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This e-book, written for informational purposes only. Every effort has been made to complete this
ebook and accurate as perfect as possible. Hence, there might be mistakes in typography or
content. In addition, this eBook provides information only up to the publishing date.
Therefore, this eBook should be used as a guide - not as the ultimate source. The purpose of this
eBook is to educate you. The author and the publisher do not warrant that the information
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The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity for
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ello, Maniacs this is you FREE eBook as promised. I have always been a fan of
the Formula 1 category in motorsport, and always loved to play the old F1 games
that were available on the market. From around 2010, teams start to invest in
simulators programs, since the lack of testing and the high costs, they understood
they could study in the house as their settings, try new aero parts, test and train young
drivers. Later on, the teams started to show their simulators, and thanks to the internet,
all the fans could have a bit more access and see those great toys. Red Bull Racing has
been one of the most generous with fans, creating a lot of contents and engagement with
the F1 Fans community showing them their factory and that new state of the art simulator
that Red Bull owns.
I think many of you have seen their videos on YouTube for the season 2010, with
Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber showing us every circuit. I become so obsessed with
their sim that I went on the internet trying to find info and everything that I could find about
it. Soon I found out they were using rFactor by Isi, (till today as far as I am concerned).


At the time, I did not have a PC for games, but since I was so passionate about it, I went
and made a folder in my PC called rFactor Tracks. After that, I have started to collect the
same tracks Webber and Vettel were using in their videos. Soon I had most of them and
the same version Red Bull was running.
I was so impressed that if I could run rFactor, I could have used them as the real drivers
do! Since I needed to change my PC urgently and had to buy a new one, I said; Wait! Let
us get one that can let me run the simulator with no problems! Therefore, later I got a new
PC and started to read about how to use rFactor, etc. I forgot to tell you that I had already
a Logitech G25 wheel and pedals that I was using with some friends and their PS3. Good
fun! The Logitech G25 or G27 are pretty good wheels, but if you want something more
professional I recommend you to check some Fanatec stuff!

After all, those years spent playing driving games; I was impressed. In addition, I was not
in a cockpit with actuators and big 180°screen. Was just me, my new Pc, and the Logitech
G25 and was awesome. At first, I was not able to install myself the tracks that I collected
watching the videos, but soon I was in a community on Facebook and learnt many things.
Since my favorite motorsport category is Formula One; I went around trying to find the
best mods available. These were in 2013; we were going for the hybrid changes in the
next 2014 season. At the same time, I was always reading about teams and their
simulators, checking videos, practising myself a lot, and then I decided to start my blog
F1SimulatorManiac, where I talked about F1 Simulators, tracks preview and stuff.


Unfortunately, it has been a while since new simulators videos from Red Bull.
During the summer, I saw a special about Max Verstappen in his home using his rFactor
rig with a beta of the WCP 2015 mod. Thanks, people from WCP Series, Euro racers and
Patrick and much more Modding teams that gave still fresh life to rFactor!
Therefore, I thought to make this for you guys, and for all the ones who loves to have this
kind of things in his rFactor folder. Of course, since we are in the DRS era, and I become
kind of an expert in tracks and layout, I include the same visual contents on the simulators
but with updates. Updated does not mean you will have the same ads and banner as the
latest you saw on TV. I am talking about layout bumps etc. Therefore, the exact version
of the tracks used in the professional simulator, most of them with DRS zones ready.

So here we go!
1. Australia Melbourne Albert Park - Original track by Frank Alexander. Thank you,
man, for your work on this record. First race of the season also in 2016, download
2. Bahrain International Circuit - Next year will be the second race of the 2016
Calendar. In the middle of the desert, download here

3. Shanghai International Circuit China - Great circuit 3d race of the next calendar
2016, download here.

4. Sochi Russia - Next year will be the fifth race of the season. In the calendar from
2014, great battles during the 2015 edition, download here.


5. Circuit de Catalunya Spain Barcelona - Super used the track, F1 and MotoGp.
The track also used during the winter tests. The best version is here.
6. Monaco Monte Carlo - Historic street circuit the glamorous side of Formula 1 in
one word Monte Carlo. Honestly, it is one of the most challenging tracks to find
right. The best version was the Frank Alexander but now outdated. I know there is
a recent version with DRS out there but never able to find it. Here
7. Canada Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - Another historic race track very fast one. Your
best version is here.
8. Baku City Circuit Azerbaijan – New Track very fast and fun to drive I have to
say. This is a Beta version but trust me; it is the best out there. Made with Google
earth perfect elevation changes and layout. Download a version of it here.
9. Austria A1 Ring - Now better known as The Red Bull Ring - Trackback in 2014,
thanks to the Red Bull owner Mr Mateschitz the old A-1 ring made has come back.
Great track very fun and fast to drive a short lap. Get it here.
10. Silverstone - One of the most loved track by the drivers. Historic circuit, very fast
track with a new layout from 2011. For sure the best version is here.
11. Hungaroring – Hungary, another old school track the Hungaroring. Twisty
technical track. Download the best version here.
12. Hockenheim Germany – Come back to this historic circuit but with a new layout
since 2002! Download it here.
13. Spa-Francorchamps Belgium – Beautiful track very long and fast straight and
corners. One of my favorite with its large Eau-Rouge, get your version here.
14. Monza Italy – The temple of speed. The fastest race of the season. Download
15. Singapore – Marina Bay street circuit. One of my favorite. Great technical
racetrack in the night. First night race in the Formula 1 history. Get it here.
16. Sepang Malaysia – Next year will be at the end of the year. Another great circuit
very demanding for drivers since its very hot humid weather. Get it here.
17. Suzuka – Another old school circuit. The only one with “8” layout. Download it

18. Austin Texas COTA – In the calendar from 2012, a Tilke design but very
good racetrack. With all the best corners from the best F1 tracks. Download it here.

19. Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Mexico – First time on the calendar in year
with a new layout for Formula one. Great circuit. Get it here.


20. Interlagos Brazil – Another update on the famous conversion by Frank Alexander.
The shortest circuit on the calendar. A fun lap to drive. Historical circuit. Download
it here.
21. Yas Marina Abu Dhabi – the Luna Park of Formula 1. The most expensive circuit
and facility of the circuit. Start with Sunset lights finish in the dark Twilight race.
Spectacular view! Download it here

Here there is all you need to train yourself on all the circuits of the Formula one calendar.
I hope you like this eBook. Actually, it has been my first attempt. I really hope you enjoyed.
Keep it in your rFactor guides folder if you have one. I remind you that you can follow me
on my blog here and on Facebook, too here. Now it is your turn. Practice, practice,
practice, and KEEP PUSHING!