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Let me introduce you to DICTUM.

100 years Herdim. 60 years DICK.

Dear friends of the crafts, About DICTUM .........................................| 400

Saws .........................................................| 700

We now have a new name: DICTUM. Since you may
ask why, I would like to present a few words of expla- Chisels .....................................................| 290
Sculpting tools ..........................................| 410
The name change is the result of our long tradition.
More than 160 years of experience in building musical
instruments and tools are an achievement to be proud Hatchets and axes ......................................| 610
of. Such a long experience also means that we have
kept developing our products and services. Therefore Planes ......................................................| 690
we decided to express this continuous development in
our name too. Sharpening devices ....................................| 870

DICTUM brings together the two brands DICK and Her-

Hammers, nails and pry bars .......................| 1010
dim in our new name DICTUM, from the Latin word
for »what has been said«. DICK still stands for the
Wood turning tools .....................................| 107
tool segment and Herdim for materials and tools for
musical instrument making. All products retain their
Rasps and files ..........................................| 119
established labels in slightly modified form.

DICTUM – the sound of the word alone already indi- Measuring and inspection instruments ........| 129
cates that this new name reflects a new stage of deve-
lopment. And, even more, its original meaning shows Clamps .....................................................| 141
that we place great value on »the word« or, more spe-
cifically, on the exchange of ideas. Be it in our work- Drills, screwdrivers, pliers ..........................| 147
shops on a range of application themes, or in our daily
contact with you.
Workshop accessories and toolkits ..............| 159
We are interested in the experiences you make in and
with your craft and in learning about what you find Leather- and paper-working tools ................| 171
helpful and what you would like to have.
Finishing ..................................................| 175
What matters most to us is that you are satisfied with
our products and services. This has always been and
Materials ..................................................| 187
will continue to be our focus.

We wish you an enjoyable and instructive read and look Knives, kitchen utensils, blade blanks .........| 197
forward to dialogue and knowledge exchange with you.
Razors and scissors ...................................| 243

Yours sincerely, Garden tools ..............................................| 251

Arts and crafts ..........................................| 271

Managing Director DICTUM GmbH

Books .......................................................| 277

Index ........................................................| 287

General business terms ..............................| 291

Our philosophy is based on a very simple principle: Let the crafts flourish.
We are sure you, too, know that sense of fulfilment as you shave And that applies whether you practice a craft professionally or to
ultrathin splints with your plane or make perfect cuts with your saw. enrich your free time. Creating something with your own hands is
This direct contact with materials provided by nature is what makes a fundamental experience that changes people’s outlook on life.
the crafts so special. A discovery of what is original, true and genuine.

Sustainability. Craft expertise.

We are committed both to the craft tradition and to Our passion for the things we do keeps driving us
sustainability. Both are intimately connected. Su- to improve what we offer and invent new things. In
stainability is not an invention of our era, but dates doing so, we build on a continuous exchange of expe-
back to the Forestry Ordinance of Electoral Saxony of riences with others. The people engaged in craft work
1560. It stated for the first time that resources may help us advance and become even better.
be used only to the extent that they are reproduced
by nature. Today, sustainability has acquired an eco-
logical, economic and social dimension. Our catalogue reflects this expertise. It was created
with love and passion for detail and provides a wealth
of knowledge about materials as well as background
We implement that idea consistently in all our pro- information so that you can use it like a manual. And
ducts. DICTUM primarily provides natural materials: it incorporates many experiences you have gained
wood, bone, stone, leather and fine steels. These ma- and communicated to us over the years.
terials are processed carefully, both to protect our na-
tural resources and to ensure that they lose none of
their useful functions over the years.

The high regard we have for nature is also reflected

in the unique aesthetics of our products. Nothing can
be more pleasing than a tool that not only fulfils its
purpose, but is also a joy to look at. A true passion
grips the senses. It is not easy to explain, but beauty
always fascinates us in very special ways.

Ethical principles.
This respect for things also extends to how we engage
with people. Our business partners, customers and
employees can rely on our honesty and fairness. If we
promise something, we abide by that commitment.
That is important to us. Every day.

For us, values are more than words.
Our service will let you see how important it is to us that our philo-
sophy really does inform what we do. Your requirements are our
commitment; our values are your benefits. Each and every day.

Quality assurance. Sharpening service.

A high quality standard is the result of a lot of dili- A sharp knife is a must-have in cuisine culture and
gence and commitment. Before we provide you with forms part of the basic equipment of every kitchen.
a tool, it has passed up to 20 manufacturer quality You want to cut with knives as sharp as a Samurai
assurance procedures and a 100 per cent receiving sword. Our sharpening experts know how it is done.
inspection in our company. This ensures that we can After all, they were trained in Japan.
guarantee the high utility characteristics to you that
And our sharpening service is also available for all
have already prompted customers to say: »Yes, that’s
other tools for which sharpness matters. To help
worth it for me«. And if a fault does get detected
ensure that your masterpiece will be just perfect.
occasionally, you can rely on us to find a quick and
supportive solution.
For DICTUM quality also means that our products are
free of harmful substances. Our materials and tools Telephone: +49-(0)991-9109-910 or
contain no additives that are potentially hazardous to
health or the environment.
*(14 cents/min. from German landlines / calls from mobiles may cost more).

Knives 6.00 €
Scissors 9.00 €
It is very important to us to know the origin of our
products in great detail. Our business partners inclu- Chisels 9.00 €
de many small family-owned blacksmith enterprises Plane-blades, carving tools,
which have cultivated the craft tradition for genera- wood-cutting knives 9.00 €
tions. At DICTUM you can, for example, rest assured
that a Japanese saw really was manufactured in Ja- Axes 9.00 €
pan. We have coined an expression in our company to Wood working chisels 9.00 €
define that approach. We call it »origination honesty«.
Barber scissors 26.00 €
Plus shipping charges (gross prices)
Spare parts service.
For most of our high-quality products, spare parts are
readily obtainable even years after the purchase. This
means that you can use your proven and trusted tool Premium sharpening service.
for a very long time.
You can have premium class products that bear this
logo sharpened by our experts at any time free of
The gift service. charge and without limitation. And you will bear only
the postage costs.
This may be just the service you need if you want
to enthuse others for craftwork too. For example, in-
spire your friends to build their own folding knife Sharpening pass.
with our new construction set. We will send your
lovingly packed gift and personal card to the We sharpen tools and knives bearing this mark free
specified receiver for only € 2.50. of charge twice. Here too, you bear only the postage

Knowledge grows by communication.
You probably know how it works: the more deeply you engage with At the same time, the exchange with you gives us new ideas for pro-
a subject, the more you want to know. And you then quickly reach duct development. Things can always be improved. That is part of
the point where literature alone is no longer sufficient. You want to our profession. You are therefore cordially invited to participate in
speak with people who share your passion. one of our workshops.

The programme.
Have you also always thought you’d like to bind
a book, build a boat or restore an antique table
yourself? Or would you prefer to work with metal?
Cast a bronze, forge silver or plate with gold? With
more than 100 workshops, there are no limits to de-
veloping your creativity and skills. And every work-
shop ends with a product you yourself have made. An
expression of your creative power.

Your teachers.
In our workshops, international specialists give their
best: they impart the practical craft know-how
accumulated over many years to you. In doing so,
they take account of your personal knowledge level.
Whether you participate in an introductory or advan-
ced course, every workshop provides sufficient time
for personal training.

The location.
An inspiring environment adds to teaching quality.
Our workshop center is situated in an idyllic loca-
tion, offering the perfect space for a retreat from
everyday life and concentration on your personal de-
velopment. All our workshop sites provide the harmo-
nious and relaxing atmosphere that promotes creative

Telephone +49-(0)991-9109-909 or
Fax +49-(0)991-9109-809 or
*(14 cents/min. from German landlines / calls from mobiles may cost more).

Japanese saws | 12
Perfect results through clean cuts. Dozuki saws | 12
Kataba saws | 14
Ryoba saws | 16
Saw sets | 17
Deluxe saws | 18
Quick change saws | 19
Saw cases | 20

Folding saws | 21

Frame and hand saws | 23

Flush-cutting saws | 24

Veneer saws | 24

Back saws | 24

Coping saws | 25

Compass saws | 25

Mitre saws and saw guides | 26

Saws for cutting other materials | 27

Saw accessories | 28

Scroll saw | 28

Japanese saws



WITH US YOU GET THE ORIGINALS are manufactured on highprecision machines of each individual Dozuki blade) are followed
As Europe’s largest supplier of Japanese handi- and saws with permanent blades in traditional by a 100% check of incoming goods in our
craft tools with more than 20 years of experi- small workshops. The quality of these tools company.
ence, we have the highest quality standards for fundamentally differs in many respects from
every Japanese saw that leaves our company. inexpensive Chinese or Taiwanese imports Your advantage: You purchase a top product
which sometimes have a similar appearance. guaranteed to be 100% fault-free! And our
The saws that we offer are manufactured ex- More than 20 testing processes during manu- responsibility does not end with selling the saw.
clusively in the Japanese master black-smiths’ facture (e.g. the microscopic final inspection The supply of replacement parts is also ensured
workshops. Saws with interchangeable blades of every saw blade or the manual sawing test over the long term.


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Japanese saws, one. The stainless steel ferrule visually separates the while keeping it safe and protected from dust. Each of
we would like to present to you a special limited-edition handle from the stainless steel back, which is also em- the limited-edition saws has a brass tag with a manu-
model made from the highest-quality materials. The bellished with Urushi. The ultra-thin, high-grade carbon facturer's certificate and production number.
handle is coated with black Urushi lacquer and decora- steel blade (0.15 mm) has crosscut teeth for extremely Blade length 240 mm
ted with a phoenix fine cuts across the grain. This premium-quality saw Overall length 590 mm
- a good-luck sym- comes in a blended fabric roll-up case of cotton and Cut depth 50 mm
bol in Japan - and Cupra Rayon (copper silk). This fabric is called Nishijin- Blade thickness 0.15 mm
a gold spray ef- ori (Nishijin textile) and is the most valuable material Setting 0.2 mm
fect. On the left for kimonos in the former imperial city of Kyoto. In the Crosscut teeth 1 mm
side of the handle is a blue phoenix, on the right a red presentation box provided, you can show off the saw No. 712010 1.088.24 € 1.295.00 €


Rust protection and No play in saw blade guidance

reduced friction for best precision
thanks to cutting edge surface-
plating technology (inexpensive Lighter grip
saws are usually only lacquered, for fatigue-free working
leading to increased friction
in the saw kerf!)

Perfect deburring of the teeth

for reduced sawing forces
No play in saw blade attachment
Individual impulse-hardened tooth tips for smooth, chatter-free sawing
for enhanced tooth-cracking resistance

Uniform set of saw teeth

and absolutely straight teeth
for drift-free sawing

Japanese saws

SAWS: OF JAPANESE SAWS to special tooth configuration

Finest steel quality 1. Low sawing forces thanks to thin blades Trapezoidal teeth
Conventional saws are pushed. This requires (crosscut teeth)
Impulse-hardened tooth-by-tooth thick blades in order to ensure sufficient Preferred for cuts
(every saw tooth has the same hardness, stability. Japanese saws, on the other hand, across the grain. The teeth are sharpened on
therefore the saw stays sharper for longer) are pulled, allowing the use of very thin three sides in alternating fashion to cleanly
blades, as they are only subjected to tensile sever the wood fibres with razor-blade
Replacement blade service stress and cannot warp. The saw kerfs are sharpness, leaving very clean surfaces.
therefore finer and the required sawing
Quality control at the warehouse in Metten forces considerably lower. Triangular teeth
(rip teeth)
Uniform and exactly symmetrical tooth PULLING allows the use of Thin and clean cuts For sawing along the
a thin blade and keeps
setting (no drifting) this straight grain (ripping). The tooth sizes vary over the
saw’s length to make it easier to start cuts
Proof of origin and improve cutting efficiency.

Tool handles without toxins Universal teeth

(all plastic handles are regularly tested) A hybrid form of the
PRESSURE requires a thick Wide and coarse
blade and tends to cause cuts above tooth types, for sawing across, along,
and diagonally to the grain.

The knife-sharp special teeth produce clean

HOW DO YOU RECOGNISE working surfaces, which normally no longer
AN ORIGINAL DICK® JAPANESE SAW? have to be cleaned out with a chisel or
smoothed with a plane.
You can recognise the saw by the DICK label Your advantage: Your advantage: You save time.
on the packaging or on the saw blade. Easy work and little wear. Even with fibrous soft wood, the cutting
edges do not tear out.
Your advantage: The result is visually
more satisfying.

Tooth checking by microscope Saw test Quality control at DICK

Japanese saws


For precise cutting, use a marking knife SUITABLE?
instead of a pencil. Approach with the saw Apart from the type (Dozuki, Kataba, Ryoba,
so that the line just barely remains. Folding Saw), the intended use (wood, plated
materials, plastic, metal) and the tooth
Which size of saw? patterns (for cutting across, along and diago-
Dozuki Rule of thumb: The length of the saw blade nally to the grain), there are a further three
Universal saw with reinforced back should be at least double the length to be criteria that are important for choosing the
and therefore limited cutting depth. sawed (thickness of the workpiece). most suitable saw.
For precise, thin cuts and fine surfaces.
Chattering These distingushing features are:
If the saw does not cut smoothly, change the Blade thickness, setting and tooth spacing.
angle of attack (20°-90°) to the workpiece.
Make certain that the workpiece lies on a Function and explanation:
solid support or is well clamped so as to
Kataba be free of vibrations. Blade thickness
The Kataba is a sturdy saw without The thinner the blade, the quicker and
reinforced back for deep, long cuts. more energy-efficiently, the cuts can be
Starting the cut Japanese saws are pull saws, therefore the
Use the rear section of the blades can be manufactured thinner than
blade closest to the handle those of traditional saws, since they are
to start the cut and use the under tension. The blade thickness of almost
thumbnail as a guide. Begin all saws is constant from the back of the saw
Ryoba sawing with short strokes. down to the teeth, except for the Silky® saws
The Ryoba is a double-sided saw with and handcrafted saws on pages 14, 18, 21
trapezoidal crosscut teeth on one side The right perspective and 22. It is only possible to measure the
and triangular rip teeth on the other. Guide the saw symmetrically blade thickness of these saws on the back,
The optimum sawing performance is through your field of vision, as they have hollow grinding.
therefore available for sawing both across so that the line of sawing is
and along the grain. within view of both eyes.

Two-handed sawing
With larger workpieces,
two-handed guidance is re-
TIPS FROM EXPERTS commended, with the (right) Setting
pulling hand at the rear end The setting affects the possibility of adju-
Sawing technique
of the handle and the (left) sting the saw cut as well as the acuteness of
Saw with less force and even strokes, using
guiding hand close to the the cut surface and the necessary effort.
around 2/3 of the blade length. The saw
tang. Setting describes the bending of the saw
“bites” under its own weight because of the
teeth alternating to the right and left side.
unique design of the teeth. The lower the
Rip cuts Where the setting is measured is not defined
force exerted, the better the result. During Spacing
Drive a small wedge into the clearly. For easier understanding we specify
sawing, change the cutting angle (arching
kerf to prevent the saw blade Wedge the setting by the thickness of the saw blade
stroke). This improves the saw’s performance
from getting jammed and to at its teeth.
and the teeth remain free.
make cutting easier. This dimension also corresponds to the width
of the saw kerf. Usually all blades are set,
Cross cuts except on the above-mentioned Silky® saws,
For sawing out mortises or dovetails, firstly
When you have made a handcrafted (with little setting) and flush-
set the saw at a flat angle and saw along the
shallow cut on the first side, cutting saws. The setting of the teeth allows
marking. Only then, tip the saw increasingly
rotate the piece away from precise cuts without the side of the blade
towards the right-angle position and saw
you. This will improve being in contact with the groove. With no set-
down to the ground.
guidance and cutting ting, the friction would be too intense, which
precision, especially for large would result in too much effort during sawing.

Japanese saws

The blades of the Silky® saws and handmade Tooth spacing KEY TO PICTOGRAMS
saws are ground hollow or hollowed out by You can tell from the tooth spacing how fast
great effort. This enables extremely clean the saw will cut (feed) and how fine the Crosscut
cuts and small saw kerfs. cross-section will be. The larger the tooth Trapezoidal-shaped teeth –
spacing, the more material you can take out mainly for cuts across the grain.
of the groove and the faster the saw cuts.
Diagaonal cuts
Saws with large tooth spacing leave a less-
Universal tooth pattern – for cuts
clean surface, as only a few teeth cut the sur-
across, along and diagonal to the
face. A small tooth spacing enables clean
y y grain.
surfaces, as many teeth cut the
Normal saws Silky and deluxe-saws Ripcut
surface. The teeth are smaller but cannot cut
Using the dimensions of the setting and as deep per cut and thus, because of their Rip teeth – mainly for cuts
blade thickness, you will get a measurement smaller chip spaces, cannot remove as much along the grain.
which indicates the possible correction of material, as saws with large tooth spacing. Particle boards
the saw direction of the blade and the Especially suited for hard materials
cleanliness of the surface. Just deduct the Summary like particle boards.
dimensions of the blade thickness from the Tooth spacing between 1.5 and 3.5 mm (tra-
setting. If this dimension is between 0.15 pezoid toothing and universal tooth pattern)
Mainly for metal materials.
and 0.35 mm the direction of the cut is Tooth spacing between 4 and 5 mm
slightly adjustable. Saws to be used for wet (triangular tooth pattern) Plastic
and green wood or rough cuts should have a • You will easily reach the cut end Especially suited for plastic
dimension of between 0.15 and 0.35 mm. • Slightly coarse cuts materials.
Adjusting the cut with saws with dimensions
Foamed materials
of 0.1 and 0.15 mm is more difficult, but Tooth spacing between 1 and 1.5 mm (trape-
Used to cut foamed and
once the cut is made precisely, you do not zoid toothing and universal tooth pattern)
insulation materials.
have to readjust it. Tooth spacing between 3 and 4 mm
(triangular tooth pattern) Dry wood
The calculated dimension is also • Extremely clean cuts Best suited for dry wood.
essential for the surface. The higher the • Slightly inferior cutting performance (feed) Wet wood
number, the more grooves will occur on the Best suited for wet and
surface. You will also need less power for cut- The tooth spacing is measured from one green wood.
ting. A smaller dimension will result in very tooth tip to another. In our printed catalogue
clean surfaces. this dimension is always indicated next to the Hollow grinding
kind of tooth pattern (e.g. triangular tooth Saws with this symbol have a

Important pattern 1.5 mm). hollow grinding on the blade and

Setting - Blade thickness = no setting. This results in the

between 0.15 and 0.35 mm cleanest cutting surfaces.

• Easy adjustment of the saw cut

• Less strain needed

Setting - Blade thickness =

between 0.1 and 0.15 mm
• Saw makes straight cuts without DICK® saw Cheap article
adjusting the direction
• Extremely clean surfaces Number of strokes required for a specimen 50 x 100 mm (softwood).

Knots Cheap article

DICK saw
Slight correction of the Hardly any correction
saw possible possible
Number of specimens cut

Saws | Japanese saws

Japanese saws

Dozuki saws Universal

Dozuki saws are indispensable for Dozuki saws with a universal
making wood joints and precise trimming tooth pattern are especially
and pruning. The extremely thin and very suited for making dovetail and
fine-toothed saw blade allows the highest other wood joints, as well as
precision and clean cuts with very little for all precision cuts across
force. The reinforced back stabilises the and along the grain.
blade and reduces the risk of breaking,
but without limiting the possible depth of
cut. Dozuki saws are principally suited A DOZUKI UNIVERSAL
for softwood and hardwood. These saws are available in
two lengths: the standard
blade length of 240 mm for
general use in carpentry, and
the version with 180 mm blade length,
which has proven itself especially in
apprentice training and in the field. You
can also choose the handle type: with
traditional rattan-wrapped handle, light
and breathable, or rubberised Power Grip,
especially durable and slip-proof.

Dozuki Universal 240

The most popular Dozuki:
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 530 mm
Cut depth 50 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm
1 Setting 0.45 mm
Universal toothing 1.50 mm
1 Rattan No. 712808 27.65 € 32.90 €
2 Power Grip No. 712830 27.65 € 32.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712908 13.36 € 15.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €

Dozuki Universal Compact 180

Handy and compact:
Blade length 180 mm
Overall length 395 mm
Cut depth 45 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm
2 Setting 0.40 mm
Universal toothing 1.5 mm
3 Rattan No. 712110 19.24 € 22.90 €
4 Power Grip No. 712848 19.24 € 22.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712948 12.52 € 14.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712870 9.83 € 11.70 €


The closest-ever tooth pitch of a mass-
produced Japanese saw with universal teeth
is 1.3 mm. The 2 tenths of a millimeter
that distinguish it from the Dozuki
Universal are crucial when it comes to
achieving even smoother-cut surfaces.
In particular, this allows the most precise
hardwood joints and the highest bonding
strength in glued joints. You can choose
from the conventional Dozuki form or the
traditional form.

4 1 Dozuki Universal extra-fine 240

Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 530 mm
Cut depth 50 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Setting 0.45 mm
Universal toothing 1.30 mm
No. 712994 28.49 € 33.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712996 15.88 € 18.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €
2 Dozuki Universal extra-fine 240
The traditional version of the Dozuki has an
extra-long back, which increases stability
1 and reduces vibration of the blade, and a
longer handle for perfect balance. Made
from White Silver Steel, it is also harder
and has an unsurpassed service life.
The handles are stained dark and
wrapped in rattan one end crosswise
in Japanese style.
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 600 mm
Cut depth 55 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Setting 0.45 mm
»We have been using Dozuki universal saws for years Universal toothing 1.30 mm
in apprentice training with great success.« No. 712405 37.73 € 44.90 €
P. Winklhofer, Heinrich-Hübsch-Schule, Karlsruhe (Germany) 2 Repl. blade No. 712997 21.76 € 25.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €

Saws | Japanese saws

The trapezoidal-shaped teeth
of these saws are suited for
precise cuts on wooden joints
across the grain. They pre-cut the fibre
and therefore minimise the risk of tear-
outs and guarantee extremely fine
surface finishes.
For especially fine-cut surfaces:
Chatter-free handling due to permanent
fixing of back and handle.
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 535 mm
Cut depth 50 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm
C Setting 0.45 mm
Crosscut teeth 1 mm
No. 712790 35.21 € 41.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712890 20.08 € 23.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €

For precision cuts, hold the handle

close to the tang (shorter strokes), for
fast cuts further back (long strokes).

The classic Dozuki with a long back,
which stabilises the blade and reduces
vibration. Made from White Silver Steel,
D this traditional version is also harder and
has an unsurpassed service life. The han-
dles are stained dark and wrapped in rat-
tan one end crosswise in Japanese style.
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 590 mm
Cut depth 55 mm
E Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Setting 0.40 mm
Crosscut teeth 1 mm
No. 712406 39.75 € 47.30 €
Repl. blade No. 712507 24.12 € 28.70 €
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €

Particle boards and exotic hardwoods C DOZUKI COMPACT 180 - CROSSCUT

Special wear-resistant teeth for Handy and compact:
laminates, particle boards and Blade length 180 mm
exotic hardwoods. Mostly used Overall length 395 mm
for crosscuts and cutouts. Cut depth 45 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Setting 0.40 mm
F DOZUKI SUPER HARD Crosscut teeth 1 mm
The curved tip allows cuts 1 Rattan No. 712111 25.80 € 30.70 €
to be started mid-panel. 2 Power Grip No. 712846 25.80 € 30.70 €
Repl. blade No. 712946 17.56 € 20.90 €
Dozuki Super Hard 240 Case p. 20 No. 712870 9.83 € 11.70 €
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 530 mm
Cut depth 50 mm D DOZUKI MINI 150 - CROSSCUT
Blade thickness 0.30 mm Perfect for smaller cuts and
Setting 0.45 mm cuts starting mid-panel.
Crosscut teeth 1.40 mm Blade length 150 mm
No. 712809 32.69 € 38.90 € Overall length 370 mm
Repl. blade No. 712909 15.55 € 18.50 € Cut depth 30 mm
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 € Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Setting 0.45 mm
Dozuki Super Hard 270 Crosscut teeth 1.40 mm
Blade length 270 mm No. 712816 21.76 € 25.90 €
Overall length 590 mm Repl. blade No. 712916 10.84 € 12.90 €
Cut depth 65 mm Case p. 20 No. 712870 9.83 € 11.70 €
Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Setting 0.45 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.50 mm
No. 712121 34.37 € 40.90 € The blades of the Dozuki Mini saws
Repl. blade No. 712122 17.56 € 20.90 € No. 712816 and No. 712780 are
Case p. 20 No. 712852 11.51 € 13.70 € exchangeable.


Available with either slip-resistant, E DOZUKI MINI FINE 150 - CROSSCUT
rubberised power grip or classic kiri wood Compact back saw for highest-quality
handle with rattan wrapping. cuts in detail work thanks to a tooth
Blade length 180 mm spacing of only 1 mm.
Overall length 395 mm Blade length 150 mm
Cut depth 45 mm Overall length 370 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm Cut depth 30 mm
Setting 0.45 mm Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.50 mm Setting 0.35 mm
1 Rattan No. 712112 20.59 € 24.50 € Crosscut teeth 1 mm
2 Power Grip No. 712795 20.59 € 24.50 € No. 712780 23.45 € 27.90 €
F G 1 2 Repl. blade No. 712796 12.52 € 14.90 € Repl. blade No. 712880 14.20 € 16.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712870 9.83 € 11.70 € Case p. 20 No. 712870 9.83 € 11.70 €

Saws | Japanese saws

Kataba saws
Due to their stronger blades, the backless
Kataba saws are very robust and make
deep, long or flush cuts in solid or glued
wood or composite material. Like all
Japanese saws, Kataba saws work on the
pull stroke and are therefore especially
energy-efficient. Kataba are offered in
different blade lengths and tooth spacing
for versatile use in cabinetmaking and

The universal toothing on
the Kataba saw is suited for
cuts diagonally, across and
along the grain. Mostly used
for bigger joints and for cutting
deep recesses.


Becomes a Ryoba in the blink of an eye:
Rake teeth quickly
transport the sawdust
out of the kerf.
The Ryoba blade
(No. 712480),
which is available as
an accessory, turns the
Kataba into a Ryoba saw in the blink
of an eye. Quick, lever-activated blade-
locking mechanism. Comes in a heavy-
duty, transparent plastic case.
Blade length 270 mm
Overall length 570 mm
Blade width 60 mm
Blade thickness 0.60 mm
Setting 0.85 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.90 mm
No. 712478 21.43 € 25.50 €
Repl. blade No. 712479 12.35 € 14.70 €
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €

1 Ryoba Blade 240

Converts your Kataba 270 into a Ryoba
double-sided saw with crosscut and A B C
ripcut tooth patterns.
Blade length 240 mm
Blade width 82 mm
Blade thickness 0.50 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.70 mm / D
Setting 0.75 mm
Rip teeth 2.80-4 mm /
Setting 0.70 mm.
No. 712480 14.87 € 17.70 €

The Kataba with crosscut teeth
is the right choice for crosscuts E
in big lumber. Thanks to the
trapezoidal-shaped teeth, the
fibre is pre-cut and this saw
produces tear-free, clean cutting
CROSSCUT Japanese saw blade combined with a
Relief-ground blade for low-friction rubberised, pistol-shaped handle in F
B KATABA 250 - CROSSCUT cutting: Western style for effortless trimming,
For precision cuts with excellent-quality Due to its taper-ground blade, this saw mitre and shoulder cuts. Fast-locking
surface finishes. makes cuts of unprecedented precision blade mechanism allows uncomplicated
Blade length 250 mm and with low friction. The teeth have no changing of blades.
Overall length 580 mm set, which makes the saw ideal for flush Blade length 265 mm F KATABA MINI 175 - CROSSCUT
Blade width 60 mm cuts in order to leave the cutting surface Overall length 435 mm Mini Kataba in Western design for fine,
Blade thickness 0.50 mm grooveless. This is an advantage espe- Blade width 60 mm tear-free cuts.
Setting 0.60 mm cially for sawn glued joints. The specially Blade thickness 0.60 mm Blade length 175 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.40 mm ground raker teeth reduce the cutting Setting 0.75 mm Overall length 300 mm
No. 712818 25.13 € 29.90 € wear of the other teeth, thus increasing Crosscut teeth 1.70 mm Blade width 47 mm
Repl. blade No. 712918 15.88 € 18.90 € the tool's service life. The lateral blade No. 712794 20.92 € 24.90 € Blade thickness 0.50 mm
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 € locking mechanism increases stability Repl. blade No. 712894 11.68 € 13.90 € Setting 0.65 mm
and reduces vibration. Robust aluminium Crosscut teeth 1.50 mm
handle with a soft rubberised grip. Hard- Ideal for use in conjunction with our No. 712467 10.50 € 12.50 €
C HATTORI® KATABA 265 - CROSSCUT chrome-plated (rustproof) blade with im- saw guide (712460), see page 26. Repl. blade No. 712468 6.64 € 7.90 €
Original Japanese saw at an entry-level pulse-hardened teeth. Comes with a
price. robust, transparent plastic sheath. Ideal for use with saw guide
Blade length 265 mm Blade length 285 mm (set No. 712464), see page 26.
Overall length 590 mm Overall length 615 mm
Blade width 60 mm Blade width 50 mm
Blade thickness 0.60 mm Blade thickness 0.90 mm
Setting 0.75 mm Crosscut teeth 1.70 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.70 mm No. 712495 53.70 € 63.90 €
No. 712620 15.04 € 17.90 € Repl. blade No. 712496 28.49 € 33.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712621 7.14 € 8.50 €
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €

Saws | Japanese saws

C D E 1 2

B Ripcut F
For cuts along the grain with
unlimited depths, a Kataba
saw with rip teeth is the right
choice. The narrower tooth spacing to- E KATABA SUPER HARD COMPACT 180
wards the handle facilitates starting the Handy Kataba saws with
cut and enables a progressive cutting choice of slip-resistant, rub-
A KATABA KARIWAKU 333 - CROSSCUT force. berised plastic handle or tra-
The most popular carpenter saw: ditional classic handle made
Sturdy saw for larger measurements in C KATABA 250 - RIPCUT of rattan-wrapped kiri wood.
cabinetmaking and carpentry, also for For precision cuts with excellent-quality Due to the rounded blade tip
green wood. High cutting performance, surface finishes. also suitable for mid-panel cuts.
even diagonally to the grain, due to Blade length 250 mm Blade length 180 mm
mixed tooth pattern. Light, rubberised Overall length 580 mm Overall length 395 mm
aluminium handle. Blade width 60 mm Blade width 50 mm
Blade length 333 mm Blade thickness 0.50 mm Blade thickness 0.50 mm
Overall length 705 mm Setting 0.60 mm Setting 0.80 mm
Blade width 55 mm Rip teeth 2.20-3.40 mm Crosscut teeth 1.50 mm
Blade thickness 0.90 mm No. 712817 25.13 € 29.90 € 1 Rattan No. 712113 19.50 € 23.20 €
Setting 1.20 mm Repl. blade No. 712917 15.88 € 18.90 € 2 Power Grip No. 712845 19.50 € 23.20 €
Crosscut teeth 2.80 mm Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 € Repl. blade No. 712945 11.93 € 14.20 €
No. 712782 33.19 € 39.50 € Case p. 20 No. 712870 9.83 € 11.70 €
Repl. blade No. 712882 16.72 € 19.90 €

A Particle boards and exotic hardwoods F HSS KATABA 265

Special wear-resistant teeth Longest edge life:
B KATABA ALPHA - CROSSCUT 265 for laminates, particle boards The ultra-strong HSS blade (approx. 68
How to make quicker and more precise and exotic hardwoods. Rockwell) of this saw demonstrates re-
cuts: The backless Kataba design markable durability and has teeth that
This innovative Japanese saw handles even is used for deep cuts. are exceptionally resistant to breakage.
large workpieces, boards and beams. Due
to its curved blade, only part of the teeth
are in use at a time, the kerf is cleaned D KATABA SUPER HARD 240
better and the teeth do not clog. Further- The most popular Kataba:
more, cuts along deep markings are easier Sturdy saw for working with
How to avoid tear-outs: to control. high-wear materials.
At the end of the cut use short Blade length 265 mm Blade length 240 mm Blade length 265 mm
strokes and very little force. That way Overall length 600 mm Overall length 540 mm Overall length 600 mm
you avoid uncontrolled breaking of Blade width 60 mm Blade width 65 mm Blade width 60 mm
and damage to the blade. Support the Blade thickness 0.60 mm Blade thickness 0.60 mm Blade thickness 0.60 mm
workpiece on both sides to avoid Setting 0.85 mm Setting 0.85 mm Setting 0.70 mm
breakage at the end of the cut. If Crosscut teeth 1.80 mm Crosscut teeth 1.70 mm Crosscut teeth 1.30 mm
possible, cut very thin pieces No. 712014 24.29 € 28.90 € No. 712204 21.43 € 25.50 € No. 712104 20.08 € 23.90 €
»in packages«. Repl. blade No. 712015 12.52 € 14.90 € Repl. blade No. 712205 13.36 € 15.90 € Repl. blade No. 712105 11.68 € 13.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 € Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 € Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €

Saws | Japanese saws

Ryoba saws
Due to its two different cutting
edges, the Ryoba saw offers
optimum cutting performance,
both for rip and crosscuts. This
makes it the most versatile saw
for cabinetmakers and
carpenters. The trapezoidal
teeth make the finest cuts
across the grain.
The triangular teeth
are ideal for cutting
along the grain.
The teeth become
finer from the tip to-
wards the tang, which
facilitates starting the
cut and stabilises the
blade with a progressive cutting force.


For fine cuts in cabinetmaking:
Versatile saw with especially fine tooth
pattern, which leaves an extremely fine
surface finish.
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 580 mm
Blade width 84 mm
Blade thickness 0.45 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.20 mm
Rip teeth 2.50-3.90 mm
Setting 0.65 mm / 0.65 mm
No. 712806 25.97 € 30.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712906 16.72 € 19.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712851 13.19 € 15.70 €


For versatile use in cabinetmaking and
Tough and powerful Ryoba in four sizes
for all types of cabinetmaking and
carpentry work.

1 Ryoba Seiun 210

For detail work in cabinetmaking:
Blade length 210 mm
Overall length 540 mm
Blade width 88 mm
Blade thickness 0.45 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.40 mm
Rip teeth 2.50-3.90 mm
Setting 0.65 mm / 0.55 mm
No. 712803 22.61 € 26.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712903 15.88 € 18.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712851 13.19 € 15.70 € A B 1 2 3 4
2 Ryoba Seiun 240
Universal saw for cabinetmakers
and carpenters.
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 600 mm
Blade width 97 mm C
Blade thickness 0.50 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.60 mm
Rip teeth 2.50-3.90 mm
Setting 0.75 mm / 0.70 mm 1
No. 712804 27.31 € 32.50 €
Repl. blade No. 712904 16.72 € 19.90 €
Case p. 20 No. 712851 13.19 € 15.70 €

3 Ryoba Seiun 270

Ideal for carpentry joints.
Blade length 270 mm
Overall length 660 mm
Blade width 115 mm 2
Blade thickness 0.60 mm
Crosscut teeth 2.30 mm
Rip teeth 3.60-5.80 mm
Setting 0.85 mm / 0.80 mm
No. 712805 28.49 € 33.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712905 20.08 € 23.90 € C RYOBA COMPACT 180
Case p. 20 No. 712859 15.04 € 17.90 € Handy Ryoba saw with classic handle
made of rattan-wrapped kiri wood or
4 Ryoba Seiun 300 power grip.
A durable, high-performance saw. Blade length 180 mm
Blade length 300 mm Overall length 395 mm
Overall length700 mm Blade width 60 mm
Blade width 120 mm Blade thickness 0.50 mm
Blade thickness 0.70 mm Crosscut teeth 1.50 mm /
Crosscut teeth 3.50 mm Rip teeth 2.80-3.60 mm /
Rip teeth 3.60-5.80 mm Setting 0.60 mm / 0.70 mm
Setting 1 mm / 0.95 mm 1 Rattan No. 712114 20.76 € 24.70 €
No. 712812 31.85 € 37.90 € 2 Power Grip No. 712849 20.76 € 24.70 € DICK saws undergo a 100% final
Repl. blade No. 712912 22.61 € 26.90 € Repl. blade No. 712949 14.20 € 16.90 € inspection at the Japanese
Case p. 20 No. 712859 15.04 € 17.90 € Case p. 20 No. 712858 10.67 € 12.70 € manufacturer.

Saws | Japanese saws

Saw sets Price advantage

all saw sets come in a jute carrying roll. First choice for professional work: Handy sizes for demanding work: When working on site, it’s especially
- 712877 (External dimensions 400 x 400 mm) This popular set of standard-length The handy, yet sturdy Compact saws with important to have lightweight, high-
- 712878 (External dimensions 600 x 600 mm) 240 mm saws will allow you to tackle 180 mm blade length fit into any tool performance tools. With this trio of saws
- 712879 (External dimensions 740 x 740 mm) just about any cabinetmaking project. bag. The 3-piece set includes the Dozuki you will be prepared to take on any big
The very popular Dozuki Universal (No. Universal for dovetails and other wood task. The Ryoba Seiun 300 (No. 712812)
A JAPANESE DUO 2-PIECE SAW SET 712808) is ideal for making dovetails joints (No. 712110/712848), the dou- has rip- and crosscut teeth for construct-
With these two versatile saws you are and other wood joints, the double-edged ble-edged Ryoba for deep rip- and cross- ing wood joints and for other large-scale
equipped for any jobs in the household Ryoba Komane (No. 712806) is one of cuts (No. 712114/712849), and the precision work. The Kariwaku
and workshop. Dozuki Universal 240 the most versatile saws available for cut- Kataba Super Hard for laminates, deep (No. 712782) performs exceptionally
(No. 712808) for precise cuts across and ting solid wood, and the Kataba Super mid-panel and flush cuts well even when cutting diagonally to the
along the grain, and Ryoba Komane 240 Hard (No. 712204) is capable of taking (No. 712113/712845). grain or working with green wood. The
(No. 712806), for deep rip- and crosscuts. on rougher jobs and cutting composites. 1 Rattan No. 712120 57.90 € 68.90 € Oyakata Professional Folding Saw (No.
No. 712141 57.90 € 68.90 € No. 712833 72.18 € 85.90 € 2 Power Grip No. 712834 57.90 € 68.90 € 712738) is an ideal companion when
working in the field.
No. 712864 120.17 € 143.00 €


As above but with an additional Dozuki As above, but with an additional Dozuki
Precise cuts succeed best with little Tenon saw (No. 712407) for highest- Compact - crosscut (No. 712846) for
force and calm, even strokes. precision cuts and fine surface finishes. very precise cuts.
No. 712865 109.16 € 129.90 € No. 712863 79.75 € 94.90 €

Saws | Japanese saws

Deluxe saws
Our hand-made master saws for the
highest expectations are aesthetically F
pleasing surprisingly light and incredibly
long-lived. Their blades are made in nu-
merous steps from vacuum-cast white
paper steel and forge-welded with the
tang. After hardening, the smith works on
them with a scraper to produce differen-
tiated blade thicknesses: Ryoba blades
taper towards the middle, Kataba and G
Dozuki blades towards the back. This
produces friction less strokes with little
vibration and the cleanest cut surfaces.
Each blade is straightened by hand with
a flattening hammer and signed with a
graver by the master smith. The handles
are made of light kiri wood and are
generally wrapped in rattan.
The full-hardened blades are more deli- Ideal for dovetails and tenons: Hand-crafted, all-purpose saws with two Special saw with
cate than those of saws with replacement Hand-forged saw with ripcut teeth for cutting edges, one for cross- trapezoidal teeth on
blades and should be treated with the making high-precision cuts running cutting and one for ripping. one edge and triangu-
greatest care by experienced craftsmen to parallel to the grain. Blade length 240 mm lar teeth on the other
avoid breakage of the blade or teeth. With Blade length 240 mm Overall length 600 mm for starting cuts mid-
proper use and care, the saw will last a Overall length 600 mm Blade width 105 mm panel, cutting grooves
lifetime. Cut depth 45 mm Blade thickness 0.30 mm and making dovetails.
Blade thickness 0.25 mm Crosscut teeth 1.40 mm Short, curved blade.
Setting 0.35 mm Rip teeth 3.0-4.50 mm Blade length 90 mm
Rip teeth 1.50 mm Setting 0.75 mm / 0.65 mm Overall length 445 mm
No. 712250 72.18 € 85.90 € No. 712001 138.57 € 164.90 € Blade width 70 mm
A HON DOZUKI DELUXE - CROSSCUT Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 € Case p. 20 No. 712851 13.19 € 15.70 € Blade thickness 0.45 mm
The finest Dozuki: Crosscut teeth 1.20 mm
Hand-crafted saw for highest-precision Rip teeth 3.30 mm
cuts, well-suited for fine cabinetmaking C KATABA DELUXE MINI - CROSSCUT E KOBIKI DELUXE 450 Setting 0.70 mm / 0.90 mm
and restoration work. The extremely thin Especially suited for making violins, Hand saws for large-scale work and No. 712100 27.65 € 32.90 €
blade and minimal setting (0.1 mm) model working, restoration and ripping logs. The Kobiki Deluxe is
result in very little cutting loss. Super- marquetry. Highly flexible blade. notable for its well-proportioned design
light wooden handle, rattan-wrapped. and well-balanced feel. The angled G DELUXE FRET SAW
Kataba Deluxe Mini 60 handle is designed for heavy-duty, Japanese precision
Blade length 60 mm two-handed use. saw with reinforced
Hon Dozuki Deluxe 180 Overall length 300 mm back for cutting fret
Blade length 180 mm Blade width 20 mm grooves in guitar fin-
Overall length 480 mm Blade thickness 0.30 mm Kobiki Deluxe - crosscut gerboards. The un-set
Cut depth 45 mm Setting 0.40 mm Blade length 450 mm teeth allow tear-free, perfectly
Blade thickness 0.20 mm Crosscut teeth 1 mm Overall length 700 mm straight cuts. Made by Master
Setting 0.30 mm No. 712310 41.93 € 49.90 € Blade width 85 mm Kanzawa, 61 RC, cedar handle.
Crosscut teeth 0.80 mm Blade thickness 1 mm Blade length 120 mm
No. 712212 115.04 € 136.90 € Kataba Deluxe Mini 120 Setting 1.50 mm Overall length 320 mm
Case p. 20 No. 712870 9.83 € 11.70 € Blade length 120 mm Crosscut teeth 3.30 mm Tooth spacing 1.1 mm
Overall length 330 mm No. 712291 121.76 € 144.90 € Kerf width 0.57 mm
Hon Dozuki Deluxe 240 Blade width 30 mm No. 712260 46.13 € 54.90 €
Blade length 240 mm Blade thickness 0.30 mm Kobiki Deluxe - ripcut
Overall length 610 mm Setting 0.55 mm Blade length 450 mm
Cut depth 50 mm Crosscut teeth 1 mm Overall length 700 mm
Blade thickness 0.20 mm No. 712311 41.93 € 49.90 € Blade width 85 mm
Setting 0.30 mm Blade thickness 1 mm
Crosscut teeth 0.80 mm Setting 1.75 mm
No. 712213 127.65 € 151.90 € Rip teeth 6.30-7.50 mm
Case p. 20 No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 € No. 712293 104.96 € 124.90 €

Saws | Japanese saws

Quick-change saws
Infinite possibilities:

Akagashi saws
The Akagashi saw is a saw with a very
robust handle made of high-grade
Japanese red oak. The saw stands for M
high quality and precision. Now you can H
customise this first-class Japanese saw
according to your individual needs. Using
the smart quick-change fastener, you can
combine different top-quality saw blades
with various hand-made Japanese red
oak handles in no time. Simply push up
the lever and pull the saw blade down. I
The blade is locked twice, it fits tightly N
and is not loose. The oiled surface of the
ergonomically shaped handle accentu-
ates the red oak and also the rosewood
band, which conceals the slot of the
quick-change fastener. For users, this O
saw represents a new dimension in saw- J
ing – one swift movement is enough to
have a tool with a choice of blades for all
your sawing needs.


For precise cuts along, across or diagonal G Red oak straight 135 mm No. 712985 20.92 € 24.90 € M Universal 270 No. 712986 12.18 € 14.50 €
to the fibre. Strongly set teeth minimize H Red oak straight 175 mm No. 712984 20.92 € 24.90 € N Fine 250 No. 712988 14.71 € 17.50 €
the friction and allow you to easily cor- I Red oak straight 215 mm No. 712983 20.92 € 24.90 € O Extra Fine 180 No. 712989 27.65 € 32.90 €
rect the direction of the cut. Due to the J Plastic 210 mm No. 712486 8.82 € 10.50 € P Flush-Cut 170 No. 712992 13.87 € 16.50 €
special tooth design with wider spacing K Red oak curved 165 mm No. 712981 20.92 € 24.90 € Q Keyhole 150 No. 712993 13.03 € 15.50 €
the saw kerf stays clean. The extra-long L Red oak curved 125 mm No. 712982 20.92 € 24.90 €
handle is very comfortable to hold. In For specifications of the saw blades
short, this saw is an all-rounder. see saw description text.
Blade length 270 mm
Overall length 520 mm
Blade width 60 mm E AKAGASHI KEYHOLE SAW 150
Blade thickness 0.6 mm This keyhole saw combines ruggedness A
Setting 0.75 mm with flexibility. The fine toothing allows
Crosscut teeth 1.9 mm exact cutting of curved shapes. An extra-
No. 712160 33.11 € 39.40 € short and bent handle adds to the easy
handling and manoeuvrability.
Blade length 150 mm
Overall length 340 mm
B AKAGASHI FINE 250 Blade width 10-15 mm
Fine trapezoid toothing characterises this Blade thickness 0.6 mm
superior saw. The perfect saw for crafts- Setting 0.8 mm B
men who prefer clean-cut surfaces and Crosscut teeth 1.6 mm
narrower saw kerfs. An extra-long handle No. 712167 33.95 € 40.40 €
makes for a great balanced saw.
Blade length 250 mm A Akagashi saw set with the most po-
Overall length 500 mm pular saw blades together with one handle
Blade width 60 mm stored in a cotton canvas saw case can
Blade thickness 0.5 mm be found at
Setting 0.6 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.4 mm
No. 712162 35.63 € 42.40 €


For fine cuts in dry wood.
C AKAGASHI EXTRA FINE 180 Solid plastic case.
The 0.3 mm kerf of this saw is almost Blade length 270 mm
unsurpassed. The offset of the blade li- Overall length 455 mm D
mits the cutting depth to 22 mm and Blade width 60 mm
therefore adds a lot of stability. A slightly Blade thickness 0.60 mm
shorter handle makes this saw perfect. Setting 0.75 mm
Blade length 180 mm Crosscut teeth 1.80 mm
Overall length 410 mm No. 712471 18.07 € 21.50 €
Cut depth 22 mm Repl. blade No. 712481 9.83 € 11.70 €
Blade thickness 0.3 mm
Crosscut teeth 1 mm
No. 712163 48.57 € 57.80 € Kataba Vario saws, E
5-piece set Price advantage
Multiple-use thanks
to extra blades:
D AKAGASHI FLUSH CUT 170 This set covers the
This flush-cutting saw with its extremely entire range of sawing
flexible blade leaves a very smooth cut applications - from
surface with no scratch marks. The razor- cuts in solid wood
sharp toothing finishes the job. Because to plastics. The quick-
of its extra-short handle, this saw may be release mechanism
used in confined and tight spaces. allows blades to be
Blade length 210 mm exchanged in a matter
Overall length 335 mm of seconds. Comes
Blade width 35 mm with a protective saw guard made of F
Blade thickness 0.4 mm transparent plastic. Kataba Vario 270,
Crosscut teeth 1 mm blade length 270 mm for fine wood cuts
No. 712166 34.79 € 41.40 € and four additional blades 210 mm in
length: rough wood cuts, laminates,
bamboo and plastics.
No. 712470 46.13 € 54.90 €
Repl.handle No. 712486 8.82 € 10.50 €

Saws | Japanese saws

Saw cases
Protect your fine Japanese saws from
dust and damage by storing them in a
suitable case and thus improving their
tool and edge lives.


This extra-long case doesn´t just accom-
modate saws of up to 60 cm in length,
it also has room for plenty of other tools
and parts. Four interior and six exterior
pockets allow you to organise everything
in limited space. Made of the finest-
quality robust nylon with a zip closure
and two handles.
External dimensions approx.
600 x 170 x 120 mm.
No. 712896 41.93 € 49.90 €

European cowhide, rivet-reinforced
seams, pushbutton closure, slide-in
tongue with hang-up hole.

Size 1
Blade length 150-180 mm
Blade width max. 60 mm
No. 712870 9.83 € 11.70 €

Size 2
Blade length 240-270 mm
Blade width max. 70 mm
No. 712871 10.84 € 12.90 €

Size 3
Blade length 240-315 mm
Blade width max. 75 mm
No. 712852 11.51 € 13.70 €
European cowhide, rivet-reinforced
seams, pushbutton closure, slide-in
tongue with hang-up hole.

Size 1
Blade length 150-180 mm
Blade width max. 75 mm
No. 712858 10.67 € 12.70 €

Size 2
Blade length 210-240 mm
Blade width max. 105 mm
No. 712851 13.19 € 15.70 €

Size 3
B C Blade length 270-300 mm
Blade width max. 120 mm
No. 712859 15.04 € 17.90 €


4 compartments, natural colour.

Size 1
Blade width max. 70 mm
E External dimensions 400 x 400 mm
No. 712877 4.96 € 5.90 €

Size 2
Blade width max. 90 mm
External dimensions 600 x 600 mm
No. 712878 7.48 € 8.90 €

Size 3
Blade width max. 120 mm
External dimensions 740 x 740 mm
No. 712879 10.84 € 12.90 €


Practical shoulder bag with DICK logo. Rip-
F stop nylon corduroy with adjustable shoul-
der strap and compartments for at least 4
saws up to 75 cm in length. Two separate
H H CASE FOR AKAGASHI SAWS pockets for repl. blades. Without contents.
This cotton canvas saw case holds sev- Overall length max. 750 mm
eral combinations of saws for convenient External dimensions of the bag
transport and storage. The rear pocket G 780 x 160 x 60 mm
provides space for three saw blades, No. 712895 23.45 € 27.90 €
while the front pocket holds the handle.
You can close the case securely with a
pushbutton and/or a cord. To prevent F LEATHER CASE FOR FOLDING SAWS
damage to the teeth, we additionally G SAW TOOTH GUARD With belt loop. Fits saws No. 712739,
recommend using the protective guard Plastic clip-on saw-blade 712738, 712754, 712752, 712732,
no. 712952. guard. 712736, 712118, 712107.
External dimensions 265 x 100 mm Overall length 600 mm. External dimensions 320 x 90 mm
No. 712169 13.45 € 16.00 € No. 712952 1.60 € 1.90 € No. 712853 12.52 € 14.90 €

Saws | Folding saws

Folding saws
Benefit from the advantages of Japanese
saws, even when working in the field.
Folded, the blade is protected from tooth
breakage. Unfolded, the blade is securely
fastened for working. Thanks to their reli-
able mechanism, exact blade guidance
and precise tooth pattern, Japanese fol-
ding saws are equal to fixed saws in
every way.

Japanese folding saws

for dry wood


State-of-the-art saws:
The blades of these saws can quickly and A
easily be folded into the handle simply
by pressing down the locking lever. The
blades are locked in two positions, with
one of them also enabling mid-panel
cuts. Due to their tapered blade, these
saws cut almost frictionlessly, and the 1
high-precision teeth have no setting,
leaving the cutting surface grooveless.
This is an advantage especially for sawn
glued joints. Robust aluminium handles
with a non-slip soft rubber grip.
Hardchrome-plated (rustproof) blades
with impulse-hardened teeth.

1 Dozuki Woodboy 240 - crosscut 2

For the finest cuts. Tapered,
hardchrome-plated blade.
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 560 mm
Cut depth 45 mm
Blade thickness 0.60 mm
Crosscut teeth 0.90 mm
No. 712768 65.80 € 78.30 €
Repl. blade No. 712769 33.03 € 39.30 € B

2 Kataba Woodboy 240 - crosscut

Ideal for deep cuts and surface-protect-
ing, flush work due to the un-set tooth
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 560 mm C HATTORI® KATABA FOLDING SAW 265
Blade width 46 mm For fine cuts, suitable for mounting and
Blade thickness 0.70 mm expanding, as well as many other tasks in
Crosscut teeth 1.10 mm cabinetmaking and carpentry. The coated
No. 712766 58.57 € 69.70 € blade reduces friction and corrosion.
Repl. blade No. 712767 29.33 € 34.90 € Hardwood handle. C
Blade length 265 mm
Overall length 640 mm
Blade width 60 mm
Blade thickness 0.60 mm
B SILKY® OYAKATA 270 - FINE Setting 0.95 mm
Robust folding saw with fine teeth. Crosscut teeth 1.60 mm
The blade has been tapered and has no No. 712763 22.18 € 26.40 €
setting to minimise friction and guaran- Repl. blade No. 712764 11.68 € 13.90 €
tee clean cutting surfaces, an advantage
for sawn glued joints. The specially
ground raker teeth reduce the cutting
wear of the other teeth, increasing the
tool's service life and preventing clog-
ging. The hardchrome-plated (rustproof) E CUTTER SAW 110 D
blade with impulse-hardened crosscut This is a compact and versatile saw in
tooth pattern provides high wear- D JOINER´S FOLDING SAW ISHINOKO 210 cutter format, at home both in the work-
resistance. Robust frame made of The Ishinoko folding saw stands for fine shop, on a construction site and in the
die-cast aluminium and a rubberised, cutting and excellent performance. With field. The impulse-hardened tooth tips
non-slip grip. its ergonomically shaped soft rubber of the high-grade exchangeable blade
Blade length 270 mm handle, it ensures a firm, comfortable provide good cutting performance in
Overall length 560 mm grip and prevents fatigue. Chrome-plated wood and particle board. The blade can
Blade width 35 mm steel housing, hardchrome-plated blade quickly and easily be exchanged for
Blade thickness 1 mm (rustproof). cutter blades.
Crosscut teeth 1.50 mm Blade length 210 mm Blade length 103 mm
No. 712739 52.61 € 62.60 € Overall length 450 mm Overall length 230 mm E
Repl. blade No. 712749 26.81 € 31.90 € Blade width 36 mm Blade width 18 mm
Blade thickness 1 mm Blade thickness 0.45 mm
2-piece Oyakata Set Price advantage Setting 1.15 mm Setting 0.50 mm
Oyakata fine (No. 712739) with Crosscut teeth 1.40 mm Crosscut teeth 1.30 mm
coarse replacement blade (No. 712838). No. 712118 19.24 € 22.90 € No. 712150 10.84 € 12.90 €
No. 718965 75.55 € 89.90 € Repl. blade No. 712119 12.52 € 14.90 € Repl. blade No. 712151 5.46 € 6.50 €

Saws | Folding saws

Japanese folding saws

for green wood


For wet wood, carpentry and outdoor work:
Optimal cutting performance, even
diagonally to the grain, is guaranteed by
this folding saw with sturdy aluminium
construction and a non-slip elastomer
grip. The trapezoidal toothing has
additional clearing teeth added at a ratio
of 1:7. A tooth spacing which becomes
finer towards the blade enables a pro- B
gressive cutting force. The hardchrome-
plated blade guarantees a long lifetime.
Blade length 250 mm
Overall length 510 mm
Blade width 32 mm
Blade thickness 0.80 mm
Setting 1.15 mm
Crosscut teeth 2.70-3.60 mm
No. 712754 31.01 € 36.90 € C
Repl. blade No. 712755 16.72 € 19.90 €


This robust folding saw with its high cutting
performance is ideal for cutting bigger
stock (carpentry), insolation material and
for pruning trees. To enable low friction
and clean cutting surfaces, the blade has D
been tapered and has no setting. A clean
cutting surface helps water run off quickly
and thus lets the wood dry more quickly
and prevent rotting. The specially ground
raker teeth reduce the cutting wear of the
other teeth, thus increasing the tool's ser-
vice life and preventing clogging. The
hardchrome-plated (rustproof) blade with
impulse-hardened crosscut tooth pattern
provides high wear-resistance. Robust
frame made of die-cast aluminium and a E
rubberised, non-slip grip.
Blade length 270 mm
Overall length 560 mm
Blade width 35 mm
Blade thickness 1.30 mm
Crosscut teeth 2.80 mm
No. 712738 52.86 € 62.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712838 26.81 € 31.90 € F

2-piece oyakata set Price advantage

Oyakata Coarse (No. 712738) with fine
replacement blade (No. 712749).
No. 718965 75.55 € 89.90 €

The perfect saw for carpenters working Whether for professional woodworkers or Compact featherweight for trekking and Unparalleled value for money.
with large timbers. outdoor work, these compact folding camping: Ideal for craft and hobby use.
With its length of 360 mm, this saw saws with their razor-sharp teeth easily The solid aluminium handle, rubberised, Blade length 150 mm
has one of the longest blades among all stand the comparison with bigger saws. non-slip grip and sturdy, hardchrome- Overall length 355 mm
folding saws. The chrome-plated blade is The robust metal folding mechanism plated blade make this featherweight saw Blade width 24 mm
rust-resistant, and the impulse-hardened locks the blade in two different positions. perfect for outdoor activities such as Blade thickness 0.60 mm
teeth guarantee a long service life. The The taper-ground blade reduces friction, hunting, camping and trekking. The Setting 0.85 mm
tapered blade has additional raker teeth and the soft elastomer non-slip handle is blade is taper-ground to reduce friction. Crosscut teeth 2 mm
to reduce the cutting wear of the other very comfortable to hold. The tapered Blade length 150 mm No. 712734 10.50 € 12.50 €
teeth and thus increase the tool's service blades have additional raker teeth to Overall length 330 mm
life. As the teeth have no setting, the reduce the cutting wear of the other Blade width 30 mm
cuts leave the cutting surfaces groove- teeth and thus increase the tool's service Blade thickness 0.8 mm
less. A clean cutting surface helps water life. The teeth are impulse-hardened. Setting 1.3 mm
run off quickly and thus lets the wood Comes with a robust, transparent plastic Crosscut teeth 3.5 mm You can find more folding saws under
dry more quickly and prevent rotting. sheath that can be worn on a belt. No. 712748 20.92 € 24.90 € »Gardening Tools« and online at
The robust, yet light aluminium handle Repl. blade No. 712847 12.52 € 14.90 €
can be held either with one or both
hands, and the rubberised coating provi-
des a good grip in any circumstance.
The folding saw can easily be locked
and unlocked simply with a press of The tooth tips
the thumb, which enables two different of quality saw
working positions of the saw blade and replacement
even sawing in places that are difficult Silky Pocket Boy folded inside its clear case. blades are
to access. individually
Blade length 360 mm Blade length 170 mm impulse-hardened,
Overall length 760 mm Overall length 370 mm which makes
Blade width 42 mm Blade width 30 mm them especially
Blade thickness 1.30 mm Blade thickness 1.0 mm break-proof.
Crosscut teeth 3 mm Crosscut teeth 3 mm
No. 712499 53.70 € 63.90 € No. 712776 31.34 € 37.30 €
Repl. blade No. 712500 30.17 € 35.90 € Repl. blade No. 712777 18.82 € 22.40 € DICK saws have
toxin-free handles
(all plastic handles
are regularly

Saws | Frame and hand saws

Frame and hand saws



The frame saw Classic combines European
tradition with Japanese cutting quality.
Both the frame and the saw blades are
produced exclusively for DICTUM.
The ergonomically curved cheeks and
knobs are made of precious wood with
finely sanded, oiled and polished surfaces.
The cedar stretcher lowers the weight of
the saw and reduces vibrations.

Classic 400 Universal B TURBO-CUT FRAME-SAW BLADES
Handy saw for precision work. Japanese saw blades for upgrading
With Turbo-Cut universal blade. your frame saw:
Blade length 400 mm The Japanese high-performance blades 1
Blade width 40 mm give your frame saw undreamed-of
Blade thickness 0.6 mm »turbo« power. Laser-hardened special
Setting 0.85 mm tooth patterns make for effortless, true
Universal toothing 1.80 mm cuts and high surface quality in all wood
External dimensions 320 x 700 mm types. The extremely hard tooth tips 2
Approx. 550 g (degree of hardness over 70 Rockwell,
No. 712968 60.42 € 71.90 € cannot be resharpened) guarantee multi-
Repl. blade No. 712971 18.32 € 21.80 € ple edge life compared to conventional
blades. Blade thickness 0.6 mm. C
Classic 400 Jig blade Available in the following tooth patterns:
For precise curve cuts. Universal blade
With Turbo-Cut jig blade. Highest performance
Blade length 400 mm for cuts across, along 1
Blade width 10 mm or diagonally to the grain.
Blade thickness 0.6 mm Universal tooth pattern.
Setting 0.85 mm Crosscut blade
Crosscut teeth 1.80 mm For the cleanest cuts
External dimensions 320 x 700 mm across the grain.
Approx. 550 g Trapezoidal tooth pattern.
No. 712969 60.42 € 71.90 € Ripcut blade
Repl. blade No. 712972 18.32 € 21.80 € For cuts along the
grain. Triangular
tooth pattern.
Classic 500 Universal Jig blade
The ideal saw for accurately cutting For all precise curved 2
dovetails and other wood joints. cuts. Trapezoidal
With Turbo-Cut universal blade. tooth pattern.
Blade length 500 mm
Blade width 40 mm
Blade thickness 0.6 mm 1 Universal blade 400
Setting 0.85 mm Blade length 400 mm
Universal toothing 1.80 mm Blade width 40 mm
External dimensions 360 x 800 mm Blade thickness 0.6 mm
Approx. 750 g Setting 0.85 mm
No. 712962 68.74 € 81.80 € Universal toothing 1.80 mm C TURBO-CUT HAND SAW
Repl. blade No. 712956 20.76 € 24.70 € Hole distance 370 mm This classic European hand saw with a
No. 712971 18.32 € 21.80 € Japanese high-performance blade
allows precision cuts to be made with
Classic 600 Universal breathtaking speed. The teeth are
The most popular frame saw: 2 Jig blade 400 Crosscut blade 600 designed to cut primarily on the push
Our most popular and versatile frame saw Blade length 400 mm Blade length 600 mm stroke, but are also
with Turbo-Cut universal blade. Blade width 10 mm Blade width 40 mm specially sharpened to
Blade length 600 mm Blade thickness 0.6 mm Blade thickness 0.6 mm cut on the pull stroke
Blade width 40 mm Setting 0.85 mm Setting 0.8 mm as well. Rake teeth
Blade thickness 0.6 mm Crosscut teeth 1.80 mm Crosscut teeth 2 mm prevent the saw from clogging and keep
Setting 0.85 mm Hole distance 370 mm Hole distance 570 mm it true. Screwed-down hardwood handle.
Universal toothing 2 mm No. 712972 18.32 € 21.80 € No. 712950 23.70 € 28.20 € Hardchrome-plated blade (corrosion-
External dimensions 360 x 900 mm free), resharpenable teeth (e.g. with saw
Approx. 800 g file No. 712802, p. 28).
No. 712964 71.76 € 85.40 € Universal blade 500 Rip saw blade 600
Repl. blade No. 712957 23.45 € 27.90 € Blade length 500 mm Blade length 600 mm 1 Turbo-Cut Hand saw 330
Blade width 40 mm Blade width 40 mm Blade length 330 mm
Blade thickness 0.6 mm Blade thickness 0.6 mm Overall length 420 mm
Classic 700 Universal Setting 0.85 mm Setting 0.8 mm Blade width 35-120 mm
This large, heavy-duty frame saw with Universal toothing 1.80 mm Rip teeth 2.80 mm Blade thickness 0.80 mm
excellent cutting performance is perfect Hole distance 470 mm Hole distance 570 mm Setting 1.05 mm
for carpentry work. No. 712956 20.76 € 24.70 € No. 712951 23.70 € 28.20 € Crosscut teeth 2 mm
With Turbo-Cut universal blade. No. 712090 36.05 € 42.90 €
Blade length 700 mm
Blade width 40 mm Universal blade 600 Universal blade 700 2 Turbo-Cut Hand saw 450
Blade thickness 0.6 mm Blade length 600 mm Blade length 700 mm Blade length 450 mm
Setting 0.85 mm Blade width 40 mm Blade width 40 mm Overall length 540 mm
Universal toothing 2.20 mm Blade thickness 0.6 mm Blade thickness 0.6 mm Blade width 37-120 mm
External dimensions 410 x 1000 mm Setting 0.85 mm Setting 0.85 mm Blade thickness 1 mm
Approx. 1100 g Universal toothing 2 mm Universal toothing 2.20 mm Setting 1.10 mm
No. 712965 75.55 € 89.90 € Hole distance 570 mm Hole distance 670 mm Crosscut teeth 2.30 mm
Repl. blade No. 712958 26.39 € 31.40 € No. 712957 23.45 € 27.90 € No. 712958 26.39 € 31.40 € No. 712091 41.93 € 49.90 €

Saws | Flush-cutting saws, Veneer saws, Back saws

Flush-cutting saws B MINI KUGIHIKI 150 Veneer saws

Simple flush-cutting saw with hardwood
Japanese flush-cutting saws are ideal for handle. D JAPANESE VENEER SAW 70 E GERMAN VENEER SAW 75
cutting dowels, pegs, tenons etc. flush to Blade length 150 mm For cutting veneer and mid-panel cuts. Veneer saw made in Germany with
the surface of the piece without dama- Overall length 305 mm All-purpose teeth with very little setting. cranked handle and double-edged,
ging its surface. Flexible blades with Blade width 30 mm Beech wood handle. un-set saw blade. Triangular tooth
un-set teeth, limited cutting depth. Blade thickness 0.50 mm Blade length 70 mm pattern for push and pull strokes.
Crosscut teeth 1.20 mm Overall length 225 mm Blade length 75 mm
No. 712304 11.68 € 13.90 € Blade width 40 mm Overall length 195 mm
Blade thickness 0.50 mm Blade width 50 mm
Setting 0.60 mm Blade thickness 0.50 mm
C MINI KUGIHIKI Z-SAW® 150 Universal toothing 1.30 mm Setting 0.55 mm
Small flush-cutting saw for flush cuts No. 712703 12.52 € 14.90 € Rip teeth 1.60 mm
A KUGIHIKI 190 without damaging surfaces. Replaceable No. 703810 9.16 € 10.90 €
The blade of this professional Kugihiki is blade, hardchrome-plated. Lightweight Repl. blade No. 703811 5.46 € 6.50 €
especially thin and flexible. Traditional, plastic handle. Double cutting edge.
rattan-wrapped wooden handle. Blade length 150 mm
Blade length 190 mm Overall length 300 mm
Overall length 510 mm Blade width 35 mm
Blade width 40 mm Blade thickness 0.40 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm Crosscut teeth 1.20 / 1.50 mm
Crosscut teeth 1 mm No. 712321 11.51 € 13.70 €
No. 712303 36.05 € 42.90 € Repl. blade No. 712323 7.48 € 8.90 €




Back saws
Multi-purpose STRAIGHT-HANDLED DOVETAIL SAW Small Japanese replaceable-blade saws This compact Japanese saw with two
Japanese compact Sharpened by hand: for all fine wood cuts in model and hobby different tooth spacings and extra-thin
saw with tip-hardened This European-style back saw allows pre- work. The rubberised handle fits the blade is the first choice for the finest
special tooth pattern, cise longitudinal cuts and is thus ideal hand comfortably. cuts in tight spaces and - thanks to the
for cutting on the push and the pull. for creating dovetail joints. The long un-set toothing - for cutting dowels or
Also suitable for children. Slip-proof, handle of grained maple and the stable Back saw powergrip 135 other protruding wood pieces flush. The
rubberised handle, reliable blade locking brass back guarantee perfect balance Blade length 135 mm slim blade guarantees minimal cutting
mechanism. and smooth cutting. The blade teeth of Overall length 270 mm waste. Handle of Japanese red beech.
Blade length 150 mm Swedish spring steel are first milled and Cut depth 24 mm Blade length 125 mm
Overall length 260 mm set on the machine and then fine-tuned Blade thickness 0.35 mm Overall length 270 mm
Blade width 45 mm by hand. Each saw undergoes an inten- Setting 0.55 mm Blade width 30 mm
Blade thickness 0.50 mm sive cutting test before it leaves the Rip teeth 0.70 mm Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Setting 0.85 mm factory. No. 712713 12.18 € 14.50 € Setting 0.30 mm
Universal toothing 1 mm Blade length 254 mm Repl. blade No. 712699 6.39 € 7.60 € Crosscut teeth 1 / 1.30 mm
No. 712490 19.24 € 22.90 € Overall length 445 mm No. 712123 16.72 € 19.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712493 12.52 € 14.90 € Blade width 45 mm Back saw powergrip 150
Blade thickness 0.4 mm Blade length 150 mm
Setting 0.75 mm Overall length 295 mm
G BACK SAW FOR HARDWOOD 165 Rip teeth 1.5 mm Cut depth 32 mm K KATABA RESTAURO 100
Japanese cutting force in Western style: No. 712639 57.98 € 69.00 € Blade thickness 0.35 mm Compact Japanese saw for fine repair cuts
Small, pull-stroke saw with reinforced Setting 0.55 mm and working in confined spaces. The
blade back for detailed work on models, Crosscut teeth 1.30 mm extremely fine, un-set teeth leave very
musical instruments and in restoration. No. 712714 15.04 € 17.90 € clean surfaces behind. The thin blade
No setting. Repl. blade No. 712716 7.73 € 9.20 € minimises the amount of cutting waste.
Blade length 165 mm Blade length 100 mm
Overall length 290 mm Overall length 220 mm
Cut depth 30 mm Blade width 20 mm
Blade thickness 0.30 mm Blade thickness 0.30 mm
Rip teeth 0.90 mm Crosscut teeth 1 mm
No. 712710 19.24 € 22.90 € No. 712309 16.22 € 19.30 €

Saws | Coping saws, Compass saws


Coping saws


Precision coping saws for professional use:
High-precision, professional coping saw
by Swiss manufacturer Glardon. Perfect
for intarsia, mother-of-pearl or goldsmith
work and other artisan and precise me-
chanical applications. Tension length
adjustable up to 150 mm, frame and
mountings aluminium.
Comes without blade.
Jaw depth
1 75 mm No. 712521 31.85 € 37.90 €
2 100 mm No. 712525 38.40 € 45.70 € 1

Coping-saw blades of the highest quality.
Spring steel with rounded back. D
Blade length 130 mm. Pack of 12.

Blade width 0.36 mm
Blade thickness 0.18 mm
Setting 0.21 mm
Rip teeth 0.3 mm
No. 712522 3.28 € 3.90 €

Blade width 0.58 mm
Blade thickness 0.28 mm
Setting 0.32 mm 2
Rip teeth 0.5 mm
No. 712523 2.77 € 3.30 €

Blade length 130 mm
Blade width 0.94 mm
Blade thickness 0.40 mm
Setting 0.48 mm B JAPANESE COPING SAW Freeway®
Rip teeth 0.8 mm With its great depth, this Japanese steel- Freeway saws come with a robust steel
No. 712524 3.03 € 3.60 € frame coping saw is perfectly suited for frame, which ensures high torsion resist-
deep cuts. The saw blade, fixed with two ance. A clamp at the end of every saw
SUPER GLARDON® SAW BLADES, hand knobs, is easily tightened by blade is easily hooked onto the socket
SPIRAL TOOTH PATTERN turning the handle. A metal sleeve inside and tightened by turning the handle.
For cuts in any direction the handle allows for precise adjustment D COPING SAW FREEWAY®
without having to turn the of the tension in single-handed opera- Sturdy coping saw for hobby use,
saw, very easy to use. tion. If necessary, the blade-holding C FREEWAY® DIAMOND SAW training and school:
Blade length 130 mm. clamps can be set up in 4 positions if For hard materials: The tough, spiral-tooth saw wire allows
Packs of 12. turning the saw is not possible. Chrome- The diamond particles embedded in the you to make cuts in any direction without
plated frame, plastic handle, weight 230 blade allow this saw to be used for turning the saw. The case-hardened saw
Fine g. Comes with 3 blades cutting the hardest materials, such as wire (Ø 1 mm) is highly resistant to
Blade thickness 0.70 mm (we recommend Super Glardon Saw steel, stone, ceramic or glass, in any di- breakage and wear and therefore ideal
No. 712530 3.28 € 3.90 € Blades as replacement blades). rection. Comes with one diamond saw for school and training use.
Blade length 130 mm blade and one conventional blade. Each saw comes with 2 saw wires.
Medium Overall length 300 mm Blade length 125 mm Blade length 125 mm
Blade thickness 0.75 mm Blade width 1 mm Overall length 290 mm Overall length 290 mm
No. 712531 3.28 € 3.90 € Blade thickness 0.40 mm Blade thickness 1.60 mm / 1 mm Blade thickness 1 mm
Setting 0.50 mm Depth 120 mm Depth 120 mm
Coarse Rip teeth 0.80 mm No. 712514 17.56 € 20.90 € No. 712512 12.27 € 14.60 €
Blade thickness 0.85 mm Depth 250 mm 2 Replacement blades 2 Replacement blades
No. 712532 3.28 € 3.90 € No. 712517 25.13 € 29.90 € No. 712515 12.52 € 14.90 € No. 712513 3.78 € 4.50 €

Compass saws
With long, slender Japanese blades for
making holes and curved cuts and
working in confined spaces.


Robust, blued blade with wide tooth Ideal for working in confined spaces
spacing for rough cut-outs. Handle made and for precise curved cuts and cut-outs.
from beech with hang-up hole. Rosewood handle. F
Blade length 210 mm Blade length 120 mm
Overall length 345 mm Overall length 245 mm
Blade width 5-14 mm Blade width 3-14 mm
Blade thickness 1.30 mm Blade thickness 0.60 mm
Setting 1.40 mm Setting 0.70 mm
Universal toothing 1.60 mm Universal toothing 1.10 mm
No. 712601 12.52 € 14.90 € No. 712602 9.16 € 10.90 €

Saws | Mitre saws and saw guides

Mitre saws and saw guides


CHAMPION 180 - SET The Japanese Turbo-Cut blade makes
With Japanese blade. razor-sharp, high-quality cuts, even when A
Precise, versatile mitre saw made in cutting hardwood. This allows maximum
Sweden with aluminium body machined precision when making frames and
so the stock lies perfectly flat, exact cutting boards and squares to size.
metal guides that ensure straight cuts, Trapezoidal teeth designed to cut on the
and a guide that can be locked at any pull stroke, with rake teeth, hardened
angle with additional fixed stops. Two tips.
integrated clamps hold the workpiece Fits most standard mitre saws.
tight, long pieces are supported by a Note: Cannot be used in the double mitre
pull-out support. Extra details like the saw Champion 180, No. 712533!
length stop, cutting depth lock-out or
compound mitre function set this multi- Blade length 550 mm
functional tool apart, as does the Japan- Blade width 45 mm
ese high-performance blade, which Blade thickness 0.70 mm
allows effortless, extremely quick cutting Setting 1 mm
in solid wood. Set includes fine-tooth Crosscut teeth 1.80 mm
saw blade No. 712536 and Japanese Hole distance 515 mm
high-performance saw blade No. 712534. No. 712980 20.92 € 24.90 €
Fixed angles for 4-, 5-,
6-, 8-, 12-cornered
frames and 90° cuts,
accuracy +/- 0.08°, approx. 5 kg
Blade length 630 mm
Table length 500 mm
Max. depth of cut 180 mm
No. 712539 167.98 € 199.90 €
This saw guide is fully adjustable in B
mitre and angle of inclination, making
accurate, straight and very clean cuts of
ledges, frames and joints. The sliding
fence allows boards to be trimmed or
bevelled easily. Adjustable from +/-
0°-45°, made of galvanised steel. Comes
with protractor, positioning and sliding
fence, dummy blade, Allen key and
detailed instructions. Suitable for
saws with blade thicknesses between
SAW BLADES FOR NOBEX® DOUBLE 0.40 and 0.60 mm; we recommend the
MITRE SAW CHAMPION 180 Kataba Speed Saw No. 712794.
No. 712460 39.16 € 46.60 €
For wood, Japanese tooth pattern
Blade length 630 mm
Blade width 40 mm
Blade thickness 0.80 mm
Setting 1 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.60 mm
No. 712534 35.21 € 41.90 € Mitres Polygons Lap joints

For metal (HSS bi-metal, extra hard) Saw guide set Price advantage
Blade length 630 mm Precision saw guide (No. 712460) with
Blade width 19 mm Kataba Speed Saw 265 (No. 712794)
Blade thickness 1 mm included.
Setting 1.30 mm No. 712461 55.38 € 65.90 €
Rip teeth 1 mm
No. 712537 20.25 € 24.10 €

For fine cuts in wood C

Blade length 630 mm
Blade width 40 mm D SAW GUIDE SET MINI Z-SAW ®

Blade thickness 0.80 mm For right-angled trimming of squared

Setting 1.20 mm timber and ledges, as well as precise
Rip teeth 1 mm 45° mitre cuts. Mitres can be cut at any
No. 712536 11.34 € 13.50 € angle with the setting gauge and a screw
clamp. With the length stop in place, it
For hardwood and hard plastics is even possible to precisely cut boards
Blade length 630 mm and panels by hand.
Blade width 40 mm Set: Mitre block, including 90° guide,
Blade thickness 0.80 mm 45° guide, length stop, setting gauge,
Setting 1.20 mm Kataba Mini saw
Rip teeth 1.40 mm (No. 712467) and instructions.
No. 712535 11.34 € 13.50 € No. 712464 36.05 € 42.90 €

Adjustments to be made with saw guide Z-Saw.

Aluminium 0°
body D 45°
Precision 45° 45°
designed 0°
to fit the
Mini saw 45°
Removable fence, mounts on either side Mitre angles Inclination angles

Saws | Saws for cutting other materials

Easy-to-use saw (Kataba saw, e.g. no.
guide that allows 712794) perfectly
A both amateurs and aligned while you cut.
experts to produce The guide has a repla-
precise dovetail ceable plastic cover
joints. The clamps Pins Tails on both sides to min-
can be mounted in imise friction and
two positions on the guide so that it can protect both the saw and the guide surface.
be used for cutting both pins and tails. Dovetail ratio
1 2 The inside of the aluminium guide con- 1 1:6 No. 712465 39.92 € 47.50 €
tains a magnet that keeps the saw 2 1:8 No. 712466 39.92 € 47.50 €

Saws for cutting other materials

Saws for metal


Back saws for non-hardened metals and This robust metal coping saw will im-
hard plastics. The rubber handle sits press you with its straightforward practi-
comfortably and securely in the hand. cality. You can pretension the blade with
Blades replaceable. a sliding spring-loaded cylinder guide at
Blade length 150 mm the top end of the handle. The two clam-
Overall length 295 mm ping pins ensure that the saw blade rests
Blade width 30 mm securely and does not slide off the pins
Blade thickness 0.35 mm when tensioned. Thanks to a cross-bolt,
Setting 0.65 mm the saw blade can be inclined in the hol-
Rip teeth 0.90 mm der in 45° increments. Aluminium pres-
No. 712715 14.20 € 16.90 € sure-injection die-cast handle with
Repl. blade No. 712704 7.14 € 8.50 € plastic shell.
Blade length 300 mm
Overall length 430 mm
Blade width 12 mm
C SMALL METAL SAW Blade thickness 0.6 mm B C
For cuts in hard-to-reach places, ideal Setting 0.9 mm
for the tool bag. The saw blade integrated Teeth per Inch 24
into the handle can be pulled past the No. 712019 36.05 € 42.90 €
small clamp, making flush cuts possible.
Sturdy die-cast aluminium.
Comes with 250 mm saw blade. E
Blade length 90 - 250 mm
Blade width 12 mm Japanese top quality, long edge life and
Blade thickness 0.6 mm sharpness. HSS steel. 2-piece set.
Setting 0.90 mm Blade length Teeth per inch D
Teeth per inch 24 300 mm 18 No. 712544 7.48 € 8.90 €
No. 703812 10.00 € 11.90 € 32 No. 712546 7.48 € 8.90 €

Saws for plastics

For hard and soft plastics, plywood and
composite materials. Backless saw with
slender, replaceable blade and pistol-
shaped, rubberised handle.
Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 380 mm
Blade width 32 mm
Blade thickness 0.5 mm
G Setting 0.75 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.5 mm
No. 712503 16.72 € 19.90 €
Repl. blade No. 712504 5.46 € 6.50 €


Specially designed saw for cutting iron,
H INSULATION CUTTER 250 brass, copper, aluminium, hard plastic,
The serrated blade of and plated materials (plasterboard).
high-strength, hard- The fine, triangular teeth of the blade
chrome-plated special are coated to reduce friction. The sturdy
steel (60 Rockwell) is aluminium handle covered with soft
H especially suited for rubber fits comfortably in the hand.
insulating and foamed Blade length 250 mm
material, polystyrene, Overall length 400 mm
felt and cardboard. Blade width 35 mm
Blade length 250 mm Blade thickness 0.70 mm
Overall length 380 mm Setting 0.90 mm
Blade width 34 mm Universal toothing 1.80 mm
Blade thickness 0.9 mm No. 712610 18.40 € 21.90 €
No. 710751 19.24 € 22.90 € Repl. blade No. 712611 5.80 € 6.90 €

Saws | Saw accessories, scroll saw

Saw accessories

For Japanese and Western saws with Saw file with wear-resistant, diamond- Diamond-shaped precision files for Triangular files with round edges for shar-
adjustable depth stop for settings of coated surface, especially for very hard, sharpening Japanese saw blades without pening European-style saws. The round
0.7-2.0 mm. By turning the depth-stop tip-hardened teeth. tip-hardened teeth (Deluxe saws with edges maintain the slightly rounded gullet
plate, with its spiral-shaped increasing Ø 2.8 x 20 mm full-hardened, non-exchangeable blades). between the saw's teeth and thus prevent
bevel, different setting measurements Stroke length 100 mm cracks between the teeth (sharp angles
can be adjusted. HSS plunger, aluminium No. 712802 27.65 € 32.90 € Very fine crack more easily than curved transitions).
body. Plunger width 1.5 mm, suitalbe for 2.5 x 17 mm
tooth spacing` s from 1.5 mm. Cut length 75 mm Width 6 mm
Overall length 180 mm No. 712813 8.82 € 10.50 € Cut length 150 mm
No. 711990 16.72 € 19.90 € No. 712810 4.45 € 5.30 €
3.0 x 20 mm Width 7.5 mm
Cut length 100 mm Cut length 150 mm
No. 712814 10.50 € 12.50 € No. 712811 4.45 € 5.30 €

Things worth knowing:

Please note that all Japanese saws with Set of teeth: After sharpening the teeth,
exchangeable blades have a tooth-tip the toothing generally also needs to be
hardening of over 70 Rockwell. set again. This is a very demanding task
Through abrasion when resharpening a for fine-toothed Japanese saws.
tooth, it is possible to reach the range
of basic hardness (approx. 60 Rockwell),
causing a decrease in hardness and
thus a shorter edge life!
In Japan, traditional saws are set by
hand on an anvil.

Scroll saw


Hegner precision saws are considered
the best on the market. Due to the con-
tinuously rated motor with electronically
and progressively adjustable speed
regulation, it is possible to cut wood,
metal and plastic effortlessly and pre-
cisely. Easy exchanging of blades thanks
to a speed lock mechanism and ad-
justable saw blade tension, saw stroke
adjustable to either 19 or 12 mm.
Base and table of gray cast iron, table
surface precision-ground. The saw
bench (435 x 230 mm) can be inclined
progressively and, thanks to the scaling,
precisely to 45° or 12°. With exhaust
nozzle, Ø 35 mm. Pass length 460 mm,
pass height 65 mm.
100 W motor, 230 V, 400-1400 tpm,
23 kg.

Includes: Assortment of quality saw

blades (76 pcs.), 2 saw-blade clamps
0.7 mm, 2 screws for saw-blade clamps,
1 special clamp for internal cuts,
1 plastic table insert, 2 replacement rolls
for quick gripping, 1 set operating tools,
detailed instruction manual.
No. 704805 772.27 € 919.00 €


For wood, plastics and soft metals.
In gross (144 pcs). Also fits
Super Glardon® saw blades,
see page 25. Length 130 mm.

Blade width x Blade thickness

0.65 x 0.30 mm No. 704815 21.51 € 25.60 €
0.80 x 0.34 mm No. 704816 21.51 € 25.60 €
1.20 x 0.38 mm No. 704817 21.51 € 25.60 €
1.35 x 0.50 mm No. 704818 21.51 € 25.60 €
1.70 x 0.55 mm No. 704819 22.52 € 26.80 €

Japanese type | 32
For perfect joints
Striking chisels for cabinet work | 32
Finishing chisels for cabinet work | 35
Striking chisels for carpentry work | 36
Finishing chisels for carpentry work | 36

Hybrid type | 37

Western type | 38

Chinese type | 39

Tool rolls and accessories | 40


We distinguish between finishing chisels for JAPANESE CHISELS WESTERN CHISELS
light to moderate work and striking chisels for As a rule, these are made of alloyed steels
heavy-duty work. Finishing chisels are usually Blades of two-layered steel with relatively sturdy blades and little danger
pounded by hand. They therefore have no Soft iron, protects the blade against cracking of chipping. In particular the finely manufactu-
steel hoops at the handle end. Striking chisels, and absorbs the shocks of the hammer blows, red Pfeil chisels in traditional central Euro-
on the other hand, are driven by striking the forge-welded with a thin layer of extremely pean design have proven ideal for universal use.
tool (wooden mallet for Western chisels and hard carbon-steel (with the exception of HSS
iron-headed hammer for Japanese chisels). Nomi). The hardness values are 62-63 HRC
With regard to the blade, they are therefore and 66 HRC (HSS steel) on the Rockwell scale. CHINESE CHISELS
designed more sturdily, and have a hoop at Traditional Chinese chisels are convincing in
the handle end. We distinguish between the Tapered blades terms of their durable, crack-resistant HSS
following types: The blade is set at a slight angle to the tang steel blades, which also withstand rough
to increase the working depth to nearly double treatment during restoration or joiner’s work.
A Tang chisels: the blade length. The working of wear-inducing composite ma-
Classic design, ensuring firm anchoring of terials is also no problem for these chisels.
the blade in the handle. On cheap tools with- Integral design The tapered shape of the blades is advan-
out an additional steel ferrule, the handles The neck is seamlessly integrated in the tageous for working into corners and under-
may split under heavy blows. handle and therefore lies comfortably in the cutting. The value for money of these chisels
hand. The solid conical steel ferrule protects is unbeatable.
B Socket chisels: the handle against fracture or becoming loose
This design allows a continuous transition when struck with the iron-headed hammer.
from the neck to the handle and thus comfort-
able ergonomics. Through the conical fit of Hollow-ground back OFTEN ASKED QUESTIONS REGARDING
the socket, strong forces can be transmitted The hollow relief (ura) on the back of the blade CONSTRUCTION
during striking. reduces the contact surface and therefore
also the friction and the required cutting Why do Japanese chisels come without a hoop
C Japanese chisels (Nomi): force. It also simplifies sharpening, as only fitted at the end of the handle?
This design combines the benefits of both the edges of the hard carbon-steel back of In Japan, handles are not regarded as all that
types above. the blade need to be lapped. Due to the important. Instead it is the forged part of the
abrasion during sharpening, the straight cutt- tool, the blade, that gets the attention. Pre-
ing edge remains intact, even though the viously, the handle was self-made or modified
blade becomes shorter through sharpening by the craftsman. Fitting the handle and the
over time (see illustration below). hoop is seen as a way of familiarising oneself
with the tool, getting to know its function and
construction. This holistic approach often
seems strange to Western craftsmen because
Japanese chisel design they are used to buying tools ready for use.
A C Hollow back after repeated
sharpening and finishing
What is the advantage of Japanese hoops over
Western ones?
B Hollow If you buy a chisel with a hoop already fitted
(Western style), you will probably pay no at-
tention to the hoop. Most craftsmen choose
Tang Tang blade their tools based on the steel and the ergono-
Neck mics of the handle. When a chisel has been
Socket Steel
ferrule used for a while, Western models often deve-
Tang lop the problem that the hammer blows on
the handle have worn away the wood down to
the hoop, so any further impacts will damage
the hoop. Normally at this point you should
remove the hoop, then remove the burr and
fit the hoop again, driving it further down.
Most Western-style hoops, however, are made
Hoop Hoop
of very thin sheet metal and are either pres-

sed on or held in place on the handle by of the hoop provides should remove some of the wood there. Ot-
slight deformation. When you remove the thin more space for the herwise the impact is not transferred via the
sheet metal, it loses its shape and will no compressed wood and conical section but via the area of contact.
longer grip the handle. The Japanese version locks the hoop in place.
uses a solid, turned hoop with an intelligent Once an even Why do the shoulder forged onto the blade and
design which allows it to be removed and re- mushroom-shaped head the steel ferrule only fit 100% in one position?
fitted as often as necessary. It will always be has formed above the The answer to this question lies in the manu-
firmly attached to the handle. hoop, the hoop will sit firmly on the handle facture. There are two ways of making the
and not be damaged by hammer blows. steel ferrule in Japan.
In the first and most common variant, the
area where the steel ferrule joins the forged-
What is the difference between the steel ferrule on shoulder is ground.
on Japanese chisels and the ferrule on Western- At first sight, the two
style ones? parts seem to be made
On Japanese chisels, of one piece. In the se-
the impact is transfer- cond variant, the steel
How do you fit the Japanese hoops? red to the blade via the ferrule is accentuated
handle and the steel ferrule that is held in by either a hammer finish (hand-forged) or
1.) The end with the place by the conical shape. Unlike the ferru- blueing. If the steel ferrule becomes slightly
larger inside diame- Construction of hoops les on Western-style chisels, Japanese steel loose on the first variant, it looks as if the
ter is placed over the handle, so the smaller ferrules are solid and turned. On Western- chisel is cracked. But what looks like a crack
inside diameter should be at the end of the style chisels, the impact is transferred via a is actually created when the steel ferrule is
chisel. The hoop is driven onto the handle tang and the shoulder joined with the blade, where the steel ferrule
with the hammer until it sits approx. 3 mm of the blade. Japanese buckles slightly. Because the edge of the
down the handle. To remove the hoop, you blades are therefore steel ferrule deforms unevenly, the ferrule
tap it lightly in the opposite direction. If it is connected to the only fits in one position, and if the fit opens
difficult to drive the hoop upwards, you may handle in two ways, slightly, it appears as if a crack had formed.
have to remove some material from the end while Western ones are
of the handle. In this case, use a file to re- only fixed by the tang.
move some of the wood all around. If you
take off too much wood in one place, the Tang:
hoop may be fixed at a slight angle. In this There is no difference between the tang in a
case, you must remove some more wood at Japanese or Western chisel. The steel ferrule
the point where the in Japanese chisels and the ferrule in We-
hoop provides the stern chisels prevent the handle from being
most resistance. If split by the impact of the hammer.
the hoop still does
not slide properly, Conical section: Sharpening pass
compress the wood The forged-on shoulder touches the ferrule in Two free sharpenings.
fibres at the end of the Western version, but it only fixes it addi- (see page 5).
the handle with a hammer. tionally and does not transfer the impact to Sharpening service
the blade. In the Japanese version, the for- Free lifetime sharpening for Premium
2.) Dip the end of the handle in some water ged-on shoulder of the blade also touches the products. (see page 5).
to make it easer to shape. steel ferrule, but the ferrule itself sits on a
turned conical section on the handle. Thus
3.) Drive the hoop onto the impact is also transferred through the
the handle. steel ferrule.

4.) »Mushroom« the wood fibres out over the How does the steel ferrule have to fit?
top edge of the hoop by hitting the end of the The steel ferrule trans-
handle with a hammer. If you are wary of fers the impact via the
using the hammer, use a piece of hardwood. conical section. There-
This will not damage the hoop and prevents a fore, if the ferrule touches the wood at the
sharp burr. The slightly conical inside profile upper end of the turned conical section, you
Chisels | Japanese type

Striking chisels for cabinet work

Japanese type
Wherever absolute precision is required, With skillful handling of fire and iron, the
when working even the hardest of woods, master blacksmith Akio Tasai lends this
Japanese chisels (Nomi) are the first highly aesthetic chisel a wood-like struc-
choice. The meticulous workmanship ture (Mokume). The folds appear on the
with which they are made, the multi-laye- surface like a relief, and make each
red, ultra-sharp blades, the outstanding piece unique. Cutting edge of Blue Paper
edge life, and of course the compact A Steel. With forged ferrule and hoop,
design, allow you to work ergonomically, the handle is made from selected sandal-
comfortably and precisely. The soft iron wood.
body prevents brittle fractures in the Blade length 60 mm
double-layered blade and dampens the Overall length 225 mm
force of the strike. The thin cutting layer Blade thickness 6-7.5 mm
of carbon-steel is extremely hard-, unless
otherwise noted, 62-63 HRC - while the 1 Single chisels
HSS Nomi models exhibit a hardness of Blade width
66 HRC. Due to the angled blade, the 9 mm No. 718950 158.82 € 189.00 €
cutting depth is increased to almost 12 mm No. 718951 174.79 € 208.00 €
twice the blade length. As the back of 18 mm No. 718952 192.44 € 229.00 €
the blade is hollow-ground, the contact 24 mm No. 718953 218.49 € 260.00 €
surface is reduced, which in turn 30 mm No. 718954 231.09 € 275.00 €
decreases the friction and the necessary 36 mm No. 718955 259.66 € 309.00 €
cutting force. The handles, made of
tough Japanese hardwoods, are mounted 2 6-piece set Price advantage
with sturdy steel ferrules at both ends, 6-piece set in a leather tool roll:
and are designed for efficiency when 9-36 mm
driven by an iron hammer. 1 2 No. 718960 1.221.85 € 1.454.00 €

Artfully hand-forged and decorated chis-
els with a bark like texture (Kihada –
bark). To achieve this texture, the two-
layer blade with a cutting edge of White 1 Single chisels
Paper Steel is hand-engraved with longi- Blade width
tudinal grooves by a master blacksmith. 9 mm No. 718835 108.40 € 129.00 €
The blade itself has a triangular profile 12 mm No. 718836 112.61 € 134.00 €
similar to a dovetail chisel. This reduces 18 mm No. 718837 116.81 € 139.00 €
the weight of the tool and ensures opti- 24 mm No. 718838 129.41 € 154.00 €
mum balance of handle and blade. The 30 mm No. 718839 137.82 € 164.00 €
blade sits in a blue anodised steel fer- 36 mm No. 718840 146.22 € 174.00 €
rule, which contrasts beautifully with the
handle of fine-grained boxwood with
hand-forged steel hoop. 2 6-piece set Price advantage
Blade length 60 mm 6-piece set in a leather tool roll:
Overall length 225 mm 9-36 mm
Blade thickness 5-8 mm 1 2 No. 718841 735.29 € 875.00 €

1 Single chisels
Blade width
3 mm No. 710160 30.17 € 35.90 €
C CHU-GATA NOMI 6 mm No. 710161 30.17 € 35.90 €
Hand-worked blades for connoisseurs: 9 mm No. 710162 30.17 € 35.90 €
These premium-quality chisels are ex- 12 mm No. 710163 36.89 € 43.90 €
tremely durable. The blade is laminated 15 mm No. 710164 37.56 € 44.70 €
with White Paper Steel, and finished by 18 mm No. 710165 38.57 € 45.90 €
means of hand-forging with low 24 mm No. 710166 44.45 € 52.90 €
deformation. Like sword steel, this 30 mm No. 710167 46.13 € 54.90 €
material is melted from purest ironsand. 36 mm No. 710168 54.20 € 64.50 €
The back of the blade has multiple 42 mm No. 710169 57.82 € 68.80 €
grooves for improved support when
working near edges. Boxwood handle. 6-piece set Price advantage
Blade length 60 mm 6-piece set in a leather tool roll:
Overall length 225 mm 6/9/12/18/24/30 mm
Blade thickness 5-7.5 mm No. 710230 238.66 € 284.00 €

2 10-piece set Price advantage

10-piece set in a leather tool roll:
1 2 3-42 mm
No. 710170 423.53 € 504.00 €
Chisels | Japanese type


European-style handle and oiled surface:
These chisels are hand-made in a Japan-
ese master forge and have a cutting edge
of specially developed YC3 steel. YC3
steel is in it`s characteristics and compo-
sition similar to White Paper Steel and
therefore takes a very fine edge. It is
however considerably tougher which re-
duces the risk of chipping when working
in knotty wood. The extra-long handle of
A Japanese white oak optimally absorbs im-
pact and its oiled surface provides a very
comfortable grip.
Blade length 60 mm
Overall length 250 mm
Blade thickness 5-6 mm

1 Single chisels
Blade width
3 mm No. 710320 28.15 € 33.50 €
6 mm No. 710321 28.15 € 33.50 €
9 mm No. 710322 29.08 € 34.60 €
12 mm No. 710323 30.50 € 36.30 € 6-piece set Price advantage
15 mm No. 710324 30.67 € 36.50 € 6-piece set in a leather tool roll:
18 mm No. 710325 32.69 € 38.90 € 6/9/12/18/24/30 mm
21 mm No. 710326 33.53 € 39.90 € No. 710331 208.40 € 248.00 €
24 mm No. 710327 36.05 € 42.90 €
30 mm No. 710328 37.73 € 44.90 € 2 10-piece set Price advantage
1 2 36 mm No. 710329 40.25 € 47.90 € 10-piece set in a leather tool roll: 3-36 mm
42 mm No. 710330 41.93 € 49.90 € No. 710332 339.50 € 404.00 €

B OIRE NOMI Precision chiselling:

For the professional: Due to their wedge-shaped
Professional-quality forged chisels from a bevel, chisels tend to drift
Japanese master workshop. Ideal for towards the back of the
B wood joinery and high-precision work. blade when struck. There-
Cutting edge of White Paper Steel. fore, in precision work, you
Japanese red oak handles with solid steel should not chisel right
hoops. along the mark. Work with
Blade length 60 mm a clearance of 1 to 2 mm
Overall length 225 mm from the mark initially,
Blade thickness 5-6 mm then do the finishing work.

1 Single chisels
Blade width
3 mm No. 710129 25.13 € 29.90 €
6 mm No. 710130 25.13 € 29.90 € 6-piece set Price advantage
9 mm No. 710131 26.81 € 31.90 € 6-piece set in a leather tool roll:
12 mm No. 710132 28.07 € 33.40 € 6/9/12/18/24/30 mm
15 mm No. 710011 29.92 € 35.60 € No. 710136 179.83 € 214.00 €
18 mm No. 710133 32.35 € 38.50 €
21 mm No. 710012 33.19 € 39.50 € 2 10-piece set Price advantage
24 mm No. 710134 36.05 € 42.90 € 10-piece set in a leather tool roll:
30 mm No. 710135 36.89 € 43.90 € 3-36 mm
1 2 36 mm No. 710013 40.08 € 47.70 € No. 710137 301.68 € 359.00 €

Chiselling tip:
When mortising
through the entire
C TATAKI NOMI thickness of a
C Ready to use, ideal for beginners: piece, start by
Well-crafted chisels with durable double- making V-shaped
layered blades (milled steel). Waxed han- cuts from the cen-
dles of Japanese red oak. tre of the mortise
Blade length 58 mm outwards, until half the thickness has
Overall length 225 mm been removed. Then work from the
Blade thickness 5-6 mm opposite side. The back of the blade
faces the centre of the mortise.
1 Single chisels
Blade width
3 mm No. 710780 13.36 € 15.90 €
6 mm No. 710781 13.36 € 15.90 €
9 mm No. 710782 13.36 € 15.90 € 6-piece set Price advantage
12 mm No. 710783 13.36 € 15.90 € 6-piece set in a leather tool roll:
15 mm No. 710784 13.36 € 15.90 € 6/9/12/18/24/30 mm
18 mm No. 710785 14.03 € 16.70 € No. 710790 103.28 € 122.90 €
24 mm No. 710786 15.71 € 18.70 €
30 mm No. 710787 17.23 € 20.50 € 2 10-piece set Price advantage
1 2 36 mm No. 710788 18.40 € 21.90 € 10-piece set in a leather tool roll: 3-42 mm
42 mm No. 710789 20.17 € 24.00 € No. 710791 173.11 € 206.00 €
Chisels | Japanese type

A Set up tips:
Nomi do not come ready to use
(except the HSS models). They must
first be sharpened and finished. We
recommend using Japanese water-
A HATTORI® CHISEL SETS stones. For high-precision applica-
Great value-for-money Japanese chisels tions, the back of the blade should
made of milled steel (double-layered, 60 also be flattened prior to
Rockwell) in a kiri-wood case. Handles use. This can be done
made of Japanese red oak. using a steel plate and SiC
Blade length 58 mm powder or a diamond stone.
Overall length 225 mm The ferrule on the butt end
Blade thickness 5-6 mm of the handle should also
be driven down prior to use
6-piece set Price advantage so that the hammer only
6/9/12/18/24/30 mm makes contact with the
No. 710015 70.50 € 83.90 € wood when striking the
chisel. Detailed instruc-
1 10-piece set Price advantage tions are included with
3/6/9/12/15/18/24/30/36/42 mm every chisel.
No. 710016 116.81 € 139.00 €

1 Single chisels
Blade width
B 3 mm No. 718930 33.53 € 39.90 €
B HSS CHISELS FOR CABINETMAKERS 6 mm No. 718931 33.53 € 39.90 €
Extremely resilient: 9 mm No. 718932 33.53 € 39.90 €
For heavy-duty restoration, joinery and 12 mm No. 718933 33.53 € 39.90 €
furniture-making work. Made from High 15 mm No. 718934 33.53 € 39.90 €
Speed Steel (HSS), which has an ex- 18 mm No. 718935 33.53 € 39.90 €
tremely fine carbide structure, these tools 24 mm No. 718936 35.13 € 41.80 €
have a very sharp edge. Very hard (app- 30 mm No. 718937 36.89 € 43.90 €
rox. 66 Rockwell) and tough, these chis- 36 mm No. 718938 38.57 € 45.90 €
els are able to withstand the rough 42 mm No. 718939 41.85 € 49.80 €
handling which is often unavoidable in a
workshop. They can even be sharpened 6-piece set Price advantage
with a dry grinding machine without 6-piece set in a leather tool roll:
compromising the hardness of the steel. 6/9/12/18/24/30 mm
The extra-long handles are made of No. 718940 221.01 € 263.00 €
Japanese red oak and have pre-fitted,
forged steel hoops. Ready to use. 2 10-piece set Price advantage
Blade length 60 mm 10-piece set in a leather tool roll:
Overall length 240 mm 3-42 mm
1 2 Blade thickness 5-6 mm No. 718941 359.66 € 428.00 €

C DOVETAIL CHISELS 1 Single chisels

For light-duty use, e.g. finishing of finger Blade width
joints and dovetails. Thin blades, triangu- 3 mm No. 710260 33.53 € 39.90 €
lar cross-section, 6 mm No. 710261 33.53 € 39.90 €
finely ground right 9 mm No. 710262 34.87 € 41.50 €
to the edge. Cut- 12 mm No. 710263 36.30 € 43.20 €
ting edge of White 18 mm No. 710264 40.25 € 47.90 €
Paper Steel. 24 mm No. 710265 44.79 € 53.30 €
Handles made of
Japanese red oak. 2 6-piece set Price advantage
Blade length 55 mm 6-piece set in a leather tool roll:
1 2 Overall length 225 mm 3-24 mm
Blade thickness 3.5-6 mm No. 710268 235.21 € 279.90 €
Chisels | Japanese type

Chisels with tapered blade, ideal for
A undercutting in joinery and for cleaning B
corners. Cutting edge of White Paper
Steel. The handles are made of Japanese
red oak and have forged steel hoops. B MINI CHISELS
Blade length 60 mm Easy-to-handle chisels for delicate work
Overall length 230 mm in fine cabinet-making, in restoration,
Blade thickness 4-7 mm and in making musical instruments.
Double-layered (milled) steel, Japanese
Blade width red oak handle.
6 mm No. 710210 35.29 € 42.00 € Blade length 40 mm
9 mm No. 710211 35.29 € 42.00 € Overall length 175 mm
12 mm No. 710212 35.29 € 42.00 €
15 mm No. 710213 36.13 € 43.00 € Blade width
18 mm No. 710214 36.97 € 44.00 € 1.5 mm No. 710240 21.68 € 25.80 €
21 mm No. 710215 37.82 € 45.00 € 3 mm No. 710241 21.68 € 25.80 €

Finishing chisels for cabinet work


1 2


For delicate work: Blade width 5-PIECE SET
Painstakingly crafted lightweight push 3 mm No. 710108 36.05 € 42.90 € Perfect tools for smoothing and finishing
chisels without ferrules, forged on a 6 mm No. 710109 36.05 € 42.90 € joinery. Double-layered, milled steel
spring hammer. Ideal for precision work 9 mm No. 710101 36.05 € 42.90 € with good durability. Handles made of
and for finishing delicate joinery. Their 12 mm No. 710104 38.91 € 46.30 € Japanese white oak.
long handles allow you to work very 18 mm No. 710102 42.77 € 50.90 € 5-piece set in a kiri-wood case:
accurately with both hands. The blades 24 mm No. 710103 46.97 € 55.90 € 9/18/24/30/42 mm.
made of White Paper Steel are slightly Blade length 85 mm
angled, so that even deep mortises can 2 6-piece set Price advantage Overall length 340 mm
be worked with ease. The handles are 6-piece set in a leather tool roll: 3-24 mm Blade thickness 5-7 mm
made of Japanese red oak. No. 710106 248.66 € 295.90 € No. 718868 133.61 € 159.00 €
Blade length 70 mm
Overall length 260 mm
Blade thickness 3-4.5 mm


Cranked blade 9 mm No. 710156 70.25 € 83.60 €
E made of White 15 mm No. 710157 73.87 € 87.90 €
Paper Steel for 18 mm No. 710158 77.23 € 91.90 €
cleaning grooves 24 mm No. 710159 85.46 € 101.70 €
and recessed For protective caps see page 40.
surfaces. Triangular blade cross-section.
Handles made of Japanese red oak.
Blade length 70 mm
Overall length 330 mm
Blade thickness 7 mm

Chisels | Japanese type

Striking chisels for carpentry work

1 2


4-PIECE SET Robust and razor-sharp: Blade width
Four sturdy chisels with extra-long blades Ideal for joinery and on-site restoration 15 mm No. 718871 48.66 € 57.90 €
made of milled steel (double-layered) for work. These powerful chisels made of 24 mm No. 718872 52.44 € 62.40 €
joinery and restoration in carpentry. extremely hard HSS steel offer excellent 30 mm No. 718873 56.05 € 66.70 €
Handles made of Japanese white oak. sharpness and a long edge life. Very 42 mm No. 718874 65.04 € 77.40 €
In a wooden case: 18/24/30/42 mm. hard (approx. 66 HRC) and tough, these 48 mm No. 718875 73.87 € 87.90 €
Blade length 85 mm chisels are able to withstand the rough
Overall length 295 mm handling which is often unavoidable in a 3-piece set Price advantage
Blade thickness 9 mm workshop. Even sharpening on dry grinding 3-piece set in a leather tool roll:
No. 710850 142.02 € 169.00 € machines is possible without compromising 15/24/30 mm
the hardness of the steel. The extra-long No. 718870 167.23 € 199.00 €
handles are made of Japanese red oak
and have pre-fitted, forged steel hoops. 2 5-piece set Price advantage
Ready to use. 5-piece set in a leather tool roll:
Blade length 80 mm 15/24/30/42/48 mm
Overall length 290 mm No. 718869 305.88 € 364.00 €
Blade thickness 6-8 mm


Hand-forged in a master workshop: Master carpenter Hiroshi Morita working
Hand-forged, solid mortise chisel of on a mortise.
White Paper Steel with extra-long handle,
ideal for deep mortises. With its blue-
annealed steel ferrule, the slim blade seam-
lessly joins the long handle. A forged Finishing chisels for carpentry work
steel hoop protects
the wood, even against
the strongest forces. E
Blade length 95 mm
Overall length 295 mm
Blade thickness 10-13 mm
Blade width
12 mm No. 718973 82.77 € 98.50 €
18 mm No. 718974 88.15 € 104.90 €
24 mm No. 718975 93.19 € 110.90 € E TASAI SHINOGI NOMI
For protective caps see page 40. These chisels are hand-
C D made in small batches by Japanese
master blacksmith Akio Tasai. All materi-
als used radiate elegance, and the un-
D MORTISE CHISELS compromisingly functional details reflect
These heavy chisels are used to make the depth of experience in the manu-
or rework the guides of Japanese sliding facture of these tools. The blade made
doors (Shoji) and partition walls. The from Blue Paper Steel is forged with a
double-layer blade, laminated with White triangular profile, allowing joints to be re-
Paper Steel, has a square cross-section worked without damaging the edges. The
that is tapered towards the end of the double-hollow back of the blade reduces
blade and regains its original dimension friction and makes trueing the extremely
just before the steel ring of the handle. hard cutting edges easy. Annealing the
This creates a support area that ensures forged steel ferrule to 300°C gives it a
guidance even in deep mortises and pre- metallic blue shimmer with the effect of
vents damage to the edge of the hole. an ageless link between the handle and
Handles made of white oak. the neck of the blade. To complete this
Blade length 80 mm high-quality tool, the master uses a dark
Overall length 260 mm tagayasan handle which, thanks to its
Blade thickness 7.5-12 mm heavy weight, perfectly balances the
Blade width forged blade.
6 mm No. 710175 36.55 € 43.50 € Blade width 36 mm
9 mm No. 710176 39.08 € 46.50 € Blade length 95 mm
12 mm No. 710177 39.92 € 47.50 € Overall length 375 mm
15 mm No. 710178 41.93 € 49.90 € Blade thickness 6-11 mm
18 mm No. 710179 43.95 € 52.30 € No. 710250 284.87 € 339.00 €
For protective caps see page 40. For protective caps see page 40.
Chisels | Japanese type, Hybrid type


Hybrid type Hybrid chisels are a hybrid form of West-

ern design and Japanese technology. They
combine the benefits of both tool cultures
and are designed for craftsmen who appre-
ciate the Japanese construction but don't
A SLICK want to forego the Western design.
Hand-forged slick for making beam joints
and for finishing work. Double-layered,
well-proportioned blade with a cutting
edge of White Paper Steel. Handle made
of Japanese red oak.
Blade width 54 mm
Blade length 120 mm
Overall length 580 mm C
Blade thickness 12 mm
No. 710802 142.02 € 169.00 €
For protective caps see page 40.

Well-proportioned, well-balanced slicks
with double-layered blades (milled steel)
and a long edge life. The handles are
made of Japanese white oak.
Blade length 120 mm
Overall length 580 mm
Blade thickness 12 mm
Blade width
42 mm No. 710825 63.87 € 76.00 €
54 mm No. 710823 71.43 € 85.00 €
For protective caps see page 40.

C DAMASCUS HYBRID CHISELS, impacts to the blade.

6-PIECE SET The blades are shar-
Japanese steel quality - Western blade pened and ready for
form: use, not angled and
The blades of 24-layer Damascus steel have a flat back (not hollow-ground).
(Suminagashi), laminated with Blue Set of 6 in kiri-wood case
Paper Steel (approx. 61 HRC), have out- (6/12/19/25/32/38 mm).
standing endurance, even on the hardest Blade length 65 mm
woods. With its integral design, the hefty Overall length 210 mm
handle of Japanese red oak, with a strong Blade thickness 7 mm
heavy-duty ferrule, transmits the highest No. 710838 245.38 € 292.00 €


D HYBRID CHISELS WITH LONG A cotton canvas tool roll protects E DAMASCUS HYBRID CHISEL SET, Blue Paper Steel (61 HRC), these chisels
BLADES, 6-PIECE SET the chisels when not in use. 6 PIECES are also suitable for use on hard and
Sharpened for use, reinforced hoop. 6 chisels (6/12/19/25/32/38 mm). The long handle of Japanese red oak set knotted wood. Blades ready for use with
These chisels come in a completely Wes- Blade length 95 mm on the short blade allows you to guide plane back (not hollow ground). Set of 6
tern design with a long blade of vana- Overall length 255 mm these Damascus chisels while holding in kiri-wood case (6/9/12/15/19/25 mm).
dium-alloyed steel for high durability Blade thickness 3-5 mm them close to the blade. A conical steel Blade length 43 mm
(approx. 61 HRC). Due to its integral de- No. 710287 154.62 € 184.00 € ferrule creates a seamless join between Overall length 230 mm
sign, the long, hefty handle of Japanese handle and blade. Forged from soft 24- Blade thickness 6 mm
red oak with a strong hoop transmits layer Suminagashi with a hard core of No. 710839 226.05 € 269.00 €
even the highest impact. The back of the For single chisles see
blade is flat (not hollow-ground).

Chisels | Western type

Western type

Striking chisels

Traditional quality:
Precision-made chisels with a traditional
design. Forged from a chrome/vanadium
steel alloy, heat-treated in an electric fur-
nace, then ground and polished by hand.
The high quality of these chisels is exem-
plified by their uniform hardness (approx.
60 HRC) and homogeneous fine mirror
polish. The blades come pre-sharpened,
ready to use, and fitted with unvarnished A
hornbeam handles.
Blade length 120-140 mm
Overall length 260-280 mm
Blade thickness 2.5-4.5 mm

1 Single chisels
Blade width
4 mm No. 700950 14.03 € 16.70 €
6 mm No. 700951 14.03 € 16.70 €
8 mm No. 700961 14.20 € 16.90 €
10 mm No. 700952 14.20 € 16.90 €
12 mm No. 700953 14.87 € 17.70 €
16 mm No. 700954 15.29 € 18.20 €
20 mm No. 700956 16.72 € 19.90 €
26 mm No. 700957 18.91 € 22.50 €
30 mm No. 700958 20.08 € 23.90 €
1 2 3
32 mm No. 700959 20.42 € 24.30 €
35 mm No. 700962 22.61 € 26.90 €
40 mm No. 700963 24.29 € 28.90 €

2 6-piece set Price advantage

6 piece set in an elegant beechwood case:
6/10/12/16/20/26 mm
No. 700997 116.81 € 139.00 € B ALL-METAL CHISELS, 4-PIECE SET
Nothing is impossible with these chisels:
6-piece set Price advantage B These robust tools are not only great for
6-piece set in a leather tool roll: reworking timber joints, but are also
6/10/12/20/26/30 mm suited for occasional prying and for
No. 700960 119.75 € 142.50 € evening plaster. Their red colour means
they can be identified and found with
3 12-piece set Price advantage ease. The high chromium content and a
12-piece set in a leather tool roll: hardness of 60-62 HRC at the cutting
4-40 mm edge make for a strong and reliable tool.
No. 700965 237.82 € 283.00 € The neck and tang are made of softer
steel to cushion hammer blows.
Set comes in a robust tool roll.
Blade width 25/30/35/40 mm
Blade length 125-145 mm
Overall length 300-360 mm
Blade thickness 5.5 mm
No. 701016 67.14 € 79.90 €

For single chisles see

Finishing chisels D


These perfectly shaped paring chisels of
chromium/vanadium steel, hardened to
approximately 60 HRC, are ideal for fin-
ishing wood joints. With its oval shape,
the octagonal oiled elm-wood handle pro- D PFEIL® MINI CHISELS SET
vides a comfortable, non-slip grip. Its tra- Handy and neat:
pezium profile, created by the bevelled C These compact chisels made of
sides, means you can use the chisel in chrome/vanadium steel (60 HRC) allow
mortises or for finishing dovetails without you to work very closely and precisely on
damaging the edges. Comes in a tool roll. the workpiece. They are therefore ideal
Blade length 100 mm for cleaning up fittings, fine wood joints
Overall length 265 mm and all other kinds of detailed work and
Blade thickness 3-5 mm can also be used for sculpting. Spherical
No. 730030 123.53 € 147.00 € handles made of smoked native robinia
with brass ferrule, hand-polished blades
and a maple wood storage block make
this set a real eye-catcher. An ideal gift
for people with a passion for wood.
Blade width 6/12/19/25 mm
Blade length 60 mm
Overall length 150 mm
Blade thickness 3-5 mm
No. 700994 76.97 € 91.60 €
Chisels | Western type, Chinese type

Compact chisels allow you to get close to
the workpiece and give you precise hand
control. Ideal for cleaning up fittings and
wood joints. Polished blades made of al-
loyed tool steel (approx. 58 HRC). Rose-
wood handles with solid brass ferrules.
Blade length 50-60 mm
Overall length 150 mm
Blade thickness 5-6 mm

4-piece set
4-piece set, in a fine wooden case:
6/12.5/19/25 mm
No. 701150 91.60 € 109.00 €

1 7-piece set
7-piece set, in a fine wooden case:
6/10/12.5/16/19/22/25 mm 1
No. 701170 163.03 € 194.00 €

1 2


Single-bevelled, skew-ground chisels, made For right-angled finishing of corners and
of alloyed tool steel (approx. 58 HRC). mortises. Precisely milled blade made of
Rosewood handles. carbon-steel (55 HRC), rosewood handle.
Blade width 13 mm Cut length 10 x 10 mm
Blade length 135 mm Blade length 110 mm
Overall length 295 mm Overall length 255 mm
Blade thickness 5 mm No. 701158 49.58 € 59.00 €
1 Right No. 701152 18.40 € 21.90 €
2 Left No. 701153 18.40 € 21.90 €

Chinese type
Rugged HSS blades in a simple design.
These Chinese chisels won't let you
down, even under rough treatment in
restoration and joinery work or when
working on hard composite materials
and glue joints.


1 2 1 2

CHISELS Blade width These extra-broad chisels are perfect for Blade width
Extra-hard HSS steel (64 HRC) for 12.5 mm No. 700980 8.07 € 9.60 € large-scale carpentry, restoration and 40 mm No. 700991 9.08 € 10.80 €
heavy-duty applications and working on 19 mm No. 700981 9.08 € 10.80 € sculpture work. The front portion of the 50 mm No. 700986 10.00 € 11.90 €
wearing materials. The slightly tapered 25 mm No. 700982 9.41 € 11.20 € spade-shaped blade is made of HSS 63 mm No. 700987 11.93 € 14.20 €
blades reach corners and undercuts eff- 31 mm No. 700983 10.42 € 12.40 € steel (64 HRC) and is hard-soldered to 75 mm No. 700988 13.78 € 16.40 €
ortlessly. Fine-grained handle made of 38 mm No. 700984 11.01 € 13.10 € the body via a transitional metal layer. 90 mm No. 700990 15.71 € 18.70 €
Chinese hardwood. Durable handle made of fine-grained Chi-
Blade length 105 mm 2 5-piece set Price advantage nese hardwood with a naturally seasoned 2 5-piece set Price advantage
Overall length 230 mm 5-piece set, in a cotton tool roll: surface. 5-piece set, in a cotton tool roll:
Blade thickness 4 mm 12.5/19/25/31/38 mm Blade length 80 mm 40/50/63/75/90 mm
No. 700985 52.27 € 62.20 € Overall length 240 mm No. 700996 59.50 € 70.80 €
Blade thickness 4 mm

Chisels | Tool rolls and accessories

Tool rolls and accessories A

For safely storing chisels and carving


Made of fine-quality leather. The seams
are reinforced with rivets.

1 6 pockets
Max. tool length 270 mm
Outer dimensions 370 x 290 mm
No. 717501 25.13 € 29.90 €

6 pockets
Max. tool length 300 mm
Outer dimensions 370 x 320 mm
No. 717502 26.81 € 31.90 €

12 pockets 1
Max. tool length 270 mm
Outer dimensions 550 x 290 mm
No. 717504 38.91 € 46.30 €
12 pockets
Max. tool length 300 mm
Outer dimensions 550 x 320 mm
No. 717503 40.25 € 47.90 € D
20 pockets
Max. tool length 270 mm
Outer dimensions 790 x 290 mm
No. 717505 50.84 € 60.50 €
For Japanese chisels, transparent plastic.
For blade width
B COTTON TOOL ROLLS 6 mm No. 710085 0.42 € 0.50 €
Heavy fabric with shaped pockets for 9 mm No. 710086 0.42 € 0.50 €
chisels, gouges, screwdrivers, spanners, 12 mm No. 710087 0.42 € 0.50 €
pliers etc. Includes belt with snap fas- 15 mm No. 710088 0.42 € 0.50 €
tener. 18 mm No. 710089 0.42 € 0.50 €
24 mm No. 710090 0.42 € 0.50 €
1 5 pockets 30 mm No. 710091 0.42 € 0.50 €
Max. tool length 240 mm 36 mm No. 710092 0.42 € 0.50 €
Outer dimensions 310 x 400 mm 42 mm No. 710093 0.42 € 0.50 €
No. 712900 8.07 € 9.60 €
10 pockets
Max. tool length 280 mm
Outer dimensions 600 x 400 mm
No. 712901 14.79 € 17.60 € C

Strong, impregnated cotton fabric rollup E
case. Belt with snap fastener. As the
tools can only be inserted from one side,
and are secured by a flap, they cannot
fall out. Max. tool length 260 mm


Outer dimensions 400 x 430 mm MADE OF PREFORMED LEATHER
No. 707513 8.07 € 9.60 € These preformed protective caps made of
cow leather are fixed to the chisels necks
9 pockets via a snap. For Japanese chisels with a
Outer dimensions 560 x 430 mm blade length of up to approx. 60 mm.
No. 707514 10.76 € 12.80 € For blade width
3/6/9 mm No. 715150 3.28 € 3.90 €
12 pockets 12/15/18 mm No. 715151 3.36 € 4.00 €
Outer dimensions 710 x 430 mm 1 21/24/30 mm No. 715152 3.53 € 4.20 €
No. 707515 13.53 € 16.10 € 36/42 mm No. 715153 3.78 € 4.50 €


High-class leather protective caps made
of fine cow leather fixed to the neck of
the chisels via two crosswise oriented
straps and a snap.

F 4
2 Leather protective caps, 3 Leather protective caps, 4 Leather protective caps,
for striking and finishing chisels for mortise chisels for slicks
For blade width For blade width For blade width
1 Leather protective caps, 3/6/9 mm No. 715154 3.87 € 4.60 € 12-24 mm No. 715163 4.12 € 4.90 € 36 / 42 mm No. 715158 4.76 € 5.70 €
for cranked paring chisels 12/15/18 mm No. 715155 3.95 € 4.70 € 54 mm No. 715159 4.96 € 5.90 €
For blade width 21/24/30 mm No. 715156 4.03 € 4.80 € For blade width 6/9 mm see
9-24 mm No. 715164 4.12 € 4.90 € 36/42 mm No. 715157 4.12 € 4.90 €

Carving and sculpting tools | 44
European carving tools | 44
Japanese carving tools | 49
The extension of the artist’s arm! Traditional Chinese carving tools | 50
Special tools | 50

Carver’s mallets | 51

Carving knives and xylography tools | 52

European type | 52
Japanese type | 55
Swedish type | 56

Drawknives | 57

Sculptor’s axes | 57

Adzes | 58

Sculpting tools



Creating a sculpture with axe and chisel not only by their favourable price, but also by SHARPENING
from a trunk is surely one of the most intense their good steel quality and the conical shape
experiences that woodcraft has to offer. of their blades - particularly advantageous for Sharpening on rapidly rotating grinding or
Not only the creative act itself, but intimate deep reliefs, cut-outs and under-cuts. polishing wheels is in fact in widespread use
contact with this unique natural material, - nevertheless, we recommend the traditional
exploring its organically grown structure, and The tools from Sweden, a country where four- method of sharpening on water stones or on
the unforgettable odour of freshly cut wood year-olds are already engaged in wood carving, the Tormek wet grinding machine. This gives
all make sculpture a unique experience. are especially convincing in terms of their longer edge life, as the cutting edges are not
In this creative process, the tool must be fine profiling and ergonomic grips. heated, and ensures a more exact cutting
the extension of the artist’s own arm. Over a edge geometry without rounding off the be-
period of time, a heartfelt relationship develops TYPES vels. You will find additional information on
between the sculptor and the tool. When the the sharpening of sculptors’ tools in our
tool lies comfortably in the hand, when the Gouges Sharpening Primer, which you can order
balance is right, when there is long-lasting Gouges are the classical sculptor’s tools. under
sharpness, then mind and body work together Their curvature is described by sweep num-
creatively. The sculptor’s trust in »his« tool bers (from 2 = very flat to 11 = very strongly
brings creativity to fruition. curved). EXPERT TIPS ON THE USE OF SCULPTING
Owing to their complex form and the com- Chisels
bined requirements of long-lasting sharpness These have a cutting edge ground obliquely Use a lager-sized gauge with mallet for the
and lightness of weight, the manufacture of or at a right angle. By contrast with normal crude composition of sculputures or reliefs.
gouges is one of the most difficult challenges wood working chisels, they are sharpened on
of blacksmithing. Today, the Swiss »Pfeil®« both sides. Due to their versatility for use To make things easier, imagine the geometrical
brand, with a wide range of products present- with edges, contours, peripheries, surfaces shape underneath the surface, e.g. the eye as
ing the main part of our offering, is regarded and inscriptions, they are a must in every a ball, the neck as a cylinder, etc.
as the leading manufacturer. These are the basic set.
proven standard tools for sculptors and wood Always work your way from the highest point
carvers - developed through intensive ex- V-parting tools (e.g. the nose) to the back. This gives you the
change with professionals and with a consis- These have a V-shaped cross-section and opportunity of making corrections if neces-
tantly high level of quality. are used for cutting sharp-edged grooves, sary by moving the form slightly backwards.
outlining patterns, and carving letters.
We also offer hand-forged Japanese gouges Define your reference points (e.g. centre
with two-layer blades, having a long edge life Cranked tools of the head, tip of the nose, elbow, etc.)
and excellent sharpness. These are stronger Curved or cropped tools are advantageous These should be best marked with a cross.
and shorter than European gouges and, for elaborating concave surfaces, recesses or
thanks to their head hoop, well suited for relief backgrounds. The narrower the work
hammering. situation, the greater the tools cropping
required. Besides these basic types, there
Our Chinese cutting tools, which we obtain are also a number of special tools forms, with
from traditional small blacksmith workshops, which one can add on considerably to the
are unique in Europe. They are distinguished basic assortment according to project.

Sculpting tools

Try to work evenly on every part of the object For hollowing out troughs or bowls: cannot get the cut you need with a straight
in order to retain a well-balanced overall Trough-Maker's Adze, sweep 5, No. 706066 gouge, choose the short-bent version for
picture. Pfeil Scorp Gouge, size 2, No. 700702 shallow recesses and the long-bent version
Pfeil Sculptor's Gouge, short-bent version, for deep ones.
Always make sure to fasten your workpiece see page 45.
properly (e.g. with the help of carver’s screw)
in order to avoid injuries and any TIP
disturbances of the working process.
For beginners in woodcarving, we recommend
wearing the »ProHands« protective gloves for
Which tools are recommended for beginners? How do I select a gouge? unclear or difficult working situations.

For sculpting figures: There are three criteria:

Allongee Gouge, sweep 7, blade width
50 mm (for rough material removal and large 1.) the sweep
workpieces) 2.) the blade width (measured perpendicular
Sweep 3, blade width 35 / 40 mm (clean-up) to the blade (also with 1S)
Sweep 7, blade width 35 / 40 mm (clean-up) 3.) the longitudinal form of the blade Sharpening pass
Sweep 11, blade width 15 / 18 mm (clean-up) Two free sharpenings (see page 5).
Smaller widths of different sweeps for detail
work depend on the workpiece. What do I do if I have a gouge but am not Sharpening service
These tools are also used for our »Sculpting satisfied with my choice? Free lifetime sharpening for Premium
Figures« workshop. products (see page 5).
First, decide which of the three criteria are
For relief work: fine and don't need to be corrected. If, for
Compact carving tools from Pfeil, see page 48 example, the sweep is fine but the blade is Courses to this subject
Pfeil carving knives, see page 52 not wide enough, stick with the sweep Introduction to Sculpting
Power Grip carving tool set, No. 710258 number but choose a wider blade. If both the Sculpting of Figures
sweep and the blade width are fine, but you Relief Carving

Chisels Sweep 7 Sweep 5 Sweep 7 Sweep 3 You will find a number of interesting work-
shops for sculptors in our current workshop
programme, which you can order cost-free
from us,

Working on surfaces with different sweeps

results in different surface structures, which
means they can also be used to produce
variations in design. The larger the sweep,
the more noticeable the structure.

Sculpting tools | Carving and sculpting tools

European carving tools

Pfeil® Carving Tools

The exceptionally durable and wear- ferrules. Only indigenous woods and
resistant carving tools from the Swiss solvent-free oils are used.
company Pfeil are not only well-known
among experts. With over 700 forms and Your advantage:
sweeps, Pfeil offers the largest and most Quick delivery straight from stock
variable product range. The products of 3-year quality guarantee!
the world’s leading manufacture of fine
carving tools are made from specially al-
loyed, hard tool steel, forged and ground
on precision machines, heat-treated in
an electric furnace and sharpened by
hand ready-for-use. The blades are
uniformly hardened to 59-61 Rockwell Standard Pfeil carving tools (p. 44 - 47)
along their entire length, the break-proof Blade length 120 mm
oiled ash handles are mounted with inner Overall length 250 mm


Straight chisels are preferred for letter-
ing, but are also suitable for chip carving Sweep 4
and for smoothing straight or slightly Blade width
convex surfaces in figure sculpting. The 20 mm No. 701356 21.51 € 25.60 €
skewed variant can be drawn across the
surface and cuts into corners more easily. Sweep 5
3 mm No. 700830 16.39 € 19.50 €
Sweep 1, straight cut 5 mm No. 700831 16.39 € 19.50 €
Blade width 8 mm No. 700832 16.39 € 19.50 €
2 mm No. 700800 16.39 € 19.50 € 10 mm No. 701227 18.24 € 21.70 €
3 mm No. 700801 16.39 € 19.50 € 12 mm No. 700833 18.24 € 21.70 €
5 mm No. 700802 16.39 € 19.50 € 16 mm No. 700834 18.24 € 21.70 €
8 mm No. 700803 16.39 € 19.50 € 20 mm No. 700835 21.51 € 25.60 €
10 mm No. 701220 18.24 € 21.70 € 25 mm No. 700836 23.78 € 28.30 €
12 mm No. 700804 18.24 € 21.70 € 30 mm No. 700837 29.24 € 34.80 €
16 mm No. 700805 18.24 € 21.70 € 35 mm No. 700838 30.84 € 36.70 €
20 mm No. 700806 21.51 € 25.60 € 40 mm No. 700766 32.94 € 39.20 €
25 mm No. 700807 23.78 € 28.30 €
35 mm No. 700808 30.84 € 36.70 € Sweep 6
40 mm No. 700763 32.94 € 39.20 € 20 mm No. 701357 23.70 € 28.20 €

Sweep 1S, skew cut Sweep 7

2 mm No. 700810 16.39 € 19.50 € 4 mm No. 700848 17.31 € 20.60 €
3 mm No. 700811 16.39 € 19.50 € 6 mm No. 700840 17.31 € 20.60 €
5 mm No. 700812 16.39 € 19.50 € 10 mm No. 700841 18.57 € 22.10 €
8 mm No. 700813 16.39 € 19.50 € 12 mm No. 700849 18.57 € 22.10 €
12 mm No. 700814 18.24 € 21.70 € 14 mm No. 700842 18.57 € 22.10 €
16 mm No. 700815 18.24 € 21.70 € 18 mm No. 700843 21.93 € 26.10 €
20 mm No. 700816 21.51 € 25.60 € 20 mm No. 700844 23.11 € 27.50 €
25 mm No. 700845 23.11 € 27.50 €
30 mm No. 700846 29.24 € 34.80 €
35 mm No. 700847 32.94 € 39.20 €
B 40 mm No. 700767 38.40 € 45.70 €

Sweep 8
4 mm No. 700850 17.31 € 20.60 €
B GOUGES, STRAIGHT 7 mm No. 700851 17.31 € 20.60 €
Gouges are used for anything from rough 10 mm No. 700852 18.57 € 22.10 €
work to shaping to finishing, and are 13 mm No. 700853 18.57 € 22.10 €
therefore the most versatile sculptor's 16 mm No. 701229 21.93 € 26.10 €
tools. If necessary, each of these gouges 18 mm No. 700854 21.93 € 26.10 €
can also be used the other way round to 20 mm No. 701230 23.11 € 27.50 €
work on convex surfaces. 25 mm No. 700855 23.11 € 27.50 €
The 11-sweep tools, which take you from 30 mm No. 700856 29.24 € 34.80 €
gouge to V-parting tool, are often used to 35 mm No. 700857 32.94 € 39.20 €
create shape transitions. 40 mm No. 701231 38.40 € 45.70 €

Sweep 2 Sweep 9
Blade width 2 mm No. 701232 17.31 € 20.60 €
5 mm No. 701223 16.39 € 19.50 € 3 mm No. 700858 17.31 € 20.60 €
8 mm No. 701224 16.39 € 19.50 € 5 mm No. 700860 17.31 € 20.60 €
12 mm No. 700818 18.24 € 21.70 € 7 mm No. 700861 17.31 € 20.60 €
16 mm No. 701355 18.24 € 21.70 € 10 mm No. 700862 18.57 € 22.10 €
20 mm No. 700820 21.51 € 25.60 € 13 mm No. 701233 18.57 € 22.10 €
30 mm No. 700819 28.49 € 33.90 € 15 mm No. 700863 21.93 € 26.10 €
20 mm No. 701234 23.11 € 27.50 €
Sweep 3 25 mm No. 700864 23.11 € 27.50 €
3 mm No. 700821 16.39 € 19.50 € 30 mm No. 700859 29.24 € 34.80 €
5 mm No. 700822 16.39 € 19.50 €
8 mm No. 700823 16.39 € 19.50 € Sweep 11
10 mm No. 701226 18.24 € 21.70 € 0.5 mm No. 701235 18.82 € 22.40 €
12 mm No. 700824 18.24 € 21.70 € 1 mm No. 700868 18.82 € 22.40 €
16 mm No. 700825 18.24 € 21.70 € 2 mm No. 700867 18.82 € 22.40 €
20 mm No. 700826 21.51 € 25.60 € 3 mm No. 700865 18.82 € 22.40 €
25 mm No. 700827 23.78 € 28.30 € 7 mm No. 701238 18.82 € 22.40 €
30 mm No. 700828 29.24 € 34.80 € 10 mm No. 700866 19.75 € 23.50 €
35 mm No. 700829 30.84 € 36.70 € 15 mm No. 700869 23.70 € 28.20 €
40 mm No. 700765 32.94 € 39.20 € 18 mm No. 701239 25.55 € 30.40 €
Sculpting tools | Carving and sculpting tools



V-parting tools are popularly used in SHORT BENT FORM
relief carving to delimit areas. Similar to the long bent form, these
Another important use is the cutting gouges are also used for deep, curved
of even grooves. shapes. The even stronger bent of the
gouge allows you to carve transitions in
Sweep 12 (V 60°) even deeper areas and to create small
Blade width radiuses and arches.
3 mm No. 700870 19.16 € 22.80 €
4 mm No. 701242 19.16 € 22.80 € Sweep 7A
6 mm No. 700871 19.16 € 22.80 € Blade width
8 mm No. 701243 21.01 € 25.00 € 6 mm No. 700887 17.31 € 20.60 €
10 mm No. 700872 21.93 € 26.10 € 10 mm No. 701261 18.24 € 21.70 €
14 mm No. 700880 18.24 € 21.70 €
Sweep 13 (V 90°) 18 mm No. 701262 21.93 € 26.10 €
3 mm No. 700876 19.16 € 22.80 € 25 mm No. 700881 21.93 € 26.10 €
6 mm No. 701245 19.16 € 22.80 €
8 mm No. 700877 21.01 € 25.00 € Sweep 8A
7 mm No. 700700 17.31 € 20.60 €
Sweep 14 (V 55°) 10 mm No. 700882 18.24 € 21.70 €
6 mm No. 700703 19.16 € 22.80 € 18 mm No. 700883 21.93 € 26.10 €
8 mm No. 700873 21.93 € 26.10 € 25 mm No. 700701 23.36 € 27.80 €

Sweep 15 (V 45°) Sweep 11A

3 mm No. 700874 20.08 € 23.90 € 2 mm No. 700705 19.16 € 22.80 €
6 mm No. 700875 21.51 € 25.60 € 4 mm No. 700706 19.16 € 22.80 €
7 mm No. 700707 19.16 € 22.80 €
Sweep 16 (V 35°)
3 mm No. 700878 20.59 € 24.50 € Sweep 12A (V 60°)
6 mm No. 700879 22.44 € 26.70 € 3 mm No. 700725 19.16 € 22.80 €
8 mm No. 700726 21.01 € 25.00 €
Sweep 22, winged V-parting tool
6 mm No. 700730 28.32 € 33.70 €
12 mm No. 700731 31.09 € 37.00 €

Sweep 23, macaroni tool D

6 mm No. 700760 23.36 € 27.80 €


Primarily used for convex shapes and cy-
B lindrical profiles which cannot be worked
on with a turned straight gouge because
of the strong curve.


LONG BENT FORM Blade width
The long bent form is used in curved 6 mm No. 700736 21.93 € 26.10 €
recesses to allow you to cut out of the 10 mm No. 700738 21.93 € 26.10 €
piece from the deepest point without 13 mm No. 700737 21.93 € 26.10 €
damaging the edges of the recess.

Sweep 7L
Blade width
14 mm No. 700710 20.08 € 23.90 €
20 mm No. 700884 24.29 € 28.90 €
25 mm No. 700885 24.71 € 29.40 € E
35 mm No. 700711 35.63 € 42.40 € E DOG-LEG GOUGE
This gouge is used to clear the ground of
Sweep 8L deep, shouldered areas to their final
10 mm No. 700715 21.51 € 25.60 € depth and to rework corners.
18 mm No. 700886 24.29 € 28.90 €
30 mm No. 700716 32.94 € 39.20 € Sweep 21
Blade width
Sweep 12L (V 60°) 6 mm No. 700728 19.16 € 22.80 €
3 mm No. 700720 22.86 € 27.20 € 12 mm No. 700729 19.16 € 22.80 €
6 mm No. 701254 22.86 € 27.20 €
10 mm No. 700721 23.70 € 28.20 €

F This strongly bent gouge is ideal for deep
recesses and for finishing corners,
lettering and ornaments.
Straight bevel.

Sweep 21 G
Blade width
5 mm No. 700689 20.67 € 24.60 €

See our Workshop Programme or our

website at
Carving tools are often struck with a carver´s mallet. Carver´s mallets page 51 shops for sculpting and carving courses.

Sculpting tools | Carving and sculpting tools


Thanks to their conical form, fishtail
gouges are used for backcutting in relief
carving and for general finishing work.
Their projecting corners make it easy to
cut within narrow recesses, in which the
angle of the gouge can still be corrected.

Sweep 3F
Blade width
6 mm No. 700740 18.82 € 22.40 €
12 mm No. 700741 19.75 € 23.50 € B ALLONGEE GOUGES
16 mm No. 700742 22.44 € 26.70 € With an extra-hard hornbeam handle and
heavy-duty ferrule, this gouge is designed
Sweep 5F for rough shaping with the mallet and
8 mm No. 700745 18.82 € 22.40 € can resist even the toughest impact.
14 mm No. 700746 19.75 € 23.50 € Blade length 140 mm
20 mm No. 700747 22.44 € 26.70 € Overall length 300 mm

Sweep 7F Sweep Blade width

6 mm No. 700750 18.82 € 22.40 € 2 60 mm No. 700946 58.57 € 69.70 €
10 mm No. 700751 18.82 € 22.40 € 5 No. 700947 61.34 € 73.00 €
16 mm No. 700752 22.44 € 26.70 € 7 50 mm No. 701276 58.57 € 69.70 €
7 60 mm No. 700948 63.19 € 75.20 €
Sweep 9F 8 No. 701271 64.96 € 77.30 €
5 mm No. 700755 18.82 € 22.40 € 9 50 mm No. 700949 59.50 € 70.80 €
10 mm No. 700756 20.59 € 24.50 €
20 mm No. 700757 25.55 € 30.40 €

1 2

Pfeil® carver’s set with ash handles,

25-piece set
C PFEIL® CARVER’S SET With these 20 sculptor’s tools plus
WITH ASH HANDLES accessories you are perfectly equipped
The standard version of the carver´s sets for a wide range of challenging carving
are supplied with characteristic oiled projects: sweep 1 (flat)/16 mm; sweep
handles made from light ash. 1 S (flat/skew)/16 mm; sweep 2/20 mm;
2 Pfeil® carver’s set with ash handles, sweep 3/3 mm; sweep 3/12 mm; sweep
12-piece set 3/25 mm; sweep 5/35 mm; sweep 7/20
1 Pfeil® carver’s set with ash handles, Set of 12 Pfeil carving tools for medium- mm; sweep 8/7 mm; sweep 8/18 mm;
8-piece set sized figures, lettering and fine orna- sweep 8/25 mm; sweep 9/7 mm; sweep
8 standard carving tools as professional ments, compiled by the Sculptor`s 9/15 mm; sweep 11/10 mm; sweep 11/2 4
basis equipment for quality-conscious School in Brienz. mm; sweep 12 (V 60°)/10 mm; sweep
beginners. In a robust roll-up case. Sweep 1 (flat)/8 14 (V 55°)/8 mm; sweep 15 (V 45°)/3 mm;
Delivered in a roll-up case. Sweep 9/4 mm; sweep 1 (flat/skew)/8 mm; sweep sweep 8 A/18 mm; sweep 7 L/25 mm
mm; sweep 7/10 mm; sweep 5/12 mm; 5/8 mm; sweep 5/20 mm; sweep 7/6 mm; plus Brienz chip carving knife,
sweep 4/20 mm; flat chisel 12 mm; sweep 7/14 mm; sweep 8/4 mm; sweep 2 Arkansas sharpening stones, grinding oil
V-tool 8 mm; flat pointed 9/10 mm; sweep 12 (V 60°)/6 mm; and wooden carver’s mallet. Ash handles.
12 mm; chip carving knife form 12. sweep 8 A/10 mm; sweep 7 L/20 mm. With case
Ash handles. Ash handles. 3 Canvas No. 700898 531.09 € 632.00 €
No. 700896 172.27 € 205.00 € No. 700890 233.61 € 278.00 € 4 Wood No. 700892 695.80 € 828.00 €

Sculpting tools | Carving and sculpting tools

1 2

A PFEIL® CARVER´S SET 2 Pfeil® carver´s set with plane tree Pfeil® carver´s set with plane tree
WITH PLANE TREE HANDLES handles, 12-piece set handles, 25-piece set
These carving sets, with handles made Set of 12 Pfeil carving tools for medium- With these 20 sculptor’s tools plus
of oiled plane tree heartwood made sized figures, lettering and fine orna- accessories you are perfectly equipped
exclusively for us are not just aesthetic ments, compiled by the Sculptor`s for a wide range of challenging carving
but also hard-wearing. The decorative School in Brienz. projects: sweep 1 (flat)/16 mm; sweep
plane tree wood with its slightly red In a robust roll-up case. Sweep 1 (flat)/ 1 S (flat/skew)/16 mm; sweep 2/20 mm;
colour is due to its small annual rings 8 mm; sweep 1 (flat/skew)/8 mm; sweep sweep 3/3 mm; sweep 3/12 mm; sweep
and scattered pores very hard and 5/8 mm; sweep 5/20 mm; sweep 7/6 3/25 mm; sweep 5/35 mm; sweep 7/20
tough and therefore takes more blows mm; sweep 7/14 mm; sweep 8/4 mm; mm; sweep 8/7 mm; sweep 8/18 mm;
than ash wood. This beautiful wood is sweep 9/10 mm; sweep 12 (V 60°)/6 mm; sweep 8/25 mm; sweep 9/7 mm; sweep
also characterized by its striped pattern sweep 8 A/10 mm; sweep 7 L/20 mm. 9/15 mm; sweep 11/10 mm; sweep 11/2
that is a result of the cutting face of the Plane tree handles. mm; sweep 12 (V 60°)/10 mm; sweep 4
medullary rays. No. 730021 237.82 € 283.00 € 14 (V 55°)/8 mm; sweep 15 (V 45°)/3
mm; sweep 8 A/18 mm; sweep 7 L/25
mm plus Brienz chip carving knife,
1 Pfeil® carver´s set with plane tree 2 Arkansas sharpening stones, grinding
handles, 8-piece set oil and wooden carver’s mallet.
8 standard carving tools as professional Plane tree handles.
basis equipment for quality-conscious With case
beginners. For stone sculpting tools see our 3 Canvas No. 730022 540.34 € 643.00 €
Delivered in a roll-up case. Sweep 9/4 webshop at 4 Wood No. 730023 705.04 € 839.00 €
mm; sweep 7/10 mm; sweep 5/12 mm;
sweep 4/20 mm; flat chisel 12 mm;
V-tool 8 mm; flat pointed 12 mm;
chip carving knife form 12.
Plane tree handles.
No. 730020 181.51 € 216.00 €


Recommended by professional sculptors:
This set of 11 Pfeil carving tools for
quick and easy preliminary cutting of
large figures was put together in coopera-
tion with experienced sculptors from the
State Vocational School in Gröden (South C DICK® EMPTY ROLL-UP CASES
Tyrol). Delivered in a practical roll-up Protect your tools with these roll-up
case made of robust »Schwingerhosen- cases made of indestructible »Schwinger-
yarn«, with grey felt lining to protect the hosen yarn« linen, which is as much
blades. admired in Switzerland as leather
The set comprises carving tools: sweep 1 trousers in Germany. The inside is lined
(flat/skew) 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm; with grey felt and thus protects the tools
sweep 3/35 mm; sweep 4/20 mm; sweep from touching each other and keeps away
5/12 mm; sweep 7/10 mm and 35 mm; dust and shavings.
sweep 11/5 mm and 10 mm; ash Pockets
handles. 6 No. 700699 27.31 € 32.50 €
Carving knife: blade length 55 mm, 8 No. 730024 33.53 € 39.90 €
cherry wood handle. 12 No. 730025 35.71 € 42.50 €
No. 700669 251.26 € 299.00 € 25 No. 730026 83.78 € 99.70 €
Sculpting tools | Carving and sculpting tools

Individual sculptor's gouge sets

Carving and sculptor's gouges are used Sets are available as follows:
in creating a variety of objects, from
detailed miniature models to filigree 8-piece set, incl. Dick® tool roll for
ornaments to large sculptures. Therefore Standard and Compact sculptor's gou-
it's not easy to put together a selection ges (8 compartments), No. 908000.
of tools that's suitable for any applica-
tion. Here at DICTUM, you can put to- 12-piece set, incl. Dick® tool roll for
gether your personal set of sculptor's Standard and Compact sculptor's
tools tailored to your needs, at a 5% gouges (12 compartments),
discount per set! No. 912000.

Choose 8 or 12 tools from our range:

Because of the numerous selection opti-
Pfeil® Compact carving tools ons, please order your set with the indi-
Pfeil® Standard carving tools vidual article numbers by phone, fax or
Pfeil® Allongee or Dräyer gouges e-mail.

Pfeil® Compact carving tools

Perfect for small objects and intricate
work. The shorter blades and slender
handles make these tools ideal for small
hands performing delicate work.
Blade length 90 mm
Overall length 200 mm



Sweep 1 Sweep 7L
Blade width Blade width
8 mm No. 700670 13.11 € 15.60 € 10 mm No. 700677 15.13 € 18.00 €

Sweep 1S, skew cut

8 mm No. 700671 13.11 € 15.60 €



Blade width
Sweep 2 7 mm No. 700680 15.13 € 18.00 €
Blade width
12 mm No. 700672 15.13 € 18.00 €

Sweep 3 E
12 mm No. 701328 15.13 € 18.00 €

Sweep 5
3 mm No. 700673 14.96 € 17.80 € E V-PARTING TOOLS, STRAIGHT
8 mm No. 700674 14.96 € 17.80 €
12 mm No. 700675 15.13 € 18.00 € Sweep 12 (V 60°)
Blade width
Sweep 7 2 mm No. 700686 15.46 € 18.40 €
4 mm No. 700676 14.96 € 17.80 € 4 mm No. 701338 15.46 € 18.40 €
10 mm No. 701332 14.96 € 17.80 € 6 mm No. 700688 15.46 € 18.40 €
14 mm No. 700678 15.13 € 18.00 € 8 mm No. 700687 15.46 € 18.40 €

Sweep 8 Sweep 15 (V 45°)

4 mm No. 701333 14.96 € 17.80 € 3 mm No. 701340 15.46 € 18.40 €
7 mm No. 700679 14.96 € 17.80 €
10 mm No. 700681 14.96 € 17.80 €

Sweep 9
5 mm No. 700682 14.96 € 17.80 €
10 mm No. 700683 15.13 € 18.00 € Interesting fact: sweep, the stronger the concavity and
The sweeps of gouges are based the larger the arc segment. Thus, for
Sweep 11 on a standard set by the so-called example, sweep 3 describes a very flat
1 mm No. 700684 15.46 € 18.40 € »Sheffield Illustrated List«. The sweeps concavity; sweep 9 describes a com-
2 mm No. 701336 15.46 € 18.40 € are circular segments. The larger the plete semi-circle.
11 mm No. 700685 15.46 € 18.40 €

Sculpting tools | Carving and sculpting tools



Ideal for anyone who wishes to try their
hand at woodworking. Particularly suit-
able for young people and makes a splen-
did gift. 700670/79/88 and 700921.
No. 700690 51.26 € 61.00 €


700670/71/74/79/84/86. Including a
birch and maplewood rack.
No. 700691 91.60 € 109.00 €


86/88. Including a birch and maplewood
No. 700692 176.81 € 210.40 €


In a fine beechwood case.
No. 700693 301.60 € 358.90 €

Japanese carving tools 10-piece set in a kiri wood case.

E Blade length 20-50 mm
Overall length 205-215 mm
As with many other handcraft traditions, No. 714009 368.91 € 439.00 €
the Japanese woodcarving craft has its
origins in the ecclesiastical sphere. Even
today, lavishly carved temples and pre-
cious family altars as well as the Buddha
carving craft bear witness to the centu- F GOUGES
ries of refinement of the sculpting art These gouges offer all the quality advantages
and of sculpting tools. Japanese sculp- of Japanese sculptor’s gouges at a good
ting and carving tools are characterised price-performance ratio. Double-layered
by double-layered blades with excellent blades, core made from SK 5, seamlessly
sharpness. Their integral design and integrated handles and a removable heavy-
sturdy ferrules allows them to be struck duty head ferrule, which is fitted for use
with a mallet or hammer. with a hammer. Outside bevel.
Blade length 50 mm
F Overall length 220 mm
Sweep 7
1 Single gouges
The compact design of these carefully 6 mm No. 715251 14.20 € 16.90 €
crafted Nomi from a master workshop in 9 mm No. 715252 14.20 € 16.90 €
Japan makes them well-suited for deli- 12 mm No. 715253 14.20 € 16.90 €
cate tasks requiring precision, such as 15 mm No. 715254 14.20 € 16.90 €
lettering and reliefs. Blades of double- 18 mm No. 715255 14.71 € 17.50 €
layered steel, core made from Blue Paper 21 mm No. 715256 15.04 € 17.90 €
Steel, Japanese red oak handles. Gouges: 24 mm No. 715257 15.29 € 18.20 €
sweep 5/15 mm; sweep 9/9 mm; sweep
6/6 mm; sweep 6 cranked/15 mm; flat 2 7-piece set
point 15 mm; flat 12 mm; Yari-Kanna, 7-piece set, in a cotton tool roll:
12 mm; skew chisel, right, 9 mm; V-par- 715251-715257
ting tool, 7.5 mm; flat cranked 9 mm. No. 715250 112.61 € 134.00 €
1 2

JAPANESE POWERCARVER the cutting head, and are tightened with
This electric carving tool has a reciproca- the supplied wrench. For safety, the
ting cutting head, which allows novice cutter only reciprocates when the tool
G as well as professional carvers to achieve is pressed onto the wood surface.
excellent surfaces even under difficult The heat from the motor is dissipated
cutting conditions. At just 800 g, the through cooling slits so that the tool
aluminium pressure-injection die-cast can be used in non-stop operation.
housing is very light yet robust and can Set contains:
be used with one hand. The forged two- Powercarver, gouge sweep 7/14 mm;
layer cutters are ultra-sharp thanks to sweep 8/7.5 mm; sweep 8/7.5 mm bent;
their cutting edge of blue paper steel V-tool 90° 11.5 mm;
(63 HRC), while the shock-absorbing soft straight chisel 6.5 mm; wrench.
steel layer makes them robust and easy Overall length 240 mm
to sharpen. The cutters are easy to 800 g
change, thanks to the clamping nut at No. 715210 294.03 € 349.90 €
Sculpting tools | Carving and sculpting tools

Traditional Chinese carving tools B CARVING TOOLS, 12-PIECE SET

These exceptional carving tools emanate Light-duty gouges with pointed tangs.
from two forges on the southern Chinese Chinese hardwood handles. Mixture of
city of Dongyang, a centre of the sculp- forms (flat, flat/skew, curved, V), in cot-
ting craft. With the small chisels, the ton tool roll.
durable blades are sharply tapered into Blade width 5-20 mm
a pointed tang. The larger chisels have a Overall length 180-210 mm
socket-shaped throat which holds the No. 700972 95.21 € 113.30 €
handle and prevents splitting. The small
chisels are made of carbon-steel (C 60, C SCULPTING BLADES
approx. 58 HRC). The socket chisels are 18-PIECE SET
of forged double-layered steel (above 60 Tools for all-purpose carving. The blades
HRC). In line with Chinese tradition, the have socket tangs. Mixture of forms (flat, B
chisels are only roughly ground by the flat/skew, curved, V). Coarse ground, no
blacksmith. It is the user who makes the handles.
chisels ready-for-use by fine grinding to Blade width 3-40 mm
the required sharpness and mounting the Overall length 100-120 mm
handles. No. 700971 71.18 € 84.70 €

Note: Due to the purely manual manu- D SCULPTING TOOLS, 6-PIECE SET
facturing process, the stated dimensions Double-layer forged gouges with socket
are subject to relatively wide fluctuations. tangs. Chinese hardwood handles. Mix-
ture of forms (flat, curved, V), in cotton C
tool roll.
Blade width 6-18 mm
Overall length 180-210 mm
No. 700973 47.65 € 56.70 €
Light-duty gouges for relief carving and E SCULPTING TOOLS, 12-PIECE SET
detail work. The blades have pointed Specifications as above. Mixture of forms
tangs. Mixture of forms (flat, flat/skew, (flat, flat/skew, curved, V), in cotton tool
curved, V). Coarse ground, no handles. roll.
Blade width 2-32 mm Blade width 6-25 mm
Overall length 100-120 mm Overall length 180-210 mm
No. 700970 33.53 € 39.90 € No. 700974 90.67 € 107.90 € D

Note how close to the blade the chisel is held.

Special tools

The Yari-Kanna is one of the oldest tools for The wood-like grain of 2 Two-hand Yari-Kanna
smoothing wood and is recognised as the the blades gives these Yari-Kanna a For planing large wooden surfaces in 3 One-hand Yari-Kanna
predecessor of the plane in Japan. The free- special aesthetic. The iron is folded carpentry and sculpting. Core made of For fine sculpting work, instrument
hand application of this tool allows the user repeatedly and then plated with white Blue Paper Steel, handle made of making and restoration. Core made of
to follow the wood's grain and so produce paper steel and set in a magnolia handle. tagayasan (rosewood). White Paper Steel, tagayasan handle.
wonderfully organic and tactile surfaces. Blade width 35 mm Blade width 25 mm Blade width 18 mm
Can be used on both flat and curved work- Blade length 120 mm Blade length 90 mm Blade length 60 mm
pieces. Ideal for decorative panels, reliefs Overall length 560 mm Overall length 410 mm Overall length 235 mm
or sculptures. No. 710094 276.47 € 329.00 € No. 710095 167.23 € 199.00 € No. 710096 57.98 € 69.00 €

Sculpting tools | Carving and sculpting tools, Carver’s mallets

Precision tool for removing fine shaving
or chipping in carving and restoration
work. Made of Blue Paper Steel.
Blade width 4 mm
Blade length 25 mm
Overall length 200 mm D
No. 710097 36.97 € 44.00 €
Semi-circular, double-layer blade for
hollowing out bowls, chair seats, etc.
Core made of White Paper Steel,
tagayasan handle. Inside bevel.
Blade width 32 mm
Blade length 75 mm
Overall length 215 mm
Radius approx. 16 mm
No. 710812 150.42 € 179.00 €


The curved blade is particularly suitable
for bowls and hollow shapes. Where
normal gouges can no longer be guided
along the grain due to lack of space (e.g.
in narrow spots), this tool saves the day
because it is drawn across the surface.
Blade width 33 mm
No. 700935 21.18 € 25.20 € Ideal for hollowing out drums, deep Sweep 4
vessels and large sculptures. The blades
are bevelled on the inside and slightly
Sweep 5
D PFEIL® SCORP GOUGE, SIZE 2 angled, allowing more free play for the
This scorp gouge is primarily used for oak handles. Made of carbon-Steel.
hollowing out large bowls and for chair Overall length 680 mm
seats. The hefty cherrywood handle provi- Sweep Blade width
des a comfortable grip and the curved 4 76 mm No. 700978 25.13 € 29.90 €
3.5 mm blade can even tackle hardwood. 5 51 mm No. 700976 20.92 € 24.90 €
Blade width 70 mm 5 63 mm No. 700977 23.11 € 27.50 €
Overall length 235 mm 9 30 mm No. 701001 27.14 € 32.30 €
Weight 280 g 40 mm No. 701002 28.99 € 34.50 € Sweep 9
No. 700702 45.55 € 54.20 € 50 mm No. 701003 31.01 € 36.90 €

Carver's mallets


1 2 1 2 1 2 3


Highly functional brass mallets from the Extremely robust, impact-absorbing plas- Solid carver’s mallets in traditional Ger- Head Ø 87 mm
traditional company Pfeil, with beautiful tic mallets with full-length arm of un- man form, made of hornbeam, one of the Overall length 270 mm
cherry wood handles. Their bell-shaped treated American maple. The high-quality hardest indigenous woods. The mortised Total weight 540 g
heads enable the mallets to be held close plastic hammer heads are completely handle is unvarnished. No. 730016 12.77 € 15.20 €
to the neck in order to finely adjust the wear-resistant and protect the handles of
striking power. The mallets are shock ab- your tools. Heavier mallets with the same 1 Size S 3 Size L
sorbing and easy on your arms. head shape have a lead core for addi- Head Ø 70 mm Head Ø 120 mm
tional weight and momentum. Overall length 270 mm Overall length 270 mm
1 Size M Overall length 270 mm Total weight 380 g Total weight 960 g
Head Ø 47 mm No. 730015 11.43 € 13.60 € No. 730017 15.88 € 18.90 €
Overall length 200 mm 1 Head Ø 70 mm
Total weight 450 g Weight
No. 730018 43.45 € 51.70 € 400 g No. 730040 25.13 € 29.90 €
600 g No. 730041 30.17 € 35.90 €
2 Size L Mortised handles turned collar on
Head Ø 49 mm 2 Head Ø 85 mm the handle and
Overall length 220 mm Weight The most secure way of attaching a the wedge at the
Total weight 700 g 600 g No. 730042 29.33 € 34.90 € handle is with a through mortise. top end.
No. 730019 50.00 € 59.50 € 800 g No. 730043 33.53 € 39.90 € The head sits securely between the

Sculpting tools | Carver’s mallets, Carving knives and xylography tools

Shape of the mallet

The round shape of the mallet is es-

sential for its use in sculpting be-
cause it
allows you to
control the
impact in dif-
A B C ferent direc-
tions. The
head widens
towards the
top, which al-
lows an er-
gonomic grip
and precise
blows. Since
the wrist can-
not be angled
by 90° in the direction of the blow,
the tapering of the mallet head makes
up for the extra 10-15°. This allows
an ergonomic grip with maximum
1 2 1 2 striking precision.

Turned from a piece of keyaki wood, ex- Designed together with a master sculptor, 1 Size S 1 Bell-shaped
tremely robust, high-level impact power. these mallets are perfectly balanced in Head Ø 70 mm Head Ø 85 mm
Head Ø 85 mm their proportions and weight. The head is Overall length 295 mm Overall length 245 mm
Overall length 270 mm made from a single piece of fine-grained Total weight 380 g Total weight 500 g
Total weight 700 g hornbeam. The mortised, varnished No. 730035 20.92 € 24.90 € No. 730037 20.92 € 24.90 €
No. 714054 26.81 € 31.90 € handle of robinia wood will resist even
the hardest impacts. 2 Size M 2 Cylindrical
Head Ø 87 mm Head Ø 95 mm
Overall length 335 mm Overall length 250 mm
Total weight 540 g Total weight 650 g
No. 730036 20.92 € 24.90 € No. 730038 20.92 € 24.90 €

Carving knives
and xylography tools

European type
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


Chip carving knives ground and polished
ready to use, with fine oiled cherry wood E
handles. The form and size are perfectly
aligned for freehand carving of small
figures, chamfering and wickerwork.

Form Blade width Blade length Overall length

1 1 9 mm 50 mm 190 mm No. 700920 9.58 € 11.40 €
2 4 8 mm 35 mm 165 mm No. 700923 8.07 € 9.60 €
3 7 13 mm 50 mm 155 mm No. 700926 8.07 € 9.60 €
4 6 13 mm 35 mm 145 mm No. 700922 10.67 € 12.70 €
5 3 14 mm 40 mm 150 mm No. 700927 8.07 € 9.60 €
6 8 18 mm 55 mm 135 mm No. 700928 8.07 € 9.60 €
7 10 8 mm 35 mm 135 mm No. 700929 8.07 € 9.60 €
8 11 10 mm 45 mm 195 mm No. 700930 9.58 € 11.40 €
9 12 11 mm 55 mm 195 mm No. 700931 10.67 € 12.70 €
10 13 11 mm 60 mm 195 mm No. 700934 10.67 € 12.70 €

Strong, 2.6 mm thick blade; can be used for

free form carving and as a wickerwork knife.
11 14 16 mm 60 mm 200 mm No. 700889 12.44 € 14.80 € E PFEIL® CARVING KNIVES, 4-PIECE SET
You won’t want to put these carving
Curved, 2 edges. knives down. The ergonomic plumwood round backs, large and small, knives with
12 15 12 mm 50 mm 160 mm No. 701282 12.44 € 14.80 € handles make for excellent control of straight blade large and small). Case
13 »Pfeil« 13 mm 35 mm 145 mm No. 700921 8.07 € 9.60 € these knives, enabling fine chamfering made of »Schwingerhosen yarn«.
work as well as freehand carving of figu- Blade length 30-45 mm
Ash handle. res and small objects. The set contains Overall length 160-185 mm
14 »Brienz« 15 mm 70 mm 190 mm No. 700932 12.52 € 14.90 € 4 forms (knives with cambered blade and No. 700999 81.51 € 97.00 €
Sculpting tools | Carving knives and xylography tools



This knife has a round and a hollow
ground blade, which means it can be
used for deep cuts but also for cutting
3 ornaments and letters. A hexagonal
handle of oiled acacia wood provides
a comfortable, non-slip grip.
A HERDIM® HSS BLADES Blade width 15 mm
These HSS blades are extremely hard Blade length 35 mm
(approx. 65 HRC), tough and resistant to Overall length 190 mm
wear. They are perfect for working hard- No. 730031 25.63 € 30.50 €
woods, veneers, synthetic materials and
laminates as well as for making small
planes. The blades are hardened along
their entire length, have double bevels
and rounded edges. D
Overall length 160 mm
Blade thickness approx. 2 mm
Blade width
1 6 mm No. 700371 9.58 € 11.40 €
2 8 mm No. 700373 11.09 € 13.20 €
3 15 mm No. 700375 12.10 € 14.40 € D PFEIL® CHILD’S CARVING TOOL
Carving is not just great fun for children,
B it also has educational value.
The child-friendly handle of oiled beech
and the short multiform blade of proven
1 Pfeil quality make for easy handling.
L-form blade.
Blade width 16 mm
2 Blade length 55 mm
Overall length 140 mm
No. 701500 13.53 € 16.10 €

4 E


For fine restoration work and model
building. Stainless steel hardened to ap-
prox. 50 HRC, coarse finish. 6-piece set.
7 Blade width 3.5-6.5 mm
Blade length 10 mm
B PFEIL® WOODWORKING KNIVES Overall length 140 mm
Made of alloyed Swiss steel. No. 700430 11.01 € 13.10 €
Approx. 59-60 Rockwell, double bevel.

Without handle 7 With rosewood handle

Overall length 160 mm Overall length 160 mm
Blade thickness 2 mm Blade thickness 2 mm F PFEIL® SHOULDER KNIVES
Blade width Blade width The shoulder knife was the most impor-
1 3.5 mm No. 700401 8.57 € 10.20 € 3.5 mm No. 700390 14.20 € 16.90 € tant veneering tool used from the Middle
2 6 mm No. 700402 8.57 € 10.20 € 6 mm No. 700391 14.20 € 16.90 € Ages until the start of the 20th century.
3 9 mm No. 700403 8.57 € 10.20 € 9 mm No. 700392 14.20 € 16.90 € Its long handle, which rests on the user's
4 12 mm No. 700404 8.57 € 10.20 € 12 mm No. 700393 14.20 € 16.90 € shoulder, allows the tool to be guided
5 15 mm No. 700405 8.57 € 10.20 € 15 mm No. 700394 14.20 € 16.90 € with more control and power than a knife
6 19 mm No. 700406 8.57 € 10.20 € 19 mm No. 700395 14.20 € 16.90 € guided solely by hand. Also ideal as chip
carving knife. Ash handle.
Blade length 90 mm
Overall length 650 mm.
Blade shape
1 Straight No. 700893 44.03 € 52.40 €
2 Curved No. 700894 44.03 € 52.40 €

Self portrait
of the
inlay maker
Antonio Barili
2 with shoulder

Sculpting tools | Carving knives and xylography tools


Comfortable in the hand, tools for wood
and linoleum carving, reliefs and small
sculptures. Mushroom shaped handles A
made of untreated indigenous pearwood.
Blade length 70 mm
Overall length 125 mm

Set A Price advantage

6-piece set in a carton. No. 700900 78.40 € 93.30 €
Single tools set A
Sweep Blade width
1 L 1 flach 8 mm No. 700902 13.36 € 15.90 €
1 2 3 4 5 6 19 20 21
2 L 1S flach/schräg 8 mm No. 700903 13.36 € 15.90 €
3 L 1A flach/gekröpft 8 mm No. 700904 13.36 € 15.90 €
4 L5 8 mm No. 700906 13.36 € 15.90 €
5 L 11 3 mm No. 700911 13.36 € 15.90 €
6 L 12A (V 60°) 4 mm No. 700913 13.36 € 15.90 €

Set B Price advantage

6-piece set in a carton. No. 700901 78.40 € 93.30 €
Single tools set B
Sweep Blade width
7 L 5 3 mm No. 700905 13.36 € 15.90 €
8 L 7 6 mm No. 700907 13.36 € 15.90 €
9 L 7 10 mm No. 700908 13.36 € 15.90 €
10 L 9 5 mm No. 700909 13.36 € 15.90 €
11 L 11 1 mm No. 700910 13.36 € 15.90 €
12 L 12 (V 60°) 1 mm No. 700912 13.36 € 15.90 €
7 8 9 10 11 12 22 23 24
Set C Price advantage
6-piece set in a carton. No. 700939 78.40 € 93.30 €
Single tools set C
Sweep Blade width
13 L 8 3 mm No. 700914 13.36 € 15.90 €
14 L 8 7 mm No. 700916 13.36 € 15.90 €
15 L 9 2 mm No. 700917 13.36 € 15.90 €
16 L 11 0.5 mm No. 700918 13.36 € 15.90 €
17 L 12 (V 60°) 4 mm No. 700919 13.36 € 15.90 €
18 L 15 (V 45°) 2 mm No. 700936 13.36 € 15.90 €

Set D Price advantage

6-piece set in a carton. No. 700891 78.40 € 93.30 €
Single tools set D
Sweep Blade width
13 14 15 16 17 18
19 L 1 flach 4 mm No. 700780 13.36 € 15.90 €
20 L 1S flach/schräg 4 mm No. 700781 13.36 € 15.90 €
21 L 5 5 mm No. 700782 13.36 € 15.90 €
22 L 7 4 mm No. 700783 13.36 € 15.90 €
23 L 8A 7 mm No. 700784 13.36 € 15.90 €
24 L 11 2 mm No. 700785 13.36 € 15.90 €

25 12-piece set
In a beautiful maplewood storage rack:
1 x no. 700902-13
12 tools in a storage rack No. 700899 179.83 € 214.00 €

The compact design and the mushroom
shaped handles of untreated pearwood
make these gouges ideal for carving
woodblocks, small objects, ornaments,
chamfering and reliefs.
Blade length 80 mm 1
Overall length 140 mm

1 Tools Set A, 8-piece Price advantage

in a beautiful maplewood storage rack.
1 x No. 700790-700797
8 tools in a storage rack No. 700915 118.24 € 140.70 €

Single tools set A

Sweep Blade width
2 B 1 flach 12 mm No. 700790 15.46 € 18.40 €
3 B 1S flach/schräg 12 mm No. 700791 15.46 € 18.40 €
4 B 3 12 mm No. 700792 15.46 € 18.40 €
5 B 5 12 mm No. 700793 15.46 € 18.40 € 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
6 B 8A gekröpft 10 mm No. 700794 15.46 € 18.40 €
7 B 9 10 mm No. 700795 15.46 € 18.40 €
8 B 12 (V60°) 8 mm No. 700796 15.46 € 18.40 €
9 B 7 14 mm No. 700797 15.46 € 18.40 €

10 Tools Set B, 8-piece Price advantage

in a beautiful maplewood storage rack.
Sweep B2/12 mm; sweep B4/12 mm;
sweep B7L/12 mm; sweep B8/10 mm;
sweep B9/7 mm; sweep B11/7 mm;
sweep B15/6 mm; sweep B25/10 mm
8 Tools in a storage rack No. 700998 118.24 € 140.70 €

Sculpting tools | Carving knives and xylography tools

Japanese type
The most important tools for carving
small objects and reliefs in a functional
roll-up case. Solid carbon-steel blades, B
approx. 62 HRC, sharpened and ready to
use. Fitted with teak handle scales.
Bevelled on one side. 9-piece set: knife
9 mm; Kiridashi 12 mm and 21 mm;
sweep 6/5 mm and 12 mm; flat 10 mm;
V 8 mm; saw 75 mm, TS 1.5 mm; files
rough and fine, 52 mm.
Overall length 150-190 mm
No. 710742 150.42 € 179.00 €


Multilayer blades, very sharp and wear-
resistant. Handles of bubinga wood. 1 2 3 4
Forms A and B bevelled on one side,
C and D bevelled on both sides.
Core made of Blue Paper Steel.
Blade length 30 mm
Overall length 180 mm
Blade C
1 Form A No. 710715 14.20 € 16.90 €
2 Form B No. 710716 14.20 € 16.90 €
3 Form C No. 710717 14.20 € 16.90 €
4 Form D No. 710718 14.20 € 16.90 €

4-piece set Price advantage

In a canvas case (form A, B, C, D)
No. 710719 54.54 € 64.90 €

Exclusive carving knives with ergonomic
cambered handles made of untreated Ja- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
panese white oak for perfect cutting con-
trol. Stainless A2 steel (approx. 62 HRC). D
Bevelled on both sides.
Blade length 50-65 mm
Overall length 80-195 mm
Blade G
1 Form A No. 710755 16.39 € 19.50 €
2 Form B No. 710756 16.39 € 19.50 € E
3 Form C No. 710757 16.39 € 19.50 €
4 Form D No. 710758 16.39 € 19.50 €
5 Form E No. 710759 16.39 € 19.50 € F
6 Form F No. 710762 16.39 € 19.50 €
7 Form G No. 710763 16.39 € 19.50 €
8 Form H No. 710764 16.39 € 19.50 €
9 Form I No. 710765 16.39 € 19.50 €
10 Form J No. 710766 16.39 € 19.50 €

5-piece set Price advantage

5-piece set in a case (A, B, C, D, E).
No. 710760 77.23 € 91.90 €

5-piece set Price advantage

5-piece set in a case (F, G, H, I, J). 1 2
No. 710761 77.23 € 91.90 €


Fine tools with thin blades of double-laye-
red steel for carving masks, reliefs, wood-
blocks and linoleum. The cutting edges
are hardened to 63 HRC and come sharp-
D CARVING AND OUTDOOR KNIFE ned and ready to use.
Foldable with locking blade. Handle of 7-piece set in a gift box: gouge sweep
Japanese cherry wood. Right-hand bevel. 9/3 mm; sweep 9/6 mm; sweep 6/9 mm;
Core made of Blue Paper Steel. sweep 3/9 mm; V-tool, 4.5 mm; straight
Blade width 25 mm chisel, 7.5 mm; skew chisel 7.5 mm.
Blade length 100 mm Blade length 32 mm
Overall length 230 mm Overall length 146 mm
No. 710705 20.92 € 24.90 € No. 710258 37.73 € 44.90 €


Similar to the handles of Samurai Featherweight and razor-sharp, traditionally
swords, the handle of this Japanese car- used in Japan for woodblock, mask and H
ving knife is bound with silk cord. Slip- relief carving. The thin blades (63 HRC),
proof in the hand, it can be precisely forged of double-layer white paper steel
guided, even with increased application come sharpened and ready to use. Han- H WOODCARVING SET, 10 PIECES Comes in a wooden box.
of force. 3-layer blade, core-layer of Blue dles of magnolia wood. Blade thickness Sharpened for use: Gouge sweep 7/15 mm; sweep 8/9 mm;
Paper Steel, hand guard, bevelled on approx. 2 mm. Straight chisel 9 mm; Hand-forged carving knives and gouges sweep 7/4 mm; gouge bent sweep 5/13
both sides. skew chisel 9 mm; gouge sweep 9/3 mm; with a White Paper Steel cutting edge mm; V-tool 60° 7 mm; straight chisel 13
Blade length 55 mm gouge sweep 8/6 mm; V-tool 5 mm. for cutting masks and reliefs in wood. mm and 7 mm; skew chisel 16 and 10
Overall length 160 mm 5-piece set in a kiri wood case. The blades are hardened to 63 HRC. mm; skew chisel curved edge 14 mm.
Blade Blade length approx. 30 mm The short beech handles allow the tools Blade length 30 - 35 mm
1 Curved No. 710747 25.13 € 29.90 € Overall length 210 mm to be held close to the blade for more Overall length 165 mm
2 Straight No. 710749 25.13 € 29.90 € No. 710741 100.00 € 119.00 € controlled cutting. No. 710752 151.18 € 179.90 €
Sculpting tools | Carving knives and xylography tools


These small chisels made from SK-5 Blade
A steel are primarily used for detail work 1 Straight cut
in relief carving as well as in restoration No. 710294 11.68 € 13.90 €
work and model-building. The long, light- 2 Skew cut
1 2 weight aluminium handles make them No. 710295 11.68 € 13.90 €
easy to guide. Very hard (55-60 HRC), 3 Gouge sweep 8
fine-ground head shapes. No. 710296 11.68 € 13.90 €
Blade width 3 mm 4 V-tool 90°
3 4 Overall length 140 mm No. 710297 11.68 € 13.90 €

Swedish type F Svante Djärv Hans Karlsson

Svante Djärv’s carving tools, hand-forged Carving tools by Hans Karlsson with
from Uddeholm steel, represent a revival finely hand-forged blades and ergonomic
of traditional Swedish knife making. handles. Blades of »Uddeholm Arne« tool
Frost® knives The textured, Nordic-ash handles fit steel (62 HRC). The ash handles are
Cutting tools have been forged in the F CARVING KNIFE # 105 comfortably in the hand. treated with natural linseed oil.
Swedish town of Mora for over 400 years. Long, slim blade for carving larger
The Mora Knife, developed by Erich Frost pieces. Ergonomically designed handle, K N
over 100 years ago is synonymous with without ferrule or sheath.
functionality and reliability. The majority Blade length 79 mm
of the blades presented here are forged Overall length 200 mm 1 1
from rolled 2.5 mm thick traditional No. 701561 13.70 € 16.30 €
triple-layered carbon-steel. The knives
are distinguished by their excellent
sharpening properties and long edge life 2 2
(the hardness of the core layer is approx. G
61 HRC). To preserve the steel's fine
grain structure, alloys have not been K SKEDKNIV HOOK KNIFE N HOOK KNIVES
added, meaning that the blades are not With a curved blade for hollow forms. Elegantly designed hook knife for working
rustproof. The birch handles are firmly Curvature radius approx. 10 mm on hollow objects. The handle seamlessy
attached to the full-length tang. Blade length 40 mm joins the blade via a solid tang with
Overall length 145 mm forged-on shoulder.
Bevel Curvature radius approx. 15 mm
1 left No. 701571 50.50 € 60.10 € Blade length 55 mm
B 2 right No. 701573 50.50 € 60.10 € Overall length 175 mm
G CHILDREN’S CARVING KNIFE # 73 1 Right No. 701521 54.54 € 64.90 €
Besides creativity, carving also requires a 2 Left No. 701522 54.54 € 64.90 €
sense of shape forming and already in
childhood makes the educationally im-
portant reference head-hand-material.
Give your children access to the creative O
activity of woodworking with this carving
B ALL-PURPOSE KNIFE # 137 knife, which is specially designed for a
A Frost classic for carvers, fishermen and child's hand. Carbon-steel, handle with
outdoorsmen. Beautiful leather sheath hand guard. Riveted leather sheath with
with belt loop. a handle strap. Hook knives for concaved surfaces.
Blade length 100 mm Blade length 73 mm
Overall length 200 mm Overall length 165 mm
No. 701563 25.13 € 29.90 € No. 701564 23.87 € 28.40 € O TRAGSKAV INSHAVE
Drawknife for hollowing out bowls,
troughs and chair seats. The U-shaped
C handle can be custom fitted by the user.
Universal carving knife, ash handle with Overall length 170 mm
riffled surface. approx. sweep 5
Blade length 60 mm No. 701511 134.37 € 159.90 €
C CARVING KNIFE # 120 Overall length 165 mm
Ideal for use in woodwork classes: No. 701570 50.08 € 59.60 €
Allround woodwork knife; also suitable H HOOK KNIFE # 162
for use in schools due to the compact Double edged bevel. M
blade. Plastic sheath included. Curvature radius approx. 14 mm P
Blade length 59 mm Blade length 50 mm
Overall length 165 mm Overall length 160 mm
No. 701560 15.04 € 17.90 € No. 701568 19.24 € 22.90 €
CARVING KNIFE With fine forged, cranked and curved
The handle is designed for small hands, blade, for making spoons, ladles and
D I with integrated hand-guard. Short, strong small bowls.
blade. Blade width 13 mm
Blade length 50 mm Blade length 42 mm
Overall length 145 mm Overall length 120 mm
D CARVING KNIFE # 106 I HOOK KNIFE # 163 No. 701574 47.23 € 56.20 € No. 701537 36.39 € 43.30 €
Carving and outdoor knife in the classic, Double edged bevel.
slim Mora design. Plastic sheath. Curvature radius approx. 22 mm
Blade length 79 mm Blade length 61 mm
Overall length 190 mm Overall length 160 mm WOODCARVING COURSE & ELEMENTS OF WOODCARVING
No. 701567 15.04 € 17.90 € No. 701566 19.24 € 22.90 € REFERENCE MANUAL By Chris Pye.
Chris Pye's new book This book presents
is akin to having a 10 carving projects
one-on-one course ranging from a carved
E J with a master carver. copy of Dürer’s well-
You'll learn what to known painting of
look for in a work- supplicating hands to
bench, the impor- a leaping frog. Each
tance of preparing project is described in
E CARVING KNIFE # 123 J HOOK KNIFE # 164 and sharpening your detail, from the initial
Straight cutting edge, particularly suited for Single edged bevel left (standard). tools and execute a idea to the finished
chip carving, reliefs and ornamentation. Curvature radius approx. 12 mm variety of techniques. 159 pages, colour work. 165 pages, 309 photographs, soft-
Blade length 58 mm Blade length 50 mm photographs on every page, softcover, cover, 210 x 275 mm, in English.
Overall length 185 mm Overall length 160 mm 280 x 220 mm, in English. No. 713318 15.79 € 16.90 €
No. 701565 15.04 € 17.90 € No. 701562 17.56 € 20.90 € No. 713014 14.86 € 15.90 €
Sculpting tools | Drawknives, Sculptor’s axes

Drawknives A

The drawknife is invaluable for boat

builders, coopers, wainwrights and chair
makers alike. It can be used for trimming
and finishing straight and curved work
pieces, as well as for rounding and
Well-designed hand-forged drawknife
with bow-shaped, slightly cambered
blade. Beech handles mounted in forged
ferrules and screwed to the cranked, full-
length tangs.
Blade length 300 mm
Blade width 36 mm
Overall length 560 mm
No. 705985 108.40 € 129.00 € D SVANTE DJÄRV DRAWKNIFE C
Lightweight drawknife for delicate work.
Straight, hand-forged blade with textured
B PFEIL® DRAWKNIFE, ash handles.
Traditional drawknife with slender, Blade width 20 mm
slightly convex blade for delicate work. Overall length 265 mm
Protective goat leather case. No. 701569 67.82 € 80.70 €
Blade length 240 mm
Blade width 25 mm
Overall length 430 mm E PFEIL® MINI-DRAWKNIVES
No. 700966 64.12 € 76.30 € Drawknife with sturdy blade. Cherry wood
With its powerful straight blade, this Blade length 120 mm
drawknife is suitable for removing sub- Blade width 22 mm
stantial amounts of wood. Large handles Overall length 310 mm
with screwed tangs. Protective goat No. 700938 28.32 € 33.70 €
leather case.
Blade length 250 mm 2 Cranked handles
Blade width 33 mm Blade length 110 mm
Overall length 430 mm Blade width 22 mm
No. 700967 105.29 € 125.30 € Overall length 280 mm
No. 700937 31.34 € 37.30 € E

Tips on the use of drawknives: F ARNAUD® DRAWKNIVES 1

Forged French drawknife made of car-
Pull the drawknife with the bevel to bon-steel with cranked ball handles of
the bottom at a slant to the work red beech. Leather blade guard.
piece. This makes for better control Blade length 145 mm
and reduces the cutting force. For Blade width 32 mm
fine material removal you can achieve Overall length 340 mm 2
better control by placing both thumbs
on the blade. For work after scribing Straight
and heavy material removal, it is ad- No. 709995 31.93 € 38.00 €
visable to first make several cuts
close up to the scribe line and then Arched, slightly convex
to cut to size with continuous strokes. (Upward bending approx. 8 mm) F
No. 709996 31.93 € 38.00 €

Arched, slightly concave

(Downward bending approx. 8 mm)
No. 709997 31.93 € 38.00 €

Sculptor’s axes


Ideal for roughing out and fine detail
G work on bowls and sculptures. Features
curved cutting edge with flat bevel and
pointed toe. Textured handle.
Head weight 900 g
Blade length 120 mm
Overall length 370 mm
No. 705964 86.55 € 103.00 €


Well-proportioned, handcrafted carving
hatchet. Textured handle.
Head weight 315 g
Blade length 70 mm
Overall length approx. 310 mm
No. 701572 96.55 € 114.90 €

Used with care, the sculptor´s axe will

allow you to create the most detailed
For more sculptor’s axes, see the and expressive of forms.
Axes and Hatchets section.
Sculpting tools | Adzes


The adze is a relatively unknown tool, yet be dragged (as when hoeing beds), which 3. Type of bevel:
unique in its function and extremely versa- does not allow precise strokes and is not a) Outside bevel:
tile. Success or failure in using the tool de- ergonomic. In addition, the adze is immedia- This type of bevel
pends very much on its design. A good adze tely driven out of the workpiece again be- changes the geometry
allows precise application and ergonomic cause the elevation on the back acts as a of the adze. Figure 3
use. A cheap model is often a bad invest- kind of lever. shows an exaggerated
ment because mass production does not set version of this. Similar
great store by ergonomics and functionality. to this bent back, the outside bevel also
Because the tool is not widely known, users Figure 3 shows a changes the angle of the support surface.
are often unaware of the great differences in trough-maker's adze Material can only be removed with additional
its use. that was made follo- hoeing movements (see above). An advantage
wing this principle of this version is that the blade cannot pene-
and works perfectly. trate the workpiece too easily because the

figure 3 back quickly drives it back out. This bevel

type is particularly suitable for rough removal
of material. It is also easy to sharpen, similar
3 MAIN CRITERIA FOR OPTIMUM USE OF 2. Using the blade: to an axe.
AN ADZE: In the drawings, the radius is shown as a red
line. Being the radius, this line is almost per- b) Inside bevel:
pendicular to the back of the adze. So the The more elaborate in-
full surface of the cutting edge meets the side bevel allows pre-
workpiece, similar to a plane blade. cise application of the
adze and, if the back
is swung correctly, er-
gonomic use from the wrist. An inside bevel
is a must whenever you require highly precise
figure 1 figure 2 strokes, e.g. in sculpting.

1. The correct stroke: c) Combined inside

The adze is swung with the wrist, so this is and outside bevel:
also the pivot point of the tool. If you draw an figure 4 figure 5 If the outside bevel is
arc around the centre of the wrist (marked by slightly changed by
an x in the drawings) which runs along the In figures 2 and 5, the cutting edge does not using a very flat bevel,
top of the blade, this shows the curve in which fully align with this line. The adze in figure 2 this allows a combina-
the adze is swung (see figure 1 and 4). thus penetrates the workpiece first with the tion that offers all the advantages of both
sides of the curved blade. This makes it al- bevel types: inside bevel for precise applica-
The back of the adze that touches this curve most impossible to apply the adze with preci- tion, outside bevel to prevent the adze from
is the support surface, similar to a plane. Fi- sion because you cannot work out when the catching in the workpiece.
gure 5 shows how an adze works that does tip will touch the workpiece.
not follow this radius, i.e. does not have a In figure 3, on the other hand, the tip of the
round back. This kind of adze cannot bite adze touches the workpiece first, which All DICK® adzes are designed according to
through wrist movement alone. It must also makes it hard to apply the sides precisely. the criteria detailed above. The heads are
made by experienced master blacksmiths and
are fitted by hand by a wainwright or our own
sculpting course instructors.

Sculpting tools | Adzes

Adzes Two-handed gouge-shaped adzes

Gouge-shaped adzes have a wide range
of applications and are suitable for hol-
The adze has always been an important lowing out chair seats and boats as well
and highly versatile tool for carpenters, as for sculpting. The longer handle allows
cabinet makers, boat builders and sculp- you to work large pieces that are fixed to
tors alike, and different versions have the floor. Two-handed adzes are often
therefore evolved for different purposes. used for tiring work in which the second
They are used for hollowing-out often hand is a welcome support. The second
large objects such as troughs, smoothing, hand also provides more impact.
and other large-scale carving projects.
The most important detail of a good adze
is the right combination of form and
length of the handle, which must suit
the shape of the head. But also the bevel C
must be customised for the individual
application. An inside bevel allows the
adze to be applied precisely, while an
outside bevel drives the blade quickly
out of the wood again for rough work.
All our adzes are made of carbon-steel.

Flat adzes
Flat adzes are used to flatten and smooth
planes. These planes may be finished C PFEIL® TWO-HANDED
later or keep their characteristic hewn GOUGE-SHAPED ADZE, SWEEP 7
surface. Therefore these adzes usually Robust, drop-forged adze with untreated
have an inside bevel. ash handle. Inside bevel for precise cut-
ting action due to straight contact surface.
Blade width 70 mm
Overall length 460 mm
Total weight 1000 g
A No. 700942 77.82 € 92.60 €


Robust, drop-forged adze with untreated
ash handle. Inside bevel for precise cut-
ting action due to straight contact
Blade width 75 mm D DICK® TWO-HANDED GOUGE-
Overall length 460 mm SHAPED ADZE, SWEEP 8
Total weight 1000 g Hand-forged:
No. 700941 68.32 € 81.30 € This adze, which is hand-forged to our
design in a German smithy, has an inside
bevel which allows precise application
because the contact surface is not an-
gled. The wide, slightly curved blade pro-
duces a wonderfully fine surface and is
therefore ideal for smoothing. Optimally
curved head shape. Handmade,
handle of untreated hickory.
Blade width 80 mm
Overall length 555 mm
Total weight 1300 g
No. 708358 184.03 € 219.00 €


This flat adze is hand-forged in free form
in a German smithy, based on a design E
by our master sculptor. The head has a
slight curve (sweep 3), which makes
smoothing surfaces easier. Inside bevel
for precise cutting action due to straight
contact surface. Optimally curved head
shape. Handmade handle of oiled ash.
Blade width 60 mm
Overall length 400 mm
Total weight 620 g
No. 706065 109.16 € 129.90 €

Hefty hand-forged adze with an extra-
long handle, ideal for hollowing chair
seats while standing up. The chair seat is blade quickly out of the workpiece again.
fixed to the floor, the feet are positioned Handle of oiled hickory.
to the left and right of it and the adze is Blade width 70 mm
swung through the legs. Outside bevel Overall length 640 mm
combined with a slight inside bevel for Total weight 1500 g
rough material removal. This drives the No. 701585 191.60 € 228.00 €
Sculpting tools | Adzes

One-handed gouge-shaped adzes

One-handed gouge-shaped adzes are
particularly suitable for detail work and
use close to the body, such as hollowing
out bowls, sculpting or working on chair
seats on the workbench.



Small drop-forged one-handed adze with (merging into sweep 6) Small hand-forged one-handed adze with
untreated ash handle. Inside bevel for Handy, hand-forged Swedish adze with a a combined inside/outside bevel for
precise cutting action due to straight low sweep for rough material removal. rough material removal. This bevel drives
contact surface. Outside bevel combined with a slight in- the blade quickly out of the workpiece D DICK® ONE-HANDED
Blade width 50 mm side bevel to drive the blade quickly out again and prevents the adze getting GOUGE-SHAPED ADZE, SWEEP 8
Overall length 275 mm of the workpiece again. Optimally curved stuck. The head has an optimally curved Hand-forged:
Total weight 600 g head shape. Handle of oiled hickory. shape and the textured handle of oiled This one-handed adze, hand-forged to the
No. 700944 77.82 € 92.60 € Blade width 65 mm hickory provides a non-slip grip. design of our master sculptor, is impres-
Overall length 230 mm Blade width 60 mm sive in its flexible handling and solid de-
Total weight 790 g Overall length 240 mm sign. The two shaped hand rests on the
No. 701520 165.46 € 196.90 € Total weight 750 g hand-made handle allow you to quickly
No. 701584 158.82 € 189.00 € change from rough material removal to
fine detail work (with your hand close to
the head of the adze). Ideal for all kinds
of sculpting. Inside bevel for precise cut-
ting action due to straight contact sur-
face. Handmade handle of oiled ash.
Blade width 70 mm
Overall length 400 mm
Total weight 860 g
No. 706052 109.16 € 129.90 €

Trough-maker's adzes
These classic one-hand, hammer-forged
adzes are produced to the specifications
of a master sculptor, who also attaches
the handles. They have an ideal shape
for carving out troughs and large bowls. E F
Their light weight also makes them suit-
able for wood sculpting.
Oiled ash handles.


Hand-forged: Hand-forged:
Hand-forged in Germany to a design of This small one-handed adze has been
our master sculptor. With its light weight forged based on an old model and is a
and specially shaped curved handle, this true rarity. The strongly curved handle is
adze is ideal for carving out deep vessels ideal for easily carving out narrow bowls
such as troughs and bowls. The bent and deep troughs. The adze, which is
handle helps to protect your wrist while manufactured to a design of our master
working and allows narrow strokes. Inside sculptor, has a high sweep and large width,
bevel for precise cutting action due to which also makes it ideal for smoothing
straight contact surface. Handmade surfaces. Inside bevel for precise cutting
handle of oiled ash. action due to straight contact surface.
Blade width 60 mm Handmade handle of oiled ash.
Overall length 280 mm Blade width 80 mm
Total weight 600 g Overall length 210 mm
No. 706066 117.56 € 139.90 € Total weight 990 g
Trough-maker´s adzes are suited best for hollowing out troughs and large bowls. No. 706053 152.02 € 180.90 €

The oldest known tools
for woodworking
Forest hatchets and axes | 63

Splitting hatchets and axes | 64

Splitting wedges | 65

Garden hatchets | 65

Outdoor and all-purpose hatchets | 66

Tools for carpenters and cabinetmakers | 67

Axes and hatchets


TYPES: Gränsfors Bruks® Aberl®

There are three basic types to be Under the motto »An axe is as good as its Since the 17th century the Smithy Aberl
distinguished: smith«, the Swedish company Gränsfors has been known for forging and making fine,
Bruks has been manufacturing top-quality traditional tools. Its guiding principle is
Axes and hatchets for cutting axes for over 100 years. Gränsfors axes are simple and effective: You don't have to
These tools cut the wood fibres, e.g. for forged by experienced specialists whose skill reinvent the wheel to make great tools.
chopping down trees, removing branches, is evident in the precision of the tools they All tools made by the family-owned Smithy
or notching. As a rule, such tools have slender make, which renders any refinement unne- Aberl, which is already in its 11th generation,
double-bevelled blades with a relatively cessary. This distinguishes Gränsfors axes are made using the same methods as
pointed cutting angle to enable from industrially manufactured axes. The hundreds of years ago – tried and true! They
easy breaking into the wood. unadulterated, smithied surface shows the are made of hard and very tough carbon-steel
skills of the blacksmith and thus the quality and, unless otherwise specified hardened to
Axes and hatchets for splitting of the axe, which he then marks with his in- 56-57 HRC. Entirely specified, handmade
These tools split wood along the direction itials. With few exceptions, the blades are handles of hickory make these the
of the fibres, e.g. for chopping firewood, made of carbon-steel and hardened to 56-57 perfect tools. Each axe comes with
shingles, split boards, or poles. As a rule, HRC. The axe handles, made of best hickory solid leather sheath.
such tools have thick and heavy double- wood, are secured in the axe head with two
bevelled blades with a relatively blunt wedges, and feel comfortable from the first DICK® axes and hatchets
cutting angle for high splitting efficiency. touch. The harmony of shape, weight and The art of creating good hand tools is to
length make working with Gränsfors axes a base them on old models that have proven
Axes and hatchets for cutting and splitting pleasure. Gränsfors’s 20-year quality guaran- effective over the years at the height of their
These tools are used for the trimming and tee proves their confidence in the durability development. Very often, the further develop-
smoothing of workpieces and for the production of their products. Each axe comes with a set ment of tools after this point only served to
of beams, poles, wood for construction, and of instructions and simplify their manufacture and save costs - at
wooden joints. As a rule, such tools have a solid leather the expense of their ergonomics and efficiency
slender one-sided bevelled blades. Typical sheath. of use. Working closely with our master car-
examples are the classic broad axes. penter, we are now developing tools again that
Japanese axes have proven their efficiency and durability.
With their laminated forged blades, consi- Our tools are made in small German forges
sting of an impact-absorbing soft iron body which are still skilled in the old techniques.
SHARPENING: with a hard carbon-steel cutting insert (58- All heads are forged of carbon-steel. The ash
As axes are mostly used outside the workshop, 60 HRC), Japanese axes are the epitome of handles are made and set by hand.
a mobile sharpening device such as the DMT durability and sharpness. There are two basic
folding diamond sharpener (No. 705391) is types of traditional Japanese axe heads: Ono
recommended. axes have a wide beard and a narrow throat, Sharpening pass
It has two making them excellent for smoothing wood. Two free sharpenings (see page 5).
different grits The concentration of mass towards the cut- Sharpening service
and is extremely ting edge improves stability and control du- Free lifetime sharpening for Premium
wear-resistant. ring use. They can also be used one-handed, products (see page 5).
You lay the blade holding them close to the throat. Yoki have a
of the axe on a solid support, such as slender, long head, making them best suited Workshops
a tree trunk, and guide the sharpener with for separating and splitting work. Their Cutting Out Gutters and Water Conduits
uniform strokes transversely to the cutting handels are made from unvarnished Japanese Setting Tool Handles by Hand
edge, while maintaining the bevel angle. white oak. All come with a protective sheath. Shingle Cutting

Axes and hatchets | Forest hatchets and axes

Forest hatchets and axes

(Manufacturer instructions, see page 62)


Curved cheeks for cutting A
fresh, resinous wood.
Long shafts for extra
strength and power.

1 Small forest axe

For light-duty forest work, limbing
trees and making firewood.
Head weight approx. 700 g
Blade length 80 mm
Overall length 500 mm
No. 705973 60.50 € 72.00 €
2 Forest axe
For limbing felled trees.
Head weight approx. 900 g 2
Blade length 90 mm
Overall length 670 mm
No. 705961 66.39 € 79.00 €



Large axe, traditional American design,

for chopping and limbing trees. The slen-
der blade with small wedge angle drives
deep into the wood, while the S-curved
butted shaft makes work effortless.
Head weight approx. 1500 g
Blade length 110 mm

1 Short-handle chopping axe

Overall length 800 mm
No. 705987 99.16 € 118.00 €

2 Long-handle chopping axe

Overall length 900 mm
No. 705988 104.20 € 124.00 €

Axes featuring a cutting edge on each
side of the head were already the tools
of choice for Canadian loggers 100 years
ago. Not only do two cutting edges allow
you to work for longer periods of time
without interruption but the edges can
be sharpened to different bevel angles
depending on the application (small
angle for maximum cutting performance,
large angle for heavy-duty use). Straight
handle with thicker butt end.
Note: Not approved for commercial use.
Head weight 1600 g F ABERL® FOREST HATCHET
Blade length 150 mm Hand-forged:
Overall length 890 mm This hatchet is especially suited for
No. 701594 125.21 € 149.00 € cutting off smaller limbs and is an ideal
companion for all outdoor activities and
forestry. The handmade and
ergonomically shaped hickory handle
D ABERL® MALLET AXE makes it a pleasure to use.
Hand-forged: Overall length 380 mm
Because of its heavy, flat- Blade length 115 mm
ground butt, this axe is Head weight 900g
often used by professional No. 708354 142.02 € 169.00 €
lumberjacks to drive in fel- D
ling wedges. The massive, robust blade is
perfectly suited for removing branches of Hand-forged axes can
felled trees. The ergonomically curved, be distinguished by their
handmade hickory handle allows hours of surface structure. Forging
fatigue-free work and, thanks to its length, by hand compacts the
gives extra drive to the axe head. material's microstructure,
Approx. 54-55 HRC. which makes the steel
Overall length 790 mm considerably more stable.
Blade length 130 mm
Head weight 1700 g
No. 708356 142.02 € 169.00 € G

This axe is extremely comfortable
to hold and is especially suited for light-
duty forestry work, such as removing
branches from the stem of a felled tree. G BARK SCRAPER (KAWA MUKI)
The handmade, ergonomically shaped Japanese drawknife for removing bark
hickory handle allows fatigue-free and smoothing logs. Wear-resistant steel
working. blade, handle of Japanese white oak.
Overall length 680 mm Blade length 120 mm
Blade length 135 mm Blade width 45 mm
Head weight 1000 g Overall length 730 mm
No. 708357 133.61 € 159.00 € No. 717920 33.53 € 39.90 €

Axes and hatchets | Splitting hatchets and axes

Splitting hatchets and axes

The thick heads of these
axes have wide flaring
cheeks and progressively
increasing wedge angles to
ensure maximum splitting
power. The shaft has an iron
sheath to protect it from wear
and is textured at the end
to provide a more secure grip.

1 Large splitting axe

For splitting medium and large rounds. G GRÄNSFORS® SPLITTING
Head weight 2000 g 1 AXE AND DIAMOND WHETSTONE,
Blade length 75 mm SET Price advantage
Overall length 700 mm Splitting axe (No. 701592) and DMT fine-
No. 705962 81.51 € 97.00 € grain diamond whetstone (No. 705386)
with virtually infinite service life (also per-
2 Small splitting axe fectly suited for other cutting tools). Comes
For splitting small and medium rounds. in leather case, 111 x 23 x 5 mm.
Head weight 1000 g No. 718929 83.95 € 99.90 €
Blade length 70 mm
Overall length 590 mm
No. 705979 72.27 € 86.00 €
In spite of its small size, this splitting
axe has great splitting power with its Keep a safe distance to others.
weighty, 1000 g, highly convex head. Use a wide, heavy chopping block
Its handy shape makes it ideal for small that is stable and approximately knee
to medium rounds and making logs for high. Any type of wood will do, but
firewood. The hickory shaft, which is oak will last the longest. Place the
textured at the base for better grip, can piece to be split towards the back of
also be used one-handed if necessary. the chopping block so that, should
Head weight 1000 g you miss it, the axe will hit the block
Blade length 70 mm and not the ground.
Overall length 480 mm
No. 701592 69.75 € 83.00 € Hold the axe by the end of the shaft
to make best use of your strength.
At the moment it strikes the wood,
C GRÄNSFORS® SPLITTING MAUL the axe shaft should be horizontal and
Heavy axe for splitting your arms should be almost fully ex-
large chunks of firewood. tended.
The hammer shaped head
has wide flaring cheeks and D It is usually easier to split a piece of
is used to drive a splitting wood from its narrower end. To split
wedge. knotty or irregularly grown wood, the
Head weight 3200 g axe's edge must be extremely sharp.
Blade length 65 mm Always try to strike the centre (the
Overall length 800 mm mark) of a piece of wood to facilitate
No. 705969 89.08 € 106.00 € splitting, especially when splitting a
knot. If the piece is not split on the
first strike and the axe gets jammed
in the piece, turn it over and strike
the back of the head on the chopping
To split particularly large or irregularly
grown rounds, use wedges. Always use
two wedges. Start by driving one into
the edge of the round to make a gap.
D TRADITIONAL Insert the second wedge into this gap
JAPANESE SPLITTING AXE and work alternatively towards the
Ideal for chopping firewood: centre of the round, increasing the
Splitting axe with incredible power gap until the wood is split into two
thanks to its elongated, highly pieces.
convex head and long handle
made of fine-grained Japanese
white oak. The White Paper Steel
edge will remain sharp even when F
splitting knotty hardwood.
Head weight 1300 g
Blade length 75 mm
Overall length 900 mm
No. 710819 91.60 € 109.00 €


For splitting medium and thick cross-
sections and driving in wedges. The
highly convex head guarantees maximum F JAPANESE MINI SPLITTING AXE
splitting power. The three-layer Little effort - striking effect:
blade with a hard carbon-steel Ideal for splitting kindling
core (58-60 Rockwell) is also and small logs. Highly convex
suitable for shredding work. Has elongated head shape, cutting
a large hardened striking surface. wedge made of White Paper Steel, H ABERL® KINDLING SPLITTER Almost no cutting force is needed thanks
900 mm long, unvarnished shaft body of impact-absorbing Splitting dry pine into kindlings becomes to the long lever.
of Japanese white oak. soft iron. a real pleasure with this tool. Approx. 54-55 HRC.
Head weight 1500 g Head weight 400 g Can be mounted on the wall. The not- Blade length 320 mm
Blade length 120 mm Blade length 50 mm ches in the wooden base, which is made Overall length 680 mm
Overall length 900 mm Overall length 330 mm of untreated ash, hold any piece of wood 2150 g
No. 701661 91.60 € 109.00 € No. 701659 87.39 € 104.00 € securely in place. No. 708359 150.42 € 179.00 €

Axes and hatchets | Splitting wedges, garden hatchets

Splitting wedges


In former times axes were used to cut down
trees, but nowadays these have been re-
placed by chain saws. This rapid devel-
opment also affected splitting wedges.
The oldest models, usually made of wood,
have been replaced by low-wear splitting
wedges made of steel. Now engineering
has taken another step: Safety splitting
wedges are made from extremely impact-
resistant, forged aluminium. They do not
splinter and are no risk for chain saws. At 1 2 3
the same time they are very light and
protected against corrosion.

1 Twisted splitting wedge with tip 2 Twisted splitting wedge 3 Felling and splitting wedge B GRÄNSFORS SPLITTING WEDGE
Because of its twisted shape, the wedge The 45° twist allows enlargement of the An extra-long wedge to fell trees and split Maximum splitting power thanks to slight
angle enlarges while the wedge is being wedge angle during striking, thus increa- large blocks of wood. The scaled surface axial twist. Notched faces. We recom-
knocked in. This results in higher splitt- sing the splitting power. Fishbone prevents the wedge from recoiling. mend using two wedges for large blocks.
ing forces. The tip is easily applied to the grooves prevent the wedge from recoiling. Stroke height 35 mm Warning: Never strike steel against steel!
wood and forces itself in. Grooves on the Overall length 220 mm Overall length 265 mm Width 40 mm
side of the wedge bite into the wood and Width 45 mm Width 55 mm Length 240 mm
therefore prevent the wedge from 850 g 800 g 1700 g
recoiling. No. 706075 29.33 € 34.90 € No. 706074 25.13 € 29.90 € No. 705965 39.50 € 47.00 €
Overall length 230 mm
Width 50 mm
900 g
No. 706079 31.01 € 36.90 €

Garden hatchets


C JAPANESE GARDENING HATCHET Japanese Cleavers (Nata) wood. The blunt trapezoidal bevel at the
(EDAUCHI ONO) Nata are machete-like axes equipped end of the blade is used to separate the
High impact: with extremely sharp forged blades made bark after cutting it first with the blade.
Ideal for cutting off bran- from double-layered carbon-steel. In Japan, Blade length 210 mm
ches and roots, for sharpe- they are mainly used in the garden for Overall length 400 mm
ning and trimming posts. limbing and trimming trees and bushes. 650 g
Hand-forged in 3 layers
from best Hitachi steel. Single bevel
Untreated, ergonomically D NATA JIGATA The single bevel of this cleaver with a
shaped Japanese white oak Cleaver for gardening and forestry. The straight back is used to cut off branches
handle, magnolia wood blade has a single right bevel, allowing flush but is also suitable for barking
sheath. Can be attached cuts to be made flush to the trunk. lumber.
to belts. Comes with a sheath and belt loop. No. 710826 83.95 € 99.90 €
Head weight 600 g Blade length 210 mm
Blade length 150 mm Overall length 390 mm Double Bevel
Overall length 340 mm 560 g Similar to an axe, the double-bevel
No. 701657 109.16 € 129.90 € No. 710804 66.30 € 78.90 € cleaver is used for thinning out brush-
wood and uncontrolled growth. The dou-
ble bevel is also ideal for cutting off
wood chips for starting a fire.
E NATA AZUMAGATA No. 710827 83.95 € 99.90 €
Powerful cleaver made from three-layered
carbon-steel. Double-bevel. Can also be
used for splitting wood.
Blade length 135 mm
Overall length 360 mm G DICK® SICKLE CLEAVER
750 g This tool is designed for clearing
No. 710803 41.93 € 49.90 € undergrowth and containing rank growth.
Due to its long cutting edge, you can also
cut thorny wood with up to 2 cm branch
diameter from a safe distance. The hand-
F SILKY® NATA made, untreated ashwood handle with its
Cleavers from the Silky series will im- rounded end allows the tool to be held
press you with their sturdy full-length firmly and safely without slipping.
SK4 blades with removable rubber han- Approx. 55-57 HRC.
Inserting the carbon-steel cutting dle shells. These shells reduce the im- Head weight 750 g
wedge in the white-hot axe head. pact on the hand and lower arm by about Blade length 320 mm
60% because they absorb the blow bet- Overall length 910 mm
ter than conventional handles made of No. 708360 83.19 € 99.00 €

Axes and hatchets | Outdoor and all-purpose hatchets

Outdoor and all-purpose hatchets



Gränsfors Bruks’s smallest axe, perfect
for gardening, fishing, trekking or
Head weight approx. 200 g
Blade length 60 mm
Overall length 260 mm
No. 705989 82.35 € 98.00 € 1 2


Universal application: Featuring a curved, particularly light-
From the early 17th century, English and weight head and a »shearing« cutting
French explorers carried so-called trade action.
axes with them to exchange with the na- Head weight approx. 330 g
B GRÄNSFORS® HAND HATCHET tive Americans living in the New World. Blade length 80 mm
Whether for making kindling or for small They were popular amongst the native Overall length 500 mm
jobs around the garden, this hatchet is Americans due to their handy size and No. 701593 171.43 € 204.00 €
always a handy tool. The compact size versatility in building shelters and tools,
means it fits easily in backpacks and general woodworking and slaughtering 2 English model
toolboxes. animals. The practical plug join between With a heavy head and
Head weight 450 g the handle which thickens at the end and slightly bearded blade.
Blade length 80 mm the mortise of the head make it easy to Head weight approx. 500 g
Overall length 240 mm dismantle the axes for transport or Blade length 90 mm
No. 705963 53.78 € 64.00 € sharpening. The cutting edge and head Overall length 500 mm
are forged from one piece of steel, the No. 701595 171.43 € 204.00 €
ash handle is manually fitted.



Handy axe with surprising
power, perfect for the full
range of outdoor activities.
Head weight approx. 450 g
Blade length 80 mm
Overall length 360 mm
No. 705960 57.14 € 68.00 €


D From a Japanese master workshop: ALL-PURPOSE HATCHET
This attractive, traditionally hand- Hatchet with double bevel and
forged axe is particularly suited for slighly curved edge. Small socket
chopping small logs, trimming for increased stability. Thanks to
workpieces or for outdoor use. the single-sided beard, which
Thanks to the extremely wear-resis- protects the fingers, this hatchet
tant three-layer steel (Blue Paper Steel) can also be held with one hand
D GRÄNSFORS® HUNTER’S HATCHET and the exposed cutting edges, this near the head, for example for
The head is forged thinner lightweight axe is extremely effective. finishing work.
than usual, slightly rounded The blade is decorated with Head weight 750 g
and polished for skinning ani- Japanese characters. Bronzed surface, Blade length 118 mm
mals. This axe can be used to the rear has a hardened hammerhead. Overall length 360 mm
hew wood, cut up game and Handle of Japanese white oak. No. 710807 55.38 € 65.90 €
cut through bone. The grip of the handle is Head weight 400 g
notched for better handling. Blade length 85 mm
Head weight approx. 650 g Overall length 390 mm
Blade length 80 mm No. 701658 116.81 € 139.00 €
Overall length 475 mm
No. 705967 87.39 € 104.00 €


Originally a workers’ pastime, today axe I JAPANESE ALL-PURPOSE HATCHET
throwing is a popular Scandinavian sport, ALL-PURPOSE HATCHET All-purpose hatchet with small
which trains both your body and your con- Handy and compact: socket and double bevel. Thanks
centration. With instructions. Straight Lightweight hatchet for wood- to the straight edge, it can also be
handle (regular butt end). working, outdoors and wood- used for trimming and shaping
Head weight carving. Tomahawk-shaped head workpieces. The single-sided beard
1600 g with a curved blade and hardened protects the fingers when held with
Blade length poll. Double-bevelled face. one hand near the head.
150 mm Head weight approx. 450 g Head weight 530 g
Overall length Blade length 75 mm Blade length 95 mm
750 mm See for a Overall length 330 mm Overall length 330 mm
No. 705971 123.53 € 147.00 € video demonstration of axe throwing. No. 710821 54.54 € 64.90 € No. 710806 33.53 € 39.90 €

Axes and hatchets | Tools for carpenters and cabinetmakers

Tools for carpenters and cabinetmakers


1 2

A GRÄNSFORS® SIDE AXE AND 1 Side axe, single bevel 2 Universal broad axe, double bevel B GRÄNSFORS® CARPENTER’S AXE
BROAD AXE, NO. 1900 Thin blade with a wide beard and a Ideally suited for joint work. Specifica- The thin blade and straight edge of this
Two types of axes are single bevel, slightly tilted blade. tions as left but with a double- axe make it perfect for shaping work pie-
traditionally used in joinery: Head weight 1300 g bevelled blade and a symmetrical head. ces. The small beard allows
Universal Broad Axes have Blade length 175 mm Head weight 1300 g the axe to be gripped close
symmetrical, double- Overall length 490 mm Blade length 175 mm to the head.
bevelled blades and straight handles. Overall length 490 mm Head weight approx. 700 g
They are mainly for making wood joints Right bevel No. 705986 154.62 € 184.00 € Blade length 90 mm
and notches. Side Axes or Broad Axes (the beam is to the Overall length 450 mm
have slightly tilted, single-bevelled blades left of the axe) No. 705974 63.03 € 75.00 €
and are used for straightening and smooth- No. 705968 175.63 € 209.00 €
ing logs and beams. The mortise is usu-
ally angled sidewards to protect the Left bevel
user's knuckles. Hybrid models also exist (the beam is to the
which can be used for both types of right of the axe)
work. No. 705972 175.63 € 209.00 €

Axes are also suitable for precisely

trimming a workpiece. Make V-shaped
notches to the depth of the mark first
and then remove the extra wood from
the opposite side.

C GRÄNSFORS D GRÄNSFORS GOTLAND AXE E JAPANESE CARPENTER’S AXE fallibility of all man-made creation and is
DANISH DOUBLE-BEARDED AXE Handy axe from the Viking period: Wood crafts in harmony with nature: an apology for intervention in perfect and
Early medieval axe with two extra-long This axe is a replica of an original Viking Carpenter’s axe with curved head, divine nature. The three-layer forged
beards, ideal for hewing beams and boat axe. It is well-suited for shaping wooden wide beard and narrow throat for blade is bevelled on both sides. The
planks. The head is offset to the left (right equipment, carpentry and sculpting. joining work and hewing and trim- handle is made of untreated Japanese
bevel); the handle is slightly curved and Hand-forged head with an inserted ming trunks and beams. Besides white oak.
textured for a better grip. The original is cutting- edge bit made from high carbon- reducing the cutting resistance, Head weight 1000 g
on display at the Roskilde Viking Museum. steel. Double-bevel. the red painted indentation on the Blade length 130 mm
Comes without leather blade sheath. Head weight 700 g blade, which is characteristic of Overall length 900 mm
Head weight 1100 g Blade length 110 mm this axe type, has a religious No. 701662 150.42 € 179.00 €
Blade length 370 mm Overall length 380 mm significance in Japan. The
Overall length 600 mm No. 701582 322.69 € 384.00 € irregular recess represents the
No. 705578 343.70 € 409.00 €

Hewing tips:

Secure the log approx. at knee height The thickness of the shavings removed
and fasten it using log dogs. should not be more than 0.5 - 1 cm.

Make notches in the log down to the A video clip demonstrating hewing tech-
desired depth every 30 cm (for green niques can be found in the multi-media
wood) or 50 cm (dry wood). section of our website
Always work with the grain. When hewing beams with the right
A round log, fixed to trestles with dogs, Workshops hand, the axe is held as shown in the
being squared with a broad axe. Use uniform strokes and shearing-type figure. Work away from you.
(How? See our workshop programme: cutting action. The upper body should Cutting out gutters and If possible, do not chop off the
courses on hewing logs and joinery) move in rhythm with the stroke. Use very water conduits shaving, but use it as a guide for
little effort, allowing the weight of the Setting tool handles by hand the next stroke.
axe to do the work for you. Shingle cutting

Axes and hatchets | Tools for carpenters and cabinetmakers


A DICK® BROAD AXE handmade and fitted by a wainwright, B DICK® DOUBLE-BITTED MORTISE AXE
Hand-forged broad axe is cranked. This hand-forged double-bitted mortise
based on a historical model, which, Overall length 630 mm axe, symbol of the carpentry trade, is a
over decades of daily use, has proven Blade length 330 mm combination of a mortise axe and a mor- C
the most effective tool for hewing logs Approx. 2300 g tise chisel and is used to make mortises.
and beams. The blade acts as a large An axe-shaped cutting edge, partially
rest, which allows ultra-smooth surfaces Right bevel ground on both sides, at one end and a
even on large beams. The cutting edge (the beam is to the chisel-shaped cutting edge turned 90°
is slightly curved, so that only part of the left of the axe) and bevelled on the other, makes this C DICK® LOG DOG
blade penetrates the wood, which also No. 708365 335.29 € 399.00 € tool highly versatile. Both cutting edges For securing logs prior to hewing.
makes it easier to work with. become narrower towards the socket to 20 mm square bar steel with hardened
The blade has a single bevel on the side Left bevel allow working of mortises in full depth. cutting edges which are set
of the projecting head, and is securely (the beam is to the 1600 g perpendicular to one another.
set in the ash handle with cross-wedges. right of the axe) 600 x 460 mm 900 g
To protect the knuckles, the handle, No. 708367 335.29 € 399.00 € Blade length 45 / 20 mm Overall length 240 mm
No. 708363 142.02 € 169.00 € No. 705983 16.72 € 19.90 €

1 2
Tips for splitting shingles:


1 Splitting knife standard Resinous pine as well as oak and ash
This splitting knife excels through its Blade length 265 mm are well suited for making shingles.
shape, which has been developed and Weight approx. 1500 g Use evenly grown rounds that are at
improved over many centuries. The No. 708361 74.79 € 89.00 € least 30 cm in diameter, and quarter
turned, untreated handle with cross- them using splitting wedges.
wedging is fixed in the conical eye of 2 Splitting knife long Remove the sapwood and the
the iron, and due to its shape is very Blade length 335 mm heartwood near the centre.
comfortable to hold. The cutting edge, Weight approx. 1800 g
which is made of carbon-steel with No. 708362 79.83 € 95.00 € Use a splitting knife to make radial
approx. 55 HRC easily splits shingles splits in the segments (standing
and battens. See our workshop program or visit years) of an average thickness of
With practice, very fine shingles can Splitting knives are hit with the rawhide for approx. 13 mm. Smooth the surfaces
be made with the splitting knife. hammer No. 705681. courses on splitting shingles. using a drawknife.


E Designed by our master carpenter based Accessories and replacement parts for axes and hatchets
on a historical model, this hand-forged
axe is suitable for trimming wood joints
and mortises. The slightly conically for-
ged blade has an even-ground back and a
slightly curved bevel. The narrow side of
the blade is ground evenly to align across
surfaces. Untreated ashwood handle.
Overall length 405 mm
Blade length 60 mm
Approx. 1300 g
No. 708364 74.79 € 89.00 €

So that our axes and hatchets become your life-long companions, we offer a wide
range of replacement parts and accessories under

Lie-Nielsen® planes | 72

Veritas® planes | 78

DICK® planes | 79

Kunz® planes | 80

Thin shavings - smooth surfaces Stanley® planes | 81

Anant® planes | 81

Accessories for metal planes | 82

Japanese planes | 82

Traditional chinese planes | 83

Western style planes | 84

Scraper blades | 85

Scrapers and putty knife | 86




PLANE TYPES a normal frog. The problem was solved quite

3 4
simply by changing the angle and direction of
A Wooden planes (general) 5 the blade to produce the same cutting angle as
6 in a bevel-down plane. The bevel-up principle
Advantages is less widespread due to the poor quality of
- Warm and pleasant to touch 2 cast iron in the early Stanley planes. Subject
- Gentle to workpiece, no discolouration 1 7 to extreme forces where the blade sits at the
of wood 8 mouth of the sole, the cast iron on these
- Light weight prevents tiring planes broke easily. Today, however, better
9 cast iron makes for much more stable plane
Disadvantages bodies that are more resistant to the forces
- High sole wear with heavy loading of »bevel-up« planing.
1 Plane blade
- Warping may occur 2 Chipbreaker
- Little resilent mass, less-smooth 3 Cap iron
operation with difficult grains 4 Lateral adjustment lever
5 Rear handle
6 Depth adjustment screw
7 Frog
Japanese planes (additional advantages 8 Adjustment screw for mouth opening
or disadvantages besides A) 9 Plane body
10 Front handle

Advantages Advantages and disadvantages

- Operated by pulling, giving good control – Easily adjustable cutting angle
gentle to the joints and less tiring The major advantage lies in the easily
- Smoother operation thanks to thick blade adjustable cutting angle. Because the bevel
- High plane-blade quality angle on the blade affects the cutting angle,
the plane can be optimised by altering the
Disadvantages METAL PLANE DESIGN TYPES bevel angle on the blade - most easily done
- Take longer to set up (does not apply to There are three types of metal planes: with a micro or secondary bevel.
planes with replacement blades) »bevel-up« planes, »bevel-down« planes
- Possible warping due to atmospheric and scraping planes. No chipbreaker
influences (does not apply to planes with The chipbreaker, which usually adds stiffness
stabilised bodies and replacement blades) to the blade, is missing on bevel-up planes.
- No mechanical adjustment aids for * »BEVEL-UP« Therefore the iron used is much thicker.
plane blade and mouth
Thicker blade
The blade on a bevel-up plane is thicker than
B Metal planes (general) that of a bevel-down plane. This is an advan-
tage, as it leads to smoother surfaces and
Advantages chatters less.
- High wear resistance of sole base
and edge of mouth The »bevel-up« plane evolved from the block Low centre of gravity
- No warping of plane body due to plane - a one-handed plane previously used Also an advantage is the low centre of gravity,
atmospheric influences for planing cross-slots into posts to accommo- which is created by the low-angle frog.
- High momentum: smoother running, date blockings for reinforcement. Hence the
even with difficult grains and knots name »block plane«. But back to the bevel- Plane body and blade support from a single
- Simple adjustment of plane blade up as the distinguishing feature. Basically, piece
and usually also of mouth opening the blade in the block plane is mounted the In »bevel-down« planes an additional frog in
opposite way round from that of a conventional the plane body supports the blade. In »bevel-
Disadvantages »bevel-down« plane. The reason for this up« planes, the plane body and blade support
- Heavier, so tiring for larger planing jobs is the small size of the block plane, which are made from one piece, enhancing overall
- Can rust (not with bronze planes) made it impossible and unergonomical to use stability.


Simple mouth adjustment Advantages and disadvantages Their blades still have a bevel (30°-45°),
»Bevel-up« planes have a screw at the front Cutting angle depends on frog angle which reduces the amount of material need-
end for adjusting the mouth opening easily. The cutting angle is more easily adjusted in ing to be »displaced« when raising the hook.
The cutting depth remains unaffected. »bevel-up« than »bevel-down« planes. The principle of scraping with a hook differs
However, frogs with different slope angles greatly from cutting with a blade. Normally,
Reduced weight are available for Lie Nielsen planes. the depth is determined by the hook and
The absence of the additional frog makes angle. These planes are indispensable for
»bevel-up« planes lighter than »bevel-down« Simple lateral blade adjustment achieving tear-out-free surfaces on difficult
ones. Lateral adjustment of the blade is easily done woods and grains (primarily hardwood).
via the adjustment lever.
No lateral adjustment
The »bevel-up« version works without a Full blade support
lateral adjustment screw, which may be con- The frog provides a smooth and large seat CUTTING ANGLES
sidered a disadvantage. As with the wooden for the whole blade, reducing chatter to a
plane, the blade is adjusted by tapping minimum. When should the different cutting angles or
lightly on its sides. blade angles be used?
Additional weight
Additional weight means the plane sits solidly Cutting angle 36-38°
on the surface. This is particularly advan- Preferred for end grain, where less tear-out
tageous for working with irregular grains and is to be expected because the fibres break
wood that is difficult to plane. easily. With this cutting angle, the fibres
are actually cut off. When planing along the
Adjustment of mouth opening changes cutting grain, you should only take fine shavings with
depth a small mouth opening to prevent premature
Because the frog runs on an inclined surface, splitting of the wood.
* »BEVEL-DOWN« any adjustment to the mouth also affects the
cutting depth. This can be counteracted by Cutting angle 43-46°
turning the central adjusting mechanism. Normal cutting angle for general work with
relatively low cutting resistance.

Cutting angle 50-60°

On highly figured wood this angle creates
less tear-out, by breaking the fibres before
The renowned plane inventor Leonard Bailey, * SCRAPING PLANES they split. A disadvantage is that the iron will
who worked for Stanley in his days, was a ma- cut less and scrape more which dulls the iron
jor influence on modern plane design. Stan- more quickly.
ley enhanced his system with its Bedrock
Design, which enables the frog position to be Blade angle 75-100° (cutting angle is defined
modified without loosening the blade fixture. by a raised burr)
With the exception of a few minor adjust- At this angle, you scrape instead of cutting
ments, his design has remained unchanged Scraping planes arose from the idea of em- (scraping plane). Since this type of planing
ever since. Only the blade-adjustment mech- bedding a scraper into a plane body for more causes minimal tear-out, it is ideal for wild
anism has been modified. It was revolu- convenient use. Usually, a hook on the blade grain structures and woods that are difficult
tionised by Thomas Norris, who introduced a is used for scraping. The blade has to be to plane.
single screw for adjusting both the cutting ground perfectly angular to raise the hook,
depth and the blade angle. which is applied to the upper edge of the
Experts continue to discuss the advantages bevel with the burnisher, much like a scraper.
and disadvantages of this system, as, with Tools with thick blades (by Lie Nielsen) do
the Bailey-type adjuster, adjustments can be not require a hook but are also used with one.
made while planning through a low central Those with thinner blades (made by Kunz
adjustment mechanism. and Veritas) generally use the raised hook.

Planes | Lie-Nielsen planes

Lie-Nielsen® planes »Bevel-up« planes

- No chipbreaker required
Based in the US, Lie-Nielsen specialises - Simple adjustment of cutting angle
in re-introducing and improving traditional by changing bevel angle
plane types. Lie-Nielsen makes its tools
from only the finest materials, many of B
which had previously been too expensive,
not yet fully developed or unavailable in
suitable tool-making quality. Today, Lie- 1
Nielsen plane blades are made of A2
steel, which prolongs the edge life and
prevents rust. In all models, a blade
thickness of 3 to 3.5 mm reduces vibra-
tions when the tool is in use. During pro-
duction, blades are hardened to approx.
62 HRC and subjected to low-tempera-
ture treatment (cryogenic hardening) for A
an even finer grain and enhanced dura-
bility. Plane bodies are made of stress- 2
relieved, wear-resistant spheroidal cast
iron, which is highly resistant to cracking A NO. 100 PALM PLANE B NO. 103 AND NO. 102 BLOCK PLANES
and absorbs vibrations. This replica of the Stanley 100 performs all Handy precision planes with bodies and
precise craft carpentry, model-making or polished cap irons made from bronze.
Because of the complex techniques re- musical instrument-making work effortlessly The stainless steel adjuster allows accurate
quired, Lie-Nielsen is the only producer and cleanly. 3 mm thick, vibration-resistant adjustment of the thick blades with mini-
to manufacture models with manganese blade, tongue-shaped handle and bronze mum backlash.
bronze alloy plane bodies and compo- cap. The curved sole design is suitable for Blade width 32 mm
nents. Manganese bronze alloy is break- concave surfaces. Pitch of the iron 12°, Blade thickness 3.2 mm
resistant, rust-proof and adds mass to bevel angle 25°. Results in a cutting angle Length 135 mm
the planes. The soles are perfectly plane Casting bronze for plane bodies of 37°. 425 g
and trued at right angles to the sides. Blade width 22.5 mm
Unless otherwise specified, the blade is Blade thickness 3.2 mm 1 No. 103, angle 20°
angled at 45°. Cherry-wood handles Length 90 mm For heavier cuts with the grain.
make the tools comfortable to hold. 210 g Bevel angle 25°. Results in a normal
cutting angle of 45°.
Flat sole No. 703702 105.04 € 125.00 €
No. 703775 67.82 € 80.70 €
Repl. blade No. 703776 20.84 € 24.80 € 2 No. 102, low angle 12°
For fine cuts and end grain. Bevel angle
Including sharpening service. Round sole 25°. Results in a cutting angle of 37°.
See page 5 for more information. No. 703777 85.71 € 102.00 € No. 703703 105.04 € 125.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703778 27.14 € 32.30 €
Free lifetime sharpening For B1 and B2
for Premium products Repl. blade No. 703722 27.65 € 32.90 €
Toothed bl. No. 703739 50.34 € 59.90 €
Two free sharpenings

C NO. 9 1/2 AND NO. 60 1/2

A solid body, precise blade guide and C
adjuster, and an accurately positioned
bronze chipbreaker with polished hand
grips guarantee convenient operation and
perfect results. The mouth opening can
be adjusted according to the application,
using the configurable shoe (for removing
thick or thin shavings). 1 2
Blade width 35 mm
Blade thickness 3.2 mm
Length 160 mm 1 No. 91/2, angle 20°
750 g For heavier cuts with the grain. Bronze cap iron
Bevel angle 25°. Results in a normal
cutting angle of 45°. Blade
Brass lock screw adjuster nut
No. 703758 149.50 € 177.90 €
Brass lever
2 No. 60 1/2, low angle 12°
For fine cuts and end grain. Bevel angle
25°. Results in a cutting angle of 37°.
No. 703714 149.50 € 177.90 €

For C1 and C2 Adjustable Frog Spinwheel Stud

Repl. blade No. 703737 31.68 € 37.70 € throat plate Throat
Toothed blade No. 703740 50.34 € 59.90 €

D This plane is ideal for cutting rabbets or A versatile plane with a tilted blade for a
trimming tenons to fit. The low cutting skewed cut. With its adjustable fence and
angle of 12° also makes it an excellent removable right face, the reincarnation of
choice for end grain. Fine blade-adjust- the Stanley No. 140 is ideal for rabbets
1 ment mechanism, non-adjustable mouth. and cornices, even at an angle to the grain
Bevel angle 25°. Results in a cutting E and with end grain. Pitch of the iron 12°,
angle of 37°. bevel angle 25°. Nickered.
Blade width 44 mm Results in a cutting angle of 37°.
Blade thickness 3.2 mm Blade width 40 mm
Length 160 mm Blade thickness 3.2 mm
770 g Length 170 mm
1 No. 703770 150.42 € 179.00 € 1000 g
2 Nickered. No. 703708 203.36 € 242.00 €
2 No. 703792 159.58 € 189.90 € Repl. blade No. 703728 36.22 € 43.10 €

Repl. blade for D1 and D2

No. 703771 36.89 € 43.90 €

Planes | Lie-Nielsen planes


When it was first introduced by Preston in
the late 19th century, the No. 73 represent-
ed a major breakthrough in plane design.
Record continued making the No. 73 until
a few years ago. Now, Lie-Nielsen has be-
gun manufacturing its own version with the
same quality as its predecessor. The mouth,
A easily adjustable using a setscrew, and the
precisely machined, box-shaped body make B
this plane the tool of choice for fitting and
finishing shoulders, rabbets, tenons and
grooves. Bronze cap iron. Pitch of the iron
18°, bevel angle 25°. Results in a cutting
angle of 43°.

A CHISEL PLANES NO. 97 1/2 Blade width 19 mm Mouth-plate locking screw Bronze cap
Special plane for smoothing wood joints, Blade thickness 3.6 mm
rabbets, corners etc. Heavy blade on Length 195 mm Blade
Cap pivot pin
Mouth-plate adjuster screw adjuster nut
finely-milled bed, knurled screw for 1050 g
adjustment. Pitch of the iron 15°. Bevel No. 703779 175.63 € 209.00 €
angle 25°. Results in a cutting angle of Repl. blade No. 703780 31.60 € 37.60 €
40°. Bronze body.
Blade width 45 mm Blade width 31 mm Threaded rod
Blade thickness 4.8 mm Blade thickness 3.6 mm Retainer pin
Length 160 mm Length 205 mm
630 g 2000 g Sole
No. 703707 125.21 € 149.00 € No. 703756 226.05 € 269.00 € Adjustable Cast iron body
Repl. blade No. 703727 36.22 € 43.10 € Repl. blade No. 703757 36.13 € 43.00 € mouth plate

1 2

C LOW-ANGLE BENCH PLANES 1 No. 164 Low-angle smoothing plane 2 No. 62 Low-angle jack plane
NO. 164, NO. 62 This compact low-angle plane copes easi- This plane is patterned after the Stanley
Lighter than the conventional bench ly with planing against the grain, end No. 62, which was specially designed for
planes, these devices have a thicker grain and knotty wood. The central, Bai- smoothing butcherblocks. It easily copes
blade and no chipbreaker, making them ley-type blade adjuster allows smooth ad- with even the most difficult jobs, such as
easier to set up. The blade is held in the justment of the cutting depth, even while planing end grain and long-grained or
bed with the bevel facing upwards. This planing. The blade is set at a 12º angle. knotty wood. The blade is set bevel-up
makes the cutting angle easy to adjust. Bevel angle 25°. Results in a cutting in the milled bed at a 12° angle. Bevel
The plane body and blade support are angle of 37°. Adjustable mouth. angle 25°. Results in a cutting angle of
cast from a single piece for greater plane Blade width 50 mm 37°. The mouth opening can be adjusted
stability and, thanks to the front handle, Blade thickness 4.8 mm via the moveable shoe.
the mouth is easy and convenient to Length 245 mm Blade width 50 mm
adjust. Brass caps. 1760 g Blade thickness 4.8 mm
No. 703716 239.50 € 285.00 € Length 355 mm
Repl. blade No. 703741 36.22 € 43.10 € 2180 g
Toothed blade No. 703742 62.86 € 74.80 € No. 703706 221.01 € 263.00 € D
Repl. blade No. 703726 36.22 € 43.10 €
Toothed blade No. 703749 58.40 € 69.50 €


The »Hot dog« is a tubular handle desig-
ned for comfort when using a shooting
board. You can attach it to a bench plane
to use the plane lying on its side. It is
fixed with a hexagon socket screw that
exerts pressure on the plane body.
Bronze cap iron Cap iron
Front knob Powder coated aluminium.
thumbscrew Fit’s No. 703706.
Brass adjust- Cap screw Blade Length 100 mm
ment lever No. 717889 42.02 € 50.00 €

Adjustable Frog area Sole For special Lie Nielsen screwdrivers

Mouth Threaded rod
mouth plate (chipbreaker, cap iron and frog) see
Stainless steel adjuster nut
chapter drills, pliers, screwdrivers.

Planes | Lie-Nielsen planes

A LOW-ANGLE JOINTER PLANE Bronze cap iron Cap iron

Front knob
Its low-angle design and the long base angle. The bevel angle is 25°, which thumbscrew
make this jointer plane the ideal tool for results in a cutting angle of 37°. Cap screw Blade
joints and fittings but also for use with Blade width 58 mm
a shooting board. In addition, its length Blade thickness 6.4 mm
makes it an excellent tool for trueing Length 560 mm
large work pieces. The mouth opening is 3340 g. Sole
adjusted with two set screws. The blade No. 702996 294.12 € 350.00 € Adjustable Frog area Threaded rod
mouth plate Adjuster nut
sits bevel-up in the milled bed at a 12° Repl. blade No. 702997 50.34 € 59.90 € Mouth


The perfectly flat sole and
perfectly square sides make this plane
well suited for even the most demanding
work on end grain, side grain and mitred
surfaces. The lateral guide knob can be
used on either side in conjunction with a
shooting board. The mouth opening can
be adjusted via a sliding plate.
The 4 mm thick blade can be precisely
B adjusted to the nearest hundredth of a
millimetre, even while planing. Pitch of
the iron 20°, bevel angle 25°. Results
in a normal cutting angle of 45°.
Blade width 50 mm
Blade thickness 4.8 mm
Length 275 mm
2350 g
No. 703743 335.29 € 399.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703744 41.01 € 48.80 €


D This small router plane is perfect for fine
relief work and shallow mortise work for
hinges. The compact design makes the
plane easy to guide even on narrow long
sides of doors. The square blade cannot
twist in the iron body when removing lar-
C BIG ROUTER PLANE close to the edge for working corners. ge shavings or in diagonal use and is se-
Designed based on an early Stanley An included fence is fixed through cured with a pressure screw. The body
version, this router plane is very useful elongated holes to the cast iron body and has two openings to allow the blade to be
for planing precise mortises, grooves can be turned around for guiding along used in the middle of the base as well as
and other recessed areas. curved edges. open on the side, close to the edge of the
The improved depth stop and fine blade 200 x 90 mm base for use in corners. 105 x 55 mm.
adjustment allow for precise adjustments Blade width 9.5 mm Blade width 5.3 mm
of the square-shaped and therefore direc- 800 g 225 g
tionally stable guided iron. The blade can No. 703781 117.56 € 139.90 € No. 702995 75.55 € 89.90 €
be fixed centrally (normal position) or Repl. blade No. 703782 29.33 € 34.90 € Repl. blade No. 702994 27.65 € 32.90 €

Planes | Lie-Nielsen planes

»Bevel-down« planes A NO. 4 SMOOTHING PLANE

- Chipbreaker required The standard smoothing plane is
- Cutting angle defined by frog angle capable of taking the finest shavings
from the most difficult woods.
Blade width 50 mm
Blade thickness 3.2 mm
Length 225 mm

Bench planes No. 4, No. 4 ½, No. 5, 1 Spheroidal cast iron A

No. 6, No. 7 1950 g
The all-purpose woodworking plane. No. 703712 271.34 € 322.90 €
With its Bedrock design, this plane 1
allows chatter-free cutting thanks to its 2 Bronze
fully supported blade and a mouth that 2100 g
can be adjusted without removing the No. 703736 315.97 € 376.00 €
cap iron and blade. Additional lateral
blade adjustment and the low blade-feed For A1 and A2
adjuster mean the cutting depth can be Repl. blade No. 703735 36.22 € 43.10 €
changed during planing. Its heavy weight Toothed blade No. 703738 58.40 € 69.50 €
makes irregular grain or difficult woods
easier to work. Brass frog and cap.


The ultimate smoothing plane,
thanks to a large sole, extra-thick
vibration-absorbent 3.6 mm blade
and high weight.
Blade width 60 mm
Blade thickness 3.6 mm
Length 260 mm 2
2500 g
No. 703751 293.28 € 349.00 €
Repl. blade
No. 703752 45.21 € 53.80 €

Lateral blade-adjustment lever

Bronze lever cap

Frog assembly
Cap screw

Yoke B
Adjuster nut
Threaded rod

Mouth Frog hold- Adjuster tab Sole

down pins
Adjuster screw (frog)
Locking screws

C High-angle frogs for smoothing difficult
wood. Thanks to these replaceable frogs,
the cutting angle, which is usually re-
stricted to 45° in bench planes, can be
increased to the steeper 50 or 55° angles
of the renowned English smoothing
planes (e.g. Norris).

Blade width 50 mm
1 55° No. 717888 62.94 € 74.90 €
50° No. 717887 62.94 € 74.90 €
Blade width 60 mm
1 55° No. 717886 66.30 € 78.90 €
2 50° No. 717885 66.30 € 78.90 €

Plane guide Pressure distribution must be increased to hold the blade in

constant contact.
Difficult wood grains are often easier to When starting the plane, first apply When resetting, lift the plane from the
work using the plane at a slight angle. pressure to the front of the sole. workpiece to protect the cutting edge.
However, the plane should be used pa- During the plane motion, the pressure
rallel to the workpiece for the best sur- should be evenly distributed. At the end
face quality. Difficult grains and soft- of the board, the pressure should be on
For special Lie Nielsen screwdrivers woods can be smoothed better and with the rear of the sole. As the shavings
(chipbreaker, cap iron and frog) see less effort if the surface is moistened. become finer, the pressure on the plane
chapter drills, pliers, screwdrivers.

Planes | Lie-Nielsen planes


The increased length
and weight compared to the No. 4 plane
makes it ideal, not only for smoothing
but also for levelling surfaces.
A Blade width 50 mm
Blade thickness 3.2 mm
Length 355 mm
2550 g
No. 703715 293.28 € 349.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703735 36.22 € 43.10 €
Toothed blade No. 703738 58.40 € 69.50 €


Size midway between a
jack plane and a jointer plane. Ideal for
trueing, and joining of medium-sized
boards. Flatness tolerance max. 0.1 mm.
Blade width 60 mm
Blade thickness 3.6 mm
Length 450 mm
3300 g
No. 703759 335.29 € 399.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703752 45.21 € 53.80 €

Most popular jointer size,
excellent for trueing and for making
fitting and joint surfaces.
Flatness tolerance max. 0.1 mm.
Blade width 60 mm
Blade thickness 3.5 mm
Length 550 mm
3700 g
No. 703753 377.31 € 449.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703752 45.21 € 53.80 €


This reproduction of a Stanley 10 ¼,
which had not been made since the Se-
cond World War, and had never been ma-
de in the Bedrock design, is the largest
rabbet plane of its
kind. Like the long
jack plane, it is
suitable for trueing
as well as smoot-
hing, thanks to the
large base. Its addi-
tional function as a
rabbet plane makes
it one of the most
versatile planes on
D the market. The two
knife-shaped ni-
ckers, which are fit-
ted flush to the si-
des of the tool,
allow cross-grain
cutting with no tear-
out. The front knob
can be tilted to ea-
sily guide the tool in
corner cuts.
Blade width 45 mm
Blade thickness
3.2 mm
Length 355 mm
2300 g
No. 703764 315.13 € 375.00 €
Repl. Blade No. 703765 46.13 € 54.90 €

Planes | Lie-Nielsen planes

Scraping planes
- Scrape surfaces without tear-out,
even on difficult woods
- Cut using raised-edge burr

1 2


AND NO. 112
Hardened blade (50-55 HRC) with 45°
bevel to reduce material displacement.
For preparing veneer surfaces, we recom- Bronze
mend toothed blades. Adjustable blade cap Blade
angle (75-100°).
screw Bronze frog
1 No. 212 Scraping plane 2 No. 112 Scraping plane
For working thin or small pieces made Wide-bladed scraping plane ideal for
of hardwood such as fly rods, violin bows, finishing large surfaces such as table
frames etc. Bronze body. tops, parquet etc.
Blade width 35 mm Blade width 70 mm
Blade thickness 3.2 mm Blade thickness 3.6
Length 135 mm Length 235 mm
680 g 1800 g
No. 703710 157.98 € 188.00 € No. 703717 211.76 € 252.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703730 22.61 € 26.90 € Repl. blade No. 703718 36.13 € 43.00 €
Toothed blades Toothed blades Sole Mouth Threaded rod
1.4 mm No. 703731 40.67 € 48.40 € 1.4 mm No. 703760 58.74 € 69.90 € Locking screw (frog adj.)
Blade bevel (bevel-side toward handle
1.0 mm No. 703732 40.67 € 48.40 € 1.0 mm No. 703761 58.74 € 69.90 €

B NO. 66 BEADING TOOL Comes with 2 fences (straight, rounded).

Scraping plane with 8 profiled blades Bronze body.
B (16 different shapes) and one blade Blade width 16 mm
blank which can be shaped and hardened Blade thickness 1.5 mm
individually for cutting mouldings and Length 280 mm
grooves. 500 g
No. 703713 157.98 € 188.00 €

- Large handles for high level D
of tool control
- For working on straight, convex and
concave surfaces 1

Based on models by the company Preston
which have not been produced for 80 3
years, this replica guarantees optimum
results with its fine mouth openings and
extra-thick blades. The winged handles D BOGGS SPOKESHAVE
made of polished bronze are comfortable Precision-made spokeshaves with an ex- the sides and knurled screws.
to use. Cutting angle 38°. tremely small mouth, created by Lie- Blade width 50 mm
Blade width 50 mm Nielsen in collaboration with master Blade thickness 3.2 mm
Blade thickness 3.2 mm chair-maker Brian Boggs. Ideal for round Overall length 265 mm
Length 175 mm and concave surfaces from chair parts to 300 g
135 g stair newels. The bronze bodies are Sole
Sole joined seamlessly to the hickory handles, 1 straight No. 703772 121.85 € 145.00 €
straight No. 703767 85.71 € 102.00 € whose comfortable surface feel provides 2 round No. 703773 121.85 € 145.00 €
round No. 703769 85.71 € 102.00 € an extremely good grip. The 3.2 mm Repl. blade No. 703774 37.48 € 44.60 € See our webshop at
Repl. blade No. 703768 31.68 € 37.70 € thick blade is fastened securely by a 3 concave No. 703790 121.85 € 145.00 €
bronze cap with two pressure points on Repl. blade No. 703791 37.48 € 44.60 € for more Lie-Nielsen planes.

Planes | Veritas planes

Veritas® planes
The corporate philosophy of Canadian
tool manufacturer Veritas aims to develop
new adjustment mechanisms and enhance
historic plane design. With bodies made A B
of stress-relieved spheroidal cast iron,
these tools are highly resistant to cracking
and distortion. Their soles are perfectly 1 2
plane and trued at right angles to the
sides. Their thick blades of high-strength
A2 steel are hardened to 60-62 HRC and »Bevel-up« planes B BLOCK PLANE 1 Standard block plane 20°
additionally subjected to a special low- - No chipbreaker required Compact all-round planes for fine For heavier cuts with the grain.
temperature process to achieve a finer - Simple adjustment of cutting angle shavings. The mouth opening can be Bevel angle 25°. Results in a normal
grain. Two setscrews on the sides con- by changing bevel angle adjusted according to the application, cutting angle of 45°.
strain the blade laterally, keeping it in using the configurable shoe (for removing No. 703692 130.25 € 155.00 €
place regardless of the type of stress A APRON PLANE thick or thin shavings). The indentations
applied. Unless otherwise specified, the Veritas’s smallest plane weighs only 420 g in the sides make it easier to guide this 2 Low-angle block plane 12°
blade is angled at 45°. With their material but is impressively solid. Ideal for cabinet- handy plane accurately. Central setscrew For fine cuts and end grain. Bevel angle
combination of finely-ground or black- makers, instrument makers and restorers. for iron depth and lateral adjustment. 25°. Results in a cutting angle of 37°.
coated cast iron bodies, polished brass Central setscrew for iron depth and lateral Blade width 40.5 mm No. 703693 130.25 € 155.00 €
setscrews and beautiful bubinga handles, adjustment. Non-adjustable mouth. Pitch Blade thickness 3.2 mm
these planes are also pleasing to of the iron 12°, bevel angle 25°. Results Length 160 mm For B1 and B2
the eye. in a cutting angle of 37°. 800 g Repl. blade No. 703694 33.53 € 39.90 €
Blade width 31 mm
Blade thickness 2.5 mm
Length 140 mm
420 g
No. 703695 91.60 € 109.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703696 22.52 € 26.80 €


For planing difficult grain, end grain, Blade angle 12°. A 25° bevel angle
See our webshop at for more Veritas planes. cross-grain or knotty wood. produces a cutting angle of 37°.
The front handle allows easy and Blade width 50 mm
convenient adjustment of the plane Blade thickness 3.2 mm
mouth. Thanks to the central adjusting Length 265 mm
screw, the blade feed and lateral position 1700 g
can be adjusted quickly and precisely. No. 703690 194.96 € 232.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703691 28.99 € 34.50 €

Spokeshaves 1-2
- Large handles for high level of
»Bevel-down« planes tool control
- Chipbreaker required - For working on straight, convex and
- Cutting angle defined by frog angle concave surfaces


The standard smoothing plane is capable For fine shavings when working on flat and
of taking the finest shavings from the long curved surfaces such as bows, boats, 3
most difficult woods. With the central slats, planks and edges. Because they are
adjusting screw, the blade feed and later- guided by hand and are sensitive to the
al position can be adjusted quickly and wood structure, spokeshaves must have F PULLSHAVE
precisely. The rear handle and frog form hefty bodies and thick cutting blades Highly effective tool
a movable unit that defines the mouth (3.2 mm). The blade can be adjusted with for working all con-
opening without requiring any knurled screws, the mouth opening with cave surfaces, e.g.
re-adjustment of the cutting depth. supplied shims. The radius of the round stair construction,
Blade width 50 mm version is 44 mm, while the concave chair seats and large
Blade thickness 3.2 mm version has an inside radius of 33 mm. bowls, for making
Length 240 mm Blade thickness 3.2 mm musical instru-
2000 g Length 270 mm ments, sculptures,
No. 703680 200.84 € 239.00 € 330 g etc. Optimum control
Repl. blade No. 703681 41.93 € 49.90 € 1 Straight sole thanks to two-handed operation. The chip
Blade width thickness can be precisely set by means
54 mm No. 703684 79.83 € 95,00 € of two knurled screws.
Repl. blade No. 703686 22.27 € 26.50 € Radius approx. 87 mm F
2 Round sole Blade width 51 mm
54 mm No. 703685 79.83 € 95,00 € Blade thickness 3.2 mm
Repl. blade No. 703686 22.27 € 26.50 € Length 260 mm
Combined feed 3 Concave sole 500 g
and lateral Blade center- Adjustable 40 mm No. 703687 88.24 € 105,00 € No. 703625 116.81 € 139.00 €
adjustment knob ing set screws mouth opening Repl. blade No. 703688 29.41 € 35.00 € Repl. blade No. 703626 25.13 € 29.90 €

Planes | DICK planes

DICK® planes
Centuries ago, we at DICK developed
a plane series for violin makers. Since
then, Herdim® planes have established
themselves on the market. We have now
created a new series of metal planes
which fulfils our expectations of good
tools while at the same time still being
affordable. The solid plane bodies made 1 2 3
from cast steel with precisely ground
soles aligned at right angles to the sides, »Bevel-up« planes 1 Normal blade angle 20° 3 Rabbet block plane
together with the 3 mm thick blades - No chipbreaker required For working with the grain. This plane is ideal for cutting rabbets or
made from SK4-steel (62 HRC) signify - Simple adjustment of cutting angle Bevel angle 25°. Results in a trimming tenons to fit. It is an excellent
top quality. The blade adjuster allows by changing bevel angle normal cutting angle of 45°. choice for end grain thanks to the low
for precise No. 703330 46.13 € 54.90 € cutting angle of 12°. A 25° bevel results
adjustments A BLOCK PLANE Repl. blade No. 703410 10.00 € 11.90 € in a cutting angle of 37°. Fine blade-
and the Compact, solid block planes which, adjustment mechanism, non-adjustable
ergonomically thanks to polished cap irons, sit well 2 Low angle 12° mouth.
shaped handles in the hand. The mouth opening can be For fine cuts and end grain. Blade width 44.5 mm
developed adjusted according to the application, Bevel angle 25°. Results in a Blade thickness 3 mm
through tests using the configurable shoe. Blade-depth cutting angle of 37°. Length 160 mm
as well as the adjusting and cap iron fixation with No. 703334 46.13 € 54.90 € 800 g
polished cap easy-to-adjust brass screw and knob. Repl. blade No. 703414 10.00 € 11.90 € No. 703335 46.97 € 55.90 €
irons sit well Blade width 35 mm Repl. blade No. 703415 10.00 € 11.90 €
in the hand. Blade thickness 3 mm
Handles of Length 160 mm
native beech wood. 840 g

»Bevel-down« planes
- Chipbreaker required
- Cutting angle defined by frog angle


With their Bedrock design, these planes B
allow chatter-free cutting thanks to the
fully supported blade and a mouth that
can be adjusted without removing the
cap iron and blade. The rear handle,
with its width of 26.5 mm, offers a
comfortable grip even for large hands.
Lateral blade adjustment through easy-
to-reach lever. Cutting angle 45°.

1 No. 4 Smoothing plane 1

The standard smoothing plane is capable
of taking the finest shavings from the
most difficult woods.
Blade width 51 mm
Blade thickness 3 mm
Length 250 mm
2250 g
No. 703331 71.34 € 84.90 €
Repl. blade No. 703411 14.20 € 16.90 €

2 No. 5 Jack plane
The increased length and weight com-
pared to the No. 4 plane makes this one 3 No. 6 Fore plane
ideal, not only for smoothing but also for Mid-size plane ideal for trueing and
levelling surfaces. joining of medium-sized boards.
Blade width 51 mm Blade width 60 mm
Blade thickness 3 mm Blade thickness 3 mm
Length 355 mm Length 450 mm
2770 g 3730 g
No. 703332 83.95 € 99.90 € No. 703333 100.76 € 119.90 €
Repl. blade No. 703411 14.20 € 16.90 € Repl. blade No. 703413 14.20 € 16.90 €

This impressive new spokeshave in the taper-ground,
DICK series has a 3 mm thick blade and which makes it
C an adjustable mouth which, unlike many easy to regrind
cheaper spokeshaves, has a 0.5 - 0.8 mm if necessary.
tolerance. This makes it an indispensible Blade with 50 mm
tool both in bow making and for cutting Blade thickness 3 mm
round bars and edges in cabinet making. Length 280 mm
The compact plane body has comfortably 320 g
large handles for easy control of the tool. Available August 2011.
For full-surface pressure without jammed No. 703336 30.17 € 35.90 €
shavings, the underside of the cap is Repl. Blade No. 703416 3.70 € 4.40 €

Planes | Kunz planes

Kunz® planes
Kunz is known for its solid planes of »Bevel-up« planes
wear-resistant grey cast iron with fine- - No chipbreaker required
ground soles and good value for money. - Simple adjustment of cutting angle
The standard tool-steel blades are by changing bevel angle
hardened to approx. 62 HRC. For planing
extremely hard woods, durable HSS A NO. 102 BLOCK PLANE B NO. 9 1/2 BLOCK PLANE
blades (approx. 65 HRC) are available Handy plane for craft carpentry making Robust plane with lateral blade
as accessories. Their epoxy-coated green musical instruments. Pitch of the iron 25°, adjustment. The mouth can be
surfaces make the Kunz planes, made in bevel angle 25°. Results in a cutting adjusted via a throat plate.
Germany, unique. angle of 50°, which is suited best for Low blade angle (12°). Bevel angle 25°.
hardwoods. Results in a cutting angle of 37°.
Blade width 33 mm Blade width 41 mm
Blade thickness 2.5 mm Blade thickness 2 mm
Length 130 mm Length 180 mm
310 g 600 g
No. 703140 16.72 € 19.90 € No. 703243 63.78 € 75.90 €
»Bevel-down« planes Repl. blade No. 703141 5.80 € 6.90 € Repl. blade No. 703244 8.32 € 9.90 €
- Chipbreaker required HSS blade No. 703142 16.72 € 19.90 €
- Cutting angle defined by frog angle Toothed blade No. 703156 8.24 € 9.80 €

See our webshop at
for more Kunz planes.


Compact block plane, simple design. Same specifications as No. 703154 For finishing rabbets, shoulders and
Cutting angle 38°. but with tongue-shaped handle. grooves. Cutting angle 38°.
No chipbreaker. No chipbreaker. No chip breaker.
Blade width 25 mm Blade width 25 mm Blade width 26 mm
Blade thickness 2 mm Blade thickness 2 mm Blade thickness 2 mm
Length 85 mm Sole length 85 mm Length 100 mm
120 g 160 g 250 g Scraping plane
No. 703154 13.87 € 16.50 € No. 703120 14.20 € 16.90 € No. 703118 25.13 € 29.90 € - Scrapes surfaces without tear-out,
Repl. blade No. 703130 3.78 € 4.50 € Repl. blade No. 703130 3.78 € 4.50 € Repl. blade No. 703138 4.96 € 5.90 € even on difficult woods
HSS blade No. 703155 12.52 € 14.90 € HSS blade No. 703155 12.35 € 14.70 € HSS blade No. 703157 15.55 € 18.50 € - Cuts using raised-edge burr


For smoothing heavily structured woods
and removing glue and paper remnants
H from veneered surfaces.
Includes 1.1 mm thick scraper blade.
Blade angle 110°.
Blade width 70 mm
Length 275 mm
F 640 g
No. 703121 28.49 € 33.90 €
Repl. blade No. 703131 4.96 € 5.90 €
Toothed bl. No. 703153 14.20 € 16.90 €

F SMOOTHING PLANE NO. 4 PLUS front and the low design. The short, Spokeshaves
This smoothing plane, from the new 3.5 mm thick iron gives additional space - Large handles for high level
Kunz series »Kunz plus«, impresses with at the rear handle. The precisely ground of tool control
its precise technology and use of top- body of the plane is made from resistant, - For working on straight, convex
quality materials such as domestic cherry annealed cast iron. I and concave surfaces
wood. The blade is adjusted (lateral and Cutting angle 45° 1
depth) by only one screw, a technique Blade width 50 mm I SPOKESHAVE WITHOUT FINE BLADE
that was first developed with the Blade thickness 3.5 mm ADJUSTMENT NO. 50, NO. 55
legendary Norris planes. The new Kunz Length 260 mm For concave and convex surfaces, such
version uses the cap-iron screw as a 1800 g as chair seats, hand rails or round bars.
connection for all adjustments. This plane No. 703241 167.23 € 199.00 € The concave version No. 55 (350 g) has
is very handy due to the low knob at the Repl. blade No. 703242 27.73 € 33.00 € an inside radius of 48 mm, the convex
version No. 50 (250 g) an outside radius
2 of 48 mm.
Blade width 52 mm
Blade thickness 2 mm
Length 250 mm
G 1 Convex No. 703124 20.08 € 23.90 €
Repl. blade No. 703134 5.80 € 6.90 €
2 Concave No. 703125 20.92 € 24.90 €
Repl. blade No. 703135 6.64 € 7.90 €


For fine shavings when working on flat
and long curved surfaces. The blade
depth can be precisely adjusted. Radius
of round version (No. 51 AR) 35 mm.
G NO. 113 CIRCULAR PLANE Blade width 52 mm
Replica of a Stanley lever, while a knurled screw adjusts the Blade thickness 2 mm
model from 1879. shaving thickness. Cutting angle 55°. Length 250 mm
The curvature of the Blade width 44 mm 2 320 g
flexible steel sole is Blade thickness 2 mm Sole
adjustable, allowing Length 260 mm 1 Straight No. 703127 15.04 € 17.90 €
the plane to be used 1600 g 2 Round No. 703129 15.04 € 17.90 €
for both concave No. 703123 209.24 € 249.00 € For J1 and J2
and convex surfaces. The double blade’s Repl. blade No. 703133 15.04 € 17.90 € Repl. blade No. 703137 4.96 € 5.90 €
lateral position can be adjusted via a tilt HSS blade No. 703145 49.58 € 59.00 € HSS blade No. 703139 19.75 € 23.50 €

Planes | Stanley planes, Anant planes

Stanley® planes
Trueing plane soles
»Bevel-up« planes Uneven soles of metal planes can be
- No chipbreaker required trued relatively quickly using wet emery
- Simple adjustment of cutting angle cloths, which are fitted to a level surface
by changing bevel angle (e.g. a milling table or a thick glass pla-
1 2 te). Depending on the warping, use a
grain of 120 initially, then gradually fi-
A STANLEY® BLOCK PLANE 1 No. 9 1/2, angle 21° 2 No. 60 1/2, low angle 13.5° ner grains to approx. 600. Move the pla-
Grey cast iron block plane with ground sole For cuts with the grain. Bevel angle 25°. Primarily for end-grain work. Bevel angle ne (with the blade pre-tensioned but re-
and adjustable mouth opening. Cap iron Results in a normal cutting angle of 46°. 25°. Results in a cutting angle of 38.5°. tracted) elliptically with constant
clamped with eccentric lever. Lateral and Blade width 41.5 mm Blade width 35 mm pressure on the moist emery cloth, che-
depth adjustment. Japanese plane blades Blade thickness 2 mm Blade thickness 2 mm cking the results repeatedly, until the so-
(No. 718070) available as an option. Length 160 mm Length 160 mm le is level. Use a straight edge to check
770 g 660 g that it is level No. 707291.
No. 703001 54.54 € 64.90 € No. 703011 54.54 € 64.90 €
Repl. blade No. 703002 8.66 € 10.30 € Repl. blade No. 703012 8.66 € 10.30 €
Toothed bl. No. 703014 17.56 € 20.90 €

Anant® planes
A major argument in favour of Anant pla-
nes is their good value for money. Grey »Bevel-down« planes
cast iron bodies and carbon-steel blades - Chipbreaker required
(58 HRC). Before use, the blades must - Cutting angle defined by frog angle
be sharpened and the chipbreakers
adjusted. For precise work the fit of the C A10 BENCH RABBET PLANE
frog needs to be checked and if necessa- As the blade ends flush with the side
ry the mouth has to be adjusted. faces, this plane is suitable not only for C
The AA series has thicker soles for better working surfaces, but also for cornices,
momentum, finely lapped soles and corners and rabbets. Fine blade
sides, as well as thicker plane blades adjustment and lateral lever.
and chipbreakers. Handles of sheesham Blade width 53 mm
wood. Blade thickness 2 mm
Japanese plane blades suitable for Length 325 mm
Anant planes: page 82. 1850 g
No. 703206 48.91 € 58.20 €
Repl. blade No. 703207 7.06 € 8.40 €

»Bevel-up« planes D BENCH PLANES NO. AA 4, NO. AA 5

- No chipbreaker required Universal plane with adjustable mouth
- Simple adjustment of cutting angle opening for major stock removal and
by changing bevel angle smoothing. Fine blade adjustment with
knurled screw, lateral adjustment with
side lever. The tool's heavy weight makes D
B it easier to plane irregular grains or
difficult woods.

1 No. AA 4 Smoothing plane 1

The standard smoothing plane is capable
of taking the finest shavings from the
B NO. 77 ALL-PURPOSE most difficult woods.
RABBET PLANE Blade width 50 mm
Removable head allows conversion to a Blade thickness 3.3 mm
chisel plane. Mouth opening adjustable Length 250 mm
with shims, blade adjustment via a knur- 1900 g
led screw. Pitch of the iron 20°. Bevel No. 703215 35.55 € 42.30 €
angle 25°. Results in a normal cutting Repl. blade No. 703222 7.06 € 8.40 €
angle of 45°.
Blade width 29 mm 2 No. AA 5 Jack plane
Length 102 mm The increased length and weight com-
460 g pared to the No. 4 plane makes this
No. 703177 44.12 € 52.50 € plane ideal, not only for smoothing but
Repl. blade No. 703178 7.06 € 8.40 € also for levelling surfaces.
Blade width 50 mm
Blade thickness 3.3 mm
Length 355 mm 2
2240 g
No. 703216 45.38 € 54.00 €
Repl. blade No. 703222 7.06 € 8.40 €

Tuning metal planes: rest perfectly flush in the bed of the E NO. 52 GROOVING PLANE
plane, which can be finely tuned using For cutting grooves,
Flatten the front part of the back of the a file. Check the flatness of the plane's tongues and rabb- E
plane blade to ensure that there are no sole using a precision metal ruler. ets. Parallel and
gaps in the contact with the chipbreaker Flatten the sole if necessary. depth fence, spur,
edge. DMT diamond sharpening We offer an alignment service for metal nickel-plated body.
stones are perfect for this. planes (see the Service section in the Supplied with 9 bla-
Fit the chipbreaker flush with the blade webshop). des (3 - 16 mm) and carvers.
to prevent blockages from thin shavings. To remove fine shavings with a narrow Blade width -16 mm
The distance between the chipbreaker mouth opening, it is important that the Blade thickness 2.3 mm
edge and blade edge should be approx. leading edge of the mouth is straight Length 200 mm
2 mm for coarse work, 1 mm for medi- and smooth to prevent the plane from 1500 g
um, and 0.5 mm for fine shavings. clogging. If necessary, shape the edge No. 703181 115.04 € 136.90 €
The leading edge of the chipbreaker of the metal-plane mouth using a file. 9 repl. blades
should be at a 45°-60° angle to the A slight, 15° chamfer may be added to No. 703182 42.77 € 50.90 €
surface of the blade. The blade should facilitate the removal of the shavings.

Planes | Accessories for metal planes, Japanese planes

Accessories for metal planes B JAPANESE PLANE BLADES FOR

Made of double-layered, laminated steel
to ensure superior durability, easier 3
sharpening and better vibration control.
The exceptionally fine-grained White 3 Record 9 1/2, 60 1/2 and Anant 9 1/2
Paper Steel will hold a razor-sharp edge. Groove width 11.8 mm.
Blade thickness 2-3 mm. 41.5 x 110 mm
No. 718074 38.57 € 45.90 €

1 4

1 Stanley 9 1/2 4 Record, Anant 4 and 5

Groove width 15.1 mm. 50 x 190 mm
A LEATHER BLOCK PLANE CASE 41.5 x 110 mm No. 718070 43.61 € 51.90 €
Fits block planes: No. 718073 41.93 € 49.90 €
Lie-Nielsen 703758 / 714 / 770, C ROSEWOOD PLANE HANDLES
Veritas 703695 / 692 / 693, Untreated plantation-grown rosewood
Stanley 703011 / 001, handles for retrofitting to your Kunz,
DICK 703335 / 330 / 334. Stanley, Record or similar metal planes.
Well-finished case made of heavy-duty 2 5 They fit all No. 3 - No. 8 planes, but so-
leather. The flap serves both as a belt metimes may require slight modification
loop and a closure. 2 Stanley, Anant 60 1/2 5 Stanley, Record, Anant 4 1/2, 6 and 7 to obtain a perfect fit. Set (handle, knob
40 x 55 x 185 mm 35 x 110 mm 60 x 200 mm and screws).
No. 702999 32.77 € 39.00 € No. 718075 41.93 € 49.90 € No. 718072 49.16 € 58.50 € No. 702900 23.28 € 27.70 €

Japanese planes (Kanna)

Japanese planes bring the wood's true Tapered Blade bed
blade E
inherent beauty to the fore. Kanna have Side groove
been reduced to their most essential plane Retaining pin
functions. The double-layered, tapered
blade is much thicker than standard
European blades, allowing chatter-free Hollow D
planing. The cap, also made of double- grind (Ura)
layered steel, serves as a chipbreaker. Chamfered
The numerous adjustment mechanisms corners
found on European planes are completely
Plane block, made of
absent. Before using a Kanna for the first white or red oak
time, the blade’s back must be flattened
and the blade properly seated in the
tapered grooves of the body. To minimise
friction, the sole can be given a slightly
concave profile using a scraping plane. D SMOOTHING BLOCK PLANE, 42 MM E SMOOTHING PLANE, 64 MM
Anyone willing to make the initial effort Hand-made plane with cutting edge of Hand-made plane offering good value for
of setting up and learning how to use Blue Paper Steel that can be money. Cutting edge of White Paper
these fascinating tools will be rewarded conveniently used with one hand. Steel. Block of Japanese white oak.
with exceptional results. Unless otherwise Japanese white oak body. Blade width 64 mm
noted, the pitch of the iron is 40°. Blade width 42 mm Blade thickness 6.5 mm
Instructions included. Blade thickness 5 mm Length 275 mm
Length 150 mm 1070 g
Old anchor chain links are excellent 335 g No. 717006 66.39 € 79.00 €
material for plane-blade bodies. No. 717013 57.98 € 69.00 €



Made in a Japanese master workshop. 70 MM Exclusively from DICTUM:
The blade is made from White Paper Made by Master Inomoto using the finest Ideal for working hardwoods. The steep
Steel and very rare iron (manufactured white oak and best steel. The blade is angle of the blade (45° instead of 40°)
before 1900) which, thanks to its silica made from Blue Paper Steel and very reduces the danger of tear-outs when
particles evens and cleans the pores of rare iron (manufactured before 1900) working against the grain. The cutting
the waterstone. Distinguishable from which, thanks to its silica particles evens steel made of the highest-quality powder
other irons by the black spots. and cleans the pores of the waterstone. HSS (66 Rockwell, very tough) gives
Japanese wihte oak block. Distinguishable from other irons by the the double-layered blade an outstanding
Blade width 65 mm black spots. edge life even with other wear-intensive
Blade thickness 6 mm Comes with a test shaving. materials, like exotic woods, laminates
Length 290 mm Blade width 70 mm or glued woods.
1255 g Blade thickness 7 mm Japanese white oak block.
No. 717001 158.82 € 189.00 € Length 290 mm Blade width 55 mm Before forge welding, the packet of the
1355 g Blade thickness 6 mm soft iron body and the hard steel strip is
No. 717023 255.46 € 304.00 € Length 240 mm heated to approx. 1050° in the smith's
750 g furnace.
No. 718088 150.42 € 179.00 €

Planes | Japanese planes, Traditional Chinese planes

Ready-to-use Japanese planes

with replaceable HSS blades
The Kanna's remarkable smoothness is
primarily attributable to its particularly A
thick plane blade, which generally must
be sharpened by hand and set into the
body before use. The Kanetomo planes
allow you to forego these time-consuming
steps by using replaceable HSS cutters.
The cutters fit flush into a recess in the
back of the heavy, vibration-absorbing
blade. 1 2 3
A = Plane blade
C B = Repl. HSS cutter
D B C = Chipbreaker
A D = Pin for positioning Resin-impregnated Japanese red oak
the chipbreaker body, highly resistant to wear and warp-
ing. The chipbreaker is not adjustable.
The razor-sharp cutters will produce first-
class surface finishes even when working 1 Blade width 42 mm 2 Blade width 50 mm 3 Blade width 58 mm
difficult materials. They are hardened to Length 180 mm Length 225 mm Length 255 mm
68 Rockwell to guarantee superb edge life. 450 g 805 g 940 g
No. 717074 54.54 € 64.90 € No. 717018 55.38 € 65.90 € No. 717057 57.90 € 68.90 €
5 repl. blades 5 repl. blades 5 repl. blades
No. 717075 12.52 € 14.90 € No. 717019 12.52 € 14.90 € No. 717058 12.52 € 14.90 €



For 45° bevels. The bevel width can be Vertical blade. For trueing the soles of The sole is curved along its length and With removable fence for
adjusted (0-16 mm). The chipbreaker Japanese planes, working very hard width, making it perfect for shaping seat 45°, 60° and 30° bevels.
and the slightly angled blade (pull-cut- woods and thin pieces. Plane across or bottoms, bowls, stringed-instrument Solid carbon-steel blade,
ting) allow it to be used even with diffi- diagonal to the grain. bodies etc. approx. 62 Rockwell.
cult grain. Japanese white oak body. Japanese white oak body. Japanese white oak body. Screw chipbreaker,
Blade width 30 mm Blade width 42 mm Blade width 36 mm Japanese white oak body.
Blade thickness 5.5 mm Blade thickness 6 mm Blade thickness 7 mm Blade width 20 mm
Length 200 mm Length 155 m Length 155 mm Blade thickness 3.5 mm
435 g 400 g 340 g Length 150 mm
No. 717031 94.12 € 112.00 € No. 717015 53.70 € 63.90 € No. 717020 100.00 € 119.00 € 290 g
No. 717033 30.17 € 35.90 €

F RADIUS PLANE In Japan, the and guides it.

With two radii, 2.5 and workpiece is not Softwoods are easier to plane if they
5 mm. Carbon-steel plane fixed between are moistened slightly. A dust-free work-
blade (62 Rockwell), with bench dogs, but shop is recommended for high surface
F screw cap. Japanese white is simply laid on a quality when planing. Grinding dust in
oak body. planing board or a pla- particular blunts plane blades. Clean
Blade thickness 3 mm ning beam with the wood surface thoroughly before
Length 150 mm a stopper. planing.
190 g
No. 717034 26.81 € 31.90 € The right hand is used to After working, push the Kanna blade
hold the front of the pla- back somewhat to reduce the tension
ne, push it down and on the block.
More Japanese planes are available pull. The left hand re-
online at mains behind the blade

Traditional Chinese planes

The basic design of the Chinese plane
(Mu Bao) is similar to the Japanese
Kanna. The major difference is that the
Chinese plane can be used on either the
pull or the push stroke, whereas the
Japanese Kanna can only be used on the
pull stroke. The larger Chinese planes
have a cross-handle to facilitate push- A B C
stroke use (which can be removed for use
on the pull stroke). The blades are held
in place using a wedge or cap. The
slightly wave-shaped plane bodies are
made of either Hei Tan (a fine-grained
type of ebony from Indonesia) or Shun-
Gee (a type of rosewood). The uncoated A BLOCK PLANE B SMALL SMOOTHING PLANE C BLOCK PLANE
surfaces are worked using scrapers and Compact ebony body with square sides. Ebony body with roof-like top. Ideal for working hardwoods and difficult
are polished. The plane blades are made HSS blade with chipbreaker. HSS plane blade with chipbreaker. grain. HSS plane blade with wooden
of wear-resistant HSS steel (approx. 64 Blade width 44 mm Blade width 40 mm wedge, no chipbreaker. Blade angle 60°.
HRC), or forged carbon-steel (approx. 58 Blade thickness 3 mm Blade thickness 3.5 mm Blade width 30 mm
HRC) for special-purpose planes, which Length 105 mm Length 175 mm Blade thickness 3 mm
make Chinese planes visually appealing 280 g 420 g Length 125 mm
and solid all-round tools. Unless other- No. 702956 26.81 € 31.90 € No. 702954 41.68 € 49.60 € 170 g
wise specified, the blade angle and thus Repl. blade No. 702957 8.99 € 10.70 € Repl. blade No. 702955 8.57 € 10.20 € No. 702962 20.76 € 24.70 €
the cutting angle is 40°. Repl. blade No. 702963 7.14 € 8.50 €

Planes | Traditional Chinese planes, Wetsern style planes


1 2 3

C MINI PLANES 2 Rabbet / chisel plane

Rosewood plane body with polished brass For working rabbets into the corners.
A RABBET PLANE B RADIUS PLANE hardware. High-quality HSS blades.Blade 40 g
Wave-shaped ebony body. HSS plane For rounding edges, dowels and hand rails. width 13 mm No. 702947 19.92 € 23.70 €
blade with wooden wedge, no chipbreaker. Rosewood body, carbon-steel blade with Blade thickness 2 mm Repl. blade No. 702949 5.21 € 6.20 €
Blade width 25 mm wedge, no chipbreaker. Radius 18 mm Length 80 mm
Blade thickness 3 mm (concave).
Length 150 mm Blade width 26 mm 1 Block plane 3 Scraping plane
190 g Blade thickness 2 mm Curved body, with horn. Cutting angle adjustable 80° to 90°.
No. 702964 25.13 € 29.90 € Length 160 mm 65 g 60 g
Repl. blade No. 702965 8.07 € 9.60 € 240 g No. 702946 19.92 € 23.70 € No. 702948 19.92 € 23.70 €
No. 702958 18.99 € 22.60 € Repl. blade No. 702976 5.21 € 6.20 € Repl. blade No. 702976 5.21 € 6.20 €
Repl. blade No. 702959 5.63 € 6.70 €


PLANES - SET Price advantage HSS blades, secured with wedge. Spokeshaves do not have chipbreakers.
Well-suited for work with all hardwoods Ebony body. Plain steel-plated sole. In order to prevent tear-out during
in the making of musical instruments as (64 Rockwell). Set, 5 pieces. Blade width 30 mm use, it is therefore particularly important
well as artistic carpentry and chair- and Blade width 18 mm Blade thickness 2.3 mm that the blade is extremely sharp and
model-making. With bodies of vibrant, Blade thickness 2.2 mm Length 265 mm that you work with the grain where
grained, Makassar ebony and polished Length 90 mm 107 g possible.
brass caps, HSS blades No. 710845 96.55 € 114.90 € No. 702975 22.44 € 26.70 €

1 2


(FLOAT) Carbon-steel Length 150 mm
Chinese carpenters traditionally use this blades, with 25 g
scraping plane for bow-making or precise- cranked tangs No. 702970 10.84 € 12.90 €
ly shaping both flat and curved hardwood that project
surfaces. The tool’s action is similar to through the tool’s Blade width 67 mm
that of a scraper blade, yet with the body. Flat sole, Length 190 mm
advantage that there is no wave effect Shun-Gee body. 50 g
when working even the most highly No. 702971 12.18 € 14.50 €
figured woods. Very efficient for rapidly
removing stock when correcting the flat-
ness or curvature of a surface. Cambered Planing tips
beech body.
Blade width approx. 45 mm Planes and spokeshaves work better Planes and spokeshaves should be drawn
Length 230 mm when the cutting edge of the blade across the workpiece quickly while
Blade is skewed to the direction of the cut applying even pressure. Slow strokes
1 straight No. 702978 26.81 € 31.90 € (drawing cut). Technically, this is be- may lead to unsteady cutting
2 concave No. 702979 26.81 € 31.90 € cause the effective cutting angle of the (chattering).
Western style planes blade is reduced, as is the amount of
force required to make a cut.

E.C.E.® planes
Tried-and-tested cabinetmaker's plane
from traditional German manufacturer
Emmerich. Unless otherwise specified,
the soles are made of extremely wear-
resistant lignum vitae wood, whose
self-lubricating effect ensures a smooth
sliding action. The blades are sharpened
and set ready for use. The blade angle
and thus the cutting angle is 50°. I E.C.E.® REFORM SMOOTHING PLANE
Classic smoothing plane. Shaving thick-
H E.C.E.® BLOCK PLANE ness adjustable with a setscrew free of
Lightweight plane for assembly work backlash. Blade pre-tensioning, adjustable
and making musical instruments. Large, mouth opening via a sliding plate, and
hemispherical-shaped adjusting screw lateral blade adjustment via a rocker. The
for setting the shaving thickness. body and asymmetrical handle (for right-
White beech body. handers) are made of air-dried cherry wood.
Blade width 39 mm Blade width 48 mm
Blade thickness 2.5 mm Blade thickness 3 mm
Length 150 mm H I Length 225 mm
450 g 1200 g
No. 703101 55.97 € 66.60 € No. 703105 150.00 € 178.50 €
Repl. blade No. 703104 12.18 € 14.50 € Repl. blade No. 703106 20.34 € 24.20 €

Planes | Western style planes, Scraper blades


Traditional German smoothing plane with Ideal for making and finishing rabbets Mouth opening adjustable via sliding For making grooves, grouts and other
integrated wedge support. The wedge can and adjusting tenons and hand rails. plate and wing nut. Hornbeam body recessed surfaces. Red beech body.
easily be removed by hand. Domestic red Backlash-free blade adjustment with and sole. 3 L-shaped blades, bevel angle 25°.
beech body, hornbeam sole with toothed knurled screw. The mouth opening is Blade width 30 mm Widths 10, 15, 20 mm
joint. adjustable via the sliding plate held in Blade thickness 2.8 mm Length 220 mm
Blade width 48 mm a grout and a wing nut. Durable white Length 270 mm 770 g
Blade thickness 2.8 mm beech body. 560 g No. 703098 77.73 € 92.50 €
Length 220 mm Blade width 30 mm No. 703108 59.50 € 70.80 € 3 repl. blades
1000 g Blade thickness 3 mm Repl. blade No. 703110 15.04 € 17.90 € No. 703099 54.62 € 65.00 €
No. 703109 58.57 € 69.70 € Length 270 mm
Repl. blade No. 703100 16.47 € 19.60 € 840 g
No. 703092 127.98 € 152.30 €
Repl. blade No. 703093 20.59 € 24.50 €

and also easier sharpening because the F DOVETAIL CUTTER G EDGE-TRIMMING PLANES
iron is formed like a normal plane iron. With this dovetail cutter for use with a For rounding or chamfering solid-wood
The blade also guides the cutting forces router, you can not only make joints more edges, multilayer board, corian etc. The
towards the inside to prevent surface quickly and precisely, but also a lot more HSS double blades (pre-cut and post-
tearing along the dovetail tip. easily. The router cuts the grout into the cut) allow clean cuts to be made even
This technical solution is not considered wood and the matching sliding dovetail is when working difficult grain. Maple body
E ULMIA® DOVETAIL PLANE by many other suppliers and therefore added to the counterpart using our Ulmia with brass fitting on the sole.
This Western style model has a solid pla- fairly rare. A scoring spur which can be Dovetail Plane. Cutter 17° and plane 73° Length 175 mm
ne body made of red beech with a white fitted as required minimises the risk of match perfectly. The cutter is made of 155 g
beech sole, which is hard and wear-resis- surface tearing. carbide metal and thus provides a long
tant. The sole is inclined at an angle of Blade width 33 mm service life even when used for hardwood. Rounding plane
73 degrees to the right-hand surface. Blade thickness 3 mm Shaft diameter 8 mm Radius 3 mm.
The metal fence allows for adjusting Length 240 mm Overall length 60 mm Length 175 mm
the required depth. The inclination and 965 g Diameter 20 mm 155 g
the pitch of the iron allow a skewed cut No. 703800 102.10 € 121.50 € Tilt angle 17 ° No. 703095 19.24 € 22.90 €
Max. depth of cut 16 mm Repl. blade No. 703097 9.16 € 10.90 €
No. 707361 37.73 € 44.90 €
Chamfer plane
45° chamfer, 3 mm.
Length 175 mm
H 155 g
No. 703094 19.24 € 22.90 €
Repl. blade No. 703096 9.16 € 10.90 €

H BOWMAKER´S SCRAPING PLANE tear-out. A spring pre-tensioner makes it

Special tool for precision-finishing (tille- easier to adjust the blade and a brass HSS cutting edge and an asymmetrical
ring) traditional bows, also ideal for ma- plate protects the sole from wear. horn. Fine-grained, hardwood body.
king instruments, ribs, model making or The body is made of pear wood finished Cutting angle 45°.
thinning leather straps. The spokeshave with oil. Blade width 36 mm
with a vertical blade facilitates high-pre- Blade width 24 mm I SMALL BENCH PLANE Blade thickness 3 mm
cision shaving removal even with hard- Blade thickness 2 mm This compact smoothing plane is Length 190 mm
woods and difficult grains. The extremely Length 300 mm patterned after models manufactured by 682 g
small mouth opening (0.5 mm) and chat- 140 g Austrian company Weiß & Sohn. It feat- No. 702968 26.81 € 31.90 €
ter-free motion minimise the risk of No. 702987 83.95 € 99.90 € ures double blades with a high-quality Repl. blade No. 702969 10.00 € 11.90 €

Scraper blades 1
Scraper blades are indispen- a diamond stone or fine flat file for
sable for smoothing wooden levelling and squaring the edge when
surfaces, removing marks necessary.
left by planing and routing, cleaning glu-
ed joints and levelling uneven varnish
coats. Sharpened properly and burnished J FRENCH SCRAPER BLADES 2 3
with a fine hook, they are capable of re- Spring steel, approx. 50 HRC,
moving the finest shavings and leaving a excellent blade durability. 3 Scraper sets, 4-piece
smoother and more precise surface finish 1 Rectangular 2 Gooseneck 4-piece sets: rectangular 150 x 50 mm,
than can be attained by grinding. By va- 150 x 50 mm 130 x 70 mm convex/concave 140 x 50 mm,
rying the pressure, angle and curvature of Thickness Thickness rounded 140 x 70 mm,
the scraper, you can achieve superb re- 0.25 mm No. 703507 1.85 € 2.20 € 0.4 mm No. 703516 3.11 € 3.70 € gooseneck 130 x 70 mm
sults even against the grain (knotty wood, 0.4 mm No. 703502 1.85 € 2.20 € 0.6 mm No. 703510 3.11 € 3.70 € Thickness
inlays, parquet etc.). 0.6 mm No. 703504 1.85 € 2.20 € 0.8 mm No. 703535 3.19 € 3.80 € 0.4 mm No. 703517 10.34 € 12.30 €
We recommend using a fine-grain water- 0.8 mm No. 703505 2.10 € 2.50 € 0.6 mm No. 703518 10.84 € 12.90 €
stone for finishing the cutting edge and 1 mm No. 703506 2.27 € 2.70 € 0.8 mm No. 703536 11.09 € 13.20 €

Accessories | Scraper blades, Scrapers and putty knife

Scrapers and putty knife




For working on small workpieces This scraper-burnisher made from harde-

or in hard-to-reach areas. ned HSS steel (64 HRC) is ideal for rai-
50 x 25 mm sing a burr on scrapers. The surface is
Thickness 0.4 mm finely polished for a smooth drawing
No. 703539 2.35 € 2.80 € movement and thus an even burr. A solid L
stainless steel ferrule joins the blade to L GLUE SCRAPER
the varnished rosewood handle. For removing dried, excess glue and
Overall length 285 mm K PUTTY KNIFE scraping away extra varnish. Designed
No. 703521 11.68 € 13.90 € Traditional German-made putty knife. for heavy-duty use. Solid metal handle
The hardened, flexibly ground and dry- for two-handed use. High-quality,
fined steel blade with a continuous narr- double-edged blade (HRC 60).
B ow tang is attached with a brass clamp to Blade length 60 mm
G an exotic-wood handle. Handle 315 mm
Blade width 40 mm No. 703161 21.01 € 25.00 €
No. 718214 15.88 € 18.90 € Repl. blade No. 703162 6.64 € 7.90 €
B MINI SCRAPER SET, 7-PIECE Triangular cross-section for high burnis-
7-piece set of small scraper blades made hing pressure. Hardened tool steel
of Swedish steel. 62 HRC. Beech handle. M
Thickness 0.4 mm Overall length 240 mm
27 x 45 mm to 50 x 110 mm No. 703537 12.52 € 14.90 €
No. 703500 25.13 € 29.90 € 1


C H CARB CUT 2 The handles of these high-quality putty
Efficient sharpening tool for knives with a full-length blade are ex-
scraper blades and scraper- tremely robust and have a textured sur- 2
type turning tools, with two face for a secure grip. The hardened
differently shaped hardened blade is made of stainless steel. With
C JAPANESE SCRAPER STEEL metal inserts made of dura- hang-up hole. 2 Rust scraper (flame-cleaning scraper,
The same high-quality ble carbides: a rounded one de-rusting putty knife)
steel used for Japan- for smoothing at normal deformation 1 Painter's putty knife Rigid blade with single bevel for use in
ese saw blades is now pressure and a pointed one for high de- Flexible painter's putty knife with a thin flame cleaning or for scraping off old
available as a semi- formation pressure and larger burrs. For- blade for applying putty or scraping off layers. The angled shape of the blade
finished product. The ged aluminium handle with hand guard. old layers. makes it easy to reach into corners.
sheets are ideal for Leather pouch and instructions included. Blade width 77 mm Blade width 63 mm
producing your own Length 150 mm Blade length 130 mm Blade length 87 mm
high-quality scraper No. 703533 25.13 € 29.90 € No. 718218 8.32 € 9.90 € No. 718217 6.64 € 7.90 €
blades with a long edge life, even
when used with the hardest woods.
Hitachi steel SK5, basic hardness
approx. 54 HRC (can be cut and filed).
Length 500 mm
0.5 x 90 x 500 mm
No. 703523 8.32 € 9.90 €
0.7 x 70 x 500 mm
No. 703524 7.39 € 8.80 € I VERITAS® TRUEING GAUGE For information on sharpening scrapers
Clamp for flat blades, see our sharpening guide, which
files to facilitate File you can order free of charge.
trueing of
scrapers, N
D saw blades
(suitable file: Scraper
No. 704901) blade N SCRAPER
and even ski edges. When removing paints, dry residual glue
90° and 45° fence. and for restoration projects, these handy Width
Aluminium. scrapers are indispensable aids. 35 mm No. 718220 8.32 € 9.90 €
Length 140 mm The special steel blade, sharpened on 10 blades No. 718221 7.14 € 8.50 €
Max. file thickness 5 mm one side, is simply inserted in the nickel- 60 mm No. 718222 11.09 € 13.20 €
D LEATHER CASE No. 703526 18.07 € 21.50 € plated blade mount. Beech handle. 10 blades No. 718223 9.16 € 10.90 €
For protecting sharpened scraper and
plane blades from damage. Snap-down
flap, belt loop, 4 pockets.
Interior dimensions 160 x 80 mm.
No. 703549 13.95 € 16.60 € J

O 1 2


For safely BOWMAKERS hard horn material.
Locking screw Sinew coating
sharpening Carbide rod The serrated Blade thickness 2 mm
the edges of scraper is used Wood
E VERITAS® SCRAPER HOLDER scraper bla- to apply a 1 Serrated scraper with handle
Makes using straight scraper blades ea- des. The bla- 0°-15° grooved joining Horn Two riveted handles of Japanese red oak
sier and reduces the risk of cuts and de of the surface between for precise control along with a T- shaped
burns. The scraping blade is tensioned scraper is Dial the horn layer flush-mounted aluminium fence allow for
on both sides, holding it particularly se- guided along knob Scraper blade and the wooden core of the riser of a easy handling.
curely in place. The tension is centrally an adjustable composite bow. The grooves almost dou- Outer dimensions 140 x 85 mm.
adjusted with a screw. Strong, fibreglass- hardened- ble the glueing surface. The entire blade No. 703239 50.34 € 59.90 €
reinforced plastic body with brass fittings. steel rod to accurately work its edge. Fibre- of Japanese carbon steel is hardened to
Only suitable for 150 mm, standard-length glass reinforced plastic body, hardened- approx. 58-62 HRC and guarantees a 2 Serrated scraper blade
scrapers. Comes with a super-hard, steel sharpening rod, angle adjustable from long service life. A point angle of 50° on Blank for mounting own handles.
0.75 mm thick scraper. 0°-15°. With one 0.6 mm thick blade. the teeth allows easy penetration but still Outer dimensions 130 x 70 mm.
No. 703527 37.90 € 45.10 € No. 703528 31.01 € 36.90 € makes them robust enough for use on the No. 703240 31.01 € 36.90 €

Bench stones | 89
Synthetic waterstones resp. oilstones | 89
DMT®®-diamond stones | 91
Natural stones | 91

Shaped stones and shaped sharpeners | 92

Indispensable! Synthetic waterstones resp. oilstones | 92
DMT®®-diamond stones | 93
Natural stones | 93

Sharpening stone accessories | 94

Quick-sharpeners | 94

Sharpening sets | 94

Sharpening systems | 96

Sharpening accessories | 98
Polishing devices | 98
Rust-removers and protectors | 99
Honing guides | 100

Sharpening devices


Natural corundum is the second-hardest mi-
Sharpness is defined by the quality of the Why not tool sharpening steel? neral after diamond and, thanks to its solid
intersection of the two bevels which meet at This serves only for the removal of burrs from consistency, makes an ideal abrasive. Syn-
the cutting edge. Dull blades show a roun- conventional kitchen knives up to a hardness thetic manufacture already began in the 19th
ding at the cutting edge. Sharpening is there- of 58 Rockwell. A tool sharpening steel does century under the name aluminium oxide.
fore concerned with the precise abrasion of not sharpen. Tool sharpening steels have a The »white« aluminium oxide (sharpening
material on the bevelled surfaces in order hardness of 60 to 70 Rockwell. They would stones are often coloured) is the purest
to obtain a perfect cutting edge again. only scratch Japanese blades or glide use- grade. In some stone series, corundum is
lessly over the surface. For this reason, we used as the main component but is mixed
Abrasion Cutting edge Bevel
do not offer tool sharpening steels in our with metal oxides for increased toughness.
Bevel angle
range. Corundum is a considerably finer abrasive
dull Bevel sharp
than silicon carbide.
THE TEST The grit describes the fineness of a grinding 2 Silicon carbide
agent. In Europe, it is defined as the number Synthetic production makes silicon carbide
Knives of meshes per square inch of a sieve. almost as hard as diamond. Silicon carbide
If you can slice a Thus, for example, a grinding agent of grit has especially sharp-edged crystals and is
ripe tomato with 500 just barely passes through a sieve with considerably more brittle than corundum.
only the weight of 500 meshes per square inch. Occasionally, Green silicon carbide is the toughest and pu-
the knife and if no the grit is also expressed in terms of the grind- rest form of silicon carbide. This abrasive is
losses arise or can be seen due to squashing, ing particle size in microns (= 1/1000 mm). mainly used for coarse grains and its struc-
you can consider the sharpening procedure ture makes it highly effective.
successful! Bond
The bond is critical for the stone. If the abra- Grain size
Tools sive grains are too firmly embedded, they The larger the abrasive grain, the more abra-
The greatest chal- cannot be renewed, so they round off and bite sive the stone. On the other hand, this also
lenge for a woodwor- no longer. If the bond is too soft, the grains means that smaller abrasive grains create a
king tool is always are simply washed off and the stone is finer abrasive surface. Here it is important
the working of end quickly deformed. that the grains on the abrasive surface are
grain. Only truly sharp chisels or planes leave mostly of the same size.
perfectly smooth crosscut surfaces. Synthetic resin bond
The smooth grinding feeling you get with na- Grain shape
tural Japanese stones is best achieved with Round abrasive grains are not very effective.
DICK PRODUCT RANGE ON THE SUBJECT this type of bond. The bond is softer and Therefore only angular grains are used.
OF SHARPENING: thus releases the abrasive particles more
quickly. Hardness
- Sharpening stones and accessories The abrasive must be harder than the mate-
Found here in the catalogue and in Ceramic bond rial to be removed. Otherwise, the abrasive
our webshop The ceramic bond usually consists of glass wears quickly and is no longer effective.
- DVDs and books powder, which melts when the stone is
For self-study baked, or of emery (mineral) mixed with clay. Toughness
- Sharpening primer This type of bond is slightly more sensitive to An abrasive grain must be stable enough to
Tips and tricks for sharpening for order impact but also more open-pored than the be worn at all. If it is not stable, it will break
cost-free under synthetic resin bond. The abrasives are under the pressure of the grinding.
- Workshops tightly embedded and hardly come loose.
One-day workshops / Combined workshops
(infos under Abrasive agent
- Sharpening service Besides natural sharpening stones, synthetic
Experts trained by Japanese sharpening abrasives are mostly used, as they are easier
specialists give your cutting tools breath- and cheaper to produce with consistent size,
taking sharpness (infos under www.more- shape and hardness. The following two abra- sives are normally used:

Sharpening devices | Bench stones

Bench stones
Synthetic waterstones resp. oilstones
Sharpening stones Honing stones Combination stones
King® / Sun Tiger® Medium-grit stones for sharpening blunt Fine-grit waterstones for removing burr, With two different grits.
Matsunaga is one of the largest manufac- edges. polishing and honing.
turers of sharpening stones in Japan. In
the West, these stones are usually known
as King stones or Sun Tiger stones. The B
stones of the King or Sun Tiger series F I
have a relatively soft bond, which allows
the abrasives to be continually exposed
during use, making the stone highly
effective. These stones are particularly
suitable for extremely hard, low-alloy car- B GRIT 800, KING® F GRIT 4000, KING® I GRIT 250/1000, SUN TIGER®
bon steels (White and Blue Paper Steel). Aluminium oxide abrasive. Aluminium oxide abrasive. For shaping and sharpening.
Extremely hard steels soon blunt the 207 x 66 x 34 mm 210 x 73 x 22 mm 250-grit side green silicon carbide,
abrasive grains, but the soft bond allows No. 711001 19.24 € 22.90 € No. 711021 33.53 € 39.90 € 1000-grit side aluminium oxide.
the blunted grains to be quickly washed 150 x 50 x 25 mm
off, so the stone continues to be effec- No. 711016 15.55 € 18.50 €
tive. Before use, soak the stones in water C G
for at least 15 minutes. They can also be
stored in water permanently.


Coarse shaping stones Highly effective abrasion with a so- Aluminium oxide abrasive. J
Coarse-grained stones for abrading large mewhat softer bond than the standard 185 x 62 x 19 mm
amounts of material. For repairing nicks series. Aluminium oxide abrasive. No. 711003 21.76 € 25.90 €
and chips, altering the bevel geometry, 205 x 70 x 34 mm 1
removing corrosion etc. No. 711008 44.45 € 52.90 €



Aluminium oxide abrasive. Aluminium oxide abrasive.
207 x 66 x 34 mm 185 x 62 x 19 mm
No. 711011 20.08 € 23.90 € No. 711004 41.09 € 48.90 € 3

2 J GRIT 1000/6000
E More King stones can be found on the Aluminium oxide abrasive.
A GRIT 220/240, SUN TIGER ®
Internet at
Shaping stone with good sharpening 1 Sun Tiger®, 150 x 50 x 25 mm
qualities. Green silicon carbide abrasive. No. 711007 19.24 € 22.90 €

1 Bench Stone 220, 205 x 66 x 34 mm When sharpening one should note the 2 King®, 205 x 50 x 25 mm
No. 711010 27.65 € 32.90 € E GRIT 1200, KING® sound and traces on the stone, both No. 711005 29.24 € 34.80 €
Aluminium oxide abrasive. are indicative of the intensity and the
2 Bench Stone 240, 205 x 75 x 50 mm 207 x 66 x 34 mm uniformity of the contact between 3 King®, big, 207 x 66 x 36 mm
No. 711000 33.53 € 39.90 € No. 711002 19.24 € 22.90 € stone and steel. No. 711006 39.41 € 46.90 €

Suehiro® M CERAX® BY SUEHIRO® Before use, soak the stones in water for Honing stones
Suehiro is a smaller Japanese company Cerax is the best-known brand of the at least 10 minutes, but do not store Fine-grit waterstones for removing burr,
which has been producing sharpening Suehiro company. The stones sold under them in water permanently. White alu- polishing and honing.
stones for three generations. The stones this name have a medium-hard bond and minium oxide abrasive.
from the original Suehiro series have a are particularly suitable for high-alloy tool GRIT 6000, CERAX®
relatively soft bond and are thus de- steels but also for low-alloy carbon steels. 206 x 73 x 23 mm
signed for low-alloy carbon steels (Blue The coarse-grained alloy constituents with base No. 711554 52.86 € 62.90 €
and White Paper Steel). Before use, soak (e.g. chromium and vanadium) in tool without base No. 711555 50.34 € 59.90 €
the stones in water for at least 10 min- steels require a stone that wears slowly.
utes. It is not recommended to keep The stone with the base has extra stabil- GRIT 8000, CERAX®
them in water permanently. ity and is easy to store. The included 206 x 73 x 23 mm
Nagura stone is used for cleaning and with base No. 711556 69.66 € 82.90 €
unclogging the surface of the stone and without base No. 711557 67.14 € 79.90 €
K for creating a fine polishing paste. Forming of the stones
Combination stones
With two different grits.


Very aggressive, hard silicon carbide stone.
Also suited for trueing other stones.
210 x 55 x 27 mm
No. 710990 11.34 € 13.50 € Coarse shaping stones Sharpening stones
Coarse-grained stones for abrading large Medium-grit stones for sharpening blunt
amounts of material. For repairing nicks edges.
L and chips, altering the bevel geometry, GRIT 1000/3000, CERAX®
removing corrosion etc. GRIT 1000, CERAX® For sharpening. Without Nagura stone.
206 x 73 x 23 mm 183 x 63 x 32 mm
Grit 400, CERAX® with base No. 711550 41.93 € 49.90 € No. 711024 33.53 € 39.90 €
206 x 73 x 23 mm without base No. 711551 37.73 € 44.90 €
L GRIT 1000/3000, SUEHIRO® with base No. 711548 31.01 € 36.90 € GRIT 1000/6000, CERAX®
Compact stone for sharpening and ho- without base No. 711549 28.49 € 33.90 € GRIT 3000, CERAX® For sharpening and finishing.
ning. White aluminium oxide abrasive. 206 x 73 x 23 mm 183 x 63 x 32 mm
134 x 40 x 26 mm with base No. 711552 43.61 € 51.90 € with base No. 711546 50.34 € 59.90 €
No. 711533 11.68 € 13.90 € without base No. 711553 39.41 € 46.90 € without base No. 711547 37.73 € 44.90 €

Sharpening devices | Bench stones


The premium range from Japanese com- A SHAPTON®, HARD BOND B SHAPTON®, SOFTER BOND
pany Shapton is the glass-stone series. A hard bond is particularly suitable for These stones are particularly suitable for
The sharpening particles are highly pure high-alloy tool steels. The coarse-grained extremely hard, low-alloy carbon steels
and homogeneous. This is noticeable alloy constituents (e.g. chromium and (White and Blue Paper Steel). Extremely
when changing to finer grits: The traces vanadium) in tool steels require a stone hard steels soon blunt the abrasive
from the previous grit are quickly ground that wears slowly. grains, but the soft bond allows the C SHAPTON®, SET Price advantage
out. A special bond allows quick sharp- 210 x 70 x 10 mm blunted grains to be quickly washed off, Three sharpening stones with hard bond
ening on a flat surface. The sharpening so the stone continues to be effective. including sharpening stone holder.
stone has a base of tempered glass and Grit 210 x 70 x 10 mm
is thus 100% warp-free. Conventional 220 No. 711601 30.17 € 35.90 € Grit
sharpening stones 500 No. 711602 36.05 € 42.90 € Grit 500, 2000, 8000
may warp microscopi- 1000 No. 711603 39.41 € 46.90 € 4000 No. 711605 52.86 € 62.90 € No. 711615 176.39 € 209.90 €
cally by absorbing 2000 No. 711604 46.97 € 55.90 € 6000 No. 711606 58.74 € 69.90 € 1000, 3000, 8000
water, but Shapton 3000 No. 711612 52.86 € 62.90 € 8000 No. 711607 73.87 € 87.90 € No. 711622 200.84 € 239.00 €
stones solve this 4000 No. 711616 52.86 € 62.90 €
problem with their ex- 6000 No. 711617 58.74 € 69.90 €
tremely flat base of 8000 No. 711618 73.87 € 87.90 € D
tempered glass. An- 10.000 No. 711621 123.53 € 147.00 €
other advantage of 16.000* No. 711608 92.44 € 110.00 € Grain Application
the glass base is that 30.000 No. 711609 251.26 € 299.00 € 220 Course shaping
the grit rating on the 500 Flattening
underside is always visible even after * Mixed grit: 6000 - 20.000. 1000 Pre-sharpening
much use. Before use, spray the stones In blade sharpening tests there was no 2000 Medium sharpening
with water. It is not recommended to noticeable difference in sharpness between 4000 Fine sharpening D SHAPTON® SHARPENING STONE
keep them in water permanently. White a jump 2000 to 16.000 (mixed grit) and 6000 Taking off the burr HOLDER, WITHOUT STONE
aluminium oxide abrasive. a standard sharpening procedure. from 8000 Finishing and polishing No. 711610 50.34 € 59.90 €

Naniwa® Super Stone by Naniwa® H

Naniwa is another large manufacturer of for approx. 10 minutes. You can also This series is particularly suitable for the
sharpening stones in Japan. The orginal store them in water permanently. White final polishing of knife blades. The hard
Naniwa stones have a relatively hard aluminium oxide abrasive. bond allows a very flat stone with a high
bond. The stones stay flat but offer little polishing effect. Before use, soak the
abrasion. Before use, soak them in water stones in water for approx. 10 minutes.
Do not keep them in water permanently. H GRIT 10.000, SUPER STONE®
F White aluminium oxide abrasive. With plastic base.
210 x 70 x 10 mm
No. 711535 64.62 € 76.90 €


E GRIT 1000/3000, NANIWA® Ideal for large knives, wide plane blades, 210 x 70 x 20 mm
For sharpening and finishing. drawknives and blades of all kind. No. 711023 67.14 € 79.90 €
175 x 55 x 25 mm 233 x 102 x 70 mm
No. 711061 15.88 € 18.90 € No. 711320 50.34 € 59.90 €

Several smaller manufacturers


This high-quality honing stone is made This Japanese waterstone of aluminium (NAGURA) Good sharpening performance at an at-
by a small Japanese company. It hardly oxide has a hard bond and therefore does Synthetic stone tractive price. The stones of silicon car-
clogs, with noticeable abrasion but still a not wear quickly. Before use, soak the for cleaning and bide are highly effective, but the surface
high polishing effect. Because of its hard stone in water for approx. 10 minutes. unclogging the is not as fine as with comparable Japan-
bond, the stone does not wear quickly. Do not keep it in water permanently. surface of the ese grits. Before use, soak the stones in
Thanks to its large surface, it is also suit- 215 x 75 x 50 mm sharpening sto- water for approx. 10 minutes. Do not
able for wide plane blades and large kni- No. 710991 46.97 € 55.90 € nes and for keep them in water permanently.
ves. Before use, soak the stone in water creating a fine polishing paste. 200 x 50 x 25 mm
for approx. 10 minutes. You can also 72 x 23 x 19 mm Grit
store it in water permanently. No. 711302 3.28 € 3.90 € 600 No. 705522 10.84 € 12.90 €
205 x 73 x 24 mm 1000 No. 705523 10.84 € 12.90 €
No. 711020 65.46 € 77.90 €

Norton® M NORTON® INDIA OILSTONES M Bench stones, Norton®

US-based company Norton has been de- The Norton India series provides the full 203 x 51 x 25 mm
veloping industrial abrasives since 1885. range of oilstones for sharpening, plus 1 rough, equals approx. grit 220
With separate production facilities for the natural Arkansas stone for honing. 1 No. 711051 8.32 € 9.90 €
individual divisions in 28 countries, The gentle, highly pure aluminium oxide 2 fine, equals approx. grit 1000
including Germany, France and Japan, used for their manufacture is much finer No. 711052 12.18 € 14.50 €
the company has become the world than the abrasives of other synthetic oil-
leader in abrasives of all kinds. stones. Additionally the stone is highly 2
effective and does not clog easily. Pre-
soaked with oil in the factory, it comes
ready for use. 3 Combination stone, coarse/fine, Norton®
203 x 51 x 25 mm
For honing oil see page 93. 3 No. 711053 11.68 € 13.90 €

Sharpening devices | Bench stones

DMT® diamond stones

The US-based company Diamond Mach-

ining Technology, (DMT) is the leading A B E
manufacturer of quality diamond sharp-
ening stones. DMT tools are precision
manufactured, highly wear resistant and
extremely effective. The monocrystalline 1
diamonds*, permanently embedded in a B DUO-SHARP® COMBINATION STONES E DIA-SHARP® BENCH STONES
nickel matrix, guarantee remarkable Diamond stone with two opposite plates of Continuous surface diamond coating on
sharpening speed even when working the different grains. The stress-free sandwich compact base plate. Ideal for pointed
hardest tool steels. The diamond-coated construction guarantees flatness. Excellent tools or accurately trueing the backs of
blocks remain permanently plane, and for trueing (blade backs, other sharpening tools. Rubber feet.
are especially suitable for tools with stones) and for sharpening cutting edges
straight blades as well as for producing 2 of all kinds. DMT Non-skid mat included. Extra extra fine
plane surfaces (e.g. backs of plane and 203 x 76 x 10 mm
chisel blades, plane soles, scrapers). Fine / coarse No. 705389 62.10 € 73.90 €
Also suitable for carbide coated cutters, 250 x 100 x 9.5 mm
HSS, as well as non-metal materials No. 705375 137.82 € 164.00 € Extra fine
(glass, ceramic etc.). We recommend 203 x 76 x 10 mm
moistening the DMT stones with water Fine / coarse No. 706281 52.69 € 62.70 €
and grinding with little pressure. 3 203 x 67 x 9.5 mm
No. 705371 88.24 € 105.00 € Fine
152 x 51 x 6 mm
Coarse / extra coarse No. 705380 28.15 € 33.50 €
203 x 67 x 9.5 mm
No. 705370 88.24 € 105.00 € Fine
monocrystalline polycrystalline 203 x 76 x 10 mm
No. 705381 52.69 € 62.70 €
* Monocrystalline diamonds are signifi- C

cantly more wear resistant than the poly- A DIAMOND WHETSTONE MODELS Coarse
crystalline diamonds used to make lesser For knives and tools. Plastic case, 203 x 76 x 10 mm
quality diamond sharpening tools. slip-proof rubber base. No. 705358 50.34 € 59.90 €
152 x 50 x 19 mm
Grit C DUO-SHARP® PLUS™ SET Extra extra coarse
Nickel-embedded diamonds
1 extra co. No. 705365 41.93 € 49.90 € Double-sided Diamond Sharpening Tool, 203 x 76 x 10 mm
Recesses prevent swarf 2 coarse No. 705366 41.93 € 49.90 € incl. mount. No. 705382 65.97 € 78.50 €
from clogging the stone.
3 fine No. 705367 41.93 € 49.90 € 203 x 67 x 9.5 mm
Polycarbonate or l pla 4 extrafine No. 705368 41.93 € 49.90 € No. 705372 91.60 € 109.00 €
metal base. Stee

Extra-extra coarse (grit size 120 μm) Grit~120 for trueing

Extra coarse (black) (grit size 60 μm) Grit~220 for coarse shaping, trueing
Coarse (blue) (grit size 45 μm) Grit~325 for coarse sharpening
Fine (red) (grit size 25 μm) Grit~600 for sharpening Fits No. 705375, 705371 and 705370.
Stable plastic, handle on underside, anti- F NON-SKID MAT
Extra fine (green) (grit size 9 μm) Grit~1200 for sharpening, honing slip rubber pad. Prevents sharpening stone slippage.
311 x 117 x 57 mm 100 x 250 mm
Extra extra fine (grit size 9 μm) Grit~8000 for honing No. 705399 16.72 € 19.90 € No. 705364 4.12 € 4.90 €

Honing stones, (Awasedo)

Natural stones Sharpening stones, (Nakato) K

Natural Japanese stones
»A blade and sharpening stone must be
as perfect a match as bride and groom«
according to legendary blacksmith, Shi- I JYO-HAKU K SHO-HONYAMA
geoshi Iwasaki. Finding the ideal pairing Fine lime sandstone from the Kuma- Very fine-grit stone cut from a thin stra-
is no easy task in either case. Despite the moto/Sage region with a dense structure tum of sedimentary rock at the Sho-Ho-
excellent performance of synthetic stones, G AKA and even grain for intermediate grinding. nyama quarry. Unparalleled for honing
many experienced sharpeners still prefer Medium-coarse grit lime sandstone, Grit 1000 - 1500 and polishing hand-forged chisels, plane
natural stones for sharpening their finest very open texture, with good honing 206 x 65 x 35 mm blades and carbon-steel knives. Mounted
blades. Japanese sharpening stones are properties. No. 711620 31.01 € 36.90 € on a wooden base.
particularly renowned for their ability Grit 400-800 Grit 6000-8000
to harmoniously sharpen hand-forged 200 x 72 x 22 mm
carbon-steels. They can bring a blade’s 150 x 45 x 30 mm J No. 711516 117.56 € 139.90 €
full potential to the fore and allow the No. 711534 10.76 € 12.80 €
sharpening process itself to become a
pleasant ritual. 220 x 65 x 65 mm L
No. 711519 25.13 € 29.90 €


Fine-grit, grey sedimentary stone Natural fragments, planed flat on one
from the famous Honyama quarry. side. From the point of view of sharp-
Very uniform fine grit for fine sharpening ening properties comparable with good
purposes. Synthetic base. Belgian bench stones.
Grit 1000-2000 Grit approx. 6000-8000
185 x 58 x 38 mm Approx. 100-140 x 70-90 x 10-20 mm
H BINSUI No. 711517 55.38 € 65.90 € No. 711303 27.65 € 32.90 €
The finest stones from the Honyama Medium-grit lime sandstone for general
quarries are becoming increasingly diffi- sharpening. Readily absorbs water, cuts
cult to acquire - we take great pleasure well and easily produces a fine slurry.
in still being able to offer these rare trea- Grit 800-1200 M M NATURAL CLEANING STONE
sures. Natural Japanese stones may only 220 x 65 x 62 mm (NAGURA)
be used with water and must be kept No. 711518 33.53 € 39.90 € Stone for cleaning and unclogging the
protected from frost. Please note that the surface of the sharpening stones and for
stones may have slight natural imper- creating a fine polishing paste.
fections and may vary somewhat in size. Approx. 50 x 40 x 30 mm
No. 711301 10.00 € 11.90 €

Sharpening devices | Bench stones, Shaped stones and shaped sharpeners

Rozsutec stones Arkansas oil stones

Sedimentary sandstone from the Fine grained, extremely wear-resistant C
Slovakian Mala-Fatra Mountains, ideal B honing stones, for use with an oil lubri-
for honing. Fine and even grit, high cant. Due to their high degree of hard-
abrasion resistance. Grit approx. 8000. ness and stable bond, particularly
well-suited for polishing curved cutting
edges. The stones we offer have a uni-
A BENCH STONE form structure and are crack-free. The C BENCH STONE, BLACK
A 200 x 80 x 45 mm black stones are somewhat harder than
No. 705579 43.61 € 51.90 € the white ones. They originate from quar- 150 x 48 x 20 mm
ries in the Ouachita Mountains in No. 705258 65.21 € 77.60 €
B FLAT BENCH STONE Arkansas (USA) that unfortunately are al-
150 x 50 x 20 mm most depleted. Grit approx. 6000-8000. 200 x 48 x 20 mm
No. 705580 10.00 € 11.90 € Sizes are approximate. No. 705250 80.59 € 95.90 €

Belgian coticule whetstones slices are glued to a slate base and cut Tip:
The quarrying of Belgian whetstones in to size. Grit approx. 6000–8000. The slate base can be used for coarse
the Ardennes is first mentioned in a Measurements are approximate. E sharpening.
Roman document. But the story of these
natural honing stones goes further back
than that. The approx. 480 million-year- E FRAGMENTS
old grey yellow sedimentary stones, origi- D Size
nating from volcanic ash, are composed 33-39 cm2 No. 705564 17.14 € 20.40 € G
of very fine garnet crystals. During hon- 48-58 cm2 No. 705565 31.85 € 37.90 €
ing these are released and in combina-
tion with the water and abrasion debris
make a honing paste. The garnets only D BENCH STONE F
remove fine shavings from the metal and G BLUE COTICULE WHETSTONE
ensure a good polish. Unique combina- 150 x 40 x 20 mm Thicker and longer lasting than the
tion of speed and grain size. No. 705556 49.41 € 58.80 € cream-coloured stones, but with equally
Interesting fact: To produce 1 kg of F FLAT BENCH STONE good honing properties.
sharpening stones approx. 1500 kg of 250 x 60 x 25 mm 75 x 30 x 20 mm Approx. 250 x 60 x 13 mm
cliff must be removed. The thin yellow No. 705555 192.44 € 229.00 € No. 705557 14.71 € 17.50 € No. 705570 44.71 € 53.20 €

Shaped stones and shaped Multiform stones

sharpeners For sculptors’ tools and turning tools.

Synthetic waterstones resp. oilstones H

King® / Sun Tiger® 1 2 3
Matsunaga is one of the largest manufac-
turers of sharpening stones in Japan. In H MULTIFORM STONES, KING®
the West, these stones are usually known 61 x 22 x 5 mm 1
as King stones or Sun Tiger stones. The Grit
stones of the King or Sun Tiger series 1 1000 No. 711204 4.62 € 5.50 €
have a relatively soft bond, which allows 2 4000 No. 711205 5.21 € 6.20 €
the abrasives to be continually exposed 3 8000 No. 711206 6.64 € 7.90 €
during use, making the stone highly
effective. These stones are particularly
suitable for extremely hard, low-alloy car- I 2
bon steels (White and Blue Paper Steel).
Extremely hard steels soon blunt the 1 2 3 K SLIPSTONE SETS, 2-PIECE,
abrasive grains, but the soft bond allows KING®
the blunted grains to be quickly washed 1 2 3 J CONICAL SLIPSTONES, KING ®
For carving tools, consisting of:
off, so the stone continues to be effec- For gouges. With concave and convex concave stone, radii of 2.5/ 5/8/12/16 mm,
tive. Before use, soak the stones in water I MULTIFORM STONES, KING® surfaces. size 105 x 65 x 15 mm;
for at least 15 minutes. They can also 100 x 50 x 10 mm 157 x Ø 78 x Ø 12 mm convex stone, radii 2/3.5 mm,
be stored in water permanently. Grit Grit size 65 x 40 x 6 mm.
Aluminium oxide abrasive. 1 1000 No. 711201 14.03 € 16.70 € 1 180 No. 711401 25.97 € 30.90 € Grit
180-grit stone green silicon carbide. 2 4000 No. 711202 16.72 € 19.90 € 2 1000 No. 711402 25.13 € 29.90 € 1 1000 No. 711208 15.04 € 17.90 €
3 8000 No. 711203 26.81 € 31.90 € 3 4000 No. 711403 26.81 € 31.90 € 2 4000 No. 711209 15.88 € 18.90 €


Suehiro is a smaller Japanese company SUEHIRO®
which has been producing sharpening L Ideal for sharpening and honing of all
stones for three generations. The stones types of cutting tools: outcannel and in-
from the original Suehiro series have a cannel gouges, V-parting tools. The back
relatively soft bond and are thus de- 1 side of the stone can also be used on
signed for low-alloy carbon steels (Blue chisels.
and White Paper Steel). Before use, soak 98 x 65 x 20 mm 3-piece set Price advantage
the stones in water for at least 10 min- Grit Grit 280 (No. 711536), grit 1000
utes. It is not recommended to keep 1 280 No. 711536 11.18 € 13.30 € (No. 711537) and grit 3000
them in water permanently. 2 1000 No. 711537 12.02 € 14.30 € (No. 711538) in a set.
White aluminium oxide abrasive. 2 3 3 3000 No. 711538 15.46 € 18.40 € No. 711539 36.13 € 43.00 €

Dual Stone® by Suehiro® complemented with Arkansas stones. You 2 Rounded edges on both sides.
A new development, which will primarily should rub the stones with water or oil 115 x 38 x 9 mm
appeal to sculptors, is the new Dual before use and store them in a dry place. Grit
Stone series from Suehiro. The extremely Because of the non-porous bond, the 1 300 No. 711542 29.33 € 34.90 €
hard abrasive grains have a relatively grits must be rated much finer. 3 2 800 No. 711543 31.51 € 37.50 €
hard, non-porous bond. The main advan- 3 1000 No. 711544 34.37 € 40.90 €
tage of this series is that you can M 4 4000 No. 711545 47.48 € 56.50 €
sharpen with water or oil, whichever you 1 4
prefer, so the series can be optimally
Sharpening devices | Shaped stones and shaped sharpeners

1 Norton India, grinding file

Norton® A NORTON® INDIA OILSTONES Triangular, fine (approx. grit 1000).
US-based company Norton has been de- The Norton India series provides the full 102 x 13 mm
veloping industrial abrasives since 1885. range of oilstones for sharpening, plus No. 711054 3.28 € 3.90 €
With separate production facilities for the natural Arkansas stone for honing. A
individual divisions in 28 countries, The gentle, highly pure aluminium oxide 1
including Germany, France and Japan, used for their manufacture is much finer 2 Norton India, slipstones
the company has become the world than the abrasives of other synthetic oil- Fine (approx. grit 1000).
leader in abrasives of all kinds. stones. Additionally the stone is highly 102 x 25 x 11 mm
effective and does not clog easily. Pre- No. 711055 8.32 € 9.90 €
soaked with oil in the factory, it comes 127 x 25 x 8 mm
ready for use. No. 711056 10.84 € 12.90 €

DMT® diamond stones

The US-based company Diamond Mach- B 1 C G
ining Technology, Inc. (DMT) is the
leading manufacturer of quality diamond
sharpening stones. DMT tools are preci- 2
sion manufactured, highly wear resistant C DIAMOND WHETSTONE™ MINI 2
and extremely effective. The monocrystal- Ideal for on the go:
line diamonds*, permanently embedded In a leather sheath, excellent for quickly G DIA-SHARP MINI-HONE
® ®

in a nickel matrix, guarantee remark- 3 sharpening router bits, small tools and High-quality mini-hones with ergonomi-
able sharpening speed even when work- knives. Fine grit. cally shaped handles for easy sharpening
ing the hardest tool steels. The diamond- 111 x 23 x 5 mm of pruning shears, machine blades and
coated blocks remain permanently plane, No. 705386 22.69 € 27.00 € router cutters. The compact design is ideal
and are especially suitable for tools with 4 for tight spaces.
straight blades as well as for producing D 180 x 18 mm
plane surfaces (e.g. backs of plane and Grit
chisel blades, plane soles, scrapers). 1 rough No. 705424 7.48 € 8.90 €
Also suitable for carbide coated cutters, 5 D MINI-SHARP® POCKET WHETSTONE 2 fine No. 705390 7.48 € 8.90 €
HSS, as well as non-metal materials The sharpener for on
(glass, ceramic etc.). We recommend the go. Folding case,
moistening the DMT stones with water B DIAFOLD® ALL-PURPOSE key ring, fine grit.
and grinding with little pressure. SHARPENER 70 x 25 x 5 mm H
For sharpening out- No. 705395 11.68 € 13.90 €
door knives, garden
equipment, axes,
shears or hard-metal E
machine tools. The foldable grip serves
monocrystalline polycrystalline
both as a protective sleeve for the diamond
plate and while in storage. Single or dou- E DIAMOND CONE H DIA-SHARP® MINI-HONE®, SET
* Monocrystalline diamonds are signifi- ble-sided coating. Conical diamond sharpener for sculptor The hone-kit for all contingencies:
cantly more wear resistant than the poly- 110 x 23 mm and turning tools. Fine grit. coarse, fine, extra-fine
crystalline diamonds used to make lesser Ø 9.5-19.3 mm 180 x 18 mm
quality diamond sharpening tools. 1 Extra fine / extra extra fine Length 152 mm Grit 325, 600 and 1200
No. 706284 41.93 € 49.90 € Grit No. 706282 20.92 € 24.90 €
fine No. 705393 29.33 € 34.90 €
Nickel-embedded diamonds 2 Extra fine rough No. 705423 29.33 € 34.90 €
Recesses prevent swarf No. 705384 20.76 € 24.70 €
from clogging the stone. I
Polycarbonate or l pla
3 Fine
metal base. Stee No. 705369 20.76 € 24.70 € I CONE FILE
For gouges, profiled blades, turning tools,
4 Coarse F DIA-SHARP® SHARPENING CARD tool making etc. Conical cross-section.
For sharpening courses see No. 705374 20.76 € 24.70 € Sharpening plate, credit card-sized. Ø 3.3-9.5 mm
our workshop program or go to Fine grit. File length 100 mm 5 Fine / coarse 82 x 51 x 1 mm Fine grit
No. 705391 38.57 € 45.90 € No. 705396 10.84 € 12.90 € No. 705392 25.97 € 30.90 €
Natural stones

Arkansas oilstones J K L
Fine grained, extremely wear-resistant
honing stones, for use with an oil lubri-
cant. Due to their high degree of hard-
ness and stable bond, particularly 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
well-suited for polishing curved cutting
form structure and are crack-free. The 1 Round, 100 x Ø 9 mm 56 x 56 x 173 mm 56 x 56 x 173 mm
black stones are somewhat harder than No. 711120 11.68 € 13.90 € 1 Flat-pointed straight back 1 Flat-pointed straight back
the white ones. They originate from quar- 2 Square, 100 x 10 x 10 mm No. 711125 5.46 € 6.50 € No. 711129 6.22 € 7.40 €
ries in the Oua- No. 711121 8.66 € 10.30 € 2 Knife-shaped 2 Knife-shaped
chita Mountains 3 Triangular, 100 x 10 mm No. 711126 4.96 € 5.90 € No. 711130 5.71 € 6.80 €
in Arkansas (USA) No. 711122 10.00 € 11.90 € 3 Flat-pointed round back 3 Flat-pointed round back
that unfortunately 4 Oval, 100 x 10 x 5 mm No. 711127 5.46 € 6.50 € No. 711131 6.22 € 7.40 €
are almost de- No. 711123 12.18 € 14.50 € 4 Flat-skewed rounded back 4 Flat-skewed rounded back
pleted. Grit ap- 5 Knife-shaped, 100 x 25 x 5 mm No. 711128 5.46 € 6.50 € No. 711132 6.22 € 7.40 €
prox. 6000-8000. No. 711124 12.10 € 14.40 € Multiform Sliptone Set in a wooden case, Multiform Slipstone Set in a wooden
Sizes are approximate. Slipstone Set in a wooden case, white white case, black
5-piece set: No. 711120-711124 4-piece set: No. 711125-711128 4-piece set: No. 711129-711132
No. 705267 55.13 € 65.60 € No. 705260 21.76 € 25.90 € No. 705261 25.13 € 29.90 €
Belgian coticule whetstones
The quarrying of Belgian whetstones in
the Ardennes is first mentioned in a
Roman document. But the story of these M Rozsutec stones P
natural honing stones goes further back Sedimentary sandstone from the
than that. The approx. 480 million-year- Slovakian Mala-Fatra Mountains, ideal
old grey yellow sedimentary stones, origi- M HALF-ROUND SLIPSTONES for honing. Fine and even grit, high
nating from volcanic ash, are composed 75 x 3-7 mm abrasion resistance.
of very fine garnet crystals. During hon- No. 705558 6.89 € 8.20 €
ing these are released and in combina-
tion with the water and abrasion debris O
make a honing paste. The garnets only N P HONING OIL
remove fine shavings from the metal and Light mineral oil for Arkansas and other
ensure a good polish. Unique combina- oil stones. Also suitable for lubrication
tion of speed and grain size. N MULTIFORM SLIPSTONE O DROP-SHAPED purposes.
Grit approx. 6000–8000. approx. 100 x 40 x 8 mm 80 x 55 x 18 mm 100 ml
Measurements are approximate. No. 705571 11.09 € 13.20 € No. 705581 9.16 € 10.90 € No. 705263 2.44 € 2.90 €
Sharpening devices | Sharpening stone accessories, Quick-sharpeners, Sharpening sets


Sharpening stone accessories D



COATING Continuous surface diamond coating on H TOKICO® KNIFE SHARPENER
For ultra precise trueing. Suitable for compact base plate. Ideal for dressing An uncomplicated
all water and ceramic stones. water- or ceramic based stones. Rubber knife sharpener that
A STONE HOLDER (Tolerances +/-4 micron). feet. is suitable for both
From stainless steel with anti-slip rubber 253 x 80 x 24 mm Grit 120 μm, grit approx. 120 Japanese and Euro-
clamping jaws and medium support No. 711613 209.24 € 249.00 € (extra-extra coarse). pean knives. Easy
bracket, in order to avoid breaking 203 x 76 x 10 mm to operate, the Tokico
thin stones. No. 705382 65.97 € 78.50 € allows even inexperi-
Opening 220 mm E enced users to quickly and successfully
Width 70 mm sharpen all types of cooking knives.
No. 711101 22.61 € 26.90 € The blade simply needs to be moistened
1 and slid 3–5 times in both directions
through the slits. Metal is gently removed
by two rotating and correctly angled
B stones. Suitable for single and double-
sided ground knives.
200 x 45 x 40 mm
2 No. 705373 20.00 € 23.80 €
Slip-resistant rubber base for sharpening
stones. 2-piece set. E TRUEING BLOCKS I
93 x 87 x 15 mm Hard ceramic blocks for
No. 711102 9.16 € 10.90 € trueing Japanese water- G TRUEING GRILLE FOR SHARPENING
stones quickly and ac- STONES I CARBCUT 1
curately. The stones are Finely woven, silicon For speedy re-sharpening of
worked wet on the block carbide-coated grille for knives (also serrated), axes
C until plane. The use of silicon carbide trueing uneven sharp- and scissors, ideal for on the
powder speeds up the process. ening stones. The grille go. The V-form, wear-resistant
is placed on a flat sur- carbide element is also suit-
1 170 x 55 x 30 mm face and the watered able for deburring. Forged aluminium
C NON-SKID MAT No. 711298 14.20 € 16.90 € whetstone is rubbed grip with hand protection. Includes in-
Prevents sharpening stone slippage. over it in a circular motion. structions and case.
100 x 250 mm 2 240 x 100 x 40 mm 140 x 230 mm Length 150 mm
No. 705364 4.12 € 4.90 € No. 711299 55.38 € 65.90 € No. 711297 4.12 € 4.90 € No. 703534 21.76 € 25.90 €

Sharpening sets
Sharpening sets for selective application Price advantage

Each cutting tool sives to use. With our sets, we aim to DVD - DAS SCHÄRFEN of whetstone, shows the correct sharp-
needs to be sharp- provide you with the basic equipment JAPANISCHER MESSER ening motions for sharpening single and
ened differently, necessary for all common tools, with A Japanese master double-bevelled knives and provides
depending on its detailed sharpening instructions and blacksmith with a leg- information on caring for knives. Knives
design or purpose. photos. endary reputation in sharpened in this way not only make your
However, opinions Japan shows you how work easier but are also a pleasure to use
vary as to the best to professionally sharp- and allow you to treat your food with
method and abra- en kitchen knives on respect. In German.
water stones. He intro- DVD, 15 min.
duces different types No. 713806 4.96 € 5.90 €


J SHARPENING SET FOR CHISELS AND pening stone. It also contains a Cerax L SHARPENING SET
STEEL (WESTERN CHISELS AND PLANES) No. 711546 for sharpening and honing Use the DMT Diafold No. 705374 for sharpening and honing. Includes
This set comprises a DMT trueing block as well as a double-jaw honing jig to remove large breakouts from the trueing grille for sharpening stones
No. 705358 for rough pre-grinding of No. 711400 for precise sharpening. blade. The Sun Tiger 1000/6000-grit No. 711297.
blades with nicks or for trueing the shar- No. 711103 107.48 € 127.90 € combination stone No. 711007 is used No. 711105 41.01 € 48.80 €


K SHARPENING SET FOR CHISELS AND and for trueing the sharpening stone. The FOR AXES AND ADZES and then sharpened and honed with the
PLANE BLADES OF LOW-ALLOY CARBON King 1000/6000-grit combination stone This set contains a DMT Diafold No. King conical slipstone No. 711402 and
STEEL (JAPANESE CHISELS AND PLANES) for sharpening and honing rests securely 705374 and a Sun Tiger 1000/6000-grit the Belgian whetstone, half-round, No.
A rough DMT trueing block No. 705358 on the Non-skid mat No. 705364. combination stone No. 711007 for the 705560. Use the trueing grille for shar-
is used for pre-grinding blades with nicks No. 711104 87.31 € 103.90 € outer face of the adze or axe. The inner pening stones No. 711297 for trueing
face is roughly pre-sharpened with the the combination stone.
DMT diamond cone, rough, No. 705423 No. 711106 104.62 € 124.50 €
Sharpening devices | Sharpening sets

F SHARPENING SET FOR SCRAPERS combination stone No. 711005.

Scrapers are filed smooth with a Glar- The hook is burnished with a Dick burnis-
don/Vallorbe flat file No. 705008 and her No. 703521. Use the trueing grille
matching handle No. 701606, and then No. 711297 for trueing the stone.
finely-ground with a King 1000/6000-grit No. 711108 65.38 € 77.80 €

A BASIC SHARPENING SET No. 711001 and 711002 for sharpe-

FOR ALL TOOLS ning, plus two King 4000-grit hones
This set provides you with a combination No. 711021 and an Akatsuki 8000-grit
of sharpening stones for most tools (e.g. No. 711020 for honing and polishing. G
chisels, plane blades, knives). It contains Also included are a trueing block
a Sun Tiger 220-grit roughing stone No. 711299 for trueing the stones and
No. 711010 for pre-sharpening, two King a sharpening stone holder No. 711101.
800-grit and 1200-grit sharpening stones No. 711107 226.05 € 269.00 €


SCULPTOR'S GOUGES the included Non-skid mat No. 705364
For pre-sharpening and sharpening, this and can be conveniently trued on the tru-
set contains a Sun Tiger 220/1000-grit eing grille No. 711297. Also included is
combination stone No. 711016. And for a King 8000-grit multiform stone No.
honing, a King 6000-grit honing stone 711203, for honing the inner face.
No. 711003. The stones rest securely on No. 711114 65.55 € 78.00 €


LOW-ALLOY CARBON STEEL (BLUE AND and is used for both sharpening and ho-
WHITE PAPER STEEL) ning. The set also contains a trueing
For repairing nicks, this set contains a grille for sharpening stones No. 711297
King 220-grit coarse shaping stone No. and a Togeru sharpening device No.
711010. The King 1000/6000-grit com- 705377 which helps maintain the cor-
bination stone No. 711006 rests secu- rect angle when sharpening knives. H
rely on the Non-skid mat No. 705364 No. 711111 77.73 € 92.50 €


STEELS, 440 C, SKD 11) H SHARPENING SET FOR which consists of basic set No. 702170
This set contains a Cerax 400-grit sha- No. 711297 for trueing the stones. Also TURNING TOOLS and Vari Grind No. 702171. Also inclu-
ping stone No. 711548 for repairing included is a Togeru sharpening device This set gives you all you need for shar- ded is the Wolverine diamond truer No.
nicks and a Cerax 1000/6000-grit com- No. 705377, which helps maintain the pening turning tools. The low-speed 702173 for trueing the stones. The dia-
bination stone No. 711546 for sharpe- correct angle when sharpening knives. Creusen double-wheeled grinder No. mond bit No. 707399 is used to sharpen
ning and honing. Use the trueing grille No. 711112 87.31 € 103.90 € 716025 for cool grinding ideally comple- hooks and ring tools.
ments the Wolverine sharpening system No. 711113 375.63 € 447.00 €

Sharpening bestsellers as sets Price advantage


D The blades of the shears are first sharpe-
ned with a rough DMT Mini-Hone No. I
705424 and then with a fine one No.
705390. For cleaning up the blades and
oiling the joint, the set contains a small
50 ml Ballistol spray No. 705444.
No. 711109 16.72 € 19.90 €


For sharpening and maintenance of knives. WITH DIA FOLD AND OIL
Set includes: Cerax combination stone This collection of high-quality products
grit 1000/6000 (No. 711546); includes all the basic equipment for
DVD - Das Schärfen japanischer Messer sharpeing knives and tools. The included
(No. 713806), in German; sharpening brochure gives instructions
Sinensis camellia oil No. 705280. on how to proceed. Have fun!
No. 711027 54.62 € 65.00 € Set includes:
Japanese combination stone King,
1000/6000 grit No. 711007;
E SHARPENING SET Non-skid mat No. 705364;
In addition to stropping, regularly used Sinensis camellia oil No. 705280;
straight razors should be honed on a Sharpening primer.
sharpening stone every two months. For No. 711029 41.93 € 49.90 €
this purpose, this set contains two King can be conveniently trued on the trueing J COMBINATION SHARPENING STONE,
sharpening stones 800 grit No. 711001 grille No. 711297. The wide hanging WITH STONE HOLDER
and 1200 grit No. 711002, as well as a strop No. 709139 and the Thiers-Issard For sharpening and finishing.
King 8000-grit honing stone sharpening paste No. 709019 are ideal King combination stone grit 1000/6000
No. 711004. The stones rest securely for daily stropping. No. 711005 stone holder No. 711101.
on the Non-skid mat No. 705364 and No. 711110 129.83 € 154.50 € No. 711050 44.96 € 53.50 €
Sharpening devices | Sharpening systems

Sharpening systems
Tormek® sharpening system
Proven for many years and constantly A TORMEK® T-7
perfected wet-working sharpening ma- A »Tormek-Original« sharpening stone,
chines are the basis of the ingenious grit 220, Ø 250 x 50 mm; leather honing
Tormek-sharpening system. A range of wheel Ø 215 x 30 mm; universal
jigs, which can be mounted on the uni- support, finely adjustable (can be used
versal support, makes the sharpening of horizontally or vertically). Powder coated
any cutting tool easier. Tormek enables steel plate housing.
the achievement of exact cutting geo- 220 V, 200 W, 90 RPM, 16.8 kg.
metry and consistent results for chisels, Includes:
turning tools, knives, shears or machine Precision 90° jig (SE 76)
tools. Also suitable for workshops and in- Adjustable trueing tool (TT 50)
structional settings because of safe oper- Stone preparer (SP 650)
ation – no sparks are produced and it has Angle gauge (WM 200)
an overload safety clutch. Honing paste (PA 70)
The »Tormek-Original« ceramic wheel Handbook (HB 10)
assures short sharpening times under all Instruction video, (DVD-1),
conditions in combination with the great- Workshop »Sharpening on the Tormek«
est possible tool protection. The front No. 705191 444.54 € 529.00 €
end can also be used for plane honing. Tormek original repl. wheel (SG-250)
The leather honing wheel removes burrs No. 705201 116.81 € 139.00 €
quickly and leaves a perfectly polished
cutting edge. Designed for continuous
operation (T-7) with solid housing and Learn the professional use of the
sliding water container. Tormek machine. If you buy a Tormek T-7
you may take part in a special course
»Sharpening with Tormek« free of charge.
A summary of the advantages of Further information on the internet under
the Tormek T-7 and T-3 sharpening

Longer working life:

• Stainless steel spindle with EzyLock »Tormek-Original« sharpening stone,
System for easier stone assembling grit 220, Ø 200 x 40 mm; leather honing
• Better motor insulation wheel Ø 145 x 26 mm; universal support
• Electrophoretic dip painted casing with fine adjustment (horizontal and ver-
(T-7) tical settings). ABS plastic housing.
• Improved water container with 220 V, 120 W, 120 RPM, 7.3 kg.
magnetic dirt collector, overspill Includes:
rim and drip-off plate (T-7) Precision 90° jig (SE 76)
• 2 additional rubber feet to drain Angle gauge (WM 200)
off water on the case (T-7) Honing paste (PA 70)
• 7-year guarantee! Handbook (HB 10)
Instruction video, (DVD 1)
No. 705185 273.95 € 326.00 €
Tormek orginal repl.wheel (SG-200)
No. 705196 77.23 € 91.90 €

Tormek® Accessories
Suitable for models 2000-2006, 1200-
1206, T-3 and T-7 unless otherwise


(SVM 45) - Width 45 mm For adjusting angle bevels of turning
Blade length min. 60 mm gouges and chisels, independent of wheel
No. 705203 27.65 € 32.90 € diameter. Used in combination with jigs
(SVD 185) and (SVS 50).
(SVM 140) - Width 140 mm No. 705237 16.47 € 19.60 €
Blade length min. 160 mm
No. 705214 38.24 € 45.50 €

Also suitable for hedge shears. For plane blades and chisels. Also suit-
No. 705205 33.53 € 39.90 € able for Japanese chisels, for Tormek T3,
T7 and old series models,
(included with T-7 and T-3).
No. 705236 45.29 € 53.90 €

For blades of any length, minimum For axe heads up to 170 mm in size
blade width 13 mm. (larger axes can be sharpened without
No. 705207 125.21 € 149.00 € a jig using the universal support).
No. 705228 11.43 € 13.60 €


For turning tools (scrapers, scorps, (LA 120)
inshaves) chisels, scraper blades etc. For honing and polishing the inside of
»Torlock« locking system. gouges and V-shaped tools, interchange-
No. 705218 24.79 € 29.50 € able wheels.
No. 705227 40.25 € 47.90 €


For turning and firmer gouges, as well as Universal jig for turning tools and
cutters for hollowing tools etc., up to carving gouges with straight and
25 mm wide. Adjustable in width, curved cutting edges and for skew
cutting angle and shape. and straight chisels.
No. 705247 60.92 € 72.50 € No. 705229 41.93 € 49.90 €

Sharpening devices | Sharpening systems

For short gouges, and V blades. Fits models 1200-1206 and T-3. Fits models 2000-2006 and T-7.
Blade length min. 45 mm Approx. Ø 200 x 40 mm, bore 12 mm. Approx. Ø 250 x 50 mm, bore 12 mm.
Blade width max. 32 mm
No. 705239 15.55 € 18.50 €

Sharpening the complex tip geometry of 1 1
a drill by hand requires plenty of
practice. Using the Tormek drill bit shar- 1 Tormek® orginal replacement wheel 1 DICK® Japanese sharpening wheel,
pener attachment, you can now sharpen B (SG-200), grit 220 grit 80
a 4-facet drill bit with the usual wet-grin- This hard-bond stone is suitable for Extra-coarse stone with hard bond for re-
ding method on your drill for maximum pre-sharpening 2-layer blades as well pairing damaged tool blades. Primarily
precision and service life. The optimum as chromium-vanadium steel and HSS. suitable for 2-layer blades and carbon
point and clearance angles can be set for No. 705196 77.23 € 91.90 € steel.
any drilling operation with regard to the No. 716030 100.00 € 119.00 €
size of the drill and the material to be
worked on. Even drills which are comple-
tely blunt and have their tips broken off
can be returned to the
perfect shape through
Ø 3-22 mm 2
Point angles 90-150° 2
No. 705231 163.78 € 194.90 € 2 DICK® Japanese sharpening wheel,
grit 1000 2 Tormek® orginal replacement wheel
Suitable for HSS as well as carbon-steel (SG-250), grit 220
and 2-layer steel. Hard bond for highly This hard-bond stone is suitable for
C ADJUSTABLE TRUEING TOOL (TT-50) C effective polishing with little abrasion. pre-sharpening 2-layer blades as well as
With diamond tip, for trueing ingrained chromium-vanadium steel and HSS.
or unround grinding wheels. No. 716040 100.00 € 119.00 € No. 705201 116.81 € 139.00 €
No. 705210 56.22 € 66.90 €

3 3
Linen, to protect from wood dust. 3 Tormek® honing wheel (SJ 200), 3 Tormek® sharpening wheel blackstone
No. 705215 14.20 € 16.90 € grit 4000 Silicon (SB 250), grit 220
Extreme polishing performance for mirror Ideal for exceptionally hard materials
surfaces, thanks to hard bond. Particu- such as HSS, but also carbon-steel. The
larly recommended for chromium-vana- hardness, shape and size of the abrasive
dium steel but also for HSS blades and make it highly effective.
2-layer steel. No. 705456 129.41 € 154.00 €
No. 705458 131.09 € 156.00 €
For regrading and dressing Tormek
sharpening stones.
No. 705209 17.56 € 20.90 €

(TNT-708) 4 DICK Japanese sharpening wheel,
Gouge jig, multi-jig , grit 800
tool rest, leather honing Fast and effective with soft bond, for
wheel, turning tool set- 2-layer blades, carbon-steel. Also ideal
ter, machine dust cover for grinding chromium-vanadium steel,
and instructions box for for example Pfeil sculptor's gouges.
turners. No. 716060 158.82 € 189.00 €
No. 705454 209.24 € 249.00 €


Short jig,
axe jig, 5
knife jig,
long knives jig, 5 DICK® Japanese honing wheel,
scissors jig. I BENCH GRINDER MOUNTING SET grit 4000
No. 705455 115.04 € 136.90 € (BGM-100) This stone has a softer bond and is
Though primarily designed for turners, highly effective. Suitable for HSS steel
this mounting set, in combination with as well as for 2-layer-blades and carbon
the Gouge Jig (SVD-185), the Multi Jig steel.
(SVS-50) and the No. 716061 192.44 € 229.00 €
Tormek replacement parts can Tool Rest (SVD-
be found on the Internet at 110), allows you to use all turning
tools with the
Tormek system
also on a double-
Sharpening-workshops wheeled bench grinder.
This makes the rough pre-sharpening 6
of hard steels much easier. Using the
turning-tool setter, you can transfer 6 Tormek® honing wheel (SJ 250),
the same blade geometries to the Tormek grit 4000
Learn the professional use of machine for honing. Comes with Tormek Extreme polishing performance for mirror
the Tormek machine. If you buy universal support with fine adjustment, surfaces, thanks to hard bond. Particularly
a Tormek T-7 you may take part English guide to sharpening turning recommended for chromium-vanadium
in a special course »Sharpening tools, and instructions for building a plat- steel but also for HSS blades and 2-layer
with Tormek« free of charge. form for the double-wheeled grinder. steel.
Further information on the internet at No. 705225 43.61 € 51.90 € No. 705457 175.55 € 208.90 €

Sharpening devices | Sharpening systems, Sharpening accessories

Shinko® sharpening system

The Shinko grinder enables the achieve- Sharpening wheel:
ment of professional sharpening results. Japanese waterstone, grit 1000, Repl. stone, Grit 280
Clogging rarely occurs with the open-pored Ø 180 x Ø 70 mm, thickness 20 mm, No. 716021 49.58 € 59.00 €
Japanese waterstones. Water cooling and steel mount, wheel nut, splashguard. Repl. stone, Grit 1000
plane-honing produces long-lasting and Motor: No. 716022 55.80 € 66.40 €
strong edges. Because no heat is genera- 220 V, 125 W, 50/60 Hz, 450 RPM Repl. stone, Grit 6000
ted, the blade can be held very close to gear-driven. No. 716023 66.39 € 79.00 €
its edge and guided very accurately. No Casing:
sparks are produced, allowing the device Plastic, tool rest adjustable in height and SHINKO® SHARPENING SYSTEM,
to be safely operated in workshops and angle. Water container with valve, drain SET Price advantage
instructional settings. The stone surroun- tube. System, incl. 3 waterstones.
ding foam ring is easily pressed down Overall weight approx. 5.5 kg (grits 280, 1000 and 6000).
when sharpening long blades. No. 716020 203.36 € 242.00 € No. 716024 251.26 € 299.00 €

which is especially suitable for high-al-

loyed tool steels, allows cool grinding and D WOLVERINE SHARPENING SYSTEM 1 2
is available in fine grits. In addition, both The Oneway® sharpening system was
wheels are 40 mm wide, which is an un- specially designed for woodturning tools as well as other tools. The arm is fitted
beatable advantage especially when it but, with its two different jigs, is also to a double-wheeled grinder using a base
B CREUSEN® comes to rolling over larger turning gouges. suitable for chisels and plane blades system (fits all common models).
DOUBLE-WHEELED GRINDER 7500 TS Grinding wheels:
Unlike all other conventional double- 150 x 40 x15 mm, 100 and 60 grit
wheeled grinders, the 7500 TS is speci- 230V, 350W
ally designed to suit the needs of tool No. 716025 226.81 € 269.90 €
sharpening. The speed range of 1400-
1700 rpm greatly reduces the risk of the
steel getting too hot. Most conventional Creusen® replacement grinding wheel
double grinders run at speeds of over 150 x 40 x 15 mm
3000 rpm. The grinding wheels, too, dif- Grit
fer from those of cheaper models. The 100 No. 716026 33.53 € 39.90 €
abrasive used is aluminum oxide (white), 60 No. 716027 33.53 € 39.90 €

A fine-adjust-
ment knob po-
sitions the 1 Basic set 2 Vari grind
diamond in re- Thanks to the wide flat rest with ad- This jig, which can be rotated in any di-
C WOLVERINE® lation to the justable angle, this system is suitable for rection is designed for sharpening turn-
DIAMOND TRUER wheel and scrapers and parting tools as well as chis- ing and profile gouges. The angle can be
This device can be moves it alter- els and planers. Includes a left and right accurately adjusted using the hole ma-
mounted in the Wolverine holder nately from left base with eccentric locking mechanism, trix. Notches on the back indicate the set
of the basic set and is used for to right under arm and flat rest. angle.
trueing and dressing the grinding slight pressure on the support arm. Platform 126 x 76 mm Max. Intake Ø 19 mm
wheels of double-wheeled grinders. No. 702173 56.89 € 67.70 € No. 702170 74.96 € 89.20 € No. 702171 44.54 € 53.00 €

Sharpening accessories

Polishing devices


1 3 5
Milled steel plate for lapping the backs 1 Felt buffing wheel 3 Felt buffing wheel, rounded 5 Buffing wheel - sisal
of chisels and plane blades. Needs to be Extra hard, wear-resistant felt for minor off – mixed wool felt Approx. 70 layers of especially evenly
screwed to a wooden base. The blade is rounding off of sharpened edges. With rounded edges, particularly suitable woven sisal, double sown, for fine
worked with the help of a piece of wood No. 705490 20.92 € 24.90 € for work on grooves. polishing.
applied with pressure. Used with silicon No. 705494 15.88 € 18.90 € No. 705496 13.36 € 15.90 €
carbide powder and water.
240 x 60 x 7 mm
No. 713600 20.92 € 24.90 €


For machine polishing and honing of
cutting edges, especially for knife blades 2 Felt buffing wheel, straight – 4 Buffing wheel – multi-coloured cloth G SPUR FOR FELT AND BUFFING WHEELS
and carving tools. Use with polish paste. mixed wool felt Approx. 40 layer cloth, double sown. For chucks, with wheels, nut and adapter
Max. rotary speed 3600 RPM Smoother felt, takes more polishing No. 705495 5.63 € 6.70 € sleeve Ø 20/8 mm.
150 x 20 mm paste, enables more intense abrasion. No. 705491 7.48 € 8.90 €
Bore 20 mm No. 705493 12.52 € 14.90 €
Sharpening devices | Sharpening accessories

This Wax Polish pro-
tects plane soles J
A 2-SIDED PADDLE STROP made of steel and
These strops can be used with or without other flat surfaces
paste to polish tool blades. The solid, F from rust and at the
non-slit beech base prevents cutting same time reduces
edges from being rounded off. If neces- friction. Equally
sary, you can use finishing paste on the suited for cast-iron,
black (rougher) side; the fine brown side steel and iron. It also inhibits the tarnis-
is usually used for stropping without hing of polished copper, brass and
paste. Can be held by the handle or bronze items. Apply Wax Polish sparingly
screwed to a worktop through the two F JAPANESE POLISHING POWDER - with cloth, then polish.
holes. KONGOSA Content 100 ml
415 x 75 x 18 mm For polishing knife No. 705484 11.68 € 13.90 € N
No. 709162 33.03 € 39.30 € blades, tool mirror
surfaces and removing
oxide layers. Used
with addition of water. K VCI TOOL GUARD, 3 PIECE SET
B Grit approx. 1000 VCI means »vapour
50 g phase corrosion
No. 716363 5.71 € 6.80 € inhibitor«. A chemical
agent votalitises and
molecularly adheres to 1 2
metal surfaces inside K
G drawers or tool cabi- N SINENSIS® CAMELLIA OIL
nets which need to be protected against Versatile, light oil from the seeds of the
corrosion. This chemical agent is per- camellia tree:
B SILICON CARBIDE POWDER fectly suited to protect difficult to access Corrosion protection: Camellia oil is acid-
Use this powder to true up and polish hollow spaces, internal screw threads free, not volatile and not susceptible to
the back of chisels blades and blades and boreholes. The applied coating pro- resinification, making it the ideal oil to
of planes. Put a small amount of powder G JAPANESE POLISHING POWDER - tects against humidity, filth, salts and protect tools from rust. Made from pure
mixed with a drop of water onto an even SUITA oxygen. All you have to do is to take the natural plant products and food safe, it
steel plate. Now grind the iron until you Made from natural sharpening stones, lid off and to put the open can inside is especially suited for the preservation
get an even surface and consistent this finishing powder should be applied confined spaces which need to be pro- of kitchen knives made of carbon-steel.
microsection. after initial polishing with Kongosa. tected. The back of the can features an Wood protection: When applied to
150 g Grit approx. 8000 adhesive strip. Each can will provide up wooden surfaces, it is absorbed quickly
Grit 50 g to 12 months protection in volumes up to due to its low viscosity. Once absorbed,
50 No. 713603 4.12 € 4.90 € No. 716364 7.48 € 8.90 € 0.056 m² (capacity around 50 liters). it helps protect the wood from damage
180 No. 713604 4.12 € 4.90 € Durable if closed. by moisture, dirt and UV light. Clear, not
Diameter: 35 mm discolouring, it accentuates the wood’s
No. 705483 14.20 € 16.90 € natural beauty.
Rust remover and rust protector Body care: Camellia oil makes an excel-
C lent base for the preparation of lotions,
H RUST REMOVER creams and soaps for cosmetic use.
Effective anti-rust formula: Content
Even if you own tools, L ANTI-CORROSION COATING 100 ml No. 705280 3.87 € 4.60 €
which are completely This anti rust coating, 1 250 ml No. 705281 6.05 € 7.20 €
C DMT® DIAMOND POLISHING PASTE, covered with rust, it which complies with 2 1000 ml No. 705282 13.95 € 16.60 €
SET may not be too late military standards, L
For mirror-finish polishing of knives, cut- for them. This Rust H gives superb protection
ting and plane blades. Put 2-3 drops of Remover is the from corrosion to all
diamond paste on a metal, glass or hard- solution to this pro- metals. Once applied,
wood surface and then polish applying blem. Simply mix the the non-yellowing film O
even pressure. Begin with a grit size of 6 non-acidic formula- protects for up to two
micron and continue the polishing with a tion with water and years. Shake well be-
diamond paste of 3 and finally 1 micron. submerge your rusty fore use and apply with
Set contains 3 syringes of paste with grit tools. It won't attack brush, cloth or spray.
sizes 6 (5 g), 3 and 1 (2 g). plastics, rubbers and wood. The formula Can be wiped off easily.
No. 705400 16.72 € 19.90 € is biodegradable, 500 milliliters make Content 125 ml 1 2
up a solution of ten liters for rust remover. No. 705486 10.00 € 11.90 €
After the initial rust has been removed, O JAPANESE CAMELLIA OIL
the tools are protected from further The unalloyed carbon-steel which most-
corrosion. high-quality blades are made of is not
No. 705487 29.33 € 34.90 € corrosion-free. To protect them from rust,
occasionally apply a thin coat of light,
acid-free, non-evaporating oil. This extremely
D GUNDEL-PUTZ® POLISH AND light oil is extracted from the leaves
WHETTING PASTE Before derusting of the camellia tree. Just a thin coat will
Proven cleaning and polishing agent for M reliably protect a steel blade from corro-
all shiny metals (steel, stainless steel, sion. Camellia oil is not susceptible to
aluminium, brass, copper, silver, gold, resinification and may also be used for
nickel, chromium etc.). Ideal for honing cleaning, sharpening and lubrication
blades on leather, e.g. Tormek sharp- purposes. Not suitable for direct contact
ening system, strops, etc. Non-toxic, with food and kitchen knives. For that
acid and formaldehyde-free. After derusting purpose we recommend the pure Chinese
100 ml 1 2 3 Camellia oil (No. 705280)
No. 705262 4.96 € 5.90 € Content
1 100 ml No. 713800 4.96 € 5.90 €
2 250 ml No. 713801 6.13 € 7.30 €
E Ballistol provides reliable rust protection,
cleans and oils metals, impregnates
I RUST REMOVER, GEL and preserves leather and wood surfaces,
Are you tired of using and is even suitable for the disinfection
rusty tools? With this I of minor cuts. In the garden it can be
1 2 3
gel-like rust remover used to treat tree cancer and to combat
E POLISHING PASTES you can remove rust aphids (in a 3% solution with water).
These wax-like polishing pastes are applied easily and quickly. Apply Ballistol is based on pure medical white
to felt buffing wheels and smooth leather the undiluted gel on the oil, spiked with natural plant products.
sides of strops. No. 711530 only for surface with a kitchen It is thus ecologically-friendly and bio- P
steel/stainless steel, 711531 and 711532 sponge and simply rub degradable.
also for aluminium. off the rust. Can also Content
35 x 45 x 80 mm be used for large 1 Glass bottle
Approx. 180 g surfaces. This gel does 50 ml No. 705270 2.77 € 3.30 €
Grit not stain wood and most synthetic 2 Spray bottle
1 Coarse No. 705265 3.28 € 3.90 € substances. Bio-degradable. 200 ml No. 705445 7.48 € 8.90 € P SPRAY BOTTLE (EMPTY)
2 Medium No. 705264 3.28 € 3.90 € Content 250 ml 3 Storage container 250 ml
3 Fine No. 705266 3.28 € 3.90 € No. 705488 19.24 € 22.90 € 500 ml No. 705440 11.85 € 14.10 € No. 705441 5.80 € 6.90 €
Sharpening devices | Sharpening accessories

These rubberised ab-
rasive blocks provide
an effective means
of removing surface
rust from valuable
knives without dama-
ging the blades.
Ideal for badly corroded lubricant, the rust is
blades such as garden »erased«. The blocks
shears, sickles, branch are also excellent for removing tough
saws or outdoor knives. B OIL POT (ABURATSUBO) C BAMBOO ABURATSUBO stains from pots, taps, sinks, antiques
Greases, protects from Oil pot, including wads, fitted with Bamboo container with lid (contents not and automotive parts.
dirt and is also suitable a wick. For protecting blades and for included). Filled with cotton wads it can 65 x 40 x 9 mm
for the removal of greasing when chiselling out mortises. be used as an Aburatsubo, or for the Grit
surface rust. Use with camellia oil (not included). storage of small and valuable objects. 1 Coarse No. 711530 5.80 € 6.90 €
60 ml Capacity 100 ml Approx. 50 x 110 mm 2 Medium No. 711531 5.80 € 6.90 €
No. 711541 5.80 € 6.90 € No. 713810 9.16 € 10.90 € No. 713812 5.80 € 6.90 € 3 Fine No. 711532 5.80 € 6.90 €

Honing guides
For clamping and precise-angle sharpen-
ing of chisels and planes on bench
stones. Minimum blade length 60 mm.
Limited applicability for sharpening
hand-forged (e.g. Japanese) tool blades. G J L


This mount enables easier sharpening
of short blades such as spokeshaves,
reversing blades or small violin planes.
Two magnets and a moveable fence hold
the blades securely, the die-cast alumi- J UNIVERSAL HONING GUIDE L DOUBLE JAW HONING JIG
E VERITAS® SHARPENING SYSTEM I nium grip extends the blade and enables The wide roller preserves the surface of The blade is centrally held in one of the
Clamp the blade in the jig and set the a controlled sharpening, either by hand the stone and prevents tilting. Can be two grooves in the vise-like aluminium
desired bevel angle using the angle jig. or with the Veritas sharpening system used as an angle jig with grinding jaws.
The sharpening is done on a plane bench (No. 707168). machines which have a tool rest. Roller width 26 mm
stone. The wide roller assures stability 102 x 38 x 10 mm Aluminium body with brass roller. Opening 82 mm
and preserves the surface of the stone. No. 702110 14.71 € 17.50 € Width 40 mm Max. blade thickness 7 mm
The tappet screw allows honing to a Max. blade width 65 mm No. 711400 14.20 € 16.90 €
second (micro-) bevel without having Max. blade thickness 10 mm
to reclamp the blade. Set, honing guide No. 707149 13.28 € 15.80 €
and angle jig.
Honing jig
Angle jig

Blade width max. 60 mm
Blade thickness max. 15 mm
No. 707168 46.13 € 54.90 €
H ANGLE GAUGE Sharpening knives and tools can be so
FOR TOOL EDGES easy – especially with this Sharpening
For checking bevel angles. System from DMT. The easy transportable
Brass coated. Diafold Magna-Guide Sharpening System
12 angles (15°-120°) K TOGERU® KNIFE SHARPENING features an Aligner Blade Guide (ABG)
Ø 46 mm DEVICE which provides 7-angle adjustability for
No. 707261 3.70 € 4.40 € For keeping the correct angle when the right edge every time – from big
F sharpening knives manually. Simply outdoor knives to fine kitchen knives.
put on the back of the blade – when It works in conjunction with the Magnetic
sharpening, position the incorporated Angle Guide (MAG) to keep the blade at
I STANLEY® SHARPENING GUIDE SET ceramic fence on the honing stone sur- the ideal angle for sharpening. The deep
With plastic rollers and a folding angle face. That way the bevel angle is held clamp design securely holds blades up to
gauge, indluding sharpening stone and oil. fast and warping movements are avoided. 9.5 millimeters in thickness while sharp-
Max. blade width 65 mm Suitable for double-bevelled knives. ening, without scratching the blade.
Max. blade thickness 9 mm Blade width 30-50 mm
Grit 120 / 240 Blade thickness max. 3 mm
No. 707166 20.76 € 24.70 € No. 705377 8.32 € 9.90 €


A high-precision gauge for precise and
consistent perpendicular sharpening of
all straight-edged blades. Also suitable I
for short, irregular and tapered Japanese
blades. Aluminium body, easy-gliding Included in delivery are: DMT Aligner
brass roller. Quickly adjustable gauge Clamp, Magnetic Angle Guide, Diafold
with grip. Instructions included. sharpener with fine and extra-fine grits.
Thickness max.13 mm No. 705428 46.97 € 55.90 €
Width 6-72 mm
Bevel angle 15°-54°
Counter chamfer (10°-20°)
No. 703666 49.58 € 59.00 €
Powerful and bounce-free Japanese hammers | 102

Werstern hammers | 103

Picard® | 103
Estwing® | 103

Soft-face hammers and rawhide hammers | 104

Veneer hammers | 104

Mallets | 105

Accessories | 105

Punch awls an drivers | 105

Wrecking bars | 106

Hammers, nails, pry bars | Japanese hammers

Japanese hammers

The simple outward appearance of the

Japanese hammer conceals its inner
sophistication. The hammer head is soft
in the middle and hardened only at the
ends. This allows the full force of a blow
to be transferred while simultaneously
dampening vibrations and reducing the
hammer's 'bounce'. One face of the
hammer is flat while the other is ground
with a slight crown, making it especially
useful for driving nails flush with a
surface and for marquetry work.
The Genno's high efficiency means you
can generally select a lighter weight in
comparison to conventional European
carpenter’s hammers. The handles are
made of sturdy, wear-resistant Japanese
white oak and are extra long and
ergonomically designed for comfortable
use. Replacement handles are available
upon request. The specified weights refer
to the weight of the head alone.



A triumph of Japanese blacksmithing:
This attractive damas-
cus steel hammer
proves that a highly
sophisticated imple-
ment can be produced
from mankind´s oldest
tool, despite its
archaic appearance.
The polished layers of Yellow Paper Steel
and the softer centre made of 25-layer
damascus steel produce a delightful
colour-contrast. Handle made of ebony.
The master´s signature is engraved on
the head.
Head weight 375 g
Overall length 360 mm
No. 705692 419.33 € 499.00 €


An attractive tool and a beautiful gift:
Those who are fond of attention to detail
will certainly appreciate Master Sato’s
hand-engraved Genno. To highlight the
mythological animal motifs engraved on
both sides of the
hammer head,
the surface is E F G H I
Head weight 375 g
Overall length 340 mm
Easy-to-handle hammer for driving The bell-shaped head increases This is the perfect tool for driving nails.
Japanese chisels and carving tools. directional stability during use and the The conical head stays true, does not
C OCTAGONAL HEAD HAMMER Round head with large striking area tapered end allows high-precision work. bounce and the sharp nail claw is
Octagonal-headed makes mishits unlikely. Drop-forged head, copper-plated, with a exceptionally efficient at removing nails.
hammer with flat Head weight 375 g slightly crowned face. The faces and cheeks are designed to
cheeks, ideal for Overall length 240 mm Overall length 360 mm allow use in tight spaces. Extra-long
adjusting and fitting No. 714011 20.92 € 24.90 € Head weight handle.
work. The cheeks can also be 170 g No. 714110 25.13 € 29.90 € Head weight 400 g
used as striking surfaces. 300 g No. 714112 28.07 € 33.40 € Overall length 390 mm
Overall length 300-360 mm No. 714120 19.92 € 23.70 €
115 g No. 714001 19.24 € 22.90 € Puristic, well-balanced carpenter’s
225 g No. 714002 20.92 € 24.90 € hammer with slightly bell-shaped head
375 g No. 714003 24.29 € 28.90 € and round cross-section. The flanks are
570 g No. 714004 30.17 € 35.90 € bronzed, the faces are finely ground.
750 g No. 714005 38.57 € 45.90 € Head weight 375 g
Overall length 335 mm
No. 714010 19.24 € 22.90 €
All-purpose hammer
with particularly
good directional G GENNO HATTORI®
stability, ideal for Japanese-style hammer for driving
assembly work, driving nails etc. A 375 g chisels and nails. Round head with one
Genno is suitable for striking Japanese flat and one rounded striking face, J
chisels. Square-headed, rounded edges. selectively hardened.
Overall length 300-360 mm Head weight 375 g
Head weight Overall length 300 mm
115 g No. 714101 19.24 € 22.90 € No. 700975 10.84 € 12.90 € J MINI HAMMERS, 6 PIECE SET carbon-steel are differentially hardened
225 g No. 714102 21.43 € 25.50 € For craftsmanship: and facilitate delicate and rebound-free
375 g No. 714103 25.13 € 29.90 € The mini hammers from Japanese master strikes. Handles made of natural hickory.
570 g No. 714104 31.85 € 37.90 € blacksmiths are ideal for delicate work. 6-part set.
750 g No. 714105 37.73 € 44.90 € Thanks to their drop-shaped handles, Head weight approx. 70 g
they are well-balanced and lie superbly Overall length 215 mm
in the hand. The forged heads made of No. 714036 81.43 € 96.90 €

Hammers, nails, pry bars | Japanese hammers, Western hammers


Maximum efficiency: From a Japanese master workshop:
For practically effortless hammering with The archaic appearance of the Japanese
a high driving force and perfect balance. blacksmith hammer reveals little about
The heads are forged by hand, and the its inner qualities. In relation to its
harmoniously proportioned head and weight, the strongly asymmetrical face,
ergonomic handle yield a wonderfully which tapers from a square cross-section
organic tool which you simply will not to the round strike surface, provides for
want to put down. The asymmetrical high impact force as well as rebound-free
construction allows maximum directional and fatigue-free working. Partially harde-
stability during use. ned and delicately balanced together
Overall length 210 or 310 mm with the ergonomically formed shaft,
respectively. it supports the impact rhythm during
Head weight forging work. Replacement handles are
1 290 g No. 714322 52.02 € 61.90 € available.
2 600 g No. 714323 58.74 € 69.90 € Overall length 300 respectively 330 mm
Head weight
Replacement handles are available 1 750 g No. 714016 72.94 € 86.80 €
A 1 2 B 1 2 at 2 1350 g No. 714017 88.15 € 104.90 €

Western hammers


Picard hammers have been LEATHER HANDLE Drop-forged hammer with traditional All-purpose hammer with classic head
manufactured in Germany for over 150 The head and neck are forged from Scandinavian shape: elliptical eye, shape for assembly and inlay work.
years. With innovation and experience, one piece and bonded seamlessly to the conically tapered hammer face with fer- The fin is rounded, the face slightly
the company develops products of exep- leather grip, making this Picard hammer ruled edges and rounded fin. Ash handle convex in order to prevent indentations.
tional quality. almost indestructible. The handle is made with annular wedge. Ash handle.
of disk-stacked leather and screwed to Overall length 360 mm Overall length 300 / 320 mm
C PICARD® ROOFING HAMMER 698 the full-length tang through a head plate. Head weight Head Ø 20 / 25 mm
The classic carpenter’s tool: If necessary, it can be tightened using 1000 g No. 705334 28.15 € 33.50 € Head weight
Unbreakable, oval steel tube handle with the screw at the butt end. Thanks to the 1500 g No. 705335 34.96 € 41.60 € 180 g No. 705682 17.39 € 20.70 €
a vibration-absorbing dampening, non-slip untreated leather, the handle absorbs 300 g No. 705683 20.59 € 24.50 €
elastomer grip. The head features a damp and adjusts to the individual shape
differentially hardened point and claw, of the hand. Smooth face, selectively
checkered face and magnetic nail slots hardened and fully polished head with
which can also accommodate small nails. magnetic nail slot.
Head weight 600 g Head weight 700 g
Overall length 315 mm Overall length 315 mm
No. 705685 33.53 € 39.90 € No. 705686 58.74 € 69.90 €


The head, neck and leather handle of With their round, smooth, bell-shaped
this hammer are joined seamlessly to head with slightly curved face and the
make a practically indestructible striking curved nail claw, claw hammers are ideal
tool. The full-length tangs and, heads are for driving in and loosening nails while
forged from one piece. The heads are protecting the surface.
differentially hardened and, together with Head weight 560 g
the neck, fully polished.The handle is Overall length 315 mm
made of disk-stacked varnished leather No. 705698 53.36 € 63.50 €
and riveted at the end.


Robust axe, ideal for professional carpen-
try tasks. Thin blade with hammer head
Highly versatile – for use in metalworking, Can be suspended from a belt using
as well as assembly and fitting work, the leather blade protector.
driving nails into wood, and much more. Total weight approx. 900 g
Head weight 300 g Overall length 325 mm
Overall length 300 mm Blade length 90 mm
G H I No. 705691 69.66 € 82.90 €
No. 705695 41.93 € 49.90 €

Hammers, nails, pry bars | Western hammers, Soft-face hammers and rawhide hammers, Veneer hammers


A rock pick is a combination of a ham-
mer and a pick, used by geologists. The
long, hardened, pointed tip allows stones
to be struck with extreme accuracy, and
thus split with precision.
Head weight 390 g
Overall length 320 mm
No. 705697 50.34 € 59.90 €


The point can be driven into the wood,
and is thus used for moving beams and
keeping the hammer on the roof. With
magnetic nail claw and smooth face.
Head weight 600 g
Overall length 330 mm
No. 705699 55.38 € 65.90 €

Chasing hammer with a large, slightly
convex face for driving gravers and small
punches as well as a ball-peen side for
creating a hammered look. Chasing refers
to the decorative texturing of metal surfa-
ces. Ash handle.
A B C Diameter 28 and 14 mm
length 270 mm
Total weight approx. 160 g
No. 705333 16.72 € 19.90 €

Soft-face hammers
and rawhide hammers

Soft-face hammers
To stop marks being left. The advantage
these hammers (with heads made of
white rubber) have over their black
counterparts is that they do not leave
unattractive marks on light-coloured
surfaces. Slightly convex head, solid
red beech shaft in conical socket. E G Veneer hammers
Overall length 305 / 340 mm
Head Ø 54 / 61 mm Hammer veneering is a proven technique
Weight for making and restoring veneers. The
370 g No. 705679 12.52 € 14.90 € Rawhide hammers pre-steamed and ironed veneer is pressed
670 g No. 705680 15.71 € 18.70 € down using the warmed veneer hammer.
F RAWHIDE HAMMERS, LEAD CORE G RAWHIDE HAMMER Working from the middle of the piece
American buffalo hide This rawhide hammer is a specialised outwards, the hammer is moved back
coiled around a lead tool used with a splitting knife to split and forth across the piece to force out
This hammer is used for assembly work core dampens the blow wooden shingles. The head of the bubbles and excess glue. The rounded
and fitting parts together. The yellow face and simultaneously hammer is made from the hide of water face distributes pressure efficiently and
is medium hard and made of colourfast protects the surfaces buffalo, which is rolled and compressed evenly.
and wear-resistant polyurethane. of sensitive pieces from three times. Then the hammer head has
Soft materials can be hammered without damage. Ideal for furni- to rest for months. H VENEER HAMMER
leaving pitting using the blue face, which ture assembly, interior, It is very tough and shock-absorbent. Elegant, solid-steel model for small-scale
is made of soft, colourfast and wear- restoration, parquetry As the head is made of rawhide, it has a work. Polished brass face for low friction
resistant elastomer. The durable housing and tiling work. The rawhide heads are large diameter and is very effective but at and good heat transfer. Chisel-shaped
is made from malleable cast iron. highly resistant to wear and can also be the same time lightweight. butt end for disassembly work.
A comfortable-to-hold hickory handle used for striking chisels and carving The handle is made of lacquered ash. Slip-resistant, soft plastic grip.
completes this great product. tools. Hickory handles. Total weight 1250 g Total weight 475 g
Overall length 290 / 325 mm Overall length 230 / 290 mm Overall length 360 mm Overall length 355 mm
Head Ø 30 / 40 mm Head Ø 32 / 45 mm Head Ø 89 mm Fin width 85 mm
Weight Weight No. 705681 83.19 € 99.00 € No. 705688 36.30 € 43.20 €
300 g No. 717865 13.95 € 16.60 € 260 g No. 714327 22.27 € 26.50 €
640 g No. 717869 17.39 € 20.70 € 450 g No. 714328 27.56 € 32.80 €

Hammers, nails, pry bars | Mallets, Accessoires, Punch awls and drivers


Mortised Handles
These mallets are ideal for both assembly
work and driving chisels. The hard, sin- The most secure
gle-piece head of domestic white beech way of attaching
has a trapezoid shape for precise, er- a handle is with a
gonomic strokes. All edges are slightly through mortise.
bevelled to prevent damage to the work- The head sits se-
piece. The varnished robinia handle has curely between
a double curve to fit the shape of the the turned collar
hand perfectly and is securely wedged to on the handle and the wedge at
the head. the top end.

1 Head width 65 mm
Overall length 343 mm
300 g
No. 730044 18.91 € 22.50 €

2 Head width 75 mm
Overall length 376 mm
600 g
No. 730045 20.92 € 24.90 €

1 2



B This hammer tacker has a reliable, easy- TACKER, 5.000 PCS
to-feed loading system and a robust Galvanised.
metal housing, which guarantees a long Staple length 9 mm
life. The minimal effort required to use Width 10.6 mm
the hammer, its non-slip handle and easy No. 717319 12.86 € 15.30 €
dismantling without tools make this ham-
B JAPANESE PRECISION WOOD NAILS C TAPERED DRILL BIT mer tacker an ideal companion on site.
For decorative corner, T or L joints which For drilling holes for conical wooden Suitable for fastening shingles, roofing
are exposed to high mechanical loads, nails and screws. Made of HSS. felt, insulation material… For staples
conical wooden nails are the first choice. Length 75 mm. Hexagonal shaft. from 6-9 mm.
After pre-drilling with an appropriate Diameter Overall length 300 mm
conical drill, the nails are applied with a 3 mm No. 717284 8.32 € 9.90 € 900 g
gentle hammer strike and a little glue. 3 mm: ideal wooden nails 717281 and 717311 Nr. 717318 36.05 € 42.90 €
Also ideal for restoring furniture, musical 4 mm No. 717285 9.16 € 10.90 €
instruments, historical fitted features or 5 mm No. 717286 10.00 € 11.90 €
to fill small imperfections. Made of long- 6 mm No. 717287 12.52 € 14.90 €
fibred, tough melawis wood.
Diameter Length Packing
3.5 / 1.8 mm 35 mm 20 pieces No. 717280 2.77 € 3.30 €
300 pieces No. 717310 33.53 € 39.90 €
45 mm 20 pieces No. 717281 2.77 € 3.30 €
300 pieces No. 717311 33.53 € 39.90 € G H
4.7 / 2.2 mm 45 mm 20 pieces No. 717282 2.77 € 3.30 €
300 pieces No. 717312 33.53 € 39.90 €
5.0 / 2.5 mm 60 mm 12 pieces No. 717283 2.77 € 3.30 € G MINI ANVIL H BLACKSMITH`S ANVIL
180 pieces No. 717313 33.53 € 39.90 € With a rounded and a flat horn. Ideal for This easy-to-transport anvil, cut from
6.0 / 3.0 mm 88 mm 6 pieces No. 717314 2.77 € 3.30 € jewellery work. Forged steel, polished a railway track, is suitable for small
90 pieces No. 717315 33.53 € 39.90 € and chrome-plated, mounted on a solid blacksmithing works. Face milled flat
iron base, standard quality finish. and chamfered on two sides.
Length 130 mm 120 x 100 x 115 mm
approx. 550 g Face 100 x 60 mm
No. 700153 16.72 € 19.90 € 3400 g
No. 706566 40.76 € 48.50 €


Manufactured using traditional methods: For the widest variety of materials, in Punch awls and drivers
These decorative copper nails are beaten particular for the assembly of knife grip I
in the USA on original machines dating plates, for joining thin components made
from the 19th century. They are used to of wood, metal, plastic or leather, or for
rivet the frames of shaker jars, for decorative purposes. If necessary, they I DICK® CENTROFIX
delicate craftsmanship work, model can be cropped, and the heads can be The professional mounting jig: view of the
construction, leather applications or for rounded off. They are driven with a ham- This revolutionary spring-loaded centre screw hole.
ornamental purposes. mer (if necessary, with dimpling punch). punch allows you to pierce the centre of The tool can
1 pack = 50 capsules and 50 bolts. bored screw holes for fittings such as be completely
drawer pull-outs and hinges. When you disassembled
press the hammer button, the hardened and consists of
centering tip is punched into the wood a stainless
and retracted into its original position by steel body, a
a spring. A 45° cone on the tip centres replaceable
the tool in the centring tip
* maximum thickness of the materials bore hole or and a walnut handle with protective
which are to be joined together the counter- stainless steel end cap.
Shaft diameter 4 mm. bore, allowing Overall length 143 mm
Ø head thickness* it to be used 145 g
Length Pieces 6 mm 11mm No. 830150 6.64 € 7.90 € in premounted No. 717214 38.57 € 45.90 €
5 mm 400 No. 830142 7.48 € 8.90 € 6 mm 15 mm No. 830151 7.48 € 8.90 € cabinets wit-
8 mm 300 No. 830143 9.16 € 10.90 € 8.5 mm 25 mm No. 830152 10.25 € 12.20 € hout a good

Hammers, nails, pry bars | Punch awls and drivers, Wrecking bars


This tool features a semi-gloss lacquered
handle made of beech which looks good
A NAIL STARTER and is comfortable to hold. The through-
Tool for making pilot holes to start long hardened blade is nickel-plated.
nails. Forged, hardened steel blade with Overall length 190 mm
a hilted tang. Red oak handle, ferruled
on both sides.
Blade length approx. 150 mm 1 PUNCH AWL
Overall length 290 mm This punch awl is used for pre-punching
No. 717200 28.49 € 33.90 € holes and drill holes in wood.
No. 717859 4.79 € 5.70 €


Hardened stainless-steel point, A reamer is used for enlarging holes and
also for marking. White oak handle. drill holes in wood to facilitate screwing
Blade length 55 mm No. 717858 4.79 € 5.70 €
Overall length 105 mm
No. 717205 7.48 € 8.90 €
Blade length 75 mm To drive nails, pins, splints etc. Chrome-
Overall length 140 mm plated surface, octagonal shaft.
A B C 1 2 D No. 717206 11.68 € 13.90 € 4-part set.
Working length 50 mm
Overall length 150 mm
Ø 3/4/5/6 mm
No. 710797 9.16 € 10.90 €
Wrecking bars

Reliable wrecking bar made of fully
hardened spring steel and therefore
particularly light. The wide, precision-
ground pry tips at both ends allow the
bar to be easily wedged without
damaging the surface of the piece.
10-year warranty.


Max. nail shaft Ø 13 mm Made from stainless steel suited for out- F
2400 g door use. Slightly smaller forged claw
No. 705978 63.87 € 76.00 € on long side for easier insertion of the
nailhead. Partially polished.
Length 700 mm Overall length 360 mm
Max. nail shaft Ø 13 mm Max. nail shaft Ø 5 / 6 mm
1800 g 560 g
No. 705977 52.10 € 62.00 € No. 714342 54.54 € 64.90 €

Length 600 mm
Max. nail shaft Ø 10 mm I NAIL PULLER, WIDE CLAW G
1300 g The precision-ground claw is wide and
No. 705976 44.54 € 53.00 € thin, allowing pieces to be gently eased
apart without damaging their surfaces.
Length 500 mm Max. nail shaft Ø 2 / 2.5 mm.
Max. nail shaft Ø 10 mm
950 g Pry tip 49 mm
No. 705966 37.82 € 45.00 € Overall length 300 mm
375 g
Length 270 mm No. 714309 14.20 € 16.90 €
Max. nail shaft Ø 8 mm H
340 g Pry tip 45 mm
No. 705975 35.29 € 42.00 € Overall length 190 mm
185 g
No. 714311 13.36 € 15.90 €
Compact, highly Pry tip 37 mm
efficient tools for Overall length 150 mm
pulling nails and 110 g
disassembling No. 714298 11.68 € 13.90 €
components. I
The expertly crafted claws and smoothly
curved faces prevent the workpiece from J NAIL PULLER, EXTRA THIN
becoming marred during disassembly. Lightweight iron without
The flat face on the back of the claw can hammer head. Extra-thin
be used to drive the claw under a nail or pry bar, 27 mm.
as a hammer. Made of finely polished Overall length 200 mm
drop-forged steel with case-hardened Max. nail shaft Ø 2 / 2 mm
working surfaces. 80 g
No. 714307 13.19 € 15.70 € J


For heavy-duty use. For furniture and fine work.
Pry bar (without slit) 35 mm. Overall length 160 mm
Overall length 450 mm Max. nail shaft Ø 2 / 2.5 mm
Max. nail shaft Ø 6 mm 90 g K
850 g No. 714310 14.20 € 16.90 €
No. 714308 24.29 € 28.90 €


G NAIL PULLER Robust drop-forged tool with a head
For cabinetmaking and carpentry. for nails with a maximum diameter of
Double-sided claw. 2.5 mm. Beech handle with hoop
Overall length 360 mm and ferrule. L
Max. nail shaft Ø 5 / 6 mm Overall length 230 mm
690 g Max. nail shaft Ø 6 mm
No. 714314 22.61 € 26.90 € No. 705665 26.22 € 31.20 €

Woodturning Standard turning tools | 109
Crown® | 109
Taylor® | 110

Hook and ring tools | 110

Hollowing tools | 111

tools Ornamental-forming and special tools | 111

Combination tools | 112

Let’s take turns!
Tool sets | 114

Lathes and accessories | 115

Chucks | 117

Measuring tools, occuputional safety | 118

Woodturning tools


Sharpening pass Chisels Bowl gouge

Two free sharpenings (see page 5). For smoothing straight, curved, hollow and Used in a similar way to the spindle gouge,
slightly profiled surfaces and for cutting you can use the bowl gouge to work on the
Sharpening service narrow profiles and notches. inside and outside of bowls and hollow work-
Free lifetime sharpening for Premium pieces.
products (see page 5). Parting tools
As the name implies, parting tools are Scrapers
Workshops: used for cutting off (parting) finished work. Scrapers are preferred for finishing surfaces
Turning – A Two Day Basic Class Primary uses also include working on or because they allow the best surface quality.
Turning – A Two Day Advanced Class backcutting end grain in spindle turning, But this is not their only use – they are also
Turning Green Wood and cutting grooves. suitable for creating profile edges.
Turning wood balls
Multi-axle turning Hook tools Some faceplate turning tools can also be
Pen Turning The hook is a versatile tool for hollowing used for spindle turning and vice versa. How-
Turning rectangular bowls out workpieces. Thanks to the complex blade ever, this should be left to the experienced
Open-work woodturning technique geometry, it is equally suitable for bulk wood turner because it requires mastering the cor-
removal and finishing end grain. rect techniques. Some tools are only suitable
For more information see for one purpose. Ring tool
Like the hook, the ring tool is used for
cutting end grain on tumblers and vases.
If used correctly, you can achieve fine
surfaces with it.
METHODS OF TURNING WOOD Hollowers Blade width measuring
Spindle turning and faceplate turning. Most hollowers are cranked and thus suitable X X

for hollowing end grain in vessels with narrow

Here, the wood fibres run parallel to the
spindle axis. You clamp the workpiece either FACEPLATE TURNING
with a spur driver and the revolving centre The wood fibres run perpendicular to the
or with a chuck, which, in the case of long spindle axis, which means you have to work
workpieces, can also be supported by the on cross-grain twice per revolution. Work-
revolving centre. pieces that are turned across the grain can QUALITY REQUIREMENTS
Examples: chair legs, newels, tool handles, be clamped in chucks, on faceplates or screw Decisive for pleasure in turning is the quality
vases, tumblers... chucks. They are rarely supported by the of the blades. The steels must be heat-resis-
Tools: Roughing-out gouges, spindle gouges, tailstock because it would be obstructive tant in order to prevent the softening of the
chisels, parting tools, hook tools, ring tools and the mostly short pieces do not require cutting edges. The HSS steels, which com-
and hollowers. support. With heavy workpieces, however, prise most of our blades, are stable and ex-
tailstock support is recommended at the tremely wear-resistant up to 570°C. Still
beginning. harder and more abrasion-resistant is PM
Roughing-out gouges Examples: bowls, boxes, plates... steel, manufactured by powder metallurgical
A roughing-out gouge is usually required to Tools: bowl gouges and scrapers. methods. The vesilience behaviour is also
make edged workpieces round or to remove Tools for faceplate turning are somewhat very important: Strong handles of dense wood
bulk material. more solid than tools for spindle turning to dampen vibrations and contribute to better
accommodate the forces during cutting. results.
Spindle gouges
The spindle gouge is an all-purpose tool for
cutting profiles, recesses, fillets, V slots and
curvatures, which can also give you a high
surface quality.

Woodturning tools | Standard turning tools

Standard turning tools

Crown®-turning tools Spindle gouges Chisels Scrapers

The tools forged by the Sheffield-based
® ®
Crown Works are excellently designed CROWN »ENGLISH CROWN SKEW CROWN® MULTI-TIP
and expertly crafted. The blades are SPINDLE GOUGES« CHISELS SCRAPER
made of carefully tempered, extremely Flat-milled from round Standard tools for Versatile tools for
durable M2 HSS steel. They are polished material, fingernail- smoothing both flat finishing the inner
and fitted in ergonomically designed ro- grind. and curved surfaces. Skew edged, and outer surfaces of any shape.
sewood handles with heavy-duty brass Blade width / Overall length double-bevelled blades. With 3 exchangeable, taper-ground HSS
ferrules. 6 / 400 mm No. 701905 21.09 € 25.10 € Blade width / Overall length cutters: round, pear-shaped and square.
All specified dimensions are approximate. 9 / 400 mm No. 701906 23.11 € 27.50 € 13 / 380 mm No. 701914 26.64 € 31.70 € Blade-Ø / Overall length
12 / 400 mm No. 701907 28.82 € 34.30 € 19 / 380 mm No. 701915 30.67 € 36.50 € 27 / 380 mm No. 701943 66.30 € 78.90 €
Die Forged Gouge 25 / 380 mm No. 701916 38.66 € 46.00 € Round No. 701945 16.13 € 19.20 €
Crown®-PRO-PM tools 25 / 400 mm No. 701908 35.38 € 42.10 € PRO-PM Drop No. 701946 17.56 € 20.90 €
The ultimate turning tools: PRO-PM PRO-PM 19 / 485 mm No. 701977 46.13 € 54.90 € Square No. 701944 16.47 € 19.60 €
gouges are the top of the line for exotic 10 / 495 mm No. 701972 37.56 € 44.70 €
hardwoods, laminates or wood with min- 12 / 495 mm No. 701973 41.93 € 49.90 €
eral inclusions. The very high percentage CROWN® OVAL CROWN® SIDE CUTTING
of cobalt (8%) and tungsten (10.5%) SKEW CHISELS SCRAPER, ROUND
make them highly durable. The tools hold CROWN® »GERMAN- For spindle turning and For finishing
their edge at least five times longer than STYLE SPINDLE facework. Specially the bottoms and
HSS tools. All PRO-PM tools come fitted GOUGES« designed to reduce friction between the inner surfaces of hollow forms and
with dark stained ash handles. The standard gouges blade and tool rest to allow them to be eas- for undercutting.
for spindle work. The die-forged flutes ier to guide than chisels made of rectan- Blade width / Overall length
We extend a 5-year warranty to all our run the entire length of the blades. Fin- gular stock. Skew edged, double-bevelled. 19 / 380 mm No. 701930 31.51 € 37.50 €
crown turning tools! ger-shaped bevels. Blade width / Overall length
Blade width / Overall length 19 / 380 mm No. 701917 31.26 € 37.20 €
7 / 380 mm No. 701936 36.72 € 43.70 € 25 / 380 mm No. 701918 36.64 € 43.60 € CROWN® BOWL FINISHING
9 / 380 mm No. 701937 38.49 € 45.80 € SCRAPER, ROUND
12 / 380 mm No. 701938 39.41 € 46.90 € Heavy-duty scraper
18 / 380 mm No. 701939 46.13 € 54.90 € CROWN® ROUNDED for finishing the
24 / 380 mm No. 701940 63.87 € 76.00 € SKEW CHISEL WITH inside of large
32 / 520 mm No. 701941 73.87 € 87.90 € ROUNDED EDGE hollow forms.
The rounded support Blade width / Overall length
edge facilitates finer movements and pre- 25 / 550 mm No. 701960 53.95 € 64.20 €
vents the cutting edge from becoming
embedded. High Speed Steel.
Blade width / Overall length CROWN®
19 / 380 mm No. 701987 35.21 € 41.90 € HOOK NOSE
Also suitable for
finishing undercuts.
Bowl gouges Parting tools Blade width / Overall length
25 / 500 mm No. 701986 42.35 € 50.40 €
® ®
Primarily for large-scale Double bevel. CROWN® DOVETAIL
facework. Made of Blade width / Overall length SCRAPER
round stock with milled, 3 / 365 mm No. 701926 28.32 € 33.70 € For cutting the recess
deep flutes. Fingernail-grind. 6 / 380mm No. 701927 28.40 € 33.80 € to accommodate the
Blade width / Overall length jaws of a dovetail chuck.
9 / 610 mm No. 701909 31.76 € 37.80 € Blade width / Overall length
13 / 610 mm No. 701910 38.57 € 45.90 € CROWN® 13 / 340 mm No. 701985 29.33 € 34.90 €
16 / 610 mm No. 701911 46.97 € 55.90 € FLUTED
»Superflute« PARTING TOOL
22 / 660 mm No. 701912 78.99 € 94.00 € Single bevelled,
PRO-PM German-style.
12 / 665 mm No. 701975 57.06 € 67.90 € Blade width / Overall length
16 / 665 mm No. 701976 73.03 € 86.90 € 6,5 / 400 mm No. 701929 36.55 € 43.50 €


Designed by Master Double-bevelled,
Woodturner David Ells- taper-ground,
worth, these versatile English-style. A
bowl gouges are for rough and finish shap- Blade width / Overall length
ing of the inside and outside of hollow 5 / 400 mm No. 701928 36.30 € 43.20 €
forms. Special elliptical grind.
Blade width / Overall length A VERITAS® SCRAPER BURNISHER
16 / 690 mm No. 701961 76.47 € 91.00 € This scraper burnis-
PRO-PM her is used to roll a
16 / 665 mm No. 701955 104.20 € 124.00 € smooth-edged scra-
PARTING TOOL scrapers. Many expe-
Thin, very rigid blade for making fine rienced turners use
grooves and parting cuts. a slight hook on the
Height 30 mm cutting edge of their
Blade width / Overall length scrapers to improve
1,6 / 210 mm No. 701965 24.29 € 28.90 € the cutting action.
Ready-to-use bevel Roughing out gouges Of course in principle
by DICTUM you can use the burr
Engl. spindle gouges, bowl gouges CROWN® HEAVY-DUTY ROUGHING created during shar-
and roughing out gouges are specialy OUT GOUGES pening, but this is
ground by us and are therefore ready For removing large brittle and uneven.
to use. amounts of stock du- This version allows
ring preliminary roun- you to press the scra-
Forged / Milled gouges ding. Die-forged, deep fluted blades with per against the bur-
Compared with milled gouges, forged straight bevels. nishing rod on the screwed-on base using
turning gouges have a denser struc- Blade width / Overall length the cylinder rod for leverage. You can
ture and are thus more resistant to 30 / 380 mm No. 701901 40.76 € 48.50 € choose different settings for the radius
wear. In the past, this difference was 35 / 530 mm No. 701902 50.34 € 59.90 € by changing the position of the burnis-
much more serious, resulting in two PRO-PM hing rods and you can choose an angle
gouge variants. Today, the preference 30 / 485 mm No. 701954 79.83 € 95.00 € for 70-75° or 75-80° bevel angles.
is to forge the larger gouges to reduce 117 x 65 mm
material waste. No. 703515 37.73 € 44.90 €

Woodturning tools | Standard turning tools, Hook and ring tools

Henry Taylor® Turning Tools Bowl gouges Chisels

For over 150 years, turning tools of the
finest quality have been manufactured ®
by Henry Taylor® in Sheffield (England). BOWL GOUGE, Due to its round pro-
The company combines traditional OUTSIDE CUTTING file, this tool allows
manufacturing techniques such as The original Super- the blade to move
forging by hand with modern hardening flute gouge designed freely along the tool
and tempering treatments. Only the by Roy Child is one of the most rest for making profile cuts.
best Sheffield steel (HSS) is used for popular bowl gouges in the Blade width / Overall length
all blades, which are attached to the world. The slightly open profile 13 / 520 mm No. 702018 22.27 € 26.50 €
heavy, dark-stained handles of English allows the creation of smooth
hardwood with solid brass ferrules. outside surfaces. Straight bevel.
Henry Taylor Tools design their tools in Blade width / Overall length HENRY TAYLOR®
association with world-leading woodturn- 10 / 530 mm No. 702027 37.73 € 44.90 € OVAL SKEW CHISEL
ers such as Roy Child, Richard Raffan, 13 / 530 mm No. 702025 45.29 € 53.90 € For fine cutting along
Dale and Darrel Nishi - which reflects 17 / 650 mm No. 702026 78.07 € 92.90 € the grain. Less friction
the high quality of the tools. 20 / 640 mm No. 702028 88.99 € 105.90 € on the tool rest, easier control and turn-
Blade width of gouges = outside diameter ing than with a square profile. Skew-
ground double bevel.
Blade width / Overall length
19 / 420 mm No. 702016 30.17 € 35.90 €
HENRY TAYLOR ® 25 / 420 mm No. 702015 35.21 € 41.90 €
Spindle gouges BOWL GOUGE,
HENRY TAYLOR® Primarily for working
DEEP FLUTING GOUGE inside bowls. The bevel is drawn
For cutting deep pro- back to reduce the risk of the
files along the grain cutting edge digging into the
(chamfers, curves, grooves). workpiece. Fingernail bevel.
Blade width / Overall length Blade width / Overall length
6,5 / 330 mm No. 702031 19.23 € 22.90 € 10 / 530 mm No. 702023 35.21 € 41.90 €
10 / 400 mm No. 702029 25.13 € 29.90 € 13 / 530 mm No. 702022 43.61 € 51.90 €
13 / 410 mm No. 702030 34.62 € 41.20 € 17 / 660 mm No. 702024 56.72 € 67.50 €

Roughing out gouges


For removing large -BOWL GOUGE
amounts of stock in A bowl gouge designed HENRY TAYLOR® DIAMOND
the initial shaping of by top master turner David Ells- PARTING TOOL
rough stock into round. Die-forged, deep worth. Can be used universally Taper-ground profile
fluted blades with straight bevels. for both finishing and rough for reduced friction
Blade width / Overall length cuts on either the inside or out- on the sides.
27 / 470 mm No. 702019 47.82 € 56.90 € side of the vessel. Special elliptical bevel. Double bevel.
36 / 600 mm No. 702021 58.40 € 69.50 € Blade width / Overall length Blade width / Overall length
50 / 600 mm No. 702020 83.11 € 98.90 € 16 / 640 mm No. 702014 81.43 € 96.90 € 5,5 / 420 mm No. 702017 46.64 € 55.50 €

Hook and ring tools


As a rule, deep turning hooks are

C used to cut from inside to outside
(illustration taken from the book
»Das Drechslerwerk« No. 713575,
which is available at our webshop

Ideal tool for hollowing Robust ring tools with For turning deep and
into end grain on thin- changeable cutters for wide hollow forms.
walled wet-wood ob- rough and fine cutting The tool is suitable for TURNING WOOD
jects such as cups and work on bowls and hol- soft and medium-hard Richard Raffan is
vases. Thin dual-bevel HSS ring, design- low vessels. The holder can be fitted with wood or green wood. Heat-resistant, very an internationally
ed for light-duty use. changeable tools made by Wiedemann tough HSS steel (65 HRC), forged, beech renowned woodturner
Blade-Ø / Overall length (socket Ø 8 mm). The cutting ring can be handle with a copper ferrule. Hook Ø ap- who has become
12 / 400 mm No. 701931 33.53 € 39.90 € used from both sides. prox. 10 mm, Shaft Ø 12 mm. famous through his
Overall length 600 mm Overall length 510 mm numerous works but
Ø internal / Ø external Handle length 260 mm also for the way he tea-
12 / 18 mm No. 702005 116.47 € 138.60 € No. 701999 82.18 € 97.80 € ches. Countless begin-
Repl. blade No. 702007 78.74 € 93.70 € ners have already
20 / 26 mm No. 702006 145.63 € 173.30 € learned woodturning
Repl. blade No. 702008 106.22 € 126.40 € from this comprehensive standard work.
E From choosing the tools, to application
techniques, right through to sharpening -
E DIAMOND SHARPENER this book contains everything you need
D To sharpen the inside of hooks and ring to know. The descriptions include
tools, clamp the sharpener in a power spectactular close-up photos and clear
D DMT® MINI HONE, FINE drill or cordless screwdriver and guide it illustrations, making the various topics
For deburring the outside of ring tools along the cutting edge. The conical, slighly easy for users to understand. 218 pages,
after sharpening. rounded head makes it easy to apply. many colour photographs and illustrati-
180 x 18 mm Ø 6 x 69 mm ons, paperback, 220 x 275 mm.
No. 705390 7.48 € 8.90 € No. 707399 8.32 € 9.90 € No. 713553 17.66 € 18.90 €

Woodturning tools | Hollowing tools, Ornamental-forming and special tools

Hollowing tools

B Special tool for deep
hollow forms. The
adjustable depth stop
allows clean and accu-
rate cuts to be made safely even when
your view is restricted by the piece.
Cryogenically hardened steel B CROWN® CRYO HOLLOWING TOOL Heart Scraper, Egg Instructions included.
A super-cold treatment at -185 C°