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Greg Driza

Software Developer
484-889-2724 | | GitHub: gregDrizagit
Fullstack developer with passion for innovative design, interface and algorithms alike. I arrived at programming through
investigating the intersection of music and technology, but fell in love with code as a swiss-army knife for solving a wide array
of problems in the modern world. My strengths are in my creative sensibility, big-picture thinking skills, and small team
collaborative experience.


Public Domain Reader - GitHub - An interface to Project Gutenberg’s collection of digitized + Javascript
books. Users can browse, collect, and read books in their browser. + Ruby
+ Restructured and sanitized 2000+ pages of JSON data from Gutendex API for use in local
+ C#
+ Rails
+ Built Rails backend to store and associate relevant book data.
+ Built React frontend to allow users to browse database of over 60,000 books, categorize + React/Redux
books in their own collections, and read HTML version of book in the browser. + Materialize
+ Styled with Semantic-UI + Bootstrap
+ Semantic
Spotify InterFacelift - GitHub | Demo - This is a react app that provides an alternative + Unity
interface to Spotify’s music database. Users can browse music and play music. + Processing
+ Accessed Spotify data from 20 different endpoints.
+ MaxMSP
+ Used simple Node server for OAuth.
+ Designed new interface with React and Semantic UI.

Departure Times - An Uber Code Challenge - GitHub - An Uber interview question. Users
can see bus departure time and real-time bus locations for every bus stop in San
+ Used Google Place Api to access coordinates for locations around SF.
+ Uses 511 public transportation API to access bus stop locations, departure times, and
real-time bus positions.
+ Used Google Maps Api to plot user’s position, stops within walking distance, and bus
Night Kitchen Interactive, Philadelphia, PA Flatiron School
Research + Development Intern, May 2016 - August 2016 New York, NY - February 2018
+ Worked as developer on an interdisciplinary of programmers, designers, and 3D artists. + Full Stack Software
+ Wrote C# code in Unity 3D for educational mobile application. Engineering Immersive program
+ Implemented Vuforia augmented-reality platform and implemented location awareness
with Gimbal RSSI Beacons.
The University of the Arts
Freelance Game Development, Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA - May 2017
Freelance Programmer, February 2016 - May 2016 + Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
+ Worked as developer with animator to build mobile game in Unity 3D and C#. in Interactive Digital Media /
+ Designed procedural algorithms for balanced “infinite runner” style gameplay. Music
+ Available for Android devices on Google Play Store
The University of Pennsylvania
Pre-College Game Programming Course, Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA - July 2015
Teaching + Tutoring , February 2016 - March 2016
+ Co-taught class of 16 high school students. + CS 110 Introduction to
+ Helped students design and build games of their own design. Computer Programming
+ Taught C# programming concepts in the Unity environment.

Data Garden, Philadelphia, PA

Research + Development Intern , May 2014 - August 2014
+ Designed and built interactive audio-visual installations with biofeedback technology as
an intern.
+ Worked with small team to produce crowdfunded biofeedback music device MIDI
+ Wrote code in Pure Data, Arduino, Max/MSP and did sound design in Ableton Live.