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Experiment 7

Observe DC analysis of Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)


● To understand the dc analysis of Bjt

Materials Needed
1. DC power supply
2. Bipolar junction Transistor
3. Resistor
4. Breadboard
5. Connecting leads
6. Digital multimeter (DMM)

Basic Information
For the voltage-divider DC bias configuration (see Fig 1), all DC bias voltages can be
approximately determined without knowing the exact value of transistor beta. The
transistor’s AC dynamic resistance, re can be calculated using
26(mV )
re = I E (mA)

Common-Emitter DC Bias

a. Calculate DC bias values for the circuit of fig-1. Record calculated values below.

(Calculated) V B = _______________

(Calculated) V E = _______________

(Calculated) V C = _______________

(Calculated) I E = _______________

Calculate re using equation

(Calculated) re = _______________

b. Wire up the circuit of fig-1. Set V cc =10V.Check the DC bias of the circuit
measuring values of

(Calculated) V B = _______________
(Calculated) V E = _______________
(Calculated) V C = _______________
Check that these value compare well with those calculated in step 1. Calculate the DC
emitter current using

I E = V E / RE

I E = _______________

Calculate the AC dynamic resistance, re

26(mV )
re = I E (mA)

re = _______________

Compare re with that calculated is step a.

Measured values

(Measured) V B = _______________

(Measured) V E = _______________
(Measured) V C = ​_______________

(Measured) I E = _______________