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Test unit 2. 5th adol.

Name:____________________________ Date: ___________________________


1) Read the text and answer the questions below.

a) Why did most students go to school on Saturday?

b) What were the Saturday school activities like?
c) Why did teacher attend school on Saturday?
d) Why was Saturday school popular?
Use of English.

1) Complete the sentences with the correct form of these verbs.

 Saturday school is a good way for teachers to make contact with their students.
 We __________ pride in our work.
 The secretary __________a record of everyone who comes to Saturday school.
 Come and _________a look at this wonderful painting.
 The project went well because the students all _________their hearts into it.
 He worked hard to_________ a success of the concert.
2) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
using the word given.

 We revised for our exam and it was very useful.

The revision that we did for our exam was very useful. THAT

 When they are in detention, students have to wear uniform.

Students __________________________________________ have to wear uniform. WHO

 The lessons were interesting and they were very different from usual.
The lessons, _______________________________________, were very interesting. WHICH

 The students were disappointed because they didn’t pass their exams.
The students____________________________________________ were disappointed. WHO

 The teachers hated the ridiculous new school uniform.

The new school uniform ________________________________________ was ridiculous. THAT

 The teachers had to listen to very loud music for half an hour.
The music_________________________________________________ was very loud. WHICH

3) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

 I was really tired last night so I _______________________ (not watch) the film on TV.
 Who_____________________________ (you/talk) to when I saw you at the bus stop?
 We_________________ (finish) the game and then we _________________ (go)
 Our school team_____________ (win) all its football matches last year.
 The band ______________ (practise) in the canteen while we____________ (eat)
our lunch.
 I _______________ (have) a shower when you _____________ (ring).
 Joe ___________________ (not come) to the cinema with us last night.
 At seven o’clock, they _______________ (not play) computer games,
they___________ (watch) TV.

4) Choose the correct form to complete the sentences.

 The teachers made up / kept up with new punishments.

 They didn’t put up with/take up bad behaviour.
 I find it difficult to make up/keep up with my homework.
 The PE teacher took off/took up break dancing.
 We took off/put up with our trainers at the door.

5) Choose the correct relative pronoun to complete the sentences.

 The teacher, _____ didn’t believe Joe’s excuses, gave him a detention.
 The games, _____ took place in the afternoon, were great fun.
 That was the day _____ the teacher lost the key to the science lab.
 Is this the book _____ you were reading?
 Is the disco _____ we met last night the one you went to on Saturday?
 The canteen, _____ we eat lunch, is open until four o’clock.
 The homework, _____ is due tomorrow, is very difficult.
 The boys _____ played football ate oranges