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Human (Ambrian) Human (Ambrian)

Privileged, Addiction (wine) Contacts (Queen’s Rangers), Green Thumb

Dominate (novice), Leader (adept), Exceptional Resolute (novice),

Man-at-Arms (novice), Tactician (novice), Storm Arrow (adept), Thorn Cloak (novice),
Loremaster (novice) Witchcraft (novice)

Broadsword 1D8 (balanced), Oak staff 1D6 (blunt),

Dagger 1D6 (short) Dagger 1D6 (short)

Fine chainmail coat 1D8 (flexible) Studded leather 1D4 (impeding),

Bronze necklace (corruption ward: 1*)

10 (flexible armor, +1 for balanced weapon) 8

10 4 10 4

Camping gear, pipe and tobacco, skin of Camping gear, bone whistle, carved wooden
wine, golden locket, 5 thalers figure, 5 thalers

Gleaming bronze with flecks of gold Leaf green speckled with dark spots
(corruption: 0) (corruption: 0)

* When rolling for temporary Corruption, roll at -1. May reduce to 0.

Human (Ambrian) Human (Ambrian)

Contacts (the Red Feathers), Wanted Contacts (the Church), Impulsive

Hunting Instinct (adept), Beast Lore (novice), Natural Warrior (adept), Strangler (novice),
Steel Throw (novice), Quick Draw (novice), Iron Fist (novice), Steadfast (novice),
Acrobatics (novice) Cheap Shot (novice)

Throwing Axe 1D8, Punch 1D6 (double), Cosh 1D6 (blunt, short),
Dagger 1D6 (melee, short) Dagger 1D6 (short)

Hand-crafted leather gilet 1D4 (flexible) Studded leather 1D4 (impeding)

11 11
10 3 15 8

Camping gear, deck of cards, brass spyglass, Camping gear, vial of strong scent, gold
six well-worn throwing axes, 5 thaler earring, 5 thalers

Burnished copper (corruption: 0) Verdigris copper (corruption: 0)

Human (Ambrian) Human (Ambrian)

Bushcraft, Code of Honor, Cmmnd’g Voice Robust (novice), Fire Forged, Slow

Feint (adept), Twin Attack (novice), Two-handed Force (adept), Recovery (novice)
Medicus (novice), Recovery (novice) Feat of Strength (novice), Blacksmith (novice)

Sword 1D8, Rock Hammer 1D12,

Dagger 1D6 (short) Dagger 1D6 (short), +1D4 melee once/turn

Supple fur-edged leather 1D4 (flexible) Robust +1D4,

Studded leather 1D4 (impeding)

11 (flexible, 12 w/ a weapon in each hand) 8 (6, if wearing armor)

10 4 20 8

Camping gear, pouch of sand, gilded petal Camping gear, twisted metal doll, 5 thalers
brooch, whetstone, 5 thalers

Leaf green (corruption: 0) Green like a dew-laden leaf (corruption: 0)