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Cassie Jeng Susan Kierr, BC-DMT, NCC, AD, MA Andree Schelleschi, RICA DMT Ms. Mary Jane Sasser IR-3/ AP 11

Project Timeline


Project: Present information to River Hill High School advanced placement psychology class and dance class; submit manuscript to National High School Journal of Science; submit editorial piece for RH Currentnewspaper

By 3/2:

Update project proposal to include research overview and project descriptions

Complete data collection, part 1 questions

Begin researching and finding surveys and survey templates

Search ADTA website for specific dance/movement therapy surveys

Search Sheppard Pratt website for specific CBT surveys

Get medical access to PubMed Surveys to search for specific ones that match project

By 3/5:

Begin to piece together survey to use for data collection

Conference with Sasser about project proposal, data collection part 1, and due dates

Check in with contact to MedSurvey about requirements for vetted survey and creating own vetted survey

Annotate two other Susan Kleinman therapy images for visual annotations

Find two more visuals for visual annotations

By 3/9:

Complete survey to be used for data collection (worked with Kierr and Kleinman)

Confirm status of survey (vetted?)

Contact advisors about survey distribution (Kierr and Kleinman)

Reach points of contact for CBT survey distribution

Research National Journal of High School science submission details (NHSJS website)

Find two more visuals for visual annotations

Figure out how to send out survey (google forms survey)

By 3/16:

Have at least 10 visuals for the presentation board

Review and revise research paper in order to qualify for submission

Send survey to points of contact from both fields for distribution

For distribution to DMT:

For distribution to CBT:

Distribute survey in every way possible to DMT and CBT

Contact DMT/ CBT expert groups about presenting to them (instead trying to submit to AJDT)

Research publication to American Journal of Dance Therapy

Start planning presentation board (fill out packet)

Jeng 2

Buy supplies for presentation board

Start organizing information and pictures for on the board

By 3/23:

Check status of survey responses

Organize and design presentation board

Create document with presentation board information to turn in

Create works cited document for presentation board

Start to compile data from survey responses

Finish presentation board for GT fair (due Tuesday)

By 4/2:

Decide what day to print intermediate data to put on presentation board

Have all the responses from the survey

Analyze all the data collected from survey responses

Learn how to include data in revised paper (submit version with or without data to journals?)

Contact RHHS AP psychology teacher about presenting research:

Prepare and rehearse presentation for AP psychology class

By 4/13:

Create newsclip for IR research (into Newsclip folder for editors by Thurs morning)

Put updated website link into google doc

Update website with new research, conclusions, analysis, presentation board, etc.

Add valentines and appreciation section to website

Create elevator speech about research

Put newsclip on front page of website

Meet with Susan Kleinman in person, take a picture and add to website (Saturday, April 14, 2018)

By 5/1:

Format Newsclip book for IR research

Revise paper for NHSJS and American Journal of Dance Therapy

Complete data collection summary final

Peer edit data collection summary and edit based on review comments (25 april 2018)

Contact dance teacher about presenting to class (need presentation by June 1st)

By 5/5:

Conference with Sasser, bring project proposal and fourth quarter timeline)

Make detailed fourth quarter timeline and add syllabus to May/June calendar

Make a May/June calendar for the rest of the year (testing, assignments, etc.)

Update survey data information, analysis, and conclusion on presentation board

Make organized calendar of May/June testing and assignments

Make rubric for timeline and data collection summary report

Jeng 3

Create final project rubrics for both submissions and both presentations

Contact AP psychology teacher about presenting to class (need presentation by June 1st)

By 5/18:

Make a list of obstacles from research, how they were overcome

Include data from survey responses and analysis in revised paper

Have paper ready for submission to American Journal of Dance Therapy

Make cover letter for submission

Make graphs of key questions responses for both CBT and DMT (clustered columns)

Compile advisor correspondence chart and put on website

Create page for Independent Research Book

Finalize annotated resource list (put on website)

Create 12 min presentations for dance class and AP psychology class (psychology: all intellectual to show research and data, dance: experience based, include small demonstration of proposed therapy, show this type of therapy is available)

By 5/25:

Set date for dance presentation after AP week (Thursday 5/24 during 5th period)

Set date for psychology presentation after AP week (Thursday 5/24 at beginning of period 4A)

Upload paper and data collection to canvas turnitin assignment

Advisor Gratitude Letter draft

Rough draft class extended abstract

Write abstract for journal submission paper

Final draft class extended abstract, put onto website

Prepare and rehearse presentations before presentation date

Present to Dance class for Hennessie for part of final project (5/24)

Present to AP Psychology class for part of final project (5/24)

Give both audiences the evaluation form to fill out after presentations

Upload final presentations and evaluations to website

Write reflection on presentations and upload to project folder and website

Make goals and objectives document and upload to google drive project folder

Final projects upload to google drive personal folder

Create and submit editorial for RH Current Newspaper (Tromble)

Finalize official research abstract (to accompany manuscript in submission)

Make 5 min End of Year Research and Reflection to fellow researchers presentation