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Fair Use

L icense

Image Usage Rights

Under copyright, authors have the
right to control the use of their
w ork subject to exceptions permit-
ted under the law.
It’s to understand the rights and
responsibilities under the copyright
law, review the basics and the
In addition, fair use issues, font
licensing, piracy, plagiarism, and
image usage rights are some of the
other legal issues that graphic
designers need to be knowledge-
able about.
What does copyright mean?
And how am I going to claim it?
Copyright is to protect ownership
w orks by authors.
And, I just found out
that all these w orks are protected!
for the length of each copyright are
based on different w ork, for...
When w e talk about fair use...
you are to get permission
from copyright owner
before using it.
Moving onto Font licensing!
Font license is license that gives the right
to use the font designed by someone

which the term can be found in legal contract

called End-User L icense Agreement (EULA).
Here is also a guideline to follow through!
Remember that when you're installing new font
on your computer, make sure you have license
to it.

Downloading font that

are free, remember to
check license agreement Educational use
for usage. L ike...

Personal use
What does piracy mean and what
are some of the cons when you get
Piracy into your computer...
Piracy is when manufacturers or
publishers copy intellectual property from
others w ithout their permission.

Pirated softw are can cause bugs,

viruses and system crashes.

So bew are!
"Hey, what do you think
of End-user piracy?"
"W ell, End-user piracy are
people copying disks for
installation and distribution,
also acquiring academic or
other restricted softw are to
use for an unqualified purpose."
“I see... What about
internet piracy?"
"There are some auction site
that counterfeit, out-of-chan-
nel, or otherw ise softw are.
Which also allow netw ork that
enable unauthorized transfer

copyright programs."
"What is hard-disk loading &
Softw are counterfeiting?"

"Hard-disk loading happens when pirated

softw are are loaded into the hard-disks
of new computers and softw are
counterfeiting happens when cyber-users
purposely duplicate illegal copies of the
softw are and are sold by the business."
"And what should I do in order
to get the product...?"
"In order to get authentic product,
remember to purchase hardw are/
product from authorized retailers
and a receipt of all expenditure
listed in it!"
Let’s get down to our favourite topic!
Image Usage Rights!
Image usage rights related to images
that are being purchased varies and
depends on a number of factors.
When you’re looking/hiring for
services directly...

Also when your Client

w ould like to use the
w ork for any additional
projects, a usage fee w ill
be applied!
A s for Rights managed...
L icense give permission to the buyer to use
and form of content in particular manner.
Included restrictions on the length of time,
the size-format & location.

for Royalty Free...

Any form of w ork that are sold for a single
standard fee and may be used repeatedly
by purchaser.
Lastly, Creative Commons...
Is an organisations that provide
free and legal sharing, use,
repurposing and remixing to public.
Also, do you know how does
creative commons w ork?
It allow s people to modify copyright w ork.
from "All rights reserved"
to "Some rights reserved".
Plagiarism is...
unauthorized use or close imitation
of an existing original artw ork.
And for A ppropriation,
there are some practice of artist using
pre-existing any form of w ork in their
w ork w ith little transformation from the
Have you remembered all of these?
It’s better to play safe than never!
Explanation of different types of piracy,
implications, and steps you can take to avoid it.
American Bar A ssociation Section of
Intellectual Property w ith
information about copyright.
Resources for changing copyright terms
from "all rights reserved".
Resource for creative professionals
for buying and marketing typefaces.
Subscription-based service for linking to
high-quality Open Type fonts for use on the w eb.
The official site for administering and
sustaining the national copyright system.
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