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Vol. 01 Issue 01, ISSN. 0000 000 x July 1, 2018

Lower, fairer and
simpler taxes for all
working Australians
Canberra. The Turnbull
Government has delivered income
tax relief for hard-working
Australian families. In passing
our Personal Income Tax plan
through the Parliament, the
Government has ensured all
Australians paying tax will be
better off. They will be paying less
tax, and they will be rewarded for
their hard work both now and
into the future.
First-ever global
conference of
national counter-
terrorism chiefs
New York. First-ever global
conference of national counter-
terrorism chiefs will strengthen
cooperation, build ‘resilient’
States, says top UN official. Heads
of counter-terrorism agencies

Trump with Kim

from across the world was in
meeting at UN Headquarters in
New York last week for the first
time, to pool expertise, resources
and ideas to fight back against the
growing scourge of international
Strong multilateral
institutions key to Joint Statement of President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman
tackling world’s
dramatic challenges Kim Jong UN of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at the Singapore Summit

Moscow. “Facing dramatic global
challenges, we need a global capacity TL Bureau exchange of opinions on the issues will contribute to the peace and The United States and the DPRK
to address them that reaffirms the related to the establishment of new prosperity of the Korean Peninsula will join their efforts to build a lasting
importance of multilateralism and resident Donald J. Trump U.S.–DPRK relations and the building and of the world, and recognizing and stable peace regime on the
the importance of a rules-based set of the United States of of a lasting and robust peace regime that mutual confidence building can Korean Peninsula.
of international relations, based on America and Chairman on the Korean Peninsula. President promote the denuclearization of the Reaffirming the April 27, 2018
the rule of law and in accordance Kim Jong Un of the State Trump committed to provide Korean Peninsula, President Trump Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK
with the UN Charter,” said Mr. Affairs Commission of security guarantees to the DPRK, and and Chairman Kim Jong Un state the commits to work toward complete
Guterres, wrapping up a two-day the Democratic People’s Republic Chairman Kim Jong Un reaffirmed following: denuclearization of the Korean
trip to Russia during a joint press of Korea (DPRK) held a first, his firm and unwavering commitment The United States and the DPRK Peninsula. The United States and
conference with Foreign Minister historic summit in Singapore on to complete denuclearization of the commit to establish new U.S.–DPRK the DPRK commit to recovering
Sergey Lavrov. June 12, 2018. President Trump and Korean Peninsula. relations in accordance with the POW/MIA remains, including the
Chairman Kim Jong Un conducted a Convinced that the establishment desire of the peoples of the two immediate repatriation of those
US-India to hold 2+2 comprehensive, in-depth, and sincere of new U.S.–DPRK relations countries for peace and prosperity. already identified.
Dialogue on July 6
Washington, DC. Secretary of State
Michael R. Pompeo and Secretary ABF charged man with drug in suitcase Preston drug dealer has sentence increased
and coffee. When opened, the packages after UK Solicitor General’s referral
of Defense James Mattis will host
Indian External Affairs Minister
Sushma Swaraj and Minister of revealed a white crystallized powder
Defense Nirmala Sitharaman in which returned positive results for
Washington, D.C., for the inaugural pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is
U.S.-India 2+2 Dialogue on July a border controlled drug and is used as
6. The meeting will focus on a precursor agent in the manufacture of
strengthening strategic, security, drugs of dependence, such as ice. The
and defense cooperation as the man was charged with section 307.11
United States and India jointly of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth),
confront global challenges. for the importation of a commercial
UK Home Office quantity of a border controlled
publishes details of precursor, being pseudoephedrine.
This charge carries a maximum
settlement scheme penalty of life imprisonment. ABF
for EU citizens TL correspondent Regional Commander NSW Danielle TL Bureau at Preston Crown Court in April,

London. EU citizens living in the Yannopoulos said this seemingly where he was given a sentence of
UK and their family members he Australian Border Force innocent bag containing commercially Preston drug dealer has 3 years 9 months’ imprisonment.
will need to apply under the (ABF) has charged a 54-year-old packaged food items is an example of today had his sentence Today, after the Solicitor General’s
settlement scheme to obtain their Australian man with allegedly the extent criminals will go to in order increased after the referral, the Court of Appeal
new UK immigration status. importing approximately six and a half to conceal illicit substances. “Attempts Solicitor General, Robert increased his sentence to 5 years
Caroline Nokes confirmed that kilograms of the border controlled drug such as this to smuggle illicit substances Buckland QC MP, referred his 7 months. Commenting on the
those applying under the scheme pseudoephedrine in his suitcase. across the border are no match to skilled sentence for being too low. Edward sentence increase, the Solicitor
will only need to complete 3 key The man arrived into Sydney officers who know things are not always Marland, 46, was arrested after selling General said: Drug-dealing offences
steps. They will need to prove International Airport on a flight from what they appear to be. an undercover officer diamorphine or have a devastating effect on the
their identity, show that they Vietnam on Saturday 23 June and was “We are committed to stopping heroin on 3 separate occasions. This communities in which they occur.
live in the UK, and declare that selected for baggage examination by importation of illicit substances into was part of an undercover operation I am therefore glad that the serious
they have no serious criminal ABF officers. His suitcase contained our community and catching those in the Preston area which also led to impact of Marland’s crimes has
convictions. a number of commercially packaged responsible for bringing them here,” the arrest of 18 others. now been reflected in his increased
food items labelled as instant cereal, tea Commander Yannopoulos said. Marland was originally sentenced sentence.
Editorial 2

What’s Hope to
World after Meeting Parliamentary
Trump and Kim Committee
resident Donald Trump meet with North Korean
Dictator Kim Jong Un on June 12 at a Singapore hotel for
Report on
Foreign Influence
the first face-to-face meeting between sitting American
and North Korean leaders. Everyone was scared that
what next not even the prestigious personalities within that
meeting but, even the whole world kept their eyes on them.

You know why because the expectations were very worse as
well, because last year the two leaders were openly threatening
each other with possible nuclear war. And Now, they’ll be sitting

down to discuss the possible dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear
I mean what is this going on. Even both leaders were
unexpectedly behaved in a very professional humble and tolerable
manner. Because North Korea expect that wants to talk with the
US to lower tensions by minimising the risk to the mankind and
humanity worldwide, But getting there wasn’t easy. Kim’s was very
opposite to the idea of full denuclearization caused some rifts in
the planning of the summit and on the other side, Trump called
it off on May 24, then revived it eight days later. I mean what’s
going on, one invited then other says yes and then when everyone
planned about it, but one refuse to meet. So the circumstances
became very harsh. Nobody expects that what next. To convince
Kim to even consider giving up his weapons, the US will need to
make some serious concessions as well because, it is not easy to
tackle the leader who lonely became on the top of world with a
nuclear button in his pocket.
There are many reasons about the meeting, but however it
plays out, it will well and mark the most dramatic diplomatic
moment of one of the top superpower recognisable Donald
Trump’s presidency so far.
The summit starts with the two men shaking hands with taking
a photo side-by-side, then moving to another room, where they
sat and made brief release for media by saying, "We're going to
have a great discussion and, I think, tremendous success. It will
be tremendously successful. And it's my honor," Trump said.
"We will have a terrific relationship — I have no doubt," the
president added.
Lot of commitments have been done in that meeting but if we
take a review of international media then some opined that no Christian Porter, Attorney-General
one trusted one, because may be in their mind they all falsified
in that meeting only to show or only scared from each other,
TL Bureau through this Bill, rather to ensure such activity is
but fear lies inside their mind and they will just met to show the

undertaken in a lawful, open and transparent way."
world that yes we both won’t fear from each other and we can ttorney-General, Christian Porter, Two weeks ago the Government presented the
do anything. Yes, but I understand that, Immediately following welcomed of the Parliamentary Committee with a series of drafted amendments
the summit, Trump announced that the US would discontinue Joint Committee on Intelligence and which addressed key issues of concern to
Security's (PJCIS's) report on the stakeholders.
"provocative" joint military exercises with South Korea and Government's Foreign Influence Transparency The Committee has made 52 recommendations,
would "eventually" withdraw troops stationed there. Scheme Bill 2017. the majority of which represent minor and
For your information our department would like to introduce "The Committee report is a critical step in technical drafting amendments.
securing the passage of this crucial legislation to Of the significant amendments recommended
the Kim’s he is the second child of Kim Jong-il and Ko Yong- help protect Australia's democratic systems and by the PJCIS, more than 20 relate to the
hui. The grandson of Kim Il-sung, the first leader of North Korea institutions," the Attorney-General said. amendments previously drafted and submitted by
from 1948 to 1994, he is the first North Korean leader to have "Most importantly, the
been born after the country's founding. So nothing special about Committee report recommends
the Bill be passed, reflecting a
"The Government intends to
politics but still having blood in politics. continuation of the bipartisan accept all of the Committee's
Kim was known to be the most powerful leader in the world, approach to national security
recommendations for amendments
the reason behind it is his thought for feeling and thinking
himself as one of the top and powerful keeping his one hand on
"The Turnbull Government's to the Bill, with a view to debating
the nuclear button. And as far as trump is concerned, you all
number one priority is to keep
Australians safe and this Bill, along
and passing both Bills into
know about him that he is a top class and rich businessman, who with the Espionage and Foreign Parliament this week"
Interference Bill which the PJCIS
hold almost every problem’s solution. So the hope is there that reported on two weeks ago and also recommended the Attorney-General.
trump will be successful in his Kim’s deal as well. be passed, are critical elements of achieving that The most significant remaining
So still the mystery that what happens after this Summit of objective. recommendations relate to the creation of new
Trump and Kim, but have our finger crossed that whatsoever will "The Government intends to accept all of the exemptions for charities and arts groups in limited
Committee's recommendations for amendments to circumstances and extending requirements on
happen, should be good for the world and humanity. the Bill, with a view to debating and passing both former Cabinet Ministers and public servants.
For letter to editor and suggestions please reach us at Bills into Parliament this week. The Attorney-General said the Government "The Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme would consider those recommendations and was
Bill creates a register for individuals or entities aiming to have any necessary amendments drafted
which are undertaking activities on behalf of ahead of introduction of the Bill this week.
Address of Publisher:
foreign principals. This will provide transparency "I thank the PJCIS and the co-operative
The Life (Digital & Print), Parveen Malik, 127 Aberdeen Parade, Boondall 4034, for the Australian Government and the Australian approach of the Opposition to bring this inquiry to
Australia (07) 3191 3325, Email: community about foreign influence in Australia. a conclusion and the delivery of today's report," the
For advertisement contact manager at "We don't seek to restrict those activities Attorney-General said.

The Life
3 world

If we can build the International Space Station, Sudan: The Troika Condemns
‘we can do anything’ – UN Champion for Space Continued Clashes in Jebel
TL Bureau
Marra, Darfur

TL Bureau

he sight of Earth, from
hundreds of kilometers he Troika (Norway,
away in open space while the United
you are tethered only to Kingdom and the
the International Space Station, is United States)
“absolutely amazing”, said Scott Kelly, condemns the ongoing
the UN Champion for Space and clashes between the Sudan
former US astronaut, stressing that the Liberation Army-Abdul
world we live on “is our only planet.” Wahid (SLA-AW) and
“Through that single visor, you Government of Sudan forces
see how fragile the Earth’s atmosphere In his address, Mr. Kelly described before on Earth” which “put together as well as inter-tribal violence
is … it’s almost like someone put this his life onboard the International astronauts and cosmonauts working in in the Jebel Marra region of Darfur. of sustainable peace in Darfur and
thin film over the surface of our planet Space Station, a structure measuring these very, very difficult conditions.” The civilian population continues to unnecessarily prolongs civilian
and the first time you see it, you realize about 300 feet long and 200 feet “This space station is the hardest bear the brunt of this unnecessary suffering. The Government’s actions
that is everything that protects us from wide and orbiting between 280-460 thing we have ever done … if we can do violence, which has led to the burning in military operations and its inaction
space,” said Mr. Kelly, delivering a kilometers in space. this we can do anything,” underscored down of villages, causing high numbers in stopping the violence undermine
keynote address at the UNISPACE+50 This space station is the hardest Mr. Kelly. of civilian injury and death, and the efforts to achieve a peaceful solution to
gathering in Vienna; a United Nations thing we have ever done … if we can He linked this incredible feat of displacement of nearly 9,000 people. It the conflict. There can be no military
forum on the peaceful uses of outer do this we can do anything – UN human ingenuity and perseverance is unacceptable that the Government solution to the conflict in Darfur and
space. Champion for Space Scott Kelly with addressing the challenges of Sudan has repeatedly prevented the international community should
However, in spite of this Particularly poignant was his confronting the vert survival of planet the African Union/United Nations consider imposing sanctions against
breathtakingly beautiful sight, there description of the time he left the Earth. Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and those who continue to act as spoilers.
are parts of the globe when viewed station for his last time, onboard a If we want to fix the problems humanitarian actors from accessing The Troika calls on all parties to
from space, that are almost always Russian Soyuz spacecraft: with the environment we can do that, the areas of conflict and displaced the conflict to immediately cease all
shrouded in pollution, he continued. “We built this space station … expressed Mr. Kelly. populations. The Troika strongly military engagement and hostilities,
Humankind may get to Mars while flying around the Earth at “After spending a year in space, I urges the Government of Sudan to allow unfettered humanitarian
someday or elsewhere in the Solar 17,500 miles an hour, in a vacuum, in was absolutely inspired that if we can immediately provide unfettered access access, and to meaningfully engage
System, but if it is to survive, it “needs temperatures ranges of plus or minus dream it we can do it … and most to both UNAMID and humanitarian with the African Union High Level
to survive on earth” added the former 270 degrees”, he said, adding that they importantly, if we work as a team actors. The SLA-AW leadership’s Implementation Panel (AUHIP) led
NASA astronaut who spent over a year had connecting modules, “some of because teamwork makes the dream refusal to engage with the peace peace process in order to reach a
orbiting the planet. which had never touched each other work. The sky is not the limit.” process obstructs the achievement permanent ceasefire.

UN mobilizes in Rohingya United States Australia signed Contract

camps to support babies born of Welcomes to deliver undersea cables
rape; young mothers face stigma New Head of to Papua New Guinea and
MACCIH in Solomon Islands
TL Bureau On Tuesday, the world marks the

International Day for the Elimination
espite challenges brought of Sexual Violence in Conflict, and we he United States welcomes the TL Correspondent Australia’s strong support for this

on by the arrival of the have been finding out how some of June 18, announcement by the project is a reflection of our enduring
monsoon season this the survivors have been coping, now Government of Honduras of the ustralian Government commitment to the Pacific, where
month, United Nations that dozens of children of rape have appointment of a new Chief of Mission will partner with we work with partners to support
agencies in Bangladesh continue to been born – and what UN agencies of the Organization of American States’ telecommunications the region’s stability, security and
support nearly one million Rohingya are doing to provide them with vital Mission of Support Against Impunity and company Vocus to manage prosperity.
refugees, including thousands of services and support. Corruption in Honduras (MACCIH), the construction of high-speed Boosting connectivity in PNG and
victims of sexual violence. “Sameera” (not her real name) is Dr. Luiz Antonio Marrey Guimaraes undersea telecommunications cables Solomon Islands will drive economic
Members of the mainly-Muslim among the Rohingya refugees now of Brazil. We commend President to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and growth, and improve governance
minority community began fleeing sheltering in the crowded camps Juan Orlando Hernandez’s decision to Solomon Islands. and security. World
Myanmar’s Rakhine state last August of the Cox’s Bazar region in south- support this important anti-corruption Awarding the Bank research
following a military crackdown targeting eastern Bangladesh. The 17-year-old work. MACCIH has been instrumental $136.6 million estimates improved
extremists, during which homes were had only been married for a couple of in supporting Honduras’s efforts to contract to delivery internet access and
destroyed, men and boys killed, and months when her husband was killed. combat corruption and impunity. We partner Vocus is a connectivity could
countless women and girls raped. She was raped just days after his look forward to collaborating with Dr. major milestone and grow GDP by more
In early May, UN News published a death, when three soldiers showed up Marrey Guimaraes and to the Mission’s signals the start of the than US$5 billion
special report highlighting the concerns at her door, together with two other full re-dedication to this important physical installation of and create close to
being voiced by several leading UN Rohingya girls, who were also raped. work under his direction. We appreciate the Coral Sea Cable System. 300,000 new jobs in the Pacific by
officials over the legacy of what Andrew “As I will give birth to the baby, the Honduran government and OAS Australia will deliver and 2040.
Gilmour, UN Assistant Secretary- he or she will be mine, no matter reaffirming their ongoing commitment majority-fund the cables, with a The Coral Sea Cable System is
General for Human Rights, described as who the father is,” she told the UN to MACCIH’s mandate and future financial co-contribution from both scheduled for completion by the end
a “frenzy of sexual violence”. Children’s Fund (UNICEF). success. –TL Bureau PNG and Solomon Islands. of 2019.

UK Government introduces new Offensive Weapons Bill to tackle serious violence

TL Bureau determined to do everything I can

to help them keep weapons off our
he Offensive Weapons Bill streets.
will make it harder for The Bill forms part of the
young people to buy knives government’s response to the recent
and acid online with sellers rise in serious violence, set out in the
requiring rigorous age verification £40 million Serious Violence Strategy,
to prove those purchasing knives or which places a new focus on early
corrosives are over 18. Failure to do so intervention alongside robust law
will leave them liable for prosecution. enforcement.
The Bill will also ban possession As such, existing offences
of weapons such as zombie knives, of possessing a bladed article or
knuckle dusters and death stars both offensive weapon on school premises
in public and private. Those who do has been extended to cover further
will be forced to hand them in. education premises in England, Wales
As part of the new legislation the and Northern Ireland.
Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, has been We are making it a criminal
clear in his support to police officers, offence for a knife bought online to be
with measures in the Bill ensuring sent to a residential address. Anyone
that the police have the powers to buying knives online must also prove
seize illegal weapons whenever they they are over 18 and retailers must
are found. ensure they make sufficient checks.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid said: In addition, anyone who has weapons
It is totally wrong that young such as zombie knives, knuckledusters
people are able to get their hands on and harmful acids. laws around this even tighter. work our front line officers do to keep and death stars will be required to
dangerous weapons such as knives That is why we are making the Earlier this week I saw the great our communities safe – and I am surrender them to the police.

The Life
world 4

WADA, Australia and Sri Lanka FIFA World Cup 2018:

partner in fight for clean sport Travel advice for fans
travelling through Poland
TL Correspondent sharing information, resources and the fight against doping. In this

experiences. The MOU applies to context, I am very pleased to have The England team played Belgium in Kaliningrad on
n an effort to strengthen the all areas of anti-doping operations this formal arrangement in place
global fight for clean sport, including investigations, intelligence, with our dedicated Sri Lankan
28 June. England fans travelling to the match through
the Australian Sports Anti- education and testing. counterparts.” Poland should familiarise themselves with this advice.
Doping Authority (ASADA) The MOU will be supported by a SLADA Director General Dr
and Sri Lankan Anti-Doping Agency tripartite agreement between ASADA, Jayawickrame said “It is an honour
(SLADA) have this month entered SLADA and WADA – the latter that and privilege for SLADA to partner
into a new international agreement will oversee the partnership. with ASADA. The Australian sports
supported by the World Anti-Doping ASADA CEO David Sharpe said system is well-advanced and a model
Agency (WADA). “SLADA and ASADA share a deep to look forward to. We hope to gain
A formal Memorandum of commitment to the right of clean from ASADA’s rich experience,
Understanding (MOU) was signed athletes to fair competition, no matter knowledge and technological
in Colombo, Sri Lanka yesterday where they compete in the world, and advancements in the field of anti-
by ASADA CEO David Sharpe and no matter who they compete against. doping.
SLADA Director General Dr Seevali “To ensure a strong anti- This will no doubt contribute
Jayawickrame. doping program across all sports in our march in anti-doping not
Under the MOU, the national and all nations, cooperation is key. just in keeping our athletes clean
anti-doping organisations will work It is critical that we develop our but to educate and prepare all our
together to bolster the strength capacities together, we learn from stakeholders to continuously strive to
of their anti-doping programs by each other and we join forces in reach this goal.”

TL Bureau There is no place for crossing the

Australian Government Ongoing

Polish / Russian border on foot.
he 2018 FIFA World Cup Make sure you are familiar with

welcomes the extension of Violence in will take place in Russia guidance and tips for fans travelling

ceasefire in Afghanistan Nicaragua

from 14 June to 15 July. to the World Cup before you go.
The England team will Travellers can sign up for email alerts
play Belgium in Kaliningrad on 28 to be notified of any updates on travel
June. Numbers of England fans are advice to Russia before and during
expected to travel to Kaliningrad for their trip. As well as this advice, check
the match through Gdansk, Poland. out our travel advice for Poland.

Fiji PM Wecomes the

T planned October visit by
he United States condemns
the ongoing government-
sponsored violence and
intimidation campaign in
Nicaragua, including the June 16 arson
Duke and Duchess of Sussex
attack against the home and business TL Bureau

of a family in Managua, killing six,
and the further intimidation of the iji PM welcomes formally by
family during the wake. Attacks and saying “I am delighted on behalf
threats against peaceful protestors of the Fijian Government and
TL Correspondent cessation of hostilities during Eid, a and the general population are the Fijian people to welcome the

symbolic time for peace and goodwill. unacceptable, and must cease. formal announcement from Kensington
he Australian Government The ceasefire has given Afghans hope We urge immediate and full Palace that their Royal Highnesses
welcomes President Ashraf that lasting peace may be possible. implementation of the June 15 the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will Invictus Games in Australia and we expect
Ghani’s offer to extend Australia is part of the NATO- National Dialogue agreement on visit Fiji in October. I know that this that the Royal Couple will spend two days
the Afghan Government’s led international Coalition that is human rights. The United States is announcement will be greeted with great in Fiji towards the end of October. They
ceasefire with the Taliban, so that assisting Afghanistan to provide aware the Nicaraguan government has enthusiasm in Fiji. Prince Harry and will also be visiting New Zealand and
it continues after the Eid al-Fitr security for its citizens, deny safe accepted another visit by the Inter- Meghan have captured the hearts of the Tonga. The details of their program in Fiji
celebration. We support President haven to terrorist groups such as American Commission on Human Fijian people, just as they have captured will be announced in due course. But I am
Ghani’s efforts to initiate a peace Islamic State and Al Qaeda, and Rights, and recommends it begin the hearts of billions of people around the sure that their engagements will reflect
process to end the country’s conflict, rebuild after years of violence. immediately. We note the widespread world, and we look forward to warmly Prince Harry’s keen interest in the welfare
including an offer in February for We will continue to assist the call among Nicaraguans for early welcoming them and showing them our of young people and his dedication to
peace-talks with the Taliban without people of Afghanistan as they work to elections. The United States believes special brand of Fijian hospitality. the preservation of the environment and
preconditions. The Afghan people achieve a more secure and prosperous early elections represent a constructive The precise dates of the visit have yet Meghan’s interest in the empowerment of
have overwhelmingly supported the future. way forward. –TL Bureau to be announced but it will be after the women and girls.

Major reduction in numbers of people diagnosed EU and Australia launch talks

with HIV in New Zealand for a broad trade agreement
TL Bureau people will meet the criteria for TL Correspondent

this treatment annually. “Hopefully,
ssociate Health Minister these new measures, in addition to ommissioner for Trade
Julie Anne Genter is existing prevention methods, will Cecilia Malmström together
pleased that new results help to ensure the numbers of people with Australian Prime
show a significant drop in diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand Minister Malcolm Turnbull
the number of people diagnosed with continues to drop in coming years. and Trade Minister of Australia Steven
HIV after increases for the previous “However, other serious sexually- Ciobo officially launched negotiations
five years. Results out today from the transmitted infections, such as for a comprehensive and ambitious
AIDS Epidemiology Group, which is syphilis and gonorrhoea, have trade agreement between the EU and
based at the University of Otago and continued to rise and the presence Australia in the Australian capital of
funded by the Ministry of Health, of any STI increases the risk of HIV Canberra. The aim of the negotiations consolidate the EU’s engagement in
showed the number diagnosed last transmission. “Therefore, it’s vital that is to remove barriers to trade in goods the Asia-Pacific region. Commissioner
year with HIV was 197, nearly 50 “The Government is committed to other measures, such as condom use, and services, create opportunities for for Trade Cecilia Malmström said: “I
fewer people than the previous year reducing HIV rates in New Zealand, regular and early HIV and other STI small and large companies, as well as look forward to adding Australia to
and the fewest since 2013 in New and to reduce the stigma associated testing, and screening and treating setting ambitious rules in line with our ever-expanding circle of like-
Zealand. with HIV. HIV-infected individuals other sexually-transmitted infections, other trade agreements of the EU, minded trade partners. In challenging
“A major reduction in numbers are now able to start treatment continue to ensure this decline in HIV contributing to shape global trade. times, it is heartening to see that
of people diagnosed with HIV in immediately on diagnosis. is sustained in the long term, and The opening of talks with Australia Australia shares our commitment to
New Zealand this year is great news,” “This March, PHARMAC that other STIs also continue to be is part of the EU agenda for open and a positive trade agenda, and to the
Minister Genter said. started funding HIV Pre-Exposure managed effectively. fair trade. It follows the conclusion of idea that good trade agreements are
“While it’s too soon to say if this is Prophylaxis (PrEP), a daily “I want to encourage all New negotiations with Japan last year and a win for both sides. The result of our
the start of a downward trend, I want medication taken to reduce the risk Zealanders to continue to practice Mexico this past spring, as well the negotiations will be an agreement that
to congratulate the hard work by the of becoming infected with HIV, safe sex and to continue to encourage entry into force of the EU-Canada offers clear benefits for both the EU
New Zealand AIDS Foundation for its for people who are at high risk New Zealanders to get tested if they trade agreement in September of last and Australia. It will boost economic
community prevention work in this of contracting HIV infection. It’s have been at risk,” Minister Genter year. The future agreement between opportunity for businesses, both big
important area of public health. expected that approximately 4000 said. the EU and Australia will further and small, and create jobs.

The Life
5 australia

Understanding Antarctic Treasury Costings Reveals

ecosystems using e-DNA
Embarrassing $10 Billion Black Hole
in Labor’s Retiree Tax Revenue
TL Correspondent The costing also takes account

of the chang es Labor made to their
detailed Treasury costing new retirees tax within weeks of
of Labor’s retiree tax announcing it, after it became clear
proposal has revealed a they had failed to consider the impact
$10 billion black hole in on pensioners. Despite their changes,
Labor’s expected budget revenue from Labor’s retiree tax still hits pensioners.
denying tax refunds for dividend Treasury’s costing of Labor’s
imputation credits over the medium Retiree Tax proposal confirms
term. This includes a shortfall of concerns raised at the time Labor
around $1 billion over the current announced their proposal that they
budget and forward estimates. had over-estimated the revenue they
Treasury’s costing is the product expected to collect, first they claimed
of a thorough assessment of Labor’s $59 billion, then $55.7 billion. It’s now
Dr Bruce Deagle is trialling methods to identify zooplankton and fish in seawater samples proposal, including likely behavioural follows consultations with external $45.8 billion. This is not the first time
by amplifying environmental DNA.  (Photo: Glenn Jacobson) impacts of individuals rearranging stakeholders, as well as analysis of Labor have done this. In Government
their affairs to avoid the new tax, and relevant available data. they did it all the time.
TL Correspondent Southern Ocean,” Dr Deagle said.

“We can already monitor
an a small water sample
tell you what sort of fish,
phytoplankton and bacteria using
this method, but we want to see if
Australia to host the Institute of Masters of
krill, or even penguins and
seals, are living in different
we can identify larger zooplankton,
like copepods and krill, as well as
Wine 10th international Symposium
parts of the Southern Ocean? That’s different fish species, and potentially TL Bureau attended by around 450 participants. industry.’

what scientists from the Australian even penguins and seals. The Andreas Clark, CEO of Wine ‘The IMW Symposium is the
Antarctic Division are hoping to find approach relies on ‘barcodes’, which he Institute of Masters Australia said, ‘We’re thrilled to most important event for the Institute
out, using environmental DNA, or are segments of DNA unique to of Wine (IMW) has be hosting the world of wine in every four years’ says Adrian Garforth
e-DNA. different species. These genetic announced that Adelaide Adelaide in 2022 and look forward MW, the Vice-Chairman of the
Molecular ecologist, Dr Bruce markers are targeted in the sample, will host its next to showcasing Australia’s diverse Institute ‘and that’s not just because
Deagle, said e-DNA technology can and then compared to a reference international Symposium in June and thriving wine scene, and our we invite other experts to discuss
identify hundreds of species in an database to identify the organisms. 2022. The announcement was made at enviable epicurean culture. Australia’s challenges, innovations and trends,
environmental sample – such as water “e-DNA has been used in lakes the closing ceremony of the Institute’s creativity, passion and focus on but also because we relish the chance
or soil – by sequencing DNA in the and ponds, where the inhabitants 9th international Symposium, ‘Living innovation makes it the perfect to meet and re-meet hundreds of
sample. “Being able to characterise don’t move much and the water Wine’ in Logrono, Spain. destination to inspire leaders in friends and colleagues from across
organisms in small water samples, by doesn’t move in large volumes, but The four-day event in Australia wine and help shape the future of the the international wine world.’
the traces of DNA they leave behind, we don’t know yet whether it will be will be co-hosted by Wine Australia,
could be a very useful technique for useful for open ocean samples,” Dr and will be the Institute’s 10th such
monitoring who or what is in the Deagle said. event ‑ an unparalleled opportunity
to network, taste and learn about wine
Victorian Awards Recognise
from a rich variety of international Young Aboriginal Achievers
Roundtable on Innovations in speakers. The Symposia are usually
TL News Costa, will each receive $5000 to
Small Business Finance
continue their community work.
James Sutherland he hard work and The Ricci Marks Rising Star Award,
TL News to expand. There is a heavy reliance in
announces achievements of young valued at $1500, was given to Mikayla

small business lending on housing Aboriginal people across George. Amber Barker-Lovett is a
he Reserve Bank hosted collateral and personal guarantees. resignation Victoria have been proud Gunditjmara and Wemba

a roundtable discussion Entrepreneurs also find loan recognised at this year’s Ricci Marks Wemba woman who is making a
on innovations in small application processes burdensome, ricket Australia Chief Executive Awards. Victorian Minister for difference in her community. She
business finance yesterday, and it can be difficult to compare Officer James Sutherland has Aboriginal Affairs Natalie Hutchins is actively involved in Koorie youth
along with the Australian Treasury products across lenders. advised the Chairman and presented the awards which celebrate programs in Ballarat and has been
and the Australian Finance Industry The aim of the roundtable was to Board of Cricket Australia of his the achievements of young Aboriginal a mentor for the Ballarat to Sydney
Association. The roundtable was discuss innovative financing options intention to stand down from his people in education, arts, sport, Koorie Youth Leadership Trip, as well
chaired by Christopher Kent, for small businesses that are emerging position. Sutherland, who began at culture and community leadership. as the Koorie Academy of Success.
Assistant Governor (Financial from outside the traditional banking Cricket Australia in 1998, has been The award was named in memory Jedda Costa is a proud Wemba
Markets) of the Reserve Bank. system. The participants included CEO since 2001. He has provided 12 of Ricci Marks, a proud Wotjobaluk Wemba, Yorta Yorta and Mutti
Small businesses are very representatives from non-bank months’ notice and will continue in man, who made an outstanding Mutti woman, born and raised on
important for the economy, but they lenders, government and financial his current position until a suitable contribution to the Victorian Wurundjeri land. Jedda is in her
face challenges accessing finance. regulators. A broad range of financing replacement is found. The period community before his life was final year of a journalism degree
Entrepreneurs find it hard to borrow options was discussed, including allows for a transition to complete tragically cut short. at RMIT and is passionate about
funds when they first start their debtor finance, cash flow lending and a comprehensive handover with the Recipients of this year’s award, fair and balanced media, especially
businesses, and when they are looking marketplace lending. successful candidate. -TL Bureau Amber Barker-Lovett and Jedda Indigenous affairs.

Abc TV and Screen Australia Announce Five Indigenous Shock Treatment Shorts
TL Correspondent time for Halloween. They go into

production in the 25th anniversary
creen Australia and the ABC year of Screen Australia’s Indigenous
have announced five horror Department.
short-film projects from the “Yet again we are going to
Shock Treatment initiative break new ground with this series
will go into production. The joint of horror shorts. The ABC really
initiative between the Indigenous wanted to push the envelope with
departments at Screen Australia and this initiative and it’s fantastic to
the ABC, with in-kind support from see five original short-films led by
the Indigenous unit at the Australian emerging Indigenous creatives from
Film Television and Radio School around the country,” said Penny
(AFTRS) was developed to find Smallacombe, Head of Indigenous
emerging Indigenous storytellers at Screen Australia. “This shows
with a passion for the horror genre. how our partners, in this case the
The call-out received 38 ABC and AFTRS, are key to allowing
applications, from which seven Indigenous creators take charge of
projects were selected to participate their careers.”
in an intensive workshop in May “This initiative presents a brilliant
2017 led by experts in the horror opportunity to support and provide a
genre Colin and Cameron Cairnes platform for emerging filmmakers to
(100 Bloody Acres, Scare Campaign). tell Indigenous stories for a younger
Following the workshop, the audience. The Producer, Majhid
filmmakers wrote their full scripts production today. The Cairnes and Executive Producers. The five Noble Savage Pictures (Brown Lips, Heath, is a star on the rise and I look
– with five scripts then selected to brothers will continue to work on x 15 minute short-film projects will A Chance Affair) and will be released forward to seeing him bring these
go into production and start pre- the projects as directing mentors be produced by Majhid Heath at on ABC iview in October 2019 in concepts to life on screen.”

The Life
NZ and Other oceania 6

Qantas and Air New Zealand BusinessNZ welcomes

announce codeshare deal to climate thaw
make travel easier TL Bureau “We have consistently called for

a bipartisan approach as a necessary
usinessNZ has welcomed condition for effective change.
Air New Zealand and Qantas have announces plans for a reciprocal an announcement that the Business needs a clear direction and
codeshare agreement that leverages the strengths of each carrier’s National Party has taken
a significant step toward
predictable policy settings in order to
invest and create jobs with confidence
domestic networks, making travel within Australia and New Zealand a bipartisan approach to climate as we reach towards increasingly
easier. change policy. stringent climate change targets.
Leader of the Opposition Hon “The key question that both
TL Bureau Simon Bridges has written to the parties need to address with business

Prime Minister and Minister for as the primary solution provider is
odeshare agreement on Climate Change, offering to work how effort can best be harnessed
115 domestic routes in with them on climate change issues. across the economy to achieve the
New Zealand and Australia “Climate change is an necessary transformation, while
signed by airlines for Faster intergenerational issue like no other. balancing risks such as investment
connections between flights to reduce It will require long-term stable and and carbon leakage.
total journey time by up to two hours. durable policy settings to unlock the “We urge the parties to work
Other potential areas of cooperation change needed,” says John Carnegie, together in good faith, and offer the
include ground handling, freight and Executive Director, Energy & support and assistance of BusinessNZ
biofuel. Infrastructure. should that be sought.”
Under the codeshare Qantas
intends to add its code on up to 30
routes on Air New Zealand’s domestic
network and Air New Zealand intends Housing Authority of Fiji
has partially written off
to add its code on up to 85 routes on
Qantas’ domestic network.
Coordination of check-in and
handling at airports will mean shorter
connection times, opening up more
onward flights for customers on each
Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce
said the two national carriers had a lot
of shared history as well as a shared
networks makes sense for customers
because it leverages the strengths we
each have in our home markets.”
the home loan accounts
carrier’s domestic networks and faster goal of making travel easier. Air New Zealand Chief Executive TL Bureau “The move to partially write

journey times overall. “Our relationship with Air New Officer Christopher Luxon said the off these village housing schemes
Eligible customers will have Zealand goes back almost 80 years. codeshare will see two of the world’s he Housing Authority of alongside individual home owners’
access to a combined total of 36 We’ve been partners at various stages best airlines offer their customers a Fiji has partially written off loan accounts nationwide is to assist
domestic lounges on both sides of over that time and we have a lot of full service experience when they the home loan accounts of homeowners who are facing genuine
the Tasman when flying on routes respect for them as a competitor. make domestic connections within 4 Village Housing Schemes financial difficulties. Housing
covered by the codeshare agreement. “A codeshare deal on our domestic New Zealand or Australia. this month worth $370,000. Authority is reducing the remaining
Housing Authority Chairperson, debt so that they can make more
Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said, “The affordable repayments as well as pay

Christchurch employer sentenced for partial write-off of these accounts

is being funded jointly through
off their home loan account sooner.”,
said Colonel Tikoitoga.

employing an illegal worker

Government grant and Housing As a condition, once a scheme is
Authority provision to those village written off no further loans will be
housing schemes that have paid over issued by Housing Authority to the
one and half times the principal Village Housing Scheme unless the
TL Bureau The defendants had sought a have a legal responsibility to ensure loan amount and are facing financial total amount assisted is repaid in full.

discharge without conviction, but the that their employees are legally difficulties in repaying the debt”. Colonel Tikoitoga concluded,
Christchurch liquor store Judge, Stephen O’Driscoll, said such entitled to work for them. This partial write off brings the “To ensure that more communities
and its owner have been a step would not protect migrants “Singh had a history with total to 14 of the Village Housing benefit from these housing
sentenced for employing or deter employers from using Immigration New Zealand of Schemes being assisted under the programmes, Housing Authority will
an unlawful Indian inappropriate workers. sponsoring other migrant workers social housing policy by Housing be evaluating other village housing
migrant for three and a half years. “The defendant’s actions for visas. He was well aware of his Authority. Last year, 10 village housing schemes nationwide to determine if
Satya Enterprises Ltd, which have undermined the foundation obligations as an employer, yet had scheme accounts were written off in they qualify for assistance under the
operates several liquor stores in and integrity of New Zealand’s this person working for him illegally the Western and Northern division approved policy”.
Christchurch trading as Bottle-O and immigration system,” Judge for a prolonged period of time. We amounting to $505,000. The village housing scheme was
operated one store under the Thirsty O’Driscoll wrote in his reserved hope this sentence sends a strong The villages which benefitted introduced in 1980 to provide a
Liquor brand up until 2014, was judgement. “I do regard this offending signal that we will take action against from the partial write offs were mechanism for adequate and decent
fined $3,000 after being convicted as serious.” employers who are implicated in such Saunaka village in Nadi, Korovou housing for those that resided in the
at the Christchurch District Court Immigration New Zealand (INZ) behaviour.” village in Ba, Nakorodamu village in peri-urban and rural areas and has
this morning of a charge under the Assistant General Manager Peter The worker has subsequently left Yasawa as well as Namotomoto and a current total loan portfolio of $8.6
Immigration Act for allowing the Devoy says New Zealand businesses New Zealand. Novoci villages in Nadi. million.
person to work illegally.

New Zealand joins women political leaders from

The director of Satya Enterprises,
Inderjit Singh, was also fined $3,000
after pleading guilty to aiding and
abetting his company to commit the
offence. across the globe to share momentum for change
Tonga hosts UN Home Visit and Learn How Parliament works Office of the Speaker Press releases New Zealand
joins women political leaders from across the globe to share momentum for change
regional meeting

rime Minister of Tonga and TL Bureau agenda during the two-day intensive

Minister for Foreign Affairs, summit.
Hon. Samuela Akilisi Pohiva ew Zealand joins women The Speaker of the House, Rt
delivering the Keynote political leaders from Hon Trevor Mallard says it’s helpful
Address and declaring the Meeting across the globe to share that our Parliament has a voice at the
open this morning: Taufa’ahau momentum for change annual summit.
Tupou IV Domestic Wharf. 19th New Zealand Member of “We have made considerable
June 2018 Officials from small island Parliament Hon Louise Upston will progress in the 125 years since New
developing States in the Pacific region join more than 250 women leaders Zealand women claimed the right
are meeting in the Tongan capital from around the world at the Women to vote. In 2018 we have a female
Nuku’alofa to review progress in Political Leaders Global Summit in Governor-General, Prime Minister,
implementing the SAMOA Pathway*; Lithuania this week. and Chief Justice, and forty percent
the dedicated programme of action “It’s about time! 100 reasons of our parliamentarians are women.
for small island developing States to act” is the theme of this year’s the Republic of Lithuania, Dalia environment is a driver of inclusion, Hon Louise Upston will take New
(SIDS). In declaring the meeting open summit in Vilnius, co-hosted by Grybauskaite. The high calibre of economic development, and social Zealand’s strong commitment to
this morning, the Prime Minister of the Parliament of Lithuania, which speakers include Hillary Clinton and progress? Do the challenges brought gender equality to the world stage.
Tonga, Hon. Samuela Akilisi Pohiva, is celebrating the Centenary of the Antonio Guterres (the Secretary- by populism represent an opportunity She will share her experiences with
said “We are gathered here in Tonga Restoration of the State and women’s General of the United Nations) to adapt to new forms of connecting Parliament when she returns to help
at a critical juncture in terms of our voting rights. Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrin with the population? How can we us continue to work towards reflecting
common interests in the sustainable The keynote address ‘It’s about Jakobsdottir, and our very own Rt ensure more equitable access to greater diversity in our Parliament.”
development of our islands. time! Women change the World’ Hon Helen Clark. maternal healthcare? These are just The summit dates were 6-8 June
 –TL Bureau will be given by the President of How do we ensure that the digital some of the important issues on the 2018.

The Life

MDB Climate Finance Hit Record World Bank Approves US$100m

for Water Supply in Indonesia
High of US$35.2 billion in 2017
An increase of nearly 30 per cent on the previous year, boosting projects
that help developing countries cut emissions and address climate risks.
TL Bureau

limate financing by
the world’s six largest
multilateral development
banks (MDBs) rose to a
seven-year high of $35.2 billion in
2017, up 28 per cent on the previous TL Bureau ahead of the 2030 deadline for SDG

year. 6.1 on drinking water and SDG 6.2
The MDBs’ latest joint report on ndonesia has received a World on sanitation and hygiene.
climate financing said $27.9 billion, Bank loan of US$100 million The project will support the
or 79 per cent of the 2017 total, was for its National Urban Water central government in channeling
devoted to climate mitigation projects Supply Project. water-related investments to at least
that aim to reduce harmful emissions Indonesia has set a national 40 local governments and their local
and slow down global warming. target of universal access to water government-owned water supply
The remaining 21 per cent, or supply and sanitation by 2019, ahead enterprises.
$7.4 billion, of financing for emerging of the 2030 deadline for SDG 6.1 World Bank officials stated
and developing nations was invested on drinking water and SDG 6.2 on that the project will address health
in climate adaptation projects that and Development, the European Global Environment Facility (GEF) sanitation and hygiene. issues among the population, such
help economies deal with the effects Investment Bank, the Inter-American Trust Fund, the Global Energy 6 June 2018: Indonesia has as stunting and malnutrition (SDG
of climate change such as unusual Development Bank Group and the Efficiency and Renewable Energy received a World Bank loan of 3), reduce inequalities (SDG 10), and
levels of rain, worsening droughts and World Bank Group (World Bank, IFC Fund (GEEREF), the European US$100 million for its National provide basic public services that will
extreme weather events. and MIGA). These banks account Union’s funds for Climate Action, Urban Water Supply Project. The loan enable people to gain the full benefits
In 2016 climate financing from for the vast majority of multilateral the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and will enable the provision of water of urbanization (SDG 11). Other
the MDBs had totalled $27.4 billion. development finance. In October 2017 others have also played an important supply and sanitation to six million benefits will include improvements
The latest MDB climate finance the Islamic Development Bank joined role in boosting MDB climate people in the country, through in human resource capacity at local
figures are detailed in the 2017 Joint the MDB climate finance tracking finance. As well as the $35.2 billion promoting access to safe water, and water utilities, and promotion of
Report on Multilateral Development groups, and its climate finance figures of multilateral development finance, improving the performance of water Indonesia’s resilience in the face of
Banks’ Climate Finance, combining will be included in joint reports from the same adaptation and mitigation service providers in under-served climate change. Almost half of all
data from the African Development 2018 onwards. projects attracted an additional urban areas. Indonesia has set a Indonesians currently lack access to
Bank, the Asian Development Bank, Climate funds such as the $51.7 billion from other sources of national target of universal access to safe water, and more than 70% rely
the European Bank for Reconstruction Climate Investment Funds (CIF), the financing last year. water supply and sanitation by 2019, on potentially contaminated sources.

UK Government
announces new Helping regions be ready for Inland Rail
appointments Aus Resident Bureau Rail for regional Australia will be
with LPC
most effectively led by regional
he Liberal and communities, and this tool will help
TL Bureau Nationals Government regional communities to achieve

has announced the this.
ow Pay Commission, development of a strategic “The Regional Australia Institute,
Department for Business, planning tool to support the tasked with developing this tool, is
Energy & Industrial Strategy, Melbourne to Brisbane Inland an important advocate for regional
and Andrew Griffiths MP placeholder. Rail, led by the Regional Australia communities and I am pleased we
The government has today Institute (RAI). have been able to provide additional
(Wednesday 20 June) announced a Deputy Prime Minister and support for the RAI in this year’s
number of new appointments and Minister for Infrastructure and Federal Budget.”
re-appointments to the independent Transport Michael McCormack Cormann said the $9.3 billion Australia.” Regional Australia Institute CEO
Low Pay Commission (LPC). Kate said the ‘Are you Ready for Inland commitment by the Australian Minister for Regional Jack Archer said for those regions
Bell, Simon Sapper and Martin Rail?’ tool will help regional Government to deliver the Inland Development John McVeigh said the along the Inland Rail route, being
McTague will replace John Hannett, Australians maximise the benefits Rail will ensure a fast, reliable and Inland Rail Regional Liaison Offices able to capitalise on the benefits it
Brian Strutton and Peter Donaldson. of Inland Rail. modern rail link between Melbourne will work with communities utilising will bring is dependent on having a
Kay Carberry, Professor Sarah Brown “This tool will outline the and Brisbane, adding more than $16 the tool to take advantage of long well planned and executed strategic
and Clare Chapman have all been information regional communities billion to the Australian economy. term benefits for regions. plan.
re-appointed to their previous roles. need to consider to best prepare “The Inland Rail delivers the “Staff from the Department “The planning tool, which every
The appointments are for 3 years, and take advantage of the long infrastructure required to ensure of Infrastructure, Regional region will be able to access and
with the option of reappointment. term benefits of this corridor of that Australia’s supply chain remains Development and Cities will be benefit from, regardless of their size
Business Minister Andrew Griffiths commerce,” Mr McCormack said. competitive into the future,” Senator working with businesses and or resource constraints, will help
said: It is important that the lowest “The RAI has a great track record Cormann said. communities along the alignment communities prepare for this once
paid are fairly rewarded for their in developing strategic regional “Not only does this provide to understand how they can make in a generation opportunity,” Jack
contribution to the economy and the planning tools, to help regions across a long-term solution for national the most of this major investment in Archer said.
National Minimum Wage has been Australia maximise their growth and freight task, it provides infrastructure freight infrastructure,” Dr McVeigh The ‘Are You Ready for Inland
making millions of workers better off development.” that will help to grow economic said. Rail’ strategic planning tool will be
since it was introduced. Minister for Finance Mathias opportunity throughout regional “The long term benefits of Inland available from September 2018.

Former financial adviser convicted for dishonest conduct

Aus Resident Bureau Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). In November 2013, ASIC

The matter has been listed for a accepted an enforceable undertaking
ormer financial adviser, 3 day sentence hearing commencing from Mr Nakhl that permanently
Gabriel Nakhl, was convicted on 11 March 2019. The charges were restricts him from providing financial
in the District Court of New brought against Mr Nakhl following services and restricts him from
South Wales on 8 June 2018 an ASIC investigation. managing a corporation for 15 years.
on 8 charges brought by ASIC of The Commonwealth Director of See 13-313MR for more details.
engaging in dishonest conduct with Public Prosecutions is prosecuting ASIC is concerned that Mr Nakhl
investor funds. the matter. In February 2013, ASIC may not have used investors’ money
Mr Nakhl, of Illawong, NSW obtained court orders against Mr solely for the purposes represented to
pleaded guilty to being knowingly Nakhl preventing him from disposing investors, but may have also used it
engaged in dishonest conduct in of, dealing with or otherwise for other purposes.
relation to twelve investors. The diminishing certain assets. See 13- The matter returns to the
conduct occurred between March 023MR for more details. Supreme Court of New South Wales
2009 and March 2011 while Mr Nakhl (in liquidation) and from about SydFA Pty Ltd (in liquidation). In September 2013, Mr Nakhl on 29 April 2013. ASIC's investigation
was an authorised representative of March 2011 to about September Mr Nakhl pleaded guilty to 8 became a bankrupt and placed SydFA into the conduct of Mr Nakhl is
Australian Financial Services Limited 2013 while he was the sole director of counts under section 1041G of the Pty Ltd into liquidation. continuing.

The Life
news features 8

Merely celebrations of World Environment

Day is not enough
veryone celebrated the world and heard lot of news in newspapers, to get the right answer, I am not the don’t need anyone to help us to start
environment day worldwide news portals and news channels about Government or governing body to with whom.
including the major and the celebrations of world environment apply the changes for it. we have lot of So start now to take action, like
renown countries like United day, but no one took it seriously as the exceptions and exceptional for air quality check all who creates
States, United Kingdom, Australia tradition shows. qu e st i ons like this into our substance for air in all ways, for noise
and obviously India as well, because See, Environment is very simple mind, but one answer I have check all honks, speakers, engines of
environmental concerns is one of the as it’s name shows in about it that automotives and if possible don’t use
major concern in India too. nature, but when we have if we set our until and unless required in…., for waste
You know, that these kind of to improve the air quality mind then use the right bins for right things and use
days were made to celebrate and level, noise pollution level, we are the the recycling materials, ban the plastics
Ajay Malik commemorate the relationship of waste management in sustained and other waste like e-waste which
mankind and related activities so that manner, chemical waste management, grounded our world everywhere and
we’ll pledge ourselves on that day and air pollution level, ocean pollution and try to use all waste so that management
Environment is commit on relation so that these related bla bla then we have to think it seriously. problem won’t arises, use the minimum
common to all, if bad any then would not happen again, Because As the famous story reminds us chemical in all necessities so that won’t
everyone knows if good any then will repeat again and that Rome was not built in one day so affect all humanity, check the creators
that very well, again, if threat to community then will same lies to environment too that the who create the air pollution like
but no one wants try to stop the actions who help to create environment cannot be cleaner in a day industry, automotive, and try to create
to contribute to threat to our community. So we will do or so, in a year or so, but we can do one the moreover carbon credits and use
and celebrate these days accordingly. thing, if we start to work on it from the the green energy related things which
the environment Environment is common to all, day we commit, then I am pretty sure creates zero emissions and many other
so that we everyone knows that very well, but no one that we can do it day by day and will ways.
all, who have wants to contribute to the environment clean the environment within no time So don’t use the days only for
human right so that we all, who have human right to to very reasonable time limits. government, celebrations or entertainment but to
to live in clean live in clean environment. The greed has Now the question arises that how? we are the right answerable and we start an action.
environment reached on the verged. See I am not professional in that are the professionals. Because all the
From India’s perspective, I have seen manner, I am not the right person answers are within questions, se we

General Knowledge
River in Australia Cities in England

River in Australia Answer
Cities in England Answer

The Life
9 Life & Real Estate

iPhone & iPad misrepresentations New advice on methamphetamine

contamination for real estate
cost Apple Inc $9 million agents and home buyers in NZ
in penalties TL Bureau will now be considered a property

defect that must be disclosed to
eal estate agents in New potential buyers. Real estate agents are
Aus Resident Bureau system. Apple US admitted it device because they used a third Zealand (NZ) must not obligated to disclose confirmed

had represented to at least 275 party repairer,” ACCC Commissioner tell prospective house results below 15 micrograms per
he Federal Court ordered Australian customers affected by Sarah Court said. buyers if a property has 100cm2 unless they are asked.
Apple Inc (Apple US) to pay error 53 that they were no longer “The Court declared the mere methamphetamine contamination of Lampen-Smith says this
$9 million in penalties for eligible for a remedy if their device fact that an iPhone or iPad had been 15 micrograms per 100cm2 or above, position reflects the findings in the
making false or misleading had been repaired by a third party. repaired by someone other than says the Real Estate Authority (REA) in Gluckman report, which also said
representations to customers with These representations were made Apple did not, and could not, result New Zealand. that methamphetamine testing was
faulty iPhones and iPads about from February 2015 to February in the consumer guarantees ceasing The new advice follows the May only necessary if there was a strong
their rights under the Australian 2016 on Apple US’ website, by to apply, or the consumer’s right to a 2018 report from the office of the suspicion or advice from police that
Consumer Law (ACL). Apple Australia’s staff in-store and remedy being extinguished.” prime minister’s chief science advisor, a property had been used for heavy
The ACCC took action on its customer service phone calls. “The Court’s declarations hold Professor Sir Peter Gluckman. The methamphetamine use or production
against Apple US and Apple Pty “If a product is faulty, customers Apple US, a multinational parent report found there was no evidence of using solvents or highly toxic chemicals.
Ltd (Apple Australia) following are legally entitled to a repair or a company, responsible for the conduct adverse health effects from third-hand “The REA welcomes the report,
an investigation of complaints replacement under the Australian of its Australian subsidiary. Global exposure to methamphetamine smoke which brings much-needed clarity to
relating to ‘error 53’. This error Consumer Law, and sometimes even companies must ensure their returns residue on household surfaces. REA an extremely fraught area. The chance
disabled some iPhones and iPads a refund. Apple’s representations policies are compliant with the chief executive Kevin Lampen-Smith of buying a house with risky levels of
after owners downloaded an led customers to believe they’d be Australian Consumer Law, or they will says methamphetamine contamination methamphetamine contamination is
update to Apple’s ‘iOS’ operating denied a remedy for their faulty face ACCC action,” Ms Court said. of 15 micrograms per 100cm2 or above very low. ”

TripAdvisor Names Top 10 Destinations for Wellness

Travel Around the Globe
Ten Zen Escapes to Help Travellers Rejuvenate with Spa Resorts, Yoga Retreats, Healthy Restaurants
TL Bureau a yoga class, you will return home can see the best show in Sedona: Costa Rica breathtaking nature – doesn’t that

a new person. the starry night sky. sound like a place to rejuvenate?
ripAdvisor, the travel Spa Hotel: Warwick Ibah Luxury Spa Hotel: Kimpton Amara Resort You can find all of that when
planning and booking Villas & Spa, Ubud – from £143 & Spa – from £213 on TripAdvisor visiting Zermatt, at the foot of
site, announced the on TripAdvisor Wellness Experience: Sedona Soul the Matterhorn. Simply looking
top wellness travel Wellness Experience: Ubud Yoga SPA at the iconic mountain will let the
destinations around the House Healthy Restaurant: Indian healing begin.
globe. TripAdvisor identified Healthy Restaurant: Moksa Plant- Gardens Cafe & Market Spa Hotel: The Omnia – from
destinations where travellers based Cuisine & Permaculture Travellers looking for a place £240 on TripAdvisor
can retreat to focus on well- Garden, Ubud Hepburn Springs, Australia to improve mental and physical Wellness Experience: The
being, yoga, meditation and well-being should consider Matterhorn
self-care based on search terms Rishikesh, India lush Costa Rica for their next Healthy Restaurant: Restaurant
on the site. Wellness tourism is getaway. Experience relaxation Chez Vrony
a growing trend where travellers techniques such as body wraps
are seeking health and spiritual or hydrotherapy or put yourself Maldives
wellness on their trips. According in close contact with nature
to a study by the Global Wellness by jungle trekking or walking
Institute* world travellers made barefoot along its sandy beaches.
691 million wellness trips in Spa Hotel: Nayara Springs – from
2015, 104.4 million more than £408 on TripAdvisor
in 2013. Hepburn Springs is a known spa Wellness Experience: Tabacon
“For travellers seeking town, located in the middle of Hot Springs normal Picture yourself sitting in a cosy
a break from the everyday, Australia’s largest concentration Healthy Restaurant: Organico beach chair, putting your sandy
holidays in any of these wellness The holy city in the heart of the of mineral springs. Visitors can Fortuna feet up after taking a soothing
destinations are a fantastic way Himalayas has a deep cultural sample the local mineral waters walk along a white beach on one
to improve mental and physical and spiritual significance for local and enjoy spa or massage Goa, India of the enchanting islands of the
health. With a wide variety Hindus. Take a yoga retreat to retreats. Maldives. If you need more than a
of zen accommodations and pamper your soul, switch off with Spa Hotel: Shizuka Ryokan daydream to start feeling at ease,
experiences, these destinations a reflective hike, or challenge Japanese Country Spa Retreat – you should put a visit on your
are great places to refresh and yourself with an adventure rafting from £143 on TripAdvisor wellness bucket list.
recharge,” said James Kay, tour. Wellness Experience: Hepburn Spa Hotel: Baros Maldives – from
TripAdvisor spokesperson. Spa Hotel: Aloha On The Ganges Mineral Springs Reserve £462 on TripAdvisor
To help travellers on their by Leisure Hotels – from £68 on Healthy Restaurant: The Surly Wellness Experience: Duniye Spa
journey to feeling centred, TripAdvisor Goat Unwinding on Goa’s sandy Healthy Restaurant: Just Veg by
TripAdvisor also surfaced highly Wellness Experience: Yoganga coast is a perfect start to a Atmosphere
rated spa hotels, wellness Healing Retreat detox holiday. Start your day
experiences and healthy Healthy Restaurant: Ramana’s with a yoga class or nestle into Ibiza, Spain
restaurants for maximum mind Organic Cafe a cushioned chair and stop
and body harmony, in each of worrying about your daily routine
the ten destinations. Sedona, Arizona, U.S. before diving into the culture with
a traditional cooking class.
Top 10 Global Wellness Spa Hotel: Park Hyatt Goa
Destinations Resort and Spa – from £113 on
Bali, Indonesia TripAdvisor
Wellness Experience: Rita's Far away from the buzzing party
Ko Samui, Thailand Gourmet Goa spots, you will find yoga retreats
The charm of this former fishing Healthy Restaurant: Zest in traditional farmhouse locations.
community lingers. Zone out Or you can stay at one of the
by soaking up the local culture, Zermatt, Switzerland many beautiful seaside resorts
visiting a Buddhist temple or and enjoy a sunrise Pilates class.
spending a lazy day at one of the Not into yoga? There are spa
Located in the middle of the island’s many spas. hotels all over the island or rural
The island of the gods is a tropical Arizona desert, Sedona is a true Spa Hotel: Vana Belle, A Luxury Fincas for agricultural holidays.
paradise where you will start oasis where holidaymakers can Collection Resort, Koh Samui– Spa Hotel: Ca Na Xica Boutique
to unwind from the minute you take time out to re-charge their from £258 on TripAdvisor Hotel & Spa – from £352 on
arrive. Whether you soak up the batteries. Indulge in the beautiful Wellness Experience: Tamarind TripAdvisor
sun on a stretch of fine white nature that surrounds and make Springs Forest Spa normal A car-free village with luxurious Wellness Experience: Yoga Pilates
sand, dive along coral ridges or sure not to go to bed too early. Healthy Restaurant: Supattra Thai chalets that offer a variety of spa Ibiza
invigorate your mind and body in When the sun goes down, you Dining treatments, all surrounded by Healthy Restaurant: La Mesa Escondida

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sports 10

Robbie Williams, Aida Garifullina Men's Future Tour

and Ronaldo to brighten up 2018 Programme 2018-2023
FIFA World Cup opening ceremony released
The FTP will provide clarity certainty around
TL Bureau be going back to Russia for such a hour before the start of the match,
all bilateral international fixtures and

unique performance. I’ve done a lot which is scheduled for 18:00 (local
n FIFA Starting ceremony, in my career, and opening the FIFA time). One thing will remain the incorporates all three formats of the game
Russia and Saudi Arabia kick off World Cup to 80,000 football fans in same, however: the underlying theme
the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, three the stadium and many millions all of celebrating not only football but TL Bureau final to decide the World Test

international stars will thrill the over the world is a boyhood dream,” also the host country, this time with champions.
fans in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. says Robbie Williams. “We’d like to a touching performance by one of he International Cricket In addition, the 12 Test playing
Global music icon Robbie Williams invite football and music fans to party Russia’s most acclaimed young voices, Council, on behalf of nations and the Netherlands, will
entertained the stadium crowd with us in Russia, in the stadium, or Aida Garifullina. its Members, released participate in the 13-team ODI
and the millions watching around to tune in their TVs a little earlier for “I never imagined I would be part the men’s Future Tours League, which will run from 1 May
the world, with celebrated Russian an unforgettable show.” of this huge celebration, the World Programme (FTP) from 2018- 2020 to 31 March 2022 and all the
soprano Aida Garifullina joining him The 2018 FIFA World Cup Cup, happening in my own country,” 2023. The FTP, which is available sides will play eight series over a two-
during the musical extravaganza. The opening ceremony hold a slightly says the soloist from the Vienna State here, provides clarity and certainty year cycle on a home and away basis
football glory that all players will be different format compared to Opera. “And, on 15 July, we will find around all bilateral international against mutually agreed opponents.
hoping to achieve on Russian soil will previous editions of the tournament. out for whom this precious dream fixtures and incorporates all three This league will serve as a
be represented by Brazil’s two-time This time, the ceremony will focus will come true, back on the same formats of the game. The result of a qualification pathway for the ICC
FIFA World Cup champion Ronaldo. on musical acts and will take place stage, after a month-long festival of significant collective effort from the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. India
“I’m so happy and excited to much closer to kick-off, just half an football in Russia.” Members, with the support of the (as host) plus the seven highest-
ICC, the FTP focuses on bringing ranked sides in the ODI league as on

ESPN Announces 2018 Sports Humanitarian

more context to bilateral cricket. 31 March 2022 will qualify directly
A World Test Championship has for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023,

Award Nominees and Stuart Scott ENSPIRE

been created along with a 13-team while the bottom five sides will get a
men’s ODI league that will act as a second chance to qualify through the

Award Honorees
qualification pathway for the ICC ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier.
Cricket World Cup.
Nine top-ranked sides will The structure of the men’s FTP
n NBA Legend David Robinson and the Global Sports Mentoring
 participate in the inaugural edition (2018-23) includes:
Programme Honored with Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Awards of the World Test Championship,
which will run from 15 July 2019
ICC Cricket World Cup – 2019
and 2023
n Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award Finalists, Among Other

to 30 April 2021. The sides will n 
ICC World T20 – 2020 and 2021
Awards, Announced play six series in the two-year cycle n 
World Test Championship
on a home and away basis against n 
Cycle 1 – 2019-2021 (final 2021)
Award finalists: Hospital for Special opponents they have mutually n 
Cycle 2 – 2021-2023 (final 2023)
Surgery, Under Armour, UNIQLO selected. The two top-ranked sides n 
All bilateral Tests, ODIs and T20Is
and Voya Financial will then progress to the June 2021 outside of the above competitions.
League Humanitarian Leadership
Award: Winner to be announced at the
Awards, July 17. FIFA files criminal complaint
Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award
honorees: David Robinson, and the
against viagogo
U.S. Department of State Global Sports TL Bureau fight against the secondary ticket

Mentoring Programme. market is to prioritise the safety
“The collective impact that this year’s s part of its efforts to and security of fans and enforce a
Sports Humanitarian Award nominees protect the fans and fair 2018 FIFA World Cup ticketing
have made in their communities is prevent unauthorised pricing scheme. Recently, FIFA
nothing short of extraordinary,” said ticket resales for the 2018 has held fruitful talks with UEFA
Kevin Martinez, vice president of FIFA World Cup™ in Russia, FIFA in order to coordinate action
ESPN Corporate Citizenship. “From filed a criminal complaint on 4 June against unauthorised platforms
TL Bureau Highlights of the evening will empowering youth through sports, to 2018 based on a breach of the law on and established cooperation with

be showcased during a one-hour fighting for social change, to resourcing unfair competition against viagogo the Fédération romande des
he fourth annual Sports programme on ESPN, July 24, at 7 those in need, these honorees showcase AG with the public prosecutor’s office consommateurs (FRC), the consumer
Humanitarian Awards, p.m. ET. the incredible power of sports. As in Geneva. protection association for French-
presented by ESPN and This year’s nominees include: we once again celebrate one of the Over the past months, FIFA has speaking Switzerland, which is a
sponsored by Bristol-Myers Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian greatest humanitarians in all of sports, received numerous complaints from strong advocate against ticket sales
Squibb Company, is a celebration of Award finalists: Doug Baldwin (NFL’s Muhammad Ali, we see how his legacy individuals, consumer protection conducted through unauthorised
the impact made by athletes, teams Seattle Seahawks), John Cena (WWE), has inspired generations of athletes bodies and other market players over sources. FIFA reminds all fans that
and sports industry professionals Kevin Durant (NBA’s Golden State to use their platform to alter social the opaque and deceptive business is the only official
who use the power of sport to make Warriors) and J.J. Watt (NFL’s Houston consciousness.” conduct of viagogo AG. and legitimate website on which to
a difference throughout the world. Texans) Multiple sports leagues and/or FIFA took action after aligning buy 2018 FIFA World Cup tickets.
For the second consecutive year, the Sports Humanitarian Team of the governing bodies – including MLB, with other stakeholders that have FIFA regards the illicit sale and
sports industry-wide event takes Year finalists: Anaheim Ducks (NHL), MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, USTA, WNBA already filed criminal complaints distribution of tickets as a serious issue
place at L.A. LIVE’s The Novo; Bristol Boston Red Sox (MLB), Chicago and WWE, as well as the Women’s Sports against viagogo in Switzerland due and views the security implications
Myers Squibb returns as a sponsor. Fire Soccer Club (MLS) and the U.S. Foundation–nominated athletes, teams to the company’s unfair business of the unauthorised transfer and/or
The event will be held on Tuesday, Women’s National Ice Hockey Team and corporations who are transforming practices. resale of tickets as being of paramount
July 17. Corporate Community Impact lives and uplifting communities. FIFA’s ultimate objective in the importance.

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11 sports



GROUP A Egypt becomes GROUP E

Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Official Regional Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 0 5 9
Supporter of the Brazil 3 2 1 0 5 1 4 7
Russia 3 2 0 1 8 4 4 6 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 5 4 1 5
Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 2 7 -5 3
2018 FIFA World Serbia 3 1 0 2 2 4 -2 3
Cup Russia

Egypt 3 0 0 3 2 6 -4 0 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 2 5 -3 1
gypt - Experience & Invest
GROUP B today signed a contract GROUP F
with FIFA, Fédération
Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
International de Football
Spain 3 1 2 0 6 5 1 5 Association, to become an Official Sweden 3 2 0 1 5 2 3 6
Regional Supporter of the 2018 FIFA
Portugal 3 1 2 0 5 4 1 5 Mexico 3 2 0 1 3 4 -1 6
World Cup Russia™, to promote
Iran 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4 the country as a global investment South Korea 3 1 0 2 3 3 0 3
Morocco 3 0 1 2 2 4 -2 1 destination, and to attract more Germany 3 1 0 2 2 4 -2 3
tourists to visit the country.
Dr. Sahar Nasr, Egypt’s Minister
GROUP C of Investment and International GROUP G
Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Cooperation said: “Being an Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
Official Regional Supporter of the
France 3 2 1 0 3 1 2 7 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Belgium 3 3 0 0 9 2 7 9
Denmark 3 1 2 0 2 1 1 5 gives us the outreach in Africa England 3 2 0 1 8 3 5 6
to highlight and communicate
Peru 3 1 0 2 2 2 0 3 the premium positioning and Tunisia 3 1 0 2 5 8 -3 3
Australia 3 0 1 2 2 5 -3 1 enormous investment diversity and Panama 3 0 0 3 2 11 -9 0
potential Egypt has to offer.“ She
emphasized that, “In addition to
GROUP D having increased visibility thanks to GROUP H
Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts the world’s most watched sporting Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
event, Egypt - Experience & Invest
Croatia 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9 will engage through social media Colombia 3 2 0 1 5 2 3 6
Argentina 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4 outlets and directly with football Japan 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4
fans to showcase the wide spectrum
Nigeria 3 1 0 2 3 4 -1 3 of investment opportunities in the
Senegal 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4
Iceland 3 0 1 2 2 5 -3 1 country.” –TL Bureau Poland 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3

Canada, Mexico and USA selected as hosts of the 2026 FIFA World Cup
TL Bureau and budget for the 2019-2022 cycle tournament, which by then will be played 2018 FIFA World Cup™, the President

The 2026 FIFA World Cup™ will with 48 teams. The United Bid received of the Russian Federation Vladimir
he 68th FIFA Congress be staged in Canada, Mexico and the 134 of 200 votes cast, or 67 per cent. Putin made an appearance at the
designates the United Bid United States. On 13 June, the 68th Morocco tallied 65 votes (33 per cent), Expocentre and delivered a speech to
with 67 per cent of the 200 FIFA Congress convened in Moscow and one single member association voted the representatives of FIFA’s member
valid votes Supreme legislative body and designated the three countries as not to choose either of the two bids. On associations reiterating the country’s
approves solid financial statements the hosts of football’s most prestigious the eve of the opening game of the readiness to welcome the world.

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world 12

Woolworths gets jump Challenges remain in DPRK despite 'slight'

on plastic bag ban improvements in health, wellbeing: UNICEF
AUS bureau 35 microns or less. These bags are TL Bureau

commonly provided by supermarkets,
oolworths stores restaurants and other retail stores. nalysing information
across Western The ban includes degradable, gathered from more than
Australia will be biodegradable and compostable 8,500 households across
plastic bag free from plastic bags because these bags also the country, known
today. Shoppers urged to remember persist in the environment and pose a officially as the Democratic People’s
their reusable bags when they go to threat to wildlife. Republic of Korea, on everything
the supermarket. Woolworths stores The State-wide ban will bring from child labour, to the kind of
have banned lightweight plastic bags Western Australia into line with South fuel that families use to stay warm,
from June 20 - a week and a half out Australia, Tasmania, the Northern the agency says that it has built up
from the State ban which begins on Territory and Australian Capital a “snapshot” of the lives of ordinary
July 1, 2018. Shoppers will have to Territory which already have similar citizens in DPRK.
remember their reusable bags and bans in place. Queensland's ban According to the DPRK survey, Dr. Ri, paediatric doctor, counsels mothers in Jongju City Hospital on care for their
online shoppers can opt to have their also starts on July 1 and Victoria has nearly 40,000 severely malnourished children. Democratic People's Republic of Korea
groceries delivered in crates. announced its intention to ban plastic children received treatment in 2017
Environment Minister Stephen bags. Plastic bags make up a relatively and more than 700,000 youngsters differences between urban and rural support”, she cautioned, adding that
Dawson congratulated the big small portion of solid waste and litter and mothers took nutritional areas. In the capital Pyongyang, there is “a big difference between the
supermarket chain for its commitment but can have significant impacts on supplements last year. The survey, 10 per cent of children are affected capital city and the countryside: an
to remove lightweight plastic bags on marine wildlife and birds, which can which was carried out with UNICEF’s by stunting, while in Ryanggang urban-rural divide”.
June 20 from its Western Australian inadvertently eat or become entangled support on the ground, also shows Province more than three times that Among the other findings of
stores and online shopping services. in plastic bag waste. that one in five children was stunted percentage suffer, UNICEF Regional the 2017 DPR Korea MICS Survey
The Environmental Protection Western Australians use 670 in 2017, compared with more than Director for East Asia and the Pacific, Findings Report are indicators
(Plastic Bags) Regulations 2018 million lightweight plastic shopping one in four in 2012. Karin Hulshof, told journalists in showing that one in 10 children
come into effect on July 1, banning bags every year and, while most end The growth indicator – which is Geneva. suffers from diarrhoea - a leading
the supply of lightweight plastic bags up in landfill, more than seven million used to highlight chronic or recurrent Youngsters in certain rural contributor to malnutrition and
with handles - with a thickness of are littered. malnutrition – highlights significant areas “urgently require much more death.

Global recognition for NASA Flies Large Unmanned Aircraft in Public

Australian researcher Airspace Without Chase Plane for First Time
AUS bureau ecological systems. He is a world- TL Bureau initial flight happen.”

renowned ecologist who has Flights of large craft like Ikhana,
ustralian researcher, published more than 160 scientific ASA’s remotely-piloted have traditionally required a safety
Professor Brian Walker, papers and contributed to a number Ikhana aircraft, based at chase aircraft to follow the unmanned
has been internationally of books. the agency’s Armstrong aircraft as it travels through the same
recognised for his A total of 1290 nominations for Flight Research Center airspace used by commercial aircraft.
scientific research. Professor Walker, the prize from around the world in Edwards, California, successfully The Ikhana flew in accordance with
from CSIRO and Australian National were received and 130 candidates flew its first mission in the National the Federal Aviation Administration’s
University, received the 2018 Blue were recommended from 34 Airspace System without a safety (FAA) Technical Standard Order 211
Planet Prize, an international countries. chase aircraft in June. This historic some point, be scaled down for use in -- Detect and Avoid Systems -- and
environmental award sponsored by Congratulating Professor flight moves the United States one other general aviation aircraft. Technical Standard Order 212 -- Air-
Japan’s Asahi Glass Foundation. Walker on the award, Minister for step closer to normalizing unmanned “This is a huge milestone for to-Air Radar for Traffic Surveillance.
He is only the second Australian Jobs and Innovation, Michaelia Cash aircraft operations in the airspace used our Unmanned Aircraft Systems The FAA granted NASA special
in the award’s history to claim the said it is pleasing to see Australian by commercial and private pilots. Integration in the National Airspace permission to conduct this flight
prize, which recognises outstanding researchers gaining the global Flying these large remotely- System project team,” said Ed under the authority of a Certificate of
achievements in scientific research recognition they deserve. piloted aircraft over the United States Waggoner, NASA’s Integrated Waiver or Authorization on March 30.
and its application in solving global “Australia has elite researchers opens the doors to all types of services, Aviation Systems Program director. The certificate permitted Ikhana’s pilot
environmental problems. working at the cutting-edge of their from monitoring and fighting forest “We worked closely with our Federal to rely on the latest Detect and Avoid
The award recognises Professor respective fields. This is another fires, to providing new emergency Aviation Administration colleagues technology, enabling the remote pilot
Walker’s achievements as a pioneer example of their work being search and rescue operations. The for several months to ensure we met on the ground to see and avoid other
of ‘resilience science’ in social- recognised,” Minister Cash said. technology in this aircraft could, at all their requirements to make this aircraft during the flight.

Attacks on
Libyan Oil Planning in place for New Zealand Nurses
Ports Organisation strike
TL Bureau

fficial notice has been
received that nurses,
midwives and healthcare
assistants who are
members of the New Zealand Nurses
Organisation (NZNO) will undertake
TL Bureau strike action in July. The strike action

will be in the form of a complete
he United States strongly withdrawal of labour, from all DHBs
condemns the recent around the country, for 24 hours from
attacks by forces under 7am on 5 July. Notice for a second 24-
the direction of Ibrahim hour strike from 7am on 12 July is
Jadhran on the oil ports of Ras expected next week.
Lanuf and Al Sidra, and the ongoing “Patient safety and wellbeing
violence that has damaged Libya’s vital remains our highest priority and
oil infrastructure and disrupted oil focus during this time,” said Hospital
exports. We call for all armed actors & Healthcare Services general
to cease hostilities and withdraw manager Chris Lowry.
immediately from oil installations “However – like all DHBs – we
before further damage occurs. will experience staffing gaps and
Oil facilities, production, and will need to prioritise essential and
revenues belong to the Libyan people. acute services over others. We will to hear from CCDHB by 27 June remember that ED is for emergencies or the Kapiti Health Centre, or are
The United States believes these also be assessing our inpatients to see about whether they are affected. only. People with non-urgent in labour on a strike day, contact
vital Libyan resources must remain whether it is clinically appropriate “The Emergency Department injuries or illnesses should see their your midwife early as you will need
under the exclusive control of the to discharge them. If not, they will (ED) at Wellington Regional Hospital GP or after-hours service in the to travel to Wellington. “Your lead
National Oil Corporation and the remain in hospital.” will remain open during the strike, first instance. Wellington Regional maternity carer has been informed
sole oversight of the Government of Non-essential services – and people can rest assured that Hospital’s delivery suite and maternity of what services are available, and we
National Accord, as outlined in UN including outpatient appointments, anyone who requires urgent and life- ward will remain open. also have a number of midwives who
Security Council Resolutions 2259, and elective and non-urgent surgery saving care will receive it.” “If you are booked for birth at are not NZNO members and will be
2278, and 2362. – will be deferred. Patients can expect People are, however, asked to Kenepuru Community Hospital working during the strike action.”

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