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Fernando Cardozo Castaño


Centro Boliviano Americano

Are you a good colleague?

All around the world, there are many people working in companies, who interact

with other every day. Being a good colleague is not as easy as many people think,

however, doing your best is the most practical option to become one. I assert that the

three main qualities of a colleague are shown in friendship, team work and values.

First of all, a colleague is lovable and a good person when he/she is friendly. A

good colleague has an incomparable sense of humor. To illustrate, my father’s co-

workers, when they all make a barbecue they can’t stop laughing and telling some jokes

they do each other once in a while at work. Further, being creative is also a good quality.

Statistically, forty out of one hundred of people, who is creative at work, increases his/her

productivity and sociability with other. Besides, a helpful colleague is always a good one.

It is a fact that helpful people have more friends, and in the case of colleague, to be helpful

does not mean to always do the job for others. That is an abuse instead. In closing, having

a good sense of humor, being creative and helpful makes a colleague friendly.

Equally important, being a team player is what also makes a person a good

colleague. To have a positive attitude is a phenomenal characteristic. For example, Hamil,

my friend at work, is always positive and he motivates people to keep going at whatever

they are doing, increasing our colleagues’ self-steam. Moreover, the ability to

communicate is a powerful weapon. To demonstrate, eight out of ten people in a company

interact with almost the majority of colleagues. It means they are more social people.

Furthermore, to be open minded is another important quality. In fact, open minded

colleagues tend to listen to all of his/her co-workers as well as to share opinions among

them. For the aforementioned reasons, it is important to be a team player not only at work

but also in daily life.

In the same way, having been brought up with ethics classifies a colleague as

good. Honesty is a value which gets closely involved with an ethical person. Indeed, four

honest colleagues out of ten, up to this days have the most valuable position in a company

worldwide. In addition, respect is another value which joins a good colleague. Thus, it is

a fact that colleagues who respect others, respect themselves first, which is a good

indicator of good people, a good colleague in consequence. Next, being a loyal person

says a lot of a colleague. In particular, I have a colleague, Leonor, she is always there

supporting all our colleagues in hard times no matter what happens. As has been said,

an ethical person is a good colleague.

In the long run, colleagues worldwide are considered good people by their

friendship, their ability to work with others as a team, and the kind of personality they

have. Therefore, being a good one is not an easy role, try to do your best.