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Circuit Branches About the Conference Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust

Track I: Electronics and Communication R V COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

Engineering Research Paper publication is one of the key aspects of (Autonomous Institution Affiliated to VTU, Belagavi)
Postgraduate Programs and research works. Bengaluru - 560059, Karnataka
Track II: Computer Science Engineering
In India many professional bodies like IEEE, IETE etc.
conduct National and International conferences to
Track III: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
showcase the research works. RVCE aims to provide an
exclusive platform for PG students and research
Track IV: Information Science Engineering
scholars to present the research activities carried out
by them.
Track V: Electronics and Instrumentation
Engineering Further the conference aims to provide an opportunity
to the participants to improve their presentation,
Track VI: Telecommunications Engineering personal and interpersonal communication skills. NATIONAL CONFERENCE
Non Circuit Branches on
Track VII: Biotechnology
 To provide PG students and research scholars an OF PG PROJECTS & RESEARCH
Track VIII: Chemical Engineering opportunity to present their project and research WORKS”
 To interact with other interdisciplinary PG students Jointly Organized by
Track IX: Civil Engineering
and research scholars. Sustainability Management &
Track X: Industrial Engineering and  To create awareness among the students about the Internal Quality Assurance Cell
Management testing, characterization and lab. facilities that are
available in RVCE and other organizations 7 – 8, MAY, 2018
Track XI: Mechanical Engineering Target Participants
M.Tech students and research scholars of all engineering
Conference Proceedings
The abstracts of the accepted papers will be published in
the proceeding of the National Conference on
“Knowledge Dissemination of PG Projects & Research
Venue of the Conference
BANGALORE - 560059
Dr. N.K.Panduranga Setty: President, RSST & Chief Advisory Committee RVCE – A Profile
National Conference
Patron on Dr. M.K.Panduranga Setty, President, RSST R.V. College of Engineering (RVCE), Bengaluru, is one
Sri. A V“Knowledge Dissemination
S Murthy; Secretary, RSST of Sri. A V S Murthy, Secretary, RSST of the premier Engineering institutes of the country,
PG Projects
Sri. D.P.Nagaraj; and Research
Joint Secretary, RSST Works” Sri. D.P. Nagaraj, Joint Secretary, RSST established in 1963. RVCE has celebrated its Golden
th th
Dr. K N Subramanya; 7 – 8 May 2018
tu Steering Committee Jubilee in the year 2015. The college currently has about
Dr. K N Subramanya, Principal,RVCE 5600 students and over 400 faculty and 250 supporting
Registration Form
Sri A R Krishna Reddy, Registrar staff. RVCE currently offers 12 Bachelors and 21
Mr/Mrs ________________________________ Masters Programs with an annual intake of about 1750
Dr. M.H. Kori, Technology Consultant
students. There are 16 centers for research with
Organizing Committee provision for Ph.D studies.
Prof. N.K.Srinath, Dean (Acad), Co-ordinator, IQAC
RVCE has set a vision “Leadership in Quality
Address for Communication________________ Prof S.C.Prasanna Kumar, Dept. EIE, Member, IQAC Technical Education, Research & Innovation, through
Prof. M Uttarakumari, Co-ordinator, SM Committee Teamwork, with a focus on Development of
Sustainable and Inclusive Technology”. Keeping with
Prof. Nagashree N. Rao, Dept. of BT
the vision the faculty and students are encouraged to take
_______________________________________ Prof. Ramaa A, Dept. of IEM up interdisciplinary research works.
Phone__________________________________ Prof. Archana M R, Dept. of CV
As of now, RVCE has funded projects to the tune of
Program Coordinators & Paper Review
E-mail__________________________________ Circuit Branches over Rs.350 million. RVCE is ranked 58th in
NIRF(National Institutional Ranking Framework)
Prof. K.Sreelakshmi, Associate Dean - TCE
Registration Fee Details conducted by MHRD, ranked 7th among the top 113
Prof. Rajashree Shettar, Associate Dean - CSE private colleges by The Week magazine, ranked 9th
Rs 1000/- including 18% GST Prof. K V Padmaja, Associate Dean - EIE among the top 100 colleges in the country by education
Prof. Geetha K S, Associate Dean - ECE World Magazine. RVCE has been awarded “Engineering
Receipt No./Date _______________________ College of the year-2015” by the higher education
Prof.Cauvery N K, Associate Dean -ISE
review magazine for enhancing employability during
Amount_________________________________ Prof.Rudranna Nandihalli, Associate Dean - EEE December 2015. RVCE has been certified as Global
Program Coordinators & Paper Review League Institute by Great Place to Study Research
Non Circuit Branches Institute (GPSRI) on the 19th November 2015 at
Prof. H D Gopalakrishna, Associate Dean - ME prestigious venue - House of Commons, UK.
Applicants Signature of Signature of the HOD
Prof. Suresh R, Associate Dean - CHE
Prof. C K Nagendra Gupta, Associate Dean - IEM RVCE believes in skill and knowledge development
Prof. Ravindra R, Associate Dean -CV among the faculty and the student’s community through
Important Dates
Prof. Vidya Niranjan, Associate Dean - BT workshops and conferences. This national conference on
Last Date for Paper Submission: 30th April 2018 “Knowledge Dissemination of PG Projects & Research
Conference Coordinators Work ” is one such initiative taken by the Sustainability
Notification of Paper Acceptance: 3rd May 2018 Prof. R.K.Manjunath, Dean PG (Circuit) Management and Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the
Email:; 9901568568 college.
Last Day for Registration: 5th May 2018 Prof. M S Krupashankara, Dean PG (Non-Circuit)
Email:; 9744093936