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Software Solutions for Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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About Zuken

The Challenge Security of Solid Foundations

More quality, more functionality, in less time, with less cost; Zuken’s robust market position is reinforced by an established
it’s a common story in today’s market place. The increased position in the industry with over 30 years’ experience, and solid
competition and requirement to operate on a global scale make financial foundations. As a stable multinational company, listed
these end-user demands ever more challenging to meet. So on Tier 1 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Zuken is able to remain
companies need to be innovative and dynamic to stay one step focused on being a long-term innovation and growth partner.
ahead of the game – this is where Zuken can help.
The security of an investment by partnering with Zuken is
What We Do further reinforced by the company’s people – the foundation
Zuken works globally with leading companies to optimize of Zuken’s success. Coming from a wide range of industry
their electrical and electronic engineering design and related sectors, specializing in many different disciplines and advanced
manufacturing processes through the provision of leading-edge technologies, Zuken’s people are able to relate to and
software and consulting services. Our unique combination of understand each company’s unique requirements.
proven experience, technological expertise and agility creates
best in class solutions. Our transparent working practices and
belief in integrity in all aspects of business produce long-lasting
and successful customer partnerships.

Software Solutions for

Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Our focus, Your benefit
Zuken offers a wide range of solutions for end-to-end
electrical and electronic engineering

CR-5000 E3.series
CR-5000 is Zuken’s most advanced modular and robust The E³.series is a Windows based modular, scalable and easy
electronics systems and PCB design suite, created to manage to learn and serve system for the engineering of electrotechnical,
the complete development and manufacturing preparation wiring, wiring harness, pneumatics and hydraulics applications.
process on an enterprise-wide scale, specifically within The sharing of a singular core object-orientated database that
medium to large organizations. CR-5000 offers highly supports the entire engineering flow from concept creation to
sophisticated functionality for the design of multi-layer and manufacturing, eliminates the need for data transfer between
high-speed boards, addressing design challenges such as the different modules. This reduces errors, increases quality and
signal integrity and EMC, while ensuring manufacturability. allows engineering changes to be completed much more quickly
Its intuitive design flow, guiding through the design process and efficiently. The E³.series can also be smoothly integrated
from design-in to production preparation, is supported by a with existing applications and processes through standard and
comprehensive database management. The performance customizable bi-directional programmable interfaces circuit
of CR-5000, coupled with its modular and scalable design diagrams for hydraulics and pneumatics.
environment, provides product development teams across
disciplines and country boundaries with flexibility and maximum Over 1700 customers worldwide enjoy the benefits of E3.series.
collaboration opportunities for handling multi-user designs.
CADSTAR DS2 is a modular and scalable solution for electrotechnical and
CADSTAR is Zuken’s powerful PCB design solution allowing electronics applications engineering that covers functions for
an intuitive work flow, guiding the designers easily through schematic capture, layout, wiring and wire harness design, along
their design process. CADSTAR incorporates all the technologies with design for pneumatics and hydraulics.
necessary for a complete electronic development process in one
environment. It supports the user in a proven way along the entire engineering
process, from development through to manufacturing. As the
From schematics, board- and FPGA level system design, PCB client is entirely based on Windows, DS2 modules are intuitive,
layout, high-speed and signal integrity, analysis, 3D, creation of and easy to learn and use.
manufacturing output, complemented by complete data
management capabilities and extensive internet-accessible DS2 is a proven solution, being used by companies globally
libraries containing over 200,000 components. for the last 15 years. Keeping pace with the highly progressive
market, DS2 also uses the latest technology - making it a solid
Its price, performance coupled with a scalable design secure investment in your development future.
environment, provides total flexibility to engineers of small to
mid-size EDA development teams.
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