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Short Lesson Planner

Teacher Candidate: Lauren Gullotti Date: 04-25-18

Grade: 5th GATE Content Area: Physical Education

Lesson Length: 30 minutes

Key Content Standard:

1.6 Throw and catch an object underhand and overhand while avoiding an opponent.
3.7 Sustain continuous movement for an increasing period of time while participating in
moderate to vigorous physical activities.
5.5 Contribute ideas and listen to the ideas of others in cooperative problem-solving activities.

● Prior to walking outside for PE, show students a visualization of the set-up of the game.
Review the rules, and ask students if they have any questions.
Steal the Ball
Objective: To get the ball from the opponent's side back to your side.
8 players on each team, with 1 player being the “guard”
- If tagged on the opponent’s side of the court, the player must head to the “jail” hula hoop. The
player can only escaped jail if a teammate tags the player in jail.
- After crossing into opponents territory, a player can only be safe when inside the 3-point line
hula hoops.
- If a player steals the ball, he/she can run it back to his/her courtside, or can toss it to another
teammate to get it over the mid-court line. Players are not allowed to throw the ball from the 3-
point line to his/her home court.

● Tell students that the learning objective of the day is to get our heart rate up, to practice
underhand/overhand tossing when avoiding an opponent, and to increase teamwork skills.
● After walking out to the blacktop, have students complete the pre-designed warm-up
activity (walking, jogging, skipping, etc.). During this time, the instructor will be setting
up the activity.
● Separate students into groups of 8. Assign 2 groups to each court. Allow students 4
minutes of group discussion to develop a “plan of attack” for how they might win the

Assessment/Evidence of Learning: Anecdotal notes; thumb up/down of students self-described

comfortability when throwing

● After the allotted time, students will come together and perform static stretching while
the instructor leads a class discussion. Ask questions such as,
- “What strategies worked and did not work?”
- “Was it more difficult to be on offense or the guard?”
- “What was the most difficult part of this activity?”
● Ask students what the learning objective of the day was and have them show with a
thumb up/down if he/she is feeling more comfortable with underhand and overhand
● Walk students to drinking fountain and lineup