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Scientific Method Quiz

Match each word with the correct definition. (7 points)

______ repeated trials 1. things in an experiment that change or

can be changed

______ variables 2. the group that receives no independent

variable or treatment

______ hypothesis 3. the variable that you change on purpose

______ independent variable 4. the number of experimental repetitions

______ control 5. the variable that changes as a result of what

you changed

______ constants 6. prediction about the results in an experiment

______ dependent variable 7. things in an experiment kept the same

List, in order, the six steps in the Scientific Method. (6 points)

1. _________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________________

6. _________________________________________________________
Read the imaginary situation and then fill in the blanks with scientific method terms
found on the front page of the matching section. (4 points)

Situation: Maria wondered if different colors of plastic wrap affected the time for
bread to mold. She decided to do an experiment and enter her school’s science fair.

If slices of bread are wrapped in different colors of plastic wrap, then they will
mold at different rates. This statement is called a __________________________.

Each slice of bread Maria used came from the center of the same loaf, she put 5
mL of water in the center of each slice of bread, and she wrapped each slice of
bread in the same way. All three of these are __________________________ in
her experiment.

One slice of bread was wrapped in clear plastic wrap, one in red plastic wrap,
and the last was wrapped in blue plastic wrap. The different colors of plastic
wrap is the ______________________________________ in the experiment.

The time it takes each slice of bread is the ________________________________.

Maria’s hypothesis and data agreed.

What were the THREE levels of the independent variable in the “Great Ketchup
Race” Experiment? (3 points)

(1) ______________________________________________

(2) ______________________________________________

(3) ______________________________________________