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KLA: Date: Time: Class: School:

PE N/A N/A Kindergarten N/A
APST FOCUS AREA: 4.1 - Support Student Participation.

Syllabus Outcome (Code and descriptor): GSS1.8: Performs Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) with equipment in minor games.

Objective / Learning Intention:

As a result of this lesson the students will be able to: Will be able to correctly throw and catch a ball according to FMS guidelines in a safe and friendly manner.

Background and / or Prior Knowledge (Significance): A previous lesson on FMS to do with throwing.

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy Information and Communication Technology Critical and Creative Thinking Personal and Social Capability
Ethical Understanding Intercultural Understanding
Quality Teaching Framework
Intellectual Quality Quality Learning Environment Significance
Deep Knowledge Higher Order Thinking Explicit Quality Criteria Social Support Cultural Knowledge Connectedness
Deep Understanding Meta Language Engagement Student Self-regulation Knowledge Integration Narrative
Problematic knowledge Substantive Communication High Expectations Student Direction Inclusivity See above
Timing Procedure Preparation/Considerations Differentiation Assessment – students
Quick re-introduction to the FMS skills of throwing and catching. Make sure students are Have student Formative: Observation and
paying attention to the demonstrate FMS skills. discussion with students.
correct procedures.
10 Mins BODY (G & E):
Students will be split into groups of three and practice throwing Have balls ready for the Kindergarten students Formative: Observation of
and catching to each other while the teacher walks around the activity. may be put in one student’s abilities.
groups and observes the students as they practice and group with an adult as
demonstrate their abilities. Ensure that the students are their abilities need to be
participating safely in the developed.
activity and trying to
demonstrate their abilities. Students displaying
incorrect techniques
will be taken aside to be
shown the correct
technique again.


Time may be pressing so the Have a student Formative: Observation.
If time permits the students will do a quick warm down to warm down may be cut demonstrate the warm
prepare for class after the activity. short. down activity with
teacher instruction.