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RULE 111

Question No. 1 Should criminal and civil action be jointly instituted? Exceptions?

Question No. 2: What are types of civil liabilities?

Question No. 3: When should reservation to institute a separate civil action be made?

Question no. 4: Are counterclaim, etcetera, allowed to be filed in criminal cases?

Question No. 5: Can the accused file his counterclaim, cross-claim or third party claim be filed in the
same criminal action?

Question no. 6: What are the aims in the institution of criminal and civil actions?

Question no. 7: In the event of acquittal, can the offended party file an appeal?

Question no. 8: What can exemplary damages awarded?

Question No. 9: Does acquittal extinguish civil liability?

Question No. 10: When is the separate civil action deemed suspended, and until when? Reason?


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