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Attachment – 2- Color Coding and Labeling

The nature of the pipe contents shall be identified by means of a Three Band Colour Code Identification Band
System , colors are as specified in Norsok DP-002 The outer bands, which will be the same color, are the
Basic/Primary Identification Bands (PIB) and the middle band is the Safety/ Secondary Identification Band
(SIB). The arrangement is shown in Figure 1.

Identification & Size

The width requirements for the PIB’s and SIB shall be the same for all pipe sizes over 6” diameter, with
narrower band widths being used for pipe sizes varying from 2” to 6” diameter. The dimensions shall be as
follows Table -1

Table -1

Pipe Diameter Each Basic/Primary Band Safety/Secondary Band

2” to 6” inclusive 75 mm 50 mm

Greater than 6” 150 mm 100 mm

Colour Coding Bands shall be provided on both sides of and adjacent to valves, tees, important fittings, wall
entries and overpasses and outboard of flanges to and from equipment such as vessels, tanks, exchangers,
compressors and pumps
Colour coding bands shall be provided at uniform intervals, not less than 30m and not more than 50m
depending on the complexity and pipe run lengths, along horizontal and up vertical sections of pipework and at
all feed points. Where multiple lines run close to each other, such as in common pipe racks, the line numbers and
flow direction shall be located directly in line with one another at positions that are readily visible.

For Valves, the full valve body shall be painted with the SIB for the relevant fluid group. The full Color code
shall be applied both sides of the valve, to the adjacent pipework.

For Control Valves, the valve bonnet and actuator or hand wheel /lever, shall be painted with one of the
following two colours, to indicate whether the Control Valve is designed to fail open or fail closed as shown in
figure 2

Fail Open Control Valves shall be painted Green,

Fail Closed Control Valves shall be painted Red,
Content Labeling and Safety Warning Signs

The additional use of Colored Labels giving the full or abbreviated product description, temperature, pressure, and
other details necessary to identify any potential hazard, together with the appropriate visual aids and hazard
pictorial symbols, is to be encouraged. Such labels and markings shall not, however, be considered as a substitute
for the Color coding, whose application is considered mandatory.

Where applied, labels shall be brief and informative and written in English. The text size for different pipe
diameters shall be as specified in Table -2

The background colour of the label shall be similar to that of the appropriate PIB, ideally with appropriate
SIB contrasting text colour,.

The length of the labels shall vary from 200 to 800mm and they shall be applied adjacent to the CCIB

Labeling shall be in the form of painting or self-adhesive plastic labels. Plastic labels shall be of high performance
type suitable for marine environment.

Line Numbering

In addition to being Colour Coded, each pipe system, pipeline and valve shall be individually identified by marking
them in accordance with the BW Equipment Identification and Tag Numbering System, The required identification
markings relate to pipe size, service, design, area code and ownership code. All characters used shall be in upper
case. No separators, hyphens, punctuation marks or spaces are allowed.

The line number and the flow direction shall be stenciled on each pipe section and pipeline together with the CCIB,
to provide the pipework with unique traceability. The identification markings shall be stenciled on the pipe a
distance of approximately 400 mm from the edge of the outer colour band. Letter size shall be equal to half of the
pipe diameter for pipe between 2” and 12” diameter, with a minimum height of 1” for smaller pipe sizes and a
maximum height of 6” for larger pipe sizes.

Line identification markings shall be stenciled in black directly onto the light grey/white decorative background.

Table -2 Size of Lettering

Pipe Diameter Width x Height Spacing

2” to 6” inclusive 30 x 30mm 10 mm min.

6” to 50” inclusive 80 x 80mm 25 mm min.
Greater than 50” 100 x 100mm 30 mm min.

Table -3 Shape and size of direction arrow shall be as follows:

Pipe Diameter W1(mm) W2(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm)

2” to 6” inclusive 10 30 45 135
6” to 50” inclusive 40 80 90 270
Greater than 50” 50 100 150 450
Table – 4 Colour Coding

Equipment Colour Description

Steelwork All Topsides Structural Grey
Steelwork Unless Otherwise Specified
All Sub Structural Steelwork Grey
Tanks And Coated Exterior Wall Cladding White
Accommodation, Storerooms And Other Per Architectural Schedule
Interior Living And Workroom Areas
Firewalls (If Painted) White
Painted Floor Decks/Walkways Grey
Access/Escape Routes Black With Yellow Stripes
Overhead Obstructions Yellow With Black Stripes
Monorails/Hoists Yellow
Handrails Yellow
Ladder Cages Colour Of Structure
Clean-Up Burner Orange
Piperacks White
Lifeboat Davits White
Gratings Brown
Pipe Supports Grey
Conditioned Air Red With Blue Bands
Fresh Air Green
Extract/Recirculated Air Grey
Exhaust Air Brown With White Bands
Crane Booms & l Cranes Orange
Lifeboats Orange
Tanks Light Colour
Caisson White
ESD Orange
Helideck (Perimeter of Landing Area, notations White
& markings, structural underside & walkways)
Helideck Topside Green
Lagging Aluminium Or Stainless Steel Jacket Unpainted.
Colour Of Service Banded Only.
Walkways & Escape Routes Green with Yellow Strips on both sides
Cladding (If Coated) White
Flare Tip Handling System Yellow
Riser Turret Mooring Yellow
Vessels Off White
Turbines, Pumps, Compressors Light Green
Engines Light Grey
Heat Exchangers Off White
Air Compressors Blue
Minor Equipment Light Grey
Wellhead Yellow
Fire Fighting Red
Winches Grey
Control Valves SIB Colour
Actuator SIB Colour
Hand Lever and Wheel SIB Colour
Control Panels: Control Panels:
Exterior Surfaces Beige Semi Gloss
Interior Surfaces White Gloss
Plinths Black Semi Gloss
Electrical Equipment Exteriors: Electrical Equipment Exteriors:
Switchgear, Lighting, Panels Etc. Electrical Green
Transformers, Motors, Alternators Electrical Green
Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes Natural Finish
Pipe Grey Colour up to 120 ˚C, Aluminium above
Piping Primary Secondary
Identification Identification
Band (PIB) Band(SIB)
Air Instrument Light Blue White
Air Plant Light Blue White
Chemical, Biocide Violet Black
Chemical, Catalyst Violet
Chemical, Scale Inhibitor Violet Black
Chemical, De-Mulsifier Or De-Foament Violet Black
Chemical, Surface Active Fluid Violet
Chemical, Glycol Violet Orange
Chemical, Afff Red Yellow
Corrosion Inhibitor Violet
Chemical, Oxygen Scavanger Violet Black
Chemical, Polyelectrolyte / Flokkulant Violet Black
Chemical, Sodium Hypochloryte Solution Violet
Wax Inhibitor Violet Black
Chemical, Glycol/Water ( Violet Orange
Drain, Closed Black Blue
Drain, Mud Black
Drain, Open Black Yellow
Drain, Sewer/Sanitary Black Green
Drain, Water/Storm Black Yellow
Fuel, Jet Brown Violet
Gas, Fire Fighting/Co2 Red Silver Gray
Gas, Fuel Yellow Ochre White
Gas, Inert Yellow Ochre Silver Gray
Gas, Waste/Flue Yellow Ochre
Oil, Fuel (Diesel Oil) Brown Yellow
Oil, Hydraulic Brown Blue
Oil, Lubricating Brown
Oil, Seal Brown
Process Blow Down Yellow Ochre
Process Hydrocarbons Liquid Brown White
Process Hydrocarbons
Yellow Ochre Brown
Vapour Process Two Phase
Produced Water Green Brown
Steam, Process Silver Green
Steam, Utility/Plant Silver Green
Vent, Atmospheric Yellow Ochre Silver Gray
Vent, Flare Yellow Ochre
Water, Sea Antiliquifaction Green Yellow
Water, Sea, Ballast/Grout Green Yellow
Water, Fresh/Glycol - Cooling Medium Violet Orange
Water, Fresh, Potable Green Blue
Water, Sea, Fire Fighting Red White
Water, Grouting Systems Green Yellow
Water, Fresh/Glycol - Heating Medium Violet Orange
Water, Sea, Injection Green Yellow
Water, Jet Green Yellow
Water, Fresh, Raw Green Green
Water, Fresh, Hot (Closed Circuit) Green Violet
Water, Sea Green White

RAL Equivalent for the Colours

Colour RAL
Grey RAL 7001
Black RAL 9005
Yellow RAL 1021
White RAL 9010
Orange RAL 2003
Blue RAL 5005
Light Blue RAL 5012
Green RAL 6018
Electric Green RAL 6037
Brown RAL 8001
Silver RAL 9006
Red RAL 3000
Violet RAL 9010
Yellow ochre RAL 1021
Beige RAL 1001