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Miracolul telomerilor.

Noua stiinta a pastrarii tineretii

Prof. dr. Elizabeth Blackburn laureata a premiului Nobel pt medicina in anul 2009
alaturi de Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack W. Szostak "for the
discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme
, dr. Elizabeth Blackburn a descoperit telomeraza, enzima care hraneste si intregeste
telomerii, protectorii mostenirii noastre genetice. Lungimea si sanatatea telomerilor sunt
esentiale pentru sanatatea si longevitatea organismului uman.

Cartea ne arata ca exercitiile fizice, calitatea somnului, alimentatia si chiar anumite substante
chimice ne afecteaza profund telomerii si ca stresul cronic, gandurile negative, relatiile
tensionate si chiar mediul social in care traim au efecte negative asupra acestora.

Inspirandu-se din ultimele cercetari stiintifice, autoarele prezinta liste de alimente sanatoase
pentru telomeri, propun tipuri de exercitii fizice si mentale prin care sa ne protejam de stres si
informatii despre cum sa ne protejam copiii astfel incat acestia sa nu dezvolte telomeri scurti.
Este prima carte care explica modul in care imbatranim la nivel celular si cum putem sa ne
pastram sanatatea cromozomilor si a celulelor prin schimbari simple ale stilului de viata.

„Aceasta carte este revolutionara prin faptul ca transforma modul in care gandim despre
sanatate, boala si moarte, prezentandu-ne o imagine extraordinara a imbatranirii sanatoase.
Importanta acestei carti nu poate fi subliniata indeajuns." - Dr. Dean Ornish, autor al
bestsellerului The Spectrum, fondator si presedinte al Institutului de Medicina Preventiva

„O sinteza exceptionala de factori biologici si psihosociali care cresc longevitatea prin efectul
pe care il au asupra telomerilor. Aceste noi progrese ale cunoasterii ingaduie oamenilor sa
aiba o viata mai lunga si mai sanatoasa." - Albert Bandura, profesor emerit la Universitatea

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn a primit in 2009 Premiul Nobel pentru Medicina, impreuna cu doi
colegi, pentru descoperirea telomerazei si a rolului telomerilor in procesul imbatranirii. In
2007, a fost inclusa de revista TIME in lista celor mai influenti 100 de oameni ai planetei. In
prezent, este presedinte al Institutului Salk.

Dr. Elissa Epel este experta in psihologia sanatatii si studiaza relatia dintre stres, imbatranire
si obezitate. Este director al Centrului pentru imbatranire, metabolism si emotii de la
Universitatea din San Francisco.
Jonathan Bergmann Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student
Engagement, Paperback
Flipped classroom pioneers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams take their revolutionary
educational philosophy to the next level in Flipped Learning. Building on the energy of the
thousands of educators inspired by the influential book Flip Your Classroom, this installment
is all about what happens next -- when a classroom is truly student-centered and teachers
are free to engage with students on an individual level. Flipping, combined with practical
project-based learning pedagogy, changes everything. Loaded with powerful stories from
teachers across curriculum and grade levels, Flipped Learning will once again turn your
expectations upside-down and fuel your excitement for teaching and learning.

Guy Claxton
What's the Point of School?: Rediscovering the Heart of Education,
What's the Point of School? takes the reader beyond the sterile debates about City
Academies and dumbed-down exams in order to reveal the key responsibility of education
today: to create students who enjoy learning. With their emphasis on stressful exams and
regurgitation of information, Guy Claxton claims that schools are currently doing more harm
than good, primarily making students fear failure. Instead, schools must encourage students
to develop their curiosity, ask stupid questions, and think for themselves. He explains
scientists latest theories about how the human brain learns, and reveals some of the core
habits needed to create a strong, supple mind. He then goes on to explain how these are
already being successfully implemented in some schools - all without chucking out
Shakespeare or the Periodic Table. Professor Guy Claxton is one of the UK's foremost
thinkers on creativity, learning and the brain in both business and education. He is Professor
of the Learning Sciences at the University of Bristol, and the author and editor of over 20
books on learning and creativity."
Ken Robinson
Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That's Transforming
Now, the internationally recognized leader on creativity and human potential focuses on one
of the most critical issues of our time: how to transform the nation's troubled educational
system. At a time when standardized testing businesses are raking in huge profits, when
many schools are struggling, and students and educators everywhere are suffering under the
strain, Robinson points the way forward. He argues for an end to our outmoded industrial
educational system and proposes a highly personalized, organic approach that draws on
today's unprecedented technological and professional resources to engage all students,
develop their love of learning, and enable them to face the real challenges of the twenty-first
century. Filled with anecdotes, observations and recommendations from professionals on the
front line of transformative education, case histories, and groundbreaking research--and
written with Robinson's trademark wit and engaging style--Creative Schools will inspire
teachers, parents, and policy makers alike to rethink the real nature and purpose of
Tony Wagner Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the
Innovation Era
From two leading experts in education and entrepreneurship, an urgent call for the radical re-
imagining of American education so that we better equip students for the realities of the
twenty-first century economy.
Today more than ever, we prize academic achievement, pressuring our children to get into
the "right" colleges, have the highest GPAs, and pursue advanced degrees. But while
students may graduate with credentials, by and large they lack the competencies needed to
be thoughtful, engaged citizens and to get good jobs in our rapidly evolving economy. Our
school system was engineered a century ago to produce a work force for a world that no
longer exists. Alarmingly, our methods of schooling crush the creativity and initiative young
people need to thrive in the twenty-first century.
In Most Likely to Succeed, bestselling author and education expert Tony Wagner and
venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith call for a complete overhaul of the function and focus of
American schools, sharing insights and stories from the front lines, including profiles of
successful students, teachers, parents, and business leaders.
Most Likely to Succeed presents a new vision of American education, one that puts
wonder, creativity, and initiative at the very heart of the learning process and prepares
students for today's economy. This book offers parents and educators a crucial guide to
getting the best for their children and a roadmap for policymakers and opinion leaders.

Steve Wyborney The Writing on the Classroom Wall, Paperback

22 Teachers, 22 Learners In Steve Wyborney's classroom, everyone is a teacher and a
learner. That may be true in your classroom as well, but do your students know you are
ready to learn right alongside them? It's a simple idea, but one that when publicly shared on
his classroom's wall significantly influenced the way Steve approached teaching - and the
willingness of his students to risk expressing novel ideas. In The Writing on the Classroom
Wall, Steve explains how posting and discussing Big Ideas can lead to deeper learning.
From this book, you'll learn why: sharing your ideas will sharpen and refine them. it's okay if
some of your ideas fall off the wall. the Big Ideas you share don't have to be profound to
make a profound impact on learning. If you look around your classroom, you will see it: a
blank space on your wall that is waiting for you to post your deepest, most passionate beliefs
about learning. Will you share your Big Ideas?
Produs publicat in 2016 de Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.