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Superbowl (apple 1984 ad)

1. Apple’s ad played on people’s fears by likening its rival, IBM, to an Orwellian Big
Brother, set on dominating the personal computer industry.
2. Connections I can make is that people fear being monitored with technology
3. The author’s purpose is to inform that their product does not surveil people like in 1984.
4. The audience is Americans.
a. I know this because Apple is an American technology company.
b. The choice of audience affects the text it is only targeted to Americans.
5. The most relevant details that the “author” uses to argue their position is analogy to
George Orwell’s 1984.
6. The most prevalent in the commercial is Pathos.
a. The author exercises credibility by being a new company but being innovative by
showcasing a computer which was very new at the time.
7. The possible theme is technology.
8. This commercial helped me understand that some products you are being monitored.
9. One element I would change would be the tone.
a. This might affect the commercial by giving it a whole different meaning to what it
actually is.
I believe the commercial is reassuring that aren’t being surveilled. The commercial is
telling the American audience that they don’t have to fear being monitored. The setting takes
place in George Orwell’s 1984 but Apple makes it clear that they don’t do anything in that