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Lesson  3

The Creator and His Creation

1. Read the text quickly to answer the
following questions.
What type of text is this?
a. a blog
b. a wiki
c. an article in a magazine
What’s the topic of the text?
a. The Facebook community
b. Social networks
c. The creator of Facebook Reading Strategy
To get familiar with the topic of a text, take a
quick look at the vocabulary it contains.

2. Look at the text below and look for the words in bold type corresponding to these definitions.
a. to give people control over a situation 1. empower
b. a set of computers connected to each other to share information 2.
c. people with the same occupation or work as you 3.
d. to get unauthorized access to manipulate information 4.
e. a computer system through which programs run 5.

3. Read the text below and identify the heading for each section of the contents.

Strategy Achievements 1 on the need to join different communities of
the university.
Read quickly In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg surprised the world
when he and other colleagues co-built one of 3
looking for words
to find the topic of the most recognized and used social networks
In a short time, Mark opened his own
each paragraph. of today. 3 years later Facebook was chosen
company and became very rich, successful
by most media experts as “the website of the
and famous. But it wasn’t easy. At the
decade” with more than 500 million users all
Contents beginning, Harvard University accused him of
around the world.
violating individual privacy and hacking their
2 internal system.
Future goals Mark was born on May 14th, 1984, in Dobbs 4
Origins Ferry, New York. At an early age, he created
Synapse Media Player, an early operative Behind Facebook’s tech essence there is a
Obstacles and
system version of an Mp3 and an instant social phenomenon that has revolutionized
messaging application for his father’s business. people’s lives. Mark sees his company as the
He even designed computer games for his platform to empower people to share openly
friends. When Mark was at Harvard, he and communicate online in rich and varied
developed a university social network based ways.

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