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Name of Group :


Learning Objevtives : Student are able to analyze the

phenomenon of corrosion, such as factors that influence the
corrosion and how to prevent the corrosion correctly

Student are able to design experiments of corrosion, eg factors that

influence the corrosion and how to prevent the corrosion as

Students are Conduct experiments of corrosion, eg factors that

influence the corrosion and how to prevent the corrosion Student are able to report the

experiment results about corrosion, eg factors that influence
the corrosion and how to prevent the corrosion as well


Bridges, car bodies, or any other construction of

iron that is very easy to rust. Who among us who
are not disappointed when his favorite car body
suddenly was porous due to corrosion? Definitely
not there. Therefore, it is very important if we
know a little about what corrosion is and how it
causes corrosion? so that can be taken other
anticipatory measures.

A. Make a problem formulation based on the phenomenon that has been presented!
How the effect of O2 in corrosion process at the nail?

B. Make a hypothesis based on the formulation of the problem that has been made!
Oxygen can effect the corrosion process at the nail because of reox reaction occur in.

C. Conduct experiments to test the hypothesis and answer the problem formulation!
1. Test tube 7 pieces
2. Pipette 4 pieces

1. Aquadest
2. Salt solution 10%
3. Vinegar solution 0,1 M
4. Nail

Procedure :
1. Prepare the equipment and materials needed in the experiment
2. Give the test tube identity from A-F
3. The treatment of each test tube spikes as follows:
In test tube A: filled with nail only with open state
In test tube B: filled with nail and aquadest.
In test tube C: filled with nail and aquadest that has been boiling.
In test tube D equal to test tube A and the difference in test tube D in give cover
with plastic that has been provided and in tie with rubber band.
In aqua glasses E: filled with nail and added 5 mL of salt solution 10%

In aqua glass F: filled with nails and added 5 mL of vinegar solution 0,1 M
4. After all is finished place the test tube in a good place that is not exposed to
5. Then observe and record changes that occur for 1 week
D. Write down what variable is in the experiment!
Control Variable : Nail, test tube
Response variable : condition of nail after given different treatment

Manipulation : given different treatmen such as : adding aquadest, salt solution

and vinegar solution, let test tube open, test tube wrapped with
rubber bracelet

E. Write down the data of experiment in result table!

Test tube Result
Day 1: Nothing changes yet
Day 2: Not changed yet
Day 3: No corrosion
Test tube A
Day 4: No corrosion
Day 5: No corrosion
Day 6: No corrosion
Day 1:
No Changes yet
Day 2:
F. Changes occur, corrosion starts on the Analysis
1. Why is
spikes in the below section
aquadest in
Day 3:
bottle C is
Changes occur, corrosion starts on the
nail (In the middle)
Answer :
Test tube B Day 4:
Changes occur, corrosion starts on the
the boiled
nail and the color of the water becomes
water will
lose its
Day 5:
Experienced corrosion and water color to
Day 6 :
Corrosion increases
Day 1:
Nothing changes yet
Day 2:
There is a slight change of corrosion
Day 3:
Experienced corrosion in all parts of the
nail and water color slightly yellowish
Test tube C Day 4:
Experienced corrosion in all parts of nails
and water color on yellowing nail
Day 5:
Water becomes yellowed because the nail
are corroded more.
Day 6:

dissolved oxygen content, because in the heating process there will be

2. In which test tube is the most rusty nail?
Answer : on a third tube containing a nail filled with hot water. This happens because as
we know that the main factor causing corrosion is the presence of water and
oxygen. In the third tube containing hot water, there is water and dissolved
oxygen. In addition, the open tube state, allowing the oxygen in the air to bind
with plain water, consequently the state of the tube becomes oxygen-rich (O 2),
so that corrosion can occur in the nails in the third tube.
3. What substance causes the occurrence of rusting on the nail?
 Air - O2: Corrosion occurs more easily if a metal is concerned with surrounding
air, jadikorosi will occur faster if oxygen reacts by oxidizing certain reactive
enough metals, such as iron (Fe).
 Water - H2O: Corrosion will also occur if the reducer is water (H 2O), so that if it is
easier the metal is reactive enough if it has interacted with water (O2)
 Reducing Type: not all reducers can cause corrosion, for example HCl, and other
solutions of the acid halide.
 Metal Type: Highly reactive metals can prevent other metals from reducing so that
corrosion events can be prevented.

G. Conclusion
From the results of this experiment can conclude that the non-corrosive nail occur
on the nail A and D (open nail without water and nails covered without water) this can
happen because there is no direct contact between oxygen and water and plastic is
prevention to avoid corrosion.

Then from the practice is justified that one of the corrosion factor of the contact
between air and aquadest . To avoid corrosion in the iron do not let the iron contaminated
with water or a solution that can cause oxidation so that iron can rust. If we avoid iron
from water, then the iron can not react with oxygen that can make it rusty.