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10 December 2012 Aus i pobre 12210 Josh Quinn \ Uslo a col a ee atic Westport Co. Mayo bD-Y 7 Re: SUSI-Student Grant Application Number W121310113316 Dear Josh Rank You for your recent application for a stent gra, Following assessment ofthe details you provided in Ortho Sosten Me fe Pleased to inform you that you have been deemed eligible to progress to the nent cies Of the student grant assessment process. SiGe" fo" SUS! to process your application further you wil ned to provide us with photocopies of a number of supporting documents which are listed in the enclosed schedule. tis important that you: Return the photocopies of ALL your listed documents at the SAME time. Make sure that EVERYONE listed on your declaration form have signed Tick the box beside each document on the lst to confirm that the document is enclosed Remember to include the atached document schedule and decaration form in your reply Please return ALL the required documents in the pre-addressed SUSI envelope provided with this ack as soon as possible, in order to assist inthe timely processing of your application rer agrals on the required documents are included in the attached SUS! Support Notes, including contact information on where to get them, should you not have them already available, Stpuld you have any questions regarding your application, please email them to suoport@eusicdvecie or call the SUS! Support Desk at 0761 08 7874, Ismise le meas, Tom Prizeman Unit Manager Student Universal Support Ireland AA