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October 2010 - Issue 67
Meller Braggins provide a professional
Including the Tarporley Parish Council newsletter

letting and management service for

over 1800 properties throughout the
region - Isn't it time we used our
expertise to advise you?

Meller Braggins are one of Cheshire’s oldest and most

Mellerare Estate Agents.
Braggins Ourpurchasing
provide anetwork of offices
professional a
are based throughout the county providing extensive
letting and
promotion management
of anproperty.
investmentservice for
or already
have properties
property throughout
portfolio, the
Our experienced and qualifi ed staff contact
can advise you on all
regionof -Shelmerdine
it timesale
we used our
aspects your atandour Tarporley
expertise to advise you?
Office on 01829
For further 733049
information, to see
please how
Richard Shelmerdine at our Tarporley office
we can help
on 01829 you.
733049 or via e-mail at
If you are considering purchasing a to
discuss how
property aswe
an can help you.
investment or already
have a property portfolio, contact
Richard Shelmerdine at our Tarporley
71B onTarporley
High St, 01829CW6733049 to see how
we can help you.
2 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarporley Talk October 2010 3
studying at a higher level. As part of the in
process, Tarporley High School and Six
College takes it new Year 12 students on
day residential visit to the Conway Ce


The purpose of the trip is to give the s

THERE’S quite a sporting theme to this quality time to work closely with some of
month’s Talk. We’ve got features on who will be supporting them throughout th
p10 in Sixth p28Form. Additionally, they h
Bunbury Junior Football Club, a report from
Tattenhall Cricket Club and news of success
for the more members of Tarvin Tennis Club
in their finals day.
If you are keen to go green but want some
advice on recycling and reducing your fuel
bills then pay a visit to the Tarvin Eco Fair
on Saturday 2nd October. p38 p42
And if you want regular updates on all opportunity to work with their new tutor gro
that’s happening in the area please visit our range of tasks and activities. Thes
facebook page. designed to allow the students the oppor
learn and develop important skills which
There’s also parish council news, gardening,
them approach their studies. There were
health and beauty, a what’s on guide and
of challenges which relied on a number
village index. including teamwork, creativity, oral sk
p46 p59
As usual, please support your local working to tight deadlines.

businesses and don’t forget to tell them that The trip was very successful with the s
you saw their ad in The Talk throwing themselves into every challen
Tarporley Parish Council p10 & 11
We hope you enjoy the magazine
Services p81-85
Kind regards
The Talkabout Team What’s on / village index p86-94
Index of advertisers p95

Publisher Talkabout Publishing

The Tarporley Tester Contributors Janet Heath and Angela Bartlett
Can you find the Tarporley Tiger in this
edition? He is hidden Print Delmar Press
somewhere in the Sales Lynne Bradley & Hayley Ryder
The answer is on page 94
Production Jon White
& Distribution
Ad design Kelly Kane
Contact Talkabout Publishing, Suite S3c
Chester Enterprise Centre
Hoole Bridge, Chester, CH2 3NE
All material is copyright and should not be reproduced without the permission of the
Publishers. All details are correct to the best of our knowledge. The Publishers do not
endorse or recommend any of the entries or advertisements in the magazine unless Tel. 01244 350398
otherwise stated. We advise that you make your own judgements, enquiries and
comparisons as with any other form of advertising. When contacting any business, we
suggest that you confirm the exact type of goods and services offered, the qualifications
Circulation 5,500
held and all other relevant aspects of the service which you are seeking.
The Publishers cannot accept liability for loss, damage or difficulties resulting from contacts
made through the directory, from errors, omissions, from claims made by the advertisers
or from omissions or inaccuracies relating to telephone numbers, wording, spacing or We are an independently owned company, based right
positioning of any listing, advertisements or other material regardless of how caused. here in Cheshire, producing six magazines, Tarporley Talk,
Keep it Local, Neston Local, Heswall Local, Overleigh
Roundabout and Hoole Roundabout.
4 To advertise call 01244 350398 For details visit

the induction
d Sixth Form next year’s Sixth Form on November 4th from
nts on a three 7.00pm. Further details can be obtained from Mr
ay Centre on Lowe, Director of Sixth Form; students from other

Useful Numbers
schools are welcome to attend.

the students
Age Concern (Cheshire)................... 01606 884440
me of the staff
Alcoholics Anonymous.................... 0845 769 7555
hout their time
ey had the Crimestoppers................................... 0800 555 111
Missing People.................................. 0500 700 700
National Drugs Helpline..................... 0800 776 600
Samaritans (Chester)...................... 01244 377 999
Gas Leak (Transco)........................... 0800 111 999
Cheshire West & Chester Council .0300 123 8 123
Tarporley Hospital............................ 01829 732 436
Oaklands Dental................................ 01829732979
Tarporley Dental Clinic .................... 01829 732213
Countess of Chester Hospital . ....... 01244 365 000
or group on a
NHS Direct............................................. 0845 46 47
These were
Bunbury Medical Practice................. 01829 260218
opportunity to
Tarporley Local Doctors:
which will help
Drs O’Callaghan & Partners ............ 01829 733456
were a range
Drs Gleek, Griffin & Adey ................ 01829 732401
mber of skills
al skills and
Bus and Coach (Cheshire Bus info).01244 602 666
National Rail Enquiries (info only)... 0845 748 4950
the students
Manchester Airport.......................... 0871 2710 711
hallenge and
John Lennon Airport, Liverpool........ 0870 129 8484

Trading for SUPER SALE

25 Windows
4 £900

6 £1290 Windows

8 £1600 Windows


French Doors
from £699
All prices include VAT & Installation

● 10 Year Guarantee ●● LowE Glass

● Fully Employed Installers Chester 01244 330050
● Internally Glazed

Bunbury 01829 260166
Ring Philip or Jonathan Stubbs for an immediate quotation. Est.1984
Unit 6, Golborne Bridge Business Park, A41 Whitchurch Road, Milton Green, Chester CH3 9DR

Tarporley Talk October 2010 5


Trailer theft
POLICE are hunting for thieves who stole a large mobile catering trailer from Beeston. It has
a picture of a pig and the words ‘Great Bacon Butty’ on the side.

Stage starlet
TEN-year-old Ava McEvoy, from Kelsall, was picked to appear on stage in Wolverhampton
for the English Youth Ballet last month.

Robert shows lot of bottle

MILKMAN Robert Smith thwarted two teenagers who were trying to steal milk while he was
on his round in The Paddock, Tarporley, last month. Robert, who works for Briscoe’s Dairy,
in Tarvin, held onto the youths until the police arrived.

Student relates quake tale

A TARVIN student was caught up in the recent New Zealand earthquake. Edward Reid, of
Oscroft, said he was lucky to escape with just a few smashed glasses after the earthquake
struck in Christchurch last month. Edward decided to dive under the table for cover in case
the building collapsed.

Tough day in the saddle

TARPORLEY businessman Adrian Lomas raced nearly 60 miles on a Penny Farthing, in
Knutsford, to raise money for the charity Shelterbox. Adrian finished fifth in the race.

Name competition is a real a hoot

THE owners of Peckforton Castle are asking the public to suggest names for their two new
owls. The brown owl and great grey owl are part of the birds of prey collection at the hotel.
Entries should be sent to Jessica Johnson at

Cards for good causes

THE Cards for Good Causes Charity Christmas Card shop will operate from 10am to
4pm daily (except Sundays) from Tuesday 26th October - Saturday 27th November in the
Tarporley Baptist and Methodist Church.

Sight test day

VISION Support’s Mobile Resource Unit, which offers a wide range of services to anyone
with sight loss, will be at Tarporley Community Centre, High Street, Tarporley on Wednesday
20th October 9.30am to 3pm
Trained advisors will be on hand to give advice on the latest equipment, which will be
displayed on the vehicle. These include low vision aids and specialised text readers, as well
as practical items that can enhance the quality of life and maintain the independence of
those with a visual impairment.
The vehicles are designed for easy access for people with disabilities including a removable
ramp for wheelchair use. For more information please ring 01928 582946 or visit the web

6 To advertise call 01244 350398

Kelsall School
Open Afternoon
For parents of children due to
start school in September 2011
Tuesday 12th October 2010 at 2pm
Parents and children most welcome



01244 674447

Tarporley Talk October 2010 7

TARPORLEY man Emyr Jones is passing
on his successful weight loss tips to others
in the town.
Emyr, 42, joined the Arriba Community
Weight Loss Challenge in Church Minshull
earlier this year and managed to shed three
stones in just four months
Emyr said: “Combining regular exercise
with healthy balanced nutrition, I’ve lost
three stone and six inches off my waist.”
Now he has started a community weight
loss challenge in Tarporley

Gail’s Hair Studio

For all the family
Open Tues-Fri 8am-6pm; Sat 8am-2pm
Appointments not always necessary
Affordable hair care with top quality products
01829 760902
Tarporley Road (A49)

8 To advertise call 01244 350398

We’re a roaring success when it
comes to selling your home

73 High Street, Tarporley, Chester CW6 0AB 2 Cuppin Street, Chester CH1 2BN
Tel: 01829 730078 Fax: 01829 730018 Tel: 01244 404040 Fax: 01244 321246
Email: Email:

Tarporley Talk October 2010 9

NEWSLETTER Tel. 01829 733496

Ideas wanted for diamond celebration

Tarporley Parish Council are considering how the village might commemorate the
forthcoming Diamond Jubilee in 2012.
Initial thoughts have included a garden or public area. Refurbishment of the area on the north
west side of Burton Square could provide such an area, although a location closer to the
centre of the village might be preferable.
Since the subject of tree replacement is also currently engaging the council, the planting of
an appropriate native tree or trees might also be considered. The installation of a significant
piece of street furniture, such as a public clock, has also been popular over the years as a
means of commemorating such events.
People might also wish to celebrate with events at the time. Although the parish council
is unlikely to organise such events itself, it would be willing to act as a channel to enable
interested parties to co-operate.
In either case, we invite residents and organisations to air their views and ideas. Please
contact either the parish clerk or the chairman in the first instance.

Parish council goes native!

arrives in November and the Parish
Council is very keen to maintain
and improve Tarporley’s native tree
The Parish Council is conscious
that we are losing Chestnut
and Oak trees to disease and
development. To this end it
would like to invite any ideas/
recommendations from you
for any parts of the village that
you feel might benefit from the
planting of one of our native
British trees or shrubs.
Trees can be made available
for public open spaces or the
boundaries of private land
adjoining public spaces. Any
suggestions please to The

10 To advertise call 01244 350398


Tarporley Parish Council Councillors

The Chairman of the Parish Council is Councillor Gill Clough.
The Parish Clerk is Mr. J. Macdonald
Chartwood House,
Cheshire County 20 Nantwich Road,
Council Tarporley CW6 9UW Vale Royal Borough Council
Councillor Andrew Needham Tel. 01829 733496 Councillor Mrs. D. Joyce
Tarporley has twelve Parish Councillors each of whom sits on one
(01829 732444) of the 730824)
(01829 two Working Groups
which meet on alternative months or as required Councillor. Contact Details are (01829)

Infrastructure Street Scene

Heidi Nickson (spokesperson)................. 730601 Richard Brierley (spokesperson) ............ 732539
Gill Clough (chairman)................................ 733545 Linda Burrows . ............................................. 733228
James Blackford ........................................... 732585 Roy Craven . ................................................... 732869
Jeremy Mills.................................................... 730898 Tim Hill ............................................................ 732804
Ken Parker ...................................................... 732188 Graham Lees ................................................. 733832
Patrick Walkden-Barr................................732275 Dawn Joyce (vice chairman)......................730824

Areas of interest Areas of interest

Village initiatives, Transport and Highways, Best Kept Village, Flower Displays, Handyman,
PCSO Contract and Security Community Bus Street Cleaning Children’s Play Area and
Commerce, Christmas Lights/Festival Community Initiatives.
Parish Council Meetings
The Parish Council meets in the Committee Room of the Community Centre at 7.00pm on the
second Monday of each month with the exception of August. Meetings are open to the public.
A Parish Councillors’ Surgery is held at 6.30pm prior to the Parish Council meeting when members
of the public are welcome to discuss parish matters with councillors on an informal basis.

Parish Council Meetings Police Contacts

The Parish Council meets in the Committee PC PC 4207 Ged Gigg
Room of the Community Centre at 7.00pm on E-mail
the second Monday of each month with the PCSO Emily Benson
exception of August. Meetings are open to the E-mail
A Parish Councillors’ Surgery is held at 6.30pm Emergencies 999
prior to the Parish Council meeting when Main Police Number 0845 458 0000
members of the public are welcome to discuss Crime Stoppers 0800 555111
parish matters with councillors on an informal Dragon Hall Police Office answerphone
basis. 0845 4586377

Tarporley Talk October 2010 11

for inspirational, award winning
garden design and construction
To enquire about our
individually tailored
garden maintenance
please call
01829 781 690

Gold medal award

winners at the
RHS Tatton Show 2009

12 To advertise call 01244 350398

Are you a September 2011 starter?
(for Primary School that is!)
you are cordially invited to our

Ugly Bug Ball

Thursday 21st October 2010 from 1.30pm until 2.30pm

Ring Jenny or Rachel on 01829 732348

and they will save you a space at the ball.

Come and create a creepy crawly on the craft table

while your Mum, Dad or Carer have a cup of tea, chat and
look around our school!

Tarporley Church of England Primary School

Park Road, Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 0AN

Tarporley Talk October 2010 13






Tel – 01829 740800
Mob – 07809831971

24 Hour Call Out.

14 To advertise call 01244 350398

Beauty Salon & CACI Clinic

Treatments NEW: cLARiNS tRi-ActiVe fAciALS

p CACI Non-surgical A line -up of six highly personalised
Face Lift
p CACI Futurtec
results-driven facial treaments which have
p CACI Lift 6
taken 5 years to develop:
w the Youth Activator w the Lifting Line Smoother
p CACI Quantum
w the Radiance Reviver w the Moisture Replenisher
p CACI Hydratone w the Skin Healer w the Detox & Shine Stopper
p Manicures & Pedicures
p Hollywood Lashes
p Waxing
p Slimming Treatments
p Top-to-toe Specials
p Nailtiques
p Gift Vouchers and
Gift Baskets
p Hot Stone Therapy
p Eyelash Tinting &
Eyebrow Shape
p Clarins Face and Body
p Rene Guinot
p Minx Nails
p Indian Head Massage
p Hopi Ear Candles
New Gift SectioN: Stocking Make-up Bags, compact Mirrors, weekend Bags, Satchels & candles

High Street, Tarporley, CW6 0AR

Tel 01829 733 900
Calveley Primary School
Calveley Primary School Calveley,

Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 9LE
Tel: 01270 528624


Come and join us for our OPEN DAY

Tuesday 12th October 2010
Domestic & Commercial
1.30pm-3pm and 5pm-7pm
Installation & Maintenance

We offer an extensive range of services,

please contact us for more information or
for a free quotation from a reliable, fully
insured local service
‘The very strong
At Calveley School we provide relationship between pupils
the very best possible education and their teachers allows them
01928 733437 for all the children in our care,
and positively contribute to their
to flourish and enjoy all that
school has to offer’
intellectual, physical, emotional OFSTED report
and spiritual development.


• Traditional Panels • Bespoke Panels & Gates
• Decorative Panels • Garden & Entrance Gates
• Arches & Benches • Decking & Timber
• Stone & Aggregate • Wire & Netting
• Electric Fencing • Paints & Stains
• Garden Sheds • Tools & DIY
• DIY & Trade supplier • Horse & Pet Food
• Installation Service • Delivery Service
Experienced fencers & guaranteed work

Tel: 01829 740136 or visit:

Lansdowne Rd, Stamford Bridge, Tarvin, Chester, CH3 8EL Open Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat 8.30-1.00

16 To advertise call 01244 350398

MD Glamorous: Beauty on the outside and within
We have just completed a refashioning and renovation of the salon in Tarporley and I am
extremely pleased with the result.
MD Glamorous is not only glamorous on the outside but now glamorous within.
We are not a conveyor belt salon, your treatment means a lot to us and the treatment time
is all about you. We are looking to build relationships with you, understanding fully your
It is important you feel comfortable and at ease in our surroundings.
As we strive to be a salon that makes a difference to our ladies (and gents) we believe there
are no prizes for coming second best. That’s why we work hard and invest wisely to be
leaders not followers in Beauty Therapy.
So why not come and visit us and enjoy a coffee in our even more glam salon.
This month we have some
fantastic offers on some
beautiful products.

First reaction from

our clients:
‘Delightful and Highly
‘The Salon is a haven
and a joy to visit’

The Organic Pharmacy Approved

Stockist and Beauty Salons

Your Local Beauty Salon but with Global Product Strength

Tarporley Talk October 2010 17

Grand gala at the Barbour
THE Barbour Institute is the venue for a fun filled evening on Saturday 16th October.
The Grand Gala features A Handbag of Harmonies, Jonathan Cooke and Zoe Bonner
who won Tattenhall & District’s Got Talent and a sketch entitled “Would Like to Meet” by
members of Tattenhall Amateur Dramatics Society.
Tickets are on sale now at Tattenhall Post Office for just £25 each and will enable you to
enjoy a complimentary drink on arrival, supper and wine.
All proceeds split between Countess of Chester Breast Cancer Unit and the National Breast
Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Concerts continue Ken’s legacy

FOLLOWING the sad death of Ken Griffin in June this year the Tattenhall Music Society are
pleased to announce that all arrangements are in place for the new season of concerts.
Ken began the concerts just over six years ago and brought to Tattenhall the most amazing
and talented musicians to perform in St. Alban’s Church.
Concerts are held on the second Sunday of the month and the next will be on Sunday
10th October at 6.30pm. The programme includes Schubert’s “Trout Quintet” and Mozart’s
Piano Quartet in G minor played by members of the Halle Orchestra.
Admission for members is £6 and £7.50 for non members. Everyone welcome just come
along. For any further information just call 01829 770932.

18 To advertise call 01244 350398

Family Party
Sunday 31st October 2010 5pm – 10pm
How much do you really know about the spooky past of Peckforton Castle??
Creep your way around dark corners and hear stories to chill your bones.
Discover the haunted hollows and the scary dungeon at PeckfortonCastle.

Enjoy a Hog Roast, storytelling and dance the night away

to monster tunes - an evening that promises scarily good
PECKFORTON CASTLE entertainment! £25.00 per Adult and £15.00 per Child
Prize for the best Fancy Dress !!!
Discover more about herbal remedies

ummer 2010 saw Tarporley Health Store Sustainable organic cultivation was always a first
achieving the accolade of recognition as an principle and at the company’s farm in and around
A.Vogel (Bioforce) Herbal Specialist Store – one Switzerland and at their partner herb farms, medicinal
of a select group of independently owned stores across plants continue to be grown organically. A.Vogel/
the country where you can find expert help & advice Bioforce stands firmly against the exploitation and
from trained staff. depletion of wild plants in nature.
These stores carry the full range of A.Vogel (Bioforce)
products, created by the renowned Swiss naturopath, Maintaining good health
Alfred Vogel, who believed that people should live life in
harmony with nature. Not all herbal remedies are the same. As Alfred Vogel
Through his fascination with Nature, in the 1930s Vogel found decades ago, many factors influence the quality
set up a clinic in Teufen in the Canton of Appenzell of the herbal product you use. This is why A.Vogel
where he used fresh air, fresh food and still chooses to use freshly harvested
fresh herbs to help his patients and plants when making most of their herbal
to help them help themselves. Taking remedies. If you would like to discover
advantage of the clean Swiss mountain more about fresh herb remedies, pop into
air, Vogel started cultivating medicinal the store and request a copy of Discover
plants for the many people who travelled Herbal Remedies on using herbs to help
far and wide to see him. He came to lead a healthier life.
insist on using only freshly picked Acquiring and maintaining good health
herbs in his remedies – and this led him to pioneer the requires the making of a commitment to yourself...
technique of fresh herb extraction. to strive to take better care of the only body you will
Research confirms that fresh herb extracts often ever have, and to do this by embracing these principles.
make better remedies. For instance, the fresh A.Vogel There is no better place to start on your journey than
(Bioforce) Echinacea extract contains almost three times Tarporley Health Store. Here you will find fully trained,
more active substances than can be obtained from the knowledgeable and committed people who can offer
same amount of dried herbs. you advice on all aspects of diet, nutrition and health,
coupled with the enthusiasm to help you achieve each
individual goal.
As an A.Vogel Specialist Store Tarporley has the whole
range – plus the latest new products the day they are released
together with information and exclusive offers – This months
is a ‘Free Herb Seasoning Salt when you spend over £10’ on
A.Vogel (Bioforce) products. All customers are also entitled to
a Loyalty Card scheme to ensure extra benefit on all A.Vogel
(Bioforce) products.
For help with your complementary health care needs, visit
Tarporley Health Store where Richard and Vanessa will be
happy to help!

Tarporley Health Store

‘The natural way to feel GREAT!’
Open Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 5pm
Buy Online 24/7 at
Telephone: 01829 730662

20 To advertise call 01244 350398

Help your
Special Offer
£1.50 OFF
With this vouche
r. While stocks las

with Molkosan Vitality

✓ Revitalise your good bacteria
✓ Increase energy and vitality
Molkosan Vitality, a prebiotic powdered drink, may help
with uncomfortable feelings of fullness. It is easy to
take and beneficial for the digestion.
Prebiotics encourage a healthy digestive tract by
supporting your good bacteria. When good bacteria
flourish your digestion works well and you feel
healthy and vibrant.
Available from: Tarporley Health
Store Ltd.
2 Chestnut Terrace,
High Street, Tarporley
Tel 01829 730662
Store Open Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 5pm

Buy A.Vogel (Bioforce) online 24/7:

13508 Molkosan Vitality Ad 180 x 120mm Tarporley.indd 1 09/09/2010 14:26

Tarporley Talk October 2010 21

Piano Lessons – beginners to advanced
Daytime spaces for adults
l Accompaniment for exams/performance
l GCSE and A level support work for music and music technology
l Large studio and waiting room situated near Tarporley
Contact 0792 151 2019 Andrew Starmer

tion Maths & English Tuition

l Private & Group Sessions
Green Oasis £650
including 100 Letters,
l Other Subjects Available
Garden Services Fixing & Home Visit
l All Ages, Abilities & Levels Welcome Fully insured gardener MEMORIALS
l Friendly Experienced Tutors covering all aspects of All Cheshire churches
garden work including qualified and cemeteries
Call Elaine on
trees & hard landscape Brochure & price list
07966 956 880 Tel 07851 648288 01928 724240

Forthcoming Events
Sunday 17th October Friday 26th November
Wedding Fayre 12.30pm till 3.30pm; Live music; Dinner and live entertainment
Complimentary glass of bucks fizz, and £25.00 per person
showcases galore.
Christmas party nights
Friday 12th November 3rd, 10th and 17th December
Band night with live music from Retro and
Hot Pot supper. Live entertainment and Dinner disco, and drinks to be included
hot pot supper only £7.95 per person from 7.30pm – 12.00 midnight -
£45.00 per person
Saturday 13th November
We are also taking
Dinner and disco £25.00 per person
bookings for
Friday 19th November Christmas Day Boxing
Sax player and guitarist; Dinner and live Day and New Years Eve
entertainment £25.00 per person

The Wild Boar Hotel, Whitchurch Road, Beeston, Nr. Chester, Cheshire, CW6 9NW
T 01829 260 309 E W

22 To advertise call 01244 350398





The Yew Tree Inn, Long Lane, Spurstow, Bunbury, Cheshire CW6 9RD
Tel: 01829 260 274 - -



   

   

   

   

 
 


Tarporley Talk October 2010 23

24 To advertise call 01244 350398

Figure flattering
Autumn outlines

Gabi Lauton
Joseph Ribkoff
Tara Vao
and many others

30 High Street,
Cheshire CW6 0DX

Tel. 01829 733851

Tarporley Talk October 2010 25

Build Pave
B uild
Build &S
P ave &
Pave cape
mail: info@buildpaveands
Email: c ape.c Web: www.buildpaveands c ape.c Web:
We specialise in the installation of all aspects
the specialise
e specialise ofinbuilding inofthe
and hard landscaping
installation installation
all and have over
20 years experience
building and hard landscaping
of all aspects ofand have over
building and
0 years experience
We especially pride ourselves in the construction
hard landscaping and have
of natural stone patios / driveways / courtyards,
e especially prideover 20stonework.
brickwork and experience
in the construction

l Domestic cleaning
natural stone patios / driveways / courtyards,
ickwork and We have completed installations throughout the
UK and Republic of Ireland, covering North
Specialists in:
Wales, the North West, Cheshire, Shropshire, the
e have completed installations throughout theand
K and Republic nofDriveways
Midlands, South of England,
of Ireland,
England. covering North

l Office cleaning
the North
n Patios
ales, the North West,
Shropshire, the
idlands, South of England, Northumbria and
n Traditional Sett Paving
e North of England.
• Traditional Sett Paving
n Natural Stone Paving
pecialists in:
• Natural Stone Paving

Traditional Sett
Natural Stone
n Block Paving
• York Stone Paving
n Brickwork
• Granite Setts
Paving Setts
• Sandstone
n Extensions
l Moving in/out
l Carpet cleaning
• Clay Paving
York Stone Paving
Granite Setts
n Landscaping
• Block Paving
n Groundworks & Drainage
• Brickwork
Sandstone Setts
• Extensions

l Fully insured
Clay Paving• Landscaping
Block Paving
• Ground works & Drainage

Take a look at our new website

Brickwork Take a look at our new website
Extensions forexamples
for examplesofofour

Tel 07967 192779

Ground works & Drainage
Call 07971
07971 583
583 615
615 or 01978 311025
Take a look at ourFOR
newA website
C all or 01978 311025
for examples of our work

Call 07971 583 615 or 01978 311025


26 To advertise call 01244 350398

W H Y M O V E ? When you can improve.....
Over 25 years experience
Qualified tradesmen – no pushy sales men
Windows – category A,B,C energy rated
Re glazing
Replacement Fogged-up Glass Units
Soffits / Fascia
Complete Garage Conversions
Renovations / Plastering / Brickwork
A Rated Windows keep heat inside.
The high specification of all our
products keep you so much warmer.
The locking system makes your
home more secure, quiet and
trouble free. They require
very little maintenance
and benefit from a 10 year
guarantee. Porches

Add value to
your home with
an elegant
System 2000
Canopy Canopy

Contact us TODAY for a

FREE no obligation quotation on:
01829 751 893 / 07738 540 227
New beginnings
at Kelsall
Methodist Church
Kelsall Methodist Church welcomes
its new Minister, Rev Sue Levitt, as the
Church enters an exciting period of
renovation and improvement.
Although her first appointment as an
ordained minister, Rev Sue has been
a Lay Chaplain for MHA in Naylor
Court, Ellesmere Port and Callin
Court Chester. She is married to Peter
who is also a Methodist Minister in
Rev Sue is looking forward to meeting
and becoming part of the Kelsall
community as well as working with
the congregation in their worship and
As part of this involvement a recent
Church Council meeting confirmed
plans for a Renewal Project which
will see the Church being made
into a more flexible worship space,
allow improved accessibility to the
building and, it is hoped, into a Rural
Arts Centre. This would enable the
Church to be used not only for worship
but also by the wider community
for concerts, demonstrations and
exhibitions, to name but a few.
‘’This is an exciting and innovative
scheme, making the building more
user friendly and flexible. We hope that
it will become a facility used by all the
village, in a variety of ways. We just
need to raise the money now!’’ says
Rev Sue.
Fundraising ventures are underway
including a jam and pickle sale (16th
October) and a table top sale (6th
November). Events will start at 10am
and all are most welcome.

28 To advertise call 01244 350398

AUTUMN Ticket price
RANGE NOW £15 inc wine
IN STOCK & canapés

Mannings Lane, Chester CH2 4ES

Tickets: Tel 01244 305362

01829 733533

Tarporley Talk October 2010 29

Offering a full Range of treatments
Elemis Face & Body treatments, Bridal hair & mak
St.tropez tanning, Essie Manicures & Pedicures, G
Ease your Offers of the Month

cares away Elemis Pro-collagen Quartz lift facial now £5

Clinically proven after just one treatment to redu
wrinkles by upto 94% and improve skins firmnes
at Elemis Facial & stress away neck, back & shou
now £40.00

THERE couldn’t be a better name for the

Ladies Lunch Packages or afternoon te
products, including anti-ageing facials
new spa and beauty salon at Peckforton
Stone House Lane, Peckforton CW6 9TN now available now £40.00
and body wraps, they have bridal hair and
Castle, writes Lynne Bradley. make-up packages, bio sculpture gel nails
Tel: 01829 262 019
Tranquility perfectly describes the ambi- andChoose from one of the following:- Elemis taste
ence and atmosphere inside the luxurious The salonBack
Elemis also has the very
massage latestManicure
/ Essie St or Pedicu
spa where I visited last month. Tropez spray tanning booth. For the
The Spa therapist and operator of Tran- month of October the St Tropez tan is only
quility is Vanessa Rowland, who has enthu- £20. The ‘His and Hers’ package is very
siastically taken on such a prestigious spa popular, as is the Ladies Lunch package
location. She has a wealth of experience in which is a 2 course lunch or afternoon tea
all aspects of beauty, trained at the Inter- and you can choose one of the 30 minute
national School of Beauty and holding the treatments, all for just £40.
Cidesco qualifcation,
I went to experience some of the treat- Open 7 days from 9am to 8pm and with
ments on offer and chose an Elmis Deep ample free parking, it is well worth a visit,
Tissue back massage, The whole ambience open to non residents.
of the treatment rooms is second to none, Booking required
perfectly decorated in calming purple,
I felt totally relaxed even before my This month’s special offer:
treatment started. after 30 minutes of
Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial 1hr 15mins
pure bliss being massaged, I felt invig-
orated and relaxed. With revolutionary results, this anti-ageing
After the back massage I chose one treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and
of the Skin Specific Facials - The Elemis plumps skin, while helping to reduce dark
Exotic Moisture Dew. After being circles. Moisturisation levels of the skin are
cleansed, exfoliated, mask application, clinically proven to increase by up to 61%
toned and moisturised, my skin looked and elasticity by 40% after just one treat-
hydrated, glowing and revived. ment.
Vanessa offers a selection of treat- For the month of October only this treat-
ments using only the best Elemis ment is just £59. (normally £70)

30 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tranquility is our newly opened spa
at Peckforton Castle
Offering a full Range of treatments
Elemis Face & Body treatments, Bridal hair & make
up packages, St.tropez tanning, Essie Manicures &
Pedicures, Gel & Acrylic nails
Offers of the Month
St Tropez Tan: Was £25 - now only £20
Manicure & Pedicure: Just £50

Ladies Lunch Packages or afternoon tea

Stone House Lane, Peckforton CW6 9TN now available now £40.00
Tel: 01829 262 019 Choose from one of the following:- Elemis taster Facial / Elemis Back massage / Essie Manicure or Pedicure

Promotions For September, October & November At

Buy 1 get 1 free

Every Thursday between 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Buy any 3 course meal from our TDH menu and receive one 3 course meal free

½ Price Cocktails
Every Friday between 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Marco Pierre White Visit to launch New Book

Wednesday 20th October ‘10
Offering a sumptuous 3 course Lunch or Dinner including a
signed copy of Marco’s new book for £50.00 & £75.00pp

To make a reservation or for any enquiries please call Jenni Grimes

on 01244 408 830
Warrington Road, Hoole,
Chester, CH2 3PD
t 01244 408830

Tarporley Talk October 2010 31

Men’s salon makes the grade
Grade 1 Grooming is situated
in Church Walk, a quaint, cobbled
walkway just of the High Street.
Opened in the first week in
September, the owners decided to set
up a Male salon in the Village as so
many men had to travel to Nantwich
or Chester for a Men only Salon.
The highly experienced stylists,
Stevie, Charlene and Carolyn will
be on hand to make sure you go out
looking your best.
So why not call in as appointments
are not always necessary.



Grade 1 Grooming,
2 Church Walk
Tel 01829 732906.
The salon is just off the
High Street, between Sweten-
ham’s and the flower shop!

32 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarporley now
has its very own
men’s salon

h St

Grade 1



Tarporley Talk October 2010 33



Specialists in all
aspects of Bathroom
Design and Installation
• Plumbing • Tiling MAKING
• Underfloor Heating • Electrical Work YOUR
• Plastering • Carpentry REALITY!

Greenfields Chester Road Sutton Weaver Cheshire WA7 3EG

t: 01928 711 444 / 711 144 24h: 07850 930 935

34 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarporley Talk October 2010 35
a n d b e at th e VAT increase
kitchen now
Book your new



Electrical Services Plumbing & Heating Services

• Landlord Safety Certificates • Landlord Gas Safety Certificates
• Periodic Inspection & PAT testing • Servicing of Gas Central Heating Systems
• Consumer Unit Upgrades • Central Heating Design & Installation
• Security Lighting Design & Installation • Breakdown Repair & Maintenance including:
• Rewires / New Installations / Extensions Burst or Leaking Pipework, Cisterns,
• Security Alarm Systems Radiators, Pumps, Toilets, Ballvalves etc
• Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Systems • Complete Bathroom & Shower Installations
• Energy Efficiency Lighting Design • Flushing & Treatment Service
• Immersion Heaters / Central Heating • Energy Efficiency Upgrading
• Storage Heater Installation & Repair • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Greenfields Chester Road Sutton Weaver Cheshire WA7 3EG

t: 01928 711 444 / 711 144 24h: 07850 930 935
email: 226640

36 To advertise call 01244 350398


Have you found the Hollies Farm Shop yet?

You’ll find us in the heart of Cheshire, with
two locations offering the finest local
produce we can source.
Each location has a coffee shop giving
you the chance to taste the produce and
get some great ideas to try at home!
The festive season has now arrived at the
Hollies, with pumpkins galore, the Christmas
Barn opening in Tarporley on the 8th of
October, and the fabulous gift section at Lower
Stretton, you won’t struggle to find the perfect
Tarporley Road,
Tel: 01829 760414

Tarporley Talk October 2010 37

Focus on Bunbury You

Young players swarm t

Saturday 11th September saw the first new children that wanted to come along and
training and skills session of the 2010-11 play football.
season for Bunbury Youth Football Club. “We hear so many negative stories
It was a big day as the club’s age groups about professional footballers; it’s good
are now all training at Bunbury Playing for clubs like the Grasshoppers to offer
Fields. our youngsters a positive opportunity and
The club is building sustainable experience with such a popular sport,” said
relationships with four local primary schools Andy..
(Bunbury Aldersey, Calveley, Tarporley Mike Healy (under 7’s head coach) was
and Utkinton) and Saturday saw many amazed by the enthusiasm and skills of
new faces at the club, as well as familiar the youngest age group. The group had
faces returning to the club for another busy so many players he was glad that he had
season of training and games against other two assistant coaches to help organise the
local clubs. equipment needed. And from the noise and
Grasshoppers Chairman, Andy Fulbrook, cheers coming from the children the session
Under 11’s coaches Nigel Parsonage and was thoroughly enjoyed.
Andy Fairclough all said that they were The club welcomes all young players
encouraged and excited by the number of regardless of their ability, at Grasshoppers

38 To advertise call 01244 350398

y Youth Football Club

m to the Grasshoppers
they know many children dream of how they scored a goal or tackled another
becoming professional footballer’s, while player. Just as important is the involvement
others just enjoy playing sport or enjoying of all the family at Grasshoppers, the
time with their friends. parents are at the centre of the club driving
The training sessions and schedule are it forward, such as organising social events.
specifically designed to cater for these Saturday saw the children head off home
needs. after a very successful and enjoyable
Grasshoppers is a non-profit club run training session, covered in mud, excitedly
purely by volunteers, the club is registered reminding their mum and dad there was
with the FA, it has the mission to provide another training session next week!
football opportunities for the children If you would like more information
Bunbury, Calveley, Tarporley, Utkinton and on Bunbury Youth Football Club (The
the surrounding villages. Grasshoppers) visit www.bunburyfootball.
Club Secretary (and under 9’s head coach) , the club also has sponsorship
Paul Devonport said that it’s always good opportunities available for local firms. If
to see the kids head off after a good training you are interested in joining or sponsoring
session or match with their sports bag over please email them at
their shoulder, and talking excitedly about

Tarporley Talk October 2010 39

40 To advertise call 01244 350398

TAFTAN At Taftan we stock UK made Leather & Fabric Sofas,
Solid Wood Furniture, Home Accessories and offer a
competitively priced made to measure furniture service.

Dining - Bedroom - Living - Bespoke Sizes

Leather and Fabric Upholstery - Gifts For All - Nigella Lawson
Cath Kidston - Home Accessories
NOW OPEN IN SANDBACH - 11A High Street, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 1AH
Taftan, 58, High Street, Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 0AG
Taftan, 49 Abbeville Road, Clapham, London, SW4 9JX
Head office: 01829 730 177 | email:


Tarporley Talk October 2010 41

Sixth Form College

year 12 Sixth Form Inductio

The Conway Centre: 8th-10th September 201

The first weeks of Year 12 are very important; setting a firm foundation for the
students are introduced to different ways of A Level study.
working and need to adapt to the demands of
studying at a higher level. As part of the induction The school will begin the proce
next year’s Sixth Form on N
To Anglesey and beyond
process, Tarporley High School and Sixth Form
College takes it new Year 12 students on a three 7.00pm. Further details can be
day residential visit to the Conway Centre on Lowe, Director of Sixth Form; s
Tarporley High School and Sixth Form their time in Sixth schools are they welcome
Form. Additionally,
College took its new Year 12 students on had the opportunity to work with their new
The purpose
a three of thevisit
day residential tripto the
is to give the students
Conway tutor group on a range of tasks and activities.
Centre on Anglesey.
quality time to work closely with some of the These were designed to allow the students
The purpose of the trip is to give the students the opportunity to learn and develop important
who will
quality betosupporting
time work closelythem throughout
with some of the their
which will help them approach their
who will Form. Additionally,
be supporting they had
them throughout studies.the
The trip was very successful with the
students throwing themselves into every
challenge and setting a firm foundation for
the next two years of A Level study.
The school will begin the process of
enrolment for next year’s Sixth Form
on Thursday 4th November from 7pm.
Further details can be obtained from Mr
Lowe, Director of Sixth Form; students
from other schools are welcome to

opportunity to work with their new tutor group on a

42 To advertise
range of taskscalland
01244 350398 These

designed to allow the students the opportunity to
Travel with Experience

Book with Confidence

There really is nothing like Australia.
The Cities If you draw up a list of all the ingredients
Mostly found beside the ocean, that make the perfect holiday you’ll find
Australia’s cities are full of superb them all, in glorious abundance.
hotels, sophisticated restaurants,
Travel with experience and book with
designer stores and some of the
friendliest people on the planet. If
confidence with expert local Travel
you’re looking for activities you’ll be Consultancy Tarporley Travel and
spoilt for choice, whether specialist tour operator Bridge & Wickers.
it’s a harbour cruise or a
helicopter ride, a coastal
footpath, doorstep
vineyards or a night
The Outback
at the opera. The fire-coloured interior
of Australia, with its iconic
landmarks, Aboriginal
rock art, unique wildlife
and million acre cattle
stations, is immense but
easily explored by 4WD
excursions, great rail
journeys or hops by plane.
Australia on the wild side
also encompasses some of
the world’s oldest rainforests.

The Coast
There are more than 7,000 beaches according to the
official count, from surfers’ paradises to gently lapped
shores. But aside from the sandiest, silkiest and whitest
you’ve ever come across, Australia’s coast also offers
some amazingly scenic drives, most famously topped
by the Great Ocean Road along Victoria’s coast and the
Grand Pacific Drive between Sydney and Brisbane.

01829 732550
01829 730919 U6663

LM1769 Tarporley Travel A5 Tarp Talk Advert Sep10 copy.indd 1 15/09/2010 13:35

Tarporley Talk October 2010 43

curtains of frodsham
If you are looking for ideas, style, innovation, quality, competitive prices,
backed by an excellent reputation for over 30 years, then PAY US A VISIT
Stockist of all major suppliers: Measuring and
Crowson l Harlequin l Wilman l installation
Sanderson l Prestigious service name a few
A L E !
1000’s of fabrics to choose from.
Victoria Hall, Fluin Lane, Frodsham, WA6 7QH
✆ 01928 731508
Open Mon – Fri 9–5, Sat 9-12

44 To advertise call 01244 350398

Cupcakes, Muffins & more:
Freshly hand baked
and using only the
finest natural and
organic ingredients

l Birthdays
l Children’s parties
l Christenings
l Weddings
l Hen parties
l Corporate
To suit any palate, including
gluten and wheat free

m: 07813 675785

kingsley carpets
Choose in your own home using our home selection service
We provide personal advice, estimates and planning

All carpets include

Over 30 years experience

Specialists in sisal, coir, seagrass, laminate, vinyl

Victoria Hall, Fluin Lane, Frodsham, WA6 7QH

✆ Frodsham
01928 788817
01244 378404
01270 882731
01606 350880

Tarporley Talk October 2010 45

Fill up with the IT’S not often that you get to fill up your
car with petrol and end up walking out of
the shop with the most delicious Indian

finest Indian food food.

But that’s what you will find at Saints
Cuisine/Murco filling station and shop on
Forest Road, Cotebrook.
Proprietor Kamal Parmar (left) manages
to combine cooking scrumptious take-
away meals, with running a petrol station
and B&B.
Kamal makes all the dishes herself with
recipes handed down from her mother in
Mumbai, India.
She recently held an open evening for
locals to come and sample the food.
It was absolutely delicious and amazing
to watch Kamal produce her trademark
Chicken Jalfrezi and Onion Bhajis.
Kamal says: “I used to do the catering
for family parties and functions and so
starting my own take-away was a natural
progression for me.
“We use all the freshest ingredients
and the herbs such as the coriander are
grown on site.
“As far as I know, we are the only petrol
station in the UK that does Indian food.”
Call 01829 760536.

Pictures from the open evening at

Saints Cuisine

46 To advertise call 01244 350398

Indulge yourself this Winter at The Spa
at Rowton with this luxurious pamper
package where you can tailor make your
own day.
You get to choose one treatment out of
each section below

Full Body Exfoliation

File and Paint on Hands
File and Paint on Feet
Babor Introductory Facial
Sensational Eye Treatment
Aromatherapy Facial
Aromatherapy Hydrating Body Wrap
Hydrating Hand and Foot treatment
De-Stress Back Massage
Mini Head Massage
Hand Massage
Foot Massage

Included in this spa day is a relaxing spa light

lunch and Full use of Health Club Facilities

£79.00 NEW
at The Spa
REF:Tarporley Talk GELeration
£89.00 by Jessica Nails
Fri-Sun valid until 30/11/10 Long lasting Manicure
For all enquires please call 01244335262 or Discover the strength of Jessica with
email: the beauty of a gel polish

Rowton Hall Country House Hotel, Health Club and Spa, Whitchurch Rd, Rowton, Chester
CH3 6AD t- 01244335262 e-

Tarporley Talk October 2010 47

furniture value OPENING SALE
Great Quality & Fantastic Prices

100's of Opening Offers!
Huge Selection – Low Price
Bedframes, Divans,
Headboards & Mattresses!
Budget, Ocassional Use, Pocket Sprung
£399 & Memory Foam Mattresses all at
Sensational Prices
£299 Metal Bedframes from £59
Limited Elegant Double Divans from £99
Stock Bedframe
£199 Mattresses from £49


Selection of Free-Standing
Bedroom Furniture at Limited
Traditional & Modern to Suit all Budgets
Solid Oak & Pine, White, Cream, £269
Hi-gloss and much much more!
Bedsides from £39
Rustic Arched Solway 2 Door
������ �� Wardrobe Wardrobe

£149 Large Selection of Dining

£79 Tables & Chairs
Only Fabulous selection of living furniture:
10 Sideboards, TV units, Coffee tables, Dining
Left Sets and much much more!
LEO 100% Solid Dining sets from £99
Oak Nest of Tables

Dagfields Bridgemere
To Nantwich Garden Centre

Unit 1, Doddington Park, London Road, Visit our store, order online or call
Bridgemere, Nr Nantwich, Cheshire,
Rustic Solid Pine – Superb Opening Offers! ONLY
£149 Full Bedroom and Living Range available £112
£149 ONLY
£149 ONLY
£99 ONLY
£45 £99
£89 £99
e Vegas
Solway White mix & match York Oak Effect
£149 Bedside
Now Only Now Only
£79 £99

Low Low Prices! Incredible Selection! Massive Reductions!

Also in Cream and Oak finish Hi-Gloss in 49 Colour Options Factory Assembled

London 100% Solid Oak – Incredible Prices!

TV units, Sideboards, Bookcases, Coffee Tables, Nest of Tables & More!
£149 £249 £279 £249
£149 £379 £149
£149 £299
£99 £199
£99 £299 £199 £199
£99 £149
£99 £249

Divan Beds – We Offer Amazing Value!

Solid Base, 2 Drawer, 4 Drawer, Slide Store and End storage all available to view!
3' £149
Divans 3' £149
Divans Quality 4'6” Divan
£149 £149
From From Slide Store
£229 £99
£299 £99
£149 £399

Memory Foam Luxury Pocket Sprung Storage Options Pocket Sprung & Memory

Bedframes, Headboards & Mattresses

ng Huge Range of Metal and Wooden Bedframes and Headboards on display!
£89 £299
£249 £99
£129 £89
£69 £99 £99

Also in Ivory

“We believe we have the largest display

k of beds, bedroom & Living furniture anywhere locallY” OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
50 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarporley Talk October 2010 51

Moss shines in Vics wins

Tarporley Vic’s FC continue to make solid was again achieved away from home after a
progress in the First Division of the Cheshire 1-0 away victory at Curshaws FC.
Building Society Cheshire League. After the The Chester Challenge Cup however proved
first eight games of the season Tarporley have a step too far as they lost 3-2 to Lache FC.
amassed twelve points and lie in seventh The Sportsman’s Dinner and Dance, which
position. A major positive is the fact that the featured snooker legend Dennis Taylor at
first team have only lost to Lostock Gralam 4-2 Portal Premier Golf Club, proved to be an
and also to Northwich Villa 5-2. Northwich Villa excellent evening. All of the money raised
is the Northwich Vics second string and their from this event will be utilised to enable further
squad was bolstered by a number of first team development of Tarporley Vics FC. It is our
players. Whilst competing against players aim to enter the Reserves team into the Third
of such quality is always difficult, it is also Division of the Cheshire League. Without a
an indication of the standard of football that stable financial footing we will not meet the
Tarporley Vics are now playing at. stringent criteria set out by the Cheshire FA.
Sandwiched in between the two defeats was
Tarporley Vic’s most impressive performance Saturday 2nd Oct- Pilkington (Home) -
to date when they travelled to Greenhall 2.30pm, Saturday 9th October- Garswood
Padgate St Oswald’s and returned with a point (Away); Saturday 16th October- Club AZ
from a hard fought 1-1 draw. This is the only (Home) - 2.30pm; Saturday 23rd October-
point the Warrington side had surrendered Cheshire Cup v New Brighton FC Home
as they continue to set the early pace in this 2pm; Saturday 30th October- Eagle Sports
highly competitive league. On an even more (Home) - 2.30pm
positive note Tarporley Vic’s three wins were Please come down to the “Flacca” and support
against Billinge FC and twice against Linotype/ Tarporley Vics in the First Division of the
Cheadle FC. Linotype were beaten 2-1 in both Cheshire League.
fixtures whilst Billinge FC left Tattenhall after
being easily out played 3-0.
League action took a break during September
as Tarporley played their first ever Cheshire
Amateur Cup game against Hazel Grove FC.
The Cheshire Cup has always been seen as a
diversion from the important task of achieving
promotion. With Division One status attained
our entry was submitted and our hopes of a
good Cup-run are still alive after the 4-3 win
over Hazel Grove FC after extra time.
Tarporley Vic’s Reserves side have faired
even better than the first team. They remain
unbeaten in the Crewe & District League with
three wins and a draw to show from their first
four games. The highlight for the Reserves Action from Vics v Billinge

52 To advertise call 01244 350398

The Salon
Prop: Suzanne Badder NVQ assessor level 2&3

Quality hairdressing at realistic prices

Experienced in long hair styles

for weddings, proms etc

cut & finish

for new clients
with Chris and Linda

l We also offer beauty treatments Monday and Wednesdays only

l Tattoo specialist available by appointment
l Non surgical procedures available including: Botox, facial fillers
and teeth whitening
l Tuesday- Chiropodist (by appointment)

Opening hours The Salon,

Mon-Wed 9am-5pm Bunbury Lane, Bunbury,
Thurs & Fri 9am-7pm
Sat 9am-5pm nr Tarporley CW6 9QS
FREE PARKING 01829 262638
Tarporley Talk October 2010 53
Cash help for good causes
LOCAL organisations have received cash support from Cheshire West and Chester
Council’s Rural Agenda and Market Towns Team.
Ashton Hayes Sports and Recreation Association and the Tarporley Community Centre are
among those who have been successful in their bids.
Ashton Hayes Sports and Recreation Association have received a grant of £45,000 to help
buy and develop land to provide a recreation area, full size football pitch and children’s play
Tarporley Community Centre needs to replace their old and inefficient heating system. The
current system produces high fuel and repair bills and unnecessarily adds to greenhouse
gas emissions. The total project cost of £36,500 has been boosted by a £14,500 Rural
Support Grant and further contributions from Tarporley Parish Council and Tarporley Rotary

A Breath of Fresh Air

Up to Set in the beautiful Cheshire countryside,
Pryors Hayes are sure to put a smile on
18 Months the faces of new members this Autumn.
As well as 18 scenic and challenging
membership holes, the club are giving up to 6 months
membership away for FREE! Prices start
for the from only £75 (Juniors) & £495 (Adults)

Price of 12 To find out more about joining our award

winning course, call Joan or Martin today
We welcome
at Pryors Hayes on: 01829 741250 or visit us online at: all levels

this Autumn* of player

* Terms & Conditions apply

So much more than an award winning golf club

Pryors Hayes Golf Club, Willington Road, Oscroft, Tarvin, Chester CH3 8NL 01829 741250

54 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarporley Talk October 2010 55
Eco fair makes it easier to go green
Tarvin is hosting its first ever Eco Fair, designed to raise awareness of environmental
issues and the opportunities that exist locally to address them.
The Eco Fair, on Saturday 2nd October aims to bring people together and celebrate
village life, while learning more about how to create a sustainable future that protects
both the village and its’ local environment.
The free event starts at 12noon at Tarvin Community Centre, Meadow Close, and is to
be opened by the Lord Mayor. There will be advice on energy saving and renewable
energy technologies, fun games and activities for all the family, a free bicycle health
check available, performances from local youth groups and displays by Tarvin community
groups - even a “local lunch” – offering only locally sourced food.
Andrew Evans, of Tarvin Environment Group, said: “We have had great interest from
Tarvin residents in projects such as our community allotment scheme and thermal
imaging project.”
For further details on the Eco Fair, please visit or call
Hilary on 01829 740262.

Exhibition of Animal art

Animal EARTH are holding their second annual exhibition of Animal Art at Willington
Hall Hotel, Willington. The event will be held over nine days from Saturday 16th –
Sunday 24th October from 11am to 5pm daily. Free admission and parking.

Sat 2nd October

1pm – 3pm
Tarporley Community Centre
High Street, Tarporley, Cheshire. CW6 0AY

£1.00 admission (in aid of NCT Charity)

12.45pm admission with valid NCT membership card

Items for sale: Children’s clothes (0-10 years), toys, nursery goods,
books and maternity wear

For more details contact: Victoria – 01829 730475 or

Sarah – 01829 730814. Email:

56 To advertise call 01244 350398

Some shops will try to fool you with offers of
‘Free Fitting, Free Underlay, Free Grippers etc!’
One of our customers recently compared our prices with another
shop that was offering all these things free
We have never offered SALE prices or offered anything for Free
yet, surprise surprise, OuR PRICE WAS SuBSTANTIALLY BETTER!

by our Team of Dedicated, Experienced Fitters.

Tarporley Talk October 2010 57

Season finale at Ta

Peter claims 10th title on

memorable finals day
Sunday 12th September, Flushing Doubles titles over the last 26 years. Who
Meadows, New York. U.S.A. Grand said this was a young man’s game?
Slam Men’s Final? No - washed out. The committee would like to congratulate
Not so for Tarvin Tennis Club who all the players who took part and thank
the umpires, line judges, all those who
successfully held their Club Finals
brought and served refreshments, and, of
Day, the culmination of several course, the spectators who helped make a
months’ rounds of tennis. memorable afternoon.
An entertaining afternoon saw yet again
some very close, hard-fought matches. Top: Andrea Gray and Catherine Mason
Perhaps the star of the day was Peter and winners Margaret Poole and Wendy
Nosworthy who claimed his 10th singles title Rae.
by defeating Chris Jacques after nearly two
Opposite, top: Winners Keith Barker and
hours’ play by 7-6 6-7 6-3, and then went
Peter Nosworthy on the left and defeated
on, after two more hard sets, to carry off the
finalists Paul Clarke and Jack Barnes,
Men’s Doubles title.
with umpire Graham Bunting
Equally of note was the performance of
Barry Cooper who, together with his this Opposite, below: Rob Millar and Judi
year’s partner, Carolyn Bunting, won his 8th Jennings and winners Carolyn Bunting
Mixed Doubles title to go with his nine Men’s and Barry Cooper

58 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarvin Tennis Club

Tarporley Talk October 2010 59

HEALTH AND BEAUTY with Angela Bartlett

Q . How do I know what ‘skin type’ I am? I have had my skin

‘analysed’ many times but the products recommended never
really address my skin problems.
A. You don’t mention what your skin problems are, or who your
‘analysers’ were, but there are several reasons why the skin
care products may not be working for you.
It could be an incorrect skin analysis. Incorrect analysis
depend on several factors. Firstly, the level of expertise of the
person who is ‘analysing’ your skin is key to getting a correct
analysis and a full picture of your skin type and problems.
Some skin types and problems are fairly quick and
simple to analyse, but others take much longer to
work out. Did your analysers spend enough time
looking at your skin and asking questions?
One of the most common problems with incorrect
skin analysis is viewing the skin when it is not
properly prepared. The skin must be completely
free from all makeup and should have been gently
cleansed and toned at least two hours prior to the
skin analysis in order to obtain a really accurate Angela Bartlett is a beauty and
picture . holistic expert with 25 years of
There is the possibility that incorrect products experience in her field. She is the
were recommended for you which is most often due Chair for the British Association of
to a lack of knowledge about the ingredients in the Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology, a
products by the person who is recommending or professional association established
prescribing them. Remember – no matter how great over 30 years ago and representing
a skin care product is, it will not be effective if it is thousands of therapists throughout
being prescribed for the incorrect skin problem or the UK.
skin type.
Were your expectations of results managed Her expertise is called on to examine
correctly by the ‘analyser’? You don’t mention what students for an international
your skin problems are, but if the person doing the
examination board in many areas
analysis is promising miracles you are bound to
of the world. Angela is also part of
be disappointed. Take a step back and ask yourself
the HABIA forum, helping to make
if it is feasible for the skin problem you have to be
addressed by the type of products that you have decisions for qualifications and
purchased. standards in the UK beauty industry.
Finally, were you shown how to use the products
Angela is a successful column
correctly? When buying a new product be certain
writer for the trade journals Vitality
that you are completely satisfied that you know
how to use it properly. Do you know how much to
and Salonfocus and has a beauty,
apply? How and when to apply it? And how much to holistic and skin care clinic.
use etc?

60 To advertise call 01244 350398

Available at:
Angela Bartlett Health & Beauty
The Wild Boar Hotel
Whitchurch Road

Tel: 01829 262626

Visit our website at:


Tarporley Talk October 2010 61

62 To advertise call 01244 350398

• Locally sourced food
• Purpose built barn conversion
• Ideal for the Tarporley & Bunbury areas
• Five en-suit rooms

Course Fishing
• Consisting of 3 large lakes
• Day tickets available
• Carp lake
• Mixed fishing
• Nearby parking
Bed &

Caravan Park
• 17 super pitches
• Heated shower block telephone 01270 528 213 
long lane wettenhall cw7 4dw
• Picturesque and peaceful site
• Open all year round

Tarporley Talk October 2010 63

l 30 Years Experience
l Perfect Colour Matching
l All Major & Minor Work Undertaken
l Quality Plastic Bumper Repairs
l Courtesy Cars Available
l Collection & Delivery
l Oven Bake Finish for all Vehicle Repairs

Tel 01928 787887
Meeting House Lane, Kingsley WA6 6TP

Free estimates, no job too small
Floor/Wall Tiling
Pumps & Showers
Bathroom installation (suites available)

Age Concern Cheshire Trader Registered

64 To advertise call 01244 350398

you did
we kno
& dr offer a w?
op o coll
– it’s ff s ect

cheshire’s finest
bulkhandy rvice
y f
like items or
At Churchills we know a thing or two
about exceptional cleaning and giving you great
value for money. We’re proud of our title –
Cheshire’s finest and you can trust Churchills to
give you and your garments the very best service
in the county.

places to go, people to see?

Ask about our exclusive card service... s Express counter check-in
No need to queue, just stop & drop! s 10% off your first order
Pay just £5 for your exclusive garment s FREE minor repairs
cover & card and you’ll receive... s FREE collection & delivery

Tarporley | 09/10

Enjoy 10% off your first order when you sign up

for our fantastic free stop and drop service and
pay just £5 for a garment bag and card.
Simply present this voucher to a member of staff

relax and enjoy...

Please present this voucher when you sign up for our stop and drop service. One voucher per order. This voucher can only be used in conjunction with
your first stop and drop order. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Churchills Dry Cleaners reserves the right to amend or
withdraw this offer at any time. Voucher expires – 31/12/2010

56a High Street Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 0AG | 01829 733474

you can also find us at: | 12 Eagle Brow, Lymm, Cheshire WA13 0LJ | Weavers House, New Road, Prestbury, Cheshire SK10 4HP
Where tradition meets innovation

The Hammond is an
Independent Secondary
School with specialist
Dance, Drama and Music
It is renowned for its
academic excellence
combined with a
creative approach to

Our new Performing Arts

Centre, Music Faculty and
Dance Studios provide the very
best facilities for our students.

Tel: 01244 305350. Email:

Mannings Lane, Chester CH2 4ES.

Open Morning Saturday 9th October 10am-1pm

Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa

Rookery Hall Hotel events

Health Club Open Weekend Festive Afternoon Tea and Christmas
15th, 16th and 17th Lunch is served daily throughout
Pre - book your complimentary visit for December.
this weekend to experience the first class Christmas Party Night
facilities at the Rookery Hall Health Club and Friday 10th December
Spa for yourself.
Join us for a superb three-course festive
Try out a fitness class, test yourself in the menu and half a bottle of wine per person.
Gym, enjoy a swim or just relax by the pool. Then enjoy the lively Party atmosphere
Complimentary drink on arrival. dancing along to the sounds of our DJ until
An opportunity not to be missed! 1am. £49 per person
Contact the Club on 01270 615630 to Other midweek Party dates available from
book. Advance bookings only, terms and £29 per person
conditions apply.
Ladies Lunch Networking Club
NOVEMBER The local ladies are looking for new
Michael Jackson Tribute Night members to join them each month. Held
Saturday 6th November on the first Tuesday of every month this
Join us for a ‘Thriller’ of an evening with our is a perfect opportunity to meet and talk
superb live act. Dance along to some of to new people while relaxing in the warm
your favourite MJ songs. Includes a three- ambience of Rookery Hall Hotel.
course Carvery Buffet and disco. Enjoy a three-course lunch and glass of
£34.95 per person wine. £17.50 per person
Call Pat Stalker on 01270 625381 or the
Celebrate St Andrews Day with Balvenie hotel sales team for further information.
Friday 26th November
Join the Balvenie host for a presentation EVERY DAY AT ROOKERY HALL
evening of fine Scottish dishes created by Afternoon Tea from £14.50 per person
our chef, Mark Walker. Includes a specially
Café Bar for light bites and hot and cold
chosen whisky with each course.
drinks 10am – 2pm and 5pm – 9pm.
Five-course menu with a glass of whisky per
course and wines to accompany the menu. A la Carte Dinner from 7pm – 9.30pm
£79 per person or make a night of it and (advance reservation required).
include bed and breakfast for £120 per Terms and conditions. Some dates listed or
person in double or twin room. entertainment offered may be altered. Advance notice
will be given. Bookings taken subject to availability.

0845 072 7533

Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa, Main Road, Worleston, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6DQ
68 To advertise call 01244 350398

For Sale
Meadow View, Bunbury

l First Class family home

l Detached 3/4 bedrooms
l Mature private gardens
l Full planning for extension
l Fully accessible for disabled use

Contact: Lynda 01829 262642

For Sale
Juniors, Seniors & Sixth Form
For boys and girls, aged 7-18

Join us for an informative

Open Morning
at King’s for all ages, 7-18

Colour their lives forever...

Explore our facilities and the vibrant, academic environment
at The King’s School, Chester.
l First Class family home Financial assistance is available for Senior School and Sixth Form pupils.
l Detached 3/4 bedrooms Meadow View, Bunbury
l Mature private gardens
l Full planning for extension £575,000
October 2010

l Fully accessible for disabled use Contact: Lynda 01829 262642

Call 01244 689553 to arrange your visit

Tarporley Talk October 2010 69

Irish Dance Classes
@Tarporley Primary School
Monday 6.30-7.30pm
Wednesday 6.10-7.10pm
No need to book,
spaces available
All ages welcome (4+)
Tel Emma 01352 720 878

& Counselling at Overdale, Kelsall
Emma Salisbury Dip. Hyp. CS. professional HS member
offers tailored treatment for a client’s individual needs.
Therapies for relaxation, work-related stress and anxiety,
weight management, phobias, stop smoking
and confidence issues.
For an assessment consultation please call:
01829 751 086 / 07946 980380
or visit
to leave contact details.

70 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarporley Talk October 2010 71
Made to measure
Chunky Plank Furniture

Waxed Plank Bed

only £399
We make furniture for
every room in your home
For over 15 years we have been
supplying this chunky furniture to local
stores and interior designers
you can now cut out the middleman
and make huge savings when buying
direct from us.
Open 7 days. Find us inside
Burton Nurseries Garden Centre,
on Chester High Road, nr Neston,
two miles from Two Mills Honda nr Gordale.
Tel 0151 336 8335. Sat nav CH64 8TF

72 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarporley Talk October 2010 73
Looking back on a big season

Success on and off the

The club, under the direction of On the playing side there has been
Chairman Mel Dobson, as a whole some exciting youngsters making
have had a very successful season. breakthroughs this year, at all levels,
It is moving forward in everything it which augurs well for the future, notably
does. The newly installed £50,000, 3 lane Andy Dyne, Callum Rowe and Stuart
practice net has been a huge benefit Sadler.
in the second half of the season. The On the field, the first team finished
ground itself, as well as being one of, if mid table and but for too many batting
not the most scenic ground in Cheshire, collapses, especially when chasing a
is now competing with the very best score, would have been challenging the
in terms of its performance. This year leaders. The outstanding performances
we have hosted the national Bunbury were from Craig Williamson, who in his
U17 Festival and Cheshire junior debut season at the club took 75 wickets,
representative matches, receiving many second highest in the league and John
positive comments about the ground. A Hope who surpassed 600 runs for the
special thanks must be made to Brian season.
Jarrard who has put in a tremendous The second team were challenging
amount of work in getting the ground to throughout the season finishing in the top
the standard it is now. half. With a little luck and more consistent
on for Tattenhall Cricket Club

he field for Tattenhall

availability, then promotion could have too distant future, notably Ryan Spann,
been attained. Outstanding performances Henry Dobson and Ben Gibbon. And our
were from batsman Anthony Rouse and Saturday morning coaching sessions
bowlers Alan Brock & Andy Atkinson. for all those aged 7 – 11 have been very
The third team had another successful popular.
year under the captaincy of Alex The season is now at a close but work
Sandland. Having been champions and does not stop. Pre season nets will be
promoted last year, they have followed it starting in February and we are always
up this season with another promotion. looking for new players. We would be
The result being next summer they delighted to hear from any potential new
will be playing in the top flight third players from all age groups.
division on a Sunday. An outstanding Please contact Mel Dobson on 07799
achievement by Alex and his lads, with 476108 or visit our web site www.
notable contributions from Cliff Nicholl,
Josh Spraggs, Chris Cottier and Hoops. The club also has their own Annual
At junior level all teams, U11, 13, 15 Club Dinner being held at the club on
and 18 have competed well with many Saturday 13th November. Anyone who is
youngsters showing they have the interested please contact Mel Dobson or
potential to play senior cricket in the not Gary Forster on 07774 013009.
76 To advertise call 01244 350398

Tarporley Talk October 2010 77
Gardening in October
Gardening by Janet Heath

ctober is a good month to move existing plants or plant out new plants
as the soil will still be warm from summer and moist which will enable
plants to settle in before winter.
Flowering perennials such as Phlox, perennial
Geraniums, Yellow Loosestrife Lysimachia punctata
or its relative the Chinese Loosestrife Lysimachia
clethroides, with wonderful white wavy cone shaped
flowers, all spread and can be dug up, split and
replanted. Phlox in particular, can become congested
and tend not to flower well after a few years. Splitting
them and replanting in enriched soil will rejuvenate

Shrubs can be moved now so if you have a shrub that

is in the wrong place, give it a can of water an hour or
so before moving, dig it up, being careful to dig up all
its root ball. When replanting, dig a hole larger than the
root ball, ensure that the soil is loosened all around the
planting hole so that the roots will be able to grow out
into the surrounding soil. Mix some well rotted manure
or planting compost in the soil and if the soil is dry, add
a watering can of water to the base of the hole. Backfill
with soil, firming in with your fingers (not your boot!),
and add another can of water.

Roses that are tall can be cut back before winter

although the main pruning is usually in March. This will
prevent the plant from being rocked in high winds. If
the leaves are diseased from blackspot and falling from
the rose, remove them as the spores can remain in the
ground to re-infect next season.

Plant bulbs in October, such as the tiny Iris reticulata,

daffodil and tulip bulbs, for flowering next year. Also try
hyacinths in pots outside as they will survive outdoors.
In my garden a previous owner planted them out in
the borders where they come up each year. I pick the
blooms to bring into the house for their scent. All the
above do well in pots with winter flowering pansies to
give colour in winter and spring.

Cut out the fruited canes of raspberries and harvest the

last apples from trees. Laying turf in October is ideal
as the soil below should remain moist to encourage
rooting and you will be less likely to walk on the lawn
and damage the turf in autumn.

Janet Heath, Garden Mentor Tel 01244 318258

Christmas at The Pheasant Inn
Book early to avoid

Christmas Fayre Menu

2 course plus coffee and mince pies £18.50
3 course plus coffee and mince pies £23.95
Menu available 29th November to 24th December 2010
Our usual menu will also be available throughout this period

New Year’s Eve

No Set Menu... No Set Price!
Celebrate this New Year’s Eve with us and dine anytime from 12pm to
10pm choosing from our usual menu, which will include a selection of
festive dishes.
If you want to stay on for a few drinks into the night, then I’m
sure we’ll be able to turn up the music a notch or two and count in
the New Year with you!
We might even treat you to Auld Lang Syne!

All menus can be viewed online or please

ring to request a copy. Alternatively, text
PHEASANT to 83010 followed by your
name & email address or postal address
& we will send our Christmas menus to you.
Higher Burwardsley Tattenhall Cheshire CH3 9PF
For further information or to make a reservation please call 01829 770434

fabric & wallpaper tiles interior accessories

91 High Street Tarporley Cheshire CW6 0AB Tel: 01829 730692

Tarporley War Memorial Hospital League of Friends

Donations to the hospital
are much appreciated
Cash donations may be made in the
BLUE BOX on the front desk
Cheques made out to Tarporley Hospital
League of Friends may be sent to
The Treasurer
The League of Friends
Tarporley War Memorial Hospital
14 Park Road
Cheshire CW6 0AP

Your support of the hospital is very much appreciated.

Many thanks

80 To advertise call 01244 350398


Precision Plumbing & Heating

All plumbing work undertaken
New bathrooms, Including rats and mice
Wet rooms,
Tiling service,
Trust your lawn to someone who cares Agricultural silage crops to small lawns
New radiators. l Lawn treatments M.A.F.F. trained
l Mowing
Prompt local response
and sensible prices.
l Garden makeover/clearances Also general garden work undertaken
l Chainsaw work
Tel 01829 770559 / 07969 132887 l All garden work considered Call Philip
1 Beech House, Tattenhall Mob 07717700314 01829 740380 or 077466 48851
24 Hr Emergency Service

Kitchen BUNBURY PROPERTY Ashton Hayes

DooRs Brickwork repairs
Garden Services
FRESHEN UP YOUR KITCHEN External painting l Regular Gardening
Patios, fencing etc l Hedge Cutting
l Lawn Mowing
Over 25 years experience
r Replacement Doors available in any size
l One-off Garden Tidies
r Full range of designs and colours Contact Paul l Patios, Decking & Fencing
r Worktops, Appliances, Sinks also available
Tel 01829 260975
Call Andrew on Call Dave on
Mob 07814 403479
01244 821332 or 07921589898
Andrew Williams Design & Installation 07813 152467 / 01829 752642

Pure Clean Services (NW) Pure Clean Services (NW)

Window Cleaner
Window Cleaner
& Counselling at Overdale, Kelsall
Local professional and Local professional and
Emma Salisbury Dip. Hyp. CS. professional HS member
reliable service
offers tailored treatmentreliable service
for a client’s individual needs.
Reach ‘n’ Wash system Reach ‘n’ Wash
Therapies for relaxation, work-related stress andsystem
cleans hard to reach cleans
weight management, hard
phobias, to reach
stop smoking
windows, fascias, signs, uPVC windows,
and confidencefascias,
issues. signs, uPVC
Fully insured: member of the For anFully
assessmentinsured: member
consultation please call: of the
Federation of Window Cleaners Federation
01829 751 086 / 07946 of 980380
Window Cleaners
Phone Phil on 07723498333 or visit
Phone Phil on 07723498333
or 01829 260562 to leave
01244 details. 546363

Contact Mark;
01244 675437
07989 594306 A and R & Sons
CLEANING COMPANY Roofing & Property Maintenance

Let us give your home Specialises in:

Specialises in: All types of roofing work undertaken
l Fitted Kitchens l Wood / Laminate Floors
the Flawless finish Fitted Kitchens
Insurance Work l Free Estimates
l Banisters
Banisters l Replacement Doors
Trustworthy, reliable l Extensions
Extensions Conservatories Over 30 years experience
bespoke cleaning Conservatories
l And all yourdoors
joinery and building needs
Replacement Call Rob
Est. over 10 years Wood/Will beat any
Laminate lifke for like quote
Tel 01606 597337
Contact Mark on
And all your joinery

Call 01829 261223

and building needs
01244 675437 / 07989 594306 Mob 079225 17146 / 07833 224605
or 07909694372

Tarporley Talk October 2010 81


ANDREW P DEAN Tattenhall

Plastering Services
Piano Tuning Domestic & Commercial l Gas Safe Registered
& Repairs Tiling, Walls & Floors l Bathrooms & Tiling a Speciality
Tel 01829 770458 l For a Comprehensive Service
01829 261222 Mob 07962 260022

Pressure Washing AP LANDSCAPING

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial
Electrical Installation, CCTV
PORTFOLIO AVAILABLE Installation, Inspection & Testing,
Over 20 years experience Security Alarms & Lighting
Patios, Driveways, Walls, Flagging,
Decking, Fencing, Turfing, Hedge Cutting, Tel: 01948 861031
Block Paving Friendly Patios Cleaned etc Mobile: 07703462051
Tel 01829 741034 2 Chorlton Villas, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 7JJ
07960 544494

 ting 42 y



ea r


  est
. 1968

l All types of furniture repairs, loose  Bunbury Care Agency

joints, water and heat marks removed. 
 “everybody needs somebody”
 

l Leather repairs, scuffs, burns, scratches etc. 

• 
elderly care

carers companions
nannies mother’s helps
 • 
l Re-upholstery, broken springs.  • 
• 
child care au pairs maternity nurses
 • domestics housekeepers
l Upholstery & carpets cleaned. 
• 
•  household care cooks couples
 • 

01829 240086 
T 
• 
•  nationwide
01829 730201

Tel 07969 859708 l Eve 01244 544407
M 07898833817

   58a High Street, Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 0AG
 

Domestic oven cleaning service PLUMBING & HEATING

in Cheshire
in Cheshire v Full central heating systems
Ovens, Hobs, v No call out charge
Ovens, Hobs, Extractors, Microwaves
Extractors, Microwaves
v Discount for OAPs
& &BBQs
brought back to
back to showroom
v Gas & oil specialists
condition using non caustic For all of your painting and
condition using
environmentally non-caustic,
friendly materials. v Any genuine quote beaten
decorating needs.
PHONE Nick on
materials v Landlord safety certificates
01829734023 on
Tel 0151 339 7205 01829 260450
01829 734023 or 07801 056048 07968 901167 07923 123986

82 To advertise call 01244 350398


LocaL Maintenance WayNe STockToN

PaIntEr & DEcorator
Interior & Exterior Painting
q Interior q Exterior
General Household Repairs
Flat Pack Service
q Wallpapering
We’re here to help you -
Professional, independent,
Tarporley’s Professional Pointing/Brickwork & Patio’s q Hand Painted Kitchens
local service
Localfor domestic and
Service Local, reliable and trustworthy q Professional Workmanship
commercial cleaning.
Call Joanne
0784 152 9960 / 01829 730969
Call Joanne Tel. Chris Crawford on Tel 07980 125719
01829 781648 or 07816 753440
0784 152 9960
01829 730 969
or Nantwich 01270 629911


CLEANING SERVICES Joinery & Property Maintenance
Gutter cleaning & repairs • Windows/Doors repaired/hung
• Flat Packs built, including Kitchens
Wasps nests safely removed • Bespoke built joinery l BEDROOM FURNITURE lB
Reach and Wash System • Decorating (including fitted wardrobes) (
• Repair or new build Fencing/Gates
for hard to reach windows • Odd jobs - no job too small l ANY PIECE OF FURNITURE lA
Covering your local area • Make me a list and give me a call STRIPPED & RESPRAYED S
Call for a free quote
01606 558106 Tel: 01829250692 / Mobile: 0788 3075446 Call Simon on 0151 200 5415 C
Domestic &
07866 219054 Commercial Email: or 07734 681403


YOUR BUSINESS IN SW Heating & Plumbing Services
FOR AS LITTLE AS l Energy efficient
£15 A MONTH! heating systems
l Upgrades
l Boiler changes
l Bathrooms

Please contact Stuart Wall

07951 870 230
01829 751 794
All workmanship to the highest standards

Tarporley Talk October 2010 83

A&J Payne
Property Maintenance
and Repair

Fitting kitchens,
This Advert for; Hoole Roundabout and Overleigh Roundabout.
bathrooms, bedrooms
Andy Payne Laying wood/tile floors Phone 01829 730599
Painting and Decorating for a free quote
Tel: 01829 752384 Garden Maintenance
Mob: 07985 958553

Project managed from start to finish
The highest standards in Tiling
Don’t Be A Sheep & Call BT We’re Cheaper & Quicker
Extra Sockets for Sky, Broadband, etc
Faults & BT line work undertaken
Affordable, reliable, clean & tidy service
Free Telephone Advice
s Heating, Valves, Sinks, Taps and Radiators
s All domestic plumbing catered for
s No job too small Same Day Call Out Available

Tel Paul on 01829 262474 / 07894 877207 01244 241800


Cheshire This Advert for; Neston Local and West Kirby Local


l Domestic cleaning Don’t Be A Sheep & Call BT We’re Cheaper & Quicker
Extra Sockets for Sky, Broadband, etc

l Office cleaning
Faults & BT line work undertaken
Affordable, reliable, clean & tidy service
Free Telephone Advice

l Moving in/out Same Day Call Out Available

l Carpet cleaning 0151 244 1212

l Fully insured
Tel 07967 192779
84 To advertise call 01244 350398

and ONLINE...

Vacuum Cleaner Repairs

All types of vacuum cleaners
serviced and repaired on site
Call direct on
07970 618392
PAT Testing your electrical appliances

Storage from £5 per week

Drive Well
Driving TuiTion
New to the area!
15 years experieNce
DiscouNts for Block BookiNgs
Tel. 01829 733360
Mob. 07775985917

Tarporley Talk October 2010 85

What’s on in your village
Saturday 2nd October
Tarvin Environment Group are hosting their first ever Eco Fair at Tarvin Community Centre,
Meadow Close, Tarvin (Just off A 51 and A 54) at 12noon.

Saturday 9th October

Clatterbridge Cancer Research Kelsall Branch, are holding their Grand Auction and Jumble
Sale at Kelsall Community Centre at 1pm. Organisers are looking for items of Bric-a-Brac,
unwanted gifts, bottles of wine, spirits etc, DVDs, CDs, books toys, jumble, jewellery etc.
Please ring 01928 740415 to arrange collection.

Saturday 9th October

Manchester Jazz will be appearing at the Royal British Legion Club, Tarporley, at 8pm, tickets
at £7.00 each, available at Swaffields or pay on the door.

Monday 11th October

The Origin of Surnames by David Greatorex, at 7.30pm at Tarporley Library. Tickets £2
including refreshments. Please book at Tarporley Library 01829 731794 and leave details of a
surname you would like to be researched

Friday 15th October

Come and test your knowledge at the quiz to be held at 8.15pm at Duddon and Clotton War
Memorial Hall. There will be a bar and raffle. All proceeds towards the Hall maintenance.

Friday 15th October

“Nearly Lear”, a fantastic one-woman show at Tarvin Community Centre, 7.30pm. Performed
by Susanna Hamnett, this show uses story-telling, music, film and Shakespeare’s own text.
Tickets cost £7. Telephone 01829 740109 or 740868

Sat 16th October

Rotary Club of Tarporley Quiz & Ploughman’s Supper at Tarporley Community Centre 7.30pm,
food by Lynn’s Pantry. Tickets £6.50 per head. Teams of six, raffle, soft drinks, tea and coffee
on sale. Bring your own beer and wine. Prefer ham instead of cheese? Please order in
advance by name. In aid of local & international charities supported by Rotary.

Saturdays 16th and 30th October

The Kelsall Branch of the RNLI are most grateful to Winsor’s Fruit Farm, Chapel Lane,
Willington for giving them the opportunity to sell Christmas Cards and Calendars from 10am -
3.30pm on the above dates. Further details - 01829 751838

Wednesday 20th October

Prize bingo at Duddon and Clotton War Memorial Hall - doors open at 7pm and eyes down at
7.30pm – entrance is free. All proceeds. towards the Hall maintenance.

86 To advertise call 01244 350398

What’s on in your village
Tiverton District Garden Club
Tuesday 5th October 8pm, at Tiverton Village Hall, Huxley Lane (just off A49). “Following Darwin to
Tierra del Fuego - the uttermost part of the earth”. Another fascinating talk by Dr Goronwy Wynne,
one of our most popular speakers. Entrance £1 (members), £1.50 (non-members), includes raffle
and refreshments. All are welcome.

Tattenhall Gardening Society

A big thank-you to everyone who helped with getting another successful Annual Show off the
ground this year. A wide-ranging programme has been put together for the 2010/11 series
of talks and we would like to welcome both current and new members. Our first talk will take
place on Wednesday 13th October at 7.45pm in the Barbour Institute. Jenny Hendy will give
an illustrated talk on Topiary. New members are welcome to join at the October meeting.
Membership costs just £10 for single and £15 for joint membership. October competition: Bring a
Michaelmas Daisy from your garden.

West Cheshire Rural U3A

We would like to welcome any new members as well as all present members to the monthly
general meeting on Thursday 21st October at 2pm held at the Barbour Institute, Tattenhall.

Kelsall Gardening Club

On Tuesday 12th October the club welcome Bob Mackay (lecturer and former grower) who will
talk about Growing Fruit and Vegetables in the Garden, 7.45pm in the Methodist Hall. Visitors
welcome. Further information please ring Jane Beattie 01829 751032 or jenny talks 01829 759470.

EVENTS AT The Barbour Institute, Tattenhall

Tel 01829 771649, or email
Jumble Sale ~ Sunday 10th October, 2.00pm. Please bring any jumble to the Institute on
the morning of the sale, between 9.00-11.30am; thank you.
Film @ Barbour ~ Thursday 21st October, 8.00pm: ‘Broken Embraces’ (cert 15)
Door open 7.30pm. Pay on the door £5 / under18’s £4. Bar Available.
Rural Touring Arts ~ Friday 22nd October, 7.30pm: ‘A Blood Wedding in Wensleydale’ –
North Country Theatre. Cold Comfort Farm meets Carmen – Lorca’s famous Spanish tale of
feuding families freely adapted, and re-set in the farming communities of the Yorkshire Dales.
Plot summary: 3 fights, 2 weddings & a funeral (advise 10 yrs +). Tickets £7.50 from Village
Greens, Tattenhall or ring 01829 770516 / 771649
Book Sale ~ Sunday 24th October, 10.00am-4.00pm We would be very grateful for any
unwanted books; please drop them off at the Institute 2-5pm on Saturday 23rd October.

Tarporley Talk October 2010 87

What’s on in
your village?

Tarporley Community Centre Cheshire Health : Jen Francis Associates

Bookings/enquiries: 07526 699100 At Tarporley Community Centre
Weekly (01829 732775 / 07779272353)
• Army Cadets: Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm Safe, Effective Fitness sessions with expert
• Children’s Drama (Helen O’Grady Drama instruction
School): Thursday 4.15 to 5.15pm • Monday at 6:45pm : Body Conditioning. Low
• Rhythm Time (music for under 5s): Monday impact, full body workout for strengthen and
from 9.25am.Tel Julia on 07789867589 toning
• Watercolour Painting: Wednesday 10.30-12.30 • Friday at 9:15am : Fit 4 Life
A fun class for ‘mature’ ladies! Exercises specific
• Scottish Dancing: Every Wednesday 7 to 10pm
to help increase bone density, flexibility, balance,
• Body Conditioning: Monday 6.45pm help reduce the risk of falls and improve daily
• Gym Ball: Friday 9.30am (in club room) living by strengthening muscles and gain
• Body 4 Life: Friday 9.15am better posture. Safely improve your health and
• Enjoy-a-Ball Classes: Wednesdays - pre- independence through exercise.
school to year 2+ children. Contact Sharon on At Tarporley Primary School
07932 182148 for times • Tuesday : 6:20pm : PURE ABS
• Royal Academy of Dance Children’s Ballet Get those abs toned for the summer!!
Classes - Mondays 4pm till 6pm (term time only) Tuesday : 7pm Pilates with Stretch & Relaxation
• Children’s Ballet classes by Pointe Works For Core stability work helps to improve abs, posture
children aged 2.5 years and upwards Saturdays and general body strength – a great compliment
9.45-11.45am Mondays 4-6pm. Contact to Monday’ session
Nicolle Higgins on 07900 303966 or nicolle@ At Delamere Primary School • Monday 7:15pm : SALSA for Beginners
Monthly: 8:15pm : SALSA for those who can!
• Autumn Club: 1st Tuesday of the month 7pm A great opportunity to be fit through dance, its fun
• Flower Club: 1st Tuesday of the month at and offers great health benefits.
Tarporley Guides
• TADDFAS: 2nd Thursday of the month at
Contact Mrs Platt on 01829 781 478
Done Room in Tarporley
Thursdays 7 - 9pm (term time only)
Youth Club
For girls aged 10 to 14 years.
Tarporley Youth Club meets in the Club Room,
now known as the Craven Room, (entrance from Tarporley Royal British Legion
car park) each Monday from 7-9 pm throughout 01829 732561
the year (apart from bank holidays). Ages 12 to Weekly
17. All welcome. Monday - Bingo 8pm to 10pm
Tuesday - Indoor Bowls 1.30pm (bowls
Friday - Bingo 7.15 to 10pm (Play the

88 To advertise call 01244 350398

Let us know your regular events and we will list it for free!
Send your listings to

Snooker Club most evenings in the Bar Tarporley Tennis Club
Monthly New members welcome. For further information
telephone 01829 732026.
• Country & Western Dancing: Every 1st & 3rd
Sunday 8pm to 11.30pm Tarporley Millpool Probus Club
• Prize Bingo: Every 3rd Saturday 7pm (01829 260 955)
• Ladies Section meeting: Every 2nd Tuesday Club of retired Professional Businessmen.
from 7.30pm Meet 3rd Wednesday of each month.
To book the Legion Hall for your event 9am to
Midnight, contact 01829 732561 or leave a Tarporley Library (01829 731794)
message. We will always get back to you after Mon 2-7pm, Wed 2-5pm, Fri 9.30am-12.30pm
Line Dancing Age Concern : Cheshire Day Care
At Tarporley Community Centre Thursdays and Fridays at Oathills Lea in
Every sunday evening (excluding bank holidays) Tarporley from 10.00am - 3.00pm.
Absolute Beginners - 7 to 8pm If you are interested in becoming a member or a
Intermediate - 8 to 10pm volunteer either to drive or help at the day care
Cost £4. Contact Daniel on: 07739 352209 with teas, coffees and activities please contact
Activities in the Done Room Veronica Briggs, Day Care Co-ordinator. Tel
01270 219484 / 07917 638809.
To book call 01829 732742
Mon - Pre-school - 9am to 3.15pm Tarporley Baptist
- Rising 5’s - 12.30pm to 3.15pm & Methodist Church
- Brownies - 6pm to 7.30pm NCT coffee mornings. Friday 10am to 11.30am.
Tues - Pre-school - 9.15am to 3.15pm TARPORLEY BAND
- Pre-school - 1pm to 3.15pm The band meets every Thursday 7.30pm to 9.30
Weds - Pre-school - 9am to 11.45am pm in the Band Hall just off The Close at the top
- Mother’s Union 2.15pm (1st of month) of Tarporley High Street. New players welcome.
- Tadwags - 2.00pm (2nd of month) See web site or call
- Rainbows - 4.30pm – 5.30pm 07942 818529.
- Brownies - 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Thurs - Pre-school - 9am to 3.15pm Sporting Activities in Tarporley High
- Pre-school - 1pm to 3.15pm School
- Guides - 7pm to 9.00pm Tarporley Badminton Club
Fri - Pre-school - 9am to 3.15pm Tuesdays 8-10pm in the main hall in term time.
Sat - Ballet, tap & modern Half price for students. New members & visitors
- Dance - 9.00am to 12.30pm welcome. For more details contact Jennifer 01829
Sun - Sunday School - 10.00am to 11.30am 730751
(For details on Pre-school call 01829 730233)

Tarporley Talk October 2010 89


The Studio Tattenhall W.I. (3rd Wed) 7.30pm

Body Control Pilates, Alexander Technique Various dance classes
and Nia - classes and workshops available Simply Diet & Fitness 6-7.30pm
at The Studio, Tattenhall. Full details www. or ring Jill on 01829 Thursday
TOFS - Tattenhall Over-50s 2-4pm (1st Thurs)
Film Night 7.30pm (3rd Thurs)
3rd Thurs/month U3A mtg
Tattenhall Library Dance class (Adults) 7.30-8.30pm
(01829 770769)
It is situated in The Village Room at the Park Country Market 9.30am-11am
Primary School, Chester Road, Tattenhall and is Bridge 7-10pm
open on Tuesdays from 2pm until 7pm and Fridays
(2-5pm).  We have a wide range of books, DVD’s Saturday
for hire, a large children’s section and if we haven’t Tae Kwon Do 9-10am
got what you’re looking for we’ll order it for you. Shooting Stars 11am-12noon
Tattenhall Cricket Club
Nia at The Flacca Tattenhall
Contact Mel Dobson on 07799 476 108
Contact: Jill on 01829 771895
Are you interested in playing cricket & looking for a
Mondays 10.00 - 11.00 am. Cost: £3.50. Come
friendly competitive club to join this year?
and join in the fun! Dance your way to fitness and
Tattenhall Cricket Club are members of the health. Suitable for all ages, sizes and levels of
Cheshire County League and play in Division 2. ability.
We run 4 senior teams and 5 junior teams and are Little Piccolos Fun Music Sessions for
looking for new players of all ages.
under fives
We have a particulary successful junior section at the Tattenhall Barbour Institute
and would be delighted to hear from children
Every Wednesday
interested in playing from 7 to 18 years of age.
9.45am Toddlers
All new players welcome
For further details please visit our website at 10.45am Pre-schoolers Tattenhall Amateur
High St, Tattenhall. All enquires/bookings 01829 Join a warm & friendly
771649 or email group - to meet new
people, have fun, help with
Monday production - or tread the
Tattenhall Probus Group 2-4pm boards!
Yoga 7.30pm-9pm Contact 01829 771353 or
Tattenhall Parish Council 7.30pm (1st Mon) 770482
We are always open for those wishing to join the
Tuesday production team! New members welcome.
Age Concern 9.30am-2.30pm TATTENHALL TENNIS CLUB
Coffee Morning, all welcome 10am-12noon
Club mornings Tuesday 10am.
Art & Craft Group 2-4pm
Club evenings Tuesday 6.30p.m. onwards
Karate 6.30-7.30pm
We hold regular in club tournaments and enjoy
Watercolour Painting 7-9pm
summer league matches for more competitive
tennis. Coaching is available - contact Stephen
Wright on 07946 491696. For more information
Gardening Soc (2nd Wed) 7.45pm
contact Val Meeks on 01829 770781.

90 To advertise call 01244 350398

Total Beginners & Intermediates Classes available. Outdoor circuit training with attitude. 9:15am
Train for your local Charity race or simply enjoy Fridays. Tel Dave Knott 01829 770327 or 0790
running in the lanes and fields around Tattenhall. 187 1116
Contact: Dave 0790 187 1116


Tarvin Community Centre WHIST DRIVE

(01829 740868) Thursday Evenings - 7.30pm prompt at Huxley
Toddler Group 10.00-11.30 Mondays and Village Hall
Yoga 1pm Mondays (For inital details please call 0797 3826641)
Tarvin Library 12.00-19.00 Tuesdays Tuesdays - 7.30 - 8.30pm at Huxley Village Hall
13.30-17.00 Thursdays
Ballet 15.30-18.00 Tuesdays Tarvin Tennis Club (01829 741314)
Aerobics & Body Toning 19.00-20.00 Tuesdays
We welcome new members of all abilities to come
Silver Threads 14.00 2nd+4th and try our 4 artificial grass courts.
Wednesdays of month In the summer months we hold friendly club
Flower Club 19.45, 2nd Wednesday of month evenings on Tuesdays and
W.I. 19.30. last Wednesday of month Fridays, while in autumn
Bingo 19.30 Thursdays and winter these club
Kung Fu 18.30-20.30 Thursdays sessions switch to Saturday
Civic Trust Regular meetings/events afternoons. There are six
teams in the Chester and
Tarvin Slimming World District Summer League
(0151 348 1076 or 07753 292254) which in October become
five teams in the West
At Tarvin Community Centre, Meadow Lane, Cheshire Winter League,
Tarvin very Wednesday at 9.15am, 5.30pm & plus two teams in the Glan
7.00pm. Consultant:Gill Knight Aber Floodlit League.
Tarvin Youth Club - SCOUTS Throughout the whole year
friendly groups also play on
Every Tuesday 7.30pm until 9pm. Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Tuesday,
Scout Hut at the top of the playing fields in Tarvin. Thursday and Friday afternoons.
For ages 13 - 17 years old. £26 annual Junior coaching and sessions take place from
membership. Easter.
HUXLEY AND HARGRAVE Youth Club For more details see
or phone Rob on 01829 741314 or Keith on 01829
Meet every Wednesday 7.30pm at Hargrave
Church Hall. Ages 11-16
For more information contact Charlotte
Huxley Parent and Toddler Group
01829 781296
Huxley School Hall, Huxley. Thursdays 10.30 –
Fun, lively and nurturing preschool for children 12pm termtime. Friendly, welcoming group for all
aged 2½ to 5 years at Huxley Village Hall. parents/ carers and children 0-5 years.
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9am till 3pm Weekly craft and singing session. Please come
Free taster sessions for parent and child every along and join us! For more details contact Huxley
half-term, look out for flyers, pop in or phone us school, 01829 781296.
on 07799390126 (during session times) or contact
Ewa on 07872378933.

Tarporley Talk October 2010 91


Pilates Classes Circuit Training. Rob Eldridge-tel 07968 131393 £4 per session.
Vicky Robinson - Tel : 01829 751661 or
Tues and Thurs eve 6.30-7.30
0797 5533908
£5 per session—places need to be booked
Monday Evening The Oak
An over-60’s Club, with a broad varied programme
Tuesday Afternoon Duddon Village Hall
- speakers, entertainment, quizzes, coach trips,
Thursday Morning Utkinton Village Hall
meets alternate Thursdays at 2-15pm in the
YOGA Classes Methodist Church hall, Chapel Green. Transport
Joan Jones 01829 751421. Everyone welcome. can be arranged if required - call Mary Diggle
752608 or Audrey Parker 752294.
Vale Royal Farma
Certified Farmers Market - Tel. 01829 751300 BARNEY’S BUDDIES
Third Saturday of the month. 10am to 2pm Run by For Mums (or dads, grannies, carers) with babies
farming families at Eddisbury Fruit Farm, Kelsall and pre-school children, meets every Thursday
morning from 10am in the upper room of the
Kelsall Flower Club Methodist Church hall, Chapel Green. Playtime,
Meets 3rd Wednesday in month at 7.30pm in stories, songs & crafts. Just come along
the Methodist Schoolrooms, Chapel Green, KELSALL TENNIS CLUB
Kelsall.Further details, please contact Mary
Kelsall has three tennis courts located behind
Hall (Chairman) 01829 751136 or Helen Stubbs
the Community Centre. The club has two Ladies
(secretary) 01829 752379
teams playing throughout the year and a mixed
Kelsall Social Club summer team. There is an extremely popular
Live Entertainment, Every Saturday Night.Top children’s coaching scheme ranging from junior
Class Acts, plus Bingo and Raffle.Bingo Every school age to sixth formers, the older players
Thursday Night. Free to all members. completing in two summer leagues. Junior
Annual Membership £7.50. Tel 01829 752045 club night is well attended on a Friday evening
6-10pm and senior club sessions are on Thursday
Kelsall Gardening Club evenings from 6.30pm. All new players are most
Meets the second Tuesday of each month in welcome.For further information please contact
the Methodist Church Rooms, Chapel Green at the Secretary, Caroline Stein (01829-751308) or
7.45pm. Non members welcome. Contact Jenny
Talks on 01829 759470



Tiverton Village Hall 10.30am - 12pm (Call Madge Marshall 01829

(Booking : Janice Farrall - 01829 732855) 732217)
Weekly Tiverton District Garden Club
Bingo: Margaret Wilson on 01829 732781
We meet on the first Tuesday of every month
Thursdays - 8pm till 10pm - Contact
at Tiverton Village Hall (just off the A49) at 8pm.
Duplicate Bridge: Call David Rigby 01606 784491 Everyone is welcome at our lively and friendly
Mondays - 6.30pm till 10pm meetings, and to the visits in the summer season.
Wednesdays - 1.30pm till 5pm Entrance fee is £1 (non-members £1.50) and includes
Line Dancing: Contact Win Bond on 01928 a raffle and refreshments. All enquiries to 733465
260080 Tuesdays - 10am till 12pm (Joyce Harbottle, Secretary), or why not become
Monthly a member - annual membership is only £2 each,
Drop In Coffee Morning: Last Thursday of month with lots of advantages.

92 To advertise call 01244 350398

BUNBURY, Peckforton, Beeston & Tilstone Fearnall


Aerobics: Mondays 9.15-10.15am & Tuesdays Budo Club (Juniors) - Tuesdays - 7pm - 8pm
7.30-8.30pm Badminton Club (Seniors) Mondays - 7pm
Body-Toning Mondays -10.30am - 11.30am & Good Companions Sun & Thurs 7.30-8pm
7.30-8.30pm Gardening Club - 3rd Tuesday - 8pm (Back Room)
Indoor Bowling Mondays - 1.30pm Wednesday Club - 2nd & 4th Wednesday - 2pm
Rainbows Mondays - 4.30pm - 5.30pm Hanlon School of Dance :
Brownies: Wednesday & Thursday - 4.30pm Start
(1st Bunbury Pack) Mondays - 6pm - 7.15pm Women’s Institute
(2nd Bunbury Pack) Wednesdays - 5.45pm - 7pm Peckforton & Beeston W.I. - 1st Wednesday
Toddler Group Wednesdays - 9.30am - 11.30am Peckforton Village Room - 7.30pm
Keep Fit Thursdays - 9.15am - 10.15am
Bunbury WI. 2nd Thursday - Pavilion - 7.30pm
Pilates: Thursday - 7.30-8.30pm
Tilstone Fearnall & District WI - meets 4th
Royal British Legion
Thursday at 7.30pm at Tilstone Fearnall Church Hall
Every 2nd Monday at The Yew Tree - 8pm
Early Birds Pre-School A not for profit, community based football club for
Contact: Hilary Armstrong 260410 5 -11-year-olds in Bunbury and the surrounding
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday villages. The club is registered with the Cheshire
Bunbury Village Hall 9am-2.50pm FA and operate skills and training sessions every
Wednesday and Friday Saturday morning (during school term) from 9.30-
Bunbury Village Hall 9am-12.30pm 11am at Bunbury Playing Fields.
The club has a website that provide a wealth of
BUNBURY SINGERS information about the club and its activities www.
Mondays in term time – 7.30-9.15pm Choir Practice, people can also write to
at Bunbury Primary School call 07901 954862.


Duddon, Clotton & Hoofield War Monthly

Memorial Hall Coffee Morning - 3rd Tuesday of the month
For booking call 01829 781490 or 01829 781756 at 10.30am
Women’s Institute
Toddlers Group - Every Wednesday (including
1st Thursday of the month at 7.30pm
school holidays) 9.30 -11.30am
Taekwondo Clubs
Bowling - Every Wednesday
(except summertime) at 7.30pm Duddon & Clotton War Memorial Hall
Seniors Keep fit - Thursdays at 2pm to 3pm Tuesdays  6pm - 7pm Juniors; 7pm - 8pm Adults
plus Pilates on Tuesdays at 2pm to 3pm. Fridays   5pm - 6pm Tots; 6pm - 7pm Juniors
Table Tennis - Every Monday at 7.30pm 7pm - 8pm Adults
Kelsall Community Centre
Mondays  7pm - 8pm  Juniors/Adults

What’s on in your area?

Send your regular community listings to and we’ll

place them for free in the magazine and online at www.

Tarporley Talk October 2010 93


Activities at the Jessie Hughes

Village Hall
Weekly WI - 2nd Tuesday of the month 7.30pm
Monday and Friday Gardening club - 4th Tuesday of the month
Artbeat 9.30am. Preschool art and music class. Tea’N’Chat. Drop in morning 10.30-12.00pm. 3rd
For info, contact Amanda Harris 01829760209 Thursday of the month

Monday and Wednesday The contact for more details or booking is andree.
TaeKwon Do: Juniors (ages 5-12) - 6.30-7.30pm, or 01829733480
Adults and over 12’s 7.30-8.30pm. For info, call or
text 07857303959. Eaton Rambling Club
Serving the communities of villages surrounding
Tuesday Tarporley.
Fitness Pilates 9.30am, all fitness levels welcome. Why not keep fit & join the expanding Eaton
For info, call Vikki Huxley 07967112895 Rambling Club, which arranges walks of about
Ballet (Adult beginners) 6.00-7.00pm. Contact 7 mile maximum length, on alternate Saturdays
Nicolle Higgins 07900303966 or email nicolle@ & Sundays, once a month.We arrange monthly evening walks of about 3 miles in Summer, & often
arrange trips & social functions.Walks always
Thursday finish at a convenient hostelry.
Bridge Club: 7pm. New members welcome. Membership is only £6 a year, & is open to
anyone in the villages of & surrounding Tarporley.
Saturday Walks start from The Jessie Hughes Village Hall
Ballet (Children): 12.15-12:45pm (preschool). in Eaton at 10 am, ,just turn up & give it a try.
Contact Nicolle Higgins 07900303966 or email Call 01829 733423

Peckforton & Beeston WI

The talk at our September meeting was given by former pilot Barry
Smith and entitled ‘From Tiger Moths to Jumbos’. Members and
several visitors listened intently to Barry’s account of his life as a
pilot flying various types of aircraft during his career, as the title of
the talk suggests. His interest in flying began at age 15 when he
joined the Air Training Corps and within a year he was flying gliders
at Hawarden Airport. Throughout his career he visited many different
parts of the world and he was able to keep the audience amused with
several anecdotes of life in the cockpit.
Future events were also discussed. The next meeting will include a talk called ‘For
better or worse’ to be given by the Reverend Michael Burgess. Theatre trips to Mold and
Manchester were planned as well as a walk around Knutsford called ‘A Tour of Cranford’
on November 9th, The AGM will be held on November 3rd when business will be followed
by a 2-course supper. The Christmas party will be on December 10th.Why not come and
join us at the Peckforton Village Rooms with meetings starting at 7.30 pm? For more
information please telephone Judith Sherren on 01829 730071.

Did you spot him? He is on the Tarvin

94 To advertise call 01244 350398 Tennis Club picture on page 58

Bathrooms Fashion Kitchens
William & Maurice Bathrooms..............p14 Cleopatra..............................................p25 Kitchen Replacement Doors................p81
KDE......................................................p34 Follies...................................................p29 Matt Finish............................................p67
Papillon.................................................p71 Stefano de Blasio.................................p36
Bedrooms Shimmering Reflections.......................p44
T&C Fitted Bedrooms..........................p62 Legal
Financial / Accounts Cullimore Dutton..................................p56
Bicycles Chris White tax advisor........................p81 Walker Smith Way...........................p50-51
Global Bike............................................. p8 Tax Assist .............................................. p7
Man and Van
Building & Joinery Food & Drink Greencroft............................................p69
A&R & Sons Roofing...........................p81 Briscoe’s Dairy ....................................p85
Build Pave and Scape..........................p26 Headless Woman.................................p76 Memorials
Bunbury Prop Maintenance.................p81 Hickory’s Smokehouse........................p73 Memorials Cheshire.............................p22
Cheshire Joinery Services .................... p2 Marco Pierre White..............................p31
Chris Crawford Maintenance...............p83 Mummy’s Yummys...............................p45 Motoring
SM Edwards.........................................p85 Peckforton Castle . ..............................p19 Drivewell Tuition ..................................p85
Richard Foden Joiner .........................p83 Pheasant Inn........................................p79 JPW Body Repairs...............................p64
Stephen Ford Joinery...........................p80 Rookery Hall.........................................p67
AJ Payne Property...............................p84 Wild Boar..............................................p22 Music
Rams Joinery.......................................p81 Yew Tree Inn........................................p23 Andrew P Dean Piano Tuning..............p82
Piano Lessons.....................................p22
Care Agencies Fuels/energy/power Quavers Music.....................................p17
Bunbury Care.......................................p12 Clearview Stoves ................................p39
Care Home/ Care Service Furniture/Interior Design Waggs Doggie Grooming....................... p8
Sarah’s Support Service......................p23 Beeston Reclamation...........................p26
Springcare............................................p18 Children’s Bed Centre........................ back Plastering
Furntiture Market..................................p35 Tattenhall Plastering . ..........................p82
Carpets / Flooring Furniture Value................................p48-49
Kingsley Carpets .................................p45 Inspire Furniture...................................p72 Plumbing
Little Carpet Shop................................p57 Taftan....................................................p41 Cheshire Country Oil............................p40
Taylor Cox............................................p80 County Oil............................................p64
Cleaning / Domestic Service H Challenor & Son Plumbing...............p82
Cheshire Homeclean...........................p26 Garden Mackay Plumbing.................................p64
Flawless Cleaning Co..........................p81 Aarco Timber Buildings........................p34 PK Plumbing........................................ p84
Molly Mop Cleaning.............................p67 AP Landscapes....................................p80 Precision Plumbing..............................p81
NW Oven Clean...................................p70 Ashton Hayes Gardening.....................p85 SW Heating & Plumbing......................p83
Chester Small Plant............................... p7 Thorne Plumbing..................................p82
Computing / websites DKC Contracts.....................................p14 William & Maurice Bathrooms..............p12
Ink ‘n’ Paper........................................... p3 Garden & Patio Supplies.....................p83
Green Oasis.........................................p22 Property / Estate Agents
Curtains and Fabrics Greenthumb.........................................p55 Cavendish Ikin........................................ p9
Apul Upholsterers................................p82 Lawn Guy.............................................p81 Meadow View, Bunbury.......................p69
Curtains of Frodsham .........................p44 Mole Control.........................................p81 Meller Braggins...................................front
Rayner Shine Design...........................p12
Decorator Ringwood Fencing ..............................p16 Shops
Wayne Stockton...................................p83 SGS Garden Maintenance...................p84 Curtains of Frodsham .........................p44
Willington Fruit Farm............................p24 Hollies Farm Shop...............................p37
Drainage Ink-n-Paper ........................................... p3
Larkton Drainage.................................p66 Golf Willington Fruit Farm Shop..................p24
Pryors Hayes........................................p54
Driveways Taxi/Private hire
Build Pave and Scape..........................p26 Hair Billinge Travel . ...................................... p5
Driveway Cleaning...............................p82 Gail’s hair Studio.................................... p8 J&M Cars.............................................p15
Grade 1 Barbers.............................p32-33
Dry Cleaners The Salon.............................................p53 Travel
Churchill’s.............................................p81 Village Hair Studio, Kelsall..................... p7 Tarporley Travel....................................p43

Education Handyman Vacuum Cleaners

Calveley Primary School......................p16 Random Tasks.....................................p44 Dyson repairs/sales.............................p85
Hammond School................................p66
Kelsall Primary School........................... p7 Health & Beauty Windows
King’s School.......................................p69 Angela Bartlett......................................p61 Cheshire Joinery.................................... p2
Maths & English Tuition.......................p22 Macdonald Portal Gym & Spa.............p77 Kelsall Windows...................................p27
Quavers Music.....................................p70 MD Glamorous.....................................p17 Kelsall Window Cleaning.....................p67
Tarporley CE Primary...........................p13 The Salon.............................................p43 Pure Clean Window Cleaner...............p65
Skin Deep.............................................p15 Sovereign Windows .............................. p5
Electrical Spa at Rowton Hall..............................p47
Aethon Green Energy..........................p68 Tarporley Health Store....................p20-21 Miscellaneous
Hawk Electrical.....................................p82 Tranquility @ Peckforton Castle.....p30-31 At Your Service PA...............................p45
KDE Electrical......................................p34 Business For Sale................................p70
SWP Electrics .....................................p40 Hypnotherapy Clearview Stores..................................p70
Woodhouse Electrical..........................p16 Emma Salisbury...................................p70 Irish Dance Classes.............................p70
New Farm B&B & Caravan Park.........p63

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