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Pre-IB / Honors Language Arts 3-4

Summer Assignment

Dear Students:

Welcome to the BGHS Pre-IB / Honors Language Arts program. You are on a very exciting
journey in which your parents and teachers provide support, but the ultimate accomplishments
are yours. The BGHS Language Arts Department requires summer reading assignments for all of
the advanced levels. We will provide copies of all the novels EXCEPT for the summer reading,
but you may want your own copies to take notes in and keep for tests. You may find the books at
libraries, bookstores, or online. Again, welcome and congratulations!

Sophomore Summer Assignment

Follow the instructions on the back of this sheet for:

Achebe, Chinua Things Fall Apart: the story of a “strong” African tribal
man whose life is dominated by fear and anger.

A good follow-up to Things Fall Apart is Achebe's other major work: No Longer At Ease.
Together, these books give a more complete picture than either one does alone.

During the year, you may also read and analyze pieces from the following list:

Chaucer Canterbury Tales
Conrad Heart of Darkness
Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment
Orwell 1984
Shakespeare Macbeth
Shelly Frankenstein
Selected sonnets 15-20 poems

Finally, we want you to know that this class is a learning process that builds upon the
reading, writing, analysis and vocabulary skills you developed freshman year. We are
eager to meet you and work with you this coming year.

You may visit the B.G.H.S. web page at or visit the district web
site at This site links to IB. Feel free to email during the school year.


Regina Freeland 623-445-3122 Ben Clark 623-445-3519

Brad Brazell 623-445-3106 Leigh Bondrole 623-445-3112
This assignment on Things Fall Apart is due the first day of school.
Using 12pt. Times New Roman font, type and double-space 1-3 well-developed
paragraphs (use topic sentences, followed by specific examples and analysis for each

Each paragraph must have 125-150 words. Include the page number in parenthesis
directly after the quotes to document; ie. “He had one consolation”(24).

1. Citing specific characters and their actions, what can you gather from the novel
about the roles of women in traditional Ibo culture?

2. How does Achebe use the following to demonstrate that the Ibo are not savages
in loincloths? Note: Be sure to address the following points in your answer to
the question.

The religious and societal rules the villagers have

The recreation they enjoy
The relationship between parents and children

3. Carefully re-read the final paragraph of the novel and discuss in detail: How is
the irony in the final paragraph significant to the entire novel?