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Witch: A century of murder by, Suzannah Lipscomb

1.Innocent women civilians being killed and accused of being a witch due to gossip and
2. This film connects to Mccarthyism during The Cold War
3. Suzannah Lipscomb is to persuade the audience that there were no witches but nothing more
but innocent citizens
4. The audience is for the people in Britain, Scotland
4.2 Hundreds of people/ ancestors died in Britain,Scotland
4.3 It makes people less interested for those who are not Scottish
5. Evidence: The King’s guard torchered Agnes Sampson for trying to kill the king by “casting”
a spell . Angie was too old; she had her moment in the timelight possibly wanted to see the king.
The king didn’t believe she was a witch until she told him or what he did with her queen(alone)
this triggered him. But it could’ve been a lucky guess or somebody would have spilled the tea.
6. Pathos: According to a pamphlet called, “ News from Scotland concludes, “...her master did
with the help of others, torment her with the torture of the pilliwinks…”
These were innocent confused and terrified people. 200 people were accused, 70 people have
been found guilty with witchcraft.
Logos/pathos: According to a film documentary called, “Witches: A century of murder” states,
East Lothian, 63 people were accused, 33 in Fife, 86 in Aberdeen, and 11 in Ross.
Pathos: According to the film documentary called Witches: A century of murder states that a girl
called Alison Device was near an elderly peddler called John Law. John Law ignored Alison
causing Alison to “curse” him resulted into him to collapse and die. But due to his conditions
paralysis down the left side, loss of speech, it seems likely that he’d suffered a stroke. But from
her point of view, it was her curse that killed him.
6.2. She might be bias due to being born in London, United Kingdom but is credible for
understanding that the king wasn’t obeying the laws in terms of prosecuting a witch by proof and
not by gossip or rumors.
7. Don’t be scared when you are being accused
8. It helped me understand that people were scared of being under duress it being a witch.
9. I wouldn’t identify an element of the text.
10. Women are mostly slaughtered and duress of being a witch than men. Women were
tormented by their husbands because they would leave in the middle of the night without consent
of their spouse. According to the pamphlet called, News from Scotland concludes that Seaton
saw her leave in the middle of night wounded and came back unblemished. Seaton harassed her
until she confessed. Witch can make sleeps to cure themselves or others. The news pamphlet
portrayed her as a witch with a mark(hickey) that was given by a person but was seen as a devil
mark. To end her torcher she confessed and was sentenced to death.