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24 al 28 de Proper nouns , Mechanics They will learn Learn the Pencil
Abril , proofreading, review about de proper proper ,book
and assess nouns and the nouns to ,boar and
Pagés 36 to40 differences with the work with marker
common nous them in
the books

01 al 05 de Possessive nouns They will learn how They will Pencil,

Mayo Mechanics , proofreading, show who or what work in book.
review and assess owns or has the books Notebook
pages 41 to 45 something and how to know and board
to add apostrophe the
and (s) to singular difference
nouns. of the
nouns and
08 al 12 de Review plurals ,review They will learn how They will Pencil,
Mayo possessives Mechanics , the plural noun to do a book.
proofreading, review and names more than little quiz Notebook
assess pages 46 to 50 one person, place of what and board
or thing and add (s) they learn
or (es) do not add about the
an apostrophe. plurals

15 al 19 Action verbs Mechanics , They will learn They will Pencil,

Mayo proofreading, review and about the action do book.
assess pages 51 to 55 verbs and how thw differents Notebook
action verbs shows action and and board
what someone or say the
something is doing. name of
that they
are doing
22 al 26 de Present- tense verbs They will learnhow They will
Mayo Mechanics , proofreading, the tense of a verb work in Pencil,
review and assess tells when the the books book.
pages 56 to 60 actions take place. and learn Notebook
Presen –tense verb the and board
tell about actions mistake in
that happen now. the
29 al 02 Pats- tense verbs They will learn Work in Pencil,
Junio Mechanics , proofreading, these verbs are in group of book.
review and assess pages the past-tense two and Notebook
61 to 65 .verbs can tell took and board
about the actions about the
that already especial
happened adding form of
(ed) to most verbs the past-
to tell about the tense
action in the past.
05 al 09 The verb have, past tense They will learn of Work in Pencil,
Junio of have. the verb have and the books book.
Mechanics , the special form in and Notebook
proofreading, review and the present tense. notebook and board
assess pages 66 to 70 Use has when the writeing
subject is singular sentences
Use have when the using the
subject is plural I verb have
OR YOU. and the
form of
this verb.
Happy faces bilingual school and institute

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Miss. Lopez


Date Content Objective Activities Plataforma Resources

24 al 28 de r-contolled They will Answer the Book , pencil,
Abril vowels read learn questions , notebook and
and spell connection makes marker
words with to thinking. inferences,
controlled Connection use context
vowels. to clues.
Pages 64 to vocabulary.
69 Connection
to reading.
to writing.

01 al 05 de Schwa in They will Complete the Book , pencil,

Mayo final syllables learn analogies, notebook and
spell and connection make marker
write words to thinking. inferences,
schwa in the Connection use context
final of to clues.
syllables vocabulary.
pages 70 to Connection
75. to reading.
to writing.

08 al 12 de Suffixes : They will Word Book , pencil,

Mayo ward, - ly learn replacement , notebook and
pages 76 to connection words marker
81 to thinking. meanings and
Connection suffixes
to reading.
to writing.

15 al 19 Assessment They will Proofead a Book , pencil,

Mayo and review , learn how to notebook and
assess for connection paragraph. marker
transfer , to thinking. Write a how
spelling Connection to paragraph.
study to Read , think
strategy vocabulary. and sort.
pages 82 to Connection
88. to reading.
to writing.

22 al 26 de /f/ spelled f, They will Proofead a Book , pencil,

Mayo ff , ph. read learn dialogue , notebook and
think and connection write a marker
sort. Pages to thinking. dialogue .
90 to 95 Connection Complete the
to analogies,
vocabulary. make
Connection inference
to reading. Use context
Connection clues.
to writing.

29 al 02 Consonant They will Use the Book , pencil,

Junio sounds: /z/ , learn dictionary: notebook and
/zh/. Pages connection word marker
96 to 101 to thinking. etymologies.
Connection Word
to categorization.
vocabulary. Word analysis
to reading.
to writing.

05 al 09 Consonant They will Word groups Book , pencil,

Junio doubling learn and verb notebook and
when adding connection tenses. Use marker
– ed, - ing to thinking. synonyms.
pages 102 to Connection And base
107 to words
to reading.
to writing.
Happy faces bilingual school and institute

Plan de clases II parcial

Miss. Lopez


date content objective activities plataforma resources

Semana del 24 Algebra. Extend Team of Board, book,
al 28 abril Number number three marker and pencil
patterns patterns by children take
counting on turns
by tens explaining
orhundreds. one of three
ways to
write a 3-
Semana del 01 Poblemssolving. Solve Pai of Board, book,
al 05 mayo poblems children marker and pencil
Compare involving interview
numbers. number each other
comparisons to find out
by using the how you can
strategy make a
make a model to
model solve a
numbers .
Semana del08 Algebra. Compare 3- Childen draft Board, book,
al 12 de mayo Compare digits a set of marker and pencil
numbers numbers instructions
using the >, for next
= , and < year; second
symbols. grade class
on how you
compare 3-
Semana 15 al Use Use doubles Children use Board, book,
19 mayo doublesfacts facts as their marker and pencil
strategy fo mathboard
finding sums to show a
for near partner how
doubles adding 3+3
facts. can help you
find the sum
for 3+4.
Semana 22 al Practice, Recall sums Childen Board, book,
26 de mayo addition facts for basic recommend marker and pencil
facts using to a partner
properties two great
and ways to
strategies. remember
Semana 29 al Algebra. Relate Use the Teams of Board, book,
02 de junio addition and inverse children marker and pencil
subtraction. relationship brainstorm
of addition all the ways
and that addition
subtraction and
to recall subtraction
basic facts. are related.
Semana 05 al Use ten to Find Children Board, book,
09 de junio subtract differences share using a marker and pencil
on a number sentence
line to frame , in
develop the the
mental experience,
strategy of getting to 10
decomposing in
to simplify subtraction
facts. helps when