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(Describing chart[s] and/or graph[s])

Name: Fatimah Khalidah bt Mohamad Khalid Topic: The Young Marriage in Malaysia

Matric number: 2016332003 Group: JBM2493A

This exercise requires you to provide an outline for your informative speech by filling in the following

The outline of your speech should include:

 introduction,
 description and analysis of chart(s) and/or graph(s),
 conclusion and recommendation.

In this exercise, you need to choose at least one chart and/or graph related to your topic. Describe
the important data (facts and figures) and the salient features of the data from the chosen chart(s)
and/or graph(s). You are also required to choose at least one article related to your topic. Select
relevant information from the chosen article(s) to provide some supporting information for the data.

Introduce topic Child marriage in Malaysia

Credibility This topic is interesting and I have done some research on it.

Background of topic According to The Star Online In Malaysia, girls under the age of 16
they can marry lawfully even if their age are under 18. This also
has become a trend to married at young age.
Central Idea There are many reasons of why teenagers nowadays would like to
marriage at young age.
(Describing chart[s] and/or graph[s])
Description of data 1. This graph shows the number of Muslim and non-Muslim child
marriage in Malaysia from year 2010 until 2015
(Chart 1) 2. Year 2012 recorded the highest marriages application for
3. Muslim’s child which are 1095 applications.
3. However for non-Muslim application, year 2010 recorded the
highest which are 553 applications.
Analysis of data 1. It shows that there are increasing for the Muslim child marriage
application from 2010 until 2012. In 2013, the number of
(Chart 1) applications starts to decrease.
2. For the marriage application for non-Muslims, the application is
decreasing slowly from 2010 until 2012. However the number
is increase in 2013 and going to decrease gradually until 2015.
Description of data 1. This table and chart shows the trend of marriage in Malaysia
from 1970 until 2010.
(Chart 2) 2. This table shows that Malaysian women have tended to marry
at a younger age than men.
Analysis of data 1. The average marriage ages for both genders have been rising
from 25.6 and 22.1 in 1970 to 28 and 25.7 in 2010 for men and
(Chart 2) women respectively, Malaysian children have still been
marrying at a young age and in some cases also ending their
marriages at an equally young age.
2. It shows that the percentage of women and men who married
at young ages are increasing from 1070 until 2000 and
decreasing in 2010.

Updated: 5 March 2018

Conclusion Both table and chart show that there are many applications for the
young marriages in Malaysia. The minimum age for women to get
married is 16 years old while for men is 18 years old with the
permission from the Shariah court for the Muslim and the minister
approval for the non-Muslims.
Recommendation In my opinion, youngsters nowadays should spend their teenage
time by studying for their future. This is because if they have good
education, they can improved their life and their partner’s life.

Updated: 5 March 2018