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17 Mohammed Abdullah
16 Elhugaz st,
Great Cairo,
Mobile: 0106563528, Email:

A highly experienced Personnel Practitioner with a

comprehensive and strategic understanding of HRM, business
and technical issues and organizational change. Able to
devise and implement coherent HR strategies whilst
improving internal processes and procedures within a
demanding environment, project deadlines and budgets.
August 17, 2010

Qualifications & Professional Development:

Bachelor's in Law Faculty of Law 1991

Master's in Law Faculty of Law 1997 of Commerce Arab Academy for Science & 2008

(Business Administration) Technology & Maritime Trans
Test of English as a foreign language Cairo University 2010

Training Courses:

Course Institute Date

Communication Skills Career Development & From:13:17 Sept,2001
Consultation Academy
Problems Solving & Career Development & From:20:23 April,2002
Decision Making Consultation Academy
Planning Skills Louis Group Training Dept. From:17:21 Aug,2003

Fetal Temptations of the Louis Group Training Dept. From:14:16 March,2004


The Management functions Arab Management Association From:07:11 Nov,2004

Identify training needs and Professional Management From:03:07 Sept,2006

evaluate the impact of Expertise Center
training process
Delegation Arab Management Association From:10:11 Dec,2006

Developing Managerial Skills Career Development & From:08:12 Jul,2007

Consultation Academy
Training & Technical Professional Management From:02:12 June,2008
Support Materials Expertise Center
Aug. 17

Professional Experience:
Administration Al-Tayyar Group Aug,2008-Present
Manager Saudi Investment Group
Administration The Lead Foundation May,2005-Jul,2008
Manager USAID Funded Project

Personnel & Louis Group Sept,2001-Jan,2005

Administration Cypriot Investment Group
August 17, 2010

Assistant Personnel Red Sea Hotels Co. Feb,1993-Jul,2001


Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop and implement strategy for HR management.

2. Create company strategic recruitment and selection plan.
3. Oversee compensation programs to ensure regulatory compliance and competitive salary levels.
4. Monitor measures and report to GM Administration on HR issues opportunities, development
plans within agreed formats and time scale.
5. Maintain awareness and knowledge of current HR development and methods and provide suitable
interpretation to managers and staff within the organization
6. Plan the benefit programs like health, retirement, death, disability and unemployment.
7. Evaluate procedures and technology solutions to improve human resources data management.
8. Recommend and maintain an organizational structure and staffing levels to accomplish company
goals and objectives.
9. Manage and control departmental expenditures within the agreed budgets.
10. Work with GMs and staff to develop long term business plans for the company.
11. Establish and implement short and long term departmental goals, objectives, policies, and
operating procedure.
12. Communication and coordination with managers of other departments to understand all
necessary aspects and needs of HR and efficiency of employees.
13. Execute the responsibilities in lawful and ethical standards.
14. Other duties as assigned.

Language skills:

Language Read Write Speak

Arabic Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
German V. good V. good V. good