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Report no-BHEL/004 Date-26/11/2016

Load test report

Name of factory : M/s. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd

Address of factory : C/o BHEL KAPP-3&4,Kakrapar,vyara

Date of testing of rotor lifting beam : 26/11/2016

Distinguishing number or mark : BHEL 004/SWL-78 Ton-UNIT-4

Method of support : Nylon belt & Wire rope

Total capacity of lifting T&P : 160 Ton

Date of testing of lifting T&P : Third party certificate are

Particular of any defect found at any such : No
Examination made under 29(1)a(iii)

Test load of rotor lifting beam : 120 MT, 60/57 MT at both end

General observation : Deflection found 6mm

Load test accepted :

I/We certify that on (date)…………………. I/We thoroughly examined the above mentioned
Rotor lifting beam that the above is correct report of result.

NPCIL Execution NPCIL safety officer NPCIL Competent person