partners which gave
system for the masses in India and back then the only choice that we found me good amount of connect within AWS team as well. They all knew
to host our application at a scale was AWS, otherwise we would had to what we can do in respect to solution sales and consulting on Amazon.
invest a lot in data centers. In June 2015 we decided to come out and start a company so that is how
We learnt a lot around AWS. We used AWS and helped a couple of our PowerupCloud was started.
friends on the platform, that all opened up our mind that this could be a
whole new opportunity for us and AWS was clearly the future. In 2012, Kindly, mention about PowerupCloud’s
we registered as an AWS Partner and since then we have been focusing on breakthrough product on AWS.
AWS, building our company on AWS skillsets as well as competencies. We It is our Chatbot platform IRA which happened in 2016. We did a
have seen some good success and growth by investing into AWS. project for a customer were we automated few of their customer support
Kindly, mention about BlazeClan’s breakthrough problems so that is where we realize that there is some potential for a
product like this in the market because it is too early in the chatbot arena.
product on AWS.
We started investing in 2016 and build the platform with few of our initial
There are multiple but if I speak of one specifically it would be our sponsor customer. It is now quite evolved and used by many 500 Fortune
media asset management called CloudStream. We basically allow media companies. So that is our best product so far on Amazon.
companies of any size and scale to host the digital content on cloud, Companies are looking towards Chatbots as a way to bring down cost,
we help them to transcode or reformat that digital content for various know more about customers and improve their support functions and
different scheme factors, business processes. There
allow them to put in meta is a misconception where
data and manage then we see chatbots purely
to complete end to end from customer support
lifecycle of the digital video automation perception. A
assets on to cloud. lot of analytics go behind
What are the chatbots. Large enterprise
customers are able to know
differentiating more about their consumers
factors of BlazeClan because the analytics gives
from competition? them the data. That is why
Since 2012 when we chatbots are picking up and
registered as an AWS partner we are foreseeing the future
on APN Network and we were probably one of the first few partners and is about chatbots.
we have been working very closely with AWS. A lot of good relationships Banking and financial are adopting in a major way because of large
with the leadership team and mutual trust have been build over the years. customer interaction. Retail, eCommerce, internet businesses are also coming
Apart from that, from a technical and delivery perspective something onboard quite fast. We are also building chatbots for logistics firm, HR IT
that we need to do for our customers - we are building skillsets, grooming helpdesk for large companies. Customers who are running large businesses
people internally, investing into the AWS competency. So today we have are actually have much problems to solve with chatbots, voicebots and
six to seven competencies from AWS. If I talk about India specifically we machine learning and deep learning, they bring much interesting problems
are the only ones with financial services competencies, we were one the to us. These are the initial sectors which are picking up.
first Managed Services partner in APAC. We have been a premier partner How AWS is enabling you?
for last three years. We are continuing to invest in our competencies as we
AWS is the most important reason that we are here as a technology
are very conscious that we need to stay ahead of the curve by investing
services company. They have been a great partner and it is a partner led
into skillsets, competencies which would make a stand apart from the
company, we can really vouch for that. They have always been with us during
testing times basically. Lot of credit goes to the team in India, the way they
Which are the upcoming verticals? supported partners like us and help to grow business along side AWS.
When we started it was more of startups in 2012 and since then it has How do you see the acceptance of latest
evolved. So now any internet facing businesses are one vertical – there technologies like Big Data, IoT etc. among Indian
are many enterprises which are coming up with their eCommerce, online
platforms etc which are more of B2C running on internet is one vertical. customers?
Media has been the favoured vertical for us. More of financial services The technology adoption in India is slower than the mature markets
companies or non-banking customers are adopting it today but in next like US and Australia. But the scenario is changing fast because a lot of
couple of years we are confident that a lot of Banks will start moving to startups in Bangalore who has parallel offices outside India, so the latest
AWS. Financial services is growing and adopting AWS fast and it is a focus technologies and development process that we see outside India the same
area for us. I believe that the cloud industry will grow over the next five thing we see in India as well. It is a matter of one year probably and we
years at a very rapid pace. In next three to five years its going to be more will be able to catch up with the global changes that are happening. India
than 50% year on year growth for all of us. is not far behind.

14 May 2018 May 2018 15

NEC announces FIWARE Vistara strikes Atos and Google Cloud to address
Lab Node in India alliance with digital transformation of Enterprise
N EC Corporation
(NEC) and NEC
innovate with FIWARE-
based solutions for smart Adobe customers global partnership with

Google Cloud, one of the

Technologies India Private cities. istara has entered tos has entered
into a strategic world’s leaders in Artificial
Limited (NECTI) have "The FIWARE Lab into a global Intelligence. Together,
Node enables partnership with Adobe to agreement with Google
leverage next-generation we will enable fast and
companies Cloud to address the
developing technology in Adobe digital transformation
smart city Experience Cloud to needs of enterprise
solutions for bolster the company’s end- customers. This
India to keep customer experiences. agreement will see
their experiment Ravinder Singh, Chief the creation of secure
data within Information & Innovation solutions in areas
India. FIWARE Officer, Vistara, said, including hybrid
brings in royalty “World over, the aviation Cloud, data analytics
free standards industry has always & machine learning and
been amongst the most smooth adoption of AI for
for interfaces digital workplace. enterprises,” said Thierry
launched a FIWARE Lab and data models that help customer-experience “I am extremely pleased
oriented, and the onset of Breton, Chairman & CEO,
node in India to encourage to integrate applications to announce this first Atos.
application developers, easily, which can be an edge today’s digital revolution
solution providers, over others,” said Ulrich has brought technology
government bodies and
academia to experiment and
to the front and centre
of customer experience
Stellar Data Recovery introduces
Avaya and Afiniti partner to
strategies. Technology
has played a key role in “100+ Partners Program”
integrate AI with contact center
enabling business goals
and customer experiences, S tellar Data Recovery
has announced
a new “100+ partners
capabilities of each partner,
reinforcing the delivery
of real and measurable
and a solid digital presence
technology intelligence and machine
learning technologies as a
has been integral to our program”, aiming to foster
business growth and
benefits such as reward
value exchange between

vaya and Afiniti transformational tool for profitability, strengthening Stellar and its partners,
have entered into
a strategic partnership
large enterprise,” said Zia
Chishti, Afiniti CEO & NVT Phybridge and recognizing partners’
ability to sell, deliver and
offering flexible ways of
earning revenue margin.
to improve enterprise
customer experience and
Founder. “Today, Afiniti’s
AI is helping save lives enters into support the company’s data
recovery, erasure services
Stellar will now be
strengthening its presence
contact center performance
through a unique
and delivering billions of
dollars in profitability to strategic alliance and solutions in India.
The company now forays
in more than 100 cities
such as Bhopal, Dehradun,
integration of artificial our global clients. Our into India by launching its Guwahati, Indore, Jaipur,
intelligence into contact new partnership and native with Inflow lucrative, pan-India partner Kollam, Lucknow,
center routing technology. integration with Avaya will program. Madurai, Mysuru, Patna,
“This partnership accelerate the pace at which Technologies The new, robust Salem, Shimla, Siliguri,
highlights the shift in
the communications and
collaboration marketplaces
our joint clients will drive
precisely measurable value N VT Phybridge
has entered into
a strategic partnership with
program is designed to
provide unique benefits
tailored around the
Surat, Tiruchirappalli,
Thiruvananthapuram and
to their shareholders and Visakhapatnam.
towards artificial customers.” Inflow Technologies. Inflow
will begin offering the

Analog Devices expands its reach NVT Phybridge CHARIoT Motorola opens 100 new
Series, a portfolio of long

with new facility in Bengaluru reach PoE solutions that Moto Hubs in Gujarat
help customers migrate
o t o r o l a portfolio of Motorola

Analog Devices ADI’s top three global to IP with ease. Inflow

Mobility India devices at convenient
has unveiled its design centres, will focus Technologies acts as the
has announced further locations, including the
new India headquarters on developing and selling perfect link to connect
expansion of their
for the approximately cutting-edge technologies NVT Phybridge to system
retail presence and
and solutions for the integrators, resellers and
entered Gujarat with
global automotive, customers looking to
the opening of 100
industrial, healthcare, quickly and efficiently
new “Moto Hubs”
consumer, Internet of turn new or existing
across top four
Things (IoT), security, infrastructures into IP
cities, including 50
communications, and paths with power.
in Ahmedabad, 20
energy markets. “The CHARIoT Series
in Rajkot, 15 each in
Having started as a solutions are designed to
Baroda and Surat.
product development eliminate every barrier to
Moto Hub is a key
centre, ADI India’s making the move to IP.
destination that
headcount has grown by Security risk and breaches
provides easy access and online exclusive devices like
600 Bengaluru-based a factor of 200 over the last during network refresh
availability of all Motorola the popular moto e4 plus
staff that make up ADI twenty years to support the is a top concern,” said
products to customers, and moto g5s plus, apart
India. The new facility, evolving needs of ADI’s John Croce, CEO, NVT
where they will be able from the newly-launched
which houses one of global customers. Phybridge.
to experience the entire moto x4 and moto z2 force.

16 May 2018 May 2018 17

Adidas India deploys Oracle IBM partners Ramco to empower P&N Bank
Cloud to provide better Customer with Red Hat branches in Western Australia
Experience point-of-sale
to Oracle
Cloud Ihave announced Western
BM and Red Hat
A didas India has
smartly leveraged
cloud technology to provide
Infrastructure – a modern,
enterprise-grade cloud
to enable IBM and Red
Hat customers to benefit
from the combined power
retail bank, P&N Bank
(Police and Nurses Limited),
infrastructure solution, to has signed an agreement
a new shopping experience enable a superior customer of both companies’
with the global enterprise
for its customers. With experience. By switching to technologies in private and
software provider Ramco
public clouds. digitise Australian Payroll,
Systems to launch a digital
The agreement builds with Single Touch Payroll
HR transformation with
on IBM’s recent moveto re- (STP) Reporting. The law
Ramco HCM integrated
engineer its entire software which comes into effect
with Global Payroll.
portfolio with containers, from 1 July 2018, requires
Ramco will implement
Oracle Cloud, Adidas India Oracle Cloud, Adidas India including WebSphere, employers in Australia with
its end-to-end HCM
customers will be able to is able to ensure a faster, MQ Series and Db2. 20 or more employees to
solution across all P&N
complete the shop-bill- smoother checkout process Container technologies report employees’ tax and
Bank branches in Western
checkout process three for its in-store customers. are fast becoming a safe super information to the
times faster than earlier at The cloud upgrade was and reliable way to move Australian Taxation Office
The installation of
any of the Adidas stores successfully completed by applications across multiple using Single Touch Payroll
Ramco HCM integrated
across the country. Oracle’s Cloud Standard IT footprints. Going hand (STP) enabled software.
with Global Payroll comes
Adidas recently and Platinum partner in hand with IBM’s shift
amidst a movement to
upgraded its franchise Sunera Tech. to containerized software
is Red Hat’s expansive
Salesforce acquires MuleSoft portfolio of enterprise- Pegasystems improves Customer
grade, cloud-native, and

to accelerate customers’ digital hybrid cloud infrastructure Service with AI Capabilities

solutions, which provide egasystems has enhancements in Pega
transformations is “Every company
undergoing a digital
a clear pathway for
enterprises to adopt hybrid
introduced new KYC and Pega CLM,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) banks can confidently
alesforce, the global transformation and cloud computing. capabilities in the latest deploy AI during the
leader in CRM, integration has never been version of Pega Know on boarding process to
has announced that it has
finalized its acquisition of
more strategic,” said Marc
Benioff, Chairman & CEO,
Paytm with its Your Customer (KYC) provide more personalized
and Pega Client Lifecycle and differentiated service.
MuleSoft, the provider of
one of the world's leading
Salesforce. “With MuleSoft, “My Payments” Management (CLM) Pega KYC and Pega
Salesforce will enable applications. CLM use proven AI
platforms for building
application networks. With
customers to connect all of app aims for The software capabilities that analyze
the information throughout
MuleSoft, Salesforce will their enterprise across all Rs.60,000-crore provides banks with
complete AI control and
customer profile data
in real time. Pega CLM
accelerate customers’ digital
transformations, enabling
public and private clouds
and data sources – radically bank transfers transparency, ensuring
banks remain in regulatory
leverages these insights to
continually personalize the
them to unlock data across enhancing innovation. I O n e 9 7
compliance while driving on boardingjourney for
legacy systems, cloud am thrilled to welcome Communications that owns
additional revenue and each new customer with
apps and devices to make MuleSoft to the Salesforce the brand Paytm has further
providing exceptional only the most appropriate
smarter, faster decisions. Ohana.” unified bank transfers
for its customers with customer experiences. products and service
With new offers.
5 years warranty on Corsair the new “My Payments”
feature on its app. This
VS Series PSUs in India now will enable Paytm users to Fortinet now a part of IBM
make recurring, high-value
Security’s X-Force Threat
increase of warranty on
of its entire product line-
up, and is the reason why
millions of customers have
payment and other monthly
expenses in an instant.
Using the Paytm app, Bank Management Services
VS Series of PSUs in India. chosen Corsair PSUs to Transfers can be done from ortinet has Institute of Science and
This extended power their any Bank Account to any collaborated Technology (NIST) Cyber
warranty is an PCs. The Bank Account, making with IBM on the new security Framework
affirmation of two years of it easier for customers IBM X-Force Threat creating an integrated and
the company's additional to make payments at 0%
Management Services. programmatic approach
active pursuit warranty on charge. Even non-KYC
This will enable both across the entire threat
of innovations these PSUs is Paytm users can avail this
organizations to further management lifecycle.
a n d in recognition facility.
provide mutual customers This latest partnership
commitment of the sheer Paytm is aiming to
with unprecedented threat combines Fortinet’s
process Rs.60,000 crore in
to continuously q u a l i t y, insight, attack detection comprehensive security
monthly Bank Transfers
e n h a n c e r e l i a b i l i t y, and prevention, and an protections with IBM’s
alone by the end of
and ensure perfor mance integrated defense-in-depth world-class security
this year. It has been
customers get a as well as strategy. expertise to provide
aggressively educating its
peace of mind. value for money that VS IBM X-Force Threat enhanced value to
users to link their bank
"Corsair's commitment Series represent," said M A Management Services was customers through the
accounts and experience
to PSU quality and longevity Mannan, Country Manager developed around the key delivery of advanced
instant and secure Bank
has always been at the heart at Corsair India. tenets of the National protection.

18 May 2018

Windows 10 Pro means business.


Forged from carbon fiber

the ThinkPad® X1 Carbon is
incredibly thin and
immensely powerful.

Call us at 1800 3000 9990 or

e-mail us at

© Lenovo 2017. All rights reserved. Lenovo, the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo.
Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries or both. May 2018 19

Dell launches Inspiron series D-Link launches Tech Data introduces StreamOne
with AMD Ryzen processor Mini HD Home Cloud Marketplace
D ell India has
launched the
Dell’s line-up of Camera TechlaunchedData hasthe customers.
D -Link (India) “We are thrilled to
new Inspiron series, now notebooks in 2018 StreamOne Cloud announce that Tech
equipped with AMD Ryzen prioritize an immersive has announced
its latest mydlink-enabled Marketplace in India. Data’s StreamOne Cloud
Processor with Radeon experience, delivered by an The provisioning, billing Marketplace is now available
RX Vega Graphics. The irreplaceable backbone. A Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera
– DCS-P6000LH. An and end-user lifecycle in India,” said Naresh
sophisticated design in a management digital Desai, Vice-President,
striking aluminum finish, affordable surveillance
solution D-Link DCS- platform allows partners to Specialist Business Unit,
along with an array of scale, launch and manage Asia-Pacific, Tech Data.
options to deliver a fully P6000LH helps users keep
an eye on everything that a broad range of cloud “The digital platform
immersive and elevated services, including SaaS, provides simplified access
entertainment experience, matters. Equipped with
mydlink Cloud, the Mini IaaS and Platform-as- to premium cloud services
the Inspiron 15 (5575) is a a-Service (PaaS). It also from trusted providers,
sure-shot head-turner. With HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-
P6000LH makes it easy and enables partners to deliver enabling our partners to
Inspiron 15 (5575) is the consumers turning to their advanced offerings such offer cloud services with
latest addition to Dell’s laptops for viewing high- convenient for one check
on home or office from as assessment, migration, minimal investment and
portfolio of mainstream definition content on larger security and monitoring, quickly drive recurring
performance notebooks, screens, there is no looking anywhere.
Sanket Kulkarni, VP enabling hassle-free revenue.”
powered by AMD Ryzen away with the stunning anti- cloud transitions for their
to deliver split-second glare HD and FHD display, – Channel Sales, D-Link
responsiveness and an
incredibly fast and reliable
available on the Inspiron 15
(India) Ltd, said, “Working
parents, pet owners,
SUSE releases new services
Juniper Networks expand
children with elderly
parents or anyone who is for its OpenStack Cloud
looking for an affordable SUSE has unveiled the data center, and many
Contrail Enterprise Multicloud home security solution, for
them the search ends with
SUSE Select Services
for its Openstack Cloud
organizations need to
review and implement new
Juniper Networks
has announced the
expansion of Contrail
for device or fabric
management, or overlay
policy and control,
our D-Link mini HD Wi-Fi
Home Camera."
and Enterprise Storage
Solutions. This fixed-price
solutions to stay ahead,
and, in some cases, catch
service offering is a blend up," said Kenny Stewart,
Enterprise Multicloud to
enable end-to-end policy
provides VMware unveils of consulting, premium
support and knowledge
Vice-President of Global
SUSE Services. “SUSE
and control capability for
any workload running in
a unified approach to
enterprise operations that Cloud capability transfer designed to jump-
start implementations
OpenStack Cloud and
SUSE Enterprise Storage
physical and virtual
environments, along with NSX and integrations of these
two key software-defined
are important components
of that transformation, and
any cloud and
across multivendor networking infrastructure components.
Solutions are implemented
with Select Services, we
will provide our customers
Contrail Enterprise streamlines workflows portfolio quickly and smoothly, easing with a cost-effective and

data center transformation flexible path to a fast start
Multicloud integrates and improves end-to-end Mware has
for enterprise customers. in these key software-
both overlay and underlay visibility across bare metal outlined its
"The pace of business defined infrastructure
management into an servers, virtual machines vision for the future
and technology is changing technologies.”
open platform. Whether and containers, along with of networking, and has
unveiled the Virtual Cloud
an enterprise is looking network devices.
Network. The Virtual Dahua introduces Dual Biometric
Forcepoint introduces new Cloud Network will enable
organizations to create a Identification Time Attendance
automated Risk-Adaptive digital business fabric for

Protection Solution
connecting and securing Terminals device. Embedded with
advanced infrared face

F orcepoint
Adaptive Protection
continuously assesses risk
applications, data, and users
across the entire network in
a hyper-distributed world.
D ahua Technology
has launched
its new time attendance
these new
attendance terminals
industry’s first Risk- and automatically provides “The future of terminals – the DHI- further improve on poor
Adaptive Protection proportional enforcement networking is software, ASA4214F and DHI- lighting environment
solution called Dynamic that can be dialled up or and the network of the ASA6214F. These highly performance, making it
Data Protection in down. This capability future is the Virtual intelligent devices will smart enough to identify
response to the challenges is enabled through the Cloud Network,” said support both face and a designated face in a
enterprise and government power of human-centric Rajiv Ramaswami, Chief fingerprint identification very short time. Access
CISOs face today in behaviour analytics that Operating Officer, for access control and to live face detection
balancing airtight user and understand interactions Products and Cloud time attendance in office significantly improves
data security with business with data across users, Services, VMware. scenarios, enabling easy safety, preventing the use
productivity. machines and accounts. “VMware is helping staff management and of “picture camouflage”
Built to address the Intelligent context speeds customers today to build security control. to deceive the system.
barrage of complex and decision-making and tomorrow’s software- Dahua’s attendance If needed, you can add a
sophisticated threats security controls specific to defined Virtual Cloud terminals offer dual- card or password to the
facing organizations changing risk in enterprise Networks to connect and biometric identification combination to make the
today, Forcepoint’s Risk- networks. secure apps and users.” integrated into a single whole system even safer.

20 May 2018

Your Tursted Partner For Cyber Security


VAPT Tool and

Adaptive Single
Sign on

Application Security
in Zero-Trust

Network Forensic


Amtrak Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

6, Commercial Center, East of Kailash, New Delhi - 110065
Tel: 011-26448000, 011-26411751 | Email:, Mobile: 98117 39257 May 2018 21

Sony introduces fast speed 3.1 R&M unveils NetApp opens its DVEC Center
Gen 1 flash drive line-up Quality Seal N etApp
unveiled a new
has data and cloud technology
to accelerate their

Sony India has

launched the all-
are a reflection of Sony’s
commitment to bring fast for PoE Range Data Visionary Engineering
Center (DVEC) in India
businesses,” said George
Kurian, CEO, NetApp. “As
new Made-in-India USB
Flash Drive with USM-
and durable devices to fulfil
all consumer requirements. R &M has launched
a quality seal for
the Power over Ethernet
to empower Asia-Pacific
customers and partners to
the leader in hybrid cloud
data services, NetApp
BA2, USM-CA2and USM- The sleek design with transform the world
MX3 for blazing data metal body delivers style product range. PowerSafe with data. Along with
is the name of the new this, NetAPP has also
mark. Cabling products announced NetApp
labelled PowerSafe can Cloud Volumes
continuously transmit for Google Cloud
high currents in local data Platform, offering
networks. customers a fully-
Supplying power to end managed, cloud-native
sharing and transfer. at an affordable price devices over data cables file storage service
All three models are while also being durable is paving the way to more that’s integrated with is uniquely positioned
metallic, anti-corrosive and enough to protect any data. intelligent buildings and Google Cloud Platform to help them create new
compliant with superSpeed Additionally, the USB Flash to the Internet of Things. (GCP). market opportunities by
3.1 Gen 1 which helps Drives compact built makes Sensors, Wi-Fi antennas, “Companies are rapidly deploying new
transfer large media files them best to use in tight lighting, video cameras, increasingly looking at using technologies."
to one’s PC in seconds spaces and also provide medical technology,
for effective workflow.
These USB Flash Drives
access to adjacent ports
emergency and access
control systems, remote
Hitachi Vantara introduces
Jio unveils “JioInteract” – an
maintenance, checkouts,
terminals, scoreboards, air- AI Operations Software
AI-based Video Platform
conditioning and heating
technology, thin clients and
lots of other digital systems
H itachi Vantara has
introduced new
innovations to drive data
have an opportunity to
provide considerable
assistance to customers

R eliance
(“Jio”) has announced the
promotion and brand
engagement. Over the
next few weeks, Jio will
can be integrated. center modernization.
The all-new, all-flash
and hybrid Hitachi Virtual
on their journey to
autonomous operations,”
said Eric Burgener,
launch of the world’s first
Artificial Intelligence (AI)-
introduce services such
as video call centres,
Nutanix Storage Platform (VSP) Research Vice-President of
systems and AI operations Storage, IDC. “Vendors like
based brand engagement
platform – JioInteract.
video catalogue,
virtual showrooms to
and launches new software give customers Hitachi Vantara, with their
unprecedented agility and enhanced AI operations
According to the the forefront redefining SaaS offering automation to reduce costs portfolio, are leveraging

company, with Jio’s base customer experience. utanix has and increase operational AI/ML to simplify
of over 186 million Such use of artificial announced efficiencies – the infrastructure management
subscribers and another intelligence is a first Nutanix Beam, a new foundation for any modern while improving platform
150 million smartphone across the world and will software-as-a-ser vice data center initiative. reliability, infrastructure
users, JioInteract is poised reposition the way brands (SaaS) offering that delivers “As artificial intelligence efficiency and the ability
to become the largest and customers think of multi-cloud governance so and machine learning to meet service level
platform for movie- engagement. organizations can manage technologies mature, agreements.”
their spending, security enterprise storage vendors
Lenovo unveils V-Series and regulatory compliance

Laptops for the SMBs

across nearly any cloud
platform. Beam is based
ASUS India brings new range of
on Nutanix’s recently-
Gaming series with TUF Gaming
L enovo has launched of the country’s economy acquired Minjar Botmetric

the new V-series and are facing a digital service, which is already SUS India, while Arnold Su, Business
laptops for SMEs (small crossroad on keeping their used to manage more focusing on Development Manager,
and medium enterprises) existing infrastructure than $1 billion of cloud diversifying the Gaming ASUS India, said, “We
and start-ups. The V330 versus expanding on spend across Amazon series has introduced a take immense pride in
laptop comes with Web Services (AWS) and powerful duo – FX
entrepreneur-friendly Microsoft Azure. 504 TUF GAMING
flexibility features The Nutanix Enterprise and ROG G703.
like an ultrabay drive Cloud OS software FX504 is the first
that can house either helps companies reduce laptop in the new
an optical drive or complexity of their multi- “TUF Gaming” Series
an additional battery, cloud architectures by powered with 8th-Gen
a QuickCharge melding private, public processor. ROG G703
battery, an elegant and distributed clouds into is also 8th-Gen powered
spill-resistant backlit a common IT operating by the newest hexa-core
keyboard, and both model for their end-to- Intel i9 processor. The
USB-C type and USB end infrastructure. Beam new entrants provide introducing intuitive
3.0 ports. further reduces complexity unmatched toughness technology like TUF
Ashish Sikka, Director mobile computing to meet by providing customers and reliability allowing the GAMING and latest i9
– SMB, Lenovo India, said, the challenging demands of with deep visibility and rich consumer to multitask with processor in our newest
“SMEs are the backbone their customers." analytics. ease. 8th-gen editions lined up."

22 May 2018

DLB Propeller 5 DLB Echo 5D


DLB 5-20AC

Rx Infotech P Ltd
Authorised Distributor
A-240 Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi-110020 May 2018 23


Bharti Infratel announces Spirent forges Sequans and Sasken to bring new
merger with Indus Towers to alliance with LTE devices to vertical markets
create major tower firm Cohda Wireless S e q u a n s
our market reach,” said
Ajit Singh, SVP and Head

S p i r e n t
harti Airtel's new tower company that S.A. and Sasken – Communications &
Communications and
tower subsidiary will be formed after the Technologies Limited have Devices BU, Sasken. “We are
Cohda Wireless have
Bharti Infratel and Indus merger. The company in a entered into collaboration customizing our Sequans-
entered into partnership
Towers have decided to regulatory statement said, to bring new LTE
to support the testing
merge their companies "The board has decided to devices based on
to create one entity. With engage with the potential Sequans’ Monarch
devices. Building on their
a combined revenue of investors for evaluating a LTE Cat M1/NB1
long successful cooperation
around Rs.25,360 crore, strategic stake sale post the and Cassiopeia LTE-A
for testing the European
and 1.63 lakh towers across completion of the merger." platforms to several vertical based solutions to adapt to
V2X standard ITS-G5,
22 telecom service areas The merger between markets. non-3GPP requirements,
Cohda Wireless and Spirent
of the country, this new Bharti Infratel and Indus “Our collaboration such as to cover non-3GPP
will provide similar tests
pan-India tower company, Towers is happening at a with Sequans is based frequencies, to extend
for the USDOT WAVE-
which will be named Indus time when Bharti Airtel's on the development of transmit output power, to
DSRC standards, as per
Towers Ltd, will easily tower arm registered 3GPP-compliant devices, add security, and to improve
IEEE1609.x and SAE
become the world's largest 8-per cent annual growth but we are adapting our operation in challenging
tower company. in revenues to Rs.14,490 technologies to extend environments."
Spirent and Cohda
However, as per the crore, while its net profit
Wireless will be participating
reports, Bharti Airtel is
planning a stake sale in the
slipped by 9 per cent to
Rs.2,494 crore.
in the OmniAir Motor City
Plugfest where Spirent is
Vodafone now expands its
providing WAVE-DSRC VoLTE services to Kerala
Nokia to deploy FTTH network V2X conformance testing
at five test stations, enabling
Vodafone has the best from Vodafone’s
announced the rollout
across Nepal with Subisu V2X vendors to prepare for
OmniAir certification and
of its Voice over LTE
Data Strong Network.
Announcing the launch

N okia and Subisu, Subisu’s subscribers to (VoLTE) services across of the Vodafone VoLTE
to improve their product
a leading Internet enjoy new ultra-broadband Kerala. With this launch, service, Ajit Chaturvedi,
Service Provider in Nepal, applications and services. Vodafone is enabling Business Head – Kerala,
customers to make calls Vodafone India, said, “As
will deploy a Fiber-To-
The-Home network across
Subisu was selected
by the Nepal Telecom ACT Fibernet using VoLTE and enjoy HD a leading telecom services
quality crystal-clear voice provider in Kerala, we have
Province 2 of Nepal to
provide enhanced, reliable
Authority (NTA) to build
the FTTH network for raises data with super call connect. been making significant
Vodafone SuperNet 4G investments to expand,
and quality services to
their subscribers. Nokia’s
eight districts in Province
2 of Nepal. The new limits of its customers can access upgrade our network and
GPON solutions will help network will enable Vodafone VoLTE for no to deploy new technologies,
Subisu expand its network Subisu to deliver Digital broadband plans additional charges and so as to ensure that we
and reach new customers. Television, IPTV and high- ACT Fibernet, a fiber- all calls will be billed as provide the finest service
Once deployed, the speed Internet services up focused wired broadband per existing plan or pack experience to our valued
FTTH network will enable to 1 Gbps. ISP (Internet Service benefits, thus experiencing customers."
Provider) in terms of the
BSNL and SAP offer GST number of fiber broadband
internet subscribers and NETGEAR unveils R6260 Dual-
solutions in Indian enterprises one of the most reliable
wired broadband internet band Smart Wi-Fi Router
S tate run telecom
major BSNL and
SAP SE have announced
districts, 4519 cities/
towns & 6.25 lakhs villages
across India, will provide
service providers in India,
recently increased the FUP
data limits across all its
announced the

launch of NETGEAR
signing of a Memorandum enhanced accessibility to broadband plans beginning R6260; an incredibly fast
of Understanding (MoU) companies of all sizes, in Hyderabad. With this router with a dual-core
to jointly offer specifically move, ACT Fibernet aims 880 MHz processor which
innovative S M E s , to meet the incessant enables combined Wi-Fi
GST solutions to create, demand for higher internet connections at Gigabit
to enterprises consolidate your home with utmost
data among its existing speeds of up to 1,600Mbps,
a c r o s s and file GST ease. With up to
customers and enhance providing enough wireless
India. The R e t u r n s 300+1,300Mbps speed
their internet broadband coverage for larger homes.
collaboration through SAP’s and simultaneous dual-
experience. The R6260 dual-band
leverages the ASP solution band Wi-Fi technology,
ACT Fibernet enjoys smart router is compatible
capabilities in an easy, the device avoids wireless
the highest market share with the next generation
of BSNL as GST Suvidha secure and smooth manner. interference, ensuring
in Hyderabad in wired Wi-Fi devices and is
Provider (GSP) and SAP The alliance will thus help top speed and reliable
broadband market. compatible with 802.11
as Application Service realize the full potential connections. The device is
Coupled with incredible a/b/g/n devices
Provider (ASP). of GST on the back of ideal for applications such
internet speed the newly With its new and
BSNL, through its BSNL’s country-wide as lag-free multiple video
revised plans will now allow enhanced features the
network of appx. 115 reach and SAP’s expertise streaming, multi-player
customers to consume AC1600 offers 3x faster
million customer base in providing robust gaming, ultra-fast speed
additional data basis his/ speed and enables HD
currently connecting 646 technology offerings. and a secure and reliable
her usage needs. streaming throughout connection to the Internet.

24 May 2018

Friday, 25th May, 2018
Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi
Theme :
Disruption - A New Reality BRAND ICON OF THE YEAR
Digital disruption accelerates improvements in business processes, elevates customer’s satisfaction and increases rev-
enue and business growth. Marketing technology has come a long way in enabling marketers to start real conversations
with prospects by providing content they care about and derive value from. This year, the 16th edition of Infotech Forum,
wherein the 7th edition of the Brand Book will be unveilled, will witness the recognition of Brand Icon of the Year.
Marketing investment builds sales over long term, but in the present
competitive environment the marketing team is under constant
pressure to achieve more and more with less and less. In our recent
interaction with 100 corporates in India, most of the CMOs spoke on
their shrinking budgets. So they have to work out how to spread their
wings wider and get the most bang for their bucks. At the same time,
they have to meet the challenge of driving immediate sales.
So there is a lot of pressure to really look at where they need to spend their money to get that return on investment. In order
to build brand equity and drive steps for their respective organisations, let’s see how these corporates have performed over
the last one year. It is worth mentioning that these brands have created impactful marketing which includes ways of cap-
turing great ideas, prioritizing ideas, and managing implementation of experiments of enhancing customer experiences.
Absolutely, it is the inherent quality and powerful asset of the MARKETERS.

Resulted double digit ROI by rightfull marketing spend by CMOs

Many More...

Only 10 CMOs to get recognised

Impactful marketing for the organisational growth Spending on internal marketing than external

Believing marketing as the revenue driver Working towards building corporate reputation

Successful in getting marketing money back

Brand Icons of the Year (BIoY 2018) awards are one of a kind and highly credible - facilitating entrepreneurs
and corporate houses for their contribution to the business world, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and best
business practices, etc.

These awards are aimed to recognize and facilitate the most successful marketers in the corporate world.
For more information, please contact: HEAD OFFICE
Kalinga Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.
VAR House, A-84A/3, Rose Apartment, Paryavaran Complex
IGNOU Road, New Delhi – 110030
Tel: 011-41656383, 41655458, Fax: 011-46061809 May 2018 25

IP-COM organizes Partners meet with DIGISOL delights its Channel

a plan to re-introduce itself in India Partners in Mussoorie
I P-COM India recently
held partners meet with an
initiative to re-introduce IP-COM
differentiating itself by offering
direct support and price to its
Partners and SIs, which will default
D IGISOL Systems hosted
a partner event at
Mussoorie. The trip was organized
Brand in India. The meet was issue such as stock, RMA and
for all the partners to celebrate
attended by 30+ Prime Partners project delivery incompetence.
their achievements in active and
across New Delhi region. The brand is also making sure to
passive networking business. The
keep abundant stock
event was organized from 14th to
for special projects
16th April, 2018.
and tenders which
“We intend to keep rewarding
will need products
our distributors from time to time.
in handy. With the
For us, the regional distributors are During the event, the company
complete solution
most important as they represent unveiled its latest strategic products
projects needing
the DIGISOL brand in the and solutions and shared market
more than only
market,” says Mandar Joshi, Head and sales insights.
products to make it
– Channel Business, DIGISOL In a constant endeavour to
successful, IP-COM
Systems Ltd. He added, “Such trips work closely with its partners
has also made sure
help in building excitement in the across the country, DIGISOL will
IP-COM’s strategy is to focus to have technical as well as pre-
channels and encourage them to continue to introduce number of
on the SMB market in India and sales and after-sales service team
focus and improve their business incentive programs for its partner
provide the complete networking ready so that the customer gets a
relationship with us.” community.
solution for the customer instead satisfactory result from the brand.
of single product. IP-COM pursues The brand assured they will
the value of the solution. IP-COM
holds expertise to provide the most
be introducing new price system
and new channel system and will
Inspira Enterprise hosts 9th edition of
suitable solution for the project,
such as hospitality, enterprise,
make sure that they protect the
profit of their partners in this
its Annual Sales Conference at Bali
education, outdoor transmission.
With a re-entry in the Indian
market, IP-COM will be focusing
cut-throat competitive market. IP-
COM is aggressive on rebuilding
the channel system in India with
I nspira Enterprise pioneered
IAC, the Inspira Annual
Conference, marked its ninth
on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
and Google+. Inspira Enterprise
standing true to its image of
on the SMB market and CCTV each area consisting of two or year in Bali. IAC is an Annual innovation, this year went ahead
segment to fulfil market demand. three distributors who will adhere Sales kickoff, which is also with Live Streaming of awards
This time around, IP-COM is to respective channel policy. attended by all the heads from night on Inspira Enterprise’s
various departments. At IAC Youtube channel, which was
2018, the stage was set to plan watched by many employees and
M-tech Mobile conducts dealer the New Financial Year, inspire their families, along with other
a growth mindset and celebrate partners back in India.
meet for its Gujarat partners the success of its top-performing “The theme for IAC 2018 was

M -tech Mobile has recently

organized a meet for
its dealers in Goa. The meet was
feature phones, its unique selling
proposition as a brand, upcoming
product roadmap and schemes for
attended by over 40+ leading channel partners. An open walk-
channel partners from Gujarat and in session was conducted to get a
was intended to showcase M-tech’s first-hand feel of the products with
new range of products, consolidate the company’s officials educating
its relationship with existing the dealers about the products and
partners and attract new partners. after- sales service.

employees. Adding to the energy Q&A which stands for Quality

and prestige around the event, and Accountability. Q&A was
senior executives from OEMs intended to give an update on the
like Array Networks, Avaya, future aspirations and a synopsis
F5 Networks, Fortinet, Juniper of the contribution made by
The senior officials from M-tech Speaking on the side-lines of Networks, Motadata, NetApp, Inspirers,” said Manoj Kanodia,
presiding over the meet included the meet, Lalit Agarwal, CEO, Polycom, Ruckus &WinMagic, COE, Inspira Enterprise.
Goutam Jain, Co-Founder, M-tech M-tech Informatics Ltd, said, Guardtime, i-Ram Technologies The Conference highlighted
Informatics Ltd;Lalit Agarwal, “It has always been M-tech’s and Manorama Infosolutions Review & Training Sessions
CEO, M-tech Informatics Ltd; and endeavour to understand the were present. on Cloud, HCI, Blockchain &
Sandeep Bediawala, State Head. needs of its channel partners and Understanding the fast- Smart City Solutions, along with
The meet showcased M-tech’s maintain a long term association growing social media trend, there Business strategies and Marketing
array of smartphones and with them. were live updates from IAC 2018 presentation for the year 2018.

26 May 2018


Toshiba to carry
forward its 142 year
legacy with new
product innovations
Toshiba Gulf FZE has recently forayed into
the audio segment by launching a complete
range of audio products in the country. Santosh
Varghese, Vice President - General Manager&
Digital Products & Solutions - Toshiba Gulf Santosh Varghese
Vice President & General Manager, Digital
FZE in a chat discusses the company’s GTM Products & Solutions - Toshiba Gulf FZE
strategy and the plans for the audio market
India is a strategic growth market for Toshiba, considering the business offline sales channel.
potential for Audio products in India which is estimated to be around “We will focus on Toshiba’s USP of high quality and reliability of
$1-Billion this year, which is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% its products which will be our competitive edge in this crowded audio
until 2021. segment. We will also focus on ‘’Time to Market’’ by introducing the latest
“Our product strategy will be focused mainly around high value products technology in the Audio segment,” says Santosh.
like Sound bars and range of trolley speakers, and high volume products like He further adds, “We will be launching a wide range of entry and
mobile accessories including On/IN/Over the ear phones mainly in the mid-range audio products. We will also be introducing a wide range of
Wireless/BT category,” says Santosh Varghese, Vice President & General differentiated model in the mobile accessories segment and nostalgic
Manager, Digital Products & Solutions - Toshiba Gulf FZE. models for GenX like the Vinyl Players, Transistor Radios, and Cassette
Currently in Japan, Toshiba Audio products have a 40% market share Players.”
in the RCR category. In India, its target is to achieve 15-18% market share There seems to be a clear shift from ‘price-sensitivity’ to ‘quality-
within 2020. To achieve this target, Toshiba is investing in brand category consciousness’. As brands like Toshiba step in with high quality and
development by connecting with its target segment including Zillennials reliable products, consumers are now increasingly staying clear from low-
and GenX Xennials, channel development, and implement a solid product- priced unbranded products. As most unbranded players don’t focus on
sellout driven business model. quality, they just add to the ‘digital waste’ in India.
Toshiba’s ‘Go-to-market’ strategy will be to focus more on locally “Toshiba’s long and rich history of innovation for over 142 years has
fit products that deliver high quality and reliability; introduce a range of witnessed many ‘Industry First’ innovations that set the benchmark and
products & technology that fit the wide range of market segment in India we will continue to build on our brand philosophy based on this culture of
especially focusing on Category B & C towns and a good mix of online and Leading Innovation,” concludes Santosh.

PCAIT and FAIITA jointly organize Channel Vistas 2018
Progressive Channels’ Association of Information Technology
(PCAIT), along with the support of the Federation of All India
Associations of Information Technology (FAIITA), has organized its
Channel Vistas – 2018 in New Delhi. The event was attended by traders,
system integrators, IT vendors, etc from across the country.
150 members of FAIITA and PCAIT participated in it. The conclave
was aimed at networking amongst the state champions of IT business,
system integrators and vendors so that it encourages business growth
and enhances the quality and quantity of IT business throughout India.
The first session of the conclave was devoted to FAIITA and it was
inaugurated with the welcome speech by FAIITA President Champak
Gurjar and the second session was for PCAIT. This session was
inaugurated with the welcome speech by PCAIT President Alok Gupta.
Champak Gurjar, President FAIITA said, “The only aim of A discussion was held in the second session with the title
FAIITA was to unite the entire India. Initially there were many small IT “Enhancement of Business Prospects amongst the Members” and it
associations but now all the association are getting united. We wanted was moderated by General Secretary of PCAIT Saket Kapoor and Vivek
to get connected with each other and FAIITA should be the connecting Sharma. PCAIT members, along with other association members, also
link. It is a platform where the channel community can grow the business. participated in the discussion and expressed their views.
We have signed a MoU with Taiwan so that we can leverage each other The FAIITA President Champak Lal Gurjar, PCAIT President
to grow our business.” Alok Gupta and General Secretary Saket Kapoor highlighted the need
It was also announced in the meet that a Memorandum of of organizing this kind of conclaves in different states in every three
Understanding (MoU) has been signed between FAIITA and four months to ensure revival of their activities and business initiatives thus
vendors – HP Inc., Dell Lenovo and Acer that the pricing of products in achieving the aim of enhancing the IT business prospects and also to
both online and offline will be same. In case of a breach, the vendor will resolve any problem.
issue a credit note to channel partner. May 2018 27


David J Henshall
President & CEO

Accelerate To Win
….. The Future of
Work at Citrix Summit 2018
Anaheim, CA (USA): Enterprises have data than all that is already in existence. And Workspace will power a new generation of
become more susceptible to cyber-security millennials — that digital-born, social-platform- workers with a next-gen workspace that makes it
risks as work becomes more distributed and dwelling generation — are now the largest possible for work to happen wherever users are.
employees use cloud apps without its knowledge portion of the workforce. To realize the benefits Citrix is working with strategic alliance
and consent. IT is increasingly becoming of these shifts will require us to transform the partners to give customers a fully-integrated,
uncertain about where SaaS and web apps are way we do business. We need to spend less time fully-supported solution that delivers simplicity,
being accessed, or where sensitive data resides. managing technology and more time harnessing scalability, and security.
Citrix Access Control attempts to alleviate such it for innovation,” David further explained. One of the important pillars of focus for
cyber-security concerns. There was an earthquake in the morning at Citrix is choice without compromise, because
Citrix Synergy 2018,the annual customer 4.15 am of 4.5 magnitude in the richter-scale but of which Citrix workloads can be run on any
conference that happened at the Anaheim the earthquake’s 27 aftershocks were no match cloud, including Google, AWS, Oracle and
Convention Center, Anaheim,California (US) for the announcements that followed, beginning Azure. Citrix will also provide day-one support
was a huge success! It was a three day event. with Citrix Workspace app, the industry’s for Windows Server 2019. With Citrix Endpoint
There were certain big announcements made first digital workspace to unify and secure all Management, Citrix will unify management of
by David J Henshall, President & CEO-Citrix. apps and content for all devices. Along with all devices, from mobile to IoT, in an easy-to-
The event was kicked off in presence of 2,500 Citrix Networking and Citrix Analytics, Citrix adopt cloud service that offers support for
people who had come from across the world.
VARINDIA was hosted in the event. The
Opening Keynote was on The Future of Work,
and how Citrix is making it possible.
Beginning the conference, Mark Ferrer,
EVP and chief revenue officer, spoke about the
evolution of Citrix products into solution sets
that really resonate with customers, partners
and employees. Before introducing CEO David
Henshall, Mark took everyone back to 2017
when Citrix saw a 122% increase in new patents
and an 80% increase in product releases, and
then the roadmap for 2018.
“As Citrix accelerates to cloud and unifies
the portfolio, digital transformation is “not
just an opportunity, it’s an obligation to our
customers. And it all starts with you,” David said
in his presentation.
“More than half of all workloads will soon Press and Analyst Q&A with CEO David Henshall
be running on the cloud. 2018 is likely to be and Chief Product Officer PJ Hough
the year where the world will generate more

28 May 2018

Chrome OS, Apple tvOS and new devices
including Alexa for Business. It provides IT and
security teams with policy controls they never
had before for managing the access and use of
SaaS, web and the internet sites.
Citrix Workspace features includes instant
password-free access to SaaS, mobile and
Windows apps, pre-integrated, resilient and
high-performance networking and universal
search across the entire workspace. Add in Slack
integration plus self-service app and desktop
provisioning with Service Now, it’s a game-
changing, unified environment including SSO
that’s available now.
Super Session with Dr. Condoleezza Rice
Citrix Innovation Award
During the keynote, Citrix chief marketing
officer Tim Minahan introduced the finalists for prestigious award spotlights customers who are segregated south protected by faith, family and
the 2018 Citrix Innovation Award: Germany’s using Citrix solutions to drive innovation and IT education to the enduring ideal of democracy.
WAGO, the UK’s Beazley and Health Choice simplicity. Dr. Rice had shared her thoughts on the art of
Network from the U.S. WAGO has developed The second day, was equally exciting diplomacy and its significance, not only on the
and produced innovative products for power, with the presence of the most influential and world stage but also in business, the workplace,
transportation, process, industrial and building powerful people in the world, Dr. Condoleezza and within work teams.
Rice. She rose from a childhood in segregated As the first African-American woman
Birmingham, Alabama, Secretary of State and the first woman National
to become advisor to Security Advisor, Dr. Rice is a living inspiration
presidents and an architect of leadership with a unique perspective on
of transformational global politics and the rise and fall of nations.
diplomacy during a time She shared her thoughts on the challenges facing
of unprecedented and the county of USA- “If it feels chaotic, that’s
tumultuous world affairs. because it is,” she said. She has spoken on how
“Technology is not good she was doing her job is not to make comfortable
or bad. It’s neutral. The to all but rather to make more capable and
question is how it is applied. says,“It doesn’t matter where you came from, it
Sometimes innovation in matters where you are going,” she said.
technology is not matched Tim Minahan, Citrix SVP, business strategy,
by wisdom,” explained Dr. and chief marketing officer, joined Dr. Rice
Condoleezza Rice. The onstage for an excellent and wide-ranging Q&A
Stanford professor and on diversity, immigration, mentorship, and world
automation markets for more than 60 years. the 66thU.S. Secretary of conflicts. Ultimately, Dr. Rice offered her own
Citrix cloud solutions allow them to scale State opened the second day morning’s Super optimistic view. “I have seen so many things
quickly, maintain security, and remain agile as Session with a thought-provoking discussion that seemed impossible in retrospect becoming
they keep up with their rapid growth goals. This that touched on topics from growing up in the inevitable in retrospect,” she said.

Disruption comes in various shapes and forms

Security at the workspace helps to make things secure…
In an exclusive one-on-one interaction technologies like edge computing. Without
with VARINDIA, Citrix Senior Director, platform-independent solutions for every
Marketing Development, Jeff Sanderson new platform, the administrative burden can
discussed on the IoT, automotive industry, increase to the extent that it can annihilate
insurance and the challenges being faced the business case. 99% out of 100% are
with absorbing data and security. He had moving towards the multi cloud opportunity.
discussed on the focus of Citrix, the
challenges that need to be tackled with Citrix has also spoken about to keep
product initiatives through security and IoT, adding to the list of supported clouds, that
besides the security vision for the Citrix includes new power management capabilities
business. for workloads on Google Cloud Platform
(GCP). This adds GCP to the list of XenApp
“With our existing 4, 00,000 customers, and XenDesktop service cloud platforms
enterprise IT is increasingly becoming which also includes Azure and AWS. Citrix
hybrid and multi-cloud.Companies are will continue to add support for additional
looking to tap into the business benefits that cloud platforms based on customer demand.
different cloud platforms are offering them. Jeff Sanderson
We ensure that adding a platform doesn’t Senior Director, Marketing Development Lastly, talking on the Key priorities for
increase the administrative load, thus giving Citrix
the year 2018 is on Future works and working
you the true freedom to choose the platform
helps to make the things secure. with the strategic partners and customers,
that best fits your organization. Also, the
huge focus is on security at the workspace As disruption comes in various shapes Citrix workplace is really a great opportunity.
with the web application firewalls, which and forms, we need to embrace newer It is all about how Future works.” May 2018 29


Citrix helps organizations in the digitization drive

In an exclusive interaction, Ravindra Kelkar, Sr. Director-Enterprise & Public Sector, Citrix India
shares how India as a market fares for the company and the growth strategies it has zeroed down -

What is your India strategy and in a customized manner. Organizations

across sectors have their own cloud strategy
for growth?
that could be multi-cloud, private, public
Citrix finds itself to be favourably or hybrid; or a combination of all of these.
aligned with the government’s Digital India Irrespective of the approach, Citrix is capable
mission. Today, we are focused on fuelling of empowering organizations on their cloud
the needs of public sector enterprises as well journey with our set of offerings in a secure
as Central and State Government agencies environment, moving away from traditional
by leveraging IT for better customer service. way of looking at point solutions.
Improved workforce productivity and better
efficiencies across the enterprise supported What is your strategy for the
by modern IT architecture/infrastructure are year 2018?
outcomes we intend on providing, through Given the massive adoption of
our innovative solutions, by catering to their technological solutions and shift in strategy
specific requirements. This also offers Citrix across enterprises, cloud and cloud enabled
an opportunity to provide value through our SaaS apps will dominate above all other
digital workspace, networking and analytics solutions in 2018. When combined with
portfolio. Citrix has dedicated teams and
Ravindra Kelkar
Sr. Director-Enterprise & Public Sector AI, machine learning, IoT and analytics, the
focused Go-To-Market to address both Citrix capabilities of cloud are endless. Businesses
these market segments. We are also actively are therefore focusing on revaluating their IT
also allowing them the flexibility to work
working with large System Integrators who requirements to ensure accelerated growth.
in this environment without disrupting the
are involved in addressing some of these While businesses are strategizing about their
established momentum. Citrix simplifies this
large projects. use of technology, security is also now a
process by providing an expanded security
How the Citrix security approach that combines the capabilities pertinent part of boardroom discussions.
of our Networking portfolio with Citrix At Citrix, we understand this shift of
alliance works for offering
Unified Endpoint Management and Citrix organizations and are aligning ourselves
better user experience. to offer the right mix of unified digitized
Analytics. This enables an organization to
Adoption of technological solutions has look at security posture from a completely solutions. Our cloud portfolio is enabling
been on the rise across the globe. However, new angle and have a secure digital perimeter organizations to make the shift towards
this also creates room for new security threats for optimum visibility and control. Citrix virtual datacentres. Further, our offerings
to an organization. Malicious external bodies Analytics in particular makes use of AI in Networking and Analytics ensure the
can easily penetrate an organization through and machine learning to detect threats and existence of a secure and digitized perimeter.
internal systems. Therefore, organizations anomalous behaviour. We at Citrix, are therefore focused at
need to adopt appropriate security frameworks Additionally, the Citrix Cloud offering reinventing and simplifying our solutions to
to protect data handled by employees, while also allows users to manage data seamlessly aid organizations in their digitization drive.

Super Session highlights in Moneyballand Flash Boys and spoke about on be missed. The Final Night Party was celebrated
There were many sessions and every session how to leverage the power from autonomy and in the House of Blues.
was full of content and knowledge driven for artificial intelligence. There was also an announcement for the
the audience attending the summit. On its third Lewis’s research points out that “people who next year Citrix Summit 2019 that is scheduled
day event, which was the last day, the keynote aren’t using analytics intelligently are making for January 7-9 in Orlando, Florida.
session was from Michael Monroe Lewis, who intuitive judgements—and they are flawed.” At
is an American non-fiction author and financial the same time, he says there’s a limit to using
journalist. He said that if human beings were algorithms alone to make decisions. Lewis
natural statisticians, there would be much explained that the work of finding a balance
less opportunity to exploit it with better data. between data and people never really ends.
Michael was explaining on how the enterprising His most recent work, The Undoing Project,
analysts in baseball and on the trading floor concedes that we are aware of our cognitive bias.
found a way to leverage data to their advantage, Overall, Synergy has been a valuable summit
making millions in the process—stories he told and it was absolutely a knowledge event not to

Deepak Kumar Sahu

Citrix Synergy Final Night Party Chief Editor, VARINDIA

30 May 2018


Dell EMC’s CI model

offers enterprises more
simplicity and flexibility
In a discussion with VARINDIA, Rajesh Ramnani, Regional Director -
CPSD, Dell EMC India talks about expansion of its converged infrastructure
system with the addition of its next generation VxBlock System 1000, the
targeted verticals it is focusing with this and much more…

Brief us on Dell EMC's offers enterprises even greater simplicity and

flexibility to help accelerate the IT and digital
Converged Infrastructure model.
transformation efforts. The VxBlock 1000
Traditional converged infrastructure is designed to support workloads of all types
systems often require you to choose different and includes a substantially broader choice of
systems for different applications’ performance, world class storage arrays, data protection and
capacity, and data services needs. The VxBlock compute than previous-generation VxBlock
System 1000 breaks the boundaries of Systems. This new system’s all-in-one, multiple-
traditional CI by offering the industry’s first technology design expands upon CI’s promise
converged system designed for all workloads by further simplifying IT infrastructure lifecycle
in the modern data center with unprecedented management through extensive pre-validation.
choice to mix, share, and adapt pools of This enables IT staff to be freed from time-
market-leading storage, data protection,
The VxBlock System 1000
consuming administrative tasks, so they can
and compute resources for all workloads to focus on higher-value, business innovation redefines the converged
maximize performance and utilization. It projects. infrastructure market, so you
offers trusted life cycle assurance with a unique
Release Certification Matrix and a dynamic Life What are the verticals you are can free up even more resources
Cycle Assurance Portal that provides proactive, targeting with this offering? How to focus on innovation and
customized recommendations to accelerate and is it going to help the verticals? accelerate your IT transformation.
simplify the infrastructure update process. And,
Some key Verticals which will highly benefit
NVMe-ready to ensure that the system is future-
proofed to deliver on extreme performance
this includes the Banking and Finance, IT/
ITES and Public Sector, as these segments have
The benefits include -
been early adopters of Converged systems of
VxBlock System 1000 brings together leading
DELL EMC. However, with flexibility offered • Greater business agility with
technologies from Dell EMC (including Dell
by VxBlock 1000, new segments like Telecom,
EMC Unity, VMAX, XtremIO, Isilon, Avamar,
Retail and Manufacturing will be fresh target the ability to choose the right
Data Domain, NetWorker, RecoverPoint, and
VPLEX), Cisco, (including USC B-Series and
verticals. mix of resources and data
CSeries servers, Nexus LAN, and MDS SAN What kind of value additions services that your evolving
switches), and VMware (including vSphere can Partners offer while selling applications need, when they
and vCenter). All system elements are pre-
integrated, pre-configured, then tested and
Converged Infrastructure? need them
validated before shipping. Turnkey integration Partners today can leverage VxBlock 1000 • Improved data center
allows you to operate and manage your system platform and provide added services over and
efficiency by pooling and
as a single engineered product, rather than above the end to end solution offered by DELL
as individual, siloed components. Ongoing, EMC; it starts right from being an evangelist to sharing resources to maximize
component-level testing, and qualification result a customer in their journey to cloud, but over utilization, eliminate stranded
in a drastically simplified update process. The and above it allows partners to offer services
including, but not restricted to:
capacity, and increase ROI
result is significant time and resource savings
throughout the system life cycle, allowing you • Better operational simplicity
to focus your resources on business innovation. • Migration from legacy to new environment. through a turnkey, automated
• Offer services to help create Self Service
Kindly elaborate about Dell environment for customer engineered system experience
EMC's latest VxBlock System • Help customer create a charge back and life cycle assurance that
1000 offering. mechanism for resource usage on VxBlock free up resources allowing
We have recently announced the you to focus on innovation
• Create approval flow for automated cloud
expansion of our market-leading converged
infrastructure (CI) system with the addition
environment on top of VxBlock 1000 rather than infrastructure
of the next generation Dell EMC VxBlock management
• In turn moving their own company move to
System 1000. The new system breaks the
different league of service provider.
physical boundaries of traditional CI and May 2018 31


The cyber threat environment is intensifying dramatically. Concerns about the misappropriation of financial and personal data, while important
have been supplanted by the spectre of an even larger and more devastating threat. Management teams will be pressed, as never before, to
address concerns from data protection authorities, supervisory boards and journalists about their state of preparedness.

According to the study, currently 85 percent of firms surveyed said they would increase the budget their company allocates for digital transformation
by next year, with 37 percent indicating the increase would be by 10 percent or more. Further findings from the study include the following -

• Retail outperforms other industries across all three categories, setting the standard for creating innovative, digitally-driven customer experiences.
• Banking firms are ease-of-use leaders, yet they face investment challenges, including slow economic growth, low interest margins, increased
regulation, and changing consumer expectations.
• Healthcare companies traditionally lag behind other industries in adopting business technologies that help with customer engagement. This is
tied to intense regulatory requirements leading to a significant focus on security of customer data.
• Insurance organizations are just beginning to digitally transform as the complexity of products and services, legacy technology reliance, and
risk-averse cultures all affect how fast insurers can move forward with their digital transformation journeys.
• Telco firms are shifting to customer-centricity, driven in part by low customer satisfaction and disruption caused by over-the-top (OTT) providers.
• Media companies have the most ground to cover in digital transformation. They also represent the group least likely to increase investment in
digital transformation.

The study also recommends that firms be customer obsessed by building visions for winning over executive stakeholders, establishing baselines to
build digital transformation roadmaps, and putting innovation at the heart of their firms’ cultures to ensure greater digital transformation maturity.

Most of the companies are preparing to make digital transformation a priority, they have a long way to go before achieving any kind of mastery
over the multiple disciplines required to effectively innovate. Firms that are obsessed with their customer’s experience can achieve significant opera-
tional efficiencies and put innovation at the heart of their respective cultures and are the ones that will see the greatest benefits from digital transfor-
mation. In today’s business climate, with industries being disrupted at every turn, companies must be able to quickly change their products and
processes to take advantage of new market opportunities. As the study finds, improving digital maturity will be key to meeting the changing needs
of customers in an evolving marketplace.

In the age of the customer, empowered, demanding customers can exercise more choice than ever before in deciding which companies will earn
their business, and which will fall by the wayside. To keep up, firms must invent or reinvent their businesses with technology at the core, or watch
customers defect as their markets are disrupted. To move forward on digital transformation, firms must evaluate their current capabilities, and then
plot a path forward accordingly. Furthermore, firms must move soon to keep up with the fast pace of digital change. In the age of the customer,
firms must adapt or be swept aside.







32 May 2018

CIOs across the country are constantly evaluating on the opportunity of emerging technologies, business models, and economic
movements being fired at them - Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, the Subscription Economy, Autonomous
Everything, Digital Transformation and so on.

There were increasing number of security breaches across verticals in 2017. One company’s CEO, CIO, and chief information security
officer lost their job as a result of a breach that resulted from the company’s failure to patch a known vulnerability in key systems, forcing
it to spend millions of dollars cleaning up the mess. The fact is it is absolutely difficult for the companies to keep throwing money at this
problem. Some say that cyber security is their companies’ No. 1 IT challenge, and that it’s the issue that’s most personally worrisome to
them; their companies actually spent less money on cyber security in 2017 (as a percentage of their IT budgets) than they did in 2016; the
year 2018 sees a newer approach towards cyber security by getting smarter and more efficient about how they protect their valuable
data assets, especially the data they hold on customers and business partners.

Enterprises are seriously thinking to deploy new technologies such as Internet of Things devices, artificial intelligence, blockchain and
more if they are to remain competitive in the marketplace. These technologies introduce new risks that will further test enterprises’
capacity to effectively and securely leverage technology. But no CIO can ignore the considerable business opportunities those
technology-based advances present - lower costs; more efficient supply chains; more secure networks and data storage; more dynamic
and reliable products and more personalized customer service. In an IoT world - there are expected to be billions of IoT devices globally
by 2020 – traditional approaches to data management might not cut it to sustain value from your data.

It’s the hard fact that customers’ data could be more secure on their own premises, if they could manage it properly - suggestion is to go
for the Hybrid model. Today, a complete workspace must include mobile applications, and IT must adapt to securely deliver them, in
additional to virtual Windows desktop apps, SaaS and web apps, as well as file sync and sharing.

The Gartner 2018 CEO and Senior Business Executive

Survey of 460 CEO and senior business executives in the
fourth quarter of 2017 examined their business issues, as
well as some areas of technology agenda impact. In
total, 460 business leaders in organizations with more
than $50 million in annual revenue were qualified and

IT remains a high priority coming in at the third position.

Workforce has risen rapidly this year to become the
fourth-biggest priority, up from seventh in 2017. The
number of CEOs mentioning workforce in their top three
priorities rose from 16 percent to 28 percent. When
asked about the most significant internal constraints to
growth, employee and talent issues were at the top.
CEOs said a lack of talent and workforce capability is the
biggest inhibitor of digital business progress.

Digital business matters to CEOs; this positive attitude

toward digital business is backed up by CEOs' continuing
intent to invest in IT. Sixty-one percent of respondents intend to increase spending on IT in 2018, while 32 percent plan to make no changes
to spending and only seven percent foresee spending cuts. More CEOs see their companies as innovation pioneers.

The most important is there’s so much data available today that the ability to understand your customer and connect with your customer
in a fundamentally different way is now possible. The question is now what do you do with that? But the potential to shift business models
and move into adjacent spaces is really unparalleled.

To summarize, many company like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Alibaba, IBM, Salesforce, oracle, SAP and Indian companies into Data
center business SIFY, Netmagic, CtrlS, ESDS and BSNL is coming out with their various cloud offerings for flexibility, and that creates massive
opportunities for their growth. Cloud computing finally gives CIOs the framework for that escape, as it offloads much of the
maintenance/support heavy lifting to service providers that are better equipped to manage those tech workloads, freeing IT organizations
to focus on creating digital innovations that truly deliver a competitive advantage.


The challenge now for CIOs who have embraced cloud services is to move at least select employees out of their routines and comfort
zones by setting up structured, ongoing processes for hatching, vetting, prototyping, and testing new ideas being offered by the
vendors providing cloud/loud services. May 2018 33



“Our investment plans will be based on “We will be focusing on basic AI, AR utility, “The new age technologies like AI, ML etc. are
customer requirements as most of our projects blockchain technology usage in ocean logistic becoming more relevant and new skill addition
are customer driven and specific to the custom- domain, enhancing Mobile Apps usage and will continue to be the biggest task for a few
er. Also I believe our IT landscape is strong cyber security enhancement. We already have more years. With the plethora of new age
enough to continue with our existing significant usage of Mobile Apps and have a technology options available, CIOs are much
customers.” plan to extend its usage in all functional better poised to do so and they should take this
areas.” opportunity ahead.”

Adoni Gururaja Rao Anjan Deb Ashok Cherian

Director - IT Services, GM-IT (CIO) Chief Information Officer
Telenox Technologies The Great Eastern Shipping Co Emami Agrotech

“The role of the CIO centres on motivating and “The biggest challenge still continues in “During current FY 2017-18, our focus was
developing agile teams which can partner with evangelizing the changes, educating the mainly on compliance and operational
business to provide effective solutions. I ensure workforce and adoption of these technologies efficiency. To this extent, we spent our time,
that my teams are constantly learning, reskill- which can benefit the stakeholders. The depth energy and budget towards creating a virtual
ing, and training to take on new challenges. of the changes happening in the technology data room, integrating our SCADA systems
The leader needs to assess the technologies field is too vast for any one individual to with IoT, carrying out feasibility study and
and design an architecture that can manage master in a lifetime and develop systems.” then implementing a robust cloud-based
complexity and the agility of the business.” compliance tool to cater for our business risk.”

Chandrasekar R Chandra Mouli Col. K K Chaudhary

Chief Technology Operation & Infrastructure CIO & CTO Executive Director-IT & IS
Officer (CTOIO) Sankara Nethralaya Lanco Group

“Allocating 50% or more budget to technology “As a technology enabler we are placing our “In the age of intensifying nationalism which
will not solve the problems we face in IT bets on four key aspects namely digital engineer- can sometimes depress the competition, or
Security. I think by employing skilled people, ing, smart manufacturing, pervasive technolo- dampen the growth, we aim to work to counter
we can save on the IT budget a lot and can do gies and perceptual engineering. Through these these roadblocks by promoting partnerships,
the same amount of work with only 50% of the technology pillars, L&T Technology Services encouraging innovations and leveraging
total IT Budget. The IT policies have to be such will be relevant today, tomorrow and the day service models with the concerned customers,
that when any new changes are necessitated, after and become the global leader in engineer- governments and institutions.”
they can be quickly adopted in our system.” ing services in the years to come.”

Deepak Kalambkar Dr Keshab Panda Faiz Alam Shaikh

IT Head CEO & MD Director, Network Operations and
Marvel Datatech L&T Technology Services Technology, Mastercard

34 May 2018


“Skill augmentation, staff performance “While there will be new technologies taking “We are working towards consolidation,
management, training and e-learning etc. are shape based on the Fintech’s pushing large standardization, and digitization and adopting
essential components on the path to success in institutions to look at new ways to reach out to business intelligence as the next step. Besides
the face of new challenges due to demands of clients and inducing a millennial thinking into using several traditional ways of advertising,
the complexities of the requirements. Banking the technology deployments, it is how well the we have got a strong e-commerce website that
is going to be a platform for all other players to technology solutions and applications are facilitates the modern, digital group of
step in and do their business with the clients, deployed to be able to attract more clients and consumers to easily grab the products and
not bothering to do the banking themselves.” utility for the Business groups is the priority.” services that attract them.”

Gagan Bihari Satapathy KRC Murty Manish Gaur

Asst. Vice President(IT) VP & Group CIO Function Head of IT
Bank of India Safety and Soundness, Deutsche Bank AG Patanjali

“SCM has become very challenging and “My recent focus has been towards strengthen- “Companies need to be able to respond quickly
complex due new business requirements and ing IT controls and systems on the cyber and flexibly to market developments. We had
new avenues and demands. Architecture security posture of our organization. As cyber collaboration with vendors to develop the Cloud
change to cater to future dynamics, SCM security has become a clear concern at the Integration Center. We are planning to invest on
enhancements, collaboration platforms, API highest levels, we are currently evaluating SAP Upgradation, IoT, Business analytics tools,
development, new age Interfaces, Analytics systems which help us to measure and quantify Robotics, Customer Portal, Social Analytics
and its proper business impact are some of the the cyber security posture of our organization tools in Digital transformation project and
plans for this year.” against our organization-wide KPIs.” upgrade the current security landscape.”

Meheriar Patel Naveen Gulati Paresh Goswami

Group Chief Information Officer Corporate VP & Group CIO IT Head
Jeena & Company Fourth Dimension Solutions Ltd. Chiripal Group

“With new responsibilities for incorporating “Technology is fast changing and hence to “It is important for C level leaders to bring in
digital change into strategy, some CIOs are adopt the latest technology more budget needs the specialist skills and deliver on the new
being recast as 'Chief Digital Officers' to be allocated. Unlike Research & Develop- technologies to the enterprise. It is incumbent
(CDOs). For me digital transformation is to ment nowadays Organization are forming a upon especially CIOs to keep the enterprise
help and make customer experience better, separate cell 'Technology/Innovation' for competition ready. Some of the priorities going
online world have enabled organizations to which separate resources/budgets are allocat- forward are to drive more online and digitali-
achieve better, cheaper and faster if we are ed. This is very much essential to adopt the new zation and keep the organization nimble and
working with online platforms today.” technology in a short of span of time.” ready.”

Rahil Sayed Rajeev Khade Rajesh Batra

Director-IT Asia plant IT Infrastructure VP-IT
Techyard Technologies Adient Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital May 2018 35



“We are investing into IoT products, and “A micro segment is defined as that exact part “Choosing the right resource with critical
trying to implement technology in most of our of the general buying category that triggers the people skills will always be the key enabler to
products today; so our focus remains on purchasing decision—not the category itself. success. With this fast paced technology
technology and how do we use it to help Going forward, organizations will need to enabling disruption, skills and knowledge
Havells achieve its vision. That is my motto know their micro segments. To put it another required over the next decade will hardly have
and that is what I do. As a matter of fact, way, adopt a B2C (business to consumer) resemblance to the skills and knowledge we
technology is playing an integral part in mindset even if operation is predominantly have today; so all of us need to learn, unlearn
helping Havells.” B2B (business to business).” and relearn to stay relevant.”

Sachin Gupta Sandip Pradhan Sanjay Mahajan

Sr. Vice President & CIO Chief - IT CIO
Havells Exide Satin Creditcare

“We have recently deployed a blockchain “IOT, mobility, automation, cloud, AR /VR are “It is true that it is the CIO’s responsibility to
platform. We are working on deploying chat some of the technologies being evaluated for setup the IT landscape where you can integrate
bots on our platforms. Also, we are working on adaption or are being adapted. Like any other the best of the breed applications. It is very clear
Robotics Process Automation and would be organization, we are also seriously consider- that there is no single application which can
deploying it soon in our environment. Continu- ing these for adoption. IT should play a role in meet all Business need at the same time. In my
ous work is also going on in improving security evangelizing these technologies within the case we have integrated applications like Bar
levels for our applications and IT infrastruc- organization, create use cases and educate code, Customer service, sales CRM, HR portal,
ture.” business users.” Forecasting and replenishment and few more.”

Sunil Kumar Vilas Pujari Virendra Bansal

Mynd Solutions ACG Worldwide SAR Group

“Banks and Financial sector players are “Most evolved organizations have taken the "We have already embarked on a journey
traditionally cautious and many in India are route of Hybrid IT where the key services like towards providing enhanced customer experi-
critically vendor dependent. For example, the the governance, compliance and strategy are ence to drive business growth. We are developing
adaptation of cloud, simply a matter of time, kept in-house whereas development, testing a new customer management system at dealer
could unrecognizably alter the procurement, and support are outsourced to partners. The end to improve life cycle value to customers. The
provision and use of hardware. Datacenters of benefit that this model provides is that they get objective is to improve the customer experience
racks of servers will be rendered redundant access to latest/emerging skills on demand and to drive business value and maximize the custom-
with Capex turning into Opex.” get service level agreements as an addition.” er acquisition, satisfaction and retention.”

Mrutyunjay Mahapatra Puneesh Lamba Rajesh Uppal

DMD & CIO Group CIO Executive officer (IT) & CIO
SBI CK Birla Group Maruti Suzuki India

36 May 2018


“The priorities for us includes cloud adoption, “Present technological trends are just like a “We at Wockhardt have been using HMIS quite
thereby reducing on-premise DC foot-print star filled night sky, you just cannot count the extensively for over dozen years. Hence, to
and reducing Cost by deploying right-sized number of stars that makes this world shine. capitalize on the data we already have, we
and right-fit solutions as per business needs. Most importantly, to be future ready it is have started quite a few initiatives in the space
We have taken various decisions to move our important to hire people with an analytical and of Big Data Analytics paired with AI
core services & platforms and different type of creative bent of mind with traits of self-sustain- techniques and BI applications. Currently we
workloads to Cloud across geographies and ability that highly self-motivated people to are looking into the clinical data to use AI/BI
will continue to work on this.” generate interest.” techniques.”

R P Rath Subroto Panda Sumit Singh

Quatrro Global Services Anand & Anand Wockhardt Hospitals

“I consider IoT as one of the best bets. Its helps “No department in any organization has under- “The important activity as for new business is
in increasing productivity, improves quality by gone such profound change as IT. With IT concerned is to give customer option. This will
controlling process parameters and works to operations largely automated, CIOs today no enable to get more value add to the customer
enhance compliance in environment, health longer need to monitor and manage campus so that customers can offload their activities to
and safety. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual infrastructure at a granular level, which also us. Technology which will increase the quality
reality are two other technologies that will be means that the technology leaders have now of the product produced increases the perfor-
widely adopted to reap the right business more time to focus on the concepts that really mance of the machine or process, which in turn
benefits.” matter - agility, innovation and business value.” will increase customer satisfaction.”

T.G. Dhandapani Umesh Mehta V Ranganathan Iyer

Advisor Global CIO CIO
Sundaram Clayton Limited JLS Ltd. & President, CIO Klub JBM Group

“The change in technology and customer "Lean IT is what we focus on; we have seamless “As business models are getting disrupt-
demands is also leading to change in business infrastructure around all our global offices. ed/transformed with digital technologies, the
models. You cannot be the same old person you Isolated processes have no spaces in large CIO is expected to have good understanding of
used to be ten years back, running your IT or organizations; with collaboration tools like emerging technologies and their use cases for
business in an obsolete way. It necessitates Office 365 and others, information exchange is business transformation. We are currently
organizations to change their business models very easy to implement. We use Office 365 for working on many initiatives to enhance custom-
and IT has to ensure that it aligns itself to those our information collaboration, using tools like er centricity, digital initiatives to expand reach
business models.” Skype for Business, Sharepoint etc." of business and create new revenue streams.”

Vijay Sethi Vikas Arora Vipin Kumar

CIO VP Global Security & IT Group CIO
Hero MotoCorp Toluna Escorts May 2018 37


Tally believes GST

to have brought
more focus towards
digitization across
Arvind Kumar
Chief of Engineering
Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd.

In a chat with VARINDIA, Arvind Kumar, Chief of Engineering - Tally

Solutions Pvt Ltd. discusses on its progress in the present economic
reform, its evolvement to the cloud infrastructure, its R&D focus etc.
He also expresses his views on the GST and further talks about the
challenges it faces in making complex technologies user friendly -

How is Tally technologically The simple design and ease of use is what makes licensed Tally software users?
our products loved by our 1.5 million+ customers.
evolving with the recent We believe that piracy for any product or
However, designing for simplicity does come
economic reform? with its set of challenges. Our biggest challenge
software exists for two reasons. The first one
is the issue of reach, and the second is because
The reforms that the country has seen isdiversity. We work with the SMEs, who have
the user is unaware of the value proposition
in the last 1 year has brought in more focus the largest diversity in profile. So the question
that the software offers. At Tally, we will never
towards digitization across different industries, that continues to drive our development is how
curb piracy. We feel that users are pirating not
in both the private as well as the government we cater to this segment with one product,while
because they want to, but because of one of the
sector. At Tally, we have addressed the needs at the same time delivering an experience in a
reasons listed above. Instead we are focusing on
and expectations of the SMEs with every way that every user feels that the product was
becoming accessible to our potential customers
new software release, corresponding with made for him/her, and doesn’t force them to
and increasing the levels of engagement with
the changes in the GST system both from an change their way of running their business.
them. Similarly,by providing updated features
invoicing perspective as well as filing. Our latest Fundamentally, the desire is to adapt rather than
in our software, we are bridging the issue of
Release 6.4 makes it extremely easy for users to enforce and this guides us at R&D.
awareness. We currently have 1.5million licensed
be up-to-date with the most recent inclusions
in the GST returns cycle, including e-way bill
How important R&D is for Tally? Tally software users.
compliance. How big is your R&D team? How are you finding India
Going forward, we are working extensively Tally’s R&D plays a huge role as it is not market after introduction
to offer connected solutions, keeping in mind only the backbone of the company but also
some salient features like security, reliability,
of GST last year?
responsible for timely product development.
high performance and scalability. Being The last 1 year was the tipping point, with the Post the introduction of GST, the India
predominantly a technology and innovation department closely monitoring any changes market will be more and more regulated in times
company, this is a very exciting time for us, as proposed by the government and swiftly to come. Due to the structure of the GST cycle,
we are evolving by addressing the needs of the incorporating those changes to the software, to adoption of technology has gained a lot of
various functions. Another area we are working ensure the user experience is not compromised. momentum. Many manual and semi-automated
towards is moving to the cloud. By leveraging We are now on a journey of growth and businesses have moved to a technologically
the latest technology, our services will be are ready to scale newer heights. The R&D sound solution to ensure that their day-to-day
available through cloud, where a user on premise function is working towards releasing a new user operations are not affected. While the initial
can connect to the cloud to carry out his/her interface which will solve various connectivity period was of uncertainty and chaos, if we take a
operations. requirements. Our role also requires us to step back and look at the new reform holistically,
reflect time and again on how we can address it was an iconic move by the government. We
Tally has always been a front are on our way towards a structured economy,
the multiple functionalities, by keeping the Tally
runner in delivering complex engineering principle intact.Currently, we have a which will keep tax evasion and corruption
technologies in simplified way. team of 180 people and we are looking to grow under check.
What are the challenges that this by adding a 100 more resources in the next The emergence of this digital era has also
1 year. given us an opportunity to expand our foray
you face while making complex
into innovation and we will be introducing
technologies user friendly? How is Tally working to curb our latest release this year which will be
Simplicity lies and will remain at the core piracy of accounting software? revolutionary for the SME industry as a one-
of Tally’s philosophy; it is one of the guiding What is the total number of stop business solution.
principles for development of all our products.

38 May 2018


Offering niche technology and solutions

is where Orva Network’s focus lies
Orva Networks believes initiatives like smart city and digitization would bring a vast array of
opportunities for the industry. Being in the integrated connectivity solution space, Neeraj Kumar, COO –
Orva Networks tells VARINDIA of where he feels the next opportunities lie for the company -

Can you share a few details about

your organisation and what are the
efforts you are into the business of
ICT,which shows promising growth?
ORVA literally means ‘chain of interconnected persons’. Orva
Networks Pvt. Ltd. is a Network Integration Organization, providing
solutions on Connectivity viz. LAN, WAN, Wireless, Audio -Video
and Network Security. We have been assisting our clients in getting
their IT infrastructure in line with the latest technology.
Our team of technology experts, system architects and
project managers leverage their many years of experience to help
organizations take control of the ever increasing pace of change
and turn it into a competitive advantage. We do technology advisory
in areas of Planning & Project Management; Business & Process
Optimization; Marketing & Business Development; Integration and
Facility Management.
The internet has become an integral part of every individual’s life
and almost every organizations use Information and Communication
Technologies to efficiently manage their operations.
We understand a client’s requirement from technical scalability
and the perspective of cost and then design &execute an appropriate
solution, meeting both cost and scalability. Our strength is our
technical capabilities and we design networks which is available
100% of the time. The Networks would also adjust to changing
traffic loads and maintain consistent response time.
With connectivity becoming Mobile, Wireless, Video and
Network Security are the key areas in the IT Infrastructure. Neeraj Kumar
What strategic plans do you have in 2018 COO
Orva Networks
to build on your Channel eco-system?
Partnering with the niche technology provider to address specific
business requirements and gainingcompetitive advantage are the
strategic plans for us in 2018. I also plan to enable the technical
Our vision is to –
team to drive execution excellence and achieve client satisfaction.
• Design – our aim is to design technology that is optimum and
What are the big opportunity you see in the unique
country today for your organisation in the • Create – we create Technology Solutions that suits a specific
wake of a slew of growth initiatives like
• Support – Support is a key to continuous successful operations
digital India and Smart city initiatives? • Enhance – we keep up to date with Technology changes to
Digitization is a big leap for India; the Govt.’s approach to enhance solutions
digitize financial institutions, education, irrigation etc gives a huge
boost to an organization like ours. IoT being the buzzword today,
everything can be interconnected and information can be available We at Orva keep ourselves updated on the current technology and
on the go. Smart cities would need huge IT infrastructure. With our engineers are trained and certified on the technology solutions
our experience in integrating connectivity solutions, we see good we offer. We strive to be available to the client at his needed hour
business opportunity to scale and grow. and work towards resolving his network issues on time, and ensure
How do you see the growth in small, mid-level his productivity is not compromised.
businesses and start-ups in India today? What In a competitive IT market today, how is
is Orva’s focus in each of these segments? Orva trying to innovate,incentivize as an
Opportunities for technically qualified companies are always established player with a difference?
available. It is important to be in line with the current technology and Niche solution offering is the key of our product strategy. We are
be aware and prepared for the futuristic technologies. The current having global office in Singapore and US, and have access to certain
market does not discriminate between a large and small company, as technologies not available in India.This enables us to confidently
long as the client’s requirements are met. Clients would be happy to position solutions that are more robust and cost effective at times.
align with small companies, given the advantage of cost (due to low This knowledge and access help us in getting noticed.
overheads), support (easy Accessibility) and timely action. May 2018 39


Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are increasingly playing an important role in
transforming organizations, not just in marketing functions but also in corporate
affairs. The importance of a CMO in an organization can be evidenced from the
fact that even the top heads of organizations take feedback from them about
the Industry. CMOs are thus seen as the enablers of business. They drive
successful marketing strategies and are responsible for designing various partner
programs targeting VARs and partners that proves to be an asset for the growth
of the channel eco-system.

They are considered as the role model and are the critical contributors to the
broadening mission of marketers. The role of their marketing programmes and
also their innovative approach in the organization with the changing times bring about resounding success.

However, in order to draw a better balance between brand vision and operational goals, it is becoming imperative that
CMOS work closely with CIOs. It is evident that in the years ahead, an accelerating pace of change will continue to
transform the role of CMOs and their relationship with corporates as a whole.

As a special feature, VARINDIA runs through the list of the top CMOs of the country and honours them by deliberating on
how they are the most important asset of not only the company but of the entire industry -

40 May 2018



NVIDIA’s marketing strategy is to Data Management – the core

understand customer needs and expertise of NetApp
Parag Amalnerkar
align it with its value proposition Director Marketing - NetApp India, South Asia & ANZ
Vishal Dhupar “Marketing is the headlight of an organization. So, the onus is on
Managing Director, South Asia, NVIDIA Graphics marketing to anticipate how the market behaviour is likely to change in
“NVIDIA believes in delivering value to its customers through PC, the near and long term future and plough that back in the organisations
mobile and cloud architectures. A key thinking, so that our innovations and our
element of marketing is to understand the ability to address the market needs are
end customer’s profile and needs in order tailored to retain the advantage we have
to ensure how the brand’s value proposition over others.
meets these needs. Customer engagement In the current technology market, while
while meeting the needs of the prospects there are several players who are addressing
is an essential part of the marketing the same geography and segments as us, we
strategy, which in turn ties in together remain the only player to have identified
with the company’s overall business data management as our core expertise.
objective. In today’s fast moving digital We primarily focus on this core area of our
world, new opportunities have opened up expertise while letting the ecosystem take
for marketers, especially around engaging care of other requirements. With data at the
prospects and customers in content based core of everything we do, our positioning
communities, expanding outreach via is quite distinct and focussed unlike any
social media virality and focussed portals, other player in the market whose portfolio
bloggers and influencers. All of these are offerings and focus scale a larger spectrum.
part of NVIDIA’s marketing strategy, built We have offerings which are tailor-
on top of the strong product and platform offerings we provide. made for various different segments. Therefore our measuring would vary
Our business has evolved from focusing primarily on gaming products by segments. The positioning doesn't change but the value proposition
to broader markets, and from chips to platforms and complete systems, and the targeting is distinct. Because the buying behaviour of each of this
thereby expanding our avenues in the market. We leverage our partner segment is different, our marketing plans therefore are devised accordingly.
network to integrate product features, performance, price and timing of The year has seen some dramatic shifts as digital transformation has
new products for our platforms. become a key criteria in all industries from BFSI to healthcare, from large
We believe that the depth and quality of our design support are keys to enterprises to start-ups. At the BFSI front, banks are digitally transforming
improving our partner network’s time-to-market, maintaining a high level and we are helping our customers in their transformation journey, given
of customer satisfaction and fostering relationships." our expertise.”

Fitbit successfully establishing the Innovation, Product portfolio and Experience

brand as India’s popular culture – the three things that define Prysm
Alok Shankar GB Kumar
Country General Manager, Fitbit India VP, APAC, Prysm Inc.
“India is a key market for us in the region and has been successful “There are numerous companies that provide basic collaboration
as we have continued to see great response for Fitbit products ever capabilities but Prysm offers a unique and innovative environment,
since our launch in 2015. We would be completing three years in India enabling its users to access various content and data at the same time; while
in August 2018. The category is poised many traditional systems allow its users to
to grow and with the introduction of only bring up one piece of content for
our smart watches, we are buoyant about review at a time, when in a group setting. It
potential of this market. Currently, combines live applications, content, video
Fitbit has one of the most robust sales conferencing, live sources and the web into
and distribution network across online a touch-interactive visual workspace where
and offline channels in the category - teams can simultaneously create, edit, share
we are present across online partners and store content to maximize productivity,
– Amazon India and Flipkart, the regardless of device or geographical
biggest e-commerce players in India, location. Robust, yet easy to use due to
and amongst offline stores of Reliance its intuitive user interface, Prysm Digital
Digital, Croma, Helios and other major Workplace makes business teams more
retailers. We are available across 1000+ efficient from the first meeting.
stores in 100 cities, while customers The differentiating factor for us as
from over 500 Indian cities have bought compared to our competition is three fold -
Fitbits. 1) Constant Innovation, 2)
Extensive Product Portfolio 3) Experience.
We are extremely happy with our journey in India and are pleased We provide a standardized experience across form factors. We offer a
to have driven the growing trend towards personal fitness and health platform that allows the users to do all of this, from video conferencing,
in India. With some of the country’s leading celebrities and sporting applications, live sources to content sharing on the same platform. The
icons/teams wearing Fitbit, it has helped in successfully establishing most important feature of our solution is that. Our solution allows
the brand as part of the popular culture in India. We are excited with everybody to simultaneously add, edit, move and annotate the content
the reaction to our first smart watch – Fitbit Ionic and the queries without passing out controls to each other. For us it is important to
around the new Fitbit Versa, post launch.” focus on ‘global collaboration’, enabling enterprise workers to work
across boundaries and borders and to experience the same collaboration
experience across devices, time and places.”

42 May 2018

Tech companies need to sync with Digital and marketing analytics helps
the evolving customer demands Netmagic (An NTT Communications
Sunil Kumar Mohapatra
Director, South Asia Region - Adobe Company) to grow
“At Adobe we believe, understanding customer needs and aligning Prasenjit Roy
solutions to address people’s need is a key aspect in making brands digital SVP & CMO, Netmagic (An NTT Communications Company)
ready. Today’s tech companies are under constant pressure to innovate “With technology becoming so pervasive and customers becoming
to appeal to an increasingly complicated more globally connected, marketers today
audience; the tech capabilities needed to wear multiple hats - supporting employee
meet these constantly evolving needs are engagement, advocating for the customer
themselves constantly evolving — and the experience and driving the growth.
tech companies that succeed are the ones I place significant emphasis on the
that evolve in sync. Smart utilization of importance of digital and marketing
technology to leverage human connect is analytics that will help us to shape, execute
the correct approach to innovation. Also and support the growth agenda while
customization of solutions to suit every delivering on our customer promise.
customer’s demands and needs is going Our digital marketing strategy drives a
to gain prominence. As digital becomes successful lead-generation tactic that is
increasingly available, customer counts targeted to meet several criteria. Our
will only continue to rise and meeting their actionable leads are primarily generated
demand is key to a successful future. through search engine marketing (SEM),
Adobe products have infiltrated Social media advertising, email marketing,
nearly all aspects of business and daily direct email, events or trade shows, and so
life. Companies are investing in digital on. Few of the key ones are – Generating
technology in order to better position their brands in the marketplace. and tracking a large numbers of qualified leads for the company; Reaching
Market leaders are increasingly focused on the people, processes, and a specific audience of our target customers;
Measuring the costs and ROI.

tools required to integrate technology across their enterprises, resulting We have been growing at a CAGR of over 35% for the last 4-5 years.
in a digital maturity effect that impacts everything from differentiation to With further expansion of our data center footprint and addition of
conversion rates. Digital transformation has made its way to every aspect international data network services to our service portfolio, we also aim
of our lives, especially work environment. Digital transactions, usage of to meet the growing market needs for mobility, e-commerce, Internet of
cloud computing to ensure seamless work experience are all examples of Things (IoT), cloud, and big data. We plan to add 150 professionals to our
how technology is helping create a more conducive and efficient work existing team of 1,270 employees to support expansion.”

Digital Marketing Communication – a Data is at the core of every

priority for Inspira to strengthen its brand innovation taking place in Dell
Manoj Kanodia Srihari Palangala
CEO - Inspira Enterprise India Director and Head of Marketing - DellEMC India
“At Inspira, we have now decided to strengthen our digital marketing “The role of marketing professionals has experienced significant change
communication for the coming year with clear focus on brand over the last couple of years due to the consumerization of technology.
positioning along with our COE’s (Center of Excellence). Marketing Large volumes of data is being created, distributed and tracked; also there
strategies like content marketing, social has been the rise of digital media which
media, search engine marketing & search brings in a new dimension to consumer
engine optimization play crucial role for outreach.
successfully building the brand Inspira. Our ongoing transformation revolves
Overall, apart from organizing events around three avenues – Messaging, How
with OEM Partners, Inspira focuses we deliver our message and Driving the
on digital marketing. The key objective impact on business.
is to promote brand, build preference, Some of the best practices that we
engage with customers and increase sales have adopted to achieve current goals
through various strategic digital marketing include: -
initiatives. • Driving Engagement: As
Our marketing strategies are now marketers, our marketing channels
getting much focused, as we have now and tactics focus on participation and
started working towards the future of driving those two-way conversations with
marketing concept i.e. B2ME. All our prospects.
marketing communications are getting • Bring customer voices into
personalized to an extent that would conversations: It is important to make
positively impact the decision maker of any organization. the messages “REAL” for our prospects. We pride ourselves in offering
We are more focused in our approach now and have designed GTM the 'Best of Breed' products and solutions and always make technology
strategies basis on the target industries. Inspira Enterprise marketing conversations real by actively bringing customer references and cases
communications are now completely focused on Account based marketing, forward to strengthen our position.
which will be replicated on all our social media platforms. • Co-Marketing initiatives: Selecting the right choice of partners
At Inspira we always believe in futuristic innovative and disruptive is always on the top of our list. We open up conversation avenues, show
technologies that will make difference to our clientele overall business broader solution potential and drive that impact of technology on the
positively. We will be catering to all verticals – Government/ PSU, business when we partner with other technology providers.”
Defence, BFSI, Healthcare, Enterprise and Smart Cities.” May 2018 43


For Suse, market trends and technology Dahua aims to contribute towards
remain as key factors for its success the safety and security of India
Deepti Sharma Balasubramanian Jayam
Head of Marketing - SUSE Head of Marketing - Dahua Technology,
“The role of a CMO is very broad now a days. As a CMO, I am India & SAARC Region
presently leading the Marketing function at SUSE across four countries, “We have spearheaded various initiatives across the countries. This
including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. I have successfully includes our ‘Safe City’ campaign in association with our National
driven marketing operations, marketing Distributors Aditya Infotech in our
ROI, budget management, strategies Channel Partners’ Offices across 22
across multiple channels, branding, lead cities in India which was a great success;
generation, digital presence and other launching many important security
customer/prospect outreach programs. solutions;introducing latest technologies;
I have overseen the expansion of the participating in major exhibitions;
company’s business through strategic organizing roadshows; regularly
alliances and partnerships with leading interacting with all our stakeholders;
global brands. training; educating and familiarizing with
At SUSE, we believe in the power of the many helped us to gain more visibility and
digital world and have orchestrated a broad respectability which are important to win
strategy to maximize our presence on the customer’s ‘trust and confidence. Being a
digital platform. We are also reaching our global player, we understand the Indian
prospective customers through various new market and meet customers’ needs ahead
age marketing tools apart from the direct of others. All these significant initiatives
sales approach. We always work towards empowered and enabled our dynamic
evolving customer needs. Keeping an eye management and dedicated team to take
on the market trends and technology have been two key factors to achieve Dahua to the current leading position.
success for the organization. Conceptualizing new and diverse marketing Our best practices adopted to achieve current goals include our total
innovation has worked as a mantra for us to make our customers satisfied. commitment to innovation, quality, international standards, outstanding
We at SUSE, work closely with our client's management, stakeholders and customer service, prompt delivery, building excellent relationship with all
customers to analyse and condense gathered intelligence into descriptive our stakeholders and coordinated approach by our dedicated team across
messages that embody the company and brand's meaning. all departments.
In India, SUSE is growing by double digits, and with open source being Our road map for the next twelve months is to contribute consistently
at the heart of the Indian government’s IT Policy, SUSE is expanding at and immensely toward increasing the safety and security of India and
a significant rate." grow in its security landscape."

SonicWall eyes the enterprise A unique brand positioning helping D-Link

market after making a successful retain its market share across products
Anoop Jarial
inroad into the SMB space VP Product Marketing, D-Link (India) Limited
Vaishali B Shivshankar “In my opinion the role of marketing in any organization is more
Head Marketing & Communication aligned towards business growth. While marketers continue to reach out
- India & SAARC, SonicWall to their market place through traditional medium, it is imperative to also
“SonicWall has transformedsignificantly adapt to newer trends which encompasses
in regards to our overall solution capability, use of digital platforms which has almost
client base and routes to market. We have become ‘voice of the customers’ these
moved swiftly to increase our presence days. Technology and more specifically
in the Enterprise segment, and have had internet is a change agent, with customers
a very solid success rate. A few of our thoroughly researching on the products
Enterprise clientele who are key reference beforehand and then deciding which one
customers in India areNDTV, Wonder to buy.
Cement and Super Cassette Industries At D-Link it is our unique positing and
Limited (T-Series). brand reliability that has helped D-Link
SonicWall is a 100% channel driven retain market share across different product
organization and our channel partners segments. We continue to be undisputed
play a very prominent role in reaching leaders in Wireless and Switching. D-Link
and influencing the market. We maintain is certain to carry forward the success in
a global approach for messaging and future. The present government focus on
branding, and a regional GTMstrategy driving the country's economy and digital
that is being implemented and followed, infrastructure has broadened the horizon
allowing for local market variances and requirements. for brands like ours, and we look forward to being a part of the nation
SonicWall solutions are applicable across all verticals. We have building process in this digital era.
clients that fit all the major verticals, but we have gained a lot of traction D-Link helps both businesses and customers Connect to More. Our
across Asia Pacific in Education, Retail & Hospitality, Financial Services, enterprise solution enables organizations to connect to their customers.
Healthcare and the Public Sector. We will continue to work to solve We have a gamut of innovative products that address the growing demand
problems and provide solutions across these verticals and increase our of end-customers. So be it high speed portable 4G devices, Whole
set of global reference customers and case studies that help support this. Home Wi-Fi Solution like COVR or Smart home solution based on IoT
We continue to grow YoY, and are market leaders in the SMB sector technology like Smart Plug, Motion sensor, the Mini HD Camera etc .
and making very strong inroads into theEnterprise market.” D-Link has it all.

44 May 2018


Check Point to continue its focus Marketing to be a keystone for Brightstar in

on new technologies to combat 2018 to bind business growth with equity
Sameer Misra
fifth-generation attacks General Manager - Marketing & Corporate
Prateek Grover Communication– Brightstar India
Marketing Manager - Check Point Software Technologies In 2017 Beetel Tele Tech became Brightstar Telecommunications
“Marketing needs to be relevant and add value as we are all emotional India Ltd and a new era began for us. One key challenge was to reconcile
beings looking for context and connection. local businesses with global standards and
In today's world where fifth generation cross-segment brand consistency. The
cyber-attacks are lurking at every corner, challenge in front of us was not to lose
many enterprises still harbour the mindset the goodwill built in years but at the same
of denial such as 'It won't affect us' and is time start creating a brand equity in the
playing into the hands of cyber criminals. market for Brightstar India. By far we have
The fifth generation cyber-attacks which seen success with the support that we got
are played as large-scale, multi-vector mega from industry be it new OEMs joining
attacks that inflict major damage on any hands with us or the publications covering
business and its reputation. our story across channels. What’s critical
We work closely with the sales team, for a company is how is one defining the
creating lead generation and awareness growth. It was an inflection point for us
campaigns towards achieving sales as we decided to adopt the new strategy
objectives. Channel marketing gives us from being a traditional distribution and
insights into a partner eco-system and manufacturing company to a product and
help us create strategic programs from service providing entity. In 2017 the task
enablement, certifications and joint was unique, numbers were important but
marketing. it was also important to expand laterally by extending into new business
Check Point’s marketing is a data-driven function where we leverage lines. All our marketing efforts were focussed on staying relevant with the
on data from CRM and marketing automation platform, together with web audiences at all points in time. As marketing function our focus is to play a
analytics and historical data to build our marketing strategy. Regardless critical role in developing data-management tools and processes that help
of the size of a company, marketing needs to be viewed as a business business verticals to maintain a consistent brand image and to support
critical function and one that collaborates closely with sales in order for an it despite growing complexity. New business opportunities were created
organization to be successful and eventually thrive. by entering in to Security & Surveillance, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure,
We continue to focus on our new technologies and drive the message Firewalls, Cloud platforms (Contact Centre, Video Conferencing, Security
on fifth-generation cyber-attacks through all marketing channels." – as a Service) Device protection, Buy Back & Trade In etc. So, 2018 is
going to be quiet action packed for us here in Brightstar India.

Marketing for LG starts from its Marketing for Tally plays a key role
products and its consumers in creating the brand’s relevancy
Amit Gujral Jyothsna Pai
Head – Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics India Global Head, Marketing, Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd
“The core concept of LG marketing is “Outside- In”, meaning the “For Tally, a brand is not just an advertising campaign but an experience
brand does not want to satisfy basis only what it thinks. The ‘Outside’ that we deliver to our customers. Tally is the country’s leading business
context here is consumers, who are there in the market, their needs software provider, adopted by 1.5 million businesses. We have partners
and demands, what do they perceive etc. and customers who have been with us
Marketing for LG is just not marketing since the company’s early years.
communication; it starts from the product. Transitioning to the GST regime was
The whole phenomenon revolves around a tough period for SMEs. Tally’s key role
the consumers primarily. as a brand was in engaging with SMEs
LG has a very innovative product through over 7000 GST camps across the
strategy in place. Products are built country and educating them to understand
through its core DNA - ‘Learning From GST and stay prepared to change. We also
You’ i.e.It continuously and consciously provided free webinars and engaged on
reaches out to customers to know what social media and through blogs for a larger
they want from the products. It also tries outreach.
to understand the Environmental changes Marketing plays a key role to position a
happening over time and how not just brand and create relevancy in a customer’s
people but even Governments are aligning life. And a powerful brand is made more
for Health conscious and Environment successful by its loyal users by becoming
friendly products and practices. its advocates. We are happy that Tally
Talking about R&D at LG, there are enjoys this status and are grateful for trust
two approaches. One is the pure research and development for new bestowed by millions of businesses globally. A successfully marketed
innovations and products based on consumer studies with utmost Quality brand also ensures that it constantly innovates not only on product and
Control and the second is the production R&D. experience front, but also in the way it uses its channel mix and messaging
LG Electronics India has launched an emotional yet inspirational to remain preferred in a changing environment.
campaign themed #CelebratingTheNew. The launch of the video Innovation is at the heart of our technology and has also been
coincides with LG’s 21st anniversary celebrations in India, where it is responsible for the impact our products and solutions have created.
further stepping up efforts to design and manufacture innovative products With our future roadmap of connected solutions, R&D is our core focus
and solutions that satisfy the specific requirements of Indian customers.” over the next few years. We have recently begun research operations as a
specialized function.” May 2018 45


ESDS markets itself on every platform 100% indirect channel model brings
to drive presence across horizons incremental business for RAH Infotech
Komal Somani Jagadish MN
Chief Marketing Officer, ESDS Software Solution Director Marketing Communications, RAH Infotech
“My belief is in the mantra of ‘Make good the enemy of great’. “From being a Value Added Distributor (VAD) sighted as
Pushing the envelope to think differently, innovating and creating are a competition by some of the channel partners to a completely
my benchmarks and I like to take things a notch higher by adding E2 - channel friendly VAD was a huge transformation for RAH Infotech.
effectiveness combined with efficiency. I But it also took a lot of planning and
always challenge the status quo as there are immaculate execution to achieve this.
no traffic jams when travelling that extra RAH Infotech’s shift to 100% indirect
mile. model was communicated to channels
Our first bull’s eye was Internal in the most effective manner which not
Marketing because we had 500+ brand only strengthened our relationship with
ambassadors to drive the goal on full channels but also resulted in incremental
speed. Our people marketed ESDS, rather business.
we would say VIRALIZED ESDS on
every platform. That’s one of the initiatives RAH Infotech not only is an extended
we undertook to drive our presence across marketing arm of its OEMs but also for
different horizons. My approach of getting its channel partners who don’t have a
all the eyeballs on us was by elevating our marketing setup of their own. We have
social media presence, giving the audience been working with our channels on some
what they want and kept feeding them with of the joint marketing campaigns to
all the knowledge and captivating content. achieve our goals.
Not just entertain them but also enlighten
and engage our people. We are strongly focusing on BFSI as a vertical and have been
FY-18 is definitely going to be a breakthrough phase for ESDS; we working on increasing our market share. We have lined up several
had achieved double digit (38%) growth in terms of our turnover and our campaigns targeting this vertical including organising /participating in
profit doubled as well. Our total traffic growth on our website through BFSI specific CXO meets.
various platforms is 39.69% and we have seen a remarkable Social Media
Traffic hike, almost 102.32%. We also enhanced our customer experience, FY17 was a good year for us and we hope for better results in
customer relationships and corporate partnerships. We have managed to FY18. We have consistently achieving double digit growth and in FY17
acquire 500+ clients across all verticals. Most of the important initiatives too, we achieved 34% growth.”
of Central government and PMO are hosted with us."

Forcepoint’s Human-centric products Fujitsu focuses on creating strategic

with right marketing strategy narrative for all market interactions
NS Santhosh
brings value to organizations Head of Marketing & Communications, Fujitsu
Vinny Sharma “Fujitsu is a customer centric marketing organization. We are in process
Marketing Manager - Forcepoint India of building Fujitsu brand and maintain consistency across all customer
“Forcepoint has completely changed the paradigm from threat-centric touch points. We are focused on developing a strategic narrative for all
security to understanding users, their market interaction and create customer
behaviours and intent. It is reinventing messages to align all our communications
cyber security by creating human centric and maximize market impact.
security solutions that enable customers We have been able to build customer
to understand the rhythm of their people credibility by listening and engaging
and flow of their data. This human-centric from a business perspective. We have
approach, backed by right marketing plan, commissioned many surveys like ‘fit for
accentuates our value proposition for the Digital’, ‘Managing Security in the Digital
companies. Era’ and many others to help our customer
In the face of changing threat to understand the digital journey since
landscape, organisations require unified Digital Transformation is a board level
security solutions that will protect against issue. Fujitsu’s reach and interaction with
threats from insiders and outsiders, rapidly prospects and customers has increased
detect breaches and minimize “dwell through digital channels and our marketing
time” – the period between compromise approach itself is going through digital
and remediation – and stop data theft. transformation as we are investing more
Forcepoint does that by providing a unified time in digital technologies and marketing
platform that focuses on insider threat protection, cloud data protection automation. Digital Co-creation: Fujitsu co-creates digitally with our
and network security. We simplify and strengthen security as part of a customers. This year we would like to have more Customer references as
holistic strategy that includes people, process and technology and is far we believe that we should aim for new customer when we have a satisfied
more compelling value proposition than a simple point solution. customer.
Verticals that are impacted by digital transformation such as IT/ ITeS, For India we are focusing on select verticals like Automotive,
Banking and Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare are manufacturing, Public sector and BFSI at the moment and our focus
some of the sectors that would need protection from emerging cyber- for the coming year is to improve Growth, reputation, efficiency and
attacks. Government is another focus area for us as they use technology be innovative. We have already planned in growing our digital marketing
to deliver services to citizens..” capability and Marketing Automation."

46 May 2018


ICT INDUSTRY 2018 2018


Disruption - A New Reality
Friday, 25th May 2018, New Delhi

Branding is an image, how customers think of a brand and one must identify with its uniqueness and
exceptional quality. Customers make irrational decisions all the time. In the world of technology, digitalisation has
created tremendous opportunities. Consumers are increasingly empowered by new technologies, rich information
resources and a wide choice of brands and are demanding digital innovation from businesses as a result, new products,
processes and techniques have emerged, but has also created threats, as new ways of employment pose new challenges
to employers and employees. It has a strong impact on enterprises, both in manufacturing and services industries and
is radically reshaping business landscapes and the nature of work, as well as redefining the boundaries of production,
distribution and consumption. May 2018 47

Channel partners driving business
growth for Kaspersky
In an exclusive interaction with
VARINDIA, Shrenik Bhayani- General
Manager, South Asia, Kaspersky Lab
discusses on the brand’s R&D investment,
growth, strategy and much more…..

W ith IoT gaining momentum and becoming a reality, a lot of

connected devices have become more prone to cyber attacks.
Commenting on the current trends in the Indian security landscape,
Shrenik says, “As per our 2018 analysis, the number of malware that
is detected every day is close to around 310k. 20 years back, this figure
corresponded to the number of malware detected in a year.”

This increase in attacks has led to the rise in the number of security
offerings from various companies, which is further leading to a stiff
competition among the vendors.When asked about how Kaspersky tries
to be at the cutting edge, Shrenik states, “I and my team’s position with the
customer is that we are a company that can be a part of your process; we
have offerings which will complement your environment. It doesn’t matter more than 3,800 professionals worldwide; the R&D department grew
if you have a Symantec endpoint solution or MacAfee endpoint solution. by 12% to about 1600 people.When asked about the plan to add R&D
We want to bring some value to the overall process that you have for your department in its newly launched office in Mumbai, he says, “We don’t
organisation in terms of ensuring that you are securing your company. So, have an R&D unit in our Mumbai office, but basis the country’s potential
this opens a lot of doors for us in terms of what we want to convey and and the way the business is shaping up for us we have a concept of what
If I would potentially go and talk to them and say that – ‘ok I am here to we call as a great team which is nothing but our resource, which is apart of
tell you that we are the best antivirus on endpoints’, and then customer the R&D. They participate in industry forums, industry seminars, talk to
will say – ‘it’s fine I already have something deployed government agencies, nodal agencies and can bring the
and I am happy with it, why should I change it?’ So, perspective on what is happening in the whole R&D
the messaging which I and my team take to the market, department and the value that we can bring to those
to the partners and customers, is how we can be a part agencies and so on so forth. So, our plan is to have
of your journey and you pick and choose where you someone in the team in Mumbai office in 2019. It is
think we are relevant to you and then we deliver it via under discussion and under review if business grows
our partners.” enough in 2018.”

Further commenting on the business’ growth he

R&D and Stratagems... asserts, “We grew our business last year in 2017. From
Talking on its go to market strategy, Shrenik
an India or South Asia specific standpoint, we were at a
comments, “Kaspersky Lab has always been a channel
flat growth. One of the reasons of this flat growth was
partner-centric company in India; it is because of our
also around how we have structured our B2B business.
channel partners that we have been growing year on
In the last quarter of our business, which is Q4 in 2017,
year. Our go to market strategy also involves activities
we delivered to our commitmentof delivering 105%
with our channel partners, more frequent meetings
growth, which is very close to the target we set in Q1
with them, channel partner trainings and giving an
2018. The way we are growing and the waywe forecast
equal growth to our B2B part of the business.”
for the rest of 2018, we will grow almost around 12%.
This is obviously one specific aspect in mind that we are doing a major
Speaking on the significance of R&D, Shrenik tells, “R&D is one of
correction on how we have to handle our B2C inventory, so that we will
the most important piece for Kaspersky. I believe it’s the strong pillar on
slow down on our selling to the distributor in this segment. But that doesn’t
which our organisation is currently standing, becauseif these guys don’t
mean we will stop selling more to the market. So, it’s about taking the right
deliver quality stuff then eventually we can’t have the right products and
position on ensuring that our distributor also is not overburdened and at
right services in the market. There is a specific percentage of Investments
the same time we do the business in the best possible way, where we drive
that go into R&D every year for the organisation, out of the total turnover.
the demand and the market on the specific portfolios that we want to sell.
We have a framework on how much we invest into R&D.”
Overall we will grow in our South Asia business by 10%,” he concludes. n
Abha Singh
The number of Kaspersky Lab employees rose by 6.5% in 2017 to

48 May 2018

“India is expected to be
among the top cloud
markets in the world by
2020, with $4.1 billion
market opportunity. By
making our digital core
all-pervasive through
cloud with SAP S/4HANA
Public Cloud, our market
leadership in ERP space
is poised to be replicated
in the cloud as well.”

SAP launches SAP S/4HANA Cloud in India

powered by ML and AI capabilities
SAP SE’s intelligent cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP)
software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution SAP S/4HANA Cloud is now Deb Deep Sengupta, President & Managing
available in India. In a media event in Mumbai, the SAP SE leadership Director, SAP Indian Subcontinent
announced how SAP S/4HANA Cloud is an Intelligent ERP with built-
in machine learning and AI capabilities and helps to streamline business
processes with a simplified user experience, thus helping organizations
transform into “Intelligent Enterprises”.
“India is expected to be among the top cloud
markets in the world by 2020, with $4.1 billion
The solution combines automation of mundane tasks with pre-
emptive decision making, to increase overall business agility. With the
market opportunity. By making our digital core all-
S/4HANA Cloud, businesses will be notified of the latest innovations pervasive through cloud with SAP S/4HANA Public
through quarterly updates, granting them access to the latest innovations
in areas such as predictive analytics. Cloud, our market leadership in ERP space is poised
to be replicated in the cloud as well.”
With conversational AI platforms being the next big paradigm shift
in IT, SAP has integrated SAP CoPilot with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
The solution is the first true voice-activated digital assistant for enterprises
that enables users to get their work done more quickly and efficiently,
while increasing teamwork across business processes. Powered by machine
learning and AI, SAP CoPilot is aware of business contexts, driving
efficient collaboration, quickly recognizing and connecting to business
data and offers in-context chat.

The SAP S/4HANA Cloud serves customers in various product-

centric and service-centric industries to help them achieve instant value,
cost savings and improved efficiencies across project management,
manufacturing, sales order management, inventory and supply chain
Melissa Di Donato, Chief Revenue
management, finance and procurement.
Officer, SAP S/4HANA Cloud
Over and above these functionalities, SAP S/4HANA Cloud has
been localized specific to India to support – “SAP S/4HANA Cloud will be swiftly taking Indian
enterprises into the digital age. The intelligent
• India-specific master data, such as GST Vendor Classification,
cloud suite will support large and midsize Indian
Invoicing Party (required for calculation of taxes), field enablement to
maintain GST Registration Number companies to further accelerate innovation. Our
• Tax and pricing procedures, including the ones introduced with GST aim is to enable organizations to ‘Automate’
taxes processes, gain ‘Assistance’ in focusing on mission-
• Journal Voucher – Tax adjustments for the GST incoming invoices
critical applications, and eventually ‘Act’ based on
• Invoice generation for logistics scenarios, such as Procurement for
Direct Materials and Services, Subcontracting, etc.
context-aware decisions.” May 2018 49

Gionee seeks to ramp-up its retail
strategy with online expansion
In a chat with VARINDIA, David Chang, Global Sales
Director, Gionee discusses on the plans and strategies to
further expand its foothold in India and how he views the
market vis-à-vis the many challenges -

Gionee kick started the year 2018-19 with launch of its two latest
products - F205 & S11 Lite and considers India as an important market for
them. This year Gionee intends to offer the latest technology at affordable
pricing to every smartphone users in India.

Business model and strategy……

Commenting on the current market size the brand enjoys and its strategy
to obtain a strong pace of growth, David Chang, Global Sales Director,
Gionee says,“With a firm focus on our strategy and marketing plans this
year, we are ready for a big splash in the India market. Additionally, we have
also adopted a new business model, under which, key distributors have been
empowered to do their own marketing for the brand. Talking about our
market size we boast of 1.45 cr customers right now. Apart from that we
boast of a retail presence in more than 42,000 retail outlets across 2200 cities
PAN India that we are looking to grow to further.”
The brand has doubled its marketing budgets to INR 500 crore and
invested in a big way in celebrity engagement with Bollywood and sport stars David Chang
for better consumer connect.
On this David adds, “This year though, we have shifted our marketing
Global Sales Director, Gionee
strategy with a BTL approach and will focus on consolidating the brand.
ramped up our endeavors and currently we have doubled the team. With
With a significant marketing budget, 60% of the budget will be focused
technology playing the central role this year for us, we have invested a
on BTL promotions. Apart from that we also intend to focus on further
sizeable amount in global R&D center which is in Shenzhen, China. And
building our brand loyalty and focus on customer service.Furthermore
plan to continue to grow the budgets with the passing quarters.
considering the popularity of Gionee smartphones in Tier II cities, we will
Talking on the challenges, he tells, “One of the foremost challenges was
be spending on promotions in Tier II cities along with Metros. Customer
realizing and understanding that India as a market is very different from
connect activities are consistently conducted by the brand like the Smile
China and replicating products and strategies designed for the latter could
Squad initiative and college activities.”
be unfavorable for the brand in India. However, realizing the differences,
Gionee is further looking to grow its retail presence to 75,000 outlets. By
we shifted our strategy and built a whole new portfolio to cater to the local
focusing largely on offline retail in India, it currently has a channel network
of 15,000 promoters and aims to double promoters in the coming year
Secondly, the mobile market in India is constantly evolving and the real
to increase conversions at the counter. Primarily functioning as an offline
challenge for all smart phone players lies in keeping up with the evolution
brand, it has now decided to adopt a mix of offline and online strategy. It
through continues innovation, not only in terms of design but also in terms
has decided to showcase its bestselling models online, with no difference in
of user experience and features. Suggestive of growing faith in our brand, we
have secured a consumer base of over 1.45 crore in India and are motivated
Discussing on the strategy around service support, he reveals, “In the
to adopt a more bullish approach towards innovation and expansion in India
current scenario, where smartphone makers are struggling to establish a
reliable after sales service with customers, Gionee on the other hand promises
Furthermore, when asked about its future plans David reveals that the
a turnaround time of 72 hours. We have 531 active Service Centres at the
outlet expansion plan is in the pipeline, while also the brand intends to make
moment (477 Excusive Service Centre + 54 Multi Brand Service Centre).
all phones that it sells in India, locally. The brand has increased its marketing
Gionee’s brand loyalty is 33 per cent and we intend to ride on that and
budget and 60% of it would be channeled to BTL promotions this year.
further grow our brand loyalty. In order to take better care of our customers,
He further concludes, “Having established a strong base here with
we are also going to invest in our customer service centers and make them
around 1.45 crore loyal customers, in the next five years, we at Gionee are
better equipped.We plan to expand to 650, primarily focusing on after sale
optimistic about expanding our customer base in the country now. The
networks with the customers.”
brand is aiming to secure a position among the top five smartphone brands
R&D investment and challenges… in the second half of 2018. In the first half of 2019, Gionee India will target
Speaking on R&D, David states, “From a dedicated initial team of 12 to be among the top three players in the Indian smartphone market." n
Abha Singh
people at Gionee, we are investing in a big way in our R&D division. We

50 May 2018


Realme 1 launched at INR 13,990 LG unveils Gionee India unveils F205

R ealme, the new
e-commerce sub-
Realme 1 is complemented
by an ‘Art of Light’ design G7 ThinQ and S11 Lite smartphones
brand of smartphone
giant OPPO has launched
Realme 1, targeted at the
in Diamond black, with
exquisite details crafted for
young users.
smartphone G ionee
the launch of two new
has clutter. Elaborating on its
group selfie feature, F205
is backed by real-time
Realme 1 will be with deep AI products – F205 and processing technology
exclusively available from S11 Lite. With an aim to to enlarge the image. It
May 25th, 12 noon on integration making smartphones with can accommodate more
India’s largest marketplace,, with the 3GB
RAM+32GB ROM version

premium features
priced at INR 8,990 and premium smartphone, the has launched the
the 6GB RAM+128GB LG G7 ThinQ, focusing devices F205 and
ROM version price at INR on bringing useful and S11 Lite, at a price
13,990 in Diamond Black convenient AI features to point of Rs.8, 999
and Solar Red. A third the fundamental consumer and Rs.13, 999,
variant of Realme1 with smartphone experience in respectively.
4GB RAM+64GB ROM, Ney York. Tapping the
available in Moonlight Powered by the latest increasing demand
Silver and Diamond Black Qualcomm Snapdragon for better cameras in
priced at INR 10,990 will 845 Mobile Platform, smartphones, with focus on people in a selfie with
youth of the country. go online for sale in June the LG G7 ThinQ offers selfie cameras, F205 boasts the panoramic effect
The phone comes with this year. 4GB/6GB of RAM and of three in-vogue camera comparable to that of the
the World’s first 12nm Realme 1 buyers will be 64GB/128GB of internal features, Bokeh selfie, wide-angle lens. Last but
AI CPU MediaTek Helio offered a No Cost EMI on storage to run even the Group selfie and Backlight. not the least, the backlight
P60 together with AI Shot with exciting most demanding tasks and Endowed with 5PM selfie feature of the smartphone
Technology and a huge offers for SBI cardholders, apps with ease. Equipped camera, the Bokeh selfie entails multi-frame HDR
6GB RAM+128GB ROM 5% cash back, and for Jio with a stunning 6.1-inch mode is coupled with Face synthesis, it can enhance
storage version, offering customers a cashback of bright display has is nearly beauty mode, with 100 dark details and reduce
the highest cost to value INR 4850/-. Realme 1 half an inch larger than its Level Face Beauty and 7 exposure.
product in India. The 6.0” buyers will also be offered predecessor but not a hair Level Bokeh effect. These Talking of another
FHD+ Full Screen of Amazon Prime deliveries. features allow for an artistic leading-edge feature,
wider, the LG G7 ThinQ is
selfie, even in a cluttered Gionee flaunts a Full View
sized perfectly to be used
background, blurring the Display body.
Coolpad unveils its first India with one hand.

exclusive offline product “Note 6”

Sporting a new design
aesthetic for the G series,
Ziox Mobiles launches Astra
Curve Pro Smartphone
the polished metal rim
oolpad has Coolpad Note 6 will be
gives the LG G7 ThinQ
launch of Coolpad Note

6 in India. India is the first

available in two variants in
India – 4GB + 32 GB and
4GB + 64GB. These have
a sleeker, more polished
look, complemented by Z iox Mobiles has
rolled out Astra
Curve Pro Smartphone that
and power-efficient
performance to operate
your every command,
Gorilla Glass 5 on both
country where Coolpad been competitively priced comes with a stunning all- smoothly and quickly with
the front and the back for
Note 6 has been launched. at Rs.8, 999 and Rs.9, 999, screen display, fascinatingly its Quad-core processor.
enhanced durability. Again
The smartphone is offline respectively. curved edges and farfetched Moreover, Astra Curve
rated IP68 for dust and
exclusive and extension to Note 6 is equipped with user-interface. Pro guarantees a super-
water resistance, the LG
the Coolpad Note series an 8MP + 5MP dual front The smartphone fast processing; credits
in India. Coolpad Note 6 camera for 120-degree G7 ThinQ was designed
has a dual selfie camera wide angle selfies and has to meet the requirements
an all-glass
with additional flash with a a beautiful arc style design of MIL-STD 810G
and glossy
capability to capture with a 5.5-inch Full HD tests designed by the
design with a
120-degree display with a 1920 x 1080 United States military to
beautiful 5.5”
wide angle pixels resolution to ensure evaluate the performance
HD display
selfies, a great viewing experience of equipment in harsh
and a curved
making and has Android 7.1. It has environments.
3D glass. The
it the a super battery capacity The LG G7 ThinQ sleek design
first of 4,070mAh and standby has been upgraded with an and narrow
time of 350 hours and 8MP camera upfront and b o r d e r s
weighs only 170g. 16MP lenses on the back reflect the
Coolpad Note 6 will in both standard and Super spectacular
be available in gold colour Wide Angle configurations frequency
variant. The smartphone for higher resolution of style.
will be available for photos with more details. With a dynamic aspect to its 1GB RAM which
purchase at 300+ multi- LG’s signature wide angle ratio to deliver immersive skilfully carries out every
brand stores across 8 states: camera now captures even viewing experience, the command before the blink
Delhi NCR, Haryana, more beautiful landscapes picture quality brings vivid of an eye. The rear camera
Telangana, Karnataka, with less edge distortion splashing detailed colours. comes with optical image
Tamil Nadu, Andhra and selfies are clearer Powered by the large stabilization, deeper pixels
Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and and look more natural capacity Li-ion battery and an enhanced processor
selfie-focused smartphone Maharashtra. compared with previous of 2,800 mAh, one can to capture all-appreciated
from the brand. LG phones. enjoy the Stamina-mode pictures and videos. May 2018 51

Movers & Shakers

Quick Heal Technologies Qualcomm ropes in Rajen

ropes in Manu Parpia Vagadia as its Country
to Board of Directors Manager for India
Quick Heal Technologies Limited (“Quick Qualcomm Incorporated has announced
Heal”) has announced the appointment of Manu the appointment of RajenVagadia as country
Parpia as Additional Director (Independent manager of Qualcomm India. Vagadia’s
Director). Parpia’s appointment is subject to appointment will be effective immediately and he
shareholders’ approval at the ensuing Annual General Meeting. will be reporting directly to Jim Cathey, Senior Vice-President & President
With the addition of Manu Parpia, the Board strength of the company of Asia-Pacific and India.
has increased to nine which includes five independent directors, including Vagadia has more than 26 years of experience in the telecom industry,
Parpia. covering diverse areas in manufacturing, business development and sales,
Parpia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from McGill supply chain and strategy. He joined Qualcomm in 2011 and during his
University, Canada; an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business tenure he has played a key role in driving the LTE growth for India and
Administration, USA, and a Diploma in Finance & Accounting from expanding opportunities for adjacent business in-country.

Andy Elder appointed Intuit names Sanket Atal

as the new chief sales as VP and MD of India
officer at Riverbed Development Center
Riverbed Technology has announced the Intuit Inc. has announced the appointment
appointment of Andy Elder to Chief Sales of Sanket Atal as Vice-President and Managing
Officer, succeeding Paul Mountford, who was Director of the India Development Center (IDC).
recently named Riverbed’s new CEO. Elder Sanket will play a strategic role in Intuit’s mission
joined Riverbed in March 2017 as SVP EMEA Sales and during the last of powering prosperity around the world, strengthen IDC’s position in
year he transformed the EMEA organization providing strong leadership India and ensure it is future ready to take advantage of game-changing
and achieving significant growth in the region as Riverbed continued its opportunities. In this role, he will also be working closely with Vijay Anand
evolution into a multi-product platform company that delivers a modern who has expanded his role to lead Intuit’s Global Development Centers
IT architecture for today’s digital enterprise. Today, Riverbed has a total (GDC).
addressable market surpassing $30 billion and more than 30,000 customers. In his previous role with Oracle Corporation, he was responsible for
the R&D organization in Bangalore, NCR, Pune and St Petersburg in

VMware India appoints Nitin Bawankule named

Ramkumar Narayanan as as new business head for
new R&D Site Leader Google Cloud, India
VMware announced the appointment of Google has appointed Nitin Bawankule as the
Ramkumar Narayanan as the Vice President country head for Google Cloud India that offers
and Managing Site Director, India. In his new cloud platform services to Indian businesses in
role, Ramkumar will be heading VMware’s R&D India. Nitin, who has been with Google India
Center in India. for over six years as the Head of Sales for multiple verticals, including
Based out of Bangalore, Ramkumar Narayanan is a global leader e-commerce, retail, classifieds, education, will report to Rick Harshman,
focusing on data driven, digital product innovation spanning consumer Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Google Cloud.
and enterprise markets. Before joining VMware, he was the General An IIM Bangalore and VNIT Nagpur alumnus, Nitin brings with him
Manager of eBay Product Development Center, India and Global Head of over 20 years of experience and understanding of the digital, technology
Monetization Products, responsible for generating the revenues for eBay. and consumer industry.

Madhavan Satagopan MediaTek names Anku Jain

joins Virtusa as Executive as Chief Representative
VP for Non-Linear of its India Operations
MediaTek Inc. has announced the
Business Strategies appointment of Anku Jain to the role of chief
Virtusa Corporation has announced the representative of MediaTek India. According
appointment of MadhavanSatagopan as to the company, since joining MediaTek 14
Executive Vice-President for Non-Linear Business Strategies. years ago, Jain has played an important role in developing MediaTek’s
With over 24 years of experience in techno-domain specialization, operations in India. He most recently served as senior director and head of
MadhavanSatagopan brings a remarkable track record in establishing MediaTek’s office in Noida. In his new role, Jain will oversee the operations
specialist groups comprising of solution incubators and subject-matter- of MediaTek’s office in Noida and the company’s domestic government
experts in tech communities, leading them to becoming value realization relations programs. With more than 25 years of experience, Jain has held
partners and technocrats in the industry. a variety of senior management, site operations and engineering roles at
Sprint, RiverRun, Network Programs and Pixtel Communications.

52 May 2018

INDIA 2018
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Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Cognitive Computing | IoT

Data can have an extraordinary impact on the world, from humanitarian issues to
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Date: Tuesday, May 15th 2018

Time: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Venue: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre, Powai, Mumbai

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Ms. Desere Pereira


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