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TriNoma | Cinema 1 Thursday, April 26, 2018
03:45 PM

Con rmation Code:


Purchased Ticket:

2 tickets x PHP 280.00 each

Admin Fee:

Php 50.00


Php 610.00

L16, L17

If the user reserves and fails to claim reserved seats on one (1) occasion, user will be locked out from the
To reclaim the privilege to reserve, the user must:
Go to the SureSeats Counter and pay the reactivation fee equivalent to the reservation fee of the forfeited
Purchase and load MPass credits (Php200.00 minimum), where the reactivation fee will be deducted thereafter.
* Tickets must be claimed 45 minutes before the screening time, otherwise the reservation will be forfeited.
To avoid forfeiture, please cancel your reservation an hour before the screening time:
ONLINE. Log on to SureSeats with your username and password. On the Transaction History page, you can view your
current and past transactions. Each active reservation has a CANCEL button to cancel any particular reservation.
Please cancel any reservation/s you do not intend to claim.
NOTE: All Citibank, MTRCB, Season Pass, Complimentary Pass, Production pass, Senior Citizen ID, ACard are not
honored for claiming reserved tickets for SureSeats
Next time you use Sureseats, go all the way with Sureseats MPass: Preloaded and convenient, no more 45-minute
lead time!