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World Wind Energy Conference

WWEC2017 Malmö, Sweden. June 12-15, 2017.
program wwec2017


14:00 WWEA General Assembly (members only)


9:30-10:00 Opening Ceremony

10:00-11:00 Keynote speeches

11:00-12:00 Panel discussion:

How to boost the Nordic Wind Power Markets in light of the current crisis

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

12:30-14:00 Exhibition & poster presentations

National Markets and Technology:

14:00-15:30 Hybrid Systems
Policies Offshore Wind

Gone with the wind: Using a cloud-based geoportal Modeling and Optimization
Upgrading North Africa’s Trade to improve accuracy of weather of Coordinative Operation
Wind-induced Phosphate forecasting for offshore of Hydro-wind-photovoltaic
footprints into carbon-free operations Considering Power Generation
fertilizers and Output Fluctuation
Khalid Benhamou, Graham Howe, AXYS Xianxun Wang, Wuhan
Saharawind, Morocco Technologies, Belgium University, China

Advanced Energy
Design of a 300 MW grid- Management to Avoid Power
The present situation and
connected onshore wind farm in Uncertainty and Frequency
developing trend of Chinese
Kattina-Syria Affectation from Hybrid Systems
offshore wind power
Prof. Dr. Ali Hamzeh, Maria Fernanda Alvarez
Shen Dechang, Chinese Wind
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Mendoza, Universidad Nacional
Energy Equipment Association
Jordan Autónoma de México, Instituto
de Ingeniería, México
program wwec2017

Comparison of Public Policies Wind-temperature mapped from Design features of wind diesel
on Wind Energy between Brazil JAXA`s Satellite remote AMSR2 hybrid power plants in Russian
and Colombia sensing over the North Pacific Arctic climate
Prof. Dr. Claudia Esquivel, Ocean
University of Sao Paulo and Prof. Viktor Elistratov, Peter the
University of San Buenaventura, Elisa Sorrivi, DICAM Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic
Brazil - University of Bologna, Italy University, Russia

Modelling and validation of a

hybrid platform for wind and Making Wind Energy Popular
wave energy through Design

Pilar Heras, Floating Power Sigvald Harryson, InnoVentum

Plant A/S & Aalborg University, AB, Sweden

15:30-16.00 Break
Exhibition & poster presentations

National Markets and Wind technology: Wind

16:00-17:30 Hybrid Systems
Policies: Europe Turbine Components

KEYNOTE: Adaptive Slot Analysis of the Savings for Small

Wind Power in Sweden/Future Blowing for Wind Turbine Blade Wind-Solar System in a Grid
challenges Load Control Connected Load
Lars Andersson,
Swedish Energy Agency, Prof. Dr. David Greenblatt, Khisa Humphrey Bwire Sirengo,
Sweden Technion – Israel Institute of Ashikaga Institute of Technology,
Technology Japan

Determination of design loads

for wind turbine drive trains Harness Renewable Energy
More than 40% wind power!
using the multibody-system Resources Together: Developing
How do the Danes do it?
simulation Wind-Solar Hybrid Power
Thomas Rosenlöcher, Institute of Projects in Pakistan
Sten Lillienau, Neas Energy,
Machine Elements and Machine
Design, Technische Universität Zeeshan Asfaq, WWEA, Pakistan
Dresden, Germany

Participatory approaches for

New Phase in the Ukrainian Soil-Structure Drive Train
community wind-solar hybrid
Wind Power Development Interaction of wind turbine
systems for the sustainable
Alexander Werkmeister, Center
electricity supply in Nepal
Galina Shmidt, Ukrainian Wind for Wind Power Drives, RWTH
Prem Kumar Pokhrel, Alternative
Energy Association Aachen, Germany
Energy Promotion Centre, Nepal

On outlines of proposed
Identifying drivers for increasing Pulsed- Coandă Reciprocating pilot projects on small-scale
wind capacity. The case of 2-DOF Wind Energy Generator. wind power developments in
Spain A Radically New Concept rural areas for off-grid rural
electrification: the case of
Consolación Quintana Rojo, Prof. Dr. David Greenblatt, Ethiopia
University of Castilla La Mancha, Technion – Israel Institute of Prof. Dr. Woldemariam Wolde-
Spain Technology Ghiorgis, Addis Ababa University,


9:00-10:00 Plenary: Renewables Working Together Towards a 100%

Renewable Energy Supply

11:00-11:30 Break
Exhibition & poster presentations

Technology for Arctic 100 % Renewable

11:30-13:00 Social Participation
Climate Energy Solutions

Cold climate wind energy

Sustainable Malmö
Participatory zoning approach research and innovation
for wind power in Japan activities in Sweden
Anders Elmqvist, City of Malmo,
Dr. Shota Furuya, ISEP, Japan Göran Ronsten, WindREN,

Experimental validation of
Energy transition project –
Wind Power Project Managers models for ice shed risk
Using wind energy in district
facilitate the transition to a analysis
heating systems to replace
sustainable energy system? Markus Drapalik, Institute
fossile sources
of Safety/Security and Risk
Liselotte Aldén, Uppsala Sciences, University of Natural
Reimar J. C. von Wachholtz,
University, Sweden Resources and Life Sciences,
Vienna, Austria

Recommendations for Power-to-gas for the

Alleviation and Management Sensitivity of icing losses. Development of a National
of Local Conflicts Related to Terrain versus elevation – a Distribution Network for Mobility
Onshore Wind Farms case study Applications
Leire Gorroño, Nordic Johan Hansson, Kjeller Daniele Pagani, Nordic
Folkecenter for Renewable Vindteknikk, Sweden Folkecenter for Renewable
Energy, Denmark Energy, Denmark

Community engagement and Experimental investigation of

benefit sharing practices in ice mass detection on a 1 KW Ensuring Wind Energy’s Role
wind development in Australia wind turbine blade using its in Attaining 100RE:Overcoming
and developed pathways natural frequencies the setback distance obstacle
for achieving positive social
outcomes Sudhakar Gantasala, Luleå Gadi Hareli, Israeli Wind Energy
Taryn Lane, Hepburnwind, University of Technology, Association
Australia Sweden

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

Exhibition & poster presentations

program wwec2017

Wind Resource Optimising System Inte-

14:00-15:30 Community Power
Assessment gration of Wind Power

National Wind Energy Policies

of Turkey and Road Map
Energy system integration
Development for Diyarbakir, Atmospheric turbulence
characteristics of innovative
Van, Çanakkale and Burdur characteristics over complex
wind turbine concepts
cities of Turkey for Transition to terrain
100 % Renewable Energy with
Freia Harzendorf, Center for Wind
Community Power Ali Al Sam, Lund University,
Power Drives RWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. Tanay Sidki Uyar, Sweden
University, Germany
Marmara University/Eurosolar

An Evaluation of a Control
Community wind, cooperatives High-Resolution Wind Resource Method of Energy Storage
and windturbines - A Mapping over Complex Terrains Systems for Scheduled
selection of projects with of Himalayas Generation by Wind Power
special attention to medium Systems for an Electricity
windturbines Prof. Dr. Ram P. Regmi, National Market under a Grid Code
Atmospheric Resource and defining Maximum Change of
Frits Ogg, O2G Sustainable Environmental Research Wind Power Output in a Time
Energy Solutions, Laboratory, Tribhuvan University, Interval
The Netherlands Kathmandu, Nepal Masakazu Ito, Waseda
University, Japan

Wind potentail assessment in

DONQ CHOTE - Demonstration
Sustainable energy solutions: Cuba
of new qualitative innovative
The potential for community Prof. Dr. Conrado Moreno
concept of hydrogen out of wind
wind in South Africa Figueredo, Center for Study of
turbine electricity
Renewable Energy Technologies,
Ahmed Aly, FAST - Federazione
Faraimunashe Nkomo, Erfurt CETER. Technological University
delle associazioni scientifiche e
University, Germany of Havana Jose A. Echeverria,
tecniche, Italy

Evaluation of IEC 61400-21

Calculated Harmonics for
Wind Power Density in Five Gamesa G52 Wind Turbine at
Locations in Yemen Different Grid Configurations:
Comparison and Lessons
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Bawadi, Learned
Hadhramout University, Yemen Ali Khazma, Regional Center for
Renewable Energy and Energy
Efficiency (RCREEE), Egypt

15:30-16:00 Break
Exhibition & poster presentations

program wwec2017

National Policies and Wind Resource

16:00-17:30 Small Wind Technology
Markets: Asia Assessment

KEYNOTE: Present Status and Reduce uncertainty in long term

Analysis on aerodynamic
Future Prospect of Wind Power corrections using appropriate
performance of Inverse tapered
Generation in Japan reference data
small wind turbine based on
Prof. Dr. Izumi Ushiyama, Rickard Klinkert, Kjeller
Mitsumasa Iino, Ashikaga
Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Vindteknikk AB,
Institute of Technology, Japan
Japan Sweden

Wind Energy Development in Cost effective power

Development of a New Wind
India: current status and way performance testing with
Turbine Simulator
forward nacelle mounted Lidars
Kamran Shirzadeh, Tari, Shahid
Gourav Gandhi, Black & Veatch, Paul Mazoyer, LeosphereCUJAE,
Beheshti University, Iran
India Cuba

Methodology Study for the

The Current Status and Urban Wind Energy, Applying A comparison between
Developing Trend of Chinese CFD: Study Case, Engineering horizontal and vertical axis
Wind Power Industry Tower Building, II-UNAM turbines
Ernesto Arteaga-López,
Wang Dagang, Chinese Wind Engineering Institute of National Christoph Netsch, RWTH Aachen
Energy Equipment Association Autonomous University of University, Germany

Bangladesh: Feasibility Study

of Wind Power Generation:
An urban boundary layer wind
A Statistical Study in the Innovative pitch controlled small
measurement campaign in
Perspective of Wind Power wind turbine allows storm proof
Spain for small wind turbine
Density and Plant Capacity energy production in winter
Factor Sander Mertens, Windchallenge,
Aya Aihara, Uppsala University,
Harogabinda Baidya, Minority The Netherlands
Self Empowerment Foundation,

A Reciprocating Wind Energy

Generator driven by Pulsed
Prof. Dr. David Greenblatt,
Technion - Israel Institute of

17:30-19:30 Networking mingle hosted by Region Skåne in the exhibition hall

19:30 Conference dinner including entertainment

program wwec2017


9:00 Plenary: Industrial Solutions for a Renewable Energy Supply

11:00-11:30 Break
Exhibition & poster presentations

11:30-13:00 Which Policies Foster Wind Wind Farm Operations: Small Wind:
Power and Social Support? Economic Aspects Vertical Axis Technology

Success of wind onshore Methods for long-term Closed-Loop Control of a

auctions – effects of auction adjusting operational data in a Plasma-Enhanced Vertical Axis
design and national context post-construction energy yield Wind Turbine
Katherina Grashof, Institute for analysis Prof. Dr. David Greenblatt,
FutureEnergySystems (IZES), Johan Hansson, Kjeller Technion - Israel Institute of
Germany Vindteknikk, Sweden Technology

Hybrid Design of Wind Turbines

The Swedish certificate system
Wind turbine performance Optimized for Low Wind Speeds
– disaster for local windpower
decline in Sweden Using Combination of Darrieus
and Savonius Rotor and Varying
Jon Olausen, Uppsala University, the fins in Savonius Rotor Part
Tore Wizelius, Vindform AB,
Sweden Fadlan Surya Adi Tama, Gadjah
Mada University, Indonesia

A Study of Twin Co- and

Local Referendums related Auction design - Implication for
Counter-Rotating Vertical
to Wind Energy in Germany. project developer and changes
Axis Wind Turbines with
Experiences. in project ownership
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Frank Rehmet, Malte Greve, REETEC GmbH,
Huayi Peng, City
Mehr Demokratie, Germany Germany
University of Hong Kong

The role of Wind Energy Barriers to the use of

Savonius Wind Turbine Shows
between EU Electricity performance measurement
a Better Performance in
Balancing harmonisation and systems in Brazilian wind farms
national solutions Marllen Santos, Federal
Shuji Otomo,
Christian Slottke, Legal Dep., University of Rio Grande do
Hokkaido University, Japan
Enercon GmbH, Germany Norte, Brazil

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

Exhibition & poster presentations

Operation & Wind Farm Development

14:00-15:30 Innovative Business Models
Maintenance Aspects

Standardized Wind Farm Data

Towards symbiotic business Collection and Reliability Wind Farms:
model in wind power industry Assessment for O&M Technical Development
Mike Danilovic, Halmstad Optimization Henrik Aleryd,
University, Sweden Volker Berghout, Fraunhofer Power Väst, Sweden
IWES, Germany
program wwec2017

Costs of wind energy in new

Analysis of wake effect in
markets: A comprehensive
Reducing Levelised Cost Colombia’s first wind farm and
analysis from Vietnam based on
of Energy through effective its relation to power generation
LCOE calculation
lubricant choices and spatial distribution of wind
Quynh Chi Trinh, GIZ (German
Organization for International
Daryl Luke, Castrol UK Ltd. Daniel Esteban Riveros Nieto,
Development Cooperation) in
National University of Colombia

Highlight of some results from

Continuous Online Monitoring ongoing and recently finished
Wind self-consumption in
of Oil Quality, Additive technical research projects
industry, municipalities &
Consumption and Identification within wind power
of Critical Operation Conditions Sara Fogelström, Swedish Wind
Gian Schelling, Northern Power
Manfred Mauntz, cmc Power Technology Centre/
Systems, Switzerland
Instruments GmbH, Germany Chalmers University of Tecnology,

Vibration monitoring systems

The market value of wind power
for performance and reliability
Heinz-Theo Mengelkamp,
anemos Gesellschaft für
Andrea Sanchez Ramirez, IX
Umweltmeteorologie mbH,
Independent eXperts,
The Netherlands

15:30-16:00 Break
Exhibition & poster presentations

16:00-17:00 Closing Ceremony

Presentation of the WWEC2017 Conference Presentation of the Host of

World Wind Energy Award Resolution the WWEC2018

BO01 Guided tour

XX:XX Bo01 is a sustainable part of Malmö, a leading international example of environmental adaptation and social
sustainability in a densely built-up area


9:00 Field trip day

Lillgrund Offshore park Enercon Tower factory,

(not confirmed) Landskrona