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Academic Year 2009-10

Term -III

Course: E-Business Evolution Credit: 1.0

Instructor: Ms. Nidhi Khurana E-mail:

Extn. No.: 271

Course Outline

1.0 Introduction:

• Electronic business or e-business has been dramatically changing the way today’s
businesses operate and compete in the global marketplace. Nevertheless, most
people including the businessmen are focusing on how to utilize the e-Business
system as a tool to effectively implement traditional business strategies, few cares
about the engineering construction of those systems. This course provides an
overview of e-business ENGINEERING from an architectural perspective, and
introduces the fundamental concepts and frameworks of e-business with which to
examine the existing e-business models, the prevalent enabling technologies, and
the strategic issues confronting the legacy firms. The efficiency, performance,
capacity, and practical design of e-Business engineering systems will be
covered .It also course provides the knowledge of advance concepts E-commerce
and various Technology used in E-Commerce
2.0 Course objective:
The objective of this course is to provide a foundation to prepare students, as future IT
engineers, system architects, or project managers, to play leading roles in the
application and management of e-business system construction. Upon successful
completion of the course, students will be able to:

•Understand the current status of e-business concepts and follow its development;
•Recognize the key implementation issues along with the e-business system design;
•Design the e-business engineering solution using the e-Business patterns;
•Describe the best practices in e-business engineering system development;
•Catch the enterprise data storage technology and management issues for e-Business
•Evaluate the existing e-business system with an architectural vision and performance
•Appreciate the criticalness of performance, service-level-agreement, and latest IT
technology to e-business solutions;
•Build up the baseline knowledge for further study, development, and research in
Electronic Business and Information Technology fields.
3.0 Text Book:

1) Elias M. Awad Electronic Commerce (Pearson Education)

4.0 Reference Books:

1) Dr. Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson.e-Business 2.0 roadmap for Success

(Pearson Education)
2) Bhaskar- E-Commerce (Tata McGraw-Hill)
3) Krishnamurthy- E-Commerce Management: Text and Cases (Vikas)
4) Laudon and Traver- E-Commerce: Business, Technology, Society (Pearson Education)
5) Michel Detel- Business-to-Business Marketing (Palgrave, 2003)
6) Greenstein and Feinman- Internet securities
7) Kalakota and Whinston- Frontiers of electronic commerce (Pearson Education),
8) Kalakota R- Electronic Commerce: A manager’s guide (Pearson Education) 2000

5.0 Evaluation System:

Criterion Load
Assignment 10
Project/Presentation 10
Class Participation 10
Mid-Term 30
End-Term 40
Total 100

6.0 Session Plan:

Session Content Reading Material

1 Introduction of E-Business Page No. 31, Dr.Ravi Kalakota
Advantages and Issues in E- Handouts/ Page No. 32, Elias.M.Awad
2 Business/Ecommerce
3 E-Business & E-commerce Page No. 28, Elias.M.Awad
Technologies for E-Business Handouts
(Internet,Webserver,Application Server,
4-5 Information Server)
6 Case Study Handouts
7 Major Trends Driving E-Business Page No. 60 Dr.Ravi Kalakota
8-10 Integrating E-Commerce Page No. 48, Elias.M.Awad
11 Case Study Handouts
12 Presentations
13 B2B,B2C, B2B Models Page No. 49,370 Elias.M.Awad
14 Business within Business,B2G Page No. 53, Elias.M.Awad
15 E-Commerce Business Models(Store front Model) Page No. 54, Elias.M.Awad

Mid Term Exam

Click & mortal model, service provider model, Page No. 55, Elias.M.Awad
16 Prepaid Access Model
17 E-Market Maker Business Models Page No. 116, Dr.Ravi Kalakota
18 Case Study Handouts
19 E-Cycle of Internet marketing Page No. 292, Elias.M.Awad
20 EDI,EFT Page No. 376,515 Elias.M.Awad
21-22 Internet Based Payment (Cyber Cash & Net Bill) Page No. 497, Elias.M.Awad
Page No. 502, Elias.M.Awad
24 Case Study Handouts
Digital Cash System/E-Cash & E-Wallet, Digital
Cheque System, Smart Card, Credit & Debit card
25 System Page No. 504, Elias.M.Awad
26 security Issues in E-Commerce Page No. 421, Elias.M.Awad
27 Presentations
28 Introduction Of M-Commerce Page No 171, Elias M.Awad
Building an Internet Business(E-Business)-Life Page No. 524, Elias.M.Awad
29-30 Cycle
End Term Exam