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J.Co Donuts & Coffee was established by a successful salon entrepreneur, Johnny Andrean.

He often go to America for business trip. On his business trip, often tasted a lot of American
donuts variety. Inspired by the taste of American donuts that he likes, Johnny Andrean
decided to collaborate with one of American donuts brand and start a donuts business. But he
failed. His failure leads him to establish

J.Co Donuts & Coffee adopt a western and modern concept to make it brand ready in
international market. It took 3 years for Johnny Andrean and his team to do market research
and sampling. He launched J.Co with concept “what he likes and can be accepted by society”.
J.Co launched for the first time in June 26th 2005 in Karawaci, Tangerang. After that, J.Co
started to open branch everywhere nation-wide. Here’s the vision and mission from J.Co
Donuts & Coffee.


 Makes J.Co the world’s leading brand.

 Become trend-setter in donuts and coffee business segments.
 Become the right company for people who want to reach the dream


 Placing consumers as the main focus

 Provides donuts and coffee and premium quality
 Comitted to give the best service wholeheartedly
 Provide a comfortable place to relax
 Make consumers have different values
 Encourage employees to do their best
 Serve customers with respect

Gausa dimasukin hehe ini mah salah ngerjain tp kalo ternyata dibutuhkan mangga.
Business Development and Organizational Change
To improve a business, sometimes we need to do business development and
organizational change. Organizational change is the process by which organizations
move from their present state to some desired future state to increase their effectiveness.
The goal of organizational change is to find improved ways of using resources and
capabilities in order to increase an organization’s ability to create value. There’s four
targets of change that could be improved in organizational change. Those targets of
change are human resources, functional resources, technological capabilities, and
organizational capabilities. We will elaborate business development and organizational
change for J.Co’s improvement in this section.
1. J.Co’s Order Application/Website
The ordering system in J.Co is still considered conventional. People lined up
and choose the donuts that they will buy. Thus, on peak hours the queue line will
be jammed. The jam on the queue will reduce the productivity of J.Co’s selling.
Other than that, the jam will make customers feel uncomfortable.
Nowadays, in this digital era, a lot of thing can be done a lot easier with
applications/website. A lot of food chains company using application to improve
the food ordering system such as Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s. Right now,
J.Co’s doesn’t have any website or application to facilitate the food ordering
system. Inspired by those food chains company that use application for food
ordering, we suggest J.Co to solve food ordering system by improving the
technological capabilities with J.Co’s food ordering application/website.
Customers can download the J.Co’s application on their mobile phone or
access the J.Co’s ordering website. J.Co’s application will show the variety of their
donuts. Customer’s will entry the J.Co’s store location where they will take the
donuts and order the donuts that they will buy After that, they will pay and take the
donuts at J.Co’s store. To change the ordering system, we will use Lewin’s three
phases of organizational change.
a. Unfreezing
In unfreezing phase, the employees will be informed about the ordering
system improvement. J.Co will informe the employee that the system
improvement will be implemented to avoid the queue jam at peak hour. The
employee’s perspective about this system change will be opened by describing
how high the system improvement’s urgency. After that, a discussion session
with J.Co’s employees union as the representative of J.Co’s employees will be
opened. In this discussion, J.Co’s stakeholder will show the problem that
happen because of ordering system’s ineffectivity and the benefits of the
improvement. In this discussion session, stakeholder will gather employee
representative’s opinion and suggestion and discussed it with them to reach an
agreement. The employee representatives are expected to influence other
employees after the agreement.
b. Changing Phase
In this phase, the improvement will be implemented. The first step of
improvement implementation is making a team to organized and lead the
website and application. The team will be trained and will be appointed as the
coordinator of the new system. The team will socialized the new system to all
of J.Co’s employees. Simulation of the new system will be included in the
socialisation activity.
c. Refreezing Phase
After the changing process done, the system will be implemented. There
will be a team from the stakeholder to supervise the new system. The team will
control and evaluate the system’s implementation. The stakeholder will hold a
meeting after a month to evaluate the performance and effectivity of the new
system. The evaluation will include appreciation and suggestion for a better
system. This supervision and evaluation will ensure the sustainability of the
new system.

2. J.Co’s Donuts Making Event

When J.Co’s first opened, one of their strength and uniqueness is their open
kitchen concept. People’s curiosity of donuts making process lead them to visit
J.Co. It turns out that J.Co’s donuts is tasty enough to make them keep coming
back to J.Co. It showed that people’s interest in donuts making process considered
high. From the field trip experience in Salihara Community, Salihara Community
give opportunity for every people that interested in contemporary arts to join their
programs. Inspired by that, we suggest J.Co to provide facility for people who
interested in donut making.
J.Co will hold events about donuts making and donuts creation. The events
will be divided to two different kinds of activity, private events and public events.
The private events will be aimed for experienced bakers. The experienced bakers
will be invited to join the private events. The public events category aimed for
every people who interested in donuts making. Those events will be held every
month. The purpose of this program is to gather people who have interest in donuts
making. From this event, J.Co can promote their product and increase people’s
interest in J.Co.
The other benefit that J.Co will get by holding this even is that J.Co can get an
extra human resource. The participants of this event can give inspiration and idea
for J.Co’s new products. The event will provide donuts making and creation
experience for the participants. The result of the participants creation can be
adopted (with they permission) to be J.Co’s new product. Other than that, J.Co will
get a link to talented baker from private evens. J.Co can scout those talented baker
as their employee. J.Co’s new activity will be implemented through Lewin’s three
phases of organizational changes.
a. Unfreezing
The unfreezing will be done by introducing the new event to the
employees. J.Co’s will elaborate how the event will be beneficial for the
company. With this event’s presence, J.Co can scout more prosperous
employee and the existing employee can learn a lot from the talented baker
that join the private event. J.Co should ensure the employee that with the
existence of new prosperous baker won’t thread their employee status. After
that, J.Co’s stakeholder will open a discussion session with employee’s
representative to gather inputs and to reach agreement.
b. Changing
The changing will be start by making the main team for event. The main
team will plan the event and contact the prosperous speaker for the event.
Then, the planning team will make a list for talented baker to attend the private
event. The announcement for the open event for general participant will be
published by the event’s main team.
c. Unfreezing
The event will be held routinely. The event’s existence will be
acknowledged by holding the event routinely. The promotion and invitation to
this event should be done so people’s interest can be kept. As long as people’s
interest maintained, the event existence can be sustainable.