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Nevin Morrison

2218 12 Ave. South

Lethbridge, AB
T1K 0P2
Phone: 403-694-0157

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this reference letter for Sydney Milligan who served as an education practicum
student at our school for her PS2 placement. Sydney taught both my Sport Foundations class
and my PE 9 class primarily.

In her time teaching with my classes, Sydney exhibited many characteristics that will make her a
good teacher in the future. Sydney was always well prepared to teach her classes and obviously
put a lot of effort into her preparation. Sydney had excellent control of her classes and provided
meaningful lessons. More important than her preparation was Sydney’s ability to form positive
relationships with students. The students truly liked Sydney and she was missed when her
practicum ended.

Sydney was a pleasure to have in my class. I strongly recommend her for any future educational


Nevin Morrison
Teacher Winston Churchill High School